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"Wonderful Legend"

This is a real wonderful game that I had played since it release in 1999. The first game is not perfect, but the 2 expansion helps it to be much more better. This is a really worthwhile game to try.

The movies:9.5/10
the movie is really greeaatt. The 3D starting movie brought back thoughts of the young queen and happenings on the once bloody piece of land is really wonderful. For first time gamers, it is an eye opener, and for long-time gamers, it is a real relaxation just watching through the movie. Also the starting movie for all campaings is informative enough and everythings is so claer just in front of your eyes. In short the movie is nearly perfect. The reason i don't give a 10 for the movie is just that in the starting movie, the harpies beat the naga queen. Any long-time gamers know that it is impossible.

The control is simple. Just go to whatever places and the mouse cursor will show a different sign if there is an event. The battle signal will be up if you move too near to the enemies. However, if an enermy is blocking the path, you are not inform and your troopes may just have a roundabout. Still the control is simple enough.

Not much to comment, but the musics are just a veriaty which appears to be so appropriate at whatever time it is. During the battle, in the town, in the large map or when you win or lose a battle. Yes, everything is just perfect.

This game is simple and easy. Just set your setting to whatever that suits you and you can just know the damage due to your enermy. The game is of course not just for battles, but also for other things, like collecting resources and artifacts. You can just choose the time length yourselves. For example, a small map may requires only hours to finish while a very large expert maps requires weeks.

That is what I love this game most. You can actually choose what type of difficulty you want. A beginer start from easy map, while a long time gamer just play the expert game. With the expansions, more maps are included and more fun and challenge is introduce. The biginer maps are really easy. the experts are really just for the experts. the impossible luckily, is just nearly impossible, not totally impossible. Yet maps like marshland menace is a real impossible, as far as I know, no one is just able to complete the game without a cheat. Till today, no website on the net officially claimed that there is a way out in the menace. Also you start of with 3 campaings, but after you beat them all, you unlocked three other harder campaings.

As I mentioned, the first game is not completely good, but the expansions did manage to pull it back. Fouls are corrected and more things are included, making the game more comprehensive.

I gave a 9 as the game is near perfect and just worth playing. Nver delete the game after a while, because you may just turn back one day.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/11/04

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