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    Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 7/7/12
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    Age of Enigma: The Secret of the Sixth Ghost
    A Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer
    Copyright 2012
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Walkthrough
      002a. Tutorial
      002b. Ghost One
      002c. Ghost Two
      002d. Ghost Three
      002e. Ghost Four
      002f. Ghost Five
      002g. Ghost Six
    005.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called Age of Enigma: 
    The Secret of the Sixth Ghost. It is an adventure game 
    where a girl named Ashley goes into a house and frees six 
    ghosts who are being held captive. To contact me about this 
    guide, use my overly-long email address, 
    You can choose between casual or adventure mode while 
    playing this game. In casual mode, you are guided through 
    the game more than adventure mode. The active zones are 
    highlighted in casual mode, but they aren't in adventure 
    mode. However, in adventure mode, you are free to roam 
    around and there is more dialogue.
    The game starts with our heroine, Ashley, having dreams 
    about a specific house. She gets a letter in the mail, 
    which has her name on it, but the wrong address. Inside the 
    letter is a key and plans of the house she's been dreaming 
    Ashley doesn't think this is a coincidence, so she travels 
    to the address on the letter. The address leads her to the 
    house she saw in her dreams.
    Once the scene is over, there is a brief tutorial, for 
    those of you who haven't played adventure games before or 
    are otherwise unsure how the game mechanics work.
    Move your mouse over the screen. When you move the cursor 
    over the car door, it turns into a magnifying glass. This 
    means you can click on the car door to go inside the car. 
    Do so.
    The keys are still in the ignition. Move the cursor over 
    the keys, and the cursor turns into a hand. This means you 
    can pick up the keys. Click on the keys, and they are added 
    to the inventory.
    You can use inventory items on things. Click on the keys in 
    the inventory. Your cursor turns into the keys. Move the 
    cursor to the glove compartment (near the middle of the 
    screen) and click. Ashley uses the keys on the glove 
    compartment to open it.
    Pretty simple so far, right? Pick up the key to the house 
    and the plans to the house, by clicking on them.
    Ashley leaves the car. Now, you learn how to move around in 
    this game. Move the cursor over the steps, leading to the 
    entrance of the house. See how the cursor turns into feet, 
    and the words "move to entrance" appear below them? This 
    means you can click there to move to the entrance.
    If you click on the door handle, you'll notice it's locked. 
    Use the key from your inventory on the door handle. Ashley 
    unlocks the door. Pick up the letter which is sticking out 
    from the nameplate, then enter the door.
    Ashley instantly meets a shadowy person named Nathan. It's 
    too dark to see, however. You'll need to turn the lights 
    On the ground here are three light switch pieces. One is 
    left of Nathan, in the black shadows. Two are right of him, 
    near the light switch. When you pick up all three pieces, 
    use them on the light switch. Then, click the switch to 
    turn the light on.
    Nathan talks with Ashley for a while. He gives her a 
    pendant, and he explains that the Fraternity of Mediums has 
    chosen her to free the six ghosts that are being held 
    captive in this house. He points to the doorway which leads 
    to the first ghost.
    002b-Ghost One
    Before going into the room to the left, examine the wall on 
    the left. There is a cabinet here. Take the musical score 
    from the cabinet, and then go into the room Nathan pointed 
    Ashley sees the ghost, reading a book. If you zoom in on 
    the book (on the table), you'll notice its pages are 
    missing. You need to find all six pages. Fortunately, 
    they're all in this room.
    One is on top of the furniture on the left, one is under 
    the couch, one is under the carpet, one is behind a picture 
    on the right, one is on the turned-over chair in the 
    lower/right, and on is in the corner of the turned-over 
    furniture in the lower/left.
    Examine the book on the table, and put the pages back in 
    the book. The book tells you how to assemble a teal-colored 
    statuette. Many of the statuette's pieces are inside this 
    room. One is in the fireplace, one is on the arm of the 
    couch, one is under the table, and one is on top of the 
    turned-over piece of furniture in the lower/left.
    There are two puzzles in this room that have pieces of the 
    statuette. One is the turned-over piece of furniture in the 
    lower/left. Near the chess board, you find a puzzle box. 
    Zoom in on it for a puzzle. This puzzle is simple: just 
    swap all the tiles until you form a complete image. Click 
    on two tiles to swap them, and when a tile is put in the 
    correct place, it turns darker color and it can no longer 
    be moved. 
    Solving the puzzle box gives you a piece of the statuette. 
    Click on the arrow at the bottom of the screen to back away 
    from the puzzle box.
    The other puzzle in this room with a piece of the statuette 
    is the piano. Zoom in on the piano, and put the musical 
    score (from the hallway) on the top of the piano. Four of 
    the piano keys are red, and you are challenged to play the 
    song listed on the musical score.
    Like a real piano, the farther left a key is, the lower it 
    is on the scale, and the farther right a key is, the higher 
    it is on the scale. From left to right, the notes you 
    should play are:
    1 4 3 2 4 2
    Solving the puzzle gets you a piece of the statuette. Leave 
    the piano, then leave this room. When you're back in the 
    hallway, walk to the corridor. The last piece of the 
    statuette is on the ground here.
    Move the painting on the wall to get a rope. Open the 
    drawer of the side table to get a lighter. Then, go into 
    the closet (on the left). In the closet, you can pick up 
    two things: lighter fluid and a light bulb.
    Leave the closet, then go to the kitchen (on the right). 
    You've got a few items you can pick up here, too. Take the 
    knife which is embedded in a cabinet drawer, take the rag 
    that is on the table, and take the saucepan from the 
    You can turn on the sink's faucet here. Turn it on, then 
    use the saucepan on it to fill it with water. Then, turn 
    off the faucet and go back to the entrance hall. Here, you 
    can use the kitchen knife on the potted plant (on the 
    right) to get twigs.
    Okay, now you've got everything you need to finish the 
    instructions in the book! Zoom in on the table and get 
    Put the base of the statuette in place. The book says we 
    need to light some kind of fire here, and we have fire-
    making items in our inventory. Use the rope on the twigs, 
    and Ashley bundles them up. Put them inside the statue 
    base. Then, use the lighter fluid on the lighter, and use 
    the now-full lighter on the twigs. This starts the fire.
    Now, put the rest of the statuette pieces on the statuette. 
    The book tells you the order to do this in. First is the 
    middle of the statuette. Then the jaw, then the two curved 
    pieces on the sides of the head. Finally, put on the 
    skull/head and put an eye in the skull.
    The ghost wants you to learn how to use the statuette, by 
    pressing the two buttons on the eye. On the base of the 
    statuette, you have two buttons. Click on a button to turn 
    it into a red dragon or a blue eye.
    First, turn the buttons into two red dragons, then click 
    the eye. This causes elevation.
    Second, make the top button an eye, then the bottom one a 
    dragon. This causes illumination.
    Third, turn the buttons into two blue eyes. This causes an 
    Finally, turn the top button into a dragon and the bottom 
    button into an eye. This causes darkness.
    Once you perform all four spells, the ghost is impressed 
    and decides that Ashley can help him. He grabs her hand, 
    and the game switches to Yumanco (the ghost) at a temple. 
    Apparently, our ghost is the leader of a tribe.
    The ghost warrior here needs his spear. The six pieces of 
    the spear are on this screen. One is in the tree in the 
    upper/left, one is in the eye of skull above the temple 
    door, and one is resting on the temple door. One is above 
    the rightmost post on the left half of the bridge, and 
    another is on the rope atop the left part of the bridge.
    The final spear piece is inside the puzzle cube, on the 
    right. Zoom in on it, and you are challenged to guess how 
    many cubes the structure is made out of. The answer is 39.
    Once you have all the spear pieces, give them to the ghost. 
    He says you must find the four great sorrows inside the 
    temple. The door to the temple is tight shut, however. Use 
    the statuette on the door, then use the elevation spell 
    (two red dragons) to get the door to rise.
    Enter the temple. It's too dark to see anything in here. 
    Use the statuette on those lights, then use the 
    illumination spell (blue eye and red dragon).
    The stairs have ten fresco pieces on them. Five are yellow 
    and five are green. Collect them all, then use the yellow 
    fresco pieces on the yellow fresco on the wall.
    A puzzle starts. Two of the five fresco pieces belong in 
    the wall. The places where they go are highlighted. Pick 
    the correct two pieces, then hit submit. If you get it 
    wrong, you have to do the puzzle again, only with different 
    fresco pieces.
    Solving the puzzle gets you a token, which is one of the 
    great sorrows. Pick it up. Now, use the green fresco pieces 
    on the green fresco. You have to do the same puzzle again, 
    and when you solve it, you get another great sorrow token.
    Go up the stairs. Pick up the red cartridge on the floor 
    and use it on the red fresco here. You have a similar, but 
    different puzzle. This time, all five pieces fit into the 
    fresco. You need to figure out where they go. Match each 
    piece of the part of the fresco it goes on. If you get it 
    wrong, you have to do the puzzle again, only with different 
    Solving the puzzle gives you another great sorrow token.
    There's a large hole in the ground here, preventing our 
    character from reaching the blue cartridge. Use the 
    statuette on the ceiling above the hole. Use the earthquake 
    effect (two blue eyes) to get the rocks to fall from the 
    ceiling, into the hole.
    Pick up the blue cartridge and use it on the blue fresco. 
    You get the same puzzle again. Solve it to get the fourth 
    great sorrow token.
    Go forward, to reach the top of the temple. The priest here 
    is attempting to sacrifice the ghost's wife. Use the 
    statuette on the priest and create darkness (red dragon, 
    blue eye). The priest decides to sacrifice the statue, 
    instead of the wife.
    Zoom in on the altar. Put the statue in the middle, and 
    then put the four sorrows in the four slots here. Blue and 
    brown go on the left, red and green go on the right. Once 
    everything is in place, the statue is destroyed and the 
    ghost is freed.
    002c-Ghost Two
    The first ghost leaves a key on the floor when he's freed. 
    Pick up the key, then leave this room. Ashley has another 
    conversation with Nathan, who seems to indicate that she is 
    a prisoner.
    Go forward, to the hallway. The door to the basement is on 
    the right, but it's locked. Use the key on the door, then 
    go downstairs to the basement.
    It's dark in here. See the broken light bulb? Use the rag 
    from the kitchen on it to remove it, then put the light 
    bulb from the closet in its place. Click on the light 
    switch (on the right) and the room lights up.
    The next ghost is here. She wants something. Talk to her, 
    and try to give her something. She doesn't want it, and she 
    retreats into the shadows the basement.
    There are a few items for you to get here. One the shelf on 
    the right, you have broken pruning shears. Inside the 
    toolbox on the shelf, you have a hammer. Pick up both of 
    those things. Also on the right, you have a bag a coal. 
    Click on it to knock it over.
    The coal falls in the grate. You'll want to get that piece 
    of coal. Pick up the screwdriver on the left, just right of 
    the pillar. It's inside a crate. Then, use the screwdriver 
    on the grate.
    A puzzle starts, where you have to loosen all four screws. 
    Right-click to loosen a screw and left-click to tighten it. 
    The screws are related like this:
    If you loosen Screw up/left, Screw up/right tightens.
    If you loosen Screw up/right, Screw down/left tightens.
    If you loosen Screw down/left, Screw down/right tightens.
    If you loosen Screw down/right, it doesn't affect the other 
    Thinking logically, if you want to loosen all the screws, 
    you have to do it in that order (up/left, up/right, 
    down/left, down/right). So loosen the up/left screw all the 
    way, then the up/right screen, then the down/left screw and 
    finally the down/right screw. You may have to do this 
    pattern twice to solve the puzzle.
    Solving the grate puzzle allows you to pick up a screw and 
    a piece of charcoal from the coal container you knocked 
    There is a vase, in the far corner of the room. Ashley 
    notes that there is something inside it. Use the hammer on 
    the vase to open it. You get a piece of paper.
    Talk to the ghost, who is in the shadows. Give her the 
    piece of paper, then give her the charcoal. She gives you a 
    drawing of a bonsai tree. There's a bonsai tree in this 
    room. We have to trim it to look like the tree in the 
    Use the screw in your inventory on the pruning shears in 
    your inventory to fix the shears. Then, use the shears on 
    the tree. You have a puzzle, where you need to make seven 
    cuts. Cut the three branches nearest the base of the tree, 
    cut the three branches in the upper/left and cut a branch 
    in the upper/right. If you make a mistake, you have to 
    restart the puzzle.
    The ghost decides Ashley can help her, and we get 
    transported to the ghost's past. She wants to find the 
    bridal suite, so she can be married. Pick up the pink 
    leaves from the base of the tree here, then walk to the Zen 
    Examine the sand of the garden for a puzzle. Which picture 
    is a correct aerial view of the garden? The answer is "C". 
    Solving the puzzle lights the garden's lantern.
    Now, click on the doors in the center of the screen to 
    enter the bridal suite. This is a puzzle. As you can see, 
    the room is a mess.
    Start by clicking on the bed (or the bonsai tree) a few 
    times to fix it. You can then click on the bed or the 
    bonsai tree to see what the room is supposed to look like. 
    This should help you clean up the room.
    There are many things for you to pick up.
    1. The two broken table pieces, where the table should be.
    2. The two bowls, near where the table should be.
    3. The three kimono pieces (one near the screen, two near 
    the bed)
    4. The teapot on the lampstand
    5. The teapot stand, where the table should be
    6. The bento box and meal, right of the bed
    7. The torch, right of the bed
    8. The incense stick and holder, left of the bed
    9. Two more table pieces, one in the left corner of the bed 
    and one under the blue pillow.
    Okay, now that you have all the items, it's time to fix up 
    the room a bit. You need to click on the bed, the screens 
    and the bonsai a few times to clean them up. Also, click on 
    the top of the open doorway, to make the curtain flutter.
    The picture of what the room is supposed to look like has a 
    table with items on it. Put the table in between the two 
    cushions, then put the two bowls on top. Put the teapot 
    stand on the table, then put the teapot on the stand. Use 
    the bento meal on the bento box, then put the bento box on 
    the table. Use the incense on the incense holder, then put 
    the incense by the table.
    The picture of what the room is supposed to look like shows 
    petals on the bed. Use the pink petals from the tree 
    outside on the bed.
    The picture of what the room is supposed to look like shows 
    a kimono on the screen. Put the white piece on the screen, 
    then the pink piece, then the red piece. Basically, it's 
    putting the pieces on the screen, from largest to smallest.
    The picture of what the room is supposed to look like shows 
    a stone statue on the cabinet. Click on the cabinet for a 
    puzzle. You need to determine which statue fits in the 
    shadow. The answer is #3.
    We're almost done! Leave the bridal suite. Now, light the 
    torch with the lantern here. Then, leave the garden. Light 
    the three torches here, in the proper order: the one by the 
    bridge, then the one on the right, then the one by the 
    You can solve a puzzle at the bench now. With this puzzle, 
    you have eight guesses to figure out which four stones go 
    where. All your previous attempts are recorded, and you 
    have to use your best logical skills in order to figure out 
    the solution to the randomized puzzle.
    Solving the puzzle gets you an oil lamp. That's the last 
    item we need for the bridal chamber! Return to the bridal 
    chamber and put the lamp on its holder in the wall.
    Use your torch to light the incense and the lamp. Then, put 
    the torch in the torch holder, on the wall. The bridal 
    chamber is now complete, and the second ghost is free.
    002d-Ghost Three
    The second ghost leaves behind some rope. Pick it up, then 
    go back upstairs. In the main hallway, go right through the 
    door which is now open. Inside is the third ghost, Murray 
    the Pirate.
    Murray says he wants you to clean up this room before he'll 
    talk to you. There are six vase pieces here in this room, 
    two on the table, one on the carpet and three on the wooden 
    floor. Pick them up to get a full vase.
    The vase goes where the small picture frame is (near the 
    model ship). Take the picture frame, then put the vase 
    The ghost sets fire to the carpet. Use the pot of water on 
    the fire to get a key. The pot of water came from the 
    kitchen; all you had to do was pick up the pot, turn on the 
    water faucet, then use the pot on the faucet to fill it 
    with water.
    Use the key on the locked display cabinet in this room. 
    This has a clock with two drawers. Back away from the 
    clock, and use the picture frame on the wall above the 
    ghost. Look at the picture, and click on the area where the 
    clock is to see that the clock is set at 5:55.
    Go to the clock in the display cabinet, and set it to 5:55 
    by pressing the two buttons. One drawer opens. Take the 
    piece of paper which is inside. Then, zoom in on the 
    bookshelf on the left, and use the piece of paper on the 
    last book.
    Ashley opens to page 13 of the book, where there is a 
    puzzle. Swap all the pieces around, until the picture is 
    reconstructed. It's a picture of an open book, with a clock 
    inside. When a piece is put in the right place, it can no 
    longer be moved.
    Finish the picture, and you'll see that the clock in the 
    picture is at 3:00. Go to the clock in the display cabinet, 
    and set it to 3:00. You get a boat mast.
    Go to the model ship in this room, and put the boat mast on 
    top of the mast on the left. This opens the windows, near 
    the back of the ship. Zoom in on them for a puzzle.
    All numbers are even
    The second is half the first
    The first is the highest
    All are different
    The last is less than five
    The four even single-digit numbers are 2, 4, 6 and 8. 8 is 
    the highest, so it is first. The second is half of the 
    first, and the first is 8, so the second is 4. The last two 
    numbers must be 2 and 6, because all are different, and 
    since the last is less than 5, it is 2. This means the 
    answer is 8, 4, 6 and 2.
    Solving this puzzle gives you treasure. Use the treasure on 
    the ghost. He decides Ashley can help him, and we get 
    transported to the ghost's past.
    You're on a beach. Pick up the berry on the bush in the 
    lower/right and grab the crab when it appears. Go forward 
    to the creek, by the big rock formation.
    There is a parrot with a pearl here. Click on it, and the 
    parrot flies away. Click on the pirate twice, and you get a 
    hollow reed and a rope.
    There is a hole in the wall, in the middle of the screen. 
    Use the crab here, and it gives you a map.
    Go to the branches on the left. This is a puzzle. You want 
    to figure out which branch is on top, the one which is not 
    under any of the other branches. Click on that branch. Do 
    this many times in a row to get rid of all the branches. 
    Solving this puzzle gets you a shovel handle.
    You automatically leave for the beach. Use the map on the 
    sand for a puzzle. You need to follow the pirate's nine 
    moves to reach the treasure. Watch which X's he steps on, 
    then mark those X's, in the proper order. Do this until you 
    have all nine X's marked, and you find the location of the 
    treasure chest.
    You don't have a shovel to dig up the treasure chest. Go 
    down to the ocean, and the pirate goes underwater for a 
    maximum of thirty seconds. You can see the key for the 
    treasure chest inside a large oyster, and you can also see 
    a shovel head. Pick up the shovel head, then return to the 
    Use the shovel head on the shovel handle. This makes a 
    shovel. Try to use it on the X which marks the treasure 
    chest. The shovel falls apart. Use the rope on the shovel 
    to strengthen it, then use it on the X again to get the 
    treasure chest.
    The treasure chest is locked; we need to get the key from 
    the oyster. First, though, we need to get the pearl from 
    the parrot. Use the berry (from the beach) on the hollow 
    reed (from the skeleton) to form a makeshift blowpipe. Use 
    it on the parrot to get a pearl.
    Take the pearl and dive into the ocean. Pick up the stick 
    near the clam. When the clam opens, use the stick on it. 
    Then, use the pearl on the key. The pirate swipes the pearl 
    for the key.
    Go back to the beach. Use the key on the treasure chest to 
    find a piece of a locket. Take it, and the pirate learns 
    that he is really the queen's son. That's rather 
    Nathan reappears and talks with Ashley for a bit. He 
    refuses to give her much information on the Fraternity of 
    Mediums who called her here to test her.
    002e-Ghost Four
    The third ghost leaves behind a hook. Use the hook on the 
    rope which the second ghost left behind. Now you can go up 
    the stairs to the second floor! Simply go to the main 
    hallway, then use the grappling hook on the dog.
    At this point, you can go to the bathroom to help Ghost 
    Four, or you can go into the bedroom to help Ghost Five. 
    The order you help the two ghosts in doesn't matter.
    Inside the bathroom, you can pick up half of a red bottle 
    on the shelf on the left. Half of a yellow bottle is on the 
    floor, under the rug, and half a yellow bottle is inside 
    the sink on the right.
    Zoom in on the cabinets above the sink. Open the door on 
    the left, and you can pick up half a blue bottle and half a 
    green bottle. A scare awaits you when you back away from 
    the cabinets.
    Click on the shower curtain to see a pharaoh sleeping in 
    the bathtub. Zoom in on the pharaoh, then pick up half the 
    blue bottle, half the red bottle and half the green bottle. 
    By now, you should have four full bottles.
    The pharaoh holds a piece of paper in his hands. It shows 
    four colors like this:
    Blue     Red
    Yellow   Green
    There are four indentations in the bathroom floor. Put the 
    four bottles in these indentations, so they match the paper 
    in the pharaoh's hands. Then, zoom in on the floor for a 
    slider puzzle. Move all four pieces around, until they are 
    all in their proper locations (marked with an X).
    Once you're done, the pharaoh wakes up. He is surprised 
    that he has not moved on to the afterlife, and he suspects 
    something went wrong with his embalming process. He enlists 
    Ashley's help in getting him back to the proper afterlife.
    Pharaoh reappears, outside his tomb. Talk to the woman on 
    the left, who challenges you to a puzzle. Click on the 
    paper to start it. Here, you want to match each card to its 
    opposite. Sun goes with moon, man goes with woman, water 
    goes with fire, sand goes with river and ox goes with 
    The woman gives you a key when you solve the puzzle.
    Leave the woman, then go towards the tomb. Pick up the 
    medallion on the floor, and enter the room to the left. 
    Place the key from the merchant with the other keys to 
    start a puzzle.
    With this puzzle, you want to place all five pieces on the 
    board, to form a perfect cube. You don't need to rotate the 
    pieces. The pieces are...
    bird  sun
          man eye
    Solving the puzzle makes a cube appear. Push it down. Go 
    right to see that pushing the cube has opened the door 
    Now, there is a maze here. Try going forward, and you'll 
    see what I mean. The way through the maze is detailed to 
    the right of the entrance. See the dots? From bottom to 
    top, the dots are:
    Go through the maze, by taking following that route. Each 
    of the nine rooms has a figurine in it; pick up all the 
    figurines. The final room also has a medallion; pick that 
    up as well.
    You end up in a tomb-like room. Examine the boat on the 
    left. This is a puzzle, where you need to put all nine 
    figurines on the boat. The pictures on the wall show both 
    sides of the boat. The picture on the left is the opposite 
    side of the boat, while the picture on the right is the 
    side of the boat closer to you.
    Place all the figurines on the boat. If you try to put a 
    figurine in the wrong spot, it will not work. When you put 
    a figurine in the right spot, it snaps into place.
    Solving the puzzle gets you an ankh. Use it on the door to 
    the left, which has an indentation for an ankh. This opens 
    the door to the tomb. Go left into the tomb.
    The pharaoh meets his mother, who interfered with his 
    embalming. She says he must perform a purification ritual 
    to save his family.
    Pick up the medallion on the ground, then zoom in on the 
    sarcophagus. There are medallions here. Pick all of them 
    up, then zoom out. As you can see, there are seven statues 
    in this room, and seven medallions in the inventory. You 
    want to make the medallions match the statues.
    Zoom in on the sarcophagus again. From left to right, place 
    the medallions of Isis, Thot, Horus, Hathor, Osiris, Anubis 
    and Amon into the slots.
    Putting the medallions in place opens up the top of the 
    sarcophagus. Zoom in on it for a pipes puzzle. You want to 
    turn the discs, until you have blue pipes connecting the 
    two blue spots, and red pipes connecting the two red spots. 
    This puzzle is randomized, and once you solve it, the 
    fourth ghost is saved.
    Nathan appears once you've helped either Ghost Four or 
    Five. He wants Ashley to forget about the Fraternity of 
    Mediums and join him. He is so forceful that Ashley becomes 
    suspicious of his motives and what he wants her to do. 
    002f-Ghost Five
    Ghost Five is inside the bedroom of the second floor. You 
    can do this ghost before doing Ghost Four. 
    The drawer in the bedside table is glowing. Open it up, 
    then click on the crucifix. The ghost, a monk, appears. He 
    is upset because he does not have a bible.
    Click on the dog, who finds the bible under the bed. Take 
    the bible from the dog, and use it on the ghost. He is 
    upset because an evil creature is inside the broken mirror. 
    He gives you a mirror fragment. There are four mirror 
    fragments here. One is on the ceiling, and two are on the 
    ground near the bed. Pull the blankets on the bed to find a 
    fourth mirror fragment.
    Now, zoom in on the mirror. There are four mirror fragments 
    around the mirror. Collect them all for a total of nine 
    fragments. Put all nine fragments into the mirror, so there 
    are no more holes in the mirror. The hardest piece to see 
    is the tiny one, on the lower edge.
    Click on the mirror for a puzzle. You have to put mirrors 
    on the screen, so all the numbers are reflected to each 
    other. For example, there are two number 2s on the board. 
    You want to strategically place mirrors so one 2 bounces 
    off a number of mirrors and reflects onto the other 2.
    If two numbers reflect on each other, they turn green. The 
    mirrors go on the board like this: 
    7           7
    5    \ / /  8
    16   \ /    9
    15 \  / /   10
    16  /   /   11
    4     /   / 12
    14     \    9
    15 /   /    13
    Solving the puzzle causes the poltergeist to leave the 
    mirror. Click on it multiple times to get rid of it. The 
    ghost is thankful for your help, and he decides to trust 
    you. Ashley goes into the ghost's past.
    Pick up the piece of wood on the path here, then go forward 
    to the cloister. Talk to the dying abbot here. Pick up the 
    four pieces of bottle (on the ground here) to get a bottle, 
    and pick up the plate which is on the shelf left of the 
    Go through the doorway to reach the jail. Pick up the 
    sickle on the stairs, then go forward to the jail cell. 
    Talk to the witch inside the jail cell, who claims she can 
    help the abbot. Put the plate into the plate holder by her 
    She wants you to get plants with snake-like buds. Go back 
    to the countryside. You want to get the red plants on the 
    left. Use the sickle on them for a puzzle. In this puzzle, 
    you get thirty seconds to look at a grid. When time is up, 
    or when you click, you're asked a question about the grid, 
    such as "what color plant is in this particular square?". 
    The questions and grids are randomized, and you get 
    infinite chances. Answer a question correctly to get the 
    Return to the witch and put the red flowers in the plate. 
    She wants you to use a pestle on them. Use the sickle on 
    the piece of wood (from the path in the countryside) to get 
    a pestle. Use the pestle on the plants for a puzzle.
    In this puzzle, each plant stands for a number. Figure out 
    which number each plant stands for. The sums of each row 
    and column are listed out for you, and you get infinite 
    Once you solve the puzzle, the witch asks for more plants. 
    Return to the countryside and get the leaves from the top 
    of the right tree. Another grid puzzle blocks you from 
    getting the plant.
    Once you solve the puzzle, return the witch and give it to 
    her to confirm it's the right plant. Use it on the plate 
    and use the pestle on it. Now, you get a Sudoku puzzle; put 
    tiles on the board so each row and column contains five 
    different symbols.
    The witch asks you for a white flower. This is a garlic 
    plant. It is on the far edge of the screen. It is, of 
    course, blocked by a grid puzzle.
    Once you solve the puzzle, return to the witch and give her 
    the garlic for verification. Put it in the plate and use 
    the pestle on it. This gives you another number puzzle.
    The witch finally asks for the yellow flowers by the 
    tombstone. They are protected by a grid puzzle. Solve it, 
    then return to the witch. Show the flowers to her, then use 
    them on the plate. Use the pestle on them for another 
    Sudoku puzzle.
    Solve the puzzle, then pick up the remedy. Give it to the 
    witch. Then, give her a bottle to put it in. She asks for a 
    Return to the countryside, for the last time. On the tree 
    on the left, there is a knot in the trunk. Use the sickle 
    on it to get some cork. Use the sickle on the cork again, 
    to get a cork that fits the bottle. Return to the witch and 
    give her the cork.
    The witch finishes her potion. Go back to the abbot and 
    give him the potion. He explains that the witch was really 
    an herbalist, not a witch, and he compliments the ghost on 
    finally overcoming his prejudices against the witch.
    Nathan appears once you've helped either Ghost Four or 
    Five. He wants Ashley to forget about the Fraternity of 
    Mediums and join him. He is so forceful that Ashley becomes 
    suspicious of his motives and what he wants her to do.
    002g-Ghost Six
    The fourth ghost left behind some chalk, and the fifth 
    ghost left behind a flask of holy water. If you haven't 
    picked up those items yet, pick them up now.
    Time to head to the last ghost, in the last area of the 
    game. That would be the attic on the second floor. Go to 
    the attic door on the left. Use the chalk on the door for a 
    In this puzzle, figure out how many triangles are in the 
    pentagram. The answer is 30. Once you do that, put the holy 
    water on the door, so you can open it. Go through the door 
    to reach the attic.
    Ashley takes the soul pendant from its spot in the 
    lower/right corner of the screen. Why? Well, see the 
    candles here? Use the soul pendant in the spot in the 
    middle of the candles.
    A puzzle starts. You want to untangle the ten circles, so 
    that the lines connecting the circles don't overlap. 
    There's a design on the floor to help you out. Five circles 
    go in the five corners of the smaller pentagon, while five 
    circles go in the five corners of the larger pentagon.
    Nathan appears when this is finished. That's right; Nathan 
    is the sixth ghost. He used to be a medium, until the 
    Fraternity rejected him for experimenting with dark magic. 
    He demands that Ashley join forces with him, and when she 
    refuses, he is upset and sends her to Hell.
    Ashley's goal here is simple: escape from Hell. She starts 
    off near a tree, where there are many items to pick up. 
    These items are a crow, a knife, a beetle, a piece of a 
    walking stick, and an empty hourglass. There's a lemon on 
    the tree that is out of reach.
    Talk to the creature here. He wants to hear from his 
    brother, Richard.
    Go forward, to Soul Valley. This place also has items for 
    you to get. Pick up a butterfly wing, a stick, another 
    walking stick piece and a heart. There is an eyeball stuck 
    in the rock here; you have to use the knife to get it out.
    Walk forward to the River Styx. The ferryman won't take you 
    across until you pay. You don't have money, but you have 
    items you can pick up here. Take the clover, the sand, the 
    stone, the string, and the third piece of the walking 
    Go back to Soul Valley. If you click on the hands in the 
    river, a ghost appears. It wants three things: a heart, a 
    beetle and some clover. Give it all three of these things.
    Click on the hands again for another ghost. It wants three 
    things as well. Give the ghost the eye and the crow. Use 
    the sand on the hourglass to get a full hourglass, and give 
    it to the ghost.
    Click on the hands again for another ghost. It wants three 
    things, too. Give it a butterfly wing and a walking stick. 
    You don't have rotten fruit yet, but you can get it.
    Go back to the tree. Use the string on the stick, to make a 
    slingshot. use the stone on the slingshot, and use the 
    slingshot on the fruit in the tree. It's a lemon. Pick it 
    Go forward to Soul Valley. The lemon you have is fresh, so 
    use it on the green smoke on the right; this makes the 
    fruit rotten. Use it on the ghost, and the ghost leaves.
    Click on the hands again for another ghost. This is the 
    ghost of Richard. Talk to Richard's ghost, then go back to 
    the tree. Talk to the creature here and tell him about 
    Richard. He gives you a coin for your efforts.
    Go forward twice, to the River Styx. Use the coin on the 
    ferryman, then click the ferryman to cross the river.
    You're almost out of Hell now! Go forward to the gate for a 
    puzzle. You need to move the blocks here, to make rows or 
    columns that have three or more matching tiles. When you 
    make a match, the tiles disappear. The trick is that you 
    can only move blocks horizontally.
    Keep moving blocks and removing blocks from the board, 
    until there are no more blocks above the red line. You can 
    reset the puzzle if you need to, of course.
    Solving the puzzle causes Ashley to leave Hell and return 
    to the attic. Nathan, on the other hand, is sent from the 
    attic to Hell. The house is now free of ghosts, and Ashley 
    is accepted as a member of the Fraternity of Mediums. The 
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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