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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Wings_of_Pink

    Version: 0127 | Updated: 01/27/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Lost Chronicles of Zerzura
    System: PC, Windows 7 64-bit
    Date completed: 2013-01-13
    Date polished: 2013-01-20
    Wings_of_Pink (Gamespot ID) / 031299870 [at] telia.com
    You MAY print this.
    You MAY download a copy and do things with it in a word processor, stripping
    and amending stuff as you see fit - for your own use. (Or you could just ask
    for my copy - I intend to prepare one once I have finished the game.) If you
    want to upload something, you're better off doing the leg work yourself.
    You MAY NOT upload this to other sites without notifying me in some way.
    Should you decide to sell printed copies of this guide, I shall be too
    astonished to decide whether I approve or not.
    I've been contacted by Neoseeker.com, and thought I'd be a dear: this guide
    can definitely appear on both GameFAQs and Neoseeker.
    06:25 2013-01-27
    Discovered a few misspellings and a factual error. Now you see 'em, now you
    don't. This SHOULD be the final version, unless something else comes to light
    that needs to be added.
    Also, I've prepared an ODF version of this walkthrough - my preferred way to
    read FAQs.
    05:03 2013-01-20
    Managed to solve a puzzle I thought was bugged, thanks to one tiny hint from the
    developers (and painstaking trial and error...). Many little updates besides -
    task-oriented structure, fixed typos, improved language, removed misleading
    speculations, checked alternate dialog paths... This guide doesn't have to get
    much better.
    First upload to Neoseeker.
    10:13 2013-01-13
    Finished the game! I'm uploading the walkthrough in this shape, then I'll make
    one update with an improved structure. I'll make one more playthrough to check
    some things.
    15:11 2013-01-12
    Made it to the monastery in the desert.
    10:51 2013-01-10
    Added thingy about Neoseeker. I've also decided to overhaul the guide after
    I've completed the game, with the intent to arrange it into specific tasks
    rather than massive rants for every location. That should make it easier to
    read, more structured. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; I still need to
    complete the game.
    Also made it to the jail break in Tripoli.
    15:41 2013-01-08
    Made it to Malta.
    16:16 2013-01-07
    Made it to Southern Spain. Consider this one a rough draft, 'kay?
    12:27 2013-01-07
    The guide officially created, game purchased, downloaded from Gamer's Gate,
    and subsequently installed. Not much to read at this point, believe it or not.
    I'll just go work on the table of contents, shall I?
     -- Permissions
     -- Version history
     -- Table of contents
     -- Walkthrough
        * Barcelona
        * Southern Spain
        * Corsair Ship
        * Malta
        * Tripoli
        * Desert
        * Monastery
        * Zerzura
     -- Other... stuff
    So, yeah, hit New Game and let's go! Note that all instructions on what item
    to pick up assumes you know how to highlight the hotspots (SPACE bar) - I
    will not describe their exact location on the screen unless I feel it's
    absolutely necessary, or if they're obscured somehow and not in plain sight.
    There will also be tons of points of interest that have no use in progressing
    the story. I won't tell you to look at everything and the kitchen sink - I'll
    just tell you what you need to do to get through this - but you should still
    make the effort. I don't think I've ever played a more hotspot-rich adventure
    game... 'Speaking with people' means talking to them about every available
    option. There are a few places where you can make one-time choices, but they are
    very few, and fairly obvious.
    - Task: Perform the test flight -
    After the intro, go left and speak to El Conde. You may also get some
    tutorials, if you've activated the extra in-game help texts. Talk to Conde.
    Then talk to Ramon. After that, you're ready to begin the test flight - which 
    naturally doesn't go quite as planned. Cold-hearted financier, isn't he?
    - Task: Rescue Ramon -
    Approach the cliff and see how Ramon's doing. Return to the meadow. Examine the
    cart, then pick up everything that isn't nailed down. Now that you have a knife,
    let's see if the catch net can help us rescue Ramon. Use the knife on the net,
    then use the net with the rungs. Use your fresh new rope ladder with the roots
    belonging to the tree just above the precipice. WIN! Remember to pick your rope
    ladder up again, though - you'll surely need to reassemble your cart...
    - Task: Gather everything up before departure -
    Return to the meadow and use the rope ladder with the rails, then use the
    ladder with the tree where the flying machine crashed. Climb it, and...
    - Task: Revise the flying machine -
    ... you return to your workshop in Barcelona. Examine the toy to get an idea.
    (Yep.) Also pick up the invention (water pressure machine). Then you're ready
    to go downstairs.
    Look at the basket to get another idea. Go over to Ramon's desk and pick up
    the leather hose. Also examine the Letter and Ramon's Drawings for some back
    story and information, respectively. I wonder if all that information about
    ankhs will come in handy at some point in the game*... There's also a money bag
    on the bellows, some pliers, a net you can pick up on the cart, and a piece of
    mineral on the anvil. Examine the suspended bellows to get yet another idea.
    Look at the fishing rod for your final idea, then sit down at the work table.
    *Update: Sort of, but NOT in the way the text would have you expect, believe
    [MINIGAME: The flying machine]
    The order in which you select the ideas is key. The proper order is:
    - Boat skeleton
    - Fishing rod
    - Basket
    - Balloon
    - Bellows
    - Task: Collect material for the flying machine -
    As is reflected in your journal, you now have to find willow rods, leather,
    a net, and a large basket. Go bother Ramon for a bit, and ask him about your
    Leave the workshop and speak to the basket salesman. He wants some air 
    conditioning, eh? We'll have to look around some more, but remember to pick up
    an orange. Why, you ask? Well, why not? Good stuff, oranges. Vitamins and
    things, you can squeeze oil out of the peel to make a temporary flamethrower...
    Uh, hehe, did I say that? ON WE GO!
    Sub-task: Assemble AC
    Go to the harbour. Look at the soldiers for some more background information.
    Pick up the thin hose near where you enter. Use your knife to cut holes in it.
    Return to your workshop and use the water pressure machine with the lathe, then
    use the hose with holes in with the water pressure machine. Go outside and give
    this to the basket seller, see if that helps him. Yay, now you can buy a basket
    for... two silver coins... of which you have zero. Bugger!
    Enter Thabit's shop and speak to him, as always asking about everything. He
    also wants something, for some camel leather. Examine the sarcophagus for
    one more discussion with Thabit. The stone figures are the important item here -
    you'll have to examine them before you can talk to Thabit about them. Pick up
    the stone figures and go.
    Sub-task: P1mp Thabit's stones
    Return to the workshop yet again and hand Ramon the new crystal artefact.
    Interact with the furnace to open it, then take the stone jug out of it. Now
    put the Calamine into the stone jug and add some copper coins. Put the stone
    jug in the furnace. Now use the leather hose on the bellows and connect it to
    the forge (not the furnace), then use the rope hoist. Open the furnace, use the
    pliers withe the stone figures, then use them with the molten brass. Take the
    brass figures to Thabit. Now you can take the leather! AND he gives you a silver
    coin! Nice!
    With your newfound fortune, try to buy the basket. After a brief discussion,
    your brand new basket will be delivered to your workshop. But some other
    things happen... Return to your workshop and speak to Ramon.
    Sub-task: Repair Pedro's boat
    Let's have another look at the harbour. Speak to the fisherman. Now examine and
    pick up the reparation gear (Plank) on the pier. Look into the barrel nearby
    twice to get some stuffing (well, actually they're fibres). Return to the
    workshop. Talk to Ramon about tar, then take the bowl of tar in front of him,
    and then return to the harbour.
    Use the repair gear/plank, the fibres, then the tar on the fibred up rowing boat
    - success! Alert Pedro about your successes. Now return to the marketplace and
    take a closer look at the window shutters next to the basket seller. When the
    icon changes to a pair of cog wheels you can enter a conversation with Pedro's
    wife, Silvia. After that, return to the workshop. You'll go to the roof
    - Task: Assemble flying machine -
    Now use the basket with the hatch, the willow rods/wicker with the rope and then
    with the crane, then use the leather with the frame. Next use the net on the
    frame, then use it with the basket. Now attach the leather to your construction.
    Go downstairs and pick up the leather hose from the forge, then go back up and
    use it to connect the balloon to the hatch. Return downstairs and connect the
    other end of the hose with the bellows, then speak to Ramon and ask him to help
    you. Cutscene time! 
    - Task: Get onto the ship -
    ... Yikes! When you regain control at the harbour, pick up a paving stone.
    Also get some butter from the barrel. Then see what Silvia has to say about the
    guards. Then ask Thabit to hide among the barrels. Note that the torch lights up
    the precise area you have to cross. Be sure to look at both the gulls and the
    harbour basin. Go over to Thabit and give him the paving stone you picked up
    before. Choose between either throwing the stone at the sea gulls, at the
    guards (this will not work, FYI), or into the water. (I chose the gulls. I think
    that's the only option that works.) Pick up another stone, then throw it at the
    torch. Success! Approach the cannon port, use the butter on it, and effect your
    entry using your knife. Click just once more to enter.
    - Task: Find Ramon -
    Get matches from the cannon. Get the rope as well - can't go through an
    adventure game without a good coil of rope! Help yourself to some sail cloth
    while you're at it. Check out the barrels in the back - gunpowder! Get the
    copper cauldron above the fireplace, then use the pliers on the nail it was
    hanging from. Now use the rope with the sail cloth. If you poke around a bit,
    you can find out that you could block the chimney with the resulting bundle -
    but how to make it not catch fire and stuff? Use the bundle on the cannon port
    to soak it with sea water, allowing you to block the stove long enough to heat
    the nail. Use the pliers on the nail, and use a match on the lantern to light
    it. Now use the wet sail cloth with the stove, use the burning match with the
    fireplace, use your pliers+nail with the fireplace, then take the hot nail from
    the fireplace with the pliers, use the pliers+hot nail on the vice, and NOW you
    have a lock pick! Awesome! So, go pick the lock already! Open the hatch.
    - Task: Escape -
    How are your nerves? Aim the suspended cannon at the side of the ship... Whoa!
    Close call! Pick that cannon ball up. Check out the knothole. Use your knife on
    the knothole to get some gunpowder (pick it up off the floor). Aim the cannon
    back at the cover. Put the gunpowder in the cannon barrel, followed by the
    cannon ball. Stick the remaining flax fibres in to keep everything in place. Now
    light another match at the lantern. Aim the cannon at the side of the ship...
    and... use your lit match to FIRE! Oh, and don't forget to make your escape.
    - Task: Keep flying -
    Use the pliers on the copper cauldron, again on the handle, then use the
    handle pieces with the leather. Put the cauldron on the hooks, then put the
    torch in it. You need to burn more stuff, so put the matches in as well. The
    wings aren't very useful for now, are they? Pick them up to receive Ramon's
    talisman, then try again to remove them. Put them in the cauldron. Use your
    knife on the basket and put the branches in the cauldron. Cutscene!
    - Task: Reach the ground -
    Grab the hanging assembly, and take a stone out of the ledge. To reduce
    backtracking, use the knife on the net now. Put the stone next to the hatch, and
    use the Hanging assembly with the stone. There we go! Pick up the stone again
    and go downstairs.
    Disorienting... Click on the board and use it on the gap to the left, then try
    to cross. Go back upstairs (use the ladder) and use your knife on the net, then
    go back downstairs. Cross the board you lay down before and use the net on the
    window. Use the next ladder you encounter to go further down. Throw the stone at
    the Wooden platter to get another bridge. Examine the frame to jump over to it,
    then use the ladder. If you've done everything correctly, you should see a
    cutscene at a new area now - outside the tower. Hm, a damsel in distress who
    wants you to repair the hot air balloon? Sure, I'm game.
    - Task: Follow the... dark woman -
    When you regain control, take the wooden pole. Note the wasps, and that you
    can take something from the bush they're hovering around. Hm, let's just
    get back to them later. Wouldn't do to have a computer game character stung
    by wasps, now, would it? Leave for the Street.
    Sub-task: Remove the guard
    Talk to the soldier - he wants something to drink. Pick a fruit from the lemon
    tree. Hm, lemons, oranges... and some water by the tower. Let's see what manner
    of brew we can conjure up for him. Back to the church tower.
    Fill the canteen with water. Examine the filled canteen, and Feodor mentions
    enriching it "somewhat". So, use your knife to cut the lemon in half. You can
    also cut the orange, but you can only use the lemon with the canteen. If you
    return to the guard now, however, Feodor reveals his dark inner nature and wants
    to slightly poison the guy. Hey, whatever, the guard doesn't seem like a nice
    fellow anyway - bring the poison!
    That fruit on the bush by the church tower, let's try that. Use the wooden pole
    with the fruit, then pick them up off the ground. Into the canteen they go!
    Return to the guard and give him the canteen. Ungrateful... Good thing we
    spiked it! Make like a good sociopath and walk off when you're bored of the
    scenery. After a bit of a kerfuffle you end up on a Corsair ship. Some luck
    we're having...
    - Task: Get out of your confinement -
    Examine the lock... Whoa! Pick up a rivet and the cutlass. Use the cutlass on
    the iron fittings to make the blade serrated. A big old breadknife - am I
    playing Curse of Monkey Island again? Anyway, use your new saw on the wooden
    grille. Examine the crossbow, then pick it up. Feodor needs to figure out how
    to escape, but he can't do it on an empty stomach, can he? Examine the leg of
    mutton - hm, maybe that bone will do for crossbow ammunition? Use the rivet on
    the bone, then the bone+rivet with the crossbow, then use that on the bracket.
    Shweet, grab the grappling hook, then use it to reach the key ring at last!
    Now use the key on the lock, and you're... freer than you were five minutes
    ago. Well, it's a step in the right direction.
    - Task: Get to the deck -
    Pick up the lock. Hm, might as well flip down the grille again - all neat and
    tidy. (No, I don't think there's any real significance in doing that... but
    you CAN do it!) Examine the chest to get a hammer and chisel (Now, where's
    that block of tofu?), then check out the grille in front of the chest.
    Use the crossbow on the bits of a pump drill, then drill a hole in the bottom
    of the barrel. Now you can open the grille, so hop to it. Pick up the empty
    bucket, then climb the ladder... Ew, gross!
    - Task: Rescue the captain's daughter -
    Oops! Jamila needs water to put out the fire, and Feodor just drilled a hole in
    the remaining drinking water supply. Good going... Well, we can at least pick up
    the arquebus. Examine the dead Corsair to get a gunpowder horn. There's a split
    in the debris that you can apparently look through, but there's no point to it
    until the fire is out. Return to the deck.
    Use the hammer and chisel with the hand cart to get a wheel. Look around to
    eventually discover Jamila's father - quite spectacularly and graphically dead
    - I hope you or anyone you're playing this game with isn't 14 or younger...
    You recover his sabre. Open the covers to find some oars, and note that the
    winch can be used for... something. Let's find out later. Return to below
    Return to where you were imprisoned, and open the grille if you shut it
    before. Now use the empty bucket with the water. Now return to the deck and
    our damsel in distress. Use the sabre with the gunpowder horn, then use the
    hammer and chisel on the arquebus. Stick the bent barrel into the Split in the
    debris, then use the gunpowder horn with the end of the barrel. Pour your
    bucket of water through the resulting funnel, and Jamila's free.
    - Task: Prepare for emergency docking -
    Sub-task: Find out where you are (You can do these sub-tasks in any order)
    Ask Jamila about everything, and you'll get the keys to the Captain's cabin.
    Go below deck again. Let's check out the Captain's cabin. Close the hatch after
    you enter to reveal a loose plank. Take that as well to reveal a treasure
    chest. It's locked, though - leave it alone for now. There's a sack you can
    pick up nearby. Then examine the other chest to find that the lock broke during
    the firefight. Now try the necklace with a key that Jamila gave you on the
    locked chest to receive some navigation equipment. Open the hatch and leave the
    Return to the deck. Use the telescope with the ocean, then use the map with the
    navigation equipment. Pan the view by clicking on the arrow keys, and click in
    the view to make a note of what you see. When you've seen everything, click on
    the map in the upper right corner. Now click and drag the compass icon until the
    enlarged indicators line up with the corresponding land marks. This could be
    randomised for every playthrough - I'll have to double check. (Note to self:
    Forest, ship wreck, city, castle on small island.)
    UPDATE: On my second playthrough, I got the exact same combination.
    Sub-task: Rig some propulsion
    Use the railing with the anchor winch. But, honestly, isn't the water really
    pretty? Use the wheel hub(s) with the oars and use the paddle wheels with the
    anchor winch. Lookin' good!
    Sub-task: Patch the leak
    Go through the bilge under the barrels. Examine the barrels, then use the bucket
    on them to get some... rubber? Hey, what kind of pirates are these guys? Examine
    the grille for some more information on what you need to do. Go up to the deck
    again, approach the debris, and use the razor on the thick rope to get hemp
    fibre. Go back down and use the hammer and chisel on the empty barrel. Now
    return to the grille we're going to be closing. Use the planks on the grille,
    then apply the hemp fibres, and finish things off by pouring rubber all over it.
    For an irony WIN, use the lock on the grille to seal it. Return to the deck.
    Talk to Jamila when everything is in order, then use the razor with the
    anchor. Cutscene!
    - Task: Meet the Corsairs -
    Speak to Jamila about everything, then go over and... pick the... rare flowers.
    Good grief... Environmental vandalism!? What's next? We're outta here! (You can
    give the flowers to Jamila as a present, but you need them for something else.
    They have mysterious powers of regeneration, though, so you can just leave the
    screen and come back to have the chance to pick another bunch.)
    (Note: There are so many sub-tasks here, in so few areas, that I feel it would
    do more harm than good to split them up - that would result in Epic Backtracking
    +5. Yes, you should follow five courses of action at the same time. Have fun.)
    - Task: Earn respect among the captains -
    Pick up the shovel, then plunder the pile of stones. Speak to mister hangover.
    Ooo, he wants a hangover cure, does he? Let's see if there are any elderly dogs
    in this game. Of course, he only does want his smoking weed tin... Enter the
    base. Speak to the Corsair on the right. After some negotiating, he'll settle
    for being set up with a good swordfight opponent. If it were insult
    swordfighting, I'd have it down, but this doesn't seem to be that kind of
    game... Grab the red piece of cloth on the ladder. Check out the tent.
    Ask the Corsair about Advocacy - he wants to gamble. Familiarise yourself
    with the rules, then give it a try. No way he could have rigged the dice
    already...? You can choose whether to confront the Corsair about your oddly
    consistent luck. Letting it slide means you can play him again whenever you're
    ready, confronting him means you apparently have to finish all other tasks
    before you can challenge him again. So your choice has consequences, but not
    terribly far-reaching ones. Then take the dice out of the casket when the
    Corsair isn't looking in your direction. Leave the tent.
    Go over to the left and speak to the 'maid' for some information, then
    proceed into the camp. Speak to the Corsair closest to the entrance. He wants
    you to set him up with the courtesan sitting across the room. So speak to the
    courtesan to find out what sort of man she's after. After making a little
    check-list, you should remember that you have some flowers from the beach. Hand
    'em over, and say they're from Slimy type. (If you've gone and given the bunch
    you picked earlier to Jamila for shits and giggles, you will of course have to
    go and pick some more flowers. They regenerate. Digital gardening is the best.)
    You can keep talking to the courtesan about Slimy type for a while, but
    eventually you will hit a dead end. Then go over to Slimy and speak to him for a
    bit. After exhausting your options, speak to the Corsair behind the counter. He
    wants you to feed his blue rock thrush - you saw this one at the beach. Ask what
    the bird likes to eat. Take the treasure map and leave.
    Examine the booty - see how there are suddenly things to pick up! Grab the stone
    jug and the sack of oats. What was that about the bird feed: extra fat grains.
    Use the stone jug with the barrel of oil. Go over to the maid and put the oil in
    the cooking area (ends up in a pan) and fry the oats in it. Get the fried oats
    and put them in the bird cage. Leave yet again, and go outside.
    Ah, Jamila! Talk to her, I'm sure she has all sorts of tips on how to get
    together with a courtesan. ... What? Well, she can accompany you as well, to
    do some swordfighting. Speak to the Corsair who wants to cross blades and set
    Jamila at him. Hm, that didn't work out as I had hoped, but it's something to
    work with. Leave the cave, and go to the beach.
    Put the cage with fried oats in at the big flat rock, and wait for the little
    blue bird to fly into it. Grab the cage, then examine the various
    Interesting Spots. When you find one that hasn't been dug up, pull out the
    shovel and dig! (On my two playthroughs thus far, the Interesting Spot that
    needed digging up was in the same spot; on the path leading upwards on the
    screen towards the water, somewhat below where the blue bird sat before. If
    you get your Interesting Spot somewhere else, feel free to say so.) Examine the
    wooden casket you find, and you get a golden sceptre. Nice! Enter the Corsair
    base once more.
    Give the gold sceptre to the swordfighter guy, then go over to the tavern and
    relay Jamila's tips on women. Now speak to the courtesan and she'll speak to
    Slimy. Oh... Painful! Run away! Now give the cage with the bird back to its
    Corsair. That should be three votes.
    Go over to the cooking area, and use the pipe with the bellows, then use the
    loaded dice on them. Use an empty stone jug (pick up another one by the 
    cooking area if you don't have one) with the wine barrel. Go outside and give
    this to mister hangover. Failure... Go over to the latrine and pour the wine
    out, then let's look for "something harder". To the tavern! Use the stone jug
    with the barrel of rum, then go outside again to see if this hits the spot.
    Well, at least he gave you some more information to go on. Ask the "maid"
    about the tin. Off to see mister Slimy (ok, his name's Don Juan) about the
    tin. Examine the barrels in the back to find the tin! The seeking Corsair
    should stumble in about now; go over and give it to him.
    Return to the tent and put the unloaded dice back in the casket. After having
    bothered with all the other captains, the gambler should have forgiven you if
    you called him out on his cheating before. Give the game another go, and play
    until you win. Now we meet Leviathan.
    - Task: Leviathan's task(s) - Diving -
    You get to choose five tasks to win Leviathan over: Fencing, diving, climbing,
    swimming, or serving. Diving might be the only one you can choose - on two
    separate playthroughs I never got to pick any other task. You have to bring
    something to help you breathe underwater, though - you're no Threepwood. Enter
    the tavern and ask mister hangover about his drinking. Oh, hell...
    If you examined the wine barrel in between your swordfight and now, Feodor will
    have mentioned how his brother once used something like it for an air tank.
    Was that an idea I heard popping into your head? It certainly did in mine. Now
    examine the barrel; you should find it to be empty, and remove something
    keeping it in place. You'll both arrive at the beach. Click the barrel again to
    raise it onto one of the flat sides. For weights... Put the stones on the
    barrel, and then put the cloth on the stones. Success! Click the barrel one more
    time for a cutscene.
    The cursors indicate that you can take the black sashes, but Rafi takes
    offence... Leave them alone for now, then. Speak to Jamila and Rafi - the 
    latter has some useful information indeed. Then exit.
    - Task: Gather information -
    Go to the marketplace and speak to the merchant. He didn't really say anything
    interesting, did he? Try the gates. Access denied! Off to Jamila and complain.
    But... No one's home. Quick, take a black sash before they come back! (You only
    NEED to speak to the thief before you can come back, but it's much more fun to
    go to all the other trouble, really.) Maybe SOME people will have more
    interesting things to say now. Go back to the city gates and use the black sash
    on the thief. Tell him you got it from Rafi, then proceed with the dialogue as
    you normally would. Wasn't that enlightening?
    Return to the marketplace and see if you have the same luck with the merchant.
    Now that you've heard about the slave trade, it opens up some more options. You
    end up inside the palace.
    - Task: Be a good slave and get into prison -
    When you regain control, pick up the... camel dung and... drop it in the pit.
    Ew! Pick up the halter, then pick up the planks and use them on the awning. Hm,
    no, the guard won't let you do that. He's getting on my nerves now! He'll also
    stop you from checking out the suspicious spot! But we must persevere... Pick
    up the bucket and fill it with water from the well, then pour the water into
    the trough. Now pick up the broom. From the inventory, use it with the
    entrances around the courtyard. (There are three in total.) While you work, the
    guard will move out of the way.
    Pick through the wooden crate he was standing next to to find some leaflets.
    Examine the other window to hear what Jamila's up to. (You may have to use the
    broom on the soldier to make him move back to his starting position.) Use the
    bucket on the well to get more water, then wash the planks the camel dung was
    on. Take the planks and use them on the awning - the guard lets you proceed now.
    How nice of him!
    Make sure the guard is standing over by the prison entrance (use the broom on
    him if necessary), then use the metal rings on the barred window. This will
    distract the guard, allowing you to dig up the suspicious spot. First use the
    charred branch on the leaflet to write a note for Jamila. Now what... First of
    all, now that there's shade over by the third entrance (where you put the washed
    off planks to dry), the guard will eventually move over there when you use the
    broom on him. (I admit, I was having WAY too much fun doing this. :-) ) Now that
    he can't see you, you're free to place the bucket under the other window. Do so,
    then click on the window to check up on Jamila. Give her the note; she'll hand
    it back, along with a shirt.
    Bring your bucket back to the barred window. First soak the shirt in the trough.
    Then use the shirt on the bars, attach the broom to the shirt, and use the
    broom handle to bend the bars. Click on the barred window to enter.
    - Task: Break out the prisoners -
    After the brief interlude, pick up the Spanish boot and the spearhead. Move to
    the right and pick up the crank, the wooden construction, then search the barrel
    for its lid and floor. Search the chains to get some... meat hooks...? Dude, I
    knew the Inquisition wasn't an admirable part of european history, but this is
    just over the top. Note that Feodor expects to find some use for the rope and 
    hanging chains ('Long chains').
    Use the Spanish boot with the Spanish horse, attach the spearhead to the handle,
    then use your new drill to drill a hole in the barrel floor. Use the meat hooks
    in both the rope and the hanging chains. Use the table legs with the barrel lid
    and floor, then use the axle and wheels on the notches below the Spanish horse.
    Put the other table leg into the grinding wheel, then move it to the notches as
    well. Feodor can now push the Horse out of the way; do so, and it will be moved
    to the two chains. Use the chains with the Spanish horse, and Feodor removes the
    wheels. Now use the rope with the Horse. Hm, might as well check in with your
    brother, now that the area in front of the door has been cleared. So, now we
    need a key...? Oh well.
    Use the rack, then go over to the door to the right and throw the rings down on
    the floor. Oof! Leave through the wooden door and pick up the sword, then search
    the soldier for the key. N-no? Uh-oh... Maybe the captain has the key? Use the
    bucket with the not-barred window and climb up. Give Jamila the sword. OW! I
    don't think you're supposed to stab people there... Hey, well, at least now you
    have the keys. As good a time as any to pick up the pace, right? Well, it would
    be if this were timed in any way, but we have to get into the spirit of the
    thing. Enter the prison once more, use the cell key on the cell door, and let
    there be cutscenes.
    - Task: Leave Tripoli -
    Back at the hide-out, speak to the people. THIS is what they call 'info-dump'!
    Our next task: Camel hunting. Awesome. Leave the hide-out and go to the city
    gates. Speak to the merchant. Then go to the marketplace and speak to the
    merchant here. Funny how the beggar interrupts you as you enter, isn't it?
    Conspicuous! Don't forget to talk about the palace - golden! When you regain
    control, you should be out by the city gates. Retutn to the marketplace and
    let's check out the palace. Go through the entrance to the palace proper. Jamila
    will be there. Pick up the fern and examine the sick camel. So, now we're to
    cure a li... big ol' beastie? Sure thing. Jamila can't help you, though, so
    return to the marketplace and ask the beggar about camels - motherlode! Now you
    need fern and salt - and you already have the fern. Off to the city gates once
    more. Talk to the merchant here about salt, and after a highly fascinating trade
    (Seriously, check your inventory and listen to/read Feodor's description of it!
    I'm NOT buying a used car from this man!) it's time to return to the sick camel.
    Give either the salt or the fern to the beggar, and he'll take both. Presto -
    one mended camel! Do as Feodor says and report on your progress to Ramon.
    'Pick up' the sandy floor, a water jug, the heap of stones, and the saddle bag.
    Then speak to everyone about everything. Now bring up the map (press M, or
    right-click the map in your inventory). I made the temple ruins my next
    destination at this point. As you arrive, there's a cutscene.
    - Task: Find out where you're going -
    Examine the soldier to find a scroll. Examine it after the interlude to see that
    it has some probably important information. The laws of probability and common
    sense dictates that this will come in handy. Well, at least you won't have to
    write it down. Examine the engraving in the floor to learn something you will
    also likely have use for later. Use the scroll on the statues - astute wanderers
    may already have noticed that the symbols on the base of the statues match up to
    the numbers on the scroll. Now the statues are labelled in the game with their
    numbers - which I'm sure is helpful, but not right at this moment. Speak to Rafi
    about the numbers. Hm... If you want to ponder this on your own, just skip the
    next paragraph.
    The statue you're looking for is #132.
    Examine the indicated statue, then click on it again. Get Rafi's help to prod
    the plinth. Okay, time for some lubrication. Nothing more to see here for now,
    so go back out. Note that you can loot the soldiers' stores. Now return to
    Tripoli, and speak to the merchant about soap when you get the chance. Use your
    knife to cut the soap into smaller pieces, then put the soap stripes in the
    water jug.
    Return to the ruins. Enter the crypt and use the soapy water with the plinth -
    now it's lubricant. Ask Rafi to help you push it once more. Yay! Enter the
    corridor. Look at everything. Tie your rope to the mountain to start another
    [MINIGAME: Line up the knot]
    Click on the rope and drag it to line up with the dove, for simplicity's sake,
    then move the knot to the dove. Now line up the rope with the little
    'direction' stone.
    - Task: Find the key fragments -
    Bring up the map and go to the mountains. Yet another interlude upon arrival.
    Pick up the parchment - do examine it, it looks like it will prove to be quite
    important. While the others do have things to say, none of it seems to be
    necessary in order to progress in the game. Go into the back part of the cave.
    Pick up the book - looks similar to that parchment. The inventory shows that
    they can be combined, but you aren't allowed to do so yet. Go grab the ladder
    and put it over on the other side of the room, by the Blanket label. Grab the
    blanket to reveal another skeleton. Pick up the chain to receive a necklace,
    then return to the others.
    Speak to everyone about everything. Ramon holds the motherlode here. After
    speaking to him about the book, combine the parchment with the book in your
    inventory. Use the book with the shaft of light. Now let's go look closer at the
    wall painting. Feodor mentions that the lion was circled in the book. Click on
    the lion, and... Intrigue! Click on the opening to collect your well-deserved
    key fragment. It appears we're bound for Tripoli again. Speak to Rafi, and if
    you've inspected the chain/necklace, he will tell you what to do next. To
    Tripoli we go!
    Speak to Rafi, and he'll get in touch with his 'friends'. And now you have two
    fragments. Neat-o! Speak to the merchant about the stones, and you should get
    the Artefact option. Hm, but what if we show him a key fragment. Right, go to
    the bedouin camp.
    - Task: See to it that a prophecy comes true -
    Loot the washing line, then get some more sand off the sandy floor if you didn't
    do so before, or already poured water over it. Speak to one of the bedouins for
    some clues. That priestess doesn't sound like an altogether nice person... Have
    a word with her. Or several dozen words. Return to the watering hole for a brief
    discussion. You're going to need some way to redirect light. Return to the
    bedouin camp and take a closer look at the shield. Use some sand and the shield,
    then use the water skin on the sandy shield. Now use the stone on the shield and
    finally take the cloth to it. Take that, shield! Now put it by the tent and
    it'll be angled just so... Take the key fragment by using your pliers, and it's
    cutscene time.
    - Task: Make preparations for departure -
    Search the stones to uncover a mat, then pick it up. Stick your hand in the
    hole you just uncovered. Look through the saddle bag, take the blanket and use
    it on Ramon. Use the bone with the mat to get some fibres, then use either the
    knife or the pliers on the bones to get a bone splinter. But what's that he's
    saying about camels? Use the knife on the bone splinter to get a needle, then
    use the fibres with the needle. Now stitch up the pieces of cloth to get bedouin
    clothing. Give this to Jamila, and leave for the monastery when you're in
    control again.
    - Task: Get in -
    Examine the writings on the cliff face for a hint. Examine the rock face on the
    left and take the cross. Pour some water into the small hole, then examine the
    mysterious hole and click it once more. Ta-dah!
    - Task: Get into the Grand Inquisitor's room -
    Looking around the place, you will soon notice a Conspicuous bed, and an
    inordinately devout monk. Okay. Note the statue, as well as the broken statue.
    There doesn't seem to be anything else in here that's very interesting, so exit
    to the yard and speak to the soldier. Note the statue here as well. Then enter
    the large door.
    Speak to the cook for some information. After discussing the soldier's ability
    to read, the cook will run off. Considering what we've learned about the monk
    in the dormitory who won't stop praying until the dinner bell rings, this is
    your cue to tie the bell rope to the bellows. Now to put out the fire... Use
    your water skin on it. Done. Remarkably easy... Return to the yard.
    Enter the dormitory and click on the conspicuous bed to reveal a secret door.
    Click on the secret door, then go over to the shrine and give it a close
    inspection. This launches a minigame.
    [MINIGAME: Spin the statues]
    You have a set of statues to arrange in the proper combination. The first clue
    is the statue to your left, I think the broken statue to the right is the
    second, and possibly the monk in the yard is clue #3. Set the first statue to
    the one covering his eyes. On my first playthrough I did more trial-and-error
    puzzle solving, but on my second run I think I ended up with this order:
    Two hands covering eyes - stick in mouth (#2 or #4) - one hand covering eye
    If this doesn't work, experimenting isn't difficult - it shouldn't take long
    since there is a limited number of possible combinations.
    Enter the secret door. Examine the bags for your next info-dump. Pick up a bag,
    fill one with water and attach it to the rope (you may have to examine the Shaft
    first), then climb the ropes to reach the abbott's room.
    - Task: Escape with the key fragments -
    After the interlude, check the statuette of Mary full of Grace to find a key.
    Also nab the ivory cross and the candle, then try the chest. Use the key on it
    to get it open. Then try the casket. Hm... Examine the ivory cross to get
    another knife. This is starting to feel like a Bioware RPG... Oops! Run away!
    (That is, escape through the window.) You can actually get killed here, so act
    fast. I think you have 10-20 seconds. Good thing the developers implemented
    automatic savegames...
    During the sandy bit, use the bedouin clothing on either of your friends.
    - Task: Open the gate -
    Examine the cart, then grab the wheel no less than TWO times. Speak to Ramon
    for instructions concerning your next puzzle. Look at everything around the
    gates and you'll soon have access to the hollow. Use the key fragments on it.
    [MINIGAME: Assemble the key]
    Word from the developers is that you have to assemble the pieces in a
    certain order as well - assemble them in such a way that no piece blocks
    another. Twelve pieces, left to right, top to bottom. Their rotation appears to
    be randomised, but their initial place should always be the same. Rotate the
    pieces to fit into their place in the circle - it's usually obvious which side
    should point to the centre and which should point outwards.
    12 into notch on left
    5 place at three o'clock
    4 place a little past two o'clock position
    3 place just past beetle on outer ring
    1 line up cat
    2 place between 1 & 3
    11 place left of 1, 'inside' 12
    7 place at 'snake' o'clock
    6 place past 5
    9 place just past six o'clock
    10 place between 9 & 11
    8 place inside 7
    Use your pliers on the metal ring, then use the produced metal socket on the
    key. Stick the wooden spoke into the ring to finish it, then click on the key
    for another minigame.
    [MINIGAME: Find the combination]
    Your objective now is to puzzle out the combination. Slide the dove to the
    proper hieroglyph, then release the mouse button. If there is a click, you're
    on the right track. If there's a clunk, you screwed up - slide the dove back to
    the notch to reset. The combination is:
    Cat-face - Reeds - Bird (Ibis?) - Eye - Opening
    (If anyone knows where you find the clues for this, do let me know. I looked for
    a pattern in the door, but I couldn't discern anything. Maybe a four
    philosphical stages of life riddle, based on the egyptian gods' attributes?
    This would be Bastet - [unknown] - [Isis?] - [Anubis or Seth].)
    - Task: Cross the crevasse -
    Search Ramon, then examine the lion head. If you click on the stone column,
    it'll prove to be of use, but you can't use it right now. Examine the house with
    the lion head on it, and Feodor barges right in. Feels right, doesn't it?
    Examine the statue in the back, then take the necklace. Look at the parchment to
    pick it up.Look at the parchment - if that isn't puzzle instructions, I don't
    know what is. Pick up some shards, then leave.
    Out in the sun, you might as well light the match - although you won't actually
    need to do this until you're at the temple gates - it'll stay lit, fear not. Use
    the glass shard on the match to do this. Enter the other house and pick up the
    clay pot and the rags. Say, doesn't this look like the house from the intro...?
    Keep the mill in mind for later, then leave. (Now that you've examined the
    broken mill, you can roll the column stone over to it. You can't benefit from it
    until you get the spade, so you might as well save it yet a few seconds.)
    Next destination: the stone Foundation on the lower left side of the screen.
    Pick up the spade, the pickaxe, the book, and some leaves from the palm tree.
    Examine the bible, then return to Ramon and Jamila. Bring the column stone from
    the lion head to the other house.
    Move the stone to the grinding mill, then fix it with the shovel. Put some grain
    into the mill, activate it, then collect the flour. Now return to the main
    Now that you've read the bible, look at the crevasse one more time. Now, where
    could we get close to the river source? Enter the house with the lion head and
    examine the wall several times. Right - time for some forceful interior
    redecorating! Use the flour at the walls, then bring the pickaxe to what is
    revealed as the wet wall. Examine the hole, then climb in.
    You arrive on the other side of the crevasse. Use the handle to lower the
    drawbridge. Pick up the rope, then enter the temple.
    - Task: Enter the temple -
    See the niches and symbols? This is where you follow the instructions from the
    parchment. Use the parchment on the symbols to inform Feodor that this is the
    case. Put the dry palm leaf into the fire niche, but you need something that'll
    burn properly before you set fire to it. Use your knife on the skeleton to get a
    metal disc, then place that into the amber niche. Now go back to the square.
    You... actually need to stab your brother now. This will give you a bloody rag
    for the blood niche. Now exit through the gates and use the clay pot with the
    sand to get sand for the sand niche. Cross the drawbridge again and try the
    handle one more time to get some firewood.
    Return to the temple and get the blood, wood and sand in place. (If you examine
    the orange now, you'll eat it. How I've been waiting to get that out of my
    inventory...) Use the match in the fire niche, and profit. Enter the door.
    - Task: Enter the inner sanctum -
    Hey, whoa! Well, the only thing you can use for now is the handle by the gate.
    Listen to Feodor's misgivings, and... rrrrright. Try sticking something into the
    machinery, like the metal cross - and go all the way over to the bent cross and
    pick it up. Well, attach it to the rope to get a grappling hook, at least. (Or
    you could save yourself some few seconds and use the rope with the pliers now -
    you'll need to do this later anyway, and this combination will also work here.)
    Use this with the head of a statue behind all the knives. Sekhmet, eh? Pretty
    bad-ass ship in Freespace 2, but I digress. Seeing as it's a bloody great chunk
    of stone (which I certainly couldn't carry around all willy-nilly *cough*), try
    using it on the knife traps. Success! Pick up the warhammer and use it on the
    knife traps, then click on the armour. WOOHOO! Now use Ramon's talisman on the
    gate. Enter.
    - Task: Replace the water chip- Uh, repair the well -
    Examine the fount, then the main intake. Follow the trail to the paving stones
    to reveal a pipe. Huh, did the old egyptians use metal plumbing...? Examine the
    stone slab. Note that Feodor says things will explode if he puts flour into the
    braziers. Funny thing to say - I know it's flammable, but explosively so? Now,
    you can't leave, so everything you need must be in here. Note that Feodor says
    that the Sekhmet statue seems unsteady. Examine the grappling hook to
    disassemble it, then use the rope on the pliers. Use the improvised grappling
    hook with the stone slab, then grab the end of the rope and use it on the
    statue. Now commit a minor act of sacrilege. (It should be obvious what you need
    to do. Let me know if it isn't, and I'll write it in.) Pick up the rope and the
    ankh, then examine the shaft and climb down.
    Use the knife on the worn cog wheel near the Archimedes' screw. If you pull the
    weights, you should get a good idea about what you're meant to accomplish. Use
    the ankh in the empty bracket. Now use the rope on the cog wheels in the middle.
    Try using the weights now.
    Return to the Queen and use the water skin on the spray. Feodor will fix the
    fount, so you need to use the water skin again to get water in it. Then use the
    water skin on the Queen. Oh, bother! I'm starting to see the importance of
    explosive flour... if only to interrupt the blame game. Sheesh! Some people!
    - Task: Save the day -
    So, this is the end game. Beware, you're on a tight timer here! I think you have
    less than ten seconds for every step - you'll probably need several attempts at
    this. The auto-save feature seems to save after every successful step. First
    order of business when you regain control is to use the flour on the brazier.
    Then pick up the water skin/water carrier. Examine it to drink from it, then
    poke the stone slab out of position. As the Grand Inquisitor is having a tough
    time of being sprayed with holy water, grab the rapier (identified as
    'Weapon'... Feodor, please! This is the renaissance!). Take the lion mask. Use
    it on Ramon after the discussion.
    (Full disclosure: I have not checked whether you can use the mask on either
    Jamila or Feodor. If you want to try, MAKE SURE TO SAVE FIRST.)
    		THE END
    >Wings of... pink?<
    My preferred user name was already taken on Gamespot, and I was just
    looking to access some restricted stuff there, OKAY?! I didn't expect...
    well, ending up posting anything on GameFAQs, among several other things.
    Whatever. You may have seen me around some obscure corners of the internet
    under the alias of Silent Warrior. Or you could just address me as "Hey,
    swedish kid!"
    Don't like my lack of ASCII art? Sucks to be you - I don't consider myself
    much of an ASCII artist anyway, so it's really for the best.
    Do you have an opinion? (I do, too!) Anyway, if I've made a mistake, I
    would absolutely want to know about it. Spelling, not an optimal puzzle
    solution, I missed something - let me know, and I'll look into it when time
    I have made no other guides - this is my first! I hope it lives up to... any
    expectations at all.

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