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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.3 10/25/11
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    Nancy Drew: Albi in Ashes
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2011
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Walkthrough
    003.  Characters
    003.  Walkthrough
      003a. Arrested for Arson
      003b. Investigation
      003c. Out of Jail
    004.  Credits
    001-General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the PC/Mac game called Nancy 
    Drew: Alibi in Ashes. This is an adventure game, in which 
    Nancy Drew goes to River Heights and is falsely arrested 
    for arson. This is the twenty-fifth game in the Nancy Drew 
    If you want to contact me, e-mail 
    ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com, but make the subject blank 
    if you do. If you want to reproduce this guide in some 
    fashion, you should contact me before doing so.
    002-Video Walkthrough
    For those of you who would like to watch how to beat the 
    game, instead of reading how to beat the game, a set of 
    videos can be found here:
    The video walkthrough comes complete with my commentary.
    Nancy Drew: Our hero! She's a super mystery solver, and 
    together with her friends, she's trying to win the local 
    Clues Competition. Unfortunately, Nancy gets arrested 
    before her team wins.
    Brenda Carlton: A news reporter, who is hoping that the 
    story about Nancy burning down the town hall will launch 
    her career as a newscaster.
    Toni Scallari: The local city councilwoman, who also runs 
    an ice cream shop called Scoop. She wants the police to 
    arrest someone for the town hall fire as quickly as 
    Alexei Markovic: A former detective who now runs an antique 
    store. He can get angry very easily, especially if Bess 
    breaks one of his antiques.
    Deirdre Shannon: One of the local townspeople, who 
    sometimes acts as Nancy's rival. Deirdre likes Nancy's 
    boyfriend Ned.
    Chief McGinnis: The local police chief, who arrests Nancy. 
    He thinks she's innocent, so he later lets her have free 
    range of the police station.
    Detective Ryan: A rookie cop who lost an evidence locker 
    key. The Chief chews him out for this.
    Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend, who spends most of the 
    game spying on Deirdre, making sure that Deirdre doesn't do 
    anything suspicious. Bess is good friends with Toni.
    George Fayne: Bess' cousin, who spends most of her time at 
    the Drew residence, keeping an eye on things. George is 
    good with technology.
    Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, who spends most of his 
    time outside of Alexei's shop, keeping an eye on Alexei and 
    Carson Drew: Nancy's father, a prosecuting attorney. He is 
    in Australia for most of the game, but Nancy can call him 
    and get help with the case.
    Hannah Gruen: The Drew family housekeeper, who is with 
    Nancy's aunt Eloise for the duration of the game.
    J.P. Bennington: The man responsible for ruining Alexei's 
    career as a detective. He hired Carson Drew to sue Alexei 
    for theft, and he won.
    004a-Arrested for Arson 
    The game starts with Nancy Drew going to the Town Hall, 
    after reading a clue in the annual Clues Competition that 
    River Heights puts on. Go forward, through the door.
    Odd, there's a mysterious ticking noise. It seems to be 
    coming from the thermostat that the clue says to 
    investigate. Go forward and check it out.
    Nancy sees an ice cube shaped like a snowflake on the 
    thermostat, before it explodes. The fire quickly catches 
    and spreads throughout the building.
    Turn around and try to leave through the door. Someone 
    locked the door behind Nancy, as soon as she entered the 
    A puzzle then starts. Take the various things here and pile 
    them up, one thing on top of another, until Nancy has a 
    makeshift ladder. You can right-click to rotate something. 
    Make a tower that's high enough to reach up to the window, 
    then click on the window to climb out.
    Nancy is now trapped inside the building. According to the 
    fire escape route listed on the door, you need to go 
    forward, then turn right at the first hallway. Go forward, 
    then turn right at the next hallway. Go forward again, 
    stopping at the middle of the hallway. Then, turn right, 
    then left, and go forward, out of the building.
    Don't go through any of the doors with smoke underneath 
    Nancy makes it outside alive, where a news reporter asks if 
    she set the fire. Police Chief McGinnis calls an abrupt 
    halt to the interview, then he interviews Nancy.
    Pick any answers you want here. Once the interview is over, 
    Nancy goes home, and Brenda Carlton, the news reporter, 
    does a news report that makes Nancy look guilty.
    The next day, while Nancy is talking on the phone with her 
    best friend Bess Marvin, Chief McGinnis appears. Due to 
    pressure from city officials, he has to make an arrest, and 
    since Nancy is the prime suspect in this case...
    Nancy gets arrested and thrown in jail. Chief McGinnis lets 
    her call her father, so pick up the phone and call Nancy's 
    dad, Carson Drew, the prosecuting attorney.
    The Charred Note
    Once Nancy calls her father, she can call one of her 
    friends: Bess Marvin, George Fayne and Ned Nickerson. Since 
    Nancy is in jail for most of this game, her friends are 
    going to lead the investigation.
    During this game, you'll have to switch among the four 
    characters. To change to Nancy, just call her and tell her 
    to take the case. To change to another character, call that 
    character as Nancy, then tell him or her to take the case.
    Nancy asks her friend to find the note which led Nancy to 
    the scene of the crime. That note was obviously planted, in 
    an attempt to frame Nancy.
    Switch to Nancy's friend, then leave the current location. 
    You are now at the River Heights map. The locations you'll 
    be spending time at throughout this game are...
    1. The Old Town Hall, at the southern part of town, near 
    the baseball field.
    2. Scoop, the ice cream shop in the lower/left. Deirdre is 
    outside of the shop, while Toni is inside.
    3. The antiques shop, which is above the town hall, on the 
    other side of the river. Alexei is inside the shop, and 
    Brenda is in the van outside the shop.
    4. The police station, which is near the middle of the 
    blocks in the upper/left area.
    5. The Drew residence, near the upper/right.
    Have Nancy's friend go to the old Town Hall. It's badly 
    burned. Step forward, then pick up the charred note, which 
    is in the parking lot. Leave the Town Hall, then go to the 
    police station. The front doors are locked, but the package 
    drop still works.
    Open the package drop and put the charred note inside. 
    Close the package drop and back away.
    Nancy's friend notes that he or she should call Nancy. Call 
    her immediately.
    Evidence Locker Key
    Once someone drops off the note for Nancy, Chief McGinnis 
    decides to let Nancy out of her cell. Since he knows that 
    Nancy is innocent, he's going to let her have free run of 
    the police station. 
    At the police station, go near Chief McGinnis' door. He is 
    on the phone, chewing out a rookie cop for losing the 
    evidence locker key. He last had it at Pancake City.
    Call one of Nancy's friends and tell them about the key. 
    Switch to that friend. Have the friend go to Pancake City, 
    at the bottom part of the map. The person there sends you 
    to Mabel Rose's, on the left side of the map. The person 
    there sends you to Alexei's Antiques Shop.
    Go to the antiques shop. If you're playing as Bess, she 
    accidentally knocks over a vase and gets Alexei mad at her. 
    You'll then have to switch to one of Nancy's other friends 
    to continue the investigation here.
    Ask Alexei about the police officer. He says that the 
    officer left the key on the "New Arrivals" shelf. Examine 
    it. You have a puzzle, in which you have to get rid of all 
    the bars. Pressing buttons affects the bars, in a regular 
    Junior Mode: Press any button. Go clockwise two buttons, 
    and press that one. Go clockwise two more buttons, and 
    press that one. 
    Senior Mode: Press any button. Go clockwise one button, 
    then press it. Go clockwise three buttons, then press it. 
    Go clockwise one button and press it.
    Once you do that, you get the evidence locker key! Hooray! 
    Go to the police station and put it in the package drop, 
    then switch to Nancy.
    As Nancy, get the key from the package drop. Then, go to 
    the evidence lockers and use the key to open the 
    upper/right locker. This locker has three drawers for you 
    to go through.
    The top drawer has a flash card with audio on it, a clue to 
    the computer password puzzle, and clues to the puzzle that 
    locks the middle drawer.
    The bottom drawer has Nancy's phone, her lock-picking kit, 
    and keys which lead to Nancy's fingerprinting kits. Her 
    friends will use these things during their investigation.
    Examine the middle drawer. According to the instructions in 
    the top drawer, you want to push in five tabs, one per 
    triangle. Each tab is connected to one or two colored 
    lights, which correspond to the colors at the bottom of the 
    Two lights will light up the colors at the bottom of the 
    screen. For example, if you push in two tabs with a yellow 
    color, the yellow light at the bottom of the screen turns 
    on. You want to light up all four lights to open the 
    drawer. That means, when you push in your five tabs, you 
    want to light up two blue lights, two purple lights, two 
    cyan lights and two yellow lights.
    Ah, but there's more to the puzzle! A triangle can't have 
    the same colored lights as the triangles next to it. The 
    green bars at the top of the screen keep track of this.
    The puzzle solution is this. If the triangles from left to 
    right are 1 through 5, #1 is the top/left tab, #2 is the 
    bottom tab, #3 is the top/right tab, #4 is the bottom/left 
    tab and #5 is the right tab.
    Inside the drawer is the report on Nancy. Read the pieces 
    of paper, and Nancy learns more about the fire.
    At this point in the game, you can pursue multiple 
    different investigations. Actually, you could have started 
    some of these investigations sooner. Many of these 
    investigations overlap, and you can pursue them in any 
    order. For the sake of keeping this guide organized, I 
    split them up into different mini-sections.
    1. Broken Fire Alarm
    2. Investigating Toni
    3. Investigating Alexei
    4. Investigating Deirdre, Fingerprints
    5. Gas Chromatograph
    6. Deirdre's Ticket
    Broken Fire Alarm
    When Nancy reads the case file about her, she learns that 
    the fire alarm was broken during the fire. Send one of 
    Nancy's friends to the old Town Hall, and have the friend 
    go up to the left side of the building.
    Use the debris on the right as a makeshift ladder that goes 
    inside the building. Climb inside, and look at the fire 
    alarm near the doorway. The fire alarm has been turned off. 
    Nancy's friend decides to tell Nancy about this.
    Technically, you can go inside the building and examine the 
    fire alarm, before Nancy reads the police file that says it 
    was disabled at the time of the fire.
    Call Nancy and tell her about the disabled fire alarm. 
    Then, as Nancy, call Carson Drew, Nancy's father. Tell him 
    about the fire alarm, and he says he'll investigate.
    Later on, call Carson Drew again. He says that the fire 
    alarm was disabled at 2:17. Call one of Nancy's friends, 
    then tell them that they have to investigate all the 
    characters, to see if their alibis hold. Surprisingly 
    enough, everyone except Brenda lies about their false 
    Talk to Deirdre, and she says she was with her two friends. 
    Deirdre gives you their phone numbers. Call both of these 
    friends to learn that Deirdre was somewhere else. Talk to 
    Deirdre about this, and she insults her friends.
    As Bess, talk to Toni to learn that she was at Scoop. Then, 
    go to Nancy's house and read the newspaper on the table. It 
    says that Scoop was closed at the time.
    Talk to Alexei to learn that he gave a presentation. Read 
    the newspaper in the newspaper holder outside of Alexei's 
    shop. It says that the presentation was cancelled due to 
    electrical problems. Return to Alexei and ask him what he 
    was really doing. He gets mad and kicks Nancy's friend out 
    of the shop.
    Talk to Brenda about her alibi. She says she was working, 
    but she isn't more specific than that. Her alibi, 
    therefore, is vague.
    All the information about alibis gets added to the evidence 
    board at the police station.
    Investigating Toni
    Once Nancy gets her lock picking kit from the evidence 
    locker, have her leave it inside the drop box. Have one of 
    her friends pick it up, then send that friend to Scoop.
    Go inside Scoop and talk to Toni. If you talk to her after 
    talking to Brenda, you can have a converstaion about Nancy's 
    arrest. During this conversation, a delivery truck appears, 
    and she leaves to go see it. If you've already had this 
    conversation, just hang around in Scoop for a while until 
    the delivery truck reappears.
    Once Toni is gone, sneak around behind the counter. Pick up 
    the photographs of Town Hall, then open the drawer. Examine 
    the snowflake ice cube tray, and pick up the key on the 
    bottom shelf.
    Go to the door leading to the back room. Open it with the 
    key. Here in the back room, you find paint thinner, which 
    is an accelerant for the gas chromatograph puzzle.
    The file cabinet here is locked. Use Nancy's lock pick on 
    the lock to open it.
    This is a puzzle. Nancy has information about the kit in 
    her desk drawer at her house. The information is written in 
    a simple code: all the vowels have been removed.
    File Cabinet is at the bottom of the page, and it says to 
    use every second color on the wheel, starting with red and 
    going clockwise.
    The four colors here yellow, red, blue and green. Put the 
    lock picks into the lock in that order; that way the colors 
    match the diagram about file cabinets.
    Now, press the four picks in the proper order, as indicated 
    by the wheel. That's red, yellow, blue, green, green, 
    green, blue, red, yellow, red, and blue.
    Even if you haven't read Nancy's instructions on how to 
    break locks, this solution works. All right!
    The cabinet has two files. Open the R-17 file and read all 
    three papers. It looks like Toni wants to replace the old 
    Town Hall with a seven story complex. However, the Town 
    Hall is a historical property, so she is unable to do so. 
    That gives Toni a motive for burning down Town Hall.
    Open the Clean up folder. It has information about several 
    of Nancy's past cases. Many of the cases made the city 
    government look bad/incompetent, and some of them forced 
    the government to spend money. As a city official, Toni 
    doesn't like this. That's another motive for Toni!
    Investigate Alexei
    Investigating Alexei is rather simple. All you have to do 
    is go to his shop as George or Ned, and examine the trunk 
    in the corner. The keys to the fire alarm are next to the 
    Have Nancy's friend drop off the keys as evidence in the 
    drop box at the police station.
    Investigating Deirdre, Fingerprints
    Talk to Deirdre as George or Bess. Deirdre is decidedly 
    Switch to Nancy, then call Ned. Ask him to flirt with 
    Deirdre, so she will tell the truth. Switch to Ned, then 
    ask Deirdre to talk about the fire. Ask her why she was at 
    the fire, and she says it's due to a note she found while 
    following Nancy.
    Deirdre has the note in question, in a plastic bag.
    As Ned, call Nancy and tell her about the note. She thinks 
    that you should try to fingerprint it. Leave Nancy's keys 
    in the drop box at the police station, then have Ned pick 
    them up.
    Go to Nancy's house. The fingerprinting kit is in Nancy's 
    room upstairs, on a dresser in the corner. Open it up with 
    the keys. There are three kits, one for each of the 
    characters (if needed).
    Go to Nancy's desk. Ned notes that this is a good place to 
    fingerprint Deirdre's note. Examine the note, and the 
    fingerprinting kit gets set up.
    First, grab the brush and use it on the powder. Use that on 
    the note. Then, use some tape on the fingerprint the powder 
    found. Click the tape, and Ned has a partial print.
    Leave the print (and the note) at the police station for 
    Nancy. Have her pick it up, then have her go to the 
    fingerprint analyzer at the computer.
    The top drawer in the evidence lockers tells Nancy how to 
    access the computer. You need to select four or five 
    numbers. No number is used twice, each row has only one 
    number selected, and each column has only one number 
    Junior Mode:
    Senior Mode:
    The computer has a fingerprint scanner. Scan in the partial 
    fingerprint. Open up the fingerprint application on the 
    computer, and insert load the fingerprint. Search the 
    database. There are no matches, probably because it's a 
    partial print.
    Well, it looks like Nancy's friends will have to get 
    fingerprints from all of the suspects now. Tell Nancy's 
    friends about this bad news.
    Alexei: Go to Alexei and ask him to get something from the 
    back of the store. He leaves to go find it, and you dust 
    his spyglass for fingerprints. Sadly, there are no 
    fingerprints on it, because it's well-polished. So, grab 
    the metal polish and dust that for fingerprints. There's 
    one that's easy to find.
    Toni: Go to Scoop and order some ice cream. Then, check the 
    bowl for fingerprints. Easy!
    Deirdre: Switch to Nancy, then call Ned. Ask him to 
    distract Deirdre. Switch to Ned, then talk to Deirdre. He 
    will invite her out, and she leaves. Use the fingerprinting 
    kit on her ice cream soda container.
    Brenda: Nancy has to get the other three fingerprints in 
    her inventory before you can get Brenda's fingerprint. As 
    one of Nancy's friends, talk to Brenda about everything, 
    including a way to keep in contact with her. Brenda gives 
    you her card. Leave the news van, then call Brenda. Say 
    there is a news emergency in town. Brenda will leave the 
    van, so you can go inside. In the back of the van, you can 
    find her microphone. Dust that for prints.
    Once you have fingerprints from everyone, scan them into 
    the computer. Match the partial print against Brenda's 
    print. Yep, they match. So Brenda touched the note that 
    Deirdre intercepted!
    Gas Chromatograph
    You might want to read the book in Nancy's room about 
    arson, as well as the book in the police station, in order 
    to understand why a gas chromatograph is important.
    To put it simply, whoever started the fire at the town hall 
    used a flammable substance, called an "accelerant", in 
    order to spread the fire more quickly. Nancy mowed the lawn 
    earlier that day, and she got gasoline on her clothes. The 
    police used this as evidence against her, because gasoline 
    is an accelerant.
    The gas chromatograph in the Forensics Lab can measure 
    accelerants. If tests show that the accelerant in the fire 
    was something other than gasoline, that will help prove 
    Nancy's innocence.
    Once Nancy reads the file about her in the evidence locker, 
    she learns about the accelerant the police found. The next 
    time she calls her friends, she can ask them to get a 
    sample for possible accelerants.
    Ask Nancy's friends to find a sample. Send a friend to the 
    Antiques Store. There is a glass tube on the first shelf on 
    the right, as you enter the store. Take it, then go to the 
    old Town Hall. Here, go up to the left side of the 
    Use the debris on the right as a makeshift ladder that goes 
    inside the building. Climb inside, and go through to the 
    thermostat that started the fire. Use the glass tube on the 
    wall here, and the friend fills it with evidence.
    Go to the police station and drop off the evidence for 
    Nancy to retrieve. Switch to Nancy and pick up the glass 
    tube. Use it on the chromatograph, then press the analyze 
    button. Nancy learns that the accelerant is number 45.
    Which accelerant is #45?
    Call Nancy's father and ask him for help. He says that 
    he'll send you a package about accelerants later on.
    The package appears as soon as our heroes learn that three 
    of the characters own accelerants. Those characters are 
    Toni, Alexei and Deirdre.
    Toni: To find out Toni's accelerant, you need to get inside 
    the supply closet. One of the first times you talk to Toni, 
    a delivery truck appears, and she leaves to go see it. If 
    she has already seen the delivery truck, then you need to 
    go to Scoop and wait around for a while, until the delivery 
    truck reappears.
    Once Toni is gone, sneak around behind the counter. Open 
    the drawer and get the key on the bottom shelf. Use this on 
    the door to the supply closet to get inside. Pick up the 
    paint thinner on the left, which is an accelerant.
    Alexei: To find out Alexei's accelerant, you need to go to 
    his store and play Number Punch. That's on the shelf on the 
    right, when you first enter the store. To win this game, 
    press all the randomly-scattered numbers in the proper 
    You have to get the high score on this game. If you beat 
    the game three times in a row, without getting the high 
    score, play the game again. On the fourth playthrough, the 
    game pauses itself to give you extra time to get the high 
    When you get the high score, the bottom of the box opens 
    and a key is revealed. Take the key. It opens the trunk in 
    the corner of the shop, but you can't open it with Alexei 
    Talk to Alexei and ask him to get something for you. He 
    will leave and retrieve it from the back room. (Note that 
    this will not happen unless you've started looking for 
    fingerprints.) While he's gone, open up the trunk to find 
    that he has some ether, which is an accelerant.
    Brenda: To find out Brenda's accelerant, you should ask her 
    for a way to keep in contact with her. (Note that this will 
    not happen unless you have gotten fingerprints from the 
    other three suspects, then you have given those three 
    fingerprints to Nancy). Brenda gives you her card. Leave 
    the news van, then call Brenda. Say there is a news 
    emergency in town. Brenda will leave the van, so you can go 
    inside. Open her makeup kit in order to find a bottle of 
    nail polish, which is an accelerant.
    Once you've found the three accelerants, return to Nancy's 
    house. On the shelf by the fireplace is the information 
    about accelerants, which was sent by Nancy's father. Go to 
    the police station and put it in the drop box. Switch to 
    As Nancy, pick up the information about accelerants. She 
    puts up against the chromatograph results. Click on the one 
    that matches, which is isopropyl alcohol. That's evidence 
    which exonerates Nancy!
    Deirdre's Ticket
    Once you've gotten all four fingerprints, or maybe just 
    after you get Deirdre's, switch to Nancy and have her call 
    Ned. She asks him to take her out on another date, so Bess 
    can go through Deirdre's things.
    Switch to Ned and have him talk to Deirdre. Ask her to go 
    get some food with you. She leaves with Ned, then Ned calls 
    Nancy. Switch to Bess or George, then go to Scoop and look 
    through Deirdre's notebook.
    Deirdre got a ticket recently. Interesting. Go to the 
    police station and put the ticket in the drop box.
    Switch to Nancy and pick up the ticket. Go to the computer, 
    then look up the ticket on the ticket application. It's 
    ticket RH627E401, and it says Deirdre was ticketed for 
    running a red light near the old Town Hall, near the time 
    the fire alarm was disabled.
    004c-Out of Jail
    When you've finished all the investigations located in the 
    investigations section, deliver all the remaining evidence 
    to Nancy. She can put it on the suspects board at the 
    police station.
    The evidence must be sorted by suspect.
    Under Nancy, put the chromatograph results which show that 
    the accelerant used was NOT gasoline, thereby exonerating 
    Under Alexei, put the fire alarm keys, found near the trunk 
    in his store. Put the post-it note that says ether was 
    found in the trunk, and put the post it note that says his 
    alibi was false.
    Under Toni, put the pictures of town hall that were found 
    behind the counter in her store. Put up the post-it notes 
    that say she has secret plans for the town hall, she has a 
    snowflake ice cube tray, she lied about her store being 
    open, and the post-it note saying that she had toluene in 
    the supply closet.
    Under Deirdre, put her ticket, the note that was meant for 
    Nancy which she intercepted, and the post-it note saying 
    that her friends didn't back up her alibi.
    Under Brenda, put the post-it note about the fingerprint 
    matching, the acetone in her van, and the unconfirmed 
    Have Police Chief McGinnis look at the suspects board. He 
    is impressed, and he lets Nancy out of jail. Hooray!
    Now, Nancy can interrogate the suspects herself. She can 
    also talk with George, who is at Nancy's house. Do this 
    now, if you want to.
    If you want to skip talking to people, go to Brenda and ask 
    for her card. Leave the van, then call Brenda's cell phone 
    number. Say there is a news emergency, then go back into 
    Brenda's van.
    Brenda left some isopropyl alcohol next to her microphone, 
    at the back of the van. Hey, that was the accelerant used 
    in the fire!
    Examine the clipboard in the top/right part of the back of 
    the van. There's a schedule on it. Nancy is confused about 
    Brenda's schedule, because it shows that she moves all 
    around town very quickly.
    Take the key that is on the schedule, and use it to open 
    the box on the right-hand side of the van. Inside, there's 
    a letter from a broadcast company, about the antiquities 
    case. That was supposed to be Brenda's big break, but Nancy 
    cracked the case before her, and the TV special got 
    cancelled. It looks like Brenda still has a grudge about 
    Finally, watch the show on the TV monitor. It's an 
    interview with Bess. The interview doesn't go very well, 
    and Deirdre is doing something in the background. Nancy 
    decides to manipulate the audio levels and figure out what 
    Deirdre was up to.
    When the levels on one channel are correct, the numbers 
    turn green and the buttons stay in place. With the numbers 
    listed here, the top number comes first, then the bottom 
    number comes second.
    Channel 1: 52, 100
    Channel 2: 75, -100
    Channel 3: 80, 27
    Channel 4: 60, 84
    Channel 5: 100, -100
    The numbers don't need to be exact. You can be close to 
    them and still get it right.
    Once you've got it, listen to the tape again. Deirdre 
    thought she was following Nancy, and she thought Nancy left 
    something here. Who was she really following? Go to Old 
    Town Hall and look through the debris to find out that she 
    was following Brenda.
    Go to Scoop and talk to Deirdre. She says that she 
    intercepted more than one note that was sent to Nancy. 
    Then, talk to Bess. Bess confirms that Brenda's schedule is 
    very suspicious, because no one can move around town that 
    quickly without running into traffic. Then, talk to Deirdre 
    and ask about Brenda being able to move around town so 
    At this point, you should be able to talk to Alexei or Toni 
    to learn that the town has a hidden underground tunnel 
    Wait, what?
    Talk to Alexei about the tunnel system, and he tells Nancy 
    to check out the book across from him, called Dust and 
    Dirt. The back cover has two pieces of paper, which are 
    clues about how to get through the tunnel system.
    Go to Brenda's van and confront her. Please note that you 
    can't confront Brenda if you haven't read the newspaper 
    article about the antiquities case, located in the 
    bookshelf area outside of Nancy's room. Some people have 
    gotten stuck because they skipped reading that article.
    When Nancy confronts Brenda, Brenda basically confesses. 
    She's planning a news report that will run Nancy's 
    reputation into the ground.
    Go to Nancy's house and talk to George. George is good with 
    technology, so she can figure out a way to stop Brenda's 
    broadcast. George says she has the solution to the problem, 
    but she needs a battery.
    Go to Nancy's room and open the top/left drawer. A battery 
    is inside. Go back downstairs, and someone throws a rock 
    through Nancy's window. It looks like the local townspeople 
    are upset about Nancy being released from jail.
    Talk with George, and she puts the battery in the jammer. 
    You then get a puzzle, where you have to connect all the 
    dots, by rotating wires. Click on part of a wire to rotate 
    Junior Mode: Let me explain this, row by row, starting from 
    the top row.
    Row 1: The wire goes into the two green connections from 
    the left, and it goes into the yellow connection from the 
    right. There is a straight line running between the two 
    green connections on the right.
    Row 2: The leftmost and rightmost yellow dots have a wire 
    going into them, from below. The green dot has a wire going 
    into it from the left, as does the third yellow dot.
    Row 3: The green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    right. The left yellow dot has a wire going into it from 
    the left, and the right yellow dot has a wire going into it 
    from above.
    Row 4: The green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    Row 5: The green and yellow dots both have a wire going 
    into them from above.
    Row 6: The left yellow dot has a wire going into it from 
    above. The left green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    right. The right yellow and green dots have wires going 
    into them from the left.
    Row 7: Both yellow dots have a wire going into them from 
    the left.
    Row 8: The green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    right. Of the four yellow dots, the leftmost one and the 
    one two right of it have wires going in from above. The 
    other two yellow dots have wires going in from the left. 
    Senior Mode: 
    Row One: The left yellow dot has a wire going in from the 
    right, while the right yellow dot has a wire going in from 
    the bottom. The left green dot has a wire going in from the 
    right, while the right green dot has a wire going in from 
    the left.
    Row 2: The left green dot has a wire going in from below, 
    while the right green dot has a wire going in from the 
    right. The left yellow dot has a wire going in from the 
    right, while the right yellow dot has a wire going in from 
    the left.
    Row 3: The left green dot has a wire going in from the 
    right, while the right green dot has a wire going in from 
    the left. The left yellow dot has a wire going in from 
    below, while the right yellow dot has a wire going in from 
    the right.
    Row 4: The leftmost yellow dot has a wire going in from 
    below, while the yellow dot right of it has a wire going in 
    from above. The remaining yellow dot has a wire going into 
    it from the right. Both green dots have wires going in them 
    from the left.
    Row 5: The green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    right, while the yellow dot has a wire going into it from 
    Row 6: The green dot has a wire going into it from the 
    right. The two yellow dots on the left have wires going in 
    from below, while the yellow dot on the right has a wire 
    going in from above.
    Row 7: The two green dots have wires going in from below, 
    while the rightmost yellow dot has a wire going in from the 
    Row 8: All four yellow dots have wires going in from above. 
    The left green dot has a wire going in from above, with the 
    right green dot has a wire going in from the left.
    Solving the puzzle and making all the connections gets you 
    the jammer, to stop Brenda's broadcast. Return to Brenda's 
    van. The antenna box is on the right-hand side, and put the 
    jammer in the slot.
    You now have a puzzle to connect the five wires, without 
    having any of the wires overlap.
    Junior Mode: Red wire goes right one, up one, then right 
    five and down one. Blue wire goes straight left and up. The 
    purple wire goes up, left, up and right, going around the 
    red wife. The yellow wire goes up one, right two, up all 
    the way and left. The green wire goes along the bottom, in 
    the empty spots.
    Senior Mode: The purple wire goes up all the way, left all 
    the way, then down. The blue wire goes down one, then right 
    all the way. The red wire goes along the left and bottom 
    side of the board. The yellow wire goes two right, two 
    down, two left and one down. The green wire goes in the 
    middle, through the empty spots. 
    Once you solve the puzzle, you get key 5C21B. What is that 
    key for?
    In the floor of Brenda's van, closer to where the driver's 
    seat is, you'll notice a spot you can look at. Examine it 
    more closely to see that it's an entrance to the 
    underground tunnels.
    The tunnels are mostly closed off by metallic doors. If you 
    go all the way to the end of this area, you find a hidden 
    entrance to the Old Town Hall.
    One of the doors here is Door 5C21B. Use the key on the 
    door to open it, then go inside. This room is the culprit's 
    lair, containing all the evidence Nancy needs to prove the 
    villain's guilt.
    For example, on the crates to the left, you find plenty of 
    isopropyl alcohol, the accelerant used in the town hall 
    fire. You also find the culprit's notes on a table, but 
    most importantly, there's a big bag of evidence in the 
    Examine the evidence. The culprit then appears and locks 
    Nancy inside the room. Nancy must escape, before the timer 
    at the top of the screen runs out.
    On top of some boxes on the left, you'll find a 
    screwdriver. Go to the boxes on the right, and move them 
    aside. Use the screwdriver on the door here to get it open.
    Nancy is now in the maze of hidden tunnels. Fortunately, 
    Alexei's information on how to navigate the tunnel system 
    works perfectly here. You might want to write down the 
    notes on how to navigate this maze if you want to solve the 
    puzzle yourself, because it's kind of difficult. Option C's 
    rules are the ones you want to follow here.
    1. Turn left, then go forward through that door.
    2. Go forward.
    3. Go forward.
    4. Turn right, then go forward through that door.
    5. Go forward.
    6. Go forward.
    7. Go forward.
    8. Go forward.
    9. Go forward.
    10. Turn right, then go forward through that door.
    11. Turn right, then go forward through that door.
    12. Turn left, then go forward through that door.
    13. Go forward.
    14. Turn right, then go forward through that door.
    15. Go forward.
    Once you reach the end, climb up the ladder. Near the top, 
    Nancy finds the Clues Challenge medallion. All right! Pick 
    it up, then exit the hidden tunnels to find out that you're 
    near the police station. Go inside to finish the game.
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2011.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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