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"The stange but entertaining brain-child of some really quirky folks"

Me- I give Sequence an 8.
Ky- An 8? 8 out of what? That's just so... arbitrary.
Me- Eh, the game felt like an 8.

Sequence is an interesting mash up of the arcade dance rhythm genre and the adventure platformer genre, with a few unique game mechanics thrown in for good measure. All of this, somehow, works out into a wonderfully polished and thoroughly entertaining gaming experience.

The music composed for the battles and puzzles was amusing and engaging without being distracting. However, this becomes monotonous due to the lack of variety in the music and the constant reuse of tracks from previous levels.

Although, you're not going to be focusing too much on the music as you try to deal with the constant steam of notes... from 3 separate fields. That's right, you have to change between 3 different fields during a battle in order to achieve various things, from defending your self to casting spells. This game mechanic is an interesting take on the singular field of other rhythm games, and it works amazingly well. The balance of the notes coming down in each field is perfect and can even be controlled in the case of the spell field.

The graphics of Sequence are similar to those of the Puzzle Quest series and are static. The characters portrayed do display various facial expressions but animation is limited to morphing from one expression to another. However, this fits quite well with the style of the game and is otherwise quite well done. The backgrounds are beautifully painted and add a good atmosphere to the game.

Finally, the dialogue is entertaining and engaging with a good sprinkling of quirky and well-written humour, which is all fully voice acted to high calibre. The voice actors are well rehearsed and portray their respective character accurately.
The progression of the story is well balanced and nicely paced, allowing the player to progress as quickly as they are able or as slow as they wish, taking the time to earn levels and craft better items.

The replayability of the game is moderate, only allowing you to play through again on a higher difficulty or to unlock stuff that you hadn't before. I feel this could have been greatly improved by including a multiplayer mode, with a competitive duel mode and co-op story line, where two players would work on two separate fields of the same battle, of course the battles would be much harder and perhaps with the addition of a second defence field.

Overall the game is well polished and really fun with a good story and catchy tunes, I just wish there was more variety of music and more replayability appeal.
Defiantly worth buying!

And for $5, you can't even buy a Double Whopper with Cheese for that price.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/21/12

Game Release: Sequence (US, 10/20/11)

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