Review by Arinvel

Reviewed: 01/23/12

A great game for those who are looking for diverse and well done characters, as well as plot.

This being the first game of this particular nature that I have played, I am not experienced in this genre in any way shape or form. Just thought I should put that down as a disclaimer so that any opinions of mine can be rectified without someone flaming me, and that being said, someone probably will. xD

First thing I'd like to say is that this plays out very much like a story-book, or a graphic novel of sorts. It reads like a book and contains very well written scenes and character dialogue, which after the slough of FPS and other garbage being released, this is a breath of fresh air for me personally. This review contains no objectivity and is based entirely upon my opinions and first-impressions.

I suppose we can start with the usual categories:

+ Graphics and Design: The animation, stands still (hence the impression of reading a graphic novel) but the various facial expressions and corresponding body language of the character associated with the dialogue is well done, as well as the character designs being artfully done with little perverse to mention. This isn't a 3-D world however and the focus of the game is not upon the quality or detailed"ness" of the world or the visual aspects of the characters. Overall, well done.

+ Story and Plot: The game features you as the protagonist; a young man who has a condition and is sent to a school for students who possess disabilities of varying severities, and as you meet the other characters and learn their stories, I (I cannot speak for any of you) felt a real vested interest in the lives and issues of the characters, to avoid spoilers I won't go into any real detail, but if you'll just take my word for it, the story is the selling point of this game, it tugs at your heart strings, made me laugh and feel sorrow at the plights of these people. This is NOT voyeuristic pornography, as many of the "games" in this genre are. To say the least, the story is powerful, and kept me interested for an entire night, and I only accessed "50%" of the games possible story arc. However, this isn't Skyrim, so the replayability isn't exactly through the roof, but it is worth going back and doing again.

+ Music and Audio: The soundtrack is rather engrossing and only acts to accentuate the emotional state of your and the other characters. It only ever serves as a backdrop for the actions and dialogue, much like the background drops. It is however, worth mentioning as a good part of the game experience as a whole. I enjoyed it.

As a whole: 9 out of 10

Overall, the game gave me good impressions, I cared about my character and the other characters too, and as far as I can tell, that was the goal that the developers had in mind. I played through once and plan on doing so at least one more time.

If you feel I have missed an element of the game and would like me to expand this review to include my opinion on the element, feel free to message me.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Katawa Shoujo (US, 01/04/12)

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