Far into the future humanity is long gone, and the earth has been inhabited by all that remains of the human civilization: sentient robots. Ruled by "The Machine God", they live their lives in relative peace, obeying every command given to them by their ruler. Every robot has an ID, and is to constantly report every single action it takes to a mysterious source. What is this source, why must they report?

You take the role of an employee of the administration that receives all of these reports and makes the choice whether or not innocent robots deserve to be "reclaimed". But after discovering the truth behind the face this artificial world displays, will you be able to sit back and let it happen?

What is "reclaiming"? What happened to the human race? Who is "The Machine God"?
Find out in this futuristic roleplaying adventure! The choices are all yours!

Current Features:
-Choose either male or female lead character
-Choices you make will effect the storyline, and which allies join your party.
-Retro graphics modeled after classic SNES RPG games like Final Fantasy 4, and 5.
-Multiple romantic choices!
-Quicksave feature