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    VERSION: 1.6
    CONSOLE: PC/PS3/360
    This FAQ/Walkthrough is (C) 2014 - Aaron Busch and GameSave.me. This Guide is
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      1]  VERSION HISTORY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [GS001]
      2]  INTRODUCTION  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [GS002]
      3]  WALKTHROUGH - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [GS003]
            O- {DAY ONE}  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS001]
            !  [1] THE NEW KID IN TOWN  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ001]
            !  [2] CALL THE BANNERS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ002]
            !       UPDATE #1       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ02A]
            !  [3] HOT COFFEE       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ02B]
    	!       UPDATE #2       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ02C]
            !  [4] GATE CRASHER     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ02D]
            !       UPDATE #3       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ02E]
            !  [5] THE BARD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ003]	
            O- {DAY END}
               DAY ONE EPILOGUE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS002]
               [1] ALIEN ABDUCTION  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ004]
            O- {DAY TWO}  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS003]
            !  [1] GAIN NEW ALLIES: GOTH KIDS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ004]
            !       NONCONFORMIST - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ04A]
    	!        UPDATE #1  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ04B]
            !        UPDATE #2  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ04C]
            !  [2] PTA PROBLEMS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ005]
            !  [3] ATTACK ON THE SCHOOL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ006]
            !  [4] GO BACK HOME - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ007]
            O- {DAY END}
               DAY TWO EPILOGUE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS004]
               [1] DEFEAT THE UNDERPANTS GNOMES - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ008]
            O- {DAY THREE}  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS005]
            !  [1] FORGING ALLIANCES  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ009]
            !  [1] RECRUIT THE GIRLS  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ010]
            !  [2] POSE AS BEBE'S BOYFRIEND - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ011]
            !  [3] UNPLANNED PARENTHOOD - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ012]
            !  [4] HEADING NORTH  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ013]
            O- {ONWARD TO CANADA}
            O- {CANADA} - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [DS006]
            !  [1] O CANADA - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ014]
            O- [CANADA COMPLETE]
            O- {DAY THREE CONT'D}
            !  [1] FORGING ALLIANCES  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ015]
            !  [2] BEAT UP CLYDE  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ016]
            !  [3] BETRAYAL FROM WITHIN - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [MQ017]
            O- {DAY END}
      4]  SIDEQUESTS
               FLOWERS FOR A PRINCESS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ001]
               HIDE N' SEEK - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ002]
               BIG GAME HUNTIN' WITH JIMBO  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [BGH01]
               MR. SLAVE'S PACKAGE  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ003]
                UPDATE #1           - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ03A]
                UPDATE #2           - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ03B]
               VULCAN AROUND  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ004]
                UPDATE #1     - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ04A]
               FIND JESUS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ005]
               MANBEARPIG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ006]
                UPDATE #1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ06A]
                DROPPING THE KIDS OFF - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ06B]
                UPDATE #2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ06C]
                UNFRIEND AL GORE  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ06D]
                DEFEAT MANBEARPIG - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ06E]
               RATS IN THE CELLAR - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ007]
               MONGOLIAN BEEF - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ008]
               THE HOMELESS PROBLEM - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ009]
               NAZI ZOMBIE BOUNTY - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [NZ001]
               THE SHE-OGRE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ010]
               RESTORING THE BALANCE  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ011]
               MAGICAL SONGS  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ012]
               WASTED CACHE - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ013]
               PHASE 1  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [SQ014]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM001]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM002]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM003]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM004]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM005]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #6 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM006]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #7 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM007]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #8 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM008]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #9 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM009]
               THE TIMMY EXPRESS #10  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [TM010]
      5]  AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [GS005]
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    (1.0) [03/04/14] Started Game Guide.
    (1.1) [03/07/14] Update #2 - Additions to Walkthrough.
    (1.2) [03/08]14] Update #3 - Walkthrough Extension.
                               - Table of Contents Added.
    (1.3) [03/09/14] Update #4 - Walkthrough Extension.
    (1.4) [03/14/14] Update #5 - Walkthrough Extension.
    (1.5) [03/15/14] Update #6 - Walkthrough Concluded.
    (1.6) [03/19/14] Update #7 - Side-Quests Updated.
    If you have never seen South Park and have a weak spot for mature content, I'd
    advise not to play The Stick of Truth and close out of this Guide immediately.
    I'll keep the content in this Guide mature and professional, but there will be
    areas in this Guide that refer to both profanity-based items and mature
    Things that do not immediately reflect the Main Questline have been indented
    to better assist in navigating through the Game Guide.
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[DS001]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                     DAY ONE COMMENCED
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    What are you doing reading this Guide? You have a child on your screen who is
    wearing nothing but underwear! Give him some clothes! Weirdo... What? Oh, so
    you already managed to build your appearance, huh? Then let's begin with the
    Main Quest!
         Your Dad will kick you out in about 3 Minutes. Take this time to inspect
         anything you can nab as it will be particularly useful on your journey.
         Objects in particular include dressers, nightstands, drawers and cabinets.
         When Douchebag comes across anything of interest, an icon will appear in
         the middle of the screen. Interactive objects are primarily highlighted in
            [O] Check the Closet, the Bathroom, the Living Room and the Kitchen.
                The most important piece of information to keep in mind is that
                your Mom has left $2.00 on the counter in the Kitchen. You should
                also inspect any of the drawers, cupboards and dressers. Anything
                that has a golden handle can be inspected.
            [O] Inspect the Garage.
                Do not do this until you have completed your initial inspection.
                Once you leave, your Dad will not allow you back in.
    From the Bedroom, head out the door on your left, then proceed downstairs into
    the Living Room. Exit to the Neighborhood and proceed to the right. You'll run
    into Butters, who is under attack by an Elf. Punch the Elf and Butters will
    take you to Cartman's Kupa Keep.
            [O] Pillage Cartman's House.
                You will not be able to access the upstairs Bedrooms/Bathroom.
         - - -
    Follow Cartman and Butters into Kupa Keep.
            [O] Befriend Scott Malkinson.
                Talk to Scott at the Stables to befriend him.
            [O] Befriend Clyde
                Talk to Clyde at the Armory to befriend him.
         Go to the Pool of Vision on the left and pick up the Daffodil. Return it
         to Princess Kenny and s/he will befriend you.
         - - -
    You're probably wondering why I keep referring to your toon as Douchebag, huh?
    Speak to Cartman and he will ask you to choose thy name, but will ultimately
    refer to you as Douchebag. You will then be asked to choose your Class, be it
    a Fighter, Mage, Thief or Jew.
    Choose your Class, then talk to Clyde to procure your Weapon. You'll then need
    to open your Inventory, select your Weapon and press "Equip". Cartman will
    then order you to beat up on Clyde. This will be your Tutorial.
    After the battle, Cartman will demand you into his tent, introducing you to
    the Stick of Truth. Neighboring Elves will immediately open waste on Cartman's
    Kupa Keep, so defeat the Elves and defend the Stick of Truth. Punch an Elf to
    initiate the battle.
         Think of this RPG in a manner like World of Warcraft or Skyrim. You will
         not acquire any Items from these Elves until you inspect them after the
    After you have defeated all the Elves, Clyde will come in and tell you the
    Stick of Truth has been stolen.
            [O] Unlock all the Travel Flags around South Park.
         You'll now be able to break a large variety of objects with the Bow of
         Sucking. Some of these objects will drop a handful of useful Items.
            [O] Pillage Cartman's House.
                Inspecting Cartman's Mom's Bedroom will score you her Underwear
                (Quest Item). Use the toilet to obtain a Shit Nugget.
            [O] Inspect Cartman's Garage
                You'll find some Dye and a Pengin in Cartman's Garage.
            [O] Befriend Dougie.
                You'll find him left of Cartman's House.
            [O] Obtain the Chinpokomon next to Dougie's House.
                Use your Bow to shoot down the Chu-Chu Nezumi next to Dougie's
            [O] Destroy the Barricade at Your House.
                You can now use your Bow to take out the puff of snow in front of
                Your House. There's a bag behind it.
            [O] Befriend Your Mom.
                You will now be able to return to Your House. Talk to your Mom to
                befriend her.
            [O] Befriend Mr. and Mrs. Stotch at Butters' House.
                Speak to Mr and Mrs. Stotch to befriend them.
            [O] Pillage Butters' House and Garage.
                A Chaos Lair Key can be acquired from Butters' Room.
         Go back to Douchebag's House and proceed left towards the barricade. Hit
         the barricade to break it, then go left to the Bus Stop.
         - - -
    [KUPA KEEP]	 
    From Cartman's House, proceed left past Your House, destroying the barricade
    to access the Bus Stop. You'll meet up with Timmy and a bunch of Elves.
         [COMBAT - FOUR ELVES]
         You'll have an army of Elves to deal with, but Butters will prompt you
         through the basics of his Paladin abilities. He'll also step you through
         his abilities to heal Bleeding.
         After this it will be time to take down the Elves. Butters does a decent
         job at hitting multiple targets, while Douchebag will range based on the
         role you selected. If you managed to collect Shit Nuggets, toss it to the
         Elven Priest. He'll be Grossed Out, reducing his Healing capabilities.
         Douchebag should now disarm the Elven Protector, at which point, Butters
         can take them out with the Hammer of Storms. If it doesn't kill them, you
         will want to divert you attention to the Elven Priest before he has a
         chance to cast Heal.
         With the Elven Priest dead, take out the Elven Protectors, then the Elven
         - - -
         BUS STOP
            [O] Shoot the Bird's Nest.
                You'll find the Bird's Nest to the left of Kelly R. Destroy it to
                acquire a Pile of Splinters. You destroyed that poor bird's home
                you despicable monster. Are you happy?
            [O] Befriend Officer Barbrady.
                You'll find him in front of Tom's Rhinoplasty.
            [O] Visit Tom's Rhinoplasty.
                Pillage the Hall of Hasslehoff... Err, Rhinoplasty.
            [O] Loot the bag by the Bank.
                You have to destroy the Snowman with your Bow, then walk behind
                the building.
            [O] Visit the Bank.
                Alright! Time to rob a Bank! You can only steal from the File
                Cabinet in here.
            [O] Pillage Unplanned Parenthood.
                Some basic Items to nab at Unplanned Parenthood.
            [O] Befriend Millie.
                Destroy the Snowman next to the Photo-Dojo and proceed around the
                back to talk to Millie.
         [ELVEN BATTE]
         There may be two Elves next to the Snowman near the Photo-Dojo. One is an
         Enforcer, the other is a Swordsman. The Swordsman doesn't hit too hard
         but the Enforcer has a lot of Health and a powerful attack. 
         Take out the Enforcer using Power Attacks, then the Swordsman.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Proceed to the right until you are in front of the Bijou Theater.
                You'll find Sir Timmy's Fast Travel across the street.
         If you head past the Bijou Theater you will come to the Playground.
            [O] Shoot the Garbage Cans.
                Garbage Cans contain a handful of junk such as Shredded Plastic,
                Chicken Bones and Crumpled Paper.
            [O] Steal from the Children.
                Ahoy! Inspect the backpack at the top of the ladder and also the
                Lunchboxes underneath the bridge and at the front of the boat.
         [SIDE QUEST: HIDE n' SEEK] [SQ002]
            [O] Find the Hiding Children.
                Sally (#1) - Neighborhood. In front of Mr. Slave's House.
                Quaid (#2) - Downtown. In the Sewer by the News Office.
                Flora (#3) - Chinatown. To the left of the Tower of Peace.
                Billy (#4) - Farm. Bottom-left corner.
                Jenny (#5) - Stark's Pond. East from the lake, behind the trees,
                Filmore (#6) - Behind the desk in the Bank.
                Completion: The Kids will befriend you on Facebook.
            [O] Shoot the Garbage Can.
                Check the Garbage Can in front of Mr. Slave's House.
    	[O] Go into Mr. Slave's House.
                Inspect Mr. Slave's House and trash it with your Bow of Sucking.
         JIMBO'S GUNS
            [O] Purchase the Hunter's Guide to South Park Wildlife.
         This Quest is recommended to be done after you beat the Game.
            [O] Find the Rabid Junkyard Dog.
                Go to Kenny's House and inspect the innertube near the broken
                vehicle, then defeat the Dog.
            [O] Find the Farm Cow.
                As soon as you enter the Farm you will see a bell. All you need to
                do is inspect it.
            [O] Find the Penis Mouse.
                Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Find the Bloodsucking Fruit Bat
                Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Find the Mutant Bacteria
                Refer to "Attack on the School".
            [O] Find the Barking Spider of Queefing Caverns.
                Inspect the web in the upper-right hand region of Canada.
            [O] Get Mr. Slave's Package from the Post Office.
                We'll acquire the Slave's Package from the Main Scenario. Speak to
                Mr. Slave to accept the Quest.
            - - -
            [O]  Attempt to go into the Blue House (1018)
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of the U-Store-It Building.
                Take Timmy's Express back to the Bus Stop.
    [BUS STOP]
    From the Bus Stop, head left to the Neigborhood.
            [O] Goto Address "1890".
                Destroy the package with your Bow to access the backpack. Open up
                the front door at your own discretion.
            [O] Befriend Kelly Gardner.
                She's in front of Unit 1890.
            [O] Destroy the Garbage Cans.
                Various items can be collected from Garbage Cans such as Chicken
                Bones and Crumpled Paper.
            [O] Goto Address "1890".
                Destroy the package with your Bow to access the backpack. Open up
                the front door at your own discretion.
            [O] Befriend Pete Melman.
                Pete Melman is in the Garage of Unit 2210. Shoot the lever in the
                Garage, then climb the ladder. Don't forget to inspect the Chest.
    Your destination is Unit 1010. Open the front door to update your Main Quest
    for Craig. This just leaves Tweek and Token. Head back to the Bus Stop.
            [O] Enter Unit 1701.
                Inspect/Trash Kevin' House, including the Living Room, Kitchen,
                Bedroom and Bathroom. The drawer in the Bedroom has Underpants
                (Quest Item). Once you are done you inspection, talk to Kevin.
            [O] Talk to Kevin in the Bedroom.
            [O] Go to the Church and acquire Kevin's iPad.
         Hold onto this Quest. We'll update it in a bit.
            [O] Goto Address "9770".
                Open the Garage and inspect the backpack on the left. Use your bow
                to hit the lever on the right. Enter the residence at your own
         Proceed left to the Community Center District, then up to the Police
         District. Head to your right to reach City Hall.
         CITY HALL
            [O] Befriend Annie.
         Your mission, of the utmost importance, is to reclaim Annie's Bizzle Doll,
         err, Bieber Doll.
         Consider the Bully Girls a hybrid of Thieves and Warriors. They hit hard
         and are incredibly agile. "Justin" make them bleed and all those
         abilities are completely invalid.
         If you leave the Bully Girls too much time to buff themselves up, it will
         make the battle much more complicated than it needs to be. You'll be
         dealing with +Armor and +Haste.
         [SIDE QUEST: FIND JESUS] [SQ005]
         The Priest near the City Hall requests that you find Jesus.
            [O] Find Jesus.
                You will find Jesus's location on your Map. You will ineveitably
                need to return to the Church with no sign of Jesus. Go to the back
                of the podium and aim the lamps at the CROSS. Turn off the lights
                and talk to Jesus behind the podium.
                Jesus will befriend you and hand you the Rosary Summon. Priest Maxi
                with also befriend you.
            [O] Go to the Church to acquire Kevin's iPad.
                You'll find the iPad BEHIND the tree on the right-hand side of the
                REWARD: "Kevin Story" Friend Request, Missile of Slowing.
         - - -
         We're going to head to the Post Office in the Downtown District.
            [O] Pillage the Post Office.
                Loot the Crate between the International/Domestic Mail. Inspect
                the Mailboxes for a News Office Key.
            [O] Get Mr. Slave's Package from the Post Office.
                Go behind the desk to the Domestic Mail and acquire the package
                for Mr. Slave.
            - - -
            [O] Shoot the Bird's Nest.
                There's another Bird's Nest next to the Post Office. You're just
                content with ruining that poor bird's life, huh?
            [O] Loot the Package.
                Punch the boulder next to the Post Office and proceed behind the
                building. Inspect the Bag.
            [O] Befriend Esther.
                Once you have acquired the News Office Key, head into the News
                Office behind the "Men Working" sign. Speak to Esther to befriend
            [O] Pillage the News Office.
                Various items in the News Office can be inspected.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of the Post Office.
    Use Timmy's Express to go back to Tweek Bros. Coffee. If you haven't reached
    it by Fast Travel, proceed right from Tom's Rhinoplasty and to the right of
    the Bijou Theater.
            [O] Pillage the Coffee Place.
                Punch the cupboard to the right to access the bag, then use the Bow
                of Sucking on the Garbage. Go into the back and inspect the red
                toolbox before talking to Tweek.
    Once you are inside Tweek Bros. Coffee, head into the "Employees Only" door to
    the right and talk to Tweek.
            [O] Befriend Al Gore.
                You will find Al Gore hiding between Tweek Bros. Coffee and the
                Bijou Theater. Speak to him to befriend him and receive a Quest to
                find the ManBearPig.
            [O] Attach a ManBearPig Sensor to an Electric Transformer.
            [O] Attach a ManBearPig Sensor to a Fire Danger Meter.
                Located in front of Stark's Pond (West).
            [O] Attach a ManBearPig Senseor to Wind Cockerel.
                Climb to the top of the barn and inspect the Wind Cockerel.
         - - -
            [O] Go to Mr. Slave's House.
    		    You will now be able to befriend Mr. Slave after you visit the
    			Post Office. You'll also acquire the Rawhide Whip Summon.
    	- - -
    		[O] Befriend Mr. Broflovski.
    		    Go south from the Kids' Park, then left to meet up with Mr.
    		[O] Befriend Francis.
    		    Destroy the Snowman next to Francis. He's near Mr. Broflovski.
    		[O] Obtain the Furrycat.
    		    Shoot the lumber next to Francis to access the Furrycat.
        [O] Go to Kenny's House.
    Go to the Kids' Park and proceed south into the Neighborhood. Go to the right
    until you reach Kenny's House.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of Kenny's House.
    	- - -
            [O] Attach the ManBearPig Sensor.
                Inspect the Electric Transformer at Kenny's House. Go into the
                Garage and aim your Bow at the weakened wall on the ledge above
                the door. Climb the ladder, then inspect the transformer.
                - - -
            [O] Befriend Al Gore.
                You will find Al Gore hiding between Tweek Bros. Coffee and the
                Bijou Theater.
                After you turn in the ManBearPig Quest, Al Gore will wander off to
                the U-STOR-IT Building. Goto Unit 204 and talk to Al Gore, then
                proceed to the Downtown District and into the Sewers.
                UNDERGROUND SEWER
                Use your Alien Probe to teleport across the ledge and climb down
                the ladder. Once below, hit the red valve with your Bow and proceed
                right. Inspect the Power Generator to turn it off.
                See the wall behind you? Go around the back of it. You'll find a
                mini-mansion in the next area with Mr. / Mrs. Hankey. This will
                net you the Quest "Dropping the Kids Off". There's also a Gerbitoad
                next to their House.
                Continue to your left past the crack in the wall. If you have the
                Gnome Dust you can use it to locate the toolbox inside. Climb the
                ladder up and turn off the valve on your right.
                Go around the back wall to turn off the valve on your left, then
                down the ladder to locate and befriend Amber.
                Proceed right around the back wall and keep going right until you
                are blocked by another waterfall. If you are on the Quest "The
                Homeless Problem", you will find your next Hobo here. Shoot the
                red valve above to interrupt the waterfall.
                Continue down the ladder and inspect the grate on your left. Head
                to the right through the Emergency Exit and turn off the valve to
                lower the water level. 
                Inspect the Chest, then cross the bridge and proceed to your right.
                If you are on the Quest "The Homeless Problem", you will run into
                another Hobo in here.
                Continue to the right until you reach a ladder and a waterfall. Hit
                the ladder with your Bow, then climb up. You'll see a level on the
                right but you won't be able to reach it just yet. Go to your left
                until you reach another waterfall and hit the red valve above to
                interrupt it. Go to your left and break the board, then proceed
                behind the wall to the left. Beat up all the Rats to bring out the
                Mama Rat.
               [MAMA RAT BATTLE]
               You will need to block an armada of incoming attacks to survive.
               Each one will not only inflict "Grossed Out", but a reasonable
               amount of damage along with it. Once it's your turn, restore your
               Health and take out the majority of them with attacks that hit
               multiple targets. You must keep hitting multiple Rats on EACH turn.
               - - -
               Simon will befriend you for killing the Mama Rat. Go back to the
               ladder towards the right and through the large central tunnel. You
               need to pull the lever and QUICKLY break the boards, then proceed
               down the ladder and into the next tunnel.
               Once you reach the next room, pull the lever to extend the bridge,
               then hit the red valve with your Bow to interrupt the waterfall. 
               Open the red bag, then proceed right and open the grate before you
               descend the ladder. Go to your left and a Hobo will jump out at you,
               presuming you are on "The Homeless Problem".
               Continue left and hit the lever to extend the bridge. Further to
               the left is another hole in the wall which you can use your Gnome
               Dust to reach the bag inside. Go back to the right and proceed
               towards the tunnel, but not inside it. Hit the valve to the left
               and inspect the grate to the right.
               [BACK EXIT TO SOUTH PARK]
               Need to return to South Park? Go through the tunnel. You will now
               be on the back side of the Generator. Go to your left and hit the
               valve to disrupt the waterfall, then go through the tunnel. 
               Go down the ladder and inspect the bag on your left, then  proceed
               right until you reach another ladder. Climb that to reach the Bijou
               There is also a large pile of dung in this tunnel which you can
               inspect while in possession of the Blood Orange to lure out the
               Bloodsucking Fruit Bat. This is only doable while on "Big Game
               Huntin' with Jimbo".
               - - - 
              If you didn't decide to go back towards South Park, proceed left from
              the tunnel and behind the wall to return to the Power Generator. Go
              behind the wall next to the Generator and back towards Mr. Hankey's
              Go left from Mr. Hankey's House, then up the ladder and behind the
              wall to your right. Go as far right as you can until you reach a
              ladder inside of a tunnel. Go up this ladder if you need to complete
              "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo". Inspect the pile of trash to lure out
              the Penis Mouse.
              Otherwise... Don't go into the tunnel, but rather down the ladder to
              the right of it. You will find some more Hobos in here for "The
              Homeless Problem". Once you incapacitate the Hobos, Cornwallis will
              befriend you.
              Go up the ladder, proceed all the way to your left, around the back
              of the waterfall and down the ladder to return to the room with Mr.
              Hankey's House. Talk to Mr. Hankey to obtain the Piece of Poo Summon.
              Mr. and Mrs. Hankey will also befriend you.
              Go behind the wall to your right to reach the Generator, then left
              to the ladder. Climb that back to South Park.
            [O] Go back to Al Gore.
                Go back to Al Gore at the U-STOR-IT Building. Once you talk to him,
                your Quest will be complete. Al Gore will now begin to bombard you
                with annoying messages on Facebook, which will lead to the Quest
                "Unfriend Al Gore".
            [O] Unfriend Al Gore.
                Go back to the U-STOR-IT Building and talk to Al Gore.
            [AL GORE BATTLE]
            Al Gore will innitially attempt to bore you with a presentation on
            Global Warming. It's difficult to block, but if you do manage to block
            it, use a Cure Potion if necessary to remove the debuffs.
            Eventually, Al Gore will summon three Secret Service Specialists. You
            will not be able to hurt them with Melee, Ranged, or Heavy Attacks.
            Once the Specialists appear, keep Burn, Bleed and/or "Grossed Out" up
            on Gore.
            Kenny, Jimmy and Butters' (Chaos) are all immensely helpful in keeping
            the Specialists CC'd while you beat on Al Gore. Once you take out Gore,
            beat up the Specialists. You will need to treat them in an identical
            manner as you did with Al Gore. Take them out one at a time and keep
            using Potions as much as possible.
            - - -
            Once you defeat Al Gore, inspect him to obtain the Secret Room Key. Go
            into the back room and turn on the light, then open the Chest.
            Eventually, you will be tasked to take out ManBearPig. 
            Stack him up with Bleed, Burn and "Grossed Out". ManBearBig isn't that
            hard, he just hit like a mad truck if you don't block him accordingly.
            Cure Bleed and "Grossed Out" and push at him until he reaches 1 Health.
            If Bleed is still up on ManBearPig, he will begin regenerating, but
            will be incapacitated by the debuff.
            Done. You'll reeive ManBearPig's Claw to beating him.
            - - -
    [KENNY'S HOUSE]			
    As you attempt to head into Kenny's House, Kenny's Mom will open up and hand
    you the Garage Key. Go into the Garage and approach the Meth Heads.
    	Use your Rawhide Whip Summon and Mr. Slave will come in to... Well, I'm
    	sure you'd be better off without the details.
    	Don't have the Rawhide Whip Summon? Start by beating on the Female Meth
    	Head in the back because she will tick off about 50% of your Health in
    	a single turn. The two Male Meth Heads will throw bottles, but their
    	melee attacks are easier to block.
    	If you don't immediately knock out the Female Meth Head, hit one of the
    	Male Meth Heads with a Shit Nugget.
    	- - -
    Climb the ladder and knock down the board up top. Grab the bag to acquire the
    Special Delivery for Tweek, then proceed down the mattress. Open the chest for
    a Wife Beater, then inspect the propane canister to the right.
    Inspect the refrigeator and the Meth Heads, then head back outside. Take the
    Fast Travel back to the U-STOR-IT, then proceed to Tweek's Coffee Shop. Talk
    to Tweek to befriend him and update your Main Questline.
    Exit the Coffee Shop and proceed left past the Bijou Theater. Continue up the
    street towards the Dark Meadows residence. You may need to deal with a couple
    of Elves before you can access the residence.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of the Dark Meadows Residence.
    Not sure what to do in regards to the Pepper Spray? Check your Feed and look
    at Cartman's response. You'll need to purchase a Gas Mask at Jimbo's Guns to
    shrug off the Pepper Spray.
    Continue to your left, past South Park Mall and into the Chinese District.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of the Tower of Peace.
    Proceed left from Chinatown until your reach Jimbo's Guns. Go inside and buy a
    Gas Mask. Now it's time to return towards the Dark Meadows residence.
            [O] Pillage the Cocktail Bar.
                Notable Items include the ATM and the Flowerpotamus. Hit them with
    			your Bow of Sucking.
            [O] Kill the Rats in the Cellar.
                Skeeter will hand you the Cellar Key to take out the Rats. Defeat
    			all of them in battle, then proceed back upstairs and talk to
    			Take out the Rabid Rats before tackling the Mutant Rats. They can
    			be defeated by a single Power Hit. Don't let them hit you with an
    			unblocked attack or you will get the "Grossed Out" debuff.
    			After defeating the Rats, break the Kegs near the S'Moors Crates
    			on the left and inspect the Toolbox.
    			COMPLETION: Darts, Friend Request (Skeeter & Bartender).
        - - -
    	    [O] Befriend Mr. McCormick.
    		    Exit Skeeter's Bar and talk to Mr. McCormick to the left.
    		[O] Enter the City Wok.
    		    Talk to Mr. Kim inside the City Wok to acquire the "Mongolian Beef"
    			Quest. You can also inspect the bag behind the counter.
            [O] Beat up the Mongolian Children.
    	    [LEVEL 1]
                The Mongolian Children are basically upgraded Elves. Your priority
    	    should be to deal as much damage as possible on your opening turn,
    	    as they will immediately inflict Attack(-) and Ability(-) on both
    	    Butters and Douchebag.
    	    Once you defeat the Mongolian Children, use your Bow of Sucking on
    	    the panel above you and the stairs will open to Level 2.
    	    [LEVEL 2]
    	    Smash the Gong underneath the toolbox and the Mongolian Children
    	    will attack. Strike them first to initiate the battle with the
    	    Once you defeat the Mongolians, head behind the hidden wall on the
    	    right and acquire the Mongolian Key, then go behind the hidden
    	    wall on the left and unlock the toolbox. Shoot the lantern on the
    	    right to obtain the Lambtron.
    	    [LEVEL 3]
    	    Head to your right and a Mongolian will jump out from the hidden
    	    wall panel. Defeat the Mongolians, then go through the panel to
    	    the balcony. Shoot the Dragon Tail above the balcony with the Bow
    	    of Sucking, then use the Dragon Tail on the damaged figure to the
    	    left of the door.
    	    Use your Bow of Sucking to hit both Dragons QUICKLY, then proceed
    	    through the door to Level 4.
    	    [LEVEL 4]
    	    You have an armada of Mongolians to deal with and they are not
    	    If you possess a Strength Potion, order your STRONGER CHARACTER to
                use it before attacking the Horde. You MUST block their incoming
    	    attacks because they will knock off a large chunk of your Health.
    	    If you do not manage to block the attack, replenish with a Potion.
    	    The Mongolian Horde will inflict multiple debuffs on a single pass,
    	    so don't immediately waste your Cure Potions if you are suffering
                a larger amount of Health. At the same time, you should try to
    	    keep up with removing the debuffs before they stack too high. You
    	    need to consider what the Mongolian Horde will do next and decide
    	    on a plan of action. Heal/Attack? Or Cleanse/Attack?
    	    - - -
    	    Once the Mongolian Horde has been taken out, return to Mr. Kim and
    	    claim your reward.
                COMPLETION: Miniature Gong Summon, Friend Request: Mr. Kim.
    Put on your Gas Mask, then go back to the Security Guard at Dark Meadows.
    The Security Guard might not have the appearance of a worthy adversary, but he
    is quite agile in-combat. This includes both Melee (4X) and a "Stunned!"
    debuff. This will prevent your character from acting on his turn.
    This won't be much of a problem because his Health is quite minimal. Take him
    out with a couple of Power Attacks.
    - - -
    Once you have defeated the Security Guard, head on into the residence. Once
    you attempt to open the door, Token will answer and befriend you.
         TOKEN'S HOUSE
            [O] Shoot the Velocirapstar.
    		    Aim your Bow at the red Velocirapstar at Token's House.
            [O] Inspect the Garage.
    		    Climb the ladder in the Garage and inspect the Chest.
            [O] Shoot the Bird's Nest.
    		    There's a Bird's Nest on the tree to the right of Token's House.
    Go back to Kupa Keep (Cartman's House) via the Timmy Express. Cartman will
    introduce you to a new ability called Dragonshout, then use the Timmy Express
    to reach South Park Elementary.
    If you do not have the Timmy Express for South Park Elementary, travel to the
    Neighborhood (Kevin's House) and proceed left until you reach the School.
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Access Timmy's Fast Travel in front of South Park Elementary.
    Attempt to go inside and Douchebag will peer into Detention. You can go in
    through the front, but you will need to beat up the Hall Monitor. If you
    beat the Hall Monitor, he will alert the Teacher.
    Once you have defeated the Hall Monitor, go through the door on the right and
    use your Dragonshout to breach the perimeter.
            [O] Obtain the Poodlesaurus.
    		    The Poodlesaurus is in the duct above the two Hall Monitors. Shoot
    			it with your Bow.
    		[O] Examine the Lockers.
    		    There are a ton of Collectables in the Lockers.
    Continue past the Cafeteria until you pass the Computer Lab. You will need to
    switch to Kenny to "Charm" the Hall Monitor to pass through the gate. The
    tutorial will inform you on using Buddy Commands. Go into the Janitor's Closet
    and inspect the desk.
    Back out in the Hall, defeat the Hall Monitors to obtain a Brass Key and the
    Dodge Ball. Inspect the backpack and the locker to the right, then proceed to
    the Faculty Lounge next to the Computer Lab.
    Shoot the ashtray on the table to disorient the Hall Monitors, then use your
    Dragonshout on the inflamed box to break past the barrier. Use your Bow to
    destroy the table, then beat up the remaining Hall Monitors.
    Speak to the boy, then issue Butters to restore his Health. You'll receive the
    Silver Key. Go back into the Hall, then proceed to the right and enter the
    Counsellor's Office. Pillage the Counsellor's Office, then shoot the Gold Key
    up top with your Bow.
    Go back to the Cafeteria and approach it to initiate a Boss Battle.
    	HP: 468
    	The Hallway Monitor Boss uses a Dodge Ball, but he hits like a mad truck.
    	If you are underdeveloped, you will likely be taking a Potion every turn.
    	Because you are highly outmatched, you would do well to start the battle
    	with a Strength Potion, then take out the two lesser Hall Monitors to even
    	the battlefield.
    	The Hall Monitor Boss will soon initiate a "Channeling" ability, which you
    	MUST interrupt with the Dragonshout. If you do not interrupt it, the Hall
    	Monitor Boss will unleash a hard attack on both Douchebag and Butters.
    	If you manage to survive, the Hall Monitor Boss will then initiate another
    	"Channeling" ability. This time, he will attempt to contact your Dad. If
    	he manages to reach him, it is instant defeat. You MUST interrupt this or
    	defeat the Hall Monitor before he reaches them. (2 Turns)
    	- - -
    Loot the Hall Monitor Boss to obtain the Hall Monitor Key, then proceed into
    the Cafeteria to meet with Mr. Mackay. Craig will also befriend you. Once you
    have recruited Craig, head back to Kupa Keep and talk to Cartman.
    Follow Cartman back to the Training Dummy and he will instruct you on the Cup-
    A-Spell Ability.
    Once you are ready to leave Kupa Keep, head into Cartman's House and Cartman
    will automatically take you to the Giggling Donkey.
            [O] Pillage the Giggling Donkey.
    		    You can inspect/break a large handful of items in the Basement.
    Before you approach the Bard, it is recommended you attach something that has
    the ability to inflict a debuff/ailment when you perform an attack. Defense(-)
    or Attack(-) would be helpful.
    The Bard will start the battle with a buff on the Elves. It's not worthwhile
    to waste your Collectables trying to debuff these while the Bard is in the
    - - - 
    Once you defeat the Elves, the Bard will run off and another handful of Elves
    will bombard the Basement. You'll need to use your Cup-A-Spell Ability to
    break past the barrier. Once you destroy the barrier, take out the Elves, then
    hit the window with your Bow.
    Craig will come into the Basement and turn off the breaker. After he collapses,
    issue Butters to restore his Health, then proceed upstairs. Go into the
    Kitchen and assist Cartman, then issue Butters to restore his Health.
            [O] Pillage the Giggling Donkey.
                Various junk can be collected from the Kitchen. 
    Exit the Kitchen and head out into the Living Room. You'll need to stand next
    to the candle and use your Dragonshout to destroy the boards, then use the
    Cup-A-Spell on the lantern by the door. (You'll need to hit it with your Bow)
    Destroy the barrier, then defeat the Elves.
    The Elven Anti-Magician has a lot of Health and a wicked Channeling affect.
    In addition to this, the Anti-Magician has a hard hit and can knock out one of
    your characters in a single turn.
    As the Anti-Magician has a high pool of Health, it would be better recommended
    to start with the Priest, then the Sentinel. Once you have taken out the Elves,
    hit the Anti-Magician with Defense(-) and/or Attack(-) and keep interrupting
    his "Channeling". The Anti-Magician will also leech Health when he hits you
    with a "Channelled Attack".
    If the are unable to interrupt the Anti-Magician, buff yourself with a
    Strength Potion, restore as much Health as possible, then be prepared to block
    as best you can.
    - - -
    Once you have defeated the Elves, head upstairs and into the Bedroom. You'll
    see an Elf jumping next to Kenny.
    Shoot the right-hand bookshelf with your Bow, then the multi-colored ladder,
    then break the leg of the table. Walk up the table and climb the ladder, then
    hit the lamp above the Elf with your Bow. Walk over to the top of the cupboard
    and glide down to the bed to rescue Kenny.
            [O] Pillage the Bedroom.
                Various Items can be collected in the Bedroom... Now that you have
                made a mess of it.
    Exit the Bedroom and inspect the table for the Garage Key. Now issue Kenny to
    "Charm" the Elf in the Attic and proceed upstairs.
    Shoot the lantern with your Bow, then use your Cup-A-Spell to break past the
    barrier. Continue along the counter and hit the next lantern with your
    Bow/Cup-A-Spell. Drop down and beat down the remaining Elf.
            [O] Obtain the Roidrat.
    	[O] Pillage the Attic.
    	    Mainly the bag near the Gong. Everything in here is basically junk.
    Proceed to the right and hit the shelf with the large Chest using your Bow. 
    Go down into the Bedroom and approach Jimmy.
    Jimmy will initiate the battle by calling on three Bardic Rats. You'll be able
    to take them out in a single hit.
    Jimmy has the ability to inflict you with "Sleep", which not only makes it
    impossible to block, but it also skips your turn while Jimmy pummels away at
    you. Eventually, Jimmy will begin to "Channel", be sure to interrupt this. 
    Defeat the Bardic Rats before you beat on Jimmy as they will potentially be
    more problematic as the battle progresses. 
    Once you defeat the Bardic Rats, Jimmy is a pushover. If you have anything
    like an Attack(-) or Defense(-), as well as Bleeding/Burning inflictions, it
    will help make the battle much quicker.
    The battle will only become complicated if you allow Jimmy to cast Sleep or
    use his "Channelled Attack".
    - - -
            [O] Steal Jimmy's Crutches
    		    Loot Jimmy.
            [O] Pillage Jimmy's Bedroom.
    	    Inspect the dresser, the Chest, as well as the drawer next to
                Jimmy's bed.
    Ready to return to Kupa Keep? Talk to Cartman. 
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                      DAY ONE COMPLETE
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    You'll be left inside Kupa Keep in the middle of the night. Go into the Tent
    and you will be ambushed by Dad, at which point you will return to your
    You'll be locked in your Bedroom, so go to your bed to continue with
    the Main Quest.
    After some initial button-mashing sequences, you will wind up a prisoner in
    the Holding Area.
    Switch through your abilities (Buddy Command > Alien Probe), then target the
    transmitter above the X-Ray. Once you have done that, you can perform a short
    range teleport out of the force field.
            [O] Steal from the Aliens.
                There's a coffer behind Randy's butt. Examine the panel to the
                right of your cell to open up the window, then use the Alien Probe
                to teleport inside to another coffer.
    Exit the Holding Cell (South), then proceed towards the barrier on your right.
    You can hit the pipe above the Aliens, or you can tackle them head-on for an
    added incentive.
    It is highly recommended that you use a Bow/Weapon with that has the ability
    to Burn and/or Bleed. It will make the Aliens much less difficult.
    Okay, so the Aliens are perhaps a bit more threatening than pretend Elves. You
    will probably get an immediate impression that, "Wow, I'm about to die." Since
    you don't have Butters or Kenny to help you here, it would be wise to restore
    any Health you have lost at the beginning of your next turn.
    Upon initiating combat, your priority is to choose one of the three Aliend and
    pick away at his Shields. This is where the Aliens will begin to bite back.
    You MUST block their incoming attacks or you will suffer an alarming loss of
    Once it's your turn, restore your Health using a Small or Large Potion based
    on your remaining Health, then attack the Alien with the least remaining
    Armor. Do not waste a turn without attacking the Alien because his Allies will
    immediately restore a percentage of his Health.
    Once you have taken out one of the Aliens, repeat this process on the next one.
    After you have destroyed the Shield, his Ally will immediately throw it back
    up, which means you will need to repeat the process again. (This is where the
    Bleed/Burn will help.)
    Once you are down to the last Alien, the battle will become a lot less
    difficult. Kill the Alien to conclude the battle.
    - - -
    Completing the battle will net you an Alien Ray Gun. Continue to your right,
    then use the Alien Probe on the blue interface to the left of the door. Go
    through the door to reach the Control Room.
            [O] Loot the Alien Suit
                You can obtain an Alien Suit from the coffer to the left of the
    Walk to your right and use the Alien Probe to reach the middle platform. The
    panel on your left will control the upper platform, while the panel on your
    right will control the bottom platform. The upper platform will take you to a
    coffer with access to the Aliens above the Control Room. You can use the Probe
    on the blue interface to disintigrate the Alien on the right.
    Drop back down to the middle platform, then teleport to the bottom platform.
    You'll find Audio Log #2 on the right, as well a couple of Aliens below. You
    can drop the Alien on the right by using the Probe on the blue interface below.
    Once you have done this, return to the middle platform and interact with both
    interfaces. Both platforms will now be postitioned to your left. Teleport to
    the upper platform, then use your Probe to reach the duct above.
    Kill the Alien to your right and access the interface to deactivate the force
    field on your left. Continue towards Tape Recorder #3 on your right and
    inspect the purple panel to open another panel beneath you.
    Go to your left through the now-accessible door and inspect the interface to
    assist Randy. You'll need to complete the "Simon Says" puzzle to proceed.
            [O] Proceed to the Hidden Room.
                Head back towards the Audio Log, then teleport to the ledge below.
                Open up the coffer to your left.
    Teleport back to the middle platform, then down into the lower duct and beat
    up the Alien. Continue to your right past the blue panel until you meet up
    with Randy again. (You can ascend the ladder to a coffer and Tape Recorder
    #4, too.)
    Inspect the interface to your right for another "Simon Says" puzzle. You'll
    need some hardcore memorization abilities to beat it this time. Nah... It'll
    be an impossible puzzle twice before it brings you back down to Earth.
            [O] Turn off the Force Field to your right.
                Disable the door on your right and inspect the coffer.
    Go back to the middle platform, then teleport to the platform on your left. Go
    across the bridge and be prepared to fight three Aliens.
    It is recommended that you use a Bow/Weapon with the ability to Bleed and/or
    Burn for this battle.
    The three Aliens will be lined up in a manner that protects the Alien Chief of
    Security. Start the battle by using a Strength Potion, then begin to hit the
    Chief with Bleed or Burn. 
    This battle is similar to the three Aliens that were outside of the Holding
    Cell. You need to block incoming attacks as much as possible, then restore
    your Health at the beginning of your turn. However, the Chief will regularly
    inflict Bleed upon you unless you perfectly block is barrage of attacks. You
    will need to consider what you can handle and what could potentially leave you
    with a Game Over. If you are "Bleeding" quite intensely, but still possess
    enough Health to survive another armada of attacks, use a Cure Potion. If not,
    use a Health Potion. Keep in mind, these Aliens will often beat on you
    together, which will inevitably leave you in an impossible situation.
    Keep Bleed/Burn on the Chief, then knock on the naked Alien with your Ranged
    Weapon. Once you have defeated the naked Alien, you can divert your attention
    to the Alien Guard. If he is in a Perfect Stance, use a "Stun" on the Chief
    If you defeat the Security Chief before the Alien Guard, you can defeat the
    Guard with Magic. Basic Attacks will not work while he is in Perfect Stance.
    - - -
    Once the Aliens have been defeated, interact with Randy via the panel on your
    left, then proceed back to the Holding Area.
            [O] Find Tape Recorder #5
                You might notice a ladder directly outside the door of the Holding
                Area. Climb down to acquire Tape Recorder #5.
         Hit the Hobo to the right of Tape Recorder #5 and it will initiate a
         battle. Beat him up to acquire the Tinfoil Hat.
         He isn't that difficult... He'll put a handful of "Bleeding" stacks on
         you per hit if you let him, but you can simply ignore them and take him
         out in a couple hits.
         - - -
    Go back into the Holding Area and inspect the interface next to Randy for the
    third "Simon Says" puzzle. Randy will befriend you at which point you can pick
    up the White Power Crystal.
    Go back into the Hall and proceed left, past the coffer with the Alien Probe,
    then inspect the door to use the White Power Crystal. Use your Probe on the
    blue panel, then proceed through to the Bridge. There a coffer in the bottom-
    right corner.
            [O] Get the Beetlebot.
                It's lodged between the monitors outside of the Bridge.
    Go through the door (North) to initiate a battle against the two Alien Pilots.
    The Defense Matrix will start the battle by putting Defense(+) on the Alien
    Pilots. It will repeatedly add Defense(+) to the Pilots, but is immune to
    Ranged/Farts. You'll need to use a Melee ability like Backstab to take it down.
    Once you have taken down the Defense Matrix, toss a Water Balloon at one of
    the Aliens to get rid of it's Defense(+), then take him out.
    The battle isn't that difficult, you just need to watch for the missile-based
    attack which can be difficult to block. You'll be hit with a "Burning" debuff
    if you neglect to block it. (You'll hear a SFX as it is coming down.) Repeat
    the process on the other Pilot to conclude the battle.
    - - -
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[DS003]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                     DAY TWO COMMENCED
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    Go into the Kitchen for a brief word with Mom and Dad, then go into the Living
    Room and turn on the TV. Yay! New Taco Bell! Go into the Neighborhood and
    Cartman will barge in to leave you with your next Main Quest.
         BUS STOP
            [O] Befriend Kelly Rutherford.
                You'll find her to the left of the Timmy Express (Bus Stop).
         CITY HALL
            [O] Pillage the Mayor's Office.
                Various junk is lying about the Mayor's Office.
            [O] The Homeless Problem.
                Mayor McDaniels wants you to beat up all the Homeless in South
            [O] Hobo #1 - U-STOR-IT Truck.
            [O] Hobo #2 - East of Kenny's House.
            [O] Hobo #3 - Deep in the Sewers. Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Hobo #4 - Deep in the Sewers. Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Hobo #5 - Deep in the Sewers. Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Hobo #6 - Deep in the Sewers. Refer to "Dropping the Kids Off".
            [O] Hobo #7 - Take the Timmy Express to the Bus Stop and proceed left
                          until you reach a bench. Go behind the tree next to the
                          bench and up the path to a Hobo Camp. 
         Completion: Mayor McDaniels Friend Request.
            [O] Approach the Aliens Spaceship.
                Walk up the the Alien Spaceship to initiate a cutscene. Loot Mark's
                body afterwards.
         Go upstairs into the Evidence Room to acquire the RabbiTech Chinpokomon.
         Bash the crate next to it, then drop down the ladder and hit the big red
         button. Climb up the ladder, hit the crate and open the Chest. Go to the
         right and inspect the bag behind the two large crates before leave the
         Evidence Room.
         To free the ROMPER STOMPER, proceed towards the Locker Room and target the
         shelf holding the Awards. Hit that to break the shelf. This will create a
         bridge, allowing you to climb onto the cabinet and thus break the panel
         cover on the ventilation shaft.
         Once inside the shaft, proceed to your left to enter the Locker Room. The
         Inspect the lockers to obtain the Jail Key and go out through the
         Emergency Exit. Once outside, use your Alien Probe to reach the top of the
         Police Station and talk to Santa to befriend him.
         Teleport back down and inspect the ladder to drop it. Goto into the Jail
         inside the Police Station and use your key to free the Romper Stomper.
         Talk to him to befriend him.
         Speak to Sergant Yates to obtain the Quest "Nazi Zombie Bounty".
         You MUST pick up this Quest on Day 2 or Day 3. You will not be able to
         obtain this Quest after you beat the Game. All you have to do is defeat
         three 5 Nazi Zombies.
         Completion: Friend Request from Sergeant Yates.
         - - -
    Alright... Head to the Elementary School and into and into the Loading Zone in
    the back, then talk to the Goth Kids.
            [O] Access the U-STOR-IT Building.
                Proceed up the ramp next to the Hobo and hit the ladder with your
                Bow. Cross the platform and drop down into the lot below. Enter
                the U-STOR-IT Office and press the panel on the desk. Exit the
                building and proceed into the back alley next to Unit 112. Once
                there, go into Unit 223 and wait for the recorded message to
                conclude. You'll be in the Headquarters of Doom.
            [O] Befriend General Disarray.
                He's near the Power Generator.
            [O} Pillage the Headquarters of Doom.
                Various objects can be looted inside the Headquarters of Doom. You
                can also proceed around the back and ascend the ladders to reach a
                bag on the roof.
            - - -
    You will need a TON of Accessories to impress the Goth Kids. Ready? *Ahem*...
            [O] Goth Clothes
                Buy them from the Hobo at U-STOR-IT.
            [O] Purchase the Coffee.
                You can buy the Dark Roast from Tweek Bros. Coffee.
    When you leave Tweek Bros Coffee, the Elves will ambush you. You can assume to
    battle the Elves or take their advice and meet the Elf King. Since we are
    planning to cover a majority of the Game, head to the Elf King'd hideout. You
    will meet up with Kyle and Stan. Finally.
         KYLE'S HOUSE
          Talk to Stan to obtain a Side-Quest.
         [SIDE QUEST: THE SHE-OGRE] [SQ010]
            [O] Talk to Stan to obtain a Side-Quest "The She-Ogre."
            Go to Stan's House and proceed upstairs to initiate a battle against
            the She-Ogre.
            [SHE-OGRE BATTLE]
            This battle isn't too difficult... She just has a lot of Health. Keep
            piling her up with debuffs and be sure to block when necessary. Some
            of her attacks will hit for about 75% of your Health. Her most
            dangerous attack will hit your about 6X.
            Stan will befriend you for completing this Quest. Speak to Shelly to
            befriend her, too.
            - - -
          Talk to DogPoo to obtain a Side-Quest.
            [O] Talk to DogPoo to obtain a Side-Quest "Restoring the Balance."
                [-] Destroy the Banner at Stark's Pond.
                [-] Destroy the Banner at the Church.
                [-] Destroy the Banner in the Neighborhood (Unit 1701).
                [-] Destroy the Banner in the Kids' Park.
                [-] Smash the Neighborhood Banner (North of Kenny's House).
            Talk to DogPoo to turn in the Quest and befriend him.
            - - -
            [O] Talk to Jimmy to obtain a Quest "Magical Songs".
                Jimmy wants his Flute back. Set Jimmy as your Buddy, then proceed
                the the Farm. Jimmy will begin to stutter. Don't worry, your Game
                didn't bug up, but it will take a bit. You can't skip it. Once you
                receive the Barn Key, head into the Barn and defeat the Nazi Cows.
                [NAZI COW BATTLE]
                They aren't difficult to defeat, they will blow up when near-death.
                Just block that.
                - - -
                Climb the ladder and hit the lamp with your Bow, then use your
                Dragonshout to access the bag behind it and pick up your Flute.\
                Completion: Freind Request from Jimmy.
            - - -
            [O] Update your Timmy Express Locations.
                Locate the flag at Kyle's House.
            - - -
            [O] Befriend Jason.
                He's at the Shop at Kyle's House.
            [O] Pillage Kyle's House
                Inspect the drawer in Kyle's bedroom for Underwear, Broflovski's
                Key is in the Master Bedroom... The rest is junk.
            - - -
    Regardless of whether or not you decide to visit the Elf King, you still need
    to acquire your Cigarettes.
            [O] Obtain the Cigarettes.
                Beat up the Punks in the Alley to obtain the Cigarettes.
    Go back and talk to the Goth Kids at the Elementary School. The Goth Kids will
    hand you and insulting sign and demand you make a protest at the PTA Meeting.
            [O] Go to the Community Center.
                Take your insulting sign to the Community Center.
    Attempt to inspect the table inside the Community Center.
            [O] Speak to Mackey to obtain the Quest "Wasted Cache".
                Go to the U-STOR-IT Building and into Unit 221. Notice the boards
                connecting up to the top of Mt. Trash-More? Break the objects in
                front to access the bottom ramp, then go up until you reach the
                table. Teleport onto the table, then proceed right and open up the
                Before you leave, inspect the shelf directly to the right of the
                door to obtain your Monitor. You can use Mackey's Key at the Post
                Office. Turn in the Quest to Mr. Mackey at the Community Center to
                befriend him.
            [O] Obtain the Ferasnarf.
                Top shelf in Unit 221.
         - - -
            [O] Obtain the Gophermon.
                It's in the Bathroom.
    Go into the Bathroom and meet with Randy, who will teach you the Sneaky
    Squeaker. Once you have completed the tutorial, proceed to the Taco Bell and
    perform it on the Guards. You will need to perform the Sneaky Squeaker so that
    the Guards are highlighted upon release, then move it into a position where
    the Guards will go to inspect it after it detonates. This can be anywhere in
    the area, but not near the barricade. Once they have moved from the barricade,
    you may proceed into the base.
    You will need to perform the Sneaky Squeaker on each Guard in the base. If you
    are caught, you will be thrown back out.
    [AREA ONE]
    You can inspect the bag in the truck, but you must distract the Guard to reach
    it. You'll need to knock the Guard out without his notice. Sounds impossible,
    right? Check out the lever near the truck on the left. Use the Sneaky Squeaker
    to lure the Guard into the puddle, then push the lever to knock him out.
    Go towards the door, then use your Alien Probe to teleport to the roof of the
    building. Loot the Chest, then proceed into the shaft on your right. Once you
    make it into the base, destroy the Nazi Zombie, loot the SWAT Guards, then go
    into the Briefing Room to obtain the Recording Device.
    Go back outside and you will run into an armada of Nazi Zombies.
    These three Nazi Zombies are highly resistant to incoming attacks. You won't
    be turned into a Nazi Zombie if hit, but you will be "Grossed Out", while the
    Zombie leeches Health.
    You have a couple different routes to take in this battle. You can hit them
    all with Bleed or Burn, then have Jimmy use "Lullabye", or have Butters use
    his Chaos ability. Alternatively, just take the regular route and handle the
    battle as you normally would.
    The most important piece of information regarding this battle is that the
    Zombies WILL return to life in mere moments with 100% HP. Each time you defeat
    a Zombie, make sure to hit it again to remove it from the battlefield.
    - - -
    Go back to the Community Center and talk to Randy. This will complete your
    Quest for a Goth Alliance.
            [O] Befriend Mr. Garrison, Principal Victoria, Mr. Adler and Mrs.
                They're in the Community Center.
    The Goth Kids will ask you to perform a Guitar Hero bit before they accept you
    as a Goth. (PC Users MUST use the Arrow Keys, not the WASD Keys.) 
    They will all befriend you afterwards. You will now need to decide whether to
    return to Cartman or return to Kyle. While your allegiance will mainly depend
    on your decision, many aspects of the Game will remain identical, including
    Dialog. It's basically personal preference and who you would prefer in your
            [O] Return to Cartman's House.
            Speak to Cartman and call on the Goth Kids.
            [O] Return to Kyle's House.
            Speak to Kyle and call on the Goth Kids.
    You'll now receive a Friend Request from Cartman.
    This Quest will primarily differ based on your Allegiance. If you allied with
    the Elves, you will be bombarding the Humans. If you allied with the Humans,
    you will be bombarding the Elves.
    Go in through the back and Pete will request your assistance. Once you help
    him, he will open the door to the Cafeteria.
            [O] Obtain the Donkeytron.
                Turn on the Stove and use the Cup-A-Spell to obtain the Donkeytron.
            [O] Pillage the Kitchen.
                Various junk items can be acquired from the Kitchen.
         - - -
    Out in the Hallway, you can acquire a Basketball to your right. Proceed to the
    right and hit the sparkling objects above the Elves with your Bow. Once they
    have been incapacitated, proceed left and punch the third Elf/Human.
    Destroy the grate next to you, then proceed through the shaft and teleport to
    the upper platform. Break through the grate to incapacitate the Elf/Human, then
    backtrack through the shaft into the Hallway. Use your Cup-A-Spell on the
    torches to destroy the barrier, then defeat the remaining Elf/Human.
    Go left to the barricade and hit the grate on the ceiling with your Bow. Once
    inside the shaft, use your Sneaky Squeaker to lure the Rat to the trap, then
    proceed left. Use your Bow on the wire hanging next to the teleporter to
    incapacitate the Elf/Human.
    Teleport onto the pipe to obtain the bag, then interact with the wire to climb
    down. Defeat the remaining Elf/Human using the Cup-A-Spell on the torch, then
    proceed into the Basement.
    Don't use Power Attacks on the Hall Monitors in the front. At this point, you
    should at least possess a weapon that will strike your target enough times to
    remove their Armor on a single turn. Once their Armor is gone, hit them with
    Power Attacks before it comes back.
    They'll hit a maximum of two times, but they hit hard and add a "Grossed Out"
    debuff if you neglect to block them. They should automatically retreat after
    you have incapacitated them, but if not, remember to remove them from the
    The Nazi Zombie in the back has a lot of Health, but doesn't hit too hard. Use
    your strongest attacks to take him out.
    - - -
    You'll receive the Holy Hammer of Smiting for completing the battle. Continue
    through the door on your right, climb the ladder to the upper platform, then
    break the grate and proceed through the shaft. Break the grate to incapacitate
    the Hall Monitor below.
    Shoot the panel next to the incapacitated Hall Monitor, then hit it with your
    Cup-A-Spell to incapacitate the second Hall Monitor. Now go back through the
    shaft and hit the red valve on the pipe with your Bow to turn off the water
    You'll need to lure the remaining Nazi Zombie with Charm to incapacitate him
    in the puddle. If this isn't possible, go behind the gate to deactivate the
    Generator, then make a quick dash towards the Nazi Zombie before it turns back
            [O] Find the Mutant Bacteria.
                This is only doable while on "Big Game Huntin' with Jimbo". There
                is a door to the north which leads into what appear to be an
                underground Science Lab. Use the Rubbing Alcohol on the Goo to
                begin the battle.
    Proceed to your right and loot the bag, then head upstairs into the Hallway.
    There are various object to inspect in here, but nothing of vital importance.
    Continue through the doors next to the Principal's Office.
    Hit the bulletin board on the right to incapacitate an Elf/Human, then use your
    Alien Probe to teleport to the upper platform. Proceed towards the rope on the
    right, then drop back down.
    Hit the tall object on your left to set it aflame, then use your Cup-A-Spell
    to take out the barricade. The Humans/Elves will now attack. You should now be
    up against 2/4 Elves/Humans. Any more than that and you are in for a tough
    Once you have defeated them, inspect the Catapult to set the barricade aflame,
    then use your Cup-A-Spell on the barricade. Proceed through the door and you
    will start your next battle against Butters or Kyle.
    Stan will begin the battle by summoning Sparky. Whatever you do, do not attack
    the dog. If you take him out, Stan will receive buffs on his most prominent
    ability: Attack Power. These cannot be removed with Water Balloons.
    Stan has a lot of Health and a high amount of Attack Power. Use anything that
    increase your Attack Power and weakens his Defense, while also hitting him with
    Bleed, Burn, and/or Grossed Out. 
    Block as many of Stan's attacks as possible, be prepared to go through a lot of
    Potions, but most of all, don't hit the Dog.
    Yes, the Dog WILL perform the occasional Heal on Stan, which addresses the
    importance of abilities like Bleed/Grossed Out, as well as keeping debuffs 
    up accordingly. Stan will also attempt to restore his own Health if it drops
    to a dangerous level. If you do not keep debuffs up on Stan, you will be
    wasting your time.
    Once Stan is below 300 Health, take out Sparky. If you attempt to take out
    Stan while Sparky is still up, the Dog will bring him back to life.
    - - -
    Loot Stan after the battle to receive his Slashing Blade of the Ranger 
    Start the battle by taking out Butters' Armor. Don't use Power Attacks right
    off the bat because they will just be absorbed. You'll also want to use a
    Defense(+) immediately, as Butters has an attack that will take off 1000+
    Once you have protected yourself, it's time to go after Butters. You won't be
    able to hit him for much damage without using your hard-hitting abilities.
    Instead, you should build up Bleed, Burn and/or Grossed Out debuffs on Butters.
    This is what will hurt him the most.
    - - -
    Go upstairs and defeat the Elves/Humans (3X), then proceed left until you run
    into your Allies.
            [O] Obtain the Pterdaken.
                Upstairs after defeating Stan/Butters. Check the lockers on the
                right-hand side.
            [O} Befriend Fosse and Bill.
                Defeat the Humans/Elves beating on them to befriend them.
            [O} Befriend Lemmiwinks.
                Speak to the Rat in the 5th Grade Classroom.
            - - -
    Once you are ready to proceed, head into the 4th Grade Classroom. You will
    be left with beating up on Kyle or Cartman. Before you decide, grab the
    Sword Breaker from the Chest.
    Yes! You punched Cartman!
    You won't have your Buddy to help you in this battle. Everything is much-like
    the Kyle battle. Pump Cartman with debuffs, block is incoming attacks and keep
    him "Grossed Out" so he can't restore his Health.
    Similar to the battle against Kyle, you will have some button mashing to do
    as the battle rages on.
    You won't have your Buddy to help you in this battle. Everything is primarily
    identical to the Cartman battle... Pump Kyle with debuffs and block his
    incoming attacks. One attack in particular will have you button mashing, while
    the rest are basic block-it-or-take-it attacks.
    - - -
    Finished! You have just passed Day 2 and the REAL thief of the Stick of Truth
    will present himself.
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                      DAY TWO COMPLETE
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    Day 2 Finished! Once you have left Clyde's House, head to the left or right
    until your Mom and Dad catch up with you. You will automatically return to
    your Bedroom.
    Goto Bed.
    Phase One. You inflict about 4,000 Damage per hit. Kill them.
    Phase Two. They'll summon the Warlock to shrink you, at which point the real
    battle begins. Remember those attacks the Gnomes were hitting you with before?
    They'll start to hurt.
    Depending on your item of choice, you may or may not be able to take out these
    Gnomes in a single hit. If not, bust up their Armor and make sure your weapon
    is capable of Bleed, Burn, or "Grossed Out". At that point, target Gnome #1,
    then divert your attention to Gnome #2, Etc.
    If you neglect to block, you will suffer debuffs such as Cold and Burning. If
    you start getting immensely low on Health, you will need to weigh-in. You can
    still win the battle drenched in debuffs.
    Follow the Gnomes into the Crawlspace, being careful not to set of the
    mousetrap. Climb the twisted wire to the top of the pipe and loot the backpack,
    then proceed left and break the pipe. Drop back down to the left-hand side of
    the trap and proceed left. Shoot the blue wire to take out the Rat.
    Continue to your left to watch a scene with your Mom and Dad, then proceed left
    and up the twisted wire to the pipe above. Break the board on your left and
    go through the insultation to another bag. 
    Continue to your right until the pipe begins to drop. Shoot the pipe directly
    above you to break it down, then proceed right to meet up with a Giant Rat.
    Climb the twisted wire up onto the pipe above and aim at the boards to set the
    insulation aflame. Go back down and use your Dragonshout to incapacitate the
    Rat. Go through to your right and defeat the two reamining Rats, then open the
    bag on your right.
    Climb the twisted wire up, then inspect the power outlet to proceed into Mom
    and Dad's Bedroom. Go to your right to meet up with the Gnomes again. Defeat
    them, then proceed to the right and descend from the Alarm Clock. You'll
    inevitably end up on the bed with Mom, Dad, and the Warlock.
    Yes, this battle will have a lot of nudity from Mom and Dad, but your target
    is still the Warlock.
    Basic Attacks will not hurt the Warlock, nor will Power Attacks. You need to
    hit the Warlock with debuffs. Eventually, your Dad will interrupt the battle
    and you will need to button-mash to dodge his testicles. Yes, you heard me.
    Once you have dodged them, it's back to the battle.
    Repeat until you have defeated the Warlock. You'll then wake up on Day 3.
    - - -
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[DS005]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                    DAY THREE COMMENCED
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    You'll notice a Gnome in the Bedroom. This little Gnome wants you to collect
    Underpants from the local residences.
         [SIDE QUEST: PHASE 1] [SQ014]
            [O] Collect 5 Underpants from South Park.
         STAN'S HOUSE
         You will find two pieces of Underwear at Stan's House. Check both
         You will also notice a piece of paper on the ground in Stan's Room with
         directions referencing the Lost Forest. Go to through the Lost Forest
         in reference to these directions and you will come across a large handful
         of Critters. Do as they request to receive 12 Friend Requests.
         -- Credit: ChiTownSounds
         Go to Kevin Stoley's House in the Neighborhood (West - Unit 1701).
         Underwear is in Cartman's Bedroom.
         KYLE'S HOUSE
         Underwear is in Kyle's Bedroom.
         Completion: Underpants Gnome Friend Request.
         - - -
         STARK'S POND
            [O] Obtain the Cosmonewt
                You'll need to teleport into the UFO in the middle of Stark's Pond.
            [O] Befriend Chris Donnelly.
                He's at Kyle's House.
    Fast Travel to Kyle's House to begin your next Quest. After the meeting at
    Kyle's House, Kyle will befriend you. 
    Head to the City Hall and talk to Annie, who will take you to the "Council of
    Go to the Kids' Park and talk to Monica. After a brief introduction, you will
    be introduced to Monica's Boyfriend. Beat him up and Monica will befriend you
    on Facebook.
    Go back to City Hall and talk to Annie to return to the Council of Girls. You
    will then be tasked to turn Douchebag into a woman. Jessie Rodriguez will
    salso befriend you.
    Go into Unplanned Parenthood and then into "Patients Only" room. Once in the
    Hallway, go into the Operating Room and perform the button-mashing bit to burn
    out the machine. 
    Once the Doctor has left, pick up the Surgical Costume on th table to your
    right, then go back into the Hallway. Equip the Surgical Costume and go into
    the Records Room. Inspect the "2013" Files.
    You'll be locked in the Archive Room. Use your Gnome Powder and proceed through
    the mouse-door in the back. You'll meet up with a bunch of Nazi Rats in here.
    Shoot the pipe above the Nazi Rats and the Soldier above will take care of
    Continue going to your right and shoot the pipe above the Gnomes. The Soldier
    will take out 2/3 Nazi Gnomes. Continue into the box on the right and hit the
    circuit to burst it aflame. Use your Dragonshout to remove the barricade, then
    proceed to your right and climb the ladder to the Operating Room. Talk to
    Randy with your Physician' Disguise.
    At this point you will need to perform an abortion on Randy. You need to do it
    precisely as directed or the Guards will kill you. Once you are outside of the
    Operating Room, proceed left and hit the panel to the right of the Nazi Rats.
    Go to your left and hit the hanging board, then use your Gnome Dust.
    Use the objects inside of the refrigerator to climb up to the Nazi Rats. Kill
    the Nazi Rats, then proceed left and into the ventilation shaft. Continue all
    the way to the right until you reach another ventilation shaft.
    Once you are back in the Hallway, use the Gnome Dust, then walk towards the
    Guards by the wall and shoot the Grenade. Use the Gnome Dust again and proceed
    behind the wall towards the Gun. Use Stan's "Buddy Action" on the Gun, pick up
    the "Fetuswami" Chinpokomon, then use the Gnome Dust to return towards the
    decapitated Guards.
    Teleport onto the pipe and inspect the valve to turn off the water. Teleport
    into the upper-left pipe and inspect the bag, then drop back down and proceed
    left. Use your Cup-A-Spell on the Gun and proceed left towards the 4X Nazi
    Each Fetus will hit for roughly 1.5 - 2,000 Health. Unless your multi-attacks
    are incredibly powerful, you would be better to target a single Fetus and hit
    it with your most powerful attacks. This will make their pass a bit less
    Once you are back on your turn, restore your Health and continue with the next
    Fetus. If it becomes an impossible situation, use one of your Summons.
    - - -
    Once you have taken out the Nazi Fetuses, head into the Waiting Room to your
    The Giant Nazi Zombie Fetus isn't too agile with his attacks, but they are
    incredibly powerful. They will also come from behind, so be prepared to block
    in both directions.
    You need to take out the Umbilical Cord before you work on the Giant. Stack up
    your Burn, Bleeds, Etc. on the Umbilical Cord and hit it with your most
    powerful attacks. Your reason for attacking the Umbilical Cord is because it
    will leech life from you and pass it off to itself AND the Giant. Even with
    5 Bleeds up on the Giant you still need to take out the Umbilical Cord before-
    Once you take out the Umbilical Cord, attack it again to ensure the Giant does
    not do anything with it. With the Umbilical Cord out of the picture, lay your
    debuffs on the Giant and waste it.
    - - -
    Exit Unplanned Parenthood and return to City Hall to talk to Annie. After you
    talk to the Council of Girls, head back to Kyle's House and talk to Kyle.
    You'll need to update your Passport and the Photo Dojo before you are allowed
    access into Canada. Talk to the Cameraman inside the Photo Dojo, then proceed
    into the Photo Studio. The Cameraman will tell you what you need to do. After
    the Cameraman has managed to undress you, the "Pedophile" battle will begin.
    Defeat him, then go to into the Lost Forest next to the U-STOR-IT Building.
    If you have Rats blocking your path, use your "Dragonshout". Once inside the
    Lost Forst, just keep going North until you reach the Guard. You'll then be
    allowed access into 8-Bit Land (AKA Canada).
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[DS006]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                     CANADA COMMENCED
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    To obtain the Quest "O Canada", go to Ottawa and talk to the Prince of Canada.
    You'll find him inside Parliament. Once you have spoken to the Prince, head
    out through the Gift Shop and proceed back to the World Map. Go to Winnipeg
    and talk to the Earl.
            [O] Kill the Dire Bears.
                Before the Earl agrees to help you translate the language of the
                French, you must deal with the Dire Bears. You will find them in
                the upper right-hand part of Winnipeg. They're almost identical to
                Dire Wolves.
    Once you have collected the Dire Bear Pels, return to the Earl of Winnipeg and
    he will befriend you on Facebook. He will also instruct you to return to
    Ottawa to speak to the Prince. You will then be tasked with murdering the
    Bishop of Banff.
            [O] Kill the Bishop.
                Goto Banff and hit the Bishop to initiate a battle.
                [BISHOP BATLE]
                He restores his Health and removes his debuffs, but doesn't have
                anything too potent, as long as you block regularly. You will
                then be left with the option to choose the Bishop's fate.
                Nothing big happens if you let the Bishop live. He'll just
                befriend you.
    Go back to Ottawa and talk to the Prince. After he befriends you, proceed over
    to Vancouver and talk to the Duke of Vancouver. He'll befriend you, too. Go to
    the dock and cross the lake, then proceed into the building with Phillip and
    Perform each of your Farts in front of Phillip and Terrance and they will show
    you the Nagasaki. After Phillip and Terrance befriend you, proceed back towards
    Ottawa and into the Cave. Use Nagasaki at the barrier, defeat the Beasts, then
    talk to the Minister of Montreal.
    That's it! Go back to South Park and talk to Annie at the City Hall. 
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                     CANADA COMPLETE
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
    Pick up the Mouse-Tik Chinpokomon and talk to all the Girls to befriend them
    before you go back to Kyle's House. Once there, talk to Kyle and proceed to
    Clyde's House.
    Once you arrive at Clyde's House, issue Butters to restore Wendy's Health and
    use Nagasaki to drop the drawbridge. Go around the back of the Castle and use
    your Gnome Powder. There's a small opening underneath the Generator.
    Issue Butters to restore the Gnome's Health and wait for him to take out the
    Giant Rat. Shoot the lighter near the Giant Rat on your left, then use the Cup-
    A-Spell to light it aflame.
    Proceed up the pipe to your right to reach the inside of the Castle, then take
    out the Cyclops. 
         [BACK DOOR EXIT]
         Shoot the ladder to your right, drop down and kill the Guards, then 
         destroy the barricade and proceed out the door on the left.
         Kill the two Guards, then proceed to the right and teleport onto the
         ledge with the Generator.
         - - -
    Climb the ladder to the left. Hit the tire in the next room to free the Nazi
    Cats, then hit the lamp in the bottom with your Cup-A-Spell. Destroy the
    barricade and defeat the remaining Nazi Zombies.
    Shoot the ladder after you defeat the Nazi Zombies, then use your Nagasaki.
    Climb up and take down the Cyclops, then proceed into the tower on the right.
    Loot the Chest and raise the Gate, then proceed left and teleport to the upper-
    most balcony. You'll find a "Shoe" Chinpokomon here. Teleport to the left of
    the toxic barrel and defeat the Savages.
    Raise the Gate, inspect the Chest, then destroy the barricade and proceed into
    the Castle.
    Quickly! Once inside hit the lamp on the left balcony, then use your
    Cup-A-Spell to let Stan in. Now go to the right and use your Nagasaki to assist
    Ike. You'll also need to use your Cup-A-Spell to drop the Cow.
    You may be able to take out the Cow in a single blow. This would potentially
    allow Thieves to use Backstab on Craig, which would be impossible while the
    Cow is there.
    Craig will now poof off into 5 Craigs and they are all identical in terms of
    their Attack Power and Health. Don't worry, there Defense is pretty weak. Toss
    a Speed Potion and use attacks that will injure multiple targets.
    Craig's "Channelled Attack" is much like the Thief's Death of a Thousand Cuts.
    Craig will drop in and inflict a massive blow to your Health. Yes... Even if
    you block it, it will still hurt. Interrupt it before he is able to use it.
    Once you defeat the Craig Clones, you will need to defeat Craig before he uses
    it again as it will restore his Health.
    - - -
    Climb the ladder, then proceed upstairs to meet up with Randy Marsh. Before
    you head inside the Evil Throne Room, you will need to deal with the Nuke.
    Everyone will provide you with hints on what to do but if you are still unsure,
    use the Gnome Dust, then inspect Mr. Slave.
    Move up the Colon and smash all the objects that barricade your path. When you
    reach the Core Critical object, instruct Stan to use Sparky on it. Shoot the
    red sack to the right to destroy the Nazi Slime, then teleport to the right
    and proceed through the Colon until you reach a billiard ball. (Mr. Hat will
    befriend you on Facebook.)
    Use your Nagasaki to dislodge the billiard and destroy the Nazi Slime, then
    proceed to the next area.
    Kill the Nazi Slime to the right to acquire the Viroblade, proceed behind the
    iPhone and up onto the Flashlight. Drop down from the Flashlight via the pile
    of poop, then proceed right to lodge the batteries back into place. Hit the
    button on top the turn on the Flashlight and dislodge the Bat.
    Climb the beeds to the left and you will run into the Sparrow Prince. 
    Start by taking out the Nazi Slimes before going after the Sparrow Prince. The
    Sparrow Prince just has a handful of attacks that will inflict betwee 2,000
    and 4,000+ Damage so make sure you time your blocks appropriatly. You cannot
    make the Sparrow Prince Burn, Bleed, or "Grossed Out".
    - - -
    Continue to your right until you reach a barricade, then use your Nagasaki. Go
    up the poop and onto the baton-shaped object, then teleport onto the
    bottlecapped poop and hit the switch. Teleport back onto the baton-shaped
    object and proceed right until you reach two Guards.
    Defeat the Guards, then proceed right and you will meet up with Catatafish.
    Switch to Jimmy, then use the Buddy Command to open the Snuke. Go inside the
    and inspect the Snuke and perform on the instructions on-screen to disarm it.
    Go out the door to your left and into the Throne Room. 
    He has a ton of Health and will inflict "Grossed Out" if you neglect to block.
    He's also IMMUNE to Burn, Bleed, Stun and "Grossed Out". Use any Items you
    have such as Strength Potions and Speed Potions. Jimmy may also be of help
    with his Ability(+) and Defense(-) Abilities.
    Chef has a "Channeling Attack" but it isn't too intense if you are able to
    perform the button-mash sequence properly. You won't take any damage from it
    if you manage to do it perfectly.
    Aside from that, just keep hitting on Chef until he reaches his senses. Clyde
    will then light him aflame in which you will need to perform one more button
    mashing sequence to finish the battle.
    - - -
    Follow Kenny to your left through the Ye Olde Shop.
    You won't be able to target the Government Agent, but stacks your Bleed, Burn
    and "Grossed Out" debuffs on Kenny. Kenny doesn't have a lot of potent attacks,
    but you will need to watch out for the Unicorn. It's tough to block because of
    it's duration.
    The Government Agent's job is basically to distract you with something you
    probably don't want to see.
    - - -
    This is pretty identical to the Princess Kenny Battle. She has a couple of new
    rapid attacks and one that requires you to button-mash. Once you kill Kenny,
    you will hear a classic comment from South Park, at which point you will need
    to kill Kenny again.
    Phase Two, as you attack Kenny, you will be prompted to perform quick button-
    mash sequences to prevent Kenny from performing unfair battle tactics. However,
    as soon as you perform these actions, your Buddy will not be available for the
    rest of the battle.
    Phase Three. When you kill Kenny he will return to life, prompting Phase 3.
    You still possess limited Allies and do not have time to rest in-between. Yes,
    the Government Agent is still standing there, too. Once you take down Kenny
    this time, the battle will end and the Humans/Elves will regroup.
    Phase Four. You will need to use your Fart Magic on Kenny. This will cause
    Kenny to blow up.
    - - -
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
                                     DAY THREE COMPLETE
     O -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= O
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