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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JyrakosDraco

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    [                          STACKING 100% WALKTHROUGH                          ]
    [                               Version: Final+                               ]
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    [ +                            TABLE OF CONTENTS                            + ]
       I. INTRODUCTION......................................................(INTRD)
      II. STORY & CONTROLS..................................................(STRCN)
     III. WALKTHROUGH.......................................................(WKTHR)
          1. Royal Train Station............................................(RLTN1)
               a. Empty the Lounge..........................................(RLTC1)
               b. Unique Dolls..............................................(RLTUD)
          2. Gilded Steam Ship..............................................(GLSTS)
               a. Cause Chaos at the Safari.................................(GLSC1)
               b. Sabotage the Exhibit......................................(GLSC2)
               c. Stop the Caviar Service...................................(GLSC3)
               d. Muddle the Maps...........................................(GLSC4)
               e. Get the Gits a Gi.........................................(GLSC5)
               f. Hi-Jinks..................................................(GLSHJ)
               g. Unique Dolls..............................................(GLSUD)
          3. Royal Train Station 2.0........................................(RLTN2)
               a. Hi-Jinks..................................................(RLTHJ)
               b. Sort the Lines............................................(RLTC2)
          4. Zeppelin of Consequence........................................(ZPCNS)
               a. Get Rid of the Gas........................................(ZPCC1)
               b. Open the Gate.............................................(ZPCC2)
               c. Break Out of the Brig.....................................(ZPCC3)
               d. Stop that Car.............................................(ZPCC4)
               e. Hi-Jinks..................................................(ZPCHJ)
               f. Get Mr. Ruffles!..........................................(ZPCC5)
               g. Unique Dolls..............................................(ZPCUD)
          5. Royal Train Station 3.0........................................(RLTN3)
               a. Wind the Clock!...........................................(RLTC3)
          6. Triple Decker Tank Engine......................................(TDTEN)
               a. Defeat Sickle the Sly.....................................(TDTC1)
               b. Tickle Tiberius the Terrible..............................(TDTC2)
               c. Illuminate the Shadow General.............................(TDTC3)
               d. Scare Simpleton the Strong................................(TDTC4)
               e. Hi-Jinks..................................................(TDTHJ)
               f. Unique Dolls..............................................(TDTUD)
          7. Final Challenge................................................(FNCHL)
          8. DLC: The Lost Hobo King........................................(DLCHK)
               a. Get in the House..........................................(LHKC1)
               b. Open Excalican............................................(LHKC2)
               c. Get Past the Ghouls.......................................(LHKC3)
               d. H-Jinks...................................................(LHKHJ)
               e. Unique Dolls..............................................(LHKUD)
      IV. ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES.............................................(ACHTR)
       V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS........................................(FRAQU)
      VI. VIDEO WALKTHROUGH/LET'S PLAY......................................(VIDLP)
     VII. VERSION HISTORY...................................................(VRHST)
    VIII. CREDITS...........................................................(CRDTS)
      IX. COPYRIGHT.........................................................(CPYRT)
    [ +                             I. INTRODUCTION                    (INTRD)  + ]
    Welcome to my official Stacking 100% Walkthrough. This guide is designed to
    find every unique doll (and all sets), complete every Hi-Jink, and solve
    every challenge in every way possible. If you follow this guide, you'll not
    only beat The Baron, you'll also get 100% and every Achievement/Trophy.
    As a particular note, the Unique Doll sections are simply lists of the dolls
    to help you locate any you might be missing. If you need to know how to find
    any particular doll, search for their full name. They'll be listed in the
    walkthrough with a [##/##] after their name whenever I tell you where they are
    and how to stack them.
    [ +                          II. STORY & CONTROLS                  (STRCN)  + ]
    The main gameplay of Stacking is a puzzle experience based on Russian stacking
    dolls. You play as Charlie Blackmore, the smallest stacking doll in the world.
    Stack into sequentially larger dolls to solve challenges and eventually save
    your family, and the world, from the evil Baron.
    XBOX360       PLAYSTATION 3	PC   		USE
    Left Stick    Left Stick      	WASD		Move Around
    Right Stick   Right Stick     	Mouse		Control Camera
    A             X               	E		Use Abilities/Confirm
    X             Square          	Q		Talk To Dolls
    Y             Triangle        	Left Click	Stack Into Larger Dolls
    B             Circle          	Right Click	Unstack Down To Smaller Sizes
    LB            L1              	Caps Lock	Bring Up Challenge Menu
    RB            R1              	Space		Display Objective Trail
    LT/RT         L2/R2           	Caps Lock	Cycle Through Menus
    Start         Start           	Esc		Open Main Menu/Pause
    Back          Select          			Not Used
    [ +                            III. WALKTHROUGH                    (WKTHR)  + ]
    { *                         1. ROYAL TRAIN STATION                 (RLTN1)  * }
    Once you have control of Charlie, head forward toward the hobo in your way.
    Talk to Levi until he moves out of your way. As you continue onward, a
    cutscene will start (Coalition of the Unwilling). After the cutscene is over,
    you're given your first objective, End the Train Strike. Soon after entering
    the train station proper, you'll be given an introductory lesson to stacking.
    Stack into the Size 1, 2, and 3 dolls in your way, and you'll be taught about
    Abilities. Use the Size 3 doll's ability (Make Way!) to move onward. Go speak
    with the guard near the locked gate to start a short quest (Find and Stack the
    Key Master) and learn about unstacking. Unstack from your Size 3 and go stack
    into Key Master Dawson [01/18]. You can't miss him, he has a key on his head
    that's about 3 times as big as Charlie. The Key master is your first Unique
    Doll. There'll be many more, and this guide will help you find every one. Go
    use Dawson's ability (Unlock) to open the gate. Before moving onward, you may
    enjoy stacking into random dolls around the area to experiment with their
    abilities. One of my favorites is the Size 1 doll with Stop, Drop, and Roll.
    Also practice talking to dolls, many say multiple things and they may say
    something different depending on what doll you are at that time. For example,
    talking to them as Charlie usually leads to many comments about how tiny you
    As you progress through the game, talking is often useful for giving you clues
    and hints about what to do next. When you're ready, go through the gate and
    continue your quest. If you ever forget where you're headed, you can always
    tap a button to make a trail appear to lead you to your next story objective.
    At the end of the first hallway, you'll find a Size 3 female doll in a
    feathered hat. Her ability (Eagle Eye) will make unique dolls glow a bright
    blue. You'll notice a unique Size 2 doll near her. Stack into her (Luydmila
    Allendorf [02/18]) to find out about Matching Sets. Let's go ahead and find
    the rest of her family (Lost German Family Set [1/2]).  Go into the main area,
    and walk straight ahead and down to the bathrooms, where you'll find Hans
    Allendorf [03/18], the Size 1 doll in the set. Note: leave a doll unstacked
    for too long, and they'll start heading back toward their original location.
    Grab the two German siblings and head up the stairs in front of you. You'll
    see a Size 3 female doll in purple with a white bonnet. Stack into her (Ursula
    Allendorf [04/18]) to complete the set and trigger a cutscene (The Akzidentale
    Tourists). Now that they are reunited, you can now find them standing together
    next to the information kiosk at the top of the stairs if you're looking for
    them again.
    Head towards the Royal Lounge to trigger a cutscene and a lesson on
    Challenges. The first challenge is called Empty the Lounge. I'll go through
    every solution for each challenge, but you only need to complete one solution
    each to move on with the story. If you wish to complete the challenges without
    my help, you can trigger hints in-game.
    < #                          a. EMPTY THE LOUNGE                   (RLTC1)  # >
    Solution 1: Fan-tastic.
         Stack into the Size 2 doll carrying a giant wrench (Clerk-of-the-Works
         Jasper [05/18]). He can found to the right of the lounge next to a rack
         of tools. Use his ability (Maintain) on the fan to the right of the
         lounge door. Enter the secret passageway and talk to the Host to clear
         everyone out of the lounge.
    Solution 2: Unauthorized Entry.
         Stack into the Size 3 female doll with blonde hair walking around swaying
         her hips and carrying a fan (The Widow Chastity [06/18]). Walk up to the
         guard and use her ability (Seduce) to lure him away from the door.
         Unstack from Chastity and stack into Guard Perry [07/18]. His ability
         (Open) will let you into the lounge. Talk to the Host to clear the room
         again. There are a few other ways to complete this particular solution.
         Instead of using The Widow Chastity, you could use Ursula Allendorf. Her
         ability (Scream for Help) will also distract the guard. Once you have
         distracted the guard, you do not have to use him to open the door. If you
         prefer, use the Key Master or Jasper from Solution 1.
    Solution 3: The Fog of War.
         Back down by the bathrooms where you found Hans, you'll see a Size 3 bald
         male doll wearaing a white suit. He's easy to spot, because he often
         leaves a trail of green gas in his wake. Stack into him (Meriwether
         Malodor [08/18]) and take him up towards the lounge. Use his ability
         (Flatulate) on the fan to clear the room in an odorous manner.
    Time to end the strike. Stack into the Train Guild Set [2/2] (all three are
    now standing right outside the lounge). In order of size, they are Ticketeer
    Frederick [09/18], Conductor Orville [10/18], and Engineer Ulysses [11/18]. 
    Feel free to play around with their abilities, as two of them will be no
    longer be stackable after this part of the game. Take the set down to the
    tracks to trigger a cutscene (The Spice of Life) and end the strike once and
    for all. After that cutscene, there will be another one in which you are
    reunited with hobo Levi and he tells you all about your new secret hideout.
    Whenever you complete challenges or find unique dolls, he will add to the
    Head back to the train station from the hideout. But before leaving the
    station, let's go find the rest of the unique dolls. Grab a Size 1 doll and
    head into the main concourse. On the lower level near several seats, you'll
    find a Size 2 male doll wandering around wearing a top hat and smoking a pipe
    (Solicitor Barnabas [12/18]). After grabbing him, head up the left-hand
    stairs. You'll find Drummer Percy [13/18] drumming on a balcony at the end of
    the corridor. I feel kind of bad for the coal workers below him. Head back
    down the stairs and go towards the ticket counter (which is just past the
    lounge if you didn't notice it earlier). Stack into the Size 3 male doll with
    orange hair and an eye patch (Strike Leader Chesley [14/18]). Remember his
    location, since his ability (Organize) will be useful later. Head back into
    the Royal Lounge (which is open to the public now) and stack into the Size 3
    Host (Lounge Host Demoreuille [15/18]) you spoke with earlier. Back out and go
    up the other set of upper level stairs (opposite of the flight that led to
    Drummer Percy). Upon entering the lounge, hop into the Size 3 striped male
    doll on the right (Engineer Cross [16/18]). Behind him is the Size 3 Judge
    Meantal [17/18]. There's one more unique doll to get in here, but sadly
    you can't stack into him yet. We'll get him later.
    We're done in the Royal Train Station for now, so head back towards the train
    and speak with the conductor to depart for the Gilded Steam Ship. Don't worry,
    you don't need to wait in line, unusually tiny people get first dibs on train
    < #                            b. UNIQUE DOLLS                     (RLTUD)  # >
     1. Meriwether Malodor
     2. Hans Allendorf
     3. Luydmila Allendorf
     4. Ursula Allendorf
     5. Guard Perry
     6. Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper
     7. The Widow Chastity
     8. Solicitor Barnabas
     9. Ticketeer Frederick
    10. Conductor Orville
    11. Engineer Ulysses
    12. Strike Leader Chesley
    13. Lounge Host Demoreuille
    14. Drummer Perry
    15. Key Master Dawson
    16. Judge Meantal
    17. Engineer Switch
    18. Engineer Cross
    { *                          2. GILDED STEAM SHIP                  (GLSTS)  * }
    After the cutscene, you start out on the lowest deck of the steam ship. Your
    primary objective this time is to Incite A Mutiny. Once you have control, head
    straight ahead towards the safari. You'll trigger a lesson about Hi-Jinks.
    Feel free to try them out on your own, I will cover them in detail at the end
    of each section. Upon reaching the safari, you'll trigger your first challenge
    on the ship.
    < #                     a. CAUSE CHAOS AT THE SAFARI               (GLSC1)  # >
    Solution 1: Misfire!
         Stack into any Size 2 doll and approach the Size 3 male doll sitting next
         to the cannon (Field Commander Appleyard [01/27]). You can shoot at the
         animals, but that won't cause the chaos you need. Turn to the left, and
         use the Fire Cannon ability to shoot into the pipe.
    Solution 2: Animauler.
         Stack into any Size 3 doll, and look for a Size 4 male doll with a boxing
         glove. There are 2 in front of some cardboard lions. Congratulations, now
         you can stack up to Size 4 dolls. Proceed to use his ability A Proper
         Uppercut to decapitate all 3 lions. It's up to you if you want to be a
         cruel person and punch random other dolls. I know I did.
    Solution 3: Un-Bear-able.
         Stack into a Size 2 pelican (you'll find one right outside the safari).
         Go ahead and use his ability Fly to Nest and you'll fly to a nearby nest
         in a window. You'll also notice, this is 1/4 of the Hi-Jink, Nesting
         Instinct. I'll help you find the rest of the nests later in the guide.
         Jump down from the window into the hunter's room. To your right is a Size
         3 Kodiak Bear [02/27]. Take him out of the room and back towards the
         safari. Use his ability Growl twice in the safari to frighten the patrons
         and cause some more chaos.
    Solution 4: Penny Lane.
         Stack into a Size 3 Make Way doll (usually bald with a vest). You may
         remember him as being the first Size 3 doll you ever stack into. Look
         behind you and you'll notice a 4-person bicycle circling the lower deck.
         There is also a cardboard zebra set piece with two steward dolls in front
         of it. Wait for the bicycle to come close, and use the Make Way ability
         at the right time to cause the bicycle to stop. Stack into the Size 4
         steward doll at the front of the bicycle. Use his ability Pedal Bike to
         crash into the set piece. This will shut down the safari for good. When
         you're done, note that you can stack into all four bicycle-riding
         stewards one after the other. It's rather amusing to see the bicycle
         zooming along with only one rider.
    Now that the Safari challenge is complete, take the time to stack into the
    Size 3 Safety Inspector Ludd [03/27] who is now standing in front of the
    safari. Also, if you hop into any Size 2 steward (they wear white jackets and
    sometimes carry luggage), you can use Standout Stare, which like Eagle Eye
    lights up unique characters. You can find these stewards all over the ship.
    When you're ready, head around to the right to find your next challenge in the
    Argyle Ballroom.
    < #                        b. SABOTAGE THE EXHIBIT                 (GLSC2)  # >
    Solution 1: Mummy Dearest.
         Head down the left-hand staircase and stack into the Size 4 male doll
         holding a lantern in front of the mummy (Exhibit Guard Walter [04/27]).
         Use his ability Escort Small Doll to pick up each of the three children
         to the right of the mummy and place them out of the way. Unstack down to
         Size 2 and stack into the Mummy [05/27] to walk out of the exhibit. Make
         sure to Moan at some random people on your way out.
    Solution 2: The Fighting Pharaoh.
         Go stack into a Size 4 boxing doll (there's one right outside the
         exhibit). Look for a pharaoh near the middle of the exhibit with boxing
         gloves of its own. Take that sucker down a notch, and delay the exhibit
         for the second time.
    Solution 3: Queen of Argyle.
         Right outside the exhibit, you'll notice a Size 4 male doll who looks
         like a magician with a penchant for purple argyle. Stack into Ronaldo
         [06/27] and have a little fun using Perform Illusion on random dolls.
         This is also a Hi-Jink (A Mass Effect…no not that one). I recommend doing
         all 10 of these now, as it saves time later. Once you've completed the
         Hi-Jink, use the ability on the queen statue in the corner of the exhibit
         (to the right of the stage).
    Since Ronaldo has been so helpful, let's take a short break from our sabotage
    to help him find the rest of his family (Illusion Family Set [1/2]). The Size
    1 dog Prestige [07/27] can be found on the 2nd level of the ship. Look for him
    near the three mice and a giant shark jaw. Head into the hallway that runs
    through the middle of the 2nd level. You'll find the Size 2 daughter Gwendola
    [08/27] standing down a little offshoot hallway with starfish on the carpet.
    The size 3 mother Peatrice [09/27] can be found back on the first level. She's
    in a private cabin near where you found the Kodiak Bear. Go through the
    opening opposite the couches and head to the left. No wonder her husband
    couldn't find her, since she can make herself invisible. Take the family back
    to Ronaldo and stack them all together to complete the set and trigger a
    cutscene (Lord of Confusion). Now that they're all together, they'll hang out
    outside the exhibit (slightly to the right as you exit). Now back to
    sabotaging the exhibit.
    Solution 4: Relic Rustler.
         Once again, you'll be stacking into one of the exhibits. Find the Gilded
         Sarcophagus [10/27] to the left of the stage. Stack into it and use the
         ability Shine to attract a Size 4 doll to you and stack into them.
         Proceed to calmly walk out of the exhibit, stealing a priceless artifact.
    Solution 5: Curd of the Ancients.
         You may have noticed a cheesy artifact in the center of the exhibit. Well
         it's time to pay the piper. Stack into a Size 2 violin carrying female
         doll and walk around the ship to the left. You'll notice some mice on the
         way, remember where they are. Right before you reach the hallway on the
         other side, you'll see the Pied Piper [11/27], wearing a red hat with a
         purple feather. He's sitting on a chair up high so you'll need to lure
         him down with the ability Play Violin so you can stack into him. Head
         back to the mice and use Play Flute to get them to follow you back to the
         exhibit. Once you get close enough to the cheese sphinix, the mice will
         take care of the rest.
    Now that the exhibit challenge is complete, you can stack into the Size 1 doll
    from right outside (Ferdinand Reginald [12/27]). He's an intellectual
    snoozefest. Head upstairs to level 2 and look for the Caviar Buffet (it's near
    where you found the illusionist's daughter) to start your next challenge.
    < #                      c. STOP THE CAVIAR SERVICE                (GLSC3)  # >
    Solution 1: Caviar Porridge.
         Look for the Size 2 Gruel Chef Hornsby [13/27]. He is usually walking
         back and forth between the porridge buffet and the kitchen. Go into the
         kitchen and use Pour Gruel Thickener into the rather creepy fish shaped
         caviar machine.
    Solution 2: Sea of Gruel.
         Once again, stack into the Gruel Chef. But this time walk up the little
         steps of the caviar bar and pour the thickener into the water. This will
         stop the caviar boats.
    Solution 3: Eggs Overboard.
         Stack into any Size 3 or 4 doll and enter the kitchen from the outside
         door (near where you found Prestige). Once again, the key to stopping the
         service is the caviar machine. This time, simply push it out of the
         kitchen and off the side of the ship.
    Solution 4: Rat Eggs.
         Go back downstairs and stack into the Pied Piper again. Bring him
         upstairs to the door from the last solution and lead the nearby mice into
         the kitchen. Once again, those wonderful mice will take care of
    Solution 5: Summons to Appear.
         Stack into the Size 3 Buffet Host Yves [14/27] and use his ability Summon
         Caviar Chef. Stack into the Size 2 Caviar Chef Vladimir [15/27]. Go back
         into the kitchen and use his ability Dump Caviar next to the caviar
    Now that the caviar service is stopped for good, let's head up to level 3 to
    muddle some maps in the Towel…I mean Map Room.
    < #                          d. MUDDLE THE MAPS                    (GLSC4)  # >
    Solution 1: A Near Mess.
         As soon as you reach the third level, you'll see Size 3 Mess Officer
         Morris [16/27] cleaning the walls with a giant scrub brush. Take him into
         the map room, and Scrub away the maps. You have to be standing relatively
         close to the map assistant (he has a phonograph on his head.)
    Solution 2: Crumbly Maps.
         There's a familiar looking Size 1 male doll who seems to be seasick
         outside the map room. He wanders around a bit, but you can usually find
         him on whatever level you're on. Stack into him to find out he's our old
         buddy Hans Allendorf [17/27]. Take him into the map room and Toss Cookies
         all over the maps. Gross, but effective.
    Solution 3: Slapped Clean.
         Stack into a Size 2 male doll wearing a yellow hat with red, white, &
         blue trim. You can find one near the railing right outside to the right.
         You can use his ability White Glove Slap on the map assistant to mess up
         the maps again. If you want to, you can alos use this doll's ability on
         any 10 other dolls (except Size 1 children, you sicko) to complete
         another Hi-Jink (Slap Happy). Be warned, slap another of the same doll,
         and he'll slap you right back.
    Solution 4: Color My World.
         There are two children outside the map room who are missing their
         crayons. Take one of them (or any Size 1 child) to the artist on the
         second floor. He's in the room next to where you found the illusionist's
         daughter. Talk to him for a makeover (and 1/5 of a new Hi-Jink:
         Masquerade Ball, which we'll finish later). He will put a crayon on your
         head. You can use the ability Color to scribble on other dolls (not a
         Hi-Jink, but a lot of fun). Go back to the map room and Color on the maps
         to finish this challenge.
    Now that the maps are all muddled, you can stack into Size 3 Map Assistant
    Gilbert [18/27]. You're now ready to take on the Captain. Feel free to seek
    out other Hi-Jinks and unique dolls before doing so.
    Unstack down to Charlie and go left out of the map room. You'll find a
    Charlie-sized doorway that will lead you to where the 4 adventurers are trying
    to reach the Captain. Stack into the Grand Adventurers Set [2/2] (in size
    order: Doktor Exakt [19/27], Professor Ramses [20/27], The Hunter Darby
    [21/27], and Madame Habitant [22/27]). To complete the story challenge Get
    Past the Guards, you'll need to use each adventurer's ability. Each guard is
    vulnerable to the ability of the adventurer who matches him in size. Use
    Measure on the first guard, then stack into all 4 dolls and move on to the
    next guard. Use Mummify on this one (this will trigger 1/5 of the Hi-Jink All
    Wrapped Up). Proceed to the final guard and use Fire Cork. Once upstairs, use
    Intimidate to make the Captain an offer he can't refuse and trigger a cutscene
    (The Grand Mutiny).
    Yay! The voyage is over, but your work is not. Before disembarking, there's
    still much unfinished business to attend to. You can now stack into Size 4
    Captain Swing [23/27]. There is also a new bonus challenge called Get the Gits
    a Gig to attempt. Let's go tackle that first. Head to the left from the
    captain and walk around the ship until you reach the club, triggering a short
    cutscene. Look for a pair of twins nearby in blue overalls. Stack into each of
    these Size 2 dolls (Bobby Webb [24/27] and Billy Webb [25/27]). Regardless of
    which you are currently in, the other will always follow you. Our objective is
    to get these two dolls into the club in three different ways so they will be
    hired as the new club band.
    < #                         e. GET THE GITS A GIG                  (GLSC5)  # >
    Solution 1: Fancy Facade.
         Stack either Webb doll into any Size 3 doll that is dressed in a
         distinguished manner (i.e.: wearing a top hat). The host will let you in.
         Unstack and hop up on stage to pass the first test.
    Solution 2: Painted Black and White.
         Take the Webb brothers up to the second level, and get them both
         makeovers from the artist. Once both brothers have top hats, the host
         will let you in the club. Get on stage again to pass the second test.
    Solution 3: Polly Got a Cracker.
         Look for your old friend Hans who is probably tossing his cookies behind
         the nearby staircase. Toss your cookies by the nearby pirate to feed his
         parrot and make him stackable (the pirate, not the parrot). Stack into a
         Webb brother and then into Pirate Chuck [26/27]. Use his ability YAR!
         (which just happens to be the password today, lucky you) to get in one
         more time. Once the Webb brothers are on stage for a third and final
         time, they'll be hired and you'll be done with challenges on The Gilded
         Steam Ship.
    Now let's move on to Hi-Jinks. I know we are still missing one unique doll,
    but we'll get him in the process.
    < #                              f. Hi-JinkS                       (GLSHJ)  # >
    * Masquerade Ball (5) - Get dolls made over at the "Artistic Makeover" shop.
         Take any doll who looks like they may need a little fashion help (those
         dressed in a distinguished manner bore the artist) to the artist on the
         second floor and talk to him to get a makeover. (If you've been following
         the walkthrough, you should only need to do this twice more.)
    * Nesting Instinct (4) - Use pelicans to fly to all nests.
         There are 4 nests around the ship. The first is an inner window near the
         safari (you should already have this one from getting the bear). The
         second is on the second level, near the kitchen door. This third is on
         the third level, near the crayon kids. The fourth is actually inside the
         caviar buffet, above the gruel bar.
    * Animal Stack (1) - Stack Prestige, any pelican, and the Kodiak Bear together.
         Start by stacking into Prestige. If you haven't reunited his family set,
         see section {tba}. Next, stack into any pelican (I recommend the one near
         the safari). Then fly back into the hunter's room and stack into the
         Kodiak Bear.
    * Broadsides! (5) - Use Pirate Chuck to make dolls faint.
         Stack into Pirate Chuck, who is usually standing outside the club on the
         first floor. Use his ability YAR! to scare five Size 1 dolls.
    *A Mass Effect (10) – Perform the Argyle Illusion on dolls.
         Use the illusionist Ronaldo's ability to put an argyle covering on 10
         different dolls. (If you've been following the walkthrough, this should
         already be complete.)
    * Anchor of Love (5) - Drop Anchor near female dolls.
         To complete this Hi-Jink, we need to find our last unique doll. Go back
         near the artist on the second floor and go into the room across from the
         artist's room. Stack into Size 3 Dropped Anchor Drew [27/27]. Use his
         ability Drop Anchor near any 5 female dolls. 
    * Steward Season (10) - Hit stewards with the cork gun.
         Stack into the Size 3 adventurer (Hunter Darby). You need to use his
         ability Fire Cork on 10 steward dolls. They're Size 2 and wear white
         suits. You can find them on all levels all over the ship. The ones near
         the safari wearing animal masks count as well.
    * All Wrapped Up (5) - Use Professor Ramses to mummify dolls.
         Stack into the Size 2 adventurer (Professor Ramses) and use his ability
         on any Size 1 or Size 2 dolls.
    * Lil' Stinky (5) - Toot on dolls.
         Look for a Size 1 male doll with the ability Toot. You can find several
         near the safari, they usually wear green. Use his ability on 5 different
    * Slap Happy (10) – White Glove Slap dolls.
         Find a Size 2 male doll wearing a yellow hat with red, white, & blue
         trim. Use White Glove Slap on any 10 dolls of Size 2 or larger. (If
         you've been following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    < #                            g. UNIQUE DOLLS                     (GLSUD)  # >
     1. Kodiak Bear
     2. Pied Piper
     3. Hans Allendorf
     4. Mummy
     5. Ronaldo
     6. Peatrice
     7. Gwendola
     8. Prestige
     9. Caviar Chef Vladmir
    10. Gruel Chef Hornby
    11. Buffet Host Yves
    12. Mess Officer Morris
    13. Ferdinand Reginald
    14. Exhibit Guard Walter
    15. Gilded Sarcophagus
    16. Madame Habitant
    17. The Hunter Darby
    18. Professor Ramses
    19. Doktor Exakt
    20. Map Assistant Gilbert
    21. Pirate Chuck
    22. Captain Swing
    23. Safety Inspector Ludd
    24. Field Commander Appleyard
    25. Bobby Webb
    26. Billy Webb
    27. Dropped Anchor Drew
    When you're done playing on the ship, talk to the conductor (he's hanging
    with the Captain and the adventurers on the first level) to head back to the
    Royal Train Station. This will trigger a cutscene (The Baron).
    { *                       3. ROYAL TRAIN STATION 2.0               (RLTN2)  * }
    As soon as you start moving forward, you'll get another note from Levi, who
    wants to hear about your adventure. He'll show you how he's improving the
    secret hideout and about a shortcut to the main concourse (it's to the left of
    the Gilded Steam Ship display). Head inside and use the coal cart to reach the
    main concourse of the train station. Hi-Jinks are now unlocked in the station.
    Let's go ahead and do all that we can.
    < #                              a. Hi-JinkS                       (RLTHJ)  # >
    * Soliciting (10) - Use Solicitor Barnabas to talk to adult women.
         Remember Solicitor Barnabas? He's on the lower level of the main
         concourse smoking his pipe. Stack into him and use Talk (not his ability,
         Smoke) to solicit 10 adult female dolls. The Widow Chastity is the only
         one who seems interested.
    * Look Both Ways! (5) - Use Crossing Guard ability on dolls.
         You can't do this one yet. We'll do this the next time we come back to
         Royal Train Station. (But just to let you know, you use Engineer Switch's
         ability on 5 dolls.)
    * You're IT! (5) - Play Tag with child dolls.
         Stack into a Size 1 female doll with blonde pigtails (they're wearing
         white). Use her ability Tag! on any 5 other child dolls.
    * A Little Relieved! (1) - Use Hans "Go Potty" ability in the men's bathroom.
         Stack into good old Hans and head downstairs towards the bathrooms. Go
         into the men's bathroom (it's the one on the right) and use his ability
         Go Potty. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.
    * A Blast on the Past (5) - Flatulate on old dolls.
         Stack into Meriwether Malodor (he's up on the second level, usually
         wandering near the ticket windows). Use his ability Flatulate on 5 older
         dolls (the ones with grey hair). Hint: if you have trouble hitting one of
         the moving ones, talk to him first to get him to stand still.
    * The Black Widow (1) - Seduce 3 adult men at once.
         Stack into Widow Chastity (she's still near the lounge). Use her ability
         Seduce to have 3 different adult male dolls drooling over you at one
    * Patronize (5) - Use the Lounge Host's Insult Patron ability on dolls.
         Head back into the Royal Lounge and stack into the Host. Use his ability
         Insult Patron on 5 other dolls in the lounge.
    * Bathroom Chatterbox (2) - Talk to dolls in both restrooms.
         Go into both bathrooms and talk to the dolls you find in each bathroom.
         You do not need to stack anyone specific for this Hi-Jink.
    * Rule of Law (5) - Deliver Justice to dolls.
         You'll be able to do this one as soon as you have solved the next
         challenge at least once. Use Judge Meantal's ability Deliver Justice to
         sentence 5 different dolls.
    * An Uninvited Uppercut (5) - Gives dolls in the lounge a Proper Uppercut.
         Stack into a Size 4 boxing doll and go into the Royal Lounge. Use his
         uppercut ability on any 5 dolls in the lounge.
    Head towards the ticket counter to trigger your next challenge.
    < #                           b. SORT THE LINES                    (RLTC2)  # >
    Solution 1: Line Assembly Production.
         Use Charlie to stack into the various Size 1 through 3 dolls standing in
         front of the ticket windows. Manually move them around until they are in
         their correct lines. Only Size 1 dolls in the outside lines, Size 3 in
         the center line, and Size 2 in the two other lines. You'll notice a
         ticket window light up when the dolls are correctly placed. An empty
         line qualifies as a correct line, but all dolls have to be in one of the
         lines (they can't just be left off on the side).
    Solution 2: Gust of Order.
         Stack into Meriwether Malodor again. Use his Flatulate on the dolls
         standing in line, clearing them out. Afterwards, unstack and stack into
         Strike Leader Chesley (he's standing right near by). Use his ability
         Organize and the dolls will go into their correct lines on their own.
    Solution 3: Uppercut Shuffle.
         Stack into a Size 4 boxing doll and start beating up on the dolls to get
         them to move to their correct line. Don't you wish you could do this at
         the grocery store?
    Now that you've sorted the lines, you can stack into Judge Meantal (although
    if you're following my guide, you already stacked into him once for Collection
    sake). Use his ability Deliver Justice on any 5 dolls to complete your second
    to last Hi-Jink for the Station. While still staying inside the Judge, head
    back to the trains. You'll see a new train (shaped oddly like a zeppelin) to
    your right. Talk to the conductor to board.
    { *                       4. ZEPPELIN OF CONSEQUENCE               (ZPCNS)  * }
    After the cutscene, you'll find yourself trapped and challenged to Escape the
    Kitchen! There are two holding pens off to the side where you'll find several
    child dolls kept prisoner. Two of these are unique and will be needed to
    escape. Start with Hans Allendorf [01/24] (how does he keep getting in
    trouble?). Use his ability Mix Batter to lure one of the bullies away. Quickly
    unstack and run into the other pen, where you can stack into Spice Girl Jane
    [02/24] and use her ability Shake Pepper. If you're quick enough, this will
    draw the other bully away so the ambassador is now free and stackable. Stack
    into Ambassador Bon Appetite [03/24] and use his ability Rally Troops to
    escape and trigger a cutscene (A Fixed Summit). Since no one else seems
    capable of being useful, it's up to you to free all the ambassadors on the
    zeppelin and Sway the Summit!
    You're now free to leave the kitchen. Head up the stairs and into the Dining
    Room. You'll notice several different sizes of stewards here (they're now
    wearing black jackets and hats with red trim). Their ability Discerning Gaze
    is the newest in the list of unique character highlighters. There are several
    unique characters in this room you can go ahead and stack into. An
    impressively large Size 5 opera singer named Prima Donna Wilhelmina [04/24]
    has the ability Sing. If you use this ability near 5 tables with glasses on
    them, you'll shatter them and complete the Hi-Jink Shattered. You'll also find
    our old friend Meriwether Malodor [05/24] near the door to the Air Exchange
    Room. In fact, he might have found his soul mate, Size 3 female doll Felicity
    Fowler [06/24]. Just use her ability Pass Potpourri and you'll understand the
    attraction. In fact, go ahead and use it on 10 dolls for the Hi-Jink Flower
    Power. When you're done exploring the event room, head into the Air Exchange
    Room to find another trapped ambassador.
    < #                         a. GET RID OF THE GAS                  (ZPCC1)  # >
    Solution 1: A Blast of Sweet Air.
         If you're not still stacked into Felicity, go back and get her from the
         Dining Room. Go into the room where the ambassador is trapped, turn
         around, and let loose with some potpourri. Now THAT is a double rainbow!
         Don't get too close to the gas or you may pass out.
    Solution 2: Opera Sucks.
         Go stack into your other new doll, Wilhelmina. Much like Felicity, walk
         up to the gas and use her ability to remove the foul wind. Although,
         where she puts all that gas, no one knows.
    Solution 3: Override Up High.
         The room next to the gas room is the Fan Service Room (not that kind of
         fan service). There's a hole in the door, just right for little Charlie.
         Once inside, stack into all 3 maintenance stewards and use Maintain on
         the switch next to the door to get out. Unstack down to the Size 1
         steward and stack into the nearby Size 2 balloon steward. Back in the Fan
         Service Room, use his ability Fly to Station on top of the windy grate.
         Once on top, unstack and use maintain on the nearby switch.
    Solution 4: Bun in the Oven.
         There are several Size 3 women carrying purses (wearing blue). Stack into
         one and go into the nearby Emergency Room (it's across from the Fan
         Service Room). Stack into the Hazard Suit [07/24] and use the suit to
         walk safely through the gas. On the far side, unstack and use the ability
         Purse Smash to "Smash in case of Emergency".
    Now that we've gotten rid of the gas, head down the stairs towards the Summit
    Room. Before you get there you'll come across another challenge. This time
    it's up to you (oh wait...it's always up to you) to Open the Gate.
    < #                            b. OPEN THE GATE                    (ZPCC2)  # >
    Solution 1: Gate Wedgie.
         Stack into a nearby Size 4 male doll (distinguishable by his plaid pants)
         and use his ability The Northern Kiss to ring the bell next to the ring
         of Cromwell the Terrible [08/24]. When Cromwell comes down, stack into
         him and use his ability The Royal Wedgie on the nearby gate. Yes, the
         gate is a giant pair of tighty whities. Now that you've met Cromwell,
         stack into him again and use his ability on 10 different adult male dolls.
         This will net you the Hi-Jink Terrible Melvin (and yes, that is a pair of
         golden underwear on his head).
    Solution 2: Shaken Up.
         Stack into any size maintenance steward and use Maintain on the switch to
         the right of the gate. This will cause a white hand to pop out. Stack
         into a nearby Size 3 male doll (wearing a red jacket with black hair).
         Use his ability A Firm Handshake on the white hand to open the gate.
         Note: you have to be standing perfectly in front of the hand to trigger
    Solution 3: Inside Job.
         Go into the Crew Quarters next to Cromwell's ring and head up the stairs
         you find there. At the top you'll encounter a Size 1 male doll child
         holding a teddy bear. Stack into Thad [09/24] and any Size 2 doll nearby.
         Go back to the gaudily dressed woman you passed (Portia Peacock [10/24])
         and stack into her. At the end of the area, use her ability Fan Feathers
         to call down the nearby peacock (who seems more than a little confused
         about his species). Stack into the Size 2 Peacock [11/24] and use Fly to
         Nest to hop up above the area behind the gate. Drop down and stack into
         the Size 1 maintenance steward inside to open the gate from the inside
    Now that the gate is firmly opened, you can stack into the Size 5 Gate Keeper
    [12/24] who is standing outside the open gate. Time to move on.
    Continue onwards towards the summit room. There's nothing you can really do
    here at the moment, but it's funny to watch them argue. Leave the room and
    continue onward. Slip through a hole in a door you come across and you'll be
    captured by one of the Baron's guards and thrown into the Brig. Conveniently
    another of the ambassadors is here, if you Break out of the Brig, he can
    escape too. Note: after each escape, you can backtrack to where you got caught
    initially. The guard is still there and will continue to capture you and throw
    you in the brig until you have found all 3 solutions.
    < #                        c. BREAK OUT OF THE BRIG                (ZPCC3)  # >
    Solution 1: Out of the Frying Pan.
         Stack into the only Size 1 doll in the room (Recreation Officer Chip
         [13/24]) then stack into the Size 2 doll (Fire Chief Russell [14/24]).
         Use Russell's ability Spray Hose on the fireplace and quickly unstack to
         Charlie and run through the hole to escape.
    Solution 2: Birdman of Brig.
         Stack into all the dolls in the room. Use the Size 3 steward to bodily
         knock down the dominoes. This will cause the nearby Size 1 bird to fly
         down into the room. Stack into him and Fly to Nest to escape through
         another conveniently placed hole.
    Solution 3: Slip Up.
         Stack into all 3 dolls again and this time push the roller skate forward
         until it won't go any further. Use Charlie to stack onto the bellows
         attached to a trumpet. Use the ability to make noise, luring the guard in
         so he'll fall flat on his face.
    Now that you're free to roam around, head up the stairs to trigger a cutscene
    (Wanted Doll). From now on, there will be occasional large guard dolls who
    will attempt to capture Charlie if he gets too close (one resides in the next
    too), so you should be stacked in at least a Size 1 doll at all times. To save
    the last ambassador, we have to Stop that Car.
    < #                            d. STOP THAT CAR                    (ZPCC4)  # >
    Solution 1: Photo Finish.
         Stack into any of the Size 3 dolls around the area that carry cameras and
         wear brown hats. Use the ability Flash Photo to take a picture of the
         driving monkey when the car comes near you.
    Note: Once you solve this challenge once, a cutscene (The Fish Contigency)
    will be triggered and you'll be forced to continue the story before you can
    come back and do the other 4 solutions. For this reason, I'll continue and
    come back to the other solutions after the next part.
    You'll find yourself in the summit room with the ambassadors and your sister,
    Abigail. Once again, you have to save the day. Stack into our old friend Bon
    Appetite and then continue on into each of the four other ambassadors:
    Ambassador Osman [15/24], Ambassador Log [16/24], Ambassador Chaka [17/24],
    and Ambassador Wroll [18/24]. After completing the Ambassadors Set [1/2],
    follow Abigail to the Bellows Room, using the ability Key to the City to
    unlock doors in your way. When you arrive, it's time to Pump the Bellows.
    Stack into the largest bellows and proceed to unstack until all the
    ambassadors are in place. Go downstairs to the smallest bellows and stack onto
    it. Pump Bellows to save the zeppelin and trigger a cutscene (Ah! The
    Zeppelin Saved! You'll notice right away there's a new bonus challenge, but
    we'll complete that later, after we finish stopping the car. Follow your
    previous path back to the dog track. Note: the guard in this room is still
    here, so don't let him catch you.
    Solution 2: Breaking for Bananas.
         Near where you arrive in the room, you'll notice several giant bananas.
         To the right of these is a banana vending machine. Thankfully it doesn't
         cost anything, as Charlie left his quarters at home. Stack onto the
         machine and pump out some bananas, when you do, the banana vendors will
         come to collect them. Stack into one of these Size 4 vendors and Toss
         Banana onto the tracks to distract the monkey.
    Solution 3: Call to Arms.
         Head up the stairs and into the announcer's booth. Stack into the Size 2
         bugle boy doll and the Size 3 maintenance steward, you'll find there.
         Maintain the smoking machine behind the announcer. He'll leave his post
         to assess the situation. Use the distraction to Play Bugle into the
         megaphone and upset the race.
    Solution 4: Rabbit Takes Chimp.
         As Charlie, go up one of the tiny ramps you will find at either end of
         the racetrack. You'll need to stack into one of the racing dogs as they
         pass (they go by very quickly). Use the ability Fast Run to catch up to
         the car and stack into each of the dolls until you can Apply Brakes and
         end the race.
    Before we can do Solution 5, we have a set of unique dolls to find. The first
    of the Silent Film Set [2/2] can be found at the base of the staircase near
    the original entrance to this area. Stack into Equipment Man Leander [19/24]
    and set off in search of the rest. Look directly on the other side of the
    tracks for the Size 2 female doll (Trixie [20/24]) wearing way too much makeup
    and standing under film lights. Continue past the Baron's guard and you'll see
    the Size 4 doll of the set. Pass him by and look under the stairs for Size 3
    Camera Man Joe [21/24]. Go back for Donald Capulet [22/24] and head in the
    direction you came from. After passing Trixie's original spot, you should see
    the director Cecil Dumheal [23/24]. Stack into him to trigger a cutscene (Bard
    Appeal). You can now find all 5 members of the crew on the stage at the far
    end of the track (opposite the giant bananas).
    Solution 5: Action Flag.
         Stack back into the film crew, and take Cecil up to the top of the track
         where you played the bugle before. Use the ability Action! on the
         checkered flag doll to get him to wave the checkered flag and stop the
         car for the last time.
    Now that the car is stopped, go back up top once more and stack into Size 3
    Flag Bearer Goff [24/24]. Before we leave this area, go down to the stage and
    stack Camera Man Joe. Use his ability Rolling! on 10 female dolls for the
    Hi-Jink Girls on Film. If you're having trouble finding 10 female dolls, talk
    to the zip line steward (he's standing next to a set of stairs that appear to
    go nowhere), and he'll zip you over to the Dining Room. This is also a Hi-Jink
    (Zippity Do-Da) so use the zip line twice more to complete this one. You
    should now be in the Dining Room, so let's hit up some of the Hi-Jinks we
    still have left.
    < #                              e. Hi-JinkS                       (ZPCHJ)  # >
    * Terrible Melvin (10) - Give dolls the Royal Wedgie.
         Use Cromwell to give male adult dolls a wedgie. (If you've been following
         the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Scribble On (5) - Use the "Pen is Mightier" on dolls.
         I prefer to do this one last, as we have to go back to the Summit Room to
         leave the Zeppelin. Stack into the Size 3 Ambassador Log and use his
         ability to write on any 5 dolls.
    * Flower Power (10) - Use Felicity to Pass Potpourri on dolls.
         Stack into Felicity Fowler and use her ability on any 10 dolls. (If
         you've been following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Zippity Do-Da (3) - Ride the zip line.
         Talk to either zip line steward to ride the zip line. Do this 3 times.
         (If you've been following the walkthrough, this should already be
    * Shattered (5) – Use Wilhelmina to break glass by singing.
         Wilhelmina's ability Sing will break glasses that you can find on many
         tables in the Dining Room. (If you've been following the walkthrough,
         this should already be complete.)
    * Steward Stack (1) - Stack any four zeppelin stewards together.
         Stack into any combination of Size 1 to Size 4 steward dolls. The easiest
         way is to stack the 3 maintenance dolls in the Fan Service Room and the
         Size 4 steward to the right by the stairs as you re-enter the Dining Room.
         Note: Recreation Officer Chip in the Brig counts as a steward.
    * Say Cheese (10) - Use "Flash Photo" on dolls.
         Stack into any Size 3 camera man (film, not video) and use his ability on
         any 10 dolls. Other camera men and for some reason Wilhemina do not count
         for this Hi-Jink.
    * Girls on Film (10) - Film adult women with Camera Man Joe.
         Use Camera Man Joe's ability on any 10 adult women. (If you've been
         following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Floating High (2) - Fly Balloon Stewards to both waiter stations.
         Stack into a Size 2 balloon steward. There's one outside the Fan Service
         Room, if you're looking for one. Go to the upper level of the Dining Room
         and use Fly to Station from two of the launching pads.
    * Mime Abuse (5) - Hit Mimes with the Northern Kiss or Purse Smash.
         Stack into either a Size 3 female doll with a purse or a Size 4 male doll
         with plaid pants. Use their abilities to beat the crap out of mimes
         (several of which are in the Dining Room). This is possibly the most
         satisfying Hi-Jink in the game. If you're having trouble finding 5 mimes,
         zip across to the racetrack or start making your way back to the Summit
         Room, where you can now complete the Hi-Jink Scribbled On if you haven't
    Back in the Summit Room, you'll see Thad getting picked on by 3 bullies.
    < #                          f. GET MR. RUFFLES!                   (ZPCC5)  # >
    Solution 1: Needle in a Doll Stack.
         This is essentially the old pea and shell game. Follow the doll with the
         bear and talk to him when they're done. If you get it wrong, you can just
         keep trying again.
    Solution 2: Peek-a-Bully.
         Stack into the nearby banana vendor and feed the bullies. When they open
         up to eat, look inside and see which one has the bear. Talk to this one
         to get the bear back again.
    Solution 3: Marked Men.
         Use either Size 2 Ambassador Osman's The Official Seal or Size 3
         Ambassador Log's The Pen is Mightier (or both) to mark the bullies so you
         can tell which one has the bear and get Mr. Ruffles back for good. Such a
         heartwarming tale of a boy and his ballroom dancing bear.
    You should now be done with the Zeppelin of Consequence. It's time to head
    back to the Royal Train Station by talking to the conductor in the Summit
    Room. You'll see a cutscene (The Diabolical Four) on your way back to the
    < #                            g. UNIQUE DOLLS                     (ZPCUD)  # >
     1. Prima Donna Wilhelmina
     2. Meriwether Malodor
     3. Felicity Fowler
     4. Hazard Suit
     5. Ambassador Bon Appetite
     6. Ambassador Osman
     7. Ambassador Log
     8. Ambassador Chaka
     9. Ambassador Wroll
    10. Hans Allendorf
    11. Spice Girl Jane
    12. Portia Peacock
    13. Cromwell the Terrible
    14. Gate Keeper
    15. Cecil Dumheal
    16. Donald Capulet
    17. Camera Man Joe
    18. Trixie
    19. Equipment Man Leander
    20. Flag Bearer Goff
    21. Recreation Officer Chip
    22. Thad
    23. Fire Chief Russell
    24. Peacock
    { *                       5. ROYAL TRAIN STATION 3.0               (RLTN3)  * }
    Once again, Levi will summon you to your hideout to show you what he's done.
    Not only has he added dolls and a mural, but he's expanded the hideout to an
    entirely new room. Where IS he getting all the art supplies? Afterwards, you
    should head back towards the trains to help sort out things for the grown-ups
    You'll notice a gigantic, freakishly colorful new train. However, no trains
    are leaving until all the clocks can be synchronized. So this time you have to
    Wind the Clock!
    Before we start on that, let's get our last unique doll for the Station, the
    Size 5 Engineer Switch [18/18]. He's the behemoth standing near the clock. You
    can't miss him. Use his ability Crossing Guard on any 5 dolls to complete the
    Station's last Hi-Jink, Look Both Ways!
    < #                           a. WIND THE CLOCK!                   (RLTC3)  # >
    Solution 1: A Clockwork Pelican.
         Stack into the nearby Size 2 pelican and use Fly to Nest to fly up close
         to the clock. Unstack to Charlie (don't fall) and hop on the winding
         device. Wind the Clock to solve this challenge.
    Solution 2: A Gentleman's Solution.
         To the right of the doors with gears on them, you'll see a Charlie-sized
         door. Inside, hop on the Door Override mechanism and open the winding
         doors. Head back out and grab a Size 3 Handshake doll (there is one just
         to the left of the gear door). Go back inside and shake hands with the
         randomly placed manual winder (seriously, who puts these things here?).
    Solution 3: Wind Under Your Wings.
         Stack into a Size 2 Balloon steward right outside the gear doors and head
         past the train that takes you to the Zeppelin. Stack into Engineer Cross
         (the blue and white striped outfit). Look for the fans above the
         Charlie-sized door from the previous solution. Use the ability Blow Lid,
         unstack quickly, and use Fly to Station to float up to another platform
         with a manual winding device. Unstack (be careful not to fall) and wind
         the device as Charlie.
    Now that the clock will stay wound for eternity, you're ready to talk to the
    creepy clown standing in front of the colorful train. Board the train to
    travel to the Triple Decker Tank Engine.
    { *                      6. TRIPLE DECKER TANK ENGINE              (TDTEN)  * }
    After the cutscene, you find yourself on quite possibly the scariest train
    ever...or so the first room would have you believe. The Size 2 dolls wearing
    clown masks you see right away have the ability Peerless Peek, another ability
    that scouts out unique dolls. These dolls are EVERYWHERE on the Tank Engine.
    Proceed out of this room through the small Charlie-sized passage on the right,
    where you'll find many of the children you've encountered in the past locked 
    up in pens. They don't seem very happy with you right now. Progress onward
    until a short cutscene shows you a sleeping guard and a dog. If you get too
    close to the guard, he'll wake up and catch you. Instead, stack onto the dog
    feeder, and proceed to pedal until a dog biscuit falls out. Stack into Guard
    Dog Biscuits [01/26] when he comes over for his treat. Use his ability Unlock
    Pen at the keyhole to free the children and trigger a cutscene (Unfortunate
    Reunion). Your new objective? Rescue your family and Stop the Train!
    Before leaving the area, stack into the two unique dolls nearby, who you'll
    recognize from the Zeppelin: Spice Girl Jane [02/26] and Thad [03/26]. As you
    progress through this stage, there are guards in many areas who will capture
    you (much like the end of the zeppelin) if you go around as Charlie. If you
    get captured, a short cutscene will trigger (these are actually quite
    amusing), and you'll be thrown back onto the tank engine near where you were
    caught. You'll have to best the Diabolical Four to rescue each member of your
    family. First, Defeat Sickle the Sly.
    < #                       a. DEFEAT SICKLE THE SLY                 (TDTC1)  # >
    Solution 1: Fire and Ice.
         From Sickle's room, go up one level and you'll see a brief scene
         explaining the new Combo Abilities. Grab the two unique dolls from the
         scene. The first is Hans Allendorf [04/26], who has lost his family yet
         again! The other is Fire Chief Russell [05/26], whom you may remember
         from the Brig. Take them down to Sickle. Use Spray Hose on him, quickly
         unstack, and use Blow Cold Air.
    Solution 2: Sneezing Wild Fire.
         From Sickle's room, go up one level and stack into the Size 4 Sir Sully
         Taintwell [06/26]. He's easily recognized by the thermometer in his mouth
         and the fact that he's sneezing on everyone. Take Sully down to Sickle's
         room, and use his Infectious Sneeze on one of the dolls in the room (Size
         3 or smaller). Stack into that doll and approach Sickle to pass on your
    Solution 3: Pigeon Bisque.
         From Sickle's room, go up one level and stack into any Size 1 doll with a
         soup bowl on his head. Continue up to level 3 and move forward into the
         room until a pigeon sits in your bowl and poops on your head (times like
         these make me seriously worried for Tim Schafer's mental health). Head
         back down to Sickle's room and Serve Soup onto him to make him sick
    Solution 4: Snot Soup.
         From Sickle's room, go up one level and find any Size 1 doll with a soup
         bowl on his head, stack into a different Size 1 doll and then stack into
         Sully and sneeze into the soup bowl. Stack into the doll with the now
         green toxic soup. Take him down to Sickle and serve the soup to him
         again. The food service on this train is just plain awful!
    One down, three to go. Go up one room and stack into a soup doll. Serve Soup
    to any sick doll that Sully has infected (or Sully himself) for the Hi-Jink
    Soup for the Sick. Continue onward to the pigeon room where you'll see a guard.
    Quickly unstack to Charlie, and as soon as he notices you, restack into any
    doll to trigger 1/4 of the Hi-Jink The Artful Dodger. Go next door into the
    buffet room, where you'll see a Size 1 piano player doll standing right
    outside the room. Stack into Gustav [07/26]. He's the first of a new set:
    Piano Players Set [1/2], and we're going to start assembling them now. The next
    3 sizes of the set can all be found in three of the corners of the room. They
    are Sergei [08/26], Ludwig [09/26], and Wolfgang [10/26].
    After you stack Wolfgang, stack into the Size 5 female doll near him and
    continue downward to level 2. The next room, which I have lovingly nicknamed
    the Harem Room, contains a women's only lounge. Once through, unstack down to
    the Size 3 piano player and stack into a Size 4 male doll with a Factory
    Whistle on his head. Use his ability on the sleeping piano player doll in the
    comfy chair. Once he's awake, restack quickly into Wolfgang and stack into
    Franz [11/26]. Go downstairs to level 1, where you'll meet Tiberius the
    Terrible. Ignore him for now, you can tickle him later. The next room is a
    Piano Bar (and you thought the piano players were just an amusing gag). Upon
    entering the room, you'll be tasked with reuniting the piano players. Aren't
    you glad you gathered 5/6 of them already? Simply stack into Size 6 Piano
    Lead Frederic [12/26] to trigger a cutscene and open the door to the second
    half of the Tank Engine. Now, back we go to Tickle Tiberius the Terrible. The
    doll you need for the first solution can be found within this room.
    < #                    b. TICKLE TIBERIUS THE TERRIBLE             (TDTC2)  # >
    Solution 1: Tickle Duster.
         Get inside any of the Size 3 French maid dolls (get your mind out of the
         gutter). Take her back to Tiberius and use Feather Dust to knock him off
         his feet.
    Solution 2: Feather Face.
         Stack into the nearby soup doll. Wander to the right of Tiberius and a
         pigeon will land in your soup (not again!). Unstack and stack into the
         Size 1 pigeon. Use Fly to Nest to land on Tiberius's head.
    Solution 3: Hairy A'mor.
         From Tiberius's room, head back up to the Harem Room. Stack into any
         female doll to pass through. While passing through, unstack and stack
         into the Size 3 The Widow Chastity [13/26]. (Why is she in here, anyway?
         There are no men to seduce!) Go up to level 3 in the buffet room. Look
         for the Size 3 male doll who appears to have stuck his hand in an
         electrical socket. Stack into Gilliam the Furry [14/26]. While you have
         him, go ahead and give 5 adult female dolls a Man Hug for the Hi-Jink The
         Warm Embrace. When you're done with that, notice the sleeping tailor in
         the corner. Stack into a Size 4 Whistle doll again, and wake up Size 4
         The Tailor Wickens [15/26]. Take the tailor back downstairs to the Harem.
         Use Measure for Fitting on the two guard ladies at each end. While
         they're being measured, you can stack into Rosie [16/26] and Gertie
         [17/26]. Their ability Disable Ladies' Gate will make future travel
         through this room much more simple. Take the tailor onward to Tiberius
         and use the Measure for Fitting ability on him too. Once Tiberius is
         undressed, unstack and have Gilliam give him a big ole Man Hug (this
         makes him uncomfortable for some reason).
    Two down, two to go. Before moving onward, stack into a Size 2 doll and go
    back through the Harem Room. On the balcony, you can stack into a Size 3 Bully
    (they have pots on their heads). Use the ability Belly Bump on the four
    children on the balcony and one more to get the Hi-Jink Belly Bumper. Go back
    to Tiberius's room and continue onward. On your way from Tiberius's room to
    the Piano Bar, you'll encounter another guard. This is a good time to get your
    2nd Artful Dodge. While in the Piano Bar, stack into a Size 2 doll, then stack
    into a Size 3 female doll with a winding gear on her hat. She'll have the
    ability Overtime. You can also stack a Size 3 Oil Spill male doll. Then stack
    a Size 4 whistle doll or Size 4 male doll with a top hat and Pollute ability.
    Then stack into a Size 5 female doll with the ability Carbon Footprint or a
    Size 5 male doll wearing a hat with a clock on it and the ability Punch Clock.
    This will earn you the Evil Stack Hi-Jink. There may be other combinations of
    dolls you can use, but these are the ones I'm sure of. Now stack into a Size
    5 male Punch Clock doll if you haven't already. Use his ability on 5 adult
    dolls for the Hi-Jink Clocked Out. To prepare to move on, stack into a Size 3
    male doll with an oil drum for a hat, and a Size 4 male doll with a candle on
    his head. Continue onward to the next room where you're tasked to Illuminate
    the Shadow General.
    < #                   c. ILLUMINATE THE SHADOW GENERAL             (TDTC3)  # >
    Solution 1: Flarewell.
         Use the Flare ability in front of the general, unstack and quickly use
         Oil Spill to light up his life.
    Solution 2: Cookin' With Gas.
         Go up to level 2 into the Gas Room. There's another guard, so go ahead
         and perform your third Artful Dodge. Look for a unique character holding
         a wrench. It's Size 2 Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper [18/26]. Use Maintain on
         the giant contraption at the end of the room to turn on the gas line.
         Stack into a Size 4 flare doll and stand under the pilot light. Use Flare
         to turn on the light.
    Before we tackle the third solution, look right outside the General's room.
    You'll find another old friend: Meriwether Malodor [19/26]. After stacking him
    for your collection, go get a French maid doll from the Piano Bar. Use her
    ability Feather Dust on Meriwether for the Hi-Jink Tickle Gas. It's even more
    effective than pulling his finger.
    Solution 3: Money Generator.
         Stack into a Size 1 child doll with a money box on his head. Look for a
         small coin operated device on the wall opposite the General. Use the
         ability Serve Money to lower a button. Go stack into a Size 5 female doll
         with the ability Carbon Footprint. Slam that doll on the button to
         brighten up the room considerably.
    Three down, one to go. Head onwards through the Gas Room. Follow the path to
    the Kid Workshop. Inside, you'll find a fourth guard, so go ahead and finish
    up The Artful Dodger Hi-Jink. You'll notice the guards now sport a very
    fashionable Kick Me sign. Continue down to the second level. Stack into any
    Size 2 doll and just outside the far door of this room, you'll find the Size
    3 Corporate Spy [20/26]. Use his ability Disguise on 5 female dolls for the
    Hi-Jink Masked Missus. If you haven't already put a mask on a Size 5 doll, do
    so now and stack into him/her. Take them downstairs to meet and Scare
    Simpleton the Strong.
    < #                     d. SCARE SIMPLETON THE STRONG              (TDTC4)  # >
    Solution 1: Masked Mirage.
         If you've been following the guide, you already have a Size 5 doll with a
         mask. Approach Simpleton and he'll simply walk away, thinking you're his
         relief guard.
    Solution 2: Sheet Spirit.
         Go back up to level 2 and stack into a Size 2 laundry doll. Use the
         ability Fold Sheet on any 5 Size 1 dolls for the Hi-Jink Hallowed Sheets.
         After this is done, stack into any of the dolls you covered, and go back
         down to Simpleton. He'll run away looking like he's seen a ghost (sorry,
         I know it's bad, but I couldn't resist).
    Solution 3: Clownfoolery.
         Once more, go back up to level 2. This time stack into a Size 2 hammer
         doll. Use the ability Hammer Time to annoy the adult doll standing in
         front of the giant Jack-in-the-Box. He will release the clown (yes, it's
         as scary as it sounds). Stack into the Size 6 doll Peck the Clown
         [21/26]. While you are Peck, use his ability Clown Scream on any 5 child
         dolls for the Hi-Jink Clownaclysm. If you've been following the
         walkthrough diligently, you have now completed all Hi-Jinks in the game.
         Congratulations! But it's too soon to celebrate. Take Peck down to visit
         Simpleton. He's just as scared of the Clown Scream as the children.
    All four challenges are now complete. It's time to take the fight to the Baron
    Head towards the Coal Car to be reunited with your family and watch a cutscene.
    After the scene is over, stack into each of your family members. Albert
    Blackmore [22/26], Agatha Blackmore [23/26], Abigail Blackmore [24/26],
    Archibald Blackmore [25/26], and Agnes Blackmore [26/26] to complete the
    Blackmore Family Set [2/2]. You now have all the unique characters and every
    character set! Now it's time to Cross the Coal Car.
    Use Agnes's ability Clean Out on the locked door. Unstack (don't worry, she'll
    catch up with us later) and go through the door. Here, use Archibald's ability
    Chimney Climb to ascend the chimney in front of you. Unstack again and move
    forward. When you get to the fire, use Abigail's ability Snuff Out to clear
    the way. Unstack (are you starting to sense a pattern?), and head through the
    hole. Agatha's ability Parasol Spin will get you safely past the rock shower.
    Unstack from her and head into the coal filled area. Albert's Shovel will
    clear a path. Head through the Charlie-sized hole for a special reunion and a
    cutscene (The Last Platform). Ready for the Final Challenge?
    < #                              e. Hi-JinkS                       (TDTHJ)  # >
    If you've been following this walkthrough you should have all Hi-Jinks on the
    The Triple Decker Tank Engine complete already, but just in case, here's a
    complete list.
    * The Warm Embrace (5) - Hug female dolls with Gilliam.
         Stack into Gilliam the Furry. If you haven't already been introduced to
         him, he's the one who looks like he stuck his finger in a socket hanging
         out in the buffet room (where you found 4 of the 6 piano players). Use
         his ability Man Hug on 5 adult female dolls.
    * Hallowed Sheets (5) - Cover dolls with sheets.
         Stack into any Size 2 laundry doll. Use the ability Fold Sheet on 5 Size
         1 dolls.
    * Clocked Out (5) - Knock down dolls with the punch clock ability.
         Stack into a Size 5 male Punch Clock doll (there are plenty in the piano
         bar). Use his ability Punch Clock on 5 adult dolls.
    * Soup for the Sick (1) - Serve Soup to any infected doll.
         In the level 2 room above Sickle the Sly, use a soup doll to Serve Soup
         to any sick doll that Sully has infected (or Sully himself).
    * Tickle Gas (1) - Dust Meriwether Malodor.
         Outside the General's room, you'll find Meriwether Malodor. Get a French
         maid doll from the Piano Bar and use her ability Feather Dust on him.
    * Clownaclysm (5) - Use the Clown Scream on child dolls.
         In the level 2 room above Simpleton, stack into a Size 2 hammer doll. Use
         the ability Hammer Time to annoy the adult doll standing in front of the
         giant Jack-in-the-Box. He will release the clown. Use Peck the Clown's
         ability Clown Scream on any 5 child dolls.
    * Belly Bumper (5) - Belly Bump child dolls.
         Stack into a Size 3 Bully (they have pots on their heads). Use the
         ability Belly Bump on 5 child dolls. (If you're looking for a bully,
         there is one on the balcony outside the women-only lounge. There are also
         four children with him.)
    * The Artful Dodger (4) - Escape from the guards without being caught.
         Unstack from your size 1 doll in the presence of any four different
         guards and restack quickly before you get caught.
    * Evil Stack (1) - Stack any three evil industrialists together.
         The dolls that I know for sure count for this Hi-Jink are: Size 3 female
         doll with a winding gear on her hat and the ability Overtime or Size 3
         Oil Spill male doll (they have oil drums on their heads); Size 4 whistle
         doll or Size 4 male doll with a top hat and Pollute ability; Size 5
         female doll with the ability Carbon Footprint or Size 5 male doll wearing
         a hat with a clock on it and the ability Punch Clock. You can find all of
         these in the piano bar or just about anywhere else.
    * Masked Missus (5) - Disguise female dolls.
         Just outside the far door of the level 2 room above Simpleton, you'll
         find the Size 3 Corporate Spy. Use his ability Disguise on 5 female dolls
         to give them masks.
    < #                            f. UNIQUE DOLLS                     (TDTUD)  # >
     1. Guard Dog Biscuits
     2. Fire Chief Russell
     3. Meriwether Malodor
     4. Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper
     5. Sir Sully Taintwell
     6. The Tailor Wickens
     7. Gilliam the Furry
     8. Rosie
     9. Gertie
    10. Peck the Clown
    11. Corporate Spy
    12. Gustav
    13. Sergei
    14. Ludwig
    15. Wolfgang
    16. Franz
    17. Piano Lead Frederic
    18. Albert Blackmore
    19. Agatha Blackmore
    20. Abigail Blackmore
    21. Archibald Blackmore
    22. Agnes Blackmore
    23. Hans Allendorf
    24. Spice Girl Jane
    25. Thad
    26. The Widow Chastity
    { *                           7. FINAL CHALLENGE                   (FNCHL)  * }
    This part of the final challenge happens in stages. For each stage, you'll
    need to use a Blackmore family member and another doll to defeat each part.
    Stoke the Fire Ball.
         Stack into William Blackmore and use his ability Pump Bellows on the
         fireplace. Unstack to Size 2 and find an Oil Spill doll. Use his ability
         on the fireplace.
    High Cleanout.
         Stack into Clerk-of-the-Works Jasper (he's standing to the left of the
         family). Use Maintain on the Clean Out Access Door to the right of the
         fireplace. Stack up to Agnes Blackmore and use Clean Out on the opening.
    Climb Hither.
         Near where you found Jasper, stack into The Widow Chastity and then into
         Archibald Blackmore. Chimney Climb up the structure. Unstack to Chastity
         and use Seduce. Love hurts sometimes.
    Lift for Dead.
         Stack into Abilgail Blackmore and use her Snuff Out on the three flames.
         Now stack into Cromwell the Terrible (who is almost straight back from
         the flames). Give that gate The Royal Wedgie.
    Unleash the Cracking.
         Stack into Agatha Blackmore and use her Parasol Spin to plug up the pipe
         raining coal on your parade. Stack into Hans's mother Ursula (what, we're
         not using Hans for the thousandth time?). Scream for Help at the factory
    Charcoal Rain.
         Stack into Albert Blackmore and look for a pelican doll to the right of
         where you screamed. Stack into the bird and Fly to Nest. Unstack and use
         Shovel on the big rock. (I've been trying not to comment on these
         cutscenes, but can I just say, Go Mr. Ruffles!)
    Now it's time for the final showdown. It's you vs the Baron. Just one on one.
    Well...and the dolls you can (both!) stack into. When the cutscene ends, stack
    into the four dolls nearby. Use the Flare doll to light the matches on either
    side of the door. Unstack to Meriwether and fart in the Baron's general
    direction (apparently his mother was a hamster and his father smelt of
    elderberries). Watch the badass cutscene and prepare for the RoShamBo Rumble,
    otherwise known as the most cutthroat game of Rock, Paper, Scissors you will
    ever play.
    As soon as you have control, stack into the generic Size 1 and 2 dolls nearby.
    There are always plenty of these around, but sadly they serve no purpose
    except getting you to Size 3. Wandering around the circular arena (which I
    swear was taken directly from a Mario Kart game), you'll see 2 each of 3
    different dolls walking around. They'll either have a Rock, a ream of Paper,
    or a pair of Scissors on their heads. In case you live under a rock (haha),
    the rules of the game are as follows. Rock smashes scissors. Scissors cut
    paper. Paper covers rock. (I've never really understood the last one. Maybe
    rocks need to breathe?) The Baron will pick one of the three and start chasing
    you. You can always tell what doll he is stacked into because of the glowing
    red light around him. If he manages to catch you when he is in a doll that
    beats your Size 3 doll or when you are not stacked into a Size 3 doll, he'll
    smash, cut, or cover you. Regardless, you'll be bounced right back into
    action. If you choose a doll that beats his when he is not nearby he'll
    immediately hop out and run to stack into a doll that beats yours. It's
    important to know that The Baron will always run faster than you. The trick is
    to let The Baron get close to you while you stand near a doll that will beat
    his. As soon as he is close, stack into the superior doll and use their
    ability to attack him. If you hit him with a superior doll or while he's
    trying to escape, you'll complete the challenge. Note that the Baron will
    usually choose a doll that is superior to yours after he has been attacked.
    Attack him a total of four times to win the game.
    Kick back and enjoy the ending (which is pretty epic). And enjoy that 100%
    completion! You'll land back in the Secret Hideout after the credits so don't
    forget to look around atyour completed murals and collection. Now that you're
    all done you can run around playing with the dolls or revisit any of the
    { *                       8. DLC: THE LOST HOBO KING               (DLCHK)  * }
    The first DLC for Stacking came out early April, 2011. Entitled, The Lost Hobo
    King, you're given a brand new set of challenges, Hi-Jinks, and dolls. Your
    main objective? Help Levi's uncle Rufus, the rightful heir to the throne of
    Camelfoot, reclaim his throne.
    When you load the new DLC, you'll be treated to a cutscene (The Lost Hobo
    King) to kick everything off. The story picks up shortly after the end of the
    original adventure. Wasting no time, as soon as you arrive, you are told it is
    your job (of course) to pass the tests of valor and awaken the three hobo
    blacksmiths of old.
    As soon as you have control, head forwards until you find a Size 1 male doll
    with a fishing pole (there's one who wanders up and down the stairs in front
    of you). Take him back to the pier where you started and use Go Fish to save a
    drowning friend. Yep, it's Deep Sea Hans [01/14]. You know we couldn't have a
    new stage without him, right? For now, don't worry about him, but remember
    where he is, cause he'll be needed later. While you have the fishing boy, use
    his ability on any 5 dolls wearing hats or helmets for the Ten Gallon Trawl
    Hi-Jink. Two dolls to make note of as you come into the main area are the Size
    2 female dolls who wear a shawl and the Size 3 male dolls with bears and hobo
    staves (look for a purple can on a stick). The women have Eerie Examination
    (another unique doll locator), and the old men have Read Runes (which will
    decipher the various runes you find on parchments around town). The runes
    serve as a type of extra hint system, though they're not always clear until
    after you've solved a solution. For now, stack into a rune reading doll and
    head left towards a rather odd mechanical house.
    < #                         a. GET IN THE HOUSE                    (LHKC1)  # >
    You'll notice upon arriving that the house hops up on stilts if you cross the
    runed parchment in front of it. However, you're going to have to get in that
    house if you want to wake up the first blacksmith.
    Solution 1: Accurate Pressure.
         You should already have a rune reader, so have him take a look at the
         scroll. 3 of the symbols will change into pictures of dolls. Unstack the
         three dolls you have, leaving one on each of the spots. This will short
         circuit the spell and cause the house to stay on the ground.
    Solution 2: Smoking out the Bandit.
         You should find a fellow with a straw hat...pipe...thing on his head
         (Cornelius Caboose [02/14]) standing near the house. Stack into him, and
         go use his ability Smoke Out on the hole in the wall near him. This will
         draw out a Size 2 Raccoon [03/14]. Once you stack into the Raccoon, turn
         around and go back into his cave (1/3 of the Hi-Jink Racconnaissance).
         Exit and find a cave on the same wall closer to the house (2/3). Follow
         this other cave all the way through and you'll come out on the far side
         of the scroll. The third burrow for the Hi-Jink is back out in the center
         area (you can use his ability Seek Burrow to help find it).
    Solution 3: Fishy Swallow.
         For the last solution, stack into a Size 3 hobo with a bag on a stick.
         Walk over to the large doll nearby with a tuna can on his head. He seems
         to be suffering from "intestinal distress", so what should you do? Use
         Bindle Bash to smack him until he feels better (hey, if it works for a
         broken TV). You'll dislodge a fish (along with several other bizarre and
         unappetizing items, including an homage to Costume Quest). Stack into the
         fish (Gumps o' the Sea [04/14]) and head back towards the house. Near the
         right wall, you may have noticed a pile of feathers. Use Fish Out of
         Water there and you'll lure down a seagull. Stack into him and fly back
         up to the nest he came from. Wander forward until you can safely drop
         down behind enemy lines.
    You'll find the next blacksmith sleeping in the section of town on the
    opposite side of the main square.
    < #                          b. OPEN EXCALICAN                     (LHKC2)  # >
    The sardine can housing this blacksmith is sitting in plain sight. However, it
    seems to be sealed tight. Time to crack open this can.
    Solution 1: Gone Fishin'.
         You'll see four building sized cans in the area, one of which has an
         opening you can slip into. Use the Size 2 seagull inside to fly up top.
         Then cross the bridge and fly again up to a higher nest. Use the pump to
         lower a hook that'll open the sardine can.
    Solution 2: Lanced a Lot.
         Stack into a Size 3 dock worker (they have wooden pallets on their head),
         and pick up a Size 1 doll with their Carry Small Load ability. Place them
         down on the pallets at the far end of the area. Promptly unstack and then
         stack into the child before they run off. Hop down into the caged area,
         and stack into the Suit of Armor [05/14]. Use Joust on the targets to
         escape the pen, and then to trigger another can opener. After you solve
         this solution, you can use Suit of Armor's ability on any 10 dolls for
         the Sir Splitter Hi-Jink.
    Solution 3: There Can be Only One.
         Back near the start of the pathway into this area, look for a Size 3 male
         doll with a bucket on his head. Take Bucky Bedroll [06/14] back to the
         area and look for a Size 3 male doll with a purple cape. Give him a Bucket
         Head and stack into Tristam Tugboy [07/14]. Enjoy his wonderful Monty
         Python reference of an ability (it'll change soon). Walk over to the red
         gypsy-garbed female doll nearby and talk to her to get a shield and you
         shall become Sir Tristam Tugboy (cue dramatic music). Go use your new
         Grip of the Mighty ability on the sardine can to open it for the last
    Your final challenge lies in the last direction you haven't been yet from the
    main square. Head down into the crypts for a truly spooky (sorta) encounter.
    < #                        c. GET PAST THE GHOULS                  (LHKC3)  # >
    For all of the following solutions, you'll need to get through two rooms of
    ghouls. There are pump switches in each room that you'll need to trigger to
    move onward. The pumps can be triggered by any Size 1 or 2 doll or Charlie
    alone. They'll be on the left side in the first room and the right in the
    second. Each objective is to get past the ghouls, trigger both switches, and
    reach the sardine can at the end.
    Solution 1: Head Cheese.
         You'll see a Size 3 male doll standing nearby with cheese on his head.
         Much like the banana throwers on the zeppelin, Stilton Red-Sticks [08/14]
         will throw cheese on the ground. Use the incredibly stinky cheese on the
         ghouls to make them lose their appetite.
    Solution 2: Meat Head.
         Back out in the main area, you'll see a meat vendor. Talk to him as any
         Size 2 or 3 doll (except the dock workers), and he'll toss a steak on
         your head. I recommend a Size 2 just for ease of the pump switches. Now
         that you smell like rotting meat, the ghouls won't attack you because
         they think you're...a friend?
    Solution 3: Jailed Bait.
         Now it's time for possibly the most cruel solution yet in Stacking. Yep,
         it's time to sacrifice small children to the ghouls so they won't eat
         you. There's a Size 3 female doll nearby with a cage on her head. Use
         Betty Bufflehead [09/14] to Cage a Size 1 child doll. Now use a dock
         worker to carry the child. When the ghouls start to surround you, what
         do you do? That's right, toss the child as a distraction. This may sound
         cruel, but the child's in a cage so they can't eat him/her. That makes
         it ok, right? If you go back and pick the child up from the edge of the
         ghoul crowd, the ghouls will be confused for a second and won't attack
         you right away. Thus, you can continue onward without having to sacrifice
         more children. See, you're not completely evil.
    Solution 4: The Artful Dodger.
         Much like the Artful Dodger Hi-Jink on the tank engine, the essence of
         this solution is speed. You'll have to run through the ghoul sections
         without any special abilities and get to the end without getting caught.
         I recommend going as just Charlie (since he's the smallest and possibly
         the fastest) but any doll works.
    Solution 5: Ghoul-Lash.
         Go back and get either Deep Sea Hans or Suit of Armor. Use their
         abilities to destroy any ghouls who get near you. I recommend Hans, as
         his ability does a lot more damage, and the armor can be hard to control
    Note: You can't do the last solution until you have completed the forging of
    the crown (since you'll need two of the blacksmiths for it). That means it's
    time to go make Rufus king!
    Head up the stairs to the last area in the main courtyard. Go through the
    Charlie-sized hole in the gate (how did the blacksmiths and the rune reader
    get in anyway?). Stack into Wally Water-Belly [10/14] and Pliny Pan-Pounder
    [11/14]. Then hop in the rune reader to decipher the scrolls in front of the
    door. You'll see the symbols of the three blacksmiths (water, pan, and fire)
    on specific spots of the scrolls. Much like the mechanical house, you now
    must have the blacksmiths stand on their specific spots. Go finish off The
    Lost Hobo Blacksmiths Set [01/02] by stacking into Floyd Fire-Breather [12/14]
    and put him on the back right spot. Pliny will go on the center spot, and the
    back left spot is for Wally.
    In the next room, you'll find the great...forge? Yep, this giant pot is where
    you'll reforge the crown. Use Fire Breath on the spot at the base of the ramp
    until the forge is hot enough (you'll see a flash of light). Unstack and run
    up to the top of the top, where you'll Pan Handle the crown until it's ready
    (again you'll know by a flash of light). To finish it off, we need to cool it
    down. Take Wally around to the far side and use Douse to uh...relieve yourself
    on the crown. Congratulations you have forged the crown! Enjoy the festivites
    and the cutscene (The Boy Who Wouldn't Be King). Feel free to have fun at the
    coronation party (complete with party hats and foam #1 hands), but when you're
    ready, it's time to head back into the crypts.
    Solution 6: Bake 'n' Break.
         You'll now find the blacksmiths standing in front of the king statue in
         the center of town. Grab all of them (though you really only need the two
         larger ones) and get ready for some mayhem. Remember combo abilities from
         the main game? It's time to try that again. Use Fire Breath and unstack
         to immediately Pan Handle, then enjoy the fireworks. Use this technique
         to get past the ghouls. You should earn the Hi-Jink Pan Fried in the
         process, but if you don't, simply go out into the main square on use the
         fire attack on the largest group of dolls you can find (near the king is
         a great spot with a lot of dolls close by). Note: if you are too slow in
         triggering the combo attack, Floyd may end up getting ghoulified. If this
         happens, you won't be able to stack into him. Simply let yourself be
         bitten and when you come to, he'll be right there ready for action.
    We've still got two more unique dolls to find, and they're both part of the
    last set: The Furry Friends [02/02]. Go get the Raccoon from near the house.
    Go back to the third burrow (the one in the main square) and go inside. You'll
    find a rabbit inside. Chase him out the upper window and you can stack into
    Mr. Whiskers [13/14]. You can also use Cornelius to smoke him out if you wish.
    Take Mr. Whiskers and the Raccoon over to a giant panda near the path on the
    other side. He keeps repeating bounce, so give him what he wants with Mr.
    Whiskers's Bunny Bounce. Complete your set to view a cutscene (Best Friends
    Fur-ever) and find out the identity of the Panda. That's right...it's our
    creepy friend Gilliam the Panda [14/14] from the tank engine.
    Now it's time to wrap up the remaining Hi-Jinks.
    < #                              d. Hi-JinkS                       (LHKHJ)  # >
    * Bashful (10) - Hit dolls with the Bindle Bash ability.
         Grab any hobo doll with a bundle on a stick. Use their ability to smack
         10 dolls.
    * Ten-Gallon Trawl (5) - Use "Go Fish" ability to yank off doll hats or
         Grab a Size 1 doll with a fishing hook. Use their ability to grab hats or
         helmets from 5 dolls. (If you've been following the walkthrough, this
         should already be complete.)
    * Bunny Train (1) - Make 5 dolls bounce with Mr. Whiskers at once.
         Use Mr. Whiskers's ability in a large group of dolls. I recommend near
         the king as there is always a crowd there.
    * Patchy Behavior (5) - Use "Slap Patch" on dolls.
         Grab a Size 1 female doll with a bottle-cap for a hat (Note: after the
         crown is forged, many of them will be wearing giant purple top-hats or
         party hats). Use the Slap Patch ability on any 5 dolls.
    * Pail Faced (5) - Give ghouls bucket helmets.
         Take Bucky Bedroll down into the crypts and toss buckets onto the heads
         of ghouls. This is best done after you've found all solutions down here,
         since the ghouls will stop attacking you.
    * Racconnaissance (3) - Enter all burrows with the raccoon.
         Use the Raccoon's ability to locate the three burrows and enter them.
         You'll find two near the house and one in the main square. (If you've
         been following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Sir Splitter (10) - Split dolls by jousting them.
         Use the Suit of Armor's ability to attack 10 different dolls. (If
         you've been following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Pan Fried Combo (1) - Hit 7 dolls at the same time with a "Fire Breath" and
                           "Pan Handle" ability.
         Use Floyd and Pliny's abilities in a combo attack to create a firestorm.
         The best places to do this are the crypts and around the king. (If you've
         been following the walkthrough, this should already be complete.)
    * Smoked Meat (5) - Use the "Smoke Out" ability on any doll with a meat hat.
         Get the meat vendor to toss meat on the head of several dolls and then
         use Cornelius's ability on them.
    * Rear Animal (5) - Use "Unsavory Sniff" on the backside of adult dolls.
         Use our Panda friend's slightly creepy ability on any 5 adult dolls.
    < #                            e. UNIQUE DOLLS                     (LHKUD)  # >
     1. Cornelius Caboose
     2. Raccoon
     3. Gumps o' the Sea
     4. Wally Water-Belly
     5. Suit of Armor
     6. Bucky Bedroll
     7. Tristam Tugboy
     8. Pliny Pan-Pounder
     9. Stilton Red-Sticks
    10. Betty Bufflehead
    11. Floyd Fire-Breather
    12. Gilliam the Panda
    13. Mr. Whiskers
    14. Deep Sea Hans
    [ +                        IV. ACHIEVEMENTS/TROPHIES               (ACHTR)  + ]
    Though they assign no points, the achievements on Steam are identical to the
    achievements on Xbox 360.
    NAME                                                    ACHIEVEMENT     TROPHY
    Strike Breaker                                          10 points       Bronze
         Completed the Train Strike Adventure.
    Dolly Hobbyist                                          10 points       Bronze
         Collected all unique dolls in the Royal
         Train Station.
    Train Trickster                                         10 points       Bronze
         Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Royal Train
    Solution Sleuth                                         15 points       Bronze
         Found all of the solutions to all of the
         Royal Train Station challenges.
    Seasoned Swashbuckler                                   10 points       Bronze
         Completed the Gilded Steam Ship Adventure.
    Doll Fancier                                            10 points       Bronze
         Collected all unique dolls in Gilded Steam
    Maritime Merriment                                      10 points       Bronze
         Completed all Hi-Jinks in Gilded Steam Ship.
    Ship Solver                                             15 points       Silver
         Found all solutions to all Gilded Steam Ship
    Airship Adventurer                                      10 points       Bronze
         Completed the Zeppelin of Consequence
    Doll Connoisseur                                        10 points       Bronze
         Collected all unique dolls in the Zeppelin of
    Dirigible Daredevil                                     10 points       Bronze
         Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Zeppelin of
    Blimp Buster                                            15 points       Silver
         Found all solutions to all Zeppelin of
         Consequence challenges.
    Well Trained Traveler                                   10 points       Bronze
         Completed the Triple Decker Tank Engine
    Doll Antiquarian                                        10 points       Bronze
         Collected all unique dolls in the Triple
         Decker Tank Engine.
    Triple Train Trickster                                  10 points       Bronze
         Completed all Hi-Jinks in the Triple Decker
         Tank Engine.
    Loco Motivated                                          15 points       Silver
         Found all solutions to all Triple Decker
         Tank Engine challenges.
    Blackmore Stack                                         20 points       Silver
         Completed the Final Challenge.
    Super Tramp                                             10 points       Bronze
         Complete all Hi-Jinks in the Lost Hobo King
    Hobo Hustler                                            10 points       Bronze
         Find all unique dolls in the Lost Hobo King
    King Maker                                              10 points       Silver
         Complete the Lost Hobo King adventure.
    Master Mendicant                                        20 points       Bronze
         Find all solutions to all of the Lost Hobo King
    [ +                      V. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS             (FRAQU)  + ]
    Q: I missed a unique character/set/Hi-Jink in one of the stages but didn't
       realize until later. How do I go back to a past world?
    A: Simply talk to the train conductor or clown who took you there the first
       time. You can go back and forth an unlimited number of times. (As long as
       the trains aren't stopped for a story event.)
    Q: Do the unique dolls in the Final Challenge count for anything?
    A: No, sadly they don't. They're simply the unique dolls who were on the
       Tank Engine. And William Blackmore (while stackable here) will never be
       added to your collection in the Secret Hideout.
    Q: Do I have to complete the original adventure before I play the Lost Hobo
       King DLC?
    A: Nope, the save data for the two adventures are completely separate. However
       I recommend that you play the original adventure first, if for no other
       reason than to get to know Levi.
    Q: Do I have to buy the Lost Hobo King DLC on PC?
    A: No, the DLC is included free of charge for all players on Steam.
    [ +                    VI. VIDEO WALKTHROUGH/LET'S PLAY            (VIDLP)  + ]
    [ +                           VII. VERSION HISTORY                 (VRHST)  + ]
    Version Final+
       * Added a link to my video walkthrough/Let's Play of Stacking on YouTube.
    Version Final
       * Added a few key points, so the guide now covers Xbox 360, Playstation 3,
         and Steam versions.
    Version 2.0
       * Added the Lost Hobo King section.
    Version 1.1
       * Fixed a few typos and some formatting errors.
    Version 1.0
       * Created the guide.
    [ +                             VIII. CREDITS                      (CRDTS)  + ]
       * Thanks to my wife, who has played the game with me start to finish. She
         not only gave me the idea for this guide, but in fact helped me create it
         from start to finish. She did everything from spelling/grammar checking
         to helping me spot any errors to even writing portions of the guide while
         I tried to make it look pretty. I couldn't have done this without her.
       * Thanks to Tim Schafer for making such an amazing game. Please keep making
         more. *begs on hands and knees*
    [ +                              IX. COPYRIGHT                     (CPYRT)  + ]
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
    private use. It may not be placed on any web sites or otherwise distributed
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
    violation of copryright.
    The Stacking 100% Walkthrough
    Copyright 2011-2012 Mark & Rachael Porter
    [ +                             END OF DOCUMENT                             + ]

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