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"Re-Review: A Massive Improvement from the Previous Title!"

After following Euro Truck Simulator 2 for a while, I've decided to re-review this game as there been some heavy updates for the game that pushes me to raise the score alittle it and it's the cause of writing this re-review.

The updates are various tweaks to adding a bit more content. There even a case where one of the brands has been fully licensed, making this a dream come true to many players including myself and that what alot of the players seem to want. Seeing this development dream putting for those ideas to add to the realism of this game is worth something. It's actually a pretty good way to market a game in such tough times.

The game is a redesign of the first Euro Truck Simulator and fixes as much from the first dreaded Euro Truck Simulator game. The game vastly improves all aspects of the game giving you a good freedom of choice compared from the first game however despite the really lovely new content and features and flawless presentation howevers sometimes the game does lacks excitement and flare to it and can put of beginners.

SCS Software added and build this game from the content they made from other games such as UK Truck Simulator, German Truck Simulator and even some mechanics from Scania Truck Driving Simulator which some of their features found their ways into this game, such as the cities from the UK and Germany map layouts and the advanced handling from Scania Truck Sim.

You start the game by jumping by making deliveries for companies using their trucks. It's a great way to explore each truck and to explore the interiors and etc. From here, you can explore and unlock new cities which you driven too. This allows you to accept any job from anywhere as you'll already explored them.

The 'cities' so they put it, are a bit misleading, the cities you would explore would be industrial areas, the best you would see in terms of landmarks of the cities are usually the skyline of a city. These supposing areas are only worth exploring as they offer showrooms and recruitment agencies, which come useful later in the game to help you process and expand your reputation.

Places like the cities in Spain and Portugal are taken out and removed entirely from the game, however it has resorted to making a more denser version of Europe to explore itself and added a few more cities from countries with Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia and Luxembourg making surprising and interesting entities to make deliveries.

It's a nice more dense presentation allowing you to make each delivery and exploring each city interesting at the beginning of the game and quickly allows you to explore each city in your own time.

There are now five licensed truck manufacturer in the game, making it alittle bit realistic with the other two companies are unlicensed. Due to an update, it seems the development team are working really hard getting the other licensed trucks in the game with there logos and branding. They even rework the interior in some of the vehicles to get them working.

During the travels, the main roads and motorways are really well done, they're really spaced out and put your imagination to the test. It's a good thing, the night deliveries specialty when it rains looks and feel great and make traveling between these cities for deliveries worth while. The gas stations and other services on the motorway are much more bigger and realistic. The game does a good job making them more realistic and makes for great sight seeing.

The downside is that these cities don't offer much or do anything unique that these town offers. Can't I buy a souvenir like a cap or something or take part in a special event using my truck? These cities lack something or the game misses it out because it wants to focus on 'hard work' and 'business expansion' as it's gameplay. It really kills that excitement, which is a big killer because the game does alot from the previous game for it to standout. It would of pushed it alittle and added something fun during the trips.

The trucks handling is much more refined and some mechanics of which have been carried over from the Scania Truck simulator game. This can make parking your trailers a bit more difficult however more rewarding like a true driver. However so difficult that you may aswell skip those moments, which the game allows you to do.

As much as the game jumps off from the games shelves or online retailer website and despite all the added improvement of the games and when you get into the game, it becomes hard work. You'll be accepting jobs, traveling from city to city and when you explored the whole map and you'll know what happen after when you'll buy a truck.

The ideas are well put together however they're just way to improve your truck in all forms, which the game does flawlessly well. So flawlessly, it makes for a good foundation of how the other mechanics work out.

Building your first headquarters and seeing a few options to improve your vehicle, you would know what comes next. More hard work, making money and etc. Even when recruitment, it may speed up the process however you'll still have to drive everywhere, maintain your truck and etc. Being a simulator, it's good however it can be a bit of a chore seeing the business slowly grow.

Of course being a truck driver is hard work however the game doesn't offer anything else to try that sense of boredom from the game and to treats you from time to time and it's really hard to actually recommend despite being a budget title at around 15 Pounds.

It's worth mentioning that Renault have a free racing game, they even offered the racing variation of trucks in the game to use make deliveries. The game doesn't do anything fun like a racing segment would be nice considering that the game offers really standard customization just for the trucks for the lights or classes, which the player designs can make the trucks stand out. The game could do more in that area to make the trucks look more exciting.

The game doesn't even offer a tutorial to get to know the trucks or a course to practice handling like in their previous title Scania Truck Simulator and it would of been a plus as it's takes a while to get into the game to handle these trucks.

The game does do a good job with it's pleasant presentation and vast improvements and it makes the game worth while to try out. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners thou and it can put some players off. It's the online support with really strong updates in a loads that make this game worth while to take a good like if you are into that kind of following.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/17/12, Updated 01/16/13

Game Release: Euro Truck Simulator 2 (EU, 10/26/12)

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