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    FAQ/Walkthrough by NecroVMX

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    Chronicles of a Dark Lord: Episode I: Tides of Fate
    by NecroVMX
    Firstly, let's get a few things out of the way.
    - There will be no fancy ASCII graphics in this guide.  Notice how the top
    doesn't have it?  Yeah.  You just scroll past that nonsense anyway, so forget
    about that.
    - There are actually several versions of this game.  This FAQ is based on the
    definitive edition, which was released in August of 2012, but will work well
    enough for older versions.  There are a few differences in stats, balancing,
    enemy HP and MP usage, but the differences aren't so vast as to drastically
    alter strategy.  If I'm referring to an area that you're not seeing in your
    game, it may be a new area added to the game, so just disregard that.
    - As a member of the development team on this game, I've written this as
    someone who knows the game inside and out.  I don't believe I've left anything
    out, but of course if you find anything, let me know about it!  ***NOTE***
    There are one or two things I've left out on PURPOSE.  For example there exists
    in the game a super-powerful sword and armor that makes the entire game way too
    - Note, this is a non-spoiler walkthrough.  Though using this as a guide will
    spoil things like locations and bosses, I will not go into detail about the
    Chronicles of a Dark Lord Episode I: Tides of Fate is an "old-school" RPG in
    the style of classic 16 bit jRPGs such as Final Fantasy IV, Breath of Fire,
    Lunar: The Silver Star and Dragon Quest V.  It uses a top down perspective for
    towns/dungeons, a mode-7 perspective for the overworld and a side view for
    battles.  The battle system is an "ATB" or "Active Time Battle" system.  If you
    have played any Final Fantasy game from IV up until IX, you should be familiar
    with it.  If not, skip down to the battle system section to read about it.
    As Chronicles of a Dark Lord (henceforth to be known as CoaDL) is a PC game,
    and an RPG, it can be played quite easily with the keyboard.
    Arrow Keys - Move your characters, change selections on menus
    Z or Enter - Talk/Interact with objects, confirm a selection on menus
    X - Brings up the menu, and cancels.
    Controllers are supported, but the buttons used will depend on your controller.
    You can check or change controls at any time (other than battle) by pressing F1
    On the menu screen you will have several selections on the left side. ITEM,
    SKILL, EQUIP, STATUS, SAVE, PARTY and SYSTEM.  Also displayed will be the
    in-game clock (how long you've played), how much money you have, your current
    location, and the members of your current active party (up to 4).  For each
    party member, Level, HP and MP are displayed.
    ITEM - On the item screen you can interact with your inventory.  Everything is
    broken down into ITEM, WEAPON and ARMOR.  You can use consumable items here, or
    look at your weapons or armor.
    SKILL - Once you select this, you can select a party member and it will bring
    up their skills menu, which will show the names of your current skills, the MP
    cost (if any) and a description.  Certain skills that can be used outside of
    battle, such as healing spells, can be used from this menu.
    EQUIP - Once again, you must select a party member and you can view their
    currently equipped items, including a weapon, a sheild, a helmet, armor and one
    accessory.  You can select each slot and chance equipment as necessary.
    Remember that certain people can only equip certain items, and that some
    weapons are two-handed and preclude the use of a shield.  The Equip menu also
    shows various stats, so you can view the change in your stats as you change
    STATUS - General information about the selected party member.  You can see
    their equipment, status, class, level, HP/MP current experience, and progress
    to the next level up.
    Here is a breakdown of the stats.
    HP - Hit Points.  It's a measurement of how healthy your character is.  Full HP
    is perfect health, low HP denotes that your character is wounded and in need of
    healing.  A character will be disabled if they reach 0HP, and will not be able
    to use items or particpate in battle.  If all of your active characters are
    disabled, the game ends.
    MP - Magick Points - Magick Points fuel your abilities, any ability that has a
    cost will burn up MP.  Low MP will prevent you from using certain abilities.
    EXP - How experienced in battle your character is.  Once you reach certain
    amounts, your character will level up, get an increase in stats, and possibly
    learn new abilities.
    STR - Strength - Denotes how physically strong your character is.  Determined
    by the character's class, level and currently equipped weapon.  Higher STR
    means your character will do more damage in battle with physical attacks.
    DEF - Defense - Denotes how tough your character is, which is determined by
    your character's class, level and currently equipped armor.  Characters with
    higher defense will take less damage in battle.
    INT - Intelligence - Denotes how skilled your character is with magick.
    Characters with higher INT will do more damage in battle with non-physical
    AGI - Agility - Denotes how fast your character is.  This is shown in game with
    the ATB gauge.  Characters with high AGI will have their ATB gauge fill up
    faster, therefore allowing them to attack more often.  Although STR and INT are
    important in determining how much damage your characters do, AGI is the most
    important stat, as the character will get more "turns" and therefore attack
    more often, cast more spells, and use more items.
    SAVE - The save menu allows you to save your progress.  You can save anytime
    that you're able to bring up the menu.  There are 10 slots for saving.  Keep in
    mind that saving in a slot that currently has a save will erase the previous
    PARTY - The party member allows you to manage your active party.  Whenever
    someone joins you on your adventure, you will have to add them to the active
    party here, by selecting an empty spot, and then selecting the party member you
    want to add.  For the first half of the game, the characters you have are
    determined by the story, but you still must add them to the pary via this menu.
    Later on, you will be able to add and remove characters at your leisure.  If
    you see a lock icon on a character, it means they cannot be removed from your
    active party at this time.  Keep in mind that only characters in your active
    party can participate in battle and gain experience.
    SYSTEM - This is your options menu.  You can change the colors of windows,
    volume of the music and sound effects, speed of the text and turn on
    "auto-dash" which I highly reccomend.
    CoaDL uses an ATB battle system similar to that used in Final Fantasy IV, V,
    VI, VII, VIII, IX and Chrono Trigger.  If you have played any of these games,
    this is really all you need to know.  If you have not, here's how it works.
    At the start of a battle, you will notice that your characters occupy the right
    side of the screen, and enemies occupy the left side (This may be reversed in
    case of a back attack).
    At the bottom of the screen you will see a HUD representing your active party,
    including both numerical and visual tracking of their HP and MP.  Above each
    character's portrait is a meter called the ATB Gauge.  It will fill up
    gradually as battle commenses.  The rate at which the meter fills up depends on
    each character's AGI, so they'll all fill at different rates.  Once the bar is
    full it will say ACTIVE and your character will get a turn.  Any action you
    take will empty the guage, which will start to fill again.  Characters can only
    act when they are ACTIVE.
    Enemies also have ATB gauges, but they are not visible in the game, so you must
    learn an enemies behavior through observing how often they act.
    Once a character is ACTIVE, you may select any of the following.
    ATTACK - Your character will attack the enemy of your choice with their
    equipped weapon.
    SKILL - Brings up the skill menu, allowing you to choose a skill for use
    against an enemy, or on yourself or party members.
    GUARD - The character will adopt a defensive stance, they will not attack, but
    their DEF will increase until they become ACTIVE again.  This can be useful if
    a character is in danger but unable to heal themselves, GUARD can keep them
    alive until another character can either heal them or end the battle.
    ITEM - Brings up your inventory, in which consumable items can be used either
    offensively or defensively.
    If you press the cancel button (X) while ACTIVE, you can also choose to ESCAPE
    from battle, this command will tell your characters to attempt to flee from
    battle.  Successfully fleeing will end the battle, however you will not receive
    any EXP, Gold or Items.  If you are unsuccessful, battle will continue, and
    that character's ATB Gauge will empty.  Keep in mind that if one character
    fails to ESCAPE, another may be successful.  Also keep in mind that there are
    some enemies you can't escape from, particularly bosses.
    During battle, enemies may inflict status effects on you (or you may inflict
    them on the enemies).  You can tell a character has a status effect by a word
    bubble near them showing a squiggle, and an icon above their portrait on the
    HUD.  Many status effects will be cured as soon as battle ends, but others will
    not.  Here is a run down of all the status effects which are possible.
    POISON - Your character has been poisoned.  They will lose a small amount of
    health every time they act, and if their HP is very low, this can kill them.
    Outside of battle, your character will lose health while walking around, and
    the screen will flash.
    DARKNESS - Your character is partially blinded.  This will severely decrease
    their chances of effectively hitting the enemy with physical attacks, but
    Magick will be unaffected.
    NEGATE - Your character is rendered unable to cast spells.  Keep in mind this
    does not affect physical skills, only magickal ones.
    CONFUSION - Your character is confused and cannot be controlled.  When your
    character becomes ACTIVE they will strike out against a random target, which
    may be an enemy, and may be a party member.
    SLEEP - Your character is alseep, which will both empty and freeze the ATB
    gauge, preventing them from acting at all.  SLEEP will wear off eventually, and
    if a character is struck by an attack, it may wake them.
    PARALYSIS - Similar to sleep, but it cannot be cancelled out by an attack, you
    have to either cure the condition or wait for it to wear off.
    STUN - Similar to paralysis, but it will not wear off on it's own, it will only
    wear off when the battle has finished or the condition is cured by another
    ***GENERAL TIPS***
    - CoaDL is a challenging game, it is not meant for the faint of heart.  While
    strategizing in battle is immensely important, the fact is that you will at
    times have to "grind", which means fighting random enemies to gain EXP.  A good
    rule of thumb for CoaDL (and in fact for many RPGs) is whenever you reach a new
    town, to grind enough to buy the best new equipment for all of your characters,
    and to stock up on items.
    - Another hint that you need to level up is the random enemies are too tough.
    If you are having problems with the random enemies, the bosses will destroy
    you, you need to either level up, or get new equipment.
    - USE YOUR SKILLS.  CoaDL is a rare sort of game in which conserving MP is not
    as important as using your skills.  The creatures in the game are powerful and
    your regular attacks will only take you so far.  Almost every creature in the
    game has a weakness to certain skills, and there's very little reason to not
    use them.  Don't worry about saving MP for bosses, as there is almost always a
    save crystal before bosses!
    - Know which items to buy.  While it's good to have a stock of potions,
    consider spending your money instead on Ethers, which will fuel your skills,
    including healing spells.  This is more cost effective.  Also, there are items
    called Trinian and Estrian potions that can increase your characters maximum HP
    and MP, always buy these if you can afford them.  Also carry plenty of Tents,
    which you can use at Crystals to completely replenish your entire party.
    - Heal your party!  In battle, do not leave a character un-healed, as they are
    likely to be attacked.  Heal them as soon as you can, do not try to quickly end
    the battle.
    - Remember that status effects work on enemies, and some of them are stackable.
    If an enemy is too fast, use your skills to lower it's AGI.  Some enemies can
    be poisoned.  Keep this in mind.
    - If more than one character is ACTIVE at the same time, you can choose which
    attacks first by cycling through them with the arrow keys.  That way you can
    plan your strategies more effectively.
    - Interact with everything and everyone
    *Magus Drakkhen Lee*
    Magus (May-Jus) is the main character of the game and series in general, and
    will always be in your party in CoaDL.  Magus cannot be removed.  In the
    beginning, Magus' class is "Arcane Warrior", but after the prologue he becomes
    a "Dark Lord", and is in fact the titular Dark Lord of the series.
    Magus is a very balanced character, being able to mix up physical skills,
    magickal skills and debuffs.
    Blinding Strike - 0 MP - Learned at level 2.  Does more damage than a normal
    physical attack, and has a chance of inflicting the DARKNESS status ailment on
    the targeted enemy, lowering their chance of successfully striking you with
    physical attacks.  As it costs 0 MP it can take the place of a physical attack,
    even if the status ailment is not successful, it has higher base damage than
    Magus' regular attack.
    Venom Slice - 0MP - Learned at level 4.  A free physical skill that has a
    chance of inflicting the POISON status effect on an enemy.  Has a higher base
    damage than a regular attack.
    Deadening Strike - 0MP - Learned at level 6.  One last free physical skill with
    high damage, has a chance of inflicting PARALYZE on a single enemy.
    Torpor Cut - 0MP - Learned at level 8.  Another free physical skill with a
    higher base damage, this one has a chance of inflicting SLEEP on a single enemy.
    Flameberge - 10MP - Learned at level 10.  Flamberge attacks all enermies with a
    fire based attack.  It is a cheap attack that is very cost effective, and
    highly potent against characters weak to the fire element.
    Breath of ICe - 12MP - Learned at level 12.  Slightly more powerful than
    Flameberge, but similar, Breath of Ice hits all enemies with the Ice element.
    Arcane Thunder - 15MP - Learned at level 14.  Even better than Breath of Ice,
    this one uses the lightning element to strike all enemies.
    Sundering Soul - 20MP - Learned at level 17.  Uses the Dark element on one
    character, with a chance to instantly kill
    Electric Hell - 25MP - Learned at level 19.  Magus' signature attack strikes
    all the enemies with the lightning element.  More powerful than Arcane Thunder,
    and very useful on large groups of enemies.
    Death Void - 30MP - Learned at level 23.  A single powerful strike against one
    enemy with the Dark element.
    Onslaught - 40MP - Learned at level 26.  Magus strikes an enemy six times in
    succession with a physical attack.  This is Magus' best attack as it deals out
    potentially thousands of damage, at a relatively low cost.  Very effective
    against bosses.
    Dark Embrace - 75MP - Learned at level 28.  Magus' most expensive attack, this
    is basically a more powerful version of Death Void that hits all enemies.  Very
    potent against characters weak to the Dark element, but not very cost effective
    *Xiria Erin Lee*
    Xiria (Zir-E-uh) is Magus second and current wife.  Her class is "Lady of
    Chaos" which reflects her chaotic personality.  xiria is one of the stronger
    characters in the game, focusing almost exclusively on physical attacks.  She
    is also able to heal herself, but not others, and is able to use powerful
    non-elemental magick at high levels.  Xiria's only weakness is her low AGI,
    making her very slow compared to most characters.
    X-Slash - 5MP - Learned at level 2.  Xiria's signature move is a powerful
    physical attack against one enemy.  As it is very cost effective, it can
    essentially replace a normal attack.
    Chakra - 0MP - Learned at level 6.  Xiria will heal herself, this is useful
    early on in the game as it is free, but it cannot target other characters.
    Magick Drain 8MP - Learned at level 9.  Lowers an enemy's MP and adds it to
    your own.  Quite effective when compared to similar skills from other games,
    but will only work on enemies that actually have MP.  Will save you many Ethers.
    Shock Wave - 10MP - Learned at level 11.  Shock Wave is actually rather similar
    to Magus' attack Electric Hell, though not as powerful, and cheaper.
    Fury - 20MP - Learned at level 15.  Fury is more powerful than X-Slash, but
    affects an enemy randomly, to reflect Xiria's chaotic nature.  Very effective
    against bosses, though in battles with multiple enemies, not knowing who Xiria
    will strike can work against you.
    Wrath - 30MP - Learened at level 19.  Basically a more powerful version of
    Fury, Xiria strikes a single random enemy for big damage.
    Infernal Slash - 45MP - Learned at level 22.  One of the best attacks in the
    game, Xiria will attack an enemy three times with powerful magickal attacks
    with the fire, ice and lightning elements.  If an enemy is defeated by the
    first or second strike, Xiria may use the remaining strikes on another enemy.
    If Xiria has the NEGATE status effect, she may not perform all the strikes.
    Extremely useful against bosses.
    Sekurin - 0MP - Learned at level 26.  A more powerful version of Chakra, and as
    both skills cost 0MP, once you get Sekurin, there will never be a reason to use
    Glory of Chaos - 80MP - Learned at level 28.  Xiria's most powerful movie is a
    massive on-elemental magick skill that strikes all enemies.  Not as cost
    effective as Infernal Slash, but extremely useful in defeating multiple
    powerful enemies.
    *Isis Lycoris Lee*
    Isis is a magick based character with a strong focus on healing and buffs,
    basically making her a "white mage" type character.  Isis is the best and most
    essential character in the game due to her healing abilities, non-elemental
    attacks, buffs and most importantly her very high AGI, she is by far the
    quickest chracter in the game, and with her ability to raise her own AGI as
    well as that of the other party members, Isis should be used as often as
    possible.  Isis' only weakness is that she levels slowly compared to other
    Isis' class is "Acolyte of She'dai" which reflects her somber and serious
    nature.  Isis Magus' stepdaughter, though there's mooe to her than meets the
    One last thing that most people don't notice is Isis has a skill called
    Pharmacology.  Not to be found on the skill list, this is a passive ability
    that makes healing items doubly effective when they are used by Isis.
    Curi - 5MP - Starts with this.  The most basic Cure spell, restores a small
    amount of HP to one character.
    Detox - 3MP - Starts with this.  Will remove the POISON status effect from one
    Revitalize - 5MP - Learned at level 4.  Will remove the PARALYZE status effect
    from a single character.
    Air Blade - 5MP - Learned at level 5.  Hits one enemy with the Wind element.
    Curena - 15MP - Learned at level 7.  Restores more than Curi, and heals the
    entire party.
    Revive - 16MP - Learned at level 9.  Will revive a character that has been
    knocked down.  Beware as the character will have low HP.
    Magi Bless - 10MP Learned at level 12.  Raises the INT of one character
    Curate - 25MP - Learned at level 14.  Restores even more HP, to one character.
    Curvera - 40MP - Learned at level 16.  Heals the entire party, moreso than
    Rejuvenate - 18MP - Learned at level 17.  Will remove all status effects from
    the entire party.
    Tornadic Fury - 20MP - Learned at level 19.  Hits all enemies with the Wind
    Agility Bless - 15MP - Learned at level 21.  Raises the AGI of one character.
    This is the most useful spell in the game, as it basically doubles the amount
    of times that a character can act.  Using it on Isis first will make her
    already very high AGI skyrocket and basically make your party invincible, as
    she will be able to heal you faster than the enemy can attack you.
    Stagnate - 8MP - Learned at level 23.  Lowers the AGI of an enemy.  This can be
    useful in situations where the enemy is attacking too often.
    Curian - 50MP - Learned at level 25.  The most potent healing spell to heal one
    Resurrect - 52MP - Learned at level 27.  Will revive a knocked down character
    with full HP.
    She'dian Might - 80MP - Learned at level 30.  A non-elemental spell that
    strikes all enemies, similar to Xiria's Glory of Chaos.  Useful for those
    rounds when Isis doesn't need to heal anybody.
    *Dissan Lee*
    If Isis is the white mage type character, Dissan is the black mage type
    character.  Dissan is the daughter of Magus and Xiria, and like Isis a serious,
    business-like character, though not as glum as Isis.  She is useful in the
    middle parts of the game due to her wide variety of elemental magick attacks.
    She can inflict status ailments on enemies, though this comes without a
    physical attack, making Magus the better choice for that.
    Sleep - 12MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the SLEEP status effect on an enemy,
    rendering them unable to act.
    Ignis - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic fire spell that hits one enemy.
    Frigus - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic ice spell that hits one enemy.
    Thunerrum - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic lightning spell that hits one
    Negate - 8MP - Learned at level 8.  Inflicts the NEGATE status effect on an
    enemy, rendering them unable to use magick attacks.
    Ignisyte - 15MP - Learned at level 10.  A fire spell that hits all the enemies
    Frigara - 15MP - Learned at level 11.  An ice spell that hits all the enemies.
    Thuneras - 15MP - Learned at level 12.  A lightning spell that hits all the
    Blind - 4MP - Learned at level 14.  Inflicts the BLIND status on an enemy,
    lowering their chance of hitting you successfully with physical attakcs.
    Ignitera - 30MP - Learned at level 18.  A powerful fire spell that hits one
    Confusion - 12MP - Learned at level 20.  Inflicts the CONFUSION status effect
    on an enemy, making them unpredictable and unable to use skills.  Confused
    enemies may attack their own allies.
    Fridigana - 30MP - Learned at level 21.  A powerful Ice spell that hits one
    Ignazza - 50MP - Learned at level 21.  A very powerful fire spell that hits all
    the enemies.
    Frigazza - 50MP - Learned at elvel 21.  A very powerful ice spell that hits all
    the enemies.
    Thuneri - 30MP - Learned at level 21.  A powerful lightning spell that hits one
    Thunerazza - 50MP - Learned at level 21.  A very powerful thunder spell that
    hits all the enemies.
    Eruption - 50MP - Learned at level 25.  A powerful earth spell that hits all
    Anti-Defnese Field - 20MP - Learned at level 27.  Lowers the DEF of enemies.
    Void Sphere- 50MP - A spell that has a chance of instantly killing a single
    enemy.  Obviously will not work on boss characters.
    *Krysta Aier*
    Krysta is an Ivory Knight from the nation of Golden Horn, and is notable for
    her missing right eye and her unpredictable, eccentric behavior.  Krysta starts
    off as one of the less useful characters in the game, Though by the end of the
    game she gets a powerful physical attack and several buffs
    Magi Bless - 10MP - Starts with this.  Raises the INT of one ally.
    Agility Bless - 15MP - Starts with this.  Raises the AGI of one ally.  Though
    she gets this ability before Isis does, she's still a vastly inferior character.
    Ignis - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic fire spell that hits one enemy.
    Weapon Bless - 10MP - Learned at level 11.  Raises the STR of one ally.
    Ignitera - 30MP - Learned at level 15.  A powerful fire spell that hits all of
    the enemies.
    Armor Bless - 10MP - Learned at level 20.  Raises the DEF of one ally.
    Ignazza - 50MP - Learned at level 25.  A very powerful fire spell that hits all
    of the enemies.  Not reccomended, as her INT is not as high as characters like
    Dissan, and it takes off a huge chunk of her MP.
    Blade Storm - 60MP - Learned at level 28.  Krysta will use a very powerful
    physical strike on every enemy, twice in a row.  This is one of the best
    attacks for racking up lots of physical damage on multiple enemies.
    *Gelina Grey*
    Gelina Grey is the Dark Dragonness, and the current beloved of both Magus and
    Xiria Lee.  Gelina seems like a fairly average black mage type character, and
    is more powerful than Dissan (though oddly lacks the ability to use Ice
    spells), but leaves the party throughout the course of the adventure.
    Warcry - 3MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the STUN status effect on all
    Ignis - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic fire spell that hits one enemy.
    Thunerrum - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic lightning spell that hits one
    Ignisyte - 15MP - Learned at level 9.  A fire spell that hits all the enemies
    Thuneras - 15MP - Learned at level 10.  A lightning spell that hits all the
    Drain Life - 8MP - Learned at level 15.  Lowers an enemy's HP and adds it to
    Gelina.  Basically a self-only healing spell that also harms the enemy.
    Ignitera - 30MP - Learned at level 19.  A powerful fire spell that hits one
    Thuneri - 30MP - Learned at level 20.  A powerful lightning spell that hits one
    Magick Drain - 8MP - Learned at level 21.  Lowers an enemy's MP and adds it to
    Gelina.  Only works of course on enemies that actually have MP.
    Ignazza - 50MP - Learned at level 22.  A very powerful fire spell that hits all
    the enemies.
    Thunerazza - 50MP - Learned at level 23.  A very powerful thunder spell that
    hits all the enemies.
    *Sapphire Darkwell*
    Sapphire is the first and now ex-wife of Magus Lee, who will join and help you
    throughout your adventure.  Sapphire is an amusing, sarcastic character and is
    rather useful in battle.  At first, she seems like a stronger version of
    Gelina, as she joins once Gelina leaves, and she has more spells, including the
    Ice Spells that Gelina was oddly missing.  However, near the end of the game,
    Sapphire isn't as useful, especially if you can re-add Gelina to your party.
    Still though, she's better than Dissan, and not counting Gelina as a secret
    character, she's the best black mage type character.  Sapphire's class is "Dark
    Poison - 4MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the POISON status on an enemy.
    Negate - 8MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the NEGATE status effect on an
    enemy, rendering them unable to use magick attacks.
    Confusion - 12MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the CONFUSION status effect on
    an enemy, making them unpredictable and unable to use skills.  Confused enemies
    may attack their own allies.
    Sleep - 12MP - Starts with this.  Inflicts the SLEEP status effect on an enemy,
    rendering them unable to act.
    Ignis - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic fire spell that hits one enemy.
    Ignisyte - 15MP - Starts with this.  A fire spell that hits all the enemies
    Ignitera - 30MP - Starts with this.  A powerful fire spell that hits one enemy.
    Frigus - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic ice spell that hits one enemy.
    Frigara - 15MP - Starts with this.  An ice spell that hits all the enemies
    Fridigana - 15MP - Starts with this.  A powerful Ice spell that hits one enemy.
    Thunerrum - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic lightning spell that hits one
    Thuneras - 15MP - Starts with this.  A lightning spell that hits all the
    Thuneri - 30MP - Learned at level 16.  A powerful lightning spell that hits one
    Ignazza - 50MP - Learned at level 19.  A very powerful fire spell that hits all
    the enemies.
    Frigazza - 50MP - Learned at level 21.  A very powerful ice spell that hits all
    the enemies.
    Thunerazza - 50MP - Learned at level 22.  A very powerful thunder spell that
    hits all the enemies.
    Coran Might - 30MP - Learned at level 25.  A moderately powerful earth spell
    that hits all the enemies.
    Eruption - 50MP - Learned at level 26.  A very powerful earth spell that hits
    all the enemies.
    *Crysta Aier*
    Crysta is a counterpart to Krysta that lives in Kisareth and holds the rank
    (and class) of Crimson Knight.  Compared to Krysta, Crysta is clearly inferior,
    she is faster and more powerful, but Crysta uses debuffs rather than buffs.
    Crysta's personality is similar to Krysta in that she's a bit off her rocker,
    but Crysta is a "dark" character and is therefore on better terms with Magus.
    Crysta's main weakness is her low MP, which limits the amount of times she can
    use her best skills.
    Armor Curse - 25MP - Starts with this.  Lowers the DEF of a single enemy.
    Magi Curse - 15MP - Starts with this.  Lowers the INT of a single enemy.
    Ignis - 5MP - Starts with this.  A basic fire spell that hits one enemy
    Ignisyte - 15MP - Starts with this.  A fire spell that hits all the enemies.
    Bane - 30MP - Starts with this.  Crysta will attack an enemy physically four
    times in succession.  Somewhat similar to Magus' Onslaught, though less
    Ignazza - 50MP - Learned at level 25.  A very powerful fire spell that htis all
    the enemies.
    Weapon Curse - 20MP - Learned at level 26.  Lowers the STR of a single enemy.
    Blade Storm - 60MP - Learned at level 28.  Crysta will use a very powerful
    physical strike on every enemy, twice in a row.  This is one of the best
    attacks for racking up lots of physical damage on multiple enemies.
    *Aubriel de' Crescent*
    Aubriel's class is "Fae Sorceress" which explains all you need to know.  She is
    a white mage type character from the angel-like Fae race.  Like Krysta, she is
    a light type character, though remains friends with Magus.  Aubriel has a
    bubbly personality and positive attitude, and is the closest CoaDL has to a
    stereotypical RPG character.  Aubriel is weaker than Isis, but will be your
    healer for a stretch of the game.  Aubriel's main claim to fame are offensive
    Holy spells, but due to her lower AGI, she'll rarely get the chance to use them.
    Curi - 5MP - Starts with this.  The most basic Cure spell, restores a small
    amount of HP to one character.
    Curena - 15MP - Starts with this.  Restores more than Curi, and heals the
    entire party.
    Curate - 25MP - Starts with this.  Restores even more HP, to one character.
    Curvera - 40MP - Starts with this.  Heals the entire party, moreso than Curena
    Curian - 50MP - Starts with this.  The most potent healing spell to heal one
    Detox - 3MP - Starts with this.  Will remove the POISON status effect from one
    Revitalize - 5MP - Starts with this.  Will remove the PARALYZE status effect
    from one character.
    Rejuvenate - 18MP - Starts with this.  Will remove all status effects from the
    entire party.
    Revive - 16MP - Starts with this.  Will revive a character that has been
    knocked down.  Beware as the character will have low HP.
    Celestial - 20MP - Starts with this.  A powerful Holy spell that will hit one
    Resurrect - 52MP - Learned at level 26.  Will revive a knocked down character
    with full HP.
    Holy radiance - 40MP - Learned at level 29.  A very powerful Holy spell that
    will hit all the enemies.
    *Cadar Darkwell*
    Cadar the Dread Knight is Magus eldest son and is pretty much useless in the
    game.  Sadly, he is a poor imitation of his father, with lower stats and very
    few skills.  You get him near the end of the game and are only once forced to
    use him in your party, which is a good thing.
    Avenger - 40MP - Starts with this.  Cadar jumps around and strikes the enemy
    multiple times with physical attacks, though it also only registers as a signle
    Tri Slash - 30MP - Starts with this.  Somewhat similar to Xiria's X-Slash,
    Cadar attacks the enemy three times, though it only registers as a single hit.
    Soul Cleaver - 50MP - Learned at level 28.  Cadar does his imitation of Magus'
    Onslaught, it strikes five times instead of six, and is generally speaking
    *Drea Nightshade*
    Drea is a vampiress that you will fight as a boss, but later will join your
    party.  Drea is the only character in the game who can dual weild weapons, and
    will attack twice in a row if she is equipped with two sword, and due to her
    very high STR, she's the only character in the game that is actually better off
    just attacking instead of using skills, though she has a few useful ones.
    Undead Slash - 20MP - Starts with this.  Essentially it's a normal physical
    attack, but it ignores the enemy's DEF.  Though it's one strike as opposed to
    the two Drea normally uses, this is useful if the enemy has very high DEF.
    Blood Drain - 41MP - Starts with this.  This is similar to Drain Life, but much
    more powerful.  Essentially, you'll rarely need to heal Drea, as she takes care
    of herself, while dealing damage to enemies.
    Duchess' Wrath - 60MP - Starts with this.  Strikes all enemies simultaneoushly
    with Lightning, Fire and Ice.  not that useful, as Drea isn't known for her
    high INT.
    *Exodes Lee*
    Exodes is Magus' father, who at the beginning of the game is invading other
    nations.  He is exiled by Magus in the game's intro, but will show up later on.
    *Anto Calias*
    Anto is the main villain of CoaDL, a former lord who is secretly a worshipper
    of The Abyss, and wants to end the world by bringing about the war of the abyss
    A dark god that has made Magus his patron, and blessed him with powers.
    A dark god that was sealed away a long time ago for attempting to bring about
    the end of existance
    Ghaston is the soveriegn leader of the Valdrace Empire, who are attempting to
    take over the world by declaring war on The Rim Kingdoms and the Kisareth Empire
    Zexor is seemingly a servant of Valdrace, but there's more to him than that.
    *Sabra Lee*
    Sabra is Magus' younger sister, who has been adventuring on her own looking for
    the truth behind the actions of the Valdrace empire.
    *Maga'ra Lee*
    Maga'ra is Magus' sister, though there's more to her existance than that.  She
    is the high empress of Kisareth and holds much political power.
    *Cithiria Lee*
    Cithiria is referred to as Magus' niece and is an important oracle who can give
    visions of the past, present and future.
    *Anari Lee*
    Anari is the wife of Isis and one of the leaders of the nation of Ilian
    *Shara Lee*
    Magus' mother.  She's only seen in the intro.
    *Trinity Darkwell*
    The daughter of Magus and Sapphire, who rules a kingdom alongside her brother
    *Xiara Lee*
    A native of Ilian, she is Magus' grandaughter by way of his daughter Anari
    *Moirena, Pyre, Tera and Tempest*
    The dark sisters of the elements, similar to the four fiends from Final Fantasy
    *Lucii Von-Cythin*
    Leader of Xineth-Kes, and a race of Demons who will help Magus.
    **Prologue: A Dark Lord's Rise to Power**
    * Pr-01 The Lee Grand Castle*
    After gaining control of Magus, talk to your mother, Shara to get your first
    objective - you are to travel northeast to the Verana fort to join your father
    in battle.  But first, let's do a bit of exploring and poking around, hm?  As
    with any RPG, you should talk to every NPC that you see, I will not direct you
    to speak to people unless it moves the plot forward.  Go to the right and down
    until you hit a room with 9 treasure chests.  They are yours for the the
    taking.  You will find 200SC, a High-Potion, a Potion, a Mid-Potion, a Crystal
    Shard, a Phoenix Feather, a Mid-Potion, a High Potion and 50SC.  Now go back to
    the thrones where you started and go left, you'll see a suit of armor, examine
    it to get the Bedroom Key. Just to the left of this are stairs, go up them and
    you will use up the key.   There is a Teddy Bear in the corner of this room
    which you can examine, though it doesn't actually do anything.  The treasure
    chest here contains an Ultra-Elixir, a very good item to find that normally
    you'd see at the end of a game like this.  You can also find a Potion in one of
    the pots.  Back down the stairs.
    South of the stairs you'll find a spot where you can go left, head to the next
    screen there to reach the library.  There are no items to find, but you may
    want to examine the books and talk to the people.  Go back to the main area and
    head south until you see the exit, but don't leave just yet...instead go
    slightly north of the exit to a little alcove, examine one of the sacks there
    for a potion.  Leave when you're ready to.
    * Pr-02 The Lee Estate
    Right when you step out into The Lee Estate, Magus will have a conversation
    with his sister Sabra Lee, after you gain control let's explore the estate a
    bit, which is sort of like a small village.
    Southwest of where you gain control is a busted up house you can't enter, but
    examine the bucket on the west side for a High Potion.  East of this is a well,
    examine the well for an Elixir.  Note that all wells in the game contain
    Elixirs.  East of this is a house with an old man inside.  If you talk to him,
    you'll have the option to either kill him or let him live.  It's totally up to
    the player, you don't get anything for letting him live, but there's an
    optional boss that can only be fought later on if you kill him.  Either way.
    One of the pots west of the guy has a Potion, and Magus can amuse himself with
    the organ in the northwest corner.
    West and slightly south of the well is the weapon and armor shop.  You don't
    have any money at this point other than what you've found, and what they sell
    here is inferior anyway, so don't bother buying anything.  However, you can
    find a potion in a crate in the southeast corner.
    Directly south of the weapon and armor shop is the Inn.  You won't need to
    sleep here, but you should take a look around.  The pot behind the counter
    contains a potion.  If you talk to the knight sitting at a table, you'll have
    the option to kill him or let him live.  If you decide to kill him, he'll fight
    back and it will initiate a battle, however this knight is no match for Magus.
    Using Onslaught will end the battle immediately.
    Head east to the item shop.  There is nothing you'll want to buy at this point,
    but the bucket behind the counter has a potion in it.
    Leave The Lee Estate when you are ready.  Keep in mind, we will not be
    returning here, so make sure you've talked to everybody.
    * Pr-03 Overworld - Verana
    This couldnt' be simpler, Verana is a really tiny area.  There is a castle to
    the east but it has been destroyed and you can't enter it.  So just head
    straight northeast to the fort.  You might meet a few enemies, but they're no
    match for you, if it's a single enemy just use Onslaught, if it's multiple, use
    Electric Hell
    * Pr-04 Fort Verana
    As soon as you enter, a long cutscene will take place.  Things will be quite
    different once you take control.  You'll notice a glowing crystal to the left.
    This is a Shenandor'ian crystal.  You can use it to save, however you can save
    at any point, the real purpose is to use a Crystal Shard to fully heal yourself
    and regain magick.  There's also no point to this as Magus has been fully
    healed during the cutscene, so just ignore the crystal.  Also, do not talk to
    exodes yet, first go north of him and examine a broken barrel to get a Power
    Vial.  This will permanently raise any character's STR, however do not use it
    just yet.  Normally, you should use items like this as soon as possible, but
    wait until after the prologue to use them.  Keep min mind, these can be used on
    any character you want.  Just don't forget you have it.
    Once you have that, talk to Exodes to initiate the first boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 01 - Exodes Lee at Fort Verana
    If you lose, give up video games.  Seriously, you're meant to win, and Magus is
    a lot faster and more powerful than his father, you can probably attack
    normally and win, but to make things quick, use Onslaught over and over until
    he goes down.  If for some bizarre reason your HP gets low, use Chakra or
    Sekurin to heal.  They're both free abilities and Sekurin is a bit better, so
    use that one.
    After beating Exodes, a cutscene will end the prologue.
    ** Chapter 1 - The Kisareth Empire **
    * Ch01-01 - Citadel of Kisareth *
    Magus is older, wiser and considerably weaker as he's lost his god-like powers.
    You are now level one, so be aware of that.  You'll start off in a conversation
    with Magus' *other* sister, Maga'ra Lee, where she'll give you a mission, head
    north to the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge and face a creature, but first you have to
    travel to the city of Tezaroth and hook up with your wife, Xiria Lee.  But
    first, let's explore the Citadel.
    If you've been following my instructions, you should have 7 potions, an elixir,
    an ultra-elixir, a crystal shard and a power vial (which you may want to use,
    unless you're saving it for another character such as Xiria.)  These are the
    items that carry over from the Prologue.
    From the thrones, head east and follow the path around to a staircase, this
    will bring you to the mirror room.  You can examine the mirrors, some will show
    visions, and speak to Magus' neice Cithiria Lee there.  Head back to the
    thrones and head west until you see a narrow path south.  Talk to the guard and
    he'll get out of your way, and you'll have access to the four treasure chests
    here.  You'll find 50SC, a Potion, an antidote and a Phoenix Feather.
    Head south of the thrones now and start heading east once you hit the
    Shenandor'ian symbol.  Go north when you can and down a staircase to the
    dungeons.  There are no items to find here, but the man in the eastern cell has
    a portrait when you talk to him, so take note of that, and if you talk to the
    man in the middle cell, Magus will kill him.
    Go back to the symbol and head east until you see stairs going north, go up
    there to the Valmarian Mages Quarters.  One of the pots in the corner has a
    Potion, and if you talk to the mage standing near a small table the idiot will
    burn himself to death with a fire spell.  The redhead in the middle is one of
    Magus' daughters, Dissan Lee, talk to her and Magus will give her instructions.
    Go back down south and then west onto a new screen to reach Magus' living area.
    In his bedroom you can examine books and get more information, play the organ
    if you want to, and on the east side one of the dressers has another Power
    Vial.  Also note the portrait of Sabra Lee near his bed, which he'll comment on.
    Head back to the symbol and go east, this will bring you to the Crimson Knight
    Battalion.  There's nothing to find, but you might want to talk to the knights.
    Head west instead to get to the Yathrinen Healers Ward.  The pots here have a
    Potion and an antidote.  Now exit to the south when ready.
    * Ch01-02 - Overworld/Kisareth *
    Points of note - The Kisareth-Ilian Bridge is to the north, but you can't enter
    there yet, Magus will just remind you that he needs to find his wife first.  To
    the east is the thieves Hideout, which you also cannot enter just yet.  To the
    south is a mountain pass leading to Zelonia, you can't get through there yet,
    and have no business doing so anyway.  To the southwest, within seeing distance
    is Tezaroth.  Head there.
    * Ch01-03 - Tezaroth *
    There's a lot to do, so let's get to doing it.  Just northwest of the entrance
    is the Inn, let's head there first.  You can stay if you need to (you shouldn't
    need to at this point) but the main point of going there is to get the potion
    in one of the pots.  Southwest of the inn is a bunch of piles of wood, examine
    them for a Potion.  East of the entrance is the weapon and armor shop, but
    before heading in, examine the sticks southeast of it for a Potion, and one of
    the barrels on the east side for an antidote.  Once inside, keep note that
    talking to shopkeepers and whatnot behind the counters often initiates
    different dialogue, and in this case the armor salesman will actually give
    Magus 100SC.  No need to buy anything right now though.
    North of this is the stables, go in there and you can have an amusing
    conversation with Crysta.  (If you had visited here after finding Xiria, the
    convo would be slightly different.) West of the stables is the well, where you
    can find an Elixir as usual.  Further west is the Item Shop.  If you interact
    with the teddy bear on the counter, Magus will destroy it.  Stock up on any
    items you want (if you can't afford something, just go back to the overworld
    and fight monsters.)
    In the area north of the Item shop you might see a blonde girl walking around
    (she moves around, so keep an eye out).  This is Sasha, if you talk to her
    you'll have the option of taking on a side quest to retrieve her father's will.
    Of course you have the option to tell her to kiss your royal ass, but you
    really should take the quest.  Keep in mind, if you decline, you don't have the
    option of changing your mind.  Also around here is a house blocked by some
    guards, don't worry about that for now.  East of this is a tavern, blocked by
    an NPC, but walk past him for now to another house.  If you talk to the Orc in
    there, Magus will kill him.  You can also find 100SC in a pot.
    Now head to the tavern and talk to the man there, which will initiate a boss
    * BOSS BATTLE 02 - Rejik S'Darra in Tezaroth
    Even if you're level one, which you probably are, he's no problem, just keep
    attacking.  If you get low, you have potions, but this is unlikely, he's really
    just a slightly more powerful regular enemy.  He will drop a potion when he
    Anyway, nothing to stop you from heading in the tavern now.  You can talk to
    the people of course, be sure to get the 100SC in one of the pots.  Talk to
    Xiria and she will join your party.  Keep in mind, you'll have to go into the
    party menu to add her to the active party.
    You should head back to the weapon and armor shop, as they have better
    equipment for Xiria.  Get a Leather Shield and Feathered Hat, as she doesn't
    come with a sheild or helm at all.  Leave the city when you're ready to.
    * Ch01-04 - Overworld/Kisareth *
    If you're wanting to do the side quest, head east to the thieves Hideout, but
    if not, you want to head north to the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge.  Either way, make
    sure to fight enough enemies to reach level *3* before continuing.  Trust me,
    it's important to do this.  Keep in mind while grinding that while you can
    return to Tezaroth and use the Inn to heal, you can also return to the Citadel
    and sleep in Magus' bed to heal, which is free.
    * Sidequest 01 - Thieves Hideout *
    Skip to the next part if you don't wish to do this sidequest.
    The thieves hideout is a straight shot with nothing really to do or items in
    the outer part, so just head east until you see a cave, then head in there.
    Upon entering the cave, you'll be confronted and this will lead to a boss
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 01 - Navarro and the thieves
    The thieves are less of a threat individually than Navarro, but they have
    significantly less HP and should be taken out first, try to concentrate your
    attacks on one theif at a time until all three are gone, the faster you kill
    them, the less hits you are taking each round.  If Magus has Blinding Slash or
    even Venom Slice, use those...even if the special effect doesn't work, they do
    more damage than his regular hits and are free.  Xiria should use X-Slash every
    round until she runs out of MP and then just attack regularly.  Use potions to
    heal if necessary.  If you are level 3, you won't have a problem.  If you're
    level 4, you'll dominate completely.  Upon defeat, Navarro will drop 3 Potions,
    a Mid-Potion and the Father's Testament.
    Once you win, Check the crate in the north part of the cave for a Potion, then
    head back to Tezaroth and talk to Sasha, she will give you 300SC and a
    Broadsword.  The Broadsword is a better weapon than you can buy in Tezaroth and
    can be used by either Magus or Xiria.  Now back to the main quest.
    * Ch01-05 - Kisareth-Ilian Bridge *
    This is a straight shot to the west.  Just head across the bridge, there will
    be enemies along the way, and a Shenandor'ian crystal, but nothing else of
    note.  Once you reach the end, talk to the character you see to initiate a boss
    * BOSS BATTLE 03 - Zexor on the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge *
    Zexor is tough, and can hit both of your characters with attacks like
    Flameberge and Flamebyrge, which are similar.  Level 3-4 reccomended.  Make
    sure you manage your HP with potions, heal if you get halfway down.  Have Xiria
    X-Slash and Magus use Venom Slice or Blinding Strike.  After a while, he'll go
    down.  If you are low level, he may not use Flamebyrge, which is great, but
    keep an eye out anyway and try to be at LEAST level 3.  Zexor's greatest
    weakness here is that he's slow, you'll likely attack many more times than him.
    Upon his defeat, you'll get a Broadsword.  If you had done the sidequest from
    earlier, you now have two, which is great.
    * Ch01-06 - Overworld/Ilian
    There's not much to see, but it's quite a walk north and then slightly to the
    west to get to Ilian, if you're weak from the Zexor battle the Ginar'i here may
    be too much for you, so feel free to backtrack to the bridge to use a Crystal
    Shard or even back to the Citadel to sleep.  Otherwise, just head to the
    castle.  If you're not level 4, this would be the time to get there.
    * Ch01-07 - The City-State of Ilian
    Directly upon your arrival there will be a cutscene and a discussion with the
    two sovereign's, Anari Lee and Isis Lee and Isis will join your party.  Please
    add her to the active party right away.  After this, you'll have some freedom
    to explore.  Isis joins at level 3, so you might want to have her train up a
    bit.  You will also have your next directive, you are to travel to the kingdom
    of Valdrace to investigate their doings.  You must head south of Kisareth to
    Zelonia to get a ship.
    First, let's head north of the thrones.  To the east here is an area with some
    beds.  Check a bucket here to find an Ether.  West of that is a dining and
    sitting area.  Find a potion in a pot in the sitting area.  Now head back to
    the thrones and head west from there to the Merchants Guild area.
    Right near the entrance here is the armor shop.  They don't sell anything of
    note to be honest.  Just southwest of that is the Item shop, where Magus can
    stock up on anything you need (try to make sure you always have at least 5 of
    every item, especially Phoenix Feathers and Crystal Shards, and have more of
    potions.)  you can also blow up the teddy bear.  Just north of that is the
    weapon shop.  The only interesting thing here is the Broadsword.  If you did
    not do the side quest previously, you'll need a second one.  Note that Isis
    uses staves instead of swords.
    Now head back to the thrones and go east to the common area.  Some of the NPCs
    in the tavern area are pretty amusing, and if you talk to the old woman sitting
    at at able, Xiria will kill her.  Magus can also play with the organ.  You may
    also see a little girl with black hair running around, this is Magus'
    grandaughter Xiara, who you can also talk to briefly.  There is an Inn here in
    the south if you need to use it.
    So that's all there really is to do in Ilian, so it's time to head to Zelonia.
    * Ch01-08 - Overworld/Ilian
    If you don't want to level anymore and you're done, head back to the bridge to
    the south and cross over it back into Kisareth.
    * Ch01-09 - Overworld/Kisareth
    You can go to Tezaroth if you want and stock up or whatever, and this is your
    last opportunity to do Sasha's sidequest.  Othewise, head south of the Citadel
    to the mountain pass.
    * Ch01-10 - Zelonian Mountains
    You might have swung by here previously out of curiosity and found it blocked
    by a guard, just talk to him and he'll move out of the way for you now.  Once
    you enter the actual gave, head slightly west and then north.  You'll go into a
    little alcove with two treasure chests.  Open them for an Elixir and a Phoenix
    Feather.  Next head all the way east and then north to another alcove, where
    you'll find treasure chests containing a Potion and 500SC.  After this head to
    the northern part of the area to go to the next one.
    Dissan will be right in front of you, talk to her and she will join the party.
    Make sure to add her to the active party.  Head all the way east from here and
    moved into another area.  You'll now be outside, grab the treasure chests here
    for 50SC and a Magick Potion.  The Magick Potion permanently boosts a
    character's MP.  Use it on whoever you wish, or save it for later.  Backtrack
    to the previous area and head all the way west.  You'll see a treasure chest,
    open it for a Phoenix Feather.  Now head south until you hit a treasure chest
    with a Mid-Potion in it.  Then from there follow the path east until you can go
    south and you'll see some fire blocking your path and a treasure chest.  Open
    the chest for a Crystal Shard.  Interact with the fire and Dissan will get rid
    of it for you.  If nothing happens, it means you forgot to add her to your
    party!  Exit to the south to get to the next part of the cave.
    Here there are no enemies, so relax a bit.  Head directly north and you'll see
    a Shenandor'ian crystal and a man blocking your path.  I highly reccomend you
    use a Crystal Shard here to heal yourself completely before talking to the man,
    which will initiate a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 04 - Calamar underneath the Zelonian mountains *
    Calamar is pretty easy, not that much different from Zexor, though he does like
    to debuff your party, so beware of that, and he can use an attack that hits all
    of your party, but with Isis as your healer you won't have a problem.  Calamar
    is weak to lightning so have Dissan use Thunnerum every turn.  It won't take
    very long.  Have Xiria use X-Slash and Magus use whatever strike you wish.
    Isis should keep everyone healed, though if nobody needs it when her turn come
    sup, use Air Blade.  For beating him you'll get a Life Vial and a Mid Potion.
    The Life Vial is a lot like the Power Vial, except it raises HP permanently.
    Continue through the exit once you're done here.
    * Ch01-11 - Overworld/Zelonia
    A few things of note.  Most of everything is to the south of this area.  There
    is a castle, a town, a pier and a peninsula hanging off of the southern
    portion.  Avoid the peninsula, as you might run into a very powerful optional
    boss creature called the Waegelein.  You do not want to fight it unless you're
    around level 10.  If you want to do this, get yourself up to level 10 by
    fighting the Ginar'i around this area.  It will take a while though.  The pier
    you cannot activate yet, so don't bother with that.  Also, avoid the castle for
    now, if you enter the castle, you will NOT be able to enter the town at any
    point, so you'll miss out on a bit.  So head to the town first.
    * Ch01-12 - New Haven
    New Haven is pretty big and there's lots to do and see.  Right away, you'll be
    in front of the Inn, so let's head in there first.  Right northwest of the
    front dest is a room, check the dressers there for a Potion.  Directly north of
    the inn is a small house, next to it are two bundles of wood.  Check the north
    one (you'll have to go around the house) to get a Phoenix Feather.  Inside the
    house check the bins of food for a Potion, and the pots for another potion.
    West of this house is the Ny'Elystian Temple Let's explore this.  First off,
    head west into another room, check one of the pots here for an Ether, then head
    back to the previous room and go all the way east into another room.  The
    second alcove here has a dresser with a Potion in it, and the fourth has one
    with a Mid-Potion.
    Leave the temple and head west, you'll see a bridge going south over the river,
    go over it and check the well nearby for an Elixir.  South of this is the
    weapon and armor shop, before going in check the logs east of it for another
    Potion.  Inside, check the dresser behind the counter at the weapon shop for a
    Potion.  Buy a mace for Dissan, and a Zelonian Staff for Isis at the weapon
    shop, and at the armor shop, get Heavy Shields for Magus and Xiria, Zelonian
    Helms for Magus and Xiria, Zelonian Armor for Magus and Ziria, Acolyte Robes
    for Isis and Dissan and Acolyte Rings for Isis and Dissan.  Make sure, of
    course, to equip everything.
    Outside, head north over the bridge and keep going until you hit the item shop.
    There is another teddy bear Magus can destroy in here, and there is a potion to
    be found in a bin.  Also, of course stock up if you desire or need to.
    Outside, head east past the cows to the tavern, one of the barrels outside has
    a Potion, then head inside.  There's no items, but plenty of people to talk to.
    If at this time, you wish to fight the Waegelein Monster, go back to the
    overworld and fight ginar'i until Magus is level 10, then walk around on the
    peninsula until you meet it.  Otherwise, head to the castle.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 02 - The Waegelein Monster
    You likely will not stand a chance unless you're level 10.  If you're below
    this level, you really don't have anything that can damage him.  Isis' physical
    attack can hurt him, and Xiria's X-Slash, but any other physical attacks will
    be absorbed.  He also dodges a lot, so you're lucky to hit him at all.  All
    magick except fire will be absorbed, leaving you with only Dissan's Ignis
    spell.  So why level 10?  Magus learns Flameberge at level 10, giving you a
    strong attack that can actually hit him.  If you also get Dissan that far,
    she'll learn Ignisyte.  So focus on using this, have Xiria either use items or
    X-Slash (which will usually be dodged) Isis heal or attack and Dissan use Ignis
    or Ignisyte if you have it.  You will likely need to heal a LOT, as the
    Waegelein can use Frigara, which hits everybody very hard, and he can also hit
    you with some nasty status effects.  The Waegelein can be defeated as many
    times as you want.  You will get a Phoenix Tears for beating it, so if you want
    to stock up on this rare and very useful item, fight the Waegelien a bunch of
    times, which is also great for levelling up rather quickly.
    * Ch01-13 Castle Zelonia
    As soon as you enter the castle, a cutscene will take place where you'll talk
    to Magus son Cadar and his daughter Trinity.  After all of this, you'll be
    transplanted to the city of New Haven, which is being attacked.
    * Ch01-14 New Haven Under Seige
    The object here is to find Cadar, and from talking to just about any Zelonian
    warrior, you'll be pointed to the Ny'Eylstian Temple.  You can head right
    there, but there's a bit of a sidequest you can do first.  Throughout New Haven
    are several Valdrace Soldiers locked in battle with Zelonian forces.  If you
    interact with the Valdracian soldiers, you'll fight them, there's are the same
    basic battles that you'll run into randomly walking around, but you'll get a
    piece of an Arcanis Stone.  Once you get all the pices, you can fight the guard
    blocking entry to the temple to complete the stone.  Keep in mind, if you fight
    the guard in front of the temple, this sidequest will be incomplete and you
    will not get any further pieces.  The first soldier to fight is right within
    view of the entrance near the Inn, so take care of him first.  The second is
    directly north of the first, so you won't have to go far.  The third is just
    north of the temple, so go up around it to find the guard there.  The fourth is
    north of the weapon and armor shop, just past the bridge over the river, so
    take him out last, then head to the temple and kill the guard there.  If you've
    killed all the previous guards, you'll get an Arcanis Stone, which you can use
    to raise the INT of the entire party.  Use it, or save it for a later party
    lineup, your choice.  Either way, head inside the temple.
    Even if you had been in here before, there are items to find now, so first head
    to the western wing, where you'll find a treasure chest with an Acolyte Ring
    (if you did not heed my advice and visited the castle before you went to town,
    you did not have the chance to buy any of these earlier.)  Head to the east
    wing now, where there's a treasure chest with an Elixir, and another with a
    Zelonian Helm.  Now go to the center and use the Shenador'ian Crystal if you
    wish (you should, you'll be fighting a boss) and then talk to Cadar.  After
    some conversation and a cutscene you'll be brought into battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 04 - Cyrano In the Ny'Eylstian Temple *
    Cyrano doesn't have any particular weakness, but isn't particularly strong
    either.  His worst thing is confusing your party members, which if you've
    followed my advice in buying items, you can clear up with an Ambrosia.  Just
    keep yourself healed, if you're level 7, Isis should have learned Curena which
    can heal the entire party, and hit him with your best attacks until he goes
    down.  Beating him will net you a Power Vial and a Full-Ether.  After beating
    him, you'll be transported back to the castle.
    * Ch01-15 Castle Zelonia
    Finally you have the freedom to move around and find stuff in the castle.
    Directly north of you are a bunch of dressers, check them for an Ether and a
    Mid-Potion.   Head south, then east and then north to find the treasure room,
    there's eight treasure chests here, ransack them for a Potion, a Power Vial, an
    Ether, 300SC, a Crystal Shard, a Phoenix Feather, a Mid-Potion and 100SC.  Go
    back to where the entrance is and head north, there will be three paths.  Take
    the westernmost one leading to a pot with a Phoenix Feather in it and a dresser
    with a Potion in it.  The east path leads to a row of bookcases and cabinets,
    check them all for an Ambrosia and a Mid-Potion.  Now take the center path,
    which splits again but either way leads you to the thrones.  Talk to Cadar, and
    he will offer you a ship to Golden Horn.  You can now exit back to the
    overworld and activate the pier.  Remember, you won't be coming back, so make
    sure you have everything
    * Ch01-16 Zelonia Pier and the High Sea
    You'll notice that there are shopkeepers here that will sell you items and
    armor if you missed out on Zelonia, so at least there is that.  In the northern
    part, you'll find a treasure chest with a High-Potion in it.  There's nothing
    else to find, so once you've talked to everyone and you're ready to go, talk to
    Captain Vargas near the ship and tell him you're ready to go.  Once the journey
    begins, there will be a series of conversations and cutscenes, eventually
    leading to a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 05 - Moirena, The Dark Mistress of Water on the High Sea *
    This is the first really major boss of the game, and her Tidal Crash attack can
    really ruin your day, if you're not at least level 7, you might have a hard
    time bouncing back, as Isis' Curena spell is really important here.  Make sure
    everyone keeps at least 50% HP.  If you need to supplement with items, make
    sure you do this, and make sure anyone who gets knocked down is revived with a
    Phoenix Feather immeidately.  As you may have guessed, Moirena is weak to
    thunder, so have Dissan cast Thunerrum, or a better spell if you have it, but
    you probably don't at this point.  She can aslo stun you, but this wears off
    quickly.  Make sure to keep Isis and Dissan fresh, as they are your healer and
    damager for this battle.  Keep at it and she'll eventually fall.  You'll get an
    Elixir and a Cutlass for defeating Moirena.  After her defeat there will be a
    cutscene, and Magus will be alone in a new land.
    ** Chapter 2: The Rim Kingdoms **
    * Ch02-01 Overworld/Golden Horn
    Magus will be alone, seperated from his companions.  Because of this, you'll
    want to focus on getting new party members very quickly, so don't do a whole
    lot of wandering around.  There is a town and a castle within walking distance
    to the northeast, and south there is a forest and a bridge, but for now, you'll
    want to go directly to the town.  Or rather, the first thing you want to do is
    equip the Cutlass you got from beating Moirena, and then walk to town.
    * Ch02-02 Valeska
    Keep in mind that people are a whole lot less friendly to you in the Rim
    Kingdoms as you walk around.  Just to the west of the entrance is the Inn, so
    let's go in there.  The woman sitting at at a table here will be rather
    cryptic, but this refers to a sort of side quest much, MUCH later in the game
    that you may or may not even have access to.  Just keep that in mind.  You can
    also find an Ether in a pot in here.  right outside of the Inn, you should see
    an older man named Endrin walking around.  He won't talk to you, but keep note
    of his location.  East of the entrance, there's a log sitting near the river,
    examine it to find a potion.  Now, follow the river northwest until you reach a
    bridge and cross it, right to the east here is the item shop.  Check a pot for
    a Potion here, and blow up the teddy bear if you want to.  Also, stock up on
    any items you may need.  Head west across the bridge until you reach the
    stables.  Come in here and Magus will talk to Krysta, who will join your party,
    make sure to add her of course.  Just northeast of the stables is a well, check
    it for an Elixir.  Go north of the stables until you hit another bridge, cross
    it and you'll see the armor shop there.  We're going to get two more
    characters, so ignore the armor and weapon shops for now, we'll come back when
    we have everybody.  instead, go north to the pub.  There is a defense Vial in a
    pot here, Magus can play the organ, and there is an Ether in a basket.
    Outside, if you talk to the green haired guy near the pub, Magus will kill him.
    Further to the east is a house, next to it are some woodpiles, check them for
    an Ether then head inside where you can find a Potion in a pot.  Directly south
    is the weapon shop, but we'll come back to that later.  On your way out of
    Valeska, talk to Endrin, the old man near the Inn and you'll have the option of
    taking on a sidequest.  Keep in mind, if you say no, you won't be able to
    change your mind.  Anyway, head to the castle now.
    * Ch02-03 Golden Horn Castle
    Instead of exploring first, head straight up north to the throne and talk to
    Rayna, after a cutscene, Isis will rejoin your party, and Gelina Grey will join
    you as well.  Add them to the party.  Now let's explore.  Magus can play the
    organ east of the throne if you wish, once you're done futzing around, head
    south of the throne, and take the second path west.  Check everything here,
    you'll find a Crystal Shard in a pot, an Ambrosia in another pot, an antidote
    in another pot, and one last pot has a Fire Scroll.  Head south now until you
    see a path blocked by two guards, talk to them and they'll let you into the
    treasure room.  There are five chests here, open them all to get 200SC, a
    Phoenix Feather, an Ether, a Mid-Potion and a Valeskan Coif, which is a helmet
    that you can buy in Valeska, but this saved you the trouble, and you should
    have either Magus or Gelina equip it.  Go back down to the entrance and head
    west, and then north.  There are no items here, but the old woman can be talked
    to and will show a cutscene as long as both Krysta and Gelina are with you,
    which will give you some backstory.  Once you're done, give the castle a good
    once-over to ensure that you've talked to everybody, then head back to Valeska.
    * Ch02-04 Valeska
    Head to the Weapon shop, and pick up an Ether in a pot here, and purchase a
    Valeskan Staff for Isis.  Then head to the armor shop, where you can find
    another Potion in a pot.  Buy two Shields of the 'Horn for Magus and Gelina, a
    Valeskan Coif for whoever doesn't have one, Valeskan Ring Mail for Magus, a
    Bonded One Blouse for Isis, a Ring of Fortune for Isis and a Valeskan Hat for
    Isis.  Equip everything.  Remember if you don't have the cash, fight enemies on
    the overworld until you do.  You're going to want to have everybody at least at
    level 9 before moving on to the next area, but if you don't want to just
    mindlessly grind, there is Endrin's sidequest, so let's take care of that.  If
    you want to do the sidequest, go to the overworld and travel south until you
    see a big forest to the east.  Step into the middle of the forest (you might
    have to move around a bit to find the exact spot) and you'll enter a new area.
    If you do not want to do the sidequest, head to the bridge instead and skip the
    next part.
    * Sidequest 02 Valeskan Forest
    First thing to note, there are no random encounters here, instead you'll see
    enemies wandering around.  You can avoid them totally, or bump into them to
    start a battle.  They are all flower type enemies that are very weak to fire
    attacks, so use this to your advantage.  You get good EXP for fighting the
    flowers, and as you can control when you do, and the fact that they respawn if
    you leave and come back makes this a good place to controllably grind up.  I
    recommend you get yourself to level 9 at least.  To avoid getting confused, I
    reccomend you take out all of the monsters first, before going to collect
    treasure.  Now head to the southwest corner of the area, there is a chest there
    with 50SC.  North of this is another chest with a Mid-Potion in it.  Now,
    having Magus standing directly east of this treasure chest, walk east 8 squares
    and then walk north until you hit a tree.  You'll find the object that Endrin's
    son Rune was looking for, the Sai'in Crystal.  This is like a much, much more
    powerful version of the Arcanis Stone and will increase the INT of the entire
    party by 20.  Either use it or save it for later characters.  Head further east
    and you'll see a skeleton and a sword, check the sword to complete your
    objective here, and you'll recieve a Great Cutlass, which you should have
    Krysta equip.  Head south to find another treasure chest with an Ether in it,
    then exit to the south.  Now, you already have part of your reward, which is
    the sword, but returning to Valeska and talking to Endrin will aslo net you
    400SC and everybody in the party will get 300 Experience Points.  Now, let's
    head south of Valeska to the bridge.
    * Ch02-05 Solara Bridge
    You'll first have to go through a building.  There's a Shenandor'ian Crystal
    outside, but really you should have stayed at the Inn in Valeska before coming
    in here, so head in.  Inside, check the crates for a Crystal Shard, and there
    is a man here who can sell you items if you want to stock up.  Tell the man
    near the back entrance that you have permission from Rayna to cross the bridge,
    then head out.  The actual bridge is a straight shot with a few detours in the
    form of caves against the rock wall on the north side.  In the first one are
    treasure chests containing 200SC and a Defense Vial.  The second cave has
    treasure chests containing an Ambrosia, 150SC and a Poison Gauntlet, which is
    an accessory that protects against POISON status.  You should equip this,
    preferably to Magus.  The third and final cave has a treasure chest with an
    Elixir inside, and a Shenandor'ian Crystal.  I reccomend you use a Crystal
    Shard here, as you're about to fight a boss.  As Magus approaches the end of
    the bridge, a cutscene will trigger that leads to a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 06 - Zexor at the Solara Bridge *
    The rematch with Zexor is considerably more difficult than the last one, but
    nothing to get worked up over.  If you're level 10 or higher, it will not be an
    issue at all.  Zexor has a weakness to Thunder that you can now exploit, by
    having Gelina use Thunerrum (or a better thunder spell if you've levelled
    beyond my recommendation.)  Isis should be your healer and have Magus attack
    with your best shot, which will probably be Flamberge.  Krysta should use
    Agility Bless, first on herself, then on Gelina (your big damager in this
    battle) then on Isis and finally Magus.  If you're still fighting, just have
    Krysta attack after this.  Keep in mind that Agility Bless wears off after a
    while, so whenever someone's ATB fills up, check for the icon.  Zexor's biggest
    new trick is Tidal Crash, which you've already dealt with from Moirena, but no
    other nasty surprises.  Following this, especially using agility bless, will
    make this a snap.  Beating him will net you a High-Potion.  After beating him,
    you can exit to the west, or if you're in bad shape, backtrack to the Crystal
    to heal.
    * Ch02-06 Overworld/Solara
    From where you come out, there will be a bridge to the south, a huge forest to
    the west and a castle to the northwest.  The bridge is blocked off for now and
    the forest is mysteriously sealed away (something that actually will not come
    into play until the game's sequel), so head directly to the castle.
    * Ch02-07 Solarion Castle
    Let's explore.  From the entrance, head west to a magick school.  If you talk
    to the readhead there, the teacher will turn her into a cat, which is amusing.
    North of this is the weapon and armor shop.  Buy Steel Sabers for Magus and
    Gelina (and a third for Krysta if you did not do the sidequest that netted her
    a Great Cutlass) and a Solaranic Staff for Isis.  No need for new armor.
    Continue north past the shop to the northwest corner of the castle, where
    there's an Ether found in a dresser.  Directly east of this is an area that
    looks like a bar or restaraunt, but you can also use it as an Inn.  East of
    that near the beds are dressers, check them for a Mid-Potion, then head south
    to the item shop.  Stock up if you want, and Magus can blow up the teddy bear
    there.  Head south and then west to get back to the entrance, then head
    straight up north to the thrones.  Talk to Lystara, who is Magus'
    sister-in-law, and she'll give you the Royal Parchment.  We're done in the
    castle, unless you have more stuff to buy or people to talk to, exit to the
    overworld and head south to the bridge.  Before continuing, consider getting
    yourself up to level 11, if you're not there already.
    * Ch02-08 Ivory Myst Bridge
    Talk to the guard here, and if you have the Royal Parchment, he'll open the way
    to get past the barrier.  After walking a bit, a cutscene will trigger, after
    it's done, just head to the end of the bridge.
    * Ch02-09 Overworld/Ivory Myst
    Well, it certainly lives up to it's name, no?  The area here is big, but
    there's not much to see, just head all the way south and you'll see a town and
    a castle.  Head to the town.  Make sure you don't head to the Castle until
    you're ready, as you will be unable to visit the town if you go to the castle
    * Ch02-11 Theralan
    Woot, another town to explore.  Right at the entrance, head northeast to the
    general store, where you can get items, weapons and armor.  Go north right away
    and you'll see a treasure chest with a Quicken Scroll in it, which is a rare
    and extremely useful item that you should hang on to for really major boss
    battles.  East of the entrance is a Crystal Shard in a pot.  In the shop area
    to the north, at the armor shop pick up Myst Shields for Magus, Krysta and
    Gelina, Myst Helms for Magus, Kryst and Gelina, Myst Armor for Magus, Krysta
    and Gelina a Robe of the Myst for Isis and a Myst Hat for Isis.  They also sell
    Poison and Sylince Gauntlets here.  You already have one Poison Gauntlet.  The
    Sylince Gauntlet offers the same amount of protection, but protects against
    NEGATE instead of POISON.  Buy any combination of these, just make sure that
    Magus, Krysta and Gelina all have an accessory.  Personally, I reccomend
    selling the Poison Gauntlet and getting three Sylince Gauntlets, as you
    currently have Isis and her detox spell, and protection against NEGATE is much
    more important.  At the item shop, stock up on anything you want.  At the
    weapon shop get a Staff of the Ivory Mist for Isis.  You may be tempted to get
    Bastard Swords for Magus and Gelina, or even Krysta if you don't have a Great
    Cutlass, but my recommendation is to not bother, as the Bastard Sword is a two
    handed weapon that will not let you use a sheild with it.  This is an important
    distinction, as DEF is far more important than STR in this game, as in battle
    you will focus much more on using skills than just attacking, and it won't be
    too long before you get a better one-handed weapon.  So, buy them if you want,
    but keep in mind you can't use sheilds if you equip them.  I realize this is
    all a lot to buy, so if you're low on cash, be sure to utilize the overworld.
    Try and have everybody in the party at level 11, it's fairly important to keep
    on this.
    Back oustide, northwest of the entrance is the Inn, so use that if you need to.
    You can also find a Phoenix Feather in a crate here, a Crystal Shard in a
    dresser and a Full-Ether in another dresser.  head west of the Inn and check
    the well for an Elixir.  North of the well is a tavern, which is closed, but
    check the barrels on the west side for a Mid-Potion.  North of this is a house,
    check the barrels on the west side here for a Potion and an Ambrosia.  Head
    inside the house and find a Mid-Potion in a bin.  Head all the way east past
    the lake and head north up some steps to find another house.  Check the
    woodpiles on the east side here for a Mid-Potion, then head inside where you
    will find an Ether in a stack of sacks.  There's nothing else to do in the
    town, so when you're ready to continue, head to the castle.
    * Ch02-12 Castle Ivory Myst/Battlefield
    No exploring here, as you'll go right into a cutscene, and then be transported
    to a battlefield (though you'll have an opportunity to check or change your
    equipment before you leave, you cannot go back to the town, so BE SURE YOU ARE
    READY.) Here there will be more cutscenes.  You will have to fight four battles
    here, the first three are against regular common-stock enemies, the fourth is
    against a boss.  Because there is no rest or healing opporunities between each
    battle, try to end the third battle on a good note, if you are low on health,
    have Isis heal you before you deal the final blow, if you are low on MP, use
    ethers, you want to enter the boss battle as close to fresh as possible.
    * BOSS BATTLE 07 - Drea Nightshade at Ivory Myst *
    A *lot* of people find Drea to be difficult, and call her one of the toughest
    enemies in the game.  She certainly isn't easy, but I believe that a huge
    amount of issues that people have are due to not being prepared to fight a boss
    battle, either because they entered Ivory Myst castle in poor health, or did
    not buy all of the new equipment at Theralan, or did not end the third regular
    battle well and came into this with low HP or MP.  If this is the case, and you
    have an Ultra-Elixir, use it right away to put yourself at full health.  If
    anyone is downed, take care of that quickly, if multiple people are, you might
    want to use a Phoenix Tears.  That being said, if you're going into this battle
    fairly fresh, Drea is not very hard.  Like Zexor, Drea has a weakness to
    Thunder, so this can play out like a harder version of the last boss battle you
    fought, concentrate on having Gelina attack with your best thunder spell, if
    you followed my advice she has the Thuneras spell, and have Krysta use Agility
    bless on herself, then Gelina, then Isis and then Magus.  If you start off in
    bad shape, have her use it on Isis right after herself, but make sure you
    always have the person using Agility Bless use it on themselves first!   Keep a
    keen eye on your HP, as Duchess' Wrath can take a huge chunk off, use Curena to
    combat this and keep everyone above half at least.  She can also affect your
    status and take about 300HP off of single characters.  She can also heal
    herself by using Drain Life, but it's not as effective as your attacks and it's
    actually a good sign that the battle is almost over.  Use your best attacks and
    keep her weakness in mind, and you will be victorious.  Beating her will net
    you a Power Vial and an Elixir.
    After beating Drea, there'll be a cutscene.  After talking to Chellise, you can
    move around, but you can't leave the area, so keep that in mind.  Lady Adelyn,
    the teacher from the magick school will be around, talk to her and she'll heal
    you fully, and one of the soldiers will sell you items.  Once you're ready to
    head off, talk to Chellise and tell her you're ready to leave.  After your new
    ship takes off, there will be some scenes that will give some of the backstory
    between Gelina, Empress Elynore and a villain named Anto Calias.
    ** Chapter 03 - The Aetevian Empire **
    * Ch03-01 Aetevian Dock
    Not much to look at here, and no items to find, but as soon as you walk a bit
    east, there will be a cutscene that will remove Krysta from your party.  After
    this, you will be on the overworld.
    * Ch03-02 Overworld/Shivayne
    You'll be instructed to bring Krysta to the healer's ward.  There are three
    locations of note here, the castle and town north of you, and a cave futher
    north and slightly west.  You cannot enter the cave or town just yet, Magus
    will simply redirect you to the castle, so head there.
    * Ch03-03 Shivayne Castle
    You can walk around a bit, but let's get all the cutscenes out of the way so
    you can explore fully after that.  Head straight north until a scene triggers.
    After these scenes, you'll be reunited with Xiria, who will rejoin the party,
    so make sure to add her.  Keep in mind that Xiria rejoins at a higher level, so
    check her skills, as she may have learned new ones.
    Anyway, you'll be plopped outside of the healer's ward, so go back into it to
    start off, you'll find a Mid-Ether in a pot, and you can talk to Krysta, which
    is amusing.  Exit the healer's ward and then go east into the main area.  Turn
    north right away to find a treasure chest containing a Dark Knowledge Scroll.
    This will level up one of your characters, but you can't take it with you, you
    have to use it right now.  The way these work is that it chooses Magus and
    three random party members.  As you only have four party members right now, you
    can pick anybody.  I recommend always using these on Isis, as she levels
    significantly slower than other characters, but sometimes you won't be able to
    use them on her, so in that case try and use your best judgment.
    Go back south and walk east until you can go north again, this leads to the
    throne.  Talk to Elynore.  This will open up the treasure room for you.  Now
    head south, then east as soon as you can, and then north, there is a Mid-Potion
    in a pot here.  Head back down and go east into a new area, this is the
    treasure room, so talk to the guard and he'll move out of your way.  There are
    8 treasure chests here, open them to get 1000SC, a Crystal Shard, an Ambrosia,
    500SC, a Mid-Potion, 300SC, a Phoenix Feather and a Blizzard Staff, which you
    should have Isis equip.  Head back west to the main area and continue west
    until you can go south.  At the next split head east and check the food bins
    for an Ether, then head west and check the dressers for another ether.  Head
    back to the split and exit to the south, and head to the town, which you can
    now enter.
    * Ch03-04 Shivayne
    Right in front of you is the Inn, before heading in, check the woodpiles on the
    east side for a High Potion.  Inside, I recommend using the Inn, even if you
    don't need to, as you'll get a very, very funny scene.  If nothing happens,
    then you forgot to add Xiria to your party!  Anyway, if you talk to the woman
    in the room north of the fron desk, Gelina will kill her.  If nothing else, it
    gives you a reminder that your next goal is the Ice Mines.  Check the rooms,
    you'll find an Ambrosia in a pot, and a Mid-Potion in another.  Leave the inn
    now.  Northeast of the entrance is the weapon and armor shop, but before
    heading in, get the Velan Root that's found in a barrel on the west side.
    Inside, at the armor shop section, buy Ice Shields for Magus, Gelina and Xiria,
    Wintry Helms for Magus, Gelina and Xiria, Wintry Mail for Magus, Gelina and
    Xiria, a Firn Cap for Isis, a Frost Cloak for Isis and a Ring of Solace for
    Isis.  Note that they also sell both Sleep Gauntlets and Darkness Gauntlets
    here, which will protect against SLEEP and DARKNESS, respectively.  Well, they
    also offer better defense than the Poison and Silynce Gauntlets, so pick which
    one you'd rather be defended against and buy them for Magus, Gelina and Xiria.
    I reccomend the Sleep Gauntlets, though the Darkness Gauntlet would be useful
    for Magus.  On the weapons side, grab Gale Blades for Magus, Gelina and Xiria.
    Remember, you already got a Blizzard Staff in the castle.
    Northwest of this shop is the pub, head in there and grab the Antidote in a
    pot.  Magus can futz with the organ as well.  Pay special attention to the girl
    sitting at the bar.  If you talk to her, you'll have the option of killing her
    or letting her live.  If you let her live, you'll get an Elixir.  Keep in mind
    though you previous actions when asked this question.  If you had been killing
    people, I recommend you keep it consistant, as killing certain NPCs can open up
    a sidequest later on.  However, if you had not killed people in the past, this
    is already closed to you, so you might as well get the Elixir.
    southeast of the pub is the item shop, head in here to stock up if you need it,
    and grab the Ether in a bin, and destroy the teddy bear if you want to.
    Northeast of here is a small house, before heading in grab the Mid-Ether in the
    barrel outside.  Inside, grab the Crystal Shard in a pot.  North of the house
    is a well, it's a different looking well than you're used to, but it still has
    an Elixir in it.  Still north of this is a house and a lone guard who looks a
    bit different, talk to him and he'll offer you a quest to find the Noran Relic
    and return it to him.  Keep in mind here, you can still find the Noran Relic
    without accepting the quest, or even talking to the guy, but you should accept
    it anyway if you want to fight an optional boss battle a bit later.  In the
    house, grab the Mid-Potion in a pot, and I know you should be talking to
    everybody, but make sure you talk to the little girl if you want a good laugh.
    Anyway, that's it for Shivayne, so leave the town once you're all good to go
    and head north to the Ice Mines.
    * Ch03-05 The Ice Mines
    The Ice Mines is a big area that can be a bit tough, but if you followed my
    adivce, you'll be clearing all the items out of the first part and then leaving
    to do the Noran Relic sidequest, so that can break it up a bit.  Please note
    that you have ice equipment and you're fighting ice creatures, this is not a
    big deal, except for Isis, who should be using the Blizzard Staff.  Make sure
    you have her not attack any Snow Orcs, as her attack will heal them.  Anyway,
    the entrance goes into a big chamber, and you'll have a split, north or west,
    start off by going west.  At the next north/west split continue to head west
    and grab a Phoenix Feather in a chest.  Go back to the second split and head
    north, follow that path to a Mid-Potion in a chest.  Now head back to the very
    first split and go north.  This path will immediately split east/west, start by
    heading east.  Follow the patch until you reach a treasue chest with 500SC in
    it.  Directly north of the treasure chest is a wall full of black holes in an
    upside-down triangle pattern.  Position Magus at the apex (directly left of the
    Ice Crystal) and activate the wall to get the Noran Relic.  Now, if you're
    doing the side-quest I mentioned earlier, just keep reading, though if you are
    not, skip the next section (you should still grab the relic though, as it has
    another use.)
    * SIDEQUEST 03 - The Noran Relic *
    After grabbing the Relic, backtrack out of the Ice Mines and head to Shivayne.
    Be sure to rest up at an Inn, as you're about to fight a boss.  If you're not
    level 12, now is the time to get there.  Go back to the guard (northwest corner
    of the town) who gave you the quest and talk to him, which will initiate a boss
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 03 - The Indigo Knight
    This guy starts off pretty easy and simplistic, but can become hard either
    because he hits you with status ailments such as SLEEP, NEGATE and CONFUSE, or
    becuase he gets low on health and starts spamming Xin-Blizzard, which does a
    ton of damage to your party.  Keep your HP up with Isis' Curena spell and be on
    top of status effects (use Ambrosias if need be).  Another bit of prep that
    helps is having Isis use Magi Bless on Gelina for added damage and herself,
    which will make your healing spells better.  He is strong against Ice, but
    doesn't have any particular weakness, so just have everybody use their best
    non-ice attack, such as Flamberge, Ignisyte, Air Blade and Shock wave.  Keep
    dilligent and healed and he'll go down.  Beating him nets a huge amount of
    experience, and an Ultra-Elixir.  Head back to where the Noran Relic was.
    * Ch03-05 The Ice Mines (continued)
    Head west from where the Noran Relic was to face a north/west/south split.
    South brings you back to the beginning, so let's head north for now.  The path
    will them split between northeast and northwest, head northeast first, the road
    will dead end with a treasure chest containing a Mid-Ether.  Head back to the
    northeast/northwest split and head northwest which leads to a treasure chest
    with a Life Vial in it.  Make use of it if you wish, then head back to the
    north/west/south split and head west, and follow that path until you go through
    the opening to the next area.
    Right away, there's a Shenandor'ian crystal in front of you, which you might
    want to make use of if you have a Crystal Shard.  Head east until you can go
    north, then follow that path to a treasure chest with a Mid-Potion.  Head back
    to the path you were previously on and continue east, you'll soon be able to go
    north again, but first head a bit more east for a treasure chest containing an
    Ether, then head north, which leads into the final area.
    There's another Crystal if you need to heal, which I recommend you do, as
    you're about to fight a boss.  Attempt to leave to the north and a boss battle
    will trigger.
    * BOSS BATTLE 08 - The Lamian Queen in the Ice Mines *
    She looks intimidating, but is not all that hard.  she likes status effects
    such as SLEEP, CONFUSE and DARKNESS, and can use Frigus and Frigara.  You'd
    think her weakness would be fire, but she's just as weak to Ice, so since it
    has a higher base damage, Magus can use Breath of Ice, though Flamberge works
    fine and costs less, have Gelina use Ignisyte, Isis should use Magi Bless on
    Gelina and herself, and heal the party, and Xiria should spam Shock Wave.  If
    you fought and beat the Indigo Knight from the sidequest, this is an easier
    battle, and has the same basic strategy.  Beating her will net you a Z-Potion
    and the Dread Blade, which you should immediately have Magus equip.  Exit to
    the north.
    * Ch03-06 Overworld/Geidr'un/Charvaena
    This is a rather large area.  The Caste-City of Geidr'un is directly northwest
    of Magus, and far to the west is an area of the map that is not snowy, where
    the town of Charvaena is.  However, you cannot go there yet, a magickal barrier
    prevents Magus from going there, so for now, just head over to Geidr'un.
    * Ch-03-07 Geidr'un
    From the entrance, head east until you hit the weapon shop.  Check the bins for
    a Mid-Ether, but there's nothing worth buying here.  North of that is the armor
    shop, which honestly isn't worth visiting as there are no items to find or buy,
    so just continue past it to an area with a bunch of beds, check the dressers
    here for a Mid-Potion.  From here head west to a large tavern/restaraunt area,
    where you can find a Mid-Potion in a bin.  Talking to the two patrons here is
    rather amusing.  West of that is a library, where if you read the books, the
    game will play an amusing joke on you, to get the full effect, start at the
    northeast-most bookcase and go counter-clockwise.  South of this is the
    treasure room and the item shop.  In the item-shop you can find a Mid-Potion in
    a bin, and of course feel free to stock up on anything you need.  Ignore the
    treasure room for now, instead head south to the Inn.  Rest up if you'd like,
    and check the dressers for an Ambrosia.  Now, from where you entered the Inn,
    head east until you see the second path north to go to the throne.  Talk to
    Brine, he will give you the Charvaena Medallion, which lets you pass the
    barrier that I talked about earlier.  He also gives you the password to the
    treasure room, which is "Riley".  So head over to the treasure room and tell
    the knight there the password to gain entry.  Now, if you tell him the WRONG
    password (you don't need to have heard it from Brine by the way, but you do
    need that medallion from him anyway.) you'll have to fight him, which seems
    like an impossible battle that you're supposed to lose...however...you can win.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 04 - The Aetevian Knight
    I highly reccomend the MINIMUM level be 14, 15 preferable to actually win
    against this guy, though you can do it lower, you'll have to rely somewhat on
    luck.  He has nearly twice as many HP as the Lamian Queen and much, MUCH higher
    stats, and has powerful strikes that can easily wipe out a party member very
    quickly.  The trick to beating him is being prepared and knowing his weakness.
    To be prepared, make sure you have plenty oh Phoenix Feathers, and Phoenix
    Tears wouldn't hurt either.  His weakness?  Poison.  Have Magus use Venom Slice
    until the Aetevian Knight is poisoned, once this happens have everybody defend,
    unless you need healing, in which case the VERY NEXT person who is up should
    heal, don't wait on isis to do it.  if it's Xiria, keep in mind she can heal
    herself with Chakra, but otherwise use items.  Every time he attacks, he'll
    take a LOT of damage, like around 2000.  Now his superior speed will be his
    undoing, and you can "turtle" your way to an simple, if not an easy victory.
    You'll get a Mega Potion for beating him...but note, he doesn't go away.  You
    can't get into the treasure room without giving him the right password, but you
    can fight him as many times as you want.  While he's not really an ideal place
    to grind, as he gives only slightly more experience than regular enemies and is
    very hard to beat, you might want to do it just for the Mega Potions.  Keep in
    mind the Inn and Item shop are right nearby.  Also keep in mind, once you give
    him the password, he disappears for good and can't be fought again.
    Whenever you're done beating him, or after you give him the password "Riley",
    go into the treasure room and open the 10 treasure chests to find 300 SC, an
    Ether, an Elixir, a High-Potion, a Flame Scroll, a Phoenix Feather, a
    Mid-Potion, an Ambrosia, 500 SC and a Crystal Shard.  Once you're done, head
    back to the overworld and travel  far to the southwest to Charvaena
    * Ch03-08 Charvaena
    Right in front of you is the weapon and armor shop, but honestly?  Ignore it.
    There's no items to find and the only new weapon is the Claymore, which is not
    as good as Magus' Dread Blade, though Xiria can equip it, it's a two-handed
    sword that will stop you from using a shield, and honestly, it's not worth it.
    There is also no new armor, so just skip the shop completely, unless you want
    to walk behind the counter and talk to the girl running it.
    Just west of there is the Inn, check the woodpile outside it for a Mid-Ether
    before heading in, rest up if you desire, and check the rooms, one of the
    dressers has a Mid-Potion in it.  Just west of the Inn is the well, so grab
    your Elixir as usual.  Head back to the entrance and go northeast and cross the
    river, slightly to the east is the item shop.  Magus can blow up another teddy
    bear here, as well as find a rare Quicken Scroll in one of the pots.  You'll
    notice a secondary shop in here, a fishing shop.  There is a fishing mini-game
    you can play here, trade in fish for Potions, Mid-Ethers or Ambrosias.  If you
    find the Selini Fish, you can nab a Power Vial even.
    North of here is a house, check the woodpile next to it for a Mid-Potion, then
    head in and find a Potion in a pot.  Backtrack across the river and go north
    and talk to the blue haired girl if you want to play the fishing game, if you
    move the line around, you'll find things like fish and boots.  Look for the
    Selini Fish, which should be found around the very eastern part of the lake,
    south of the dock.  To stop fishing, bring the line back to Magus.  If you got
    that Selini Fish, bring it to the item shop to get your Power Vial, and any
    other items you may be entitled to.
    Anyway, head back to where the Inn was, north of that is the Regent's house,
    but first get the Phoenix Feather in the woodpile.  Head in and talk to Celene,
    who doesn't have a boat for you, but offers you the use of Charvaena's water
    cave to get to the next part of Aetevian.  Also, look around her house to find
    a High-Potion in a pot and an Ether in a dresser.
    Once you're ready, go north of Celene's house and talk to the gard there, he'll
    move out of your way so you can get into the cavern.
    * Ch-03-09 Underwater Caves
    This area is pretty linear actually.  Just keep in mind the enemies are
    different, and most of them are weak to thunder, except for the snakes, as all
    snake are weak to Ice, and these one will absorb thunder.  Follow the path east
    and then north (this isn't a split, the eastern part is just a dead end) and
    you'll hit a east/west/north split, head west for a treasure chest containing a
    Mid-Ether and then east to one hell of a treasure chest that contains 500SC, an
    Ambrosia and a High Potion.  Then head north and follow this path.  Along the
    way there's a treasure chest with 300SC, just keep following the path until it
    leads into the next area.
    Continue following the linear path here, you'll find a treasure chest that has
    a Mid-Ether in it, and then another with a Defense Vial in it.
    In the third area, continue along the path, you'll first find another treasure
    chest, this one with a High-Potion in it, then another with a Claymore, which
    is not a worthy weapon to use as I explained earlier.  There is a crystal right
    after this, so heal up.  Talk to the man north of the crystal for some
    cutscenes, and then a boss battle (you will have the option of backing out and
    going back to the crystal if you stupidly did not follow my advice, but only
    * BOSS BATTLE 09 - Harbinger in the Underwater Caves *
    Harbinger is a huge asshole who can hit you hard with water and dark based
    attacks, and can use attacks that inflicts PARALYZE. Wind and Ice attacks are
    worthless, but he does have a weakness to thunder.  Have Magus use Arcane
    Thunder, Gelina should use Thuneras, Isis should Magi Bless Gelina and herself,
    and also heal the party as needed, and Xiria should use Shock Wave.  Honestly,
    he's not so bad, just keep an eye on your HP and take care of paralyzed party
    members, that's the most important thing.  For beating him you'll get an Elixir
    and an Iron Blade.  Believe it or not, despite it's humble name, the Iron Blade
    is better than any weapon you have.  I recommend you give it to Xiria though,
    as she has a more outdated weapon than Magus.  Exit to the north
    * Ch-03-10 Overworld/Cyrdrin
    This small island is the very end of the Aetevian Empire, there's nothing to
    see here other than the Castle of Cyrdrin, so head there.
    * Ch-03-11 Cyrdrin
    Remember way, way back in Tezaroth, there was a house blocked by three guards,
    each who told you that the Regent Talia Rhoube was away on business?  Well, as
    soon as you enter Cyrdrin, you'll run into Talia in a cutscene.  She'll ask you
    to come talk to her before you leave (don't worry about forgetting, Magus won't
    let you until you do this.)  Anyway, once the cutscene is done, from the
    entrance head east slightly to find a High-Potion in a pot, then head back west
    and then north to the Inn.  Check for an Elixir in a dresser and of course stay
    the night if you need to. Head northeast to the throne room, once you enter
    there will be a cutscene where you'll talk to Riley.  You'll get your new
    objective, to enter Valdrace, you will need the Inferni Diadem, which can be
    found in Senefarria.  You'll get a boat, which will now be at the dock on the
    overworld.  But first, we have other things to do.  East of the throne is a
    shop area for everything you need.  There's also a teddy bear for Magus to
    violently explode.  The weapon shop sells Iron Blades, so get two for whoever
    didn't get one, and an Iron Staff for Isis.  The armor shop has more iron
    equipment, pick up Iron Helms for Magus, Gelina and Xiria, a Circlet for Isis a
    Magick Robe for Isis, Iron Armors for Magus, Gelina and Xiria, a Rhoube Ring
    for Isis and Iron Shields for Magus, Gelina and Xiria.  They also sell
    Paralysis and Darkness Gauntlets here.  Easy pick, the Paralysis Gauntlet is
    more useful and has higher defense.  Get three for Magus, Gelina and Xiria.
    Stock up on any items you might need.
    South of here is the bar area, look for a Mid-Potion in a pot, and talk to
    Talia, who will give you an Ancient Rune.  Now leave when you're ready to go,
    and go to your ship, which will take you to Senefarria, though you might have
    to fight a few battles along the way
    ** Chapter 4 - The Inferni Diadem **
    * Ch04-01 Overworld/Senefarria
    Just northwest of you is a town, and if you travel far to the north and then
    east, you'll see a tower, but you don't currently have the ability to go in
    there yet.  At this point, You want to have Magus at level 15 at the VERY
    least, level 16 to be more comfortable.  But don't start grinding now, as your
    party is about to change a bit, first head to the town.
    * Ch04-02 The Darkwell Estate
    This is barely a town, there's only three buildings, the Inn, the item shop and
    Sapphire Darkwell's estate.  The Inn is just northwest of you when you start,
    go in there and stay if you wish.  Outside the inn to the west is a Spark
    Scroll in a woodpile, and just north of the woodpiles is the well, where you
    can get an Elixir as usual.  Go east to the Item shop, Magus can blow up the
    teddy bear in there if that's your thing, and there's a Crystal Shard in a pot.
    Stock up if need be.  Now head to the big building, but before going in check
    the barrels on the east side for an Ether, as soon as you enter there will be a
    cutscene, and Gelina will leave your party, to be replaced by Sapphire
    Darkwell, so be sure to add her to your active party.  Before leaving the
    building, make sure to grab the Mid-Ether in a pot and the treasure chest
    containing a Quicken Scroll, you won't have another chance. Make sure you have
    plenty of healing items, in particular status healing items, better potions,
    especially Ethers and Phoenix Feathers.  Also make sure you're not low on
    Crystal Shards. Leave the Darkwell estate when ready
    * Ch04-03 Overworld/Senefarria.
    I can't stress it enough, get yourself to level 16.  If you're lower than 15,
    you need to at least get there, Sapphire joined at level 15, so take that as a
    hint...also you'll need to get used to her in your party.  The next area is
    tough, and you'll want Isis to have the Curvera spell, and you'll probably want
    to have money for all the items I mentioned you need.  So grind up a bit if
    need be, and then head north and then east to Senefarria Tower, which Sapphire
    will open up for you.
    * Ch04-04 Senefarria Tower
    I apologize if the walkthrough for this section seems a bit off, as this is one
    of the areas that was greaty expanded on and changed for the final release of
    the game.  If you have a much older version, this won't apply, but it will be
    very linear.  Anyway, assuming you're playing the definitive version, have
    Magus immediately head east and grab the little blue sphere you see, and Magus
    will pick it up.  now head north of the entrance and then examine the northwest
    corner for a purple sphere.  The plaque directly north of the entrance can be
    examined, it will state you are taking the Trial of Logic.  From there, head
    east until you reach a north/south split, head south to get a red sphere, then
    head north and follow the path west into a large room.  You'll see a
    Shenandor'ah symbol blocked off by a barrier, and south of this is a raised
    dais with a strange looking stone on it.  Before futzing with any of that, head
    to the northwest corner for the yellow sphere, then go to the dais and examine
    the stone.  Answer the questions in this order: Blue, Red, Purple then Yellow.
    The barrier will fade, step on the symbol to be transported to the next area.
    The plaque just to the east of Magus tells you this is the trial of endurance,
    and this is rather tough, so make sure you keep yourself healed.  Just to the
    east of this is a stone pillar, examine it and have Magus pull the lever.  Now
    after doing this, as you walk around, Magus will sometimes stop and go
    "Aaaghh!" becuase spikes came up out of the floor, every time this happens,
    CHECK YOUR HP, as you *can* be killed by this and get a game over, these spikes
    do 200 damage to everybody in the party!  Continue south and then west, there
    you'll find a tresure chest containing a Thunder Staff, which you should have
    Isis equip right away. follow the path west, south to a split where you can
    continue east or go south.  Go south, which leads to an alcove, you'll see two
    treasure chests, grab them for a Z-Potion and Full-Ether, and just past that is
    another pillar to make your life more miserable, have Magus pull the lever.
    Now in addition to the spikes, you'll see invisible enemies moving around,
    you'll see them as very faint footprints that will track you down, if they come
    into contact with you, they'll poison your entire party, so be aware of that
    and try to avoid them if you can, and every time it happens, use antidotes, or
    the detox spell to cure everybody.  Just past the pillar is another treasure
    chest with a Defense Vial in it, use that if you wish, then head back to the
    split and go east.
    You'll reach another split, this time north and south, head south.  This leads
    to an alcove with three treasure chests, check them to find an Intellect Boost,
    which you should use, 1000SC and a Z-Potion.  now go back to the split and head
    north, where you'll find a treasure chest with a Thunder Blade in it, have
    either Magus or Xiria equip this right away, I recommend Xiria, as you're going
    to soon get a better weapon that only Magus can use.  Just past this is the
    final lever, pull it to pass the Trial of Endurance, and be warped to where the
    barrier is, which will vanish.  In case you're wondering, if you had done the
    levers out order, that last one would have made fireballs chase your party
    around, which is just awful.  Step on the symbol to be warped to the next area.
    You might be in pretty bad shape, but relax, there's no more random encounters
    from here on out.  Head north, and make sure along the way to pick up the
    Mid-Ether in a treasure chest, you'll come to a sealed door which will ask you
    to insert an item.  Use the Ancient Rune to pass through here.  Go south after
    this to a probably much-needed Shenandor'ian Crystal, make sure to use a
    crystal shard and save your game, then continue south and up the stairs.  A
    cutscene will trigger and a boss battle will begin.
    * BOSS BATTLE 10 - Exodes Lee in Senefarria Tower *
    Remmeber Exodes?  He was the first boss in the game!  well, it's tougher now
    that Magus no longer has godlike powers, but you also have a full party, and
    you should be well prepared at level 16 or higher.  Exodes has two weaknesses
    you can exploit.  The first is poison, so have magus use Venom Slice and have
    Sapphire use Poison until he's POISONED.  His other weakness is thunder, so
    have Magus switch to Arcane Thunder and Sapphire to Thuneri (or Thuneras, if
    you havne't learned Thuneri yet.)  Isis should use Magi Bless on Sapphire and
    then herself, and then act as a healer, and Xiria should use Fury over and over
    again.  For attacks, Exodes does a lot of the same things he did before like
    Thuneri, Ignitera and Fridana, and he can hit you with Tidal Crash and Negate
    as well, so keep an eye on your status and HP, but as long as you poison him,
    he'll eventually take care of himself, so you can put a greater focus on
    keeping yourself healed.  Beating him will get you an Elixir and a sword called
    Bane's Promise, which as soon as you can have Magus equip (if he was using the
    Thunder Blade, give that to Xiria.)
    Isis will recommend you backtrack to the crystal and use it, and she's not
    giving bad advice...do it.  After this, head north of where you fought Exodes,
    and there will be another cutscene and boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 10 - Tempest, the Dark Mistress of Wind in Senefarria Tower.
    Tempest is significantly harder than Exodes, and she cannot be poisoned like he
    can.  Her weakness is still thunder though, so have Magus use Arcane Thunder
    and Sapphire use Thuneri.  Isis should hit Sapphire and then herself with Magi
    Bless and Xiria should spam Fury.  Have Isis heal the party and manage things,
    if she gets a free turn, do not attack with air blade, as Tempest will absorb
    wind damage, instead use a physical attack with your Thunder Staff.  Tempest
    can use Air Blade herself, and she does a lot better with it, and she'll also
    hit you with Twister which is pretty bad.  She can also inflict SLEEP which is
    bad news if it hits Isis, so use a Smelling Salt or Ambrosia right away if you
    need to.  Keep up on things and don't let your HP fall below 700 for any
    particular character and you should do fine.  For beating Tempest you'll get an
    Elixir and the Inferni Diadem, which is why you came in the first place.  There
    will be some cutscenes, and you'll wind up back at the Darkwell Estate.
    * Ch04-05 The Darkwell Estate
    Well, things have certainly changed here.  As soon as you gain control, read
    the parchment, and Isis will point out your next objective, you need to
    activate the Diadem, and to do that, you'll need to travel to Xineth-Kes.  The
    inn is no longer available here, but there's now a Shenandor'ian crystal just
    east of you.  Check the barrels near Sapphire's house to find an Ether, and
    examine the body of a green haired man to get a Crystal Shard.  There's also a
    Spark Scroll in the woodpiles near what was the inn.  Once you're done here,
    leave and head to your boat, which will bring you to Xineth-Kes.  Remember
    there may be a few battles as your ship takes you there.
    * Ch04-06 Overworld/Xineth-Kes
    This is a cramped spot, and not very hospitable.  Just to the east of where you
    dock is a castle and to the north of that is a cave.  Yeah, not too much
    around, but it's interesting scenery.  Head into the castle.
    * Ch04-07 Xineth-Kes Castle
    Directly north of you is where you can get weapons, armor and items.  Also, you
    can blow up a teddy bear, which you should be used to by now, I just find it
    odd that there'd be a teddy bear in a spot like this.  Bears be trollin', yo.
    If for some bizarre reason you didn't pick up the Thunder Blade, you can get a
    Flamebrand here for Xiria, but if you already have the Thunder Blade, keep that
    as it's a better weapon.  Also the Flame Staff is for Isis, but she already
    should have the superior Thunder Staff.  Sapphire can use the staff as well,
    but get the Flare Bow for her isntead.  At the armor shop, pick up Inferno
    Helms for Magus and Xiria, Inferno Shields for Magus and Xiria, Inferno Armors
    for Magus and Xiria, Tiefling Rings for Isis and Sapphire, Blaze Robes for Isis
    and Sapphire and Kes Circlets for Isis and Sapphire.  And of course, stock up
    on any items you want.  From the entrance, head west and then north to find the
    inn, which you may want to use, at the very least show up for the Ether you'll
    find in a dresser.  Go back to the entrance and head east this time, and then
    north into a sort of storage area.  Find the Ambrosia in a sack and the
    Z-Potion in a bin.  Head north until the wall to the east ends and go around it
    and down the steps, then go south and then west until you can cross the lava to
    the north, this leads to the throne.  She'll tell you that you can activate the
    Diadem at the Xinethi' Temple, but you have to go through some caves to reach
    there, which is to the nroth.  You'll also now have access to the treasure
    room, which is north of the storage area across the lava, talk to the guard
    there and she'll bug out of your way.  Open the five treasure chests to get a
    Z-Potion, a Defense Vial, 1000SC, an Elixir and a Blizzard Scroll.
    You're done here, so head back to the overworld and go north to the cave.  Keep
    in mind this is TWO dungeons, the second one much longer, so make sure you're
    well stocked.
    * Ch04-08 Xinethi Cave
    Start off by heading north, there'll be a short cutscene, but keep continuing
    north.  You'll see a passageway north of you leading to the next area, and a
    Shenador'ian Crystal.  You probably don't need to use the crystal yet, and you
    can't pass into the next area, so instead look just south of the crystal, where
    there's a spot to walk across the lava, do that and get the treasure chest
    south of you for an Ambrosia, then start making your way west, and you'll see a
    treasure chest, but don't touch it yet, instead head south of it to a treasure
    chest with a Mega-Ether, a very cool find.  Now return to that treasure chest,
    but keep in mind that opening it will trigger a boss battle, so heal yourself
    first (or even backtrack to the crystal) and then grab the Sephiram Orb in the
    chest, which will trigger a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 11 - xinethi' Dragon in the Xinethi' Caves
    Boy, he looks intimidating, doesn't he?  You'll want to be level 17 at least,
    which you probably are.  As you might have guessed, he's strong against fire,
    and weak against ice, like every other enemy in here.  So have Magus use Breath
    of Ice and Sapphire should use Frigidana.  have Isis boost up Sapphire's magick
    with Magi Bless and also on herself, and she should focus on healing.  xiria
    should just use Fury, you'll notice her damage output is pretty great at this
    point.  He'll use a variety of fire attacks and physical swipes on you, but
    nothing complicated.  He's not easy, but he is simplistic.  keep your HP at
    good levels (especially isis) and you'll do fine.  Beating it will get you an
    Intellet Boost and an Ultra-Elixir.  Use the boost, or keep it for a later
    character if you wish.
    Now you'll want to head back to the crystal and use it, and now that you have
    the orb, you can enter the door to the temple, so head through there.
    * Ch04-09 Xinthi' Temple
    This area is huge, and confusing.  So make sure to follow my directions very
    carefully as it can be very easy to get lost here and fight way too many
    battles.  From the entrance, head all the way west, and then start going north,
    go until you hit a treasure chest with a Z-Potion in it, then backtrack
    slightly to head east, and continue heading east between a pool of lava on the
    south and a wall to the north, this will lead to a treasure chest with a
    Full-Ether.  From there follow the path south and step on the Shenandor'ah
    symbol you see, you'll be transported to an island with a chest and another
    symbol, open the chest for the Katana, a better weapon for Xiria.  Step on the
    symbol and you'll be warped back.  From here go south and then east until you
    can go north, which you should do until you see a treasure chest with a
    High-Potion, then head further north to find the door to the next area.
    Well that was crazy, but it's about to get worse...but first there's this area,
    which is pretty straightfoward.  Head east until you can go north, then head
    east to an alcove with two treasure chests, open them for a Mid-Potion and a
    Mid-Ether.  Backtrack a bit and go northwest and you'll see another Crystal and
    a door.  You might want to use the crystal, it's been a while.  Head through
    the door.  Yes, there is a treasure chest to the southwest, but it's empty.
    Chests be trollin', yo.
    Now be prepared for nonsense.  From where you came in, head a bit northwest and
    you'll see a symbol and a chest, open the chest for an Elixir, then step on the
    symbol to be transported.  Immediately step to the west to find a treasure
    chest containing a High-Potion, then further to the west is another chest
    containing another High-Potion.  In the northern part of this area there are
    two symbols, one to the northeast and the other to the northwest.  Take the
    northwest one, and then go north to a chest with a Defense Vial in it, beyond
    that is another symbol, but ignore this, instead head southeast to another
    chest containing an Ambrosia.  Just west of that is another treasure chest
    containing a Mega potion.  Also in this area, just southeast of the mega potion
    is another symbol, which you should use.  Note you come out just south of a
    symbol but ignore this one, just northwest of where you come out is a treasure
    chest containing a Crystal Shard and south of that is another chest with a
    Crystal Shard, then head southeast for a Power Vial in a chest.  South of the
    power vial is another symbol, step into it and grab the chest right next to
    magus to get a Phoenix Tears, then step into the symbol that is also right near
    him.  You're back near the two symbols to the northeast and northwest, if you
    remember, the last time you took the northwest one.  Take the northeast symbol
    and grab the Mid-Potion, then start walking east, then go south and you'll see
    a chest and a symbol, get the chest, which contains a Mid-Ether, then step into
    the symbol.  Grab the chest here for 2000SC, and another to the northwest has
    an Ether.  There are two symbols in this area, one to the northeast and the
    other in the southwest, the southwest one will let you backtrack,take the
    northeast one, grab the Ambrosia and step into the next symbol and go north to
    a probably much-needed Shenandor'ian Crystal.  Going north of this will trigger
    a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 12 - Pyre, Dark Mistress of Fire in the Xinethi' Temple
    Pyre isn't the last Dark Mistress you'll fight, but she's arguably the
    toughest.  Level 19 is recommended, though if you did a lot of running around
    in here you might even be level 20.  As you most likely predicted, she is weak
    to Ice and strong against fire, so concentrate on the same Ice Attacks you used
    on the Dragon, though if Magus has Electric Hell it does more damage.  Don't
    bother having Isis buff anybody with Magi Bless, just keep her as a dedicated
    healer.  Have Xiria use Wrath every round.  The biggest things you'll have to
    worry about is Ignazza, which will heavily damage your party, and Inferno,
    which is even worse, so make sure Isis is always ready to go with a shot of
    Curvera to counter it.  It will take a long time, but you'll win.  Beating her
    will net you a Mega-Potion and a Power Vial.
    After the cutscenes, you'll be back on the overworld near the castle, head in
    if you wish to use the Inn or buy anything, otherwise head to your boat and go
    to Valdrace.
    ** Chapter 5: Valdrace Marches **
    * Ch05-01 - Overworld/Valdrace
    Well, that's another ship lost.  Your sprite is different, because you're
    disguised, so you won't be harassed by Valdracian soldiers.  Right south of
    where Magus washes up is a military fort, and further to the south is a
    mountain pass.  For now head into the fort.
    * Ch05-02 - Northern Outpost
    You can get new equipment here, but there's lots of stuff to find first, head
    into the building to the west of where you start and look around, you'll find a
    treasure chest with Mythril Mail, give that to either Magus or Xiria, it
    doesn't matter which, there's also another chest with a Mythril Bow for
    Sapphire, and a third has an Intellect Boost in it, and check the pots for a
    Spark Scroll.
    Northeast of the entrance is the well, get the Elixir there, and the woodpiles
    right north of that hide a Full-Ether.  Now head into the big building.  Check
    the crates just to the west for a Full Ether, and check out the shops.  Stock
    up on any items you need, and at the weapon shop get Mythril Blades for Magus
    and Xiria and a Mythril Staff for Isis.  At the armor shop get Mythril Shields
    for Magus and Xiria, Mythril Helms for Magus and Xiria a Mythril Mail for
    whoever didn't get the other one, Mythril Rings for Isis and Sapphire, Mythril
    Guantlets for Magus and Xiria, Valdracian Attire for Isis and Saphire and ward
    Hoods for Isis and Sapphire.
    North of this is the Inn, check the pots for an Eye Salve and get a bed if you
    need to.  Once you're done, leave and go back to the overworld, and head south
    to the Mountain Pass.
    * Ch05-03 - valdracian Mountains.
    Have Magus climb up the ladder in front of you, then head north around the
    structure  in front of yoU (it doesn't matter which wa you go.)  At the next
    split, once again both paths go to the same place but they each have a treasure
    chest, the western path as a Crystal Shard and the eastern one has a Mid-Ether,
    make sure to get them both.  Where the paths converge, follow the path into the
    next area.
    Follow the path west here, keep an eye out for a small detour to the south for
    two treasure chests which contain a Full Ether and a High-Potion.  Continue
    west along the path and into the next area.
    Follow the path here west and then south.  When the path splits, take either
    one, it doesn't matter, when they converge, there will be a Shenandor'ian
    Crystal which you should use, as you're about to face a boss battle.  Talk to
    the man here and he will ask for a password, it doesn't matter which one you
    pick, they're all incorrect.  This will trigger a boss battle, and destroy your
    * BOSS BATTLE 13 - Sol-Chatan on the Valdracian Mountains
    This guy can hit you pretty hard, though he likes to use weaker spells at times
    like Ignisyte, Frigara and Thuneras.  He can use earth-spells to great effect
    such as Eruption, which hits the entire party and the devastating Coran Stike,
    which can really ruin the day of one character.  However, he's not hard.
    Firstly, he has almost half the HP of Pyre, who you had already fought, and
    although he is strong against magick in general, wind spells can really hurt
    him, so if Isis has a free moment when not healing, have her use Tornadic Fury,
    consider having her do this often and use Sapphire to heal by using items, as
    Sapphire won't be able to dish out a lot of damage in this battle.  Magus
    should use Electric Hell and Xiria should use Wrath.  Just remember to stop
    using wind spells and have Isis heal if things get dire, but at around level 20
    they won't be dire at all.  Now this gets even easier if you have Isis at level
    21, which you might, in that case have her start off using Agility Bless on
    herself, then Xiria, and then finally Magus before hitting with Tornadic Fury.
    This will make an already-easy battle even easier.  Beating him nets you a
    Intellect Boost and an Elixir.
    Use the Crystal again if you want (not too necessary, there's another one soon
    enough) and exit to the south.
    * Ch05-04 - Overworld/Valdrace
    Valdrace Castle is to the east and slightly south, just go ahead on in.
    * Ch05-05 - Castle Valdrace
    There will be a cutscene right away, and then you can use the crystal if you'd
    like.  Walk north and talk to the guards, which will trigger a battle.  Go
    inside and you'll be attacked by a larger group of guards, so take care of
    that.  Heal up and then head straight north, you'll note that Magus will stop
    at one point and you'll hear a clicking sound, this is the door to the next
    area locking.  Directly west from the "click" is a pot with a Quicken Scroll,
    and to the east a pot with a Full-Ether.  Now head north and have magus step on
    the throne to unlock the door, step through into the next area.
    Here, follow the path around until there's a little room with a man and a
    treasure chest.  Talk to him and open the chest, which contains a Mid-Ether.
    Now, continue along the path until you come to a north/south split.  Head
    south, which leads to a treasure chest containing a Z-Potion, then head back to
    the split and go north.  At the next split you'll have a choice of north or
    east.  Let's first head north, which leads to two treasure chests containing a
    Mega Potion and Warrior Bracelet, an accessory I recommend for Xiria.  Head
    back to the split and go east until a north/west split.  Head west here, this
    leads to a treasure chest containing a Power Vial, head back to the split and
    go north and follow this around to the west until you can go north, there will
    be a Crystal here, which you should use, then continue along the path and up
    the stairs.
    In this new area you can go either north or west, let's start off by going
    north, which nets you a great chest with a Power Vial, a Defense Vial and an
    Intellect Boost, then go back west until the path goes north and then splits,
    you can continue north or head east.  Head east, almost immediately there will
    be a treasure chest containing the Muramsai, a sword you should equip to Xiria
    straight away, continue east and you'll find another treasurr chest, this one
    containing a Phoenix Feather.  Continue east for one last treasure chest
    containing a Life Vial, then head back to the split and continue north
    following the path until you reach the staircase.
    In the next area, there will be a Crystal right away to use, which I recommend
    you do, as you're about to fight a boss.  After using the Crystal, head north
    until a cutscene triggers, which will initiate the boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 14 - Daman-Vel in Castle Valdrace
    Daman is a total asshole who has a ton of HP to overcome, and no particular
    weakness.  On top of this, he can lower your DEF, slash at you for huge damage,
    and use instant-kill attacks.  Well, it's not too bad, because if you're at
    this point, and you're around level 21-22 you have the tools to do the job.
    Have Isis use Agility Bless on everybody, starting with herself, then Xiria,
    then Magus and finally Sapphire.  Then have her do her usual healing/support
    role, though feel free to toss in a Tornadic Fury if you have the chance, and
    re-use Agility Bless on anybody it wears off for, but ESPECIALLY her and Xiria.
    Magus should use Electric Hell, which is non elemental and does good damage.
    Xiria should use Infernal Slash if she has it, Wrath if she does not, and
    Sapphire should use whatever your best spell is, which at this point is
    probably Frigazza or Ignazza.  Keep in mind that Xiria can get more MP by using
    Magick Drain, which also lowers Daman's pool of MP, so that's preferable to
    using an Ether.  Keep pounding away at him and he'll eventually fall.  Beating
    him gets you a Full-Ether and an Estrian Potion.  The Estrian Potion is a very
    useful item that will permanently increase a character's HP, essentially it's
    the same function as a Life Vial, but much, much better.  Use it, preferably on
    Magus.  You're about to fight another boss, so go back to the crystal and use
    Go east to the staircase and go up, then follow the path east.  You'll find a
    treasure chest with a Dark Knowledge Scroll, once again you only have 4 people
    in your party right now, so you can level anybody up (hint: Isis).  Follow the
    path past this and go up the ladder to the roof, step forward for more
    cutscenes, and a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 14 - Exodes Lee in Castle Valdrace
    The final battle against your father is not a lot like the last one, Exodes has
    shed his weaknesses to Thunder and Poison, so you'll have to do it the long
    way.  He also has a lot more HP.  Use the same technique you did on Daman, it
    will work just as well here, just be aware that Exodes has better attacks than
    he did last time, he can cast Thunerazza, Ignazza and Frigazza...but the big
    thing you have to watch out for is Showering Peril, which is a massive attack
    on everybody.  As long as Isis keeps everyone sped up with Agility Bless,
    especially herself and Xiria, you'll do fine.  If you can have Sapphire use an
    item to heal somebody instead of Isis using a spell, do it so Isis can focus
    more on buffing everybody's agility.  Just think of him as Daman on steroids
    and you'll get the idea.  Defeating him will get you an Ultra-Elixir and the
    sword Deathgaze, which is for Magus.
    After your party members are done talking you'll be back in front of the
    castle, equip the Deathgaze sword right now, and use the Crystal if you wish
    to. Exit to the map and start walking west, and another cutscene will take
    place, in which you'll be drawin into a boss battle, but one where you're not
    playing as Magus and his party, but as another character who I will not name
    due to the spoiler-free nature of this FAQ.
    * BOSS BATTLE 15 - Anto Calias on the fields of valdrace
    You can lose, but you shouldn't.  Your character is level 50 and has superior
    speed to Anto.  Use any attacks you wish, but Infernal Slash is the most
    cost-effective, and you have access to the full inventory, but just use Sekurin
    on the off chance you need to heal.  This is pretty much a gimme.
    As a result of this battle, Magus will gain 2 experience levels, despite not
    being there.  Once the cutscenes play for a while, there will be another
    battle, and this time you're playing as two of the villains!
    * BOSS BATTLE 16 - King Ghaston in Castle Valdrace
    Just like the Anto Battle, there's nothing much to be said, the two characters
    you are using are incredibly powerful and you're not supposed to lose (though
    you can.)  Have the first character use Death's Ember and the second use
    Demolition and it will be over very quickly, if you need to heal, the first
    character has access to Curian and Curvera.
    After the battle, there is a cutscene, and you'll be asked if you want to save,
    which you should.
    ** Chapter 6: My Vengeance Begins **
    * Ch06-01 - Overworld/Obsidian Rose
    Magus will wind up in an unfamiliar area, and he'll be alone, but not for long.
    Remember Crysta, the Crimson Knight from Kisareth?  She will show up and talk
    to Magus, and join your party, make sure to add her.  There are three things to
    note on this tiny little island.  There is a castle in the center, a town right
    north of it, and to the east is a mountain.  Head to the castle first.
    * Ch06-02 - Castle Obsidian Rose
    Cross the bridge to the north, you'll notice a green haired girl walking around
    here, keep note of her location.  To the east from her is a Crystal, but don't
    bother with this for now, you can always just use the town's Inn.  Head north
    then east and then north to find a Phoenix Tears in a pot, then head back to
    the center and go north to the throne room.  Talk to Desiree and there will be
    a cutscene, Dissan will rejoin your party, so be sure to add her.  Now leave
    the castle and head to the town.
    * Ch06-03 - Starfall
    Immediately upon entering, there will be another cutscene, and a new character,
    Aubriel will join your party, (make sure to add her) and Dissan will direct you
    to the Lagoon.  But there's lots to do first.  Aubriel joins at level 25, which
    is an indication that's where you should be before moving on, though there is a
    sidequest coming up, so be aware of that.  Anyway, let's explore the town first.
    Go into the Inn and check the rooms, you'll find a High Potion in a dresser.
    West of the inn is a well, check that for an Elixir.  Go north to find the
    armor shop, there is a High Potion in a pot here.  Buy a Steryn Helm for Magus,
    Steryn Armor for Magus, a Steryn Shield for Magus, a Steryn Gauntlet for Magus,
    a Steryn Robe for Dissan, a Steryn Headdress for Dissan and a Steryn Ring for
    Go northeast to find a house, if you step on the garden outside, there'll be a
    pretty amusing scene, nothing to find inside though.  East of this is the item
    shop, stock up on anything you need, and nab the Velan Root in a bin.  There's
    also one of those Teddy Bears which Magus can blow the bejeezus out of.
    Just east of the item shop is the canoe, but don't use it just yet, instead
    head further east to the weapon shop.  The only weapon you should need is the
    Chain Whip, for Dissan.  South of this is another house, get an Ambrosia in a
    pot here.  If you talk to the man inside, you'll have the option of killing him.
    Now, we're done in Starfall, if you want to do the sidequest, return to the
    castle and talk to the green haired girl, Astrid that I pointed out to you
    earlier, and read the next section.  Otherwise, skip past it.
    * SIDEQUEST 04 - The Fallen Fae *
    After speaking to Astrid with Aubriel in your party, head to the overworld and
    go east to the Lenali Mountains.  Now, there are no random encounters here, but
    standing on certain spots will trigger battles with Sun Spiders, I'm going to
    direct you to fight all of them, just be aware of this.
    Right at the entrance, you're facing a rockwall with several vines you can
    climb up.  Climb up the third vine, the one directly in front of Magus, there's
    a treasure chest there, The Sun Spider battle will trigger in front of the
    chest.  Open it up for a Full-Ether.  Now climb back down and start going up
    the vine to the east, it will split, go up to where the chest is.  You can
    safely get the chest by approaching it from the east, or go in from the north
    to fight the Sun Spiders.  Either way, grab your Z Potion.  Go back to the vine
    and follow it left and then up.  You'll come to another flat area with a
    treasure chest containing a Magick Potion, you can safely get this one, the Sun
    Spider will attack as you try to climb up the next vine, which you should do.
    In the next alcove area, step north towards the spider-web to trigger the
    battle, then start following the vine going left, once you have the option of
    going up to the top or back down, go back down.  Keep going until you reach
    another treasure chest, which is guarded by a Sun Spider, the chest as a
    Defense Vial in it.  Now head to the very top, the last spider will attack as
    you move west into the next area...but before you actually go there, note that
    you're about to fight a boss, and there is no Crystal.  Since there are no
    random battles here, and you've cleared out all the spiders and treasure
    chests, feel free to leave, go to Starfall to use the Inn and come back.
    Actually, I highly reccomend that.  Once you're ready, head west and talk to
    the woman there to trigger a boss battle.  (Going down the vines from where you
    got the Defense Vial will bring you back to the bottom, and this is the fastest
    way to get to the top once you get back.)
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 05 - Thelessa at the Lenali Mountain Summit
    Thelessa is strong against every element, so Dissan's elemental Magick isn't
    going to do much here, the main damage will be done by Magus with either
    Electric Hell, or if you've learned it, Onslaught.  Crysta should use Bane on
    every turn.  Have Aubriel act as your healer, and Dissan can help mitigate
    damage by using items, this will help free Aubriel up to use her Celestial
    spell, which is your best attack against Thelessa.  When there's no healing to
    be done, have Dissan use her regular attack, do NOT use elemental magick of any
    type, it will heal Thelessa.  Thelessa doesn't have a huge array of nasty
    spells, but her physical attacks are huge, and her high Agility means she'll
    avoid your attacks a lot, and she criticals a lot, so keep an eye out for this.
    Thelessa has a shitload of HP, so you'll be fighting her for a while, and
    probably cursing her out as she takes you apart with devastating physical
    strikes, so make sure that while you want Aubriel to use Celestial as often as
    possible, that you can have her ready to use Curvera at a moment's notice.  If
    you have Quicken Scrolls, this is one of the battles I'd sanction the use of
    one (but not more than one, let's not go crazy here.) as Thelessa is
    significantly faster than you and can take characters down in just a few
    strikes.  Beating her will net you a Mega-Potion and Sakal's Lamp, an
    incredibly powerful item that will raise every stat of every party member in a
    battle for several turns.  Save it...for the last boss.  Seriously, it's that
    good.  Or if you want, there are several post-game superbosses you can use it
    on that are harder than the last boss.  But yes, this an INSANELY good item to
    have.  After beating Thelessa, head south of where she was and have Magus
    examine the southwest corner, you'll find the "Key to Nothing"  Don't worry
    about it for now...
    * Ch06-04 - The Corinthai Caves
    To enter the caves, board the canoe in Starfall and move west, position
    yourself to the right of the second wooden beam you see and Dissan will open up
    the caves for you and you'll be transported into them.
    This place is fairly linear, have magus go west and follow the path through to
    the next area.  In this spot, go north and then west to a treasure chest
    containing a Mega-Ether.  Continue following the path into the next area.  As
    you approach the crystal there, a cutscene will ensue, and you'll be completely
    refreshed.  After this, continue west along the path, there will be a treasure
    chest containing an Ambrosia along the way.  In the next area, the path will
    split, take the eastern path north (they are both north) to a treausre chest
    with a Mid-Ether.  From there head west, the path will split between west and
    sotuh, head south.  This path will split between south and east, head south for
    two potions containing a Full-Ether and a High-Potion.  Now head back to the
    second split, the south/west one and head west (make sure you got those chests,
    cuz after a while you wont' be able to go back) and follow the path through to
    the next area.
    Head north, there's another crystal here, use it (I know you just got
    refreshed, but there's a boss ahead), then continue north to trigger a cutscene
    and a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 17 - Tera, Dark Mistress of the Earth in the Corinithai Cave
    Tera looks so cute just sitting there, but she's dangerous.  She likes to use
    Earth based attacks such as Coran Strike and Eruption, which are both very
    dangerous, but the worst is Gaia's Demise, which can really screw you up.  Have
    Aubriel act as healer, using Curvera in every round unless she gets a break and
    can use Celestial.  If Magus has Onslaught, use it, otherwise have him use
    Death Void.  Have Crysta use Ignazza or Bane and Dissan should use Ignazza.
    She's not as hard as she could be, mostly the battle is time-consuming due to
    her high HP.  Remember that Aubriel is not as fast as Isis, so keep that in
    mind when healing.  Beating her nets you an Estrian Potion and a Trinian
    Potion.  The Trinian Potion is similar to the Estrian Potion, but it works on
    MP instead of HP.
    After beating Tera there will be some cutscenes, and you'll be transported
    * Ch06-05 - Unknown Sky Region
    Use the Crystal right away, then speak to Zexor to trigger the final battle
    with him.
    * BOSS BATTLE 18 - Zexor in the Unknown Sky Region
    Zexor is at the height of his powers and will use a lot of dark attacks, most
    notably Death's Ember which will do a lot of damage to your party, and he can
    lower your defense, which is not a good thing.  Zexor also has more HP than
    Tera, and no particular weakness, so it's time to just unload on him with the
    best you have.  Magus should use either Onslaught or Death Void, Crysta should
    use Bane, Dissan should use Eruption or Void Sphere (Eruption does more damage,
    but costs more) and Aubriel should heal or use Celestial when she can, but
    you'll likely have to heal in every round.  There is no trick or subtlety here,
    either you're good enough, or you're not.  If you're at the level where Magus
    has Onslaught, it will be a breeze, otherwise you'll have to pay attention and
    keep yourself healed and fresh.  Don't be afraid to burn Full Ethers or Mega
    Ethers to refresh your MP, as it will be a long battle.  Beating him gets you a
    Trinian Potion and an Ultra-Elixir.  After this, use the Crystal to teleport
    you to the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge.
    ** Chapter 7: The Tides of Fate **
    * Ch07-01 - The Kisareth-Ilian Bridge
    You'll notice that the way to Ilian is blocked off, so just head east off the
    * Ch07-02 - Overworld/Kisareth
    Don't be content to wander around freely, the enemies here have gotten a LOT
    harder, so beware.  All of the landmarks are still there, except you can no
    longer enter the theives den, and the Zelonian Mountain Pass is now caved in.
    So you can either head to Tezaroth, or the Citadel.  Head to the Citadel first.
    * Ch07-03 - The Citadel of Kisareth
    There's things to do, but just head straight up north to the throne area first
    and talk to the different looking guard to start a big cutscene.  Xiria will
    rejoin you, Isis will rejoin you, Sapphire will rejoin you and Cadar will also
    join the party. From here on out, you have the ability to change your party at
    will, so from now on I'll be reccomending parties for you.
    Recommended Party - Magus/Xiria/Isis/Cadar
    Cadar is actually not very good, but you should use him for now, becuase you
    will be forced to use him at a point in the future, and you'll want him to be
    competantly levelled.  Xiria and Isis are powerful enough to more than make up
    for Cadar's shortcomings, and we won't have to use him for very long at all.
    If you don't want to use Cadar unless you HAVE to (which you will once) I'd
    reccomend Sapphire or Crysta instead.
    Now you can feel free to walk around and talk to everybody, Maga'ra, Anari,
    Gelina, Trinity, Lucii and Cithiria are all hanging around.  You'll notice some
    areas are blocked off.  Go to the dungeons, and check the cell where Cyrano was
    to find a treasure chest with a Power Vial in it.  If you killed the other man
    from earlier, he's just bones, if not you can kill him now.  If you return to
    Magus' quarters there is also a Mega-Ether to be found in a treasure chest.
    Once you're done futzing around, leave and head to Tezaroth
    * Ch07-04 - Tezaroth
    It's actually completely optional to be here, you can head to the next section
    if you don't wish to, but there's items to be both found and purchased.  Head
    to the Inn to get a High-Potion in a pot, and the woodpiles southwest of it
    hide an Ambrosia.  The barrels outside the weapon and armor shop have a
    Mid-Ether.  Inside, let's get some new equipment!  Since you have a lot of
    characters, I'll just list what you should buy for each one:
    Magus - Diamond Blade, Diamond Armor, Diamond Shield, Diamond Helm, Diamond
    Xiria - Diamond Blade, Diamond Armor, Diamond Shield, Diamond Helm, Diamond
    Isis - Diamond Ring
    Cadar - Diamond Scythe, Diamond Armor, Diamond Helm, Diamond Gauntlet (Cadar
    can equip the Diamond Shield, but his weapons are all two-handed!)
    Crysta - Diamond Saber, Diamond Armor, Diamond Shield, Diamond Helm, Diamond
    Sapphire - Huntress Bow, Diamond Ring
    Dissan - Morning Star, Diamond Ring
    Aubriel - Diamond Dagger, Diamond Ring
    Before leaving Tezaroth, also check the well for another Elixir and a stack of
    sacks in the item shop for a Power Vial (and stock up if you need to).  Head to
    the Kisareth-Ilian Bridge and use the Crystal there to warp to Obsidian Rose
    * Ch07-05 - Castle Obsidian Rose
    Not much to do here, you can't leave and go to Starfall, but you there is now a
    vendor just to the west of the Crystal, who will sell items and the same type
    of armor from Tezaroth (but not weapons).  Head to the throne and talk to
    Desiree, she will make a symbol appear, step on it to warp to a new area.
    * Ch07-06 - Overworld/Infernus
    There's not much other than a big tower, so head there.
    * Ch07-07 - The Dorian Library
    You might have heard of this place being mentioned near the beginning of the
    game, well here you are.  Just north of where you came in is Krysta, talk to
    her and she'll join you (I recommend not to add to active party).  There is a
    Crystal here to use if you've been battling on the overworld, but for now start
    checking bookcases.  There's two to note, the one just east of where you found
    Krysta will show a cutscene, if you have either Crysta or Krysta in your active
    group, it will show one scene, but if you don't have either of them, it will
    show a different scene.  You can't see both, but if you've played the game and
    already seen one, you might want to check out the other one.  The other one you
    need to check is on the west side, directly north of a reading man.  Magus will
    announce that you should head back to Kisareth, but as you try to leave a
    cutscene will take place, and you will be unable to leave.  Instead, head north
    through the door that Krysta was standing in front of, and go up the stairs.
    * Ch07-08 - Tower Infernus
    If you have Cadar, he'll make a comment as you enter this first area, which
    looks very similar to the Ny'Elystian Temple, if you do not, Magus will state
    that you should not proceed with out Cadar.  You actually don't need to use him
    right NOW, but you should bring him out anyway, as his physical attack is one
    of the few that can hurt the enemies here, and with the Diamond Scythe, he can
    even paralyze enemies.  Start by going to the west to get a treasure chest
    containing a Mega-Potion.  Then head east, you'll eventually reach a treasure
    chest with a Z-Potion in it, continue east from there and you'll find another
    treasure chest, this one with a Dark Knowledge Scroll.  Now that you have more
    than 4 characters, it will choose Magus and 3 randoms, so if the person you
    want to level (Isis) is not there, Level someone else, but you can always use
    it on Magus.
    Follow the path east, then north, and then west and it will open up to the Dais
    area like in the temple.  Before you head up the steps to the dais, check the
    west side for a pot with an Intellect Boost in it, then head up the stairs and
    use the crystal to the north, then go north of that and step on the symbol,
    which will transfer you and trigger a cutscene and boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 19 - Neo Cyrano in Tower Infernus
    Cyrano has learned some new tricks, but being undead, also has a new weakness,
    which is fire.  He can use mostly attacks you've seen before, nothing big, the
    big ones are Electrify for full party damage and Binding Strike for single
    characters, but honestly, he's not a huge deal.  Assuming you're using
    Magus/Isis/Xiria/Cadar, have Magus use Onslaught, Xiria use Infernal Slash and
    Cadar use Avenger.  Isis should use Agility Bless on  herself, then Magus, then
    Xiria and finally Cadar.  Isis will also be your healer.  If you don't have
    Isis, you'll want to have either Aubriel as a healer or Krysta to buff
    everybody's agility.  Dissan or Sapphire can use Ignazza to good effect as
    well.  Once you beat him you'll get the Phoenix Tears and the Masanai, a sword
    you should have Xiria equip right away.
    Your health and MP will be restored, at this point, you'll need to change your
    party, you must use both Kryst and Aubriel
    Recommended Party: Magus/Xiria/Aubriel/Krysta
    Step forward onto the symbol to be transported.  Krysta will point out that the
    are alooks like Ivory Myst Castle.  From where you are, go south along the west
    wall until you can go east.  You'll see a symbol and a chest, grab the chest
    which has a Defense Vial in it, then go north in the passageway just west of
    the chest, past another symbol to another treasure chest with a Diamond Ring in
    it.  Backtrack to the first symbol/chest area and use that symbol.  follow the
    path south here and around until you reach a treasure chest which contains a
    Quicken Scroll, then backtrack and use the symbol you had just passed.  You'll
    come to a part with two symbols, use the closer, eastern one.  Get the chest
    where you pop out, which has an Elixir, then use the symbol there, which brings
    you to a chest with a Diamond Dagger in it, and another symbol to use.  This
    brings you back to the side-by-side ones, this time go into the western symbol,
    then use the Crystal that you wind up near, and finally step on the symbol on
    the throne, which will bring you to a new area and trigger a boss battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 20 - Drea Nightshade in Tower Infernus
    Remember Drea?  She hs some new tricks, but she's generally easy now. Watch out
    for a more powerful version of Dutchess' Wrath as well as Blood Dragin and
    Undead Slash.  She's susceptible to being debuffed, so if you brought Isis use
    Stagnate, but otherwise don't worry about it.  Have Krysta use Agility Bless on
    herself, then Aubriel, then Xiria then Magus.  After that she should switch to
    Ignazza.  Aubriel can use Celestial when she's not healing you, Xiria use Glory
    of Chaos if she has it, otherwise have her stick to Infernal Slash and with
    Magus you can probably use Dark Embrace by now, or just stick to Onslaught.
    You'll get a Phoenix Tears and an Ultra Elixir for beating her...and she'll
    join your party!
    You can now use whoever you want, so it's time to put together a party that
    really kicks ass
    Recommended party: Magus/Xiria/Isis/Drea
    Yes, this is actually not only one of the best possible lineups in the game,
    it's canonically the proper one to use, story-wise.  Plus, Drea already comes
    with her best skills and equipment.  Anyway, use the crystal if you wish, then
    step on the symbol to the north.
    Now things get crazy.  There will no longer be random battles, instead
    ninja-like enemies will stalk you.  You should fight them all, but it's
    possible to run past them if you don't want to.  There are also a LOAD of
    optional bosses to fight coming up, so pay close attention.
    This place is pretty linear.  Head west, you'll see three enemies to fight
    along the way.  The path will then go north to a yellowish crystal.  Interact
    with it, and it will ask you a question.  Now, if you get the question correct,
    you'll be transported onwards, but if you get it wrong, you'll be forced to
    fight a boss.  If you beat the boss, you can try again, with the answer you
    already tried eliminated.  Meaning that you can get it wrong a second time and
    fight the boss again.  So essentially, you can blow through this without
    fighting any of the optional bosses, or you can fight each one TWO times for
    the experience, gold and items that they drop.  Which is what I recommend
    doing.  Anyway, the answer for the first Crystal is "Celene Starshade"  If you
    get it wrong you must face...
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 06 - Neo-Moirena in Tower Infernus
    Moirena has updated everything, but no new tricks, essentially it's the same
    battle as before, just she hits harder and takes more punishment.  So same
    basic strategy and weaknesses apply.  Have everybody unload with their best
    attacks (Drea should just attack), and keep in mind her weakness to thunder
    spells.  Watch out for Tidal Wave and keep everybody healed and buff agility
    and she'll be down in no time.  Also keep in mind that while Glory of Chaos is
    a very expensive attack for Xiria, keep an eye on her exact MP, if she has 88
    or more, go ahead and use it, if she has less than that, use Magick Drain
    instead.  Beating her nets you an Intellect Boost, but of course you can get
    two by fighting her twice.
    After this, it's a very short walk to the next crystal, though there is an
    enemy in the way.  The answer to the second question is "Inferni Diadem"
    getting it wrong puts you up against...
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 06 - Neo-Tempest in Tower Infernus
    Same deal, Tempest is all powered up, no new tricks, just upgrades to the last
    ones.  Use your best attacks and pay special attention to Xiria using a mix of
    Glory of Chaos and Magick Dragin, keep everybody healed and boost agility.  If
    anything, she seems slower and much easier than Neo-Moirena, just watch out for
    her Twister attack when she's low on health, which is now devastating.  Beating
    her nets you a Z-Potion.  Remember of course, you can get two.
    It's a long walk this time, with four enemies to fight, so make sure to manage
    your resources well.  The answer for the third crystal is "The Great Calamity"
    answering wrong, well you probably figured it out by now...
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 07 - Neo-Pyre in Tower Infernus
    Pyre is the toughest of the four, she may not have as high HP as Tera, but she
    is fast and her Inferno Spell now completely obliterates, and she has a bad
    habit of doing it over and over again.  So for the love of pete make sure you
    have Isis or Krysta to use Agility Bless and keep yourself healed!  Other than
    that, it's the same deal as the other rematches, except that she's much more
    susceptable to Magick Drain than the previous two, which gives your main
    damager, Xiria, more shots of her best attack.  Beating her gets you a Defense
    Vial, so you know it's worth it, and you can do it twice.
    After that it's only two enemies and a short walk to the west to the next
    crystal.  This time, the correct answer is "Solara Bridge"  Get it wrong and
    it's once more into the breach...
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 07 - Neo-Tera in Tower Infernus
    Tera has the most HP and will take the longest, but she doesn't have that one
    devastating spell that she can spam over and over like Pyre does.  That's not
    to say she's easy, watch out for Piercing Stone, Eruption and Gaia's Demise,
    and she's a bit faster than the others, so keep that in mind, you'll spend more
    time healing than buffing, but if you've been following my advice thus far,
    you'll have no issues.  Beating her nets you a Mega Potion, so why not get two?
    Now, if you've followed my advice and fought every ninja and every dark sister
    twice, you might be running pretty ragged at this point, so any cries of
    "Hallelujah!" when you see Magus spawns next to a Shenandor'ian Crystal are
    forgiven.  It's a good thing to, becuase you're about to face another boss,
    step to the west after using the crystal and talk to the grim figure standing
    there to trigger it.
    * BOSS BATTLE 21 - The Dark Reaper Quietus in Tower Infernus
    Quietus wants to test your mettle, and he'll do just that.  He has a butt-load
    of HP and honestly, you'll want to be around level 29-30 to tackle this, though
    if you're using my recommended party, you can get away with a lower level.  His
    big thing is instant death spells, so make sure you protect your healers well
    so they can be around to cast resurrect, and if they get knocked down, use a
    Phoenix Feather/Tears IMMEDIATELY.  He also likes status effects, especially
    Paralysis, so be ready with the items as well.  Get everyone's agility buffed
    and go to town.  If for some reason you brought along Dissan or Sapphire, he
    has a weakness to thunder, so spam Thunerazza.  Everyone else should use their
    best physical or non-elemental bits, the best idea is Xiria's Glory of
    Chaos/Magick Drain combo.  Beating him nets you a Phoenix Tears as well as the
    Scythe of Quietus, which is the best possible weapon for Cadar, and actually
    makes him a viable character, as his attack power will be the highest in the
    game...however I recommend you use Drea instead, as she attacks twice, and her
    skills are actually somewhat useful.
    Quietus will teleport you to another area, use the crystal in front of you and
    step forward, where you'll finally come face to face with the butthole that
    dragged you into this dungeon.  Talk to him to trigger the battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 22 - Harbinger, the Dark Lord in Tower Infernus
    Harbinger is HARD, the main reason being that he has a lot of the same attacks
    as Magus, including Electric Hell, which will absolutely devastate your party.
    If you brought Krysta, she can actually be useful by using Armor Bless, though
    personally it takes too much time that could be better spent kicking his ass.
    Have Magus use Dark Embrace, Xiria should use her Glory of Chaos/Magick Drain
    combo, have Drea attack normally and if she gets hurt she can use Life Drain to
    give Isis a break.  Have Isis use Agility Bless on everybody (starting as
    always with herself) and heal, if she has a free round and you're level 30, use
    She'Dian Might.  Dissan and Sapphire are useless, though at least they can use
    Eruption, anybody else should use physical or non-elemental attacks.  Beating
    him will net you an Ultra-Elixir, and the Blade of Black Death, Magus'
    signature weapon.
    There's going to be a bunch of cutscenes, and some pretty epic stuff happens,
    including your introduction to the big bad of the game.  When you gain control,
    you only have a few precious seconds to run to the crystal and select warp.  Do
    this QUICKLY and you'll be safe.
    * Ch07-09 - Realm of the Fae
    After all that insanity, the big boss rush and the epic cutscene which
    destroyed a continent and unleashed a dark god...you're brought to possibly the
    most peaceful and serene area of the game, which is a nice break before the
    final dungeon.  There is a lot to do here, including some major sidequests and
    optional bosses.  but first, let's take a look around.  Actually first, have
    Magus equip the Blade of Black Death  Go south and a little bit east of where
    you start to find the Inn, which is really a welcome sight at this point.  Stay
    there and grab the High Potion in a pot, and another High Potion in a dresser,
    and a Z-Potion in another dresser.  Northwest of the inn is the weapon shop, so
    let's check that out.  There is an ambrosia in a pot here.  Lets buy us some
    weapons!  Get a High Priestess Staff for Isis, a Faelynn Bow for Sapphire,
    Faelynn Blades for Xiria and Krysta, a Faelynn Saber for Crysta, a War Fan for
    Dissan and a Faelynn Dagger for Aubriel.
    Go far to the east and a little south to find the armor shop, right outside of
    it is a well where you can get an Elixir, then head inside.  Here's what to buy.
    Magus: Faelynn Mail, Helm, Shield, Gauntlet
    Xiria: Faelynn Mail, Helm, Shield, Guantlet
    Isis: Zeronin Earring, Alpha Robe, High Priestess Band
    Drea: Faelynn Mail, Helm, Gauntlet
    Krysta: Faelynn Mail, Helm, Shield, Gauntlet
    Cadar: Faelynn Mail, Helm, Gauntlet
    Sapphire: Zeronin Earring, Alpha Robe, High Priestess Band
    Aubriel: Zeronin Earring, Alpha Robe, High Priestess Band
    Crysta: Faelynn Mailk, Helm, Shield, Gauntlet
    Dissan: Zeronin Earring, Alpha Robe, High Priestess Band
    Well, that cost a lot, eh?  Don't worry, you'll have the opporutnity to get
    more money.  North of this is the item shop, which not only can you stock up
    there, they also sell extremely costly Estrian and Trinian Potions, so keep
    those in mind.  There's a Full Ether in a crate here, and the final Teddy Bear
    in the game.  If you destroy it, and you've gotten every Teddy Bear, you'll get
    a pretty amusing message and your entire party will take heavy damage, you can
    even die from it, so be careful (maybe save beforehand.)  If you stock up on
    any ONE item, make sure you have plenty of Crystal Shards, at least 20.
    Northwest of this is a house, outside in the wood piles is a Full Ether, no
    items to find inside, but you can talk to the Fae in there.  Northeast of this
    is a small fire, this is a sidequest.  You don't have to do it all at once, and
    the last bit you're terribly unprepared for, but you can always come back to
    it, and it's a good time to do the first few parts, so I'll put it here.
    * SIDEQUEST 05 - The Memory Fyre *
    The Memory Fyre lets you battle foes, you have to battle one to unlock the
    next.  With the exception of the last battle, you can fight them as many times
    as you want, which is a good way to grind for EXP, Money and the items they
    First up is...
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 08 - Neo-Tera in The Memory Fyre
    She's the same as she was in Tower Infernus, so refer to that strategy.
    Beating her nets you a Mega Potion and a Z-Potion, so this is a good one to do
    repeatedly for items.  It also unlocks the next battle.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 09 - Quietus in the Memory Fyre
    Yep, you've already fought Quietus, but now you can fight him again.  Refer to
    the previous strategy.  This time he drops Pheonix Tears, and you know how
    useful those are.  And you'll unlock the next battle.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 10 - Harbinger in the Memory Fyre
    Harbinger may have actually gotten easier, only because you likely have better
    equipment now, but he's still a bastard, refer to the previous strategy.  This
    time beating him will net you an Elixir, and unlock the final battle in this
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 11 - Hazeezus in the Memory Fyre
    Oh boy, if you've just arrived at the Realm of the Fae, you are NOT ready for
    him, I'd reccomend taking at least one trip through the final dungeon before
    tackling this guy, for the levels and for the superior equipment.  Recommended
    level 38+.  Once you ARE ready, here's what you need to do:
    Firstly, have some Quicken Scrolls, and use one at the beginning of the battle.
    Then focus solely on surviving.  What you need to do now is get Xiria set up
    with Glory of Chaos/Magick Drain combo, have Magus use Dark Embrace constantly
    and Isis heal, buff when needed and use She'Dian Might if you can.  Try and
    have Drea use items to heal you when you can to give Isis a chance to attack,
    or just have her attack regularly.  The main thing working against you is time,
    this will take a long time as Hazeezus has an INSANE amount of HP, and a
    seemingly bottomless well of MP.  His attacks range from bad to oh god stop,
    stop he's already dead, mitigate damage immediately or you'll be deader than
    shit, fast.  He can poison you, use instant kill attacks, debuff you, buff his
    own agility...it can get ugly.  If you can't beat him, level up by doing a
    runthrough or two of the abyss, and come back.  The hardest part of the battle
    is the middle, when he starts using his best attacks more often.  Towards the
    end he starts focusing more on buffs and debuffs, and even though he'll often
    use Agility Bless on himself, he likes to do it a few times in a row, wasting
    turns.  It is also entirely possible that he may run out of MP at some point,
    which makes the battle a lot easier.  If you notice he's using his physical
    attack a LOT more often, that's probably the case, you can verify this by
    trying Magick Drain, if you get very little or nothing from him, he's out of
    MP.  Beating him nets you an Ultra-Elixir and the Dark Dragoness Blade.  You'll
    notice no one in your party can equip this sword, which is a hint as to another
    secret, but more on that later.
    Northwest of the Memory Fyre is another house, there is an Intellect Boost in a
    pot inside.  Northeast of the house, in the very northeast corner of the
    village is a glowing spot, this is the entrance to another sidequest...but due
    to the brutal difficulty of it, I consider it to be a "post game" bonus
    dungeon, which you should not tackle just yet.  Recommended level 45+ at the
    very, very least, more like 60+ to be honest, but there's something you can do
    that makes it easier.  More on that later.
    West and a bit south is a big house on the lake, go in here and grab the
    Phoenix Tears in a sack, and  play the organ if you wish.  There is also a
    Quicken Scroll in a treasure chest in here.  Talk to the head Fae in here for
    some cutscenes.  Leave the house and go west across the bridge and then all the
    way northwest to a gravestone.  There's nothing you can do here right now, but
    mark it's location in your memory.  Once you are ready to roll, head to the
    center of the village where the two statues are (just north of the Inn) and
    talk to the elder again, tell him you are ready and there will be a cutscene,
    putting you in the final dungeon of the game.
    * Ch07-10 The Abyss
    The Abyss is a very dangerous area, full of nasty enemies.  If you can't handle
    it, the Crystal right where Magus spawns can warp you back...but keep in mind
    not all crystals can do this, the next one that can bring you back is right
    near the last boss, and this is a looooong dungeon.  So be aware of this.  It
    also of course gets harder as you go along and there are several bosses,
    including some optional ones and even some sidequest stuff.  Anyway, let's
    start by heading west, you'll come to a treasure chest with a Chaos Guantlet in
    it, a very powerful piece of armor for Xiria.  From here, head south and then
    east, then south to a warp symbol.
    In the next area, start heading west, you'll find a chest with a Mega Potion in
    it, from there start going south, there you'll find an area with another chest
    containing the Staff of She'dai, the best weapon for Isis and just south of
    that a chest with a Zeronin Earring in it, which probably is not of much use to
    you.  The path splits south/west here, head west first, to get two treasure
    chests containing a Full-Ether and an Elixir.  Now go back to the split and
    head south to two treasure chests containing an Ambrosia and a Mega Ether.
    From here head west then south to the warp symbol.
    You'll come out near a crystal, which is probably a great thing for you right
    about now.  After using it, start heading west, the road will split west/south,
    continue west to a treasure chest containing a Mega-Ether.  Head south until
    the road splits east/south and go east to two treasure chests containing an
    Ambrosia and the Dragonic Mail.  The Dragonic Mail is not only better than what
    you have equipped, but it will give whoever equips it DOUBLE EXPERIENCE POINTS,
    which to me trumps defense any day.  Equip it to either Magus or Xiria, I
    recommend giving it to Magus for now, since he has better defense as it is, and
    Xiria will be getting even better armor soon.
    East of this the path will split north/east, north goes back to the very first
    split, so ignore that and head east to another treasure chest, this one
    containing an Omniward Earring, which you should give to Isis or whoever else
    you may have that uses Earrings, this will protect you against all status
    ailments. Go a little further east to find a treasure chest with the She'dian
    Bow, the best weapon for Sapphire.  Head all the way west and then start moving
    south, along the way is a treasure chest containing a High-Potion, and then
    another one with a Chaos Shield, which you should immediately equip to Xiria.
    From there, head east to where you'll find two symbols.  The west one warps you
    backwards near the beginning of this area, so don't use that one, instead step
    on the east symbol.  From where you come out, you'll notice three paths, for
    the sake of ease we'll call them top middle and bottom.  Use the top path going
    west, which will dead end with a treasure chest that has the Chaos Helm, give
    that to Xiria.  Go back and take the middle path.  The middle path and bottom
    path lead to the same place, but the middle one has a little offshoot with
    three treasure chests containing a Mid-Ether, an Elixir and the Chaos Armor,
    which you should give to Xiria.  Once you've reached the end of the paths where
    they converge, head west.  When the path splits go north to grab the Kiran
    Necklace from a chest, this is a great accessory that will half the MP cost of
    every spell.  Only Isis, Aubriel, Dissan and Sapphire can wear it, give it to
    whoever you think would benefit the most from reduced MP consumption (Hint,
    this makes Isis practically unstoppable.)  Go back to the path and continue
    west and then south to a chest with Pheonix Tears.  From there head east.  At
    this point, you may be trasported to a completely new area.
    * SIDEQUEST 06 - The Vengeance Spirits *
    If you've killed a certain amount of NPCs, you will be automatically
    transported to an area with a Crystal, a symbol and a woman.  If you talk to
    the woman, it will trigger the boss battle with some of the NPCs you have
    killed, who are out for vengeance.  You can heal up with the crystal beforehand
    of course, or just step on the symbol to skip this entirely.  Keep in mind,
    once you leave, you cannot come back.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 12 - The Vengeance Spirits in the Abyss
    There's four of them, and they use some devastating attacks, and have loads of
    HP.  The one thing is, they always do the same thing in every round, without
    fail.  On the one hand, this is a bitch because you will never get a break, on
    the other, it's easier becuase you always know what they're going to do.
    Here's a breakdown of how they attack
    Vengeance Spirit 1 (The Old Man) always casts Lightning Torrent
    Vengeance Spirit 2 (The Young Woman) always casts Eruption
    Vengeance Spirit 3 (The Young Man) always uses Twisted Strikes, a powerful
    attack to everybody
    Vengeance Spirit 4 (The Old Woman) uses Vengeance Slash, a powerful attack to
    one character
    What's worse is they can absorb certain things, the old woman can absorb
    phystical attacks, and the Young Man absorbs lightning.  Magus should use Dark
    Embrace, Isis should frantically keep everybody healed, don't bother with
    Agility Bless, instead consider using a Quicken Scroll.  If she gets a free
    turn use She'Dian Might.  Drea should attack, just not the old woman, in that
    case use Blood Drain.  Xiria should stick to Glory of Chaos.  You want to try
    to hit all of them at once, but if you use focused attacks, kill the ones with
    the most devastating attacks first, saving the old woman for last.  The hardest
    thing to do is survive, if you can survive their attacks, then beating them is
    a cinch.  Beating them nets you two Ultra Elixirs.  Consider using the crystal
    before you warp back.
    Well, whether you did the sidequest or not, continue east until you see the
    symbol and step on it to be transported.
    There will be a crystal right away, use it if needed, otherwise start off by
    going south, then east to a treasure chest with the Dark Lord Shield in it,
    which is a great fit for Magus.  Continue east, and before heading north look
    in the corner of the area for a mostly-invisible treasure chest, it has an
    Omniward Earring in it.  Then go north, the path will split east and west, go
    west quickly to get a treasure chest containing the Dark Lord Helm, which is
    the best helmet for Magus.  Now head east to two treasure chests containing the
    Dark Lord Gauntlet and a Full Ether, obviously equip the gauntlet to Magus.
    South of this is a treasure chest with a High-Potion, then start heading west,
    along the way you'll find the Dark Lord Armor.  Though this is superior Armor
    for Magus, keep in mind the armor he has currently doubles his experience
    points, so consider either holding the Dark Lord Armor for later, or equipping
    it, and transferring the Dragonic Mail to Xiria.  Personally, I recommend you
    just hold off with the Dark Lord Mail, as the Dark Lord Mail is only 1 defense
    point better than the Dark Lord Mail, but the Dragonic Armor is 5 points worse
    than the Chaos Armor.  Whatever you decide, continue west to the symbol.
    Here, start by going south, you'll notice a big area with some chests.  Be
    careful, as walking around will trigger spikes, make sure to heal after two
    hits.  The treasuer chest just to the west has a Dark Knowledge Scroll, then to
    the east and slightly south of that is the Calamity Blade, the best sword for
    Xiria, then in the southwest corner is another one of those mostly-invisible
    treasure chests, this one containing a second Kiran Necklace, which is really a
    great thing.  Now, get out of there by going south, then east, along the way
    pick up an Elixir in a chest.  The path will eventually split into three, take
    first the western path to pick up a Magick Potion, then the eastern one to pick
    up a Power Vial.  Then use the center patch to get to the symbol.
    Use the Crystal here then start heading east.  At one point, you'll be stopped
    and a boss battle will occour.
    * BOSS BATTLE 23 - The Alpha Guardian in the Abyss
    This is really not that hard.  She likes to use powerful elemental attacks, and
    has a nasty poison attack, but she has a weakness to Dark, so make sure Magus
    is using Dark Embrace.  The worst she can do is cast Stagnate, so combat that
    with Agility Bless.  Have everybody use their best attacks and keep your
    agility buffed and she's a breeze.  Beating her nets you a Mega-Potion and the
    She'Dian Hood, a great piece of armor for Isis.
    Consider backtracking to the crystal before heading east past this point,
    becuase after not too long, you'll run into the second guardian.
    * BOSS BATTLE 24 - The Beta Guardian in the Abyss
    This guy is significantly tougher than the Alpha Guardian, he likes to hit you
    with devastating physical attacks as well as strikes that imbue STUN, PARALYSIS
    and NEGATE.  Oi.  Also, he has rather high defense, so Drea will have a tough
    time, consider using Duchess' Wrath on him instead of her regular physical
    attack.  Get everyone Agility Blessed as soon as possible so you can combat his
    attacks better.  Beating him is worth it though, as you'll get a Phoenix Tears
    and another set of Draconic Mail.  Consider giving it to Xiria, it's lower in
    defense, but she'll level twice as fast.
    Anyway, follow the path east and then south and west, then finally north to the
    As you might have guessed from the dramatic lighting strike as you warped,
    you've reached the final area of the game.  Use the Crystal, note that you have
    the option to warp back to the Fae village if you want to, and move your Dark
    Lord ass to the north and talk to Anto to trigger the penultimate battle.
    * BOSS BATTLE 25 - Anto Calias in the Abyss
    He might kick your ass, but at least the music is awesome, right?  He likes to
    debuff you, and in a very, very serious way, he can lower your defense, attack
    and magick all in one fell swoop, and he can do this to the entire party.  He
    also has all those awesome attacks from that one battle where you played as
    him, and then some, but the one to watch out for is demolition.  He can also
    stun you, and pretty much do anything he wants.  So how do you beat him?
    AWESOMELY.  Buff yourself, combat his buffs, and use your best attacks.  The
    one thing you can't do is Xiria's Magick Drain, it will actually drain your
    magick and give it to him, which is bad, so be ready to use ethers to keep
    Xiria going, she's your main damager as it is.  Remember that if Isis uses the
    ethers they are twice as effective.  Always keep yourself at least 1800 HP and
    you should be fine.  Just keep in mind, this battle will be LOOOOOONG, and
    there's only one battle after it (not counting post-game optional stuff...) so
    don't feel the need to really hold back with the items.  Beating him nets you a
    Phoenix tears and an Ultra-Elixir.
    At any point here, you may step forward to face the final boss (though
    obviously you should heal up at the crystal first.  Though, if you want to,
    there is a sidequest you can do to get another character, one who will make the
    coming battles easier.
    * SIDEQUEST 07 - The Dragon *
    To do this you must have done the following
    1) Completed the Memory Fyre sidequest and obtained the Dark Dragonness Blade
    2) Defeatd Anto Calias
    Once you do both of these, head to the single gravestone in the northwest
    corner of the Fae Village and activate it.  You'll be given a choice.  Choose
    the second option, and [secret character] will join your party.
    Recommended Party: Magus/Xiria/Isis/[secret character]
    You'll notice that [secret character] doesn't seem all that great at first, but
    get that person to level 40 and you'll get their ultimate attack, which will
    absolutely decimate just about any foe.  Speed this up by giving one of your
    Dragonic Mails to this person.  Also, make sure to equip [secret character]
    with the Dark Dragonness Blade immediately, and buy Faelynn Equipment for them.
    There are other things to do, but due to their difficulty, I consider them to
    be "post game", so let's talk about the last boss.  From where you fought Anto,
    go north and talk to Xe'on to trigger the last battle of the game.  If you're
    wearing any Dragonic Mail and can take it off for better armor, do that first.
    * BOSS BATTLE 26 - Xe'On, The Atrocity of the Gods
    This is the final battle of the game, and no, he's not easy.  He will attack
    you with some of the worst shit you can imagine, HIT HIM WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE
    GOT.  There's no reason to hold back, use any items that are to your advantage,
    including Ultra Elixir's, Sakal's Lamp, Quicken Scrolls, anything that will
    help you or heal you.  This is the final battle, so there's no item to awesome
    to use.  The strategy is actually similar to Anto, but the difference is Xe'on
    is more powerful, he will use insane attacks such as Fist of the Abyss, Plague
    Barrage, Genocide, Demolition and other nasty things.  Buff everybody and just
    go all out, spare no quarter and send him back to the hells.  If you're
    prepared, you'll survive, if you're not, you'll die, it's as simple as that.
    Use your best attacks and keep yourself healed, and if you don't have [secret
    character] my recommendation is Drea for the 4th spot, as she pretty much takes
    care of herself with a powerful normal strike and the ability to heal herself
    with Blood Drain.  Killing him will get you The Inferni Diadem and the Key to
    the Abyss, and will trigger the ending.  Congrats.
    If you're feeling brave, and have done everything the game has to offer,
    there's a few last challenges, and the first of these is The Zataron, the
    hardest dungeon in the game.  To access it, you will need the Noran Relic, so
    if you did not get it in the Ice Cavern, you cannot do this at all.  If you
    have the Noran Relic, head to the northeast corner of the Fae Village and
    activate the shining light, answer "Yes" and you'll be sent into the Zataron,
    where you'll immediately face a boss battle that may make you think twice about
    this whole thing.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 13 - The Dark Sisters of the Elements in The Zataron
    The important thing is surviving, if you can't survive the first round, you
    have no chance, this is where they're going to unleash their best attacks at
    you.  Once you have things under control and get yourself healed, nevermind
    with buffing anybody except Isis, and start hitting them hard with your best
    attacks that will hit all four of them.  Magus should use Dark Embrace, Isis
    should use She'dian Might when she's not healing, Xiria should use the Glory of
    Chaos/Magick Drain combo, and [secret character] should use Dragonic
    Annihilation/Dragon Form.  If you don't have [secret character] then have
    either Drea running interference with weapons or attacking the weakest link
    (Moirena, then Tempest, then Pyre) or have Krysta buffing the party and using
    Blade Storm.  It is one hell of an endurance match, but it's possible, and even
    not so bad if you have [secret character].  Beating them nets you four great
    items, a Phoenix Tears, an Ultra-Elixir, a Sai'in Crystal and an Eestrian
    Potion.  If you remember, the Sai'in crystal will up the INT of everybody in
    the party by 20, so use this right away.
    After beating the fiends, walk north and follow the path, keeping in mind that
    you can and will run into random battles here, and to make matters worse, as
    the path curves around, you'll notice the random spikes.  Wonderful.  Remember
    to heal after getting hit twice.  You'll eventually come across a treasure
    chest containing a Power Vial, a Defense Vial and an Intellect Boost.  East of
    this is another treasure chest containing a Vatima Stone, which will raise the
    defense of the entire party by 15, so use that immediately.  South of this
    you'll see two characters, heal up before you talk to them, because it will
    trigger a boss battle.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 13 - Ghaston and Daman in The Zataron
    This is somewhat interesting, as you never got to fight Ghaston with your main
    party.  Daman will probably die first, he's more physical base and likes to use
    variations of physical strikes on you, while Ghaston will use magick and
    debuffs.  Keep using your best attacks, the same basic strategy as the dark
    sisters, though this is a much easier battle.  The worst thing that can happen
    to you is Ghaston will occasioanlly use showering peril, keep everyone at least
    at 2500 HP and you'll be fine.  Beating these two nimrods gets you two great
    items, a Collossus Orb and an Ultra Elixir.  The Collossus Orb will raise
    everyone's attack power by 20.
    Continue along the path, until you come to a broken crystal in the middle of an
    "X" shape formation.  If you activate it, it will tell you to answer it's
    questions, then three points of light will appear, in the northwest, northeast
    and southeast.  First head to the northwest corner and activate the point of
    light, and it will trigger a battle with the Lamian Queen, I won't give her a
    boss entry, her stats haven't changed and you'll take her down quickly with a
    few normal strikes.  She'll even still drop a Z-Potion and a Dread Blade, which
    is pretty amusing.  Now head to the northeast point of light, which will spawn
    an enemy called a ?h?r??a?  this seems like a glitch, but it's not, trust me.
    Anyway, kill this thing, it's pretty easy, [secret character] took it out with
    a single normal attack for me.  Now head to the southeast point of light, which
    will spawn some Assassins.  Now return to the broken crystal and talk to it.
    It will ask you where you fought the Ginar'i in the northwest point of light,
    of course that was the Lamian Queen, so answer "Ice Mines".  The crystal will
    turn yellow, activate it again and it will ask you the name of the ?h?r??n?
    enemy.  Now, if you had fought these before, you know it's a Gharudan, but if
    you hadn't well, that's what this FAQ is for, right?  The crystal will now
    repair, activate it one last time and it will ask you in which floor of Tower
    Inferus you fought the Assassins, if you remember, it was near the end, in the
    Sixth Floor, this will make the crystal glow brighter, and the barrier south of
    Magus will be dispelled.
    Continue south, following the path west and then north, there will be a crystal
    there for you, which will seem like water after being in the desert for 40
    days.  Go north of the crystal and talk to Harbinger to trigger the final
    battle of the Zataron
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 13 - Harbinger, Exodes, Zexor and The Lady of Despair in the
    Wow.  Yeah, this is going to be hard.  If you got this far, you do stand a good
    chance.  Use the same basic tactics as you did on the dark sisters, and if
    you're lucky, Dragonic Annihilation will get The Lady (by far the most
    dangerous of the four) in stun-lock.  Keep yourself at least at 3000+HP and
    don't be afraid to use items such as Ultra-Elixirs, Quicken Scrolls or even
    Sakal's Lamp, unless you're saving it for Appoli'yone.  Exodes likes to use
    Negate, so make SURE you combat that immediately, especially if it's on Isis or
    [secret character].  If you don't have [secret character] your best bet here
    is, believe it or not, Cadar, as he can tank for you with his high HP.  By far
    the most dangerous is Harbinger, who can use Electric Hell, which will do at
    least 2500+ damage to everybody, so watch out for that.  The lady also has some
    nasty attacks, but if you keep her stunned, she can't attack.  Everybody here
    is pretty slow, and it's a hectic battle, so I'd recommend that unless you're
    using Quicken Scrolls, keep the Agility Blessing to Isis only, and don't make a
    huge issue out of it, concentrate more on doling out as much damage as you can.
    Harbinger will go down first, which is lucky, and you might get Zexor and
    Exodes at the same time, leaving you with the lady.  Keep her stunned, and
    beware not to use Magick Dragin on her.  Keep pounding her and eventually, you
    will win.  Beating these four will get you a buttload of awesomeness.  You'll
    get two Vatima Stones, two Collossus Orbs, two Sai'in Crystals, an Ultra Elixir
    and Sin Harvest, the best sword in the game for Magus.  After the cutscene,
    step on the symbol to be transported back to the Fae Village.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 14 - Appoli'yone in the Abyss *
    If you want to face against Appoli'yone, the hardest boss in the game that you
    can reasonably be expected to actually beat, first you need to prepare
    yourself.  Having [secret character] is almost mandatory, and if you run
    through The Zataron first, you'll have monsterous stats, and the Sin Harvest,
    which is a huge help.  If you saved Sakal's Lamp, this is the battle to use it
    on.  Anyway, here's how you get to him.  First, go into The Abyss by way of the
    Fae Village and get to B6, where you fought the Alpha and Beta Guardians.  From
    where the Crystal and symbol are, head east, and at the third wide spot in the
    road, just before the path tuns outh, go north as much as you can, and you'll
    have the option of fighting him.  If you have any Dragonic Mail on, I recommend
    you remove it and put on better armor if you have any.  The same high-level
    strategy applies, only this battle will be insanely long.  Use the lamp if you
    have it and any remaining quicken scrolls you may have once it runs out.  Try
    and just do as much damage as you can, and since Appy is slightly resistant to
    magick drain, feel free to throw in ethers and elixirs.  Ultra Elixirs, if you
    have them, can get you out of a tight spot, as well as phoenix tears.  Just use
    your best attacks (hint: with the Sin Harvest, it's better for Magus to use
    Onslaught than Dark Embrace) and manage your HP well, and eventually, he will
    die.  Do NOT get complacent however, as when Appoli'yone is almost dead, he
    will get faster and more aggressive, so be prepared for this.  One piece of
    advice I can give you, is that you might be tempted to use She'dian might with
    Isis, do this ONLY during the time that Sakal's lamp is active, otherwise, if
    she has a round where she doesn't need to heal anybody, her time is better
    spent using Agility Bless.  You'll probably never run into a situation where
    all four characters are buffed and healed.  She should ALWAYS use Agility Bless
    on herself if her buff runs out, if another character needs to be healed, let
    someone else do it with an item.  Only let Isis' buff run out if the situation
    is indeed dire.  For beating him you'll get two mysterious potions called
    Strength of the Gods, which will temporarily raise everyone's strength by 200
    in battle.
    If you want to find the developer's room, you'll need to have the "Key to
    Nothing?" in your inventory, which if you remember, I directed you to pick up
    at the summit of the Lenali Mountains.  To find it, the easiest reference point
    is where you fought Appoli'yone, if you did (If you didn't, see the
    instructions on how to reach him)  From the point where Appoli'yone is, start
    heading south, when the road turns to the west, hug the north edge until Magus
    is transported into the Developer's Room.
    At the entrance, you'll have to figh the Waegelein monster, just use any
    non-elemental or powerful fire attack to take him out swiftly.  Talk to the
    developer's of the game, and read the bookcases for some amusement if you wish.
    There's a Sai'in Crystal to be found in the treasure chest, as well.  The woman
    on the throne to the east is Tanya Botelho, CEO of Kisareth Studios, if you
    talk to her, you'll trigger a boss battle.
    * OPTIONAL BOSS 15 - Tanya Botelho in the Developer's Room *
    Haha, good luck.  Seriously, this is meant to be a hopeless battle that you
    can't win, if you want to try it, get yourself to level 99, use
    Magus/Isis/Xiria/[secret character] and have everybody's HP and MP maxed out to
    9999/999 with Estrian and Trinian potions, use Sakal's Lamp, Strength of the
    Gods, and pray to whatever gods you may hold to that you survive.  Tanya is
    like fighting 3 angry Appoli'yones with both arms tied behind your back and a
    monkey pelting you with spark plugs and insulting your mother in french and
    german, it's not pleasant.  However it IS possible to beat her.  What happens
    if you do?  Well, you get a lifetime supply of upside down bagels, which is
    good.  But they're evil, which is bad.  So really, decide for yourself whether
    or not it's worth it.  The good news is that when she beats you, it's not game
    over, you'll be returned to the game, but you'll have 1HP, so beware of that.

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