Capturing Live Aliens muliple times?

  1. Obviously you should try and capture one of each type of alien that you can in order to get their information and bonuses for interrogation. But if I've already caught one secotid in a playthrough, is there any reward/purpose for catching a second?

    User Info: lightwarrior7

    lightwarrior7 - 5 years ago

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  1. From what I have read it seems that stunning more enemies will give you intact copies of their weapons to use for your soldiers, assuming you have the necessary research. (i.e. if they drop a plasma rifle and you have that research, you would then be able to give it to one of your soldiers.)

    I haven't had an opportunity to try this myself, but it makes sense. I believe you will still get their corpses as well, but you obviously won't get weapon fragments.

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  1. After you have enough weapons for your soldiers there is no reason to capture them alive. Before that point however stunning aliens is a good way to get your hands on the expensive weaponry, such as heavy plasmas and plasma rifles.
    Also capturing more than one of the same exact type seems impossible in one mission

    User Info: M4dams

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  2. It's a good idea to stun when possible, but if you have already researched them, I wouldn't suggest going out of your way to stun them.

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  3. Well actually late game requests sometimes ask for weapons so collecting some when you can is a good idea.

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  4. The only reward for capturing more is to get your hands on the weapons they are using as they remain intact after battle.
    But you do need the research for said weapons in order to use them. Other than that there's nothing else to gain.

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  5. As many noted, Free Weapons are the best reason for repeat captures. My second game I'm capturing my quota first if I can before killing, unless the odds are bad. I just raided the alien base with a full 6 man squad armed with plasma pistols & light rifles, Rifles haven't shown up on mobs yet. 18 more plasma pistols & 8 light rifles in the bank still.

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  6. How does one revive a critically wounded soldier in battle? I can only seem to stabilize them.

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  7. Made list over what each alien race gives on capture/kill without adding any spoilers. But the interrogation is only a one-time occurrence as any further capture of that same race only leads toward giving you their weapons intact which is useful since you dont have to build them once they been researched. Killing them gives you weapons fragments instead of the weapons they carry. But once you have enough of one weapon type, killing them gives you more since you can use those weapons fragments for research and build things that living aliens don't give like alloy cannon for example.

    Armament: Plasma Pistol
    Sectoid Autopsy allows production of Uplink Targeting (Aim)
    Interrogate Sectoid awards a research credit towards Beam Weapons

    Sectoid Commander
    Armament: Plasma Pistol & Alien Grenades
    Interrogate: Research credit towards Psionic tech
    Autopsy unlock Psionic Labs facility

    Armament: None that can be salvaged
    Autopsy: unlocks advanced Constructions project in the foundry
    Interrogate: Can not be taken alive

    Thin Man
    Armament: Light plasma rifle
    Autopsy: Improved medikit projekt available in the foundry
    Interrogate: UFO technology research credit

    Armament: Light Plasma Rifle
    Autopsy: Gives no body when killed
    Interrogate: Story related research

    Mutton/Muton Elite
    Armament: Plasma Rifle/Heavy plasma
    Autopsy: Opens up the Foundry project, Ammo Conservation/Research credit toward plasma technology
    Interrogate: Research credit toward plasma technology/Elite gives no interogation

    Floater/Heavy Floater
    Armament - Light Plasma Rifle/Heavy Plasma
    Autopsy - Can build Defense Matrix boost/Advanced repair project in foundry
    Interrogate - Research credit toward basic Armor/Heavy Floaters gives no interogation

    Armament: None that can be salvaged
    Autopsy: Drone Capture project available in foundry
    Interrogate: Can not be taken alive

    Armament: None that can be salvaged
    Autopsy: Can build UFO tracking boost
    Interrogate: Can not be taken alive

    Armament: None that can be salvaged
    Autopsy: Can build Chitin Plating
    Interrogate: Can not be taken alive

    Berserker (Muton)
    Armament: None
    Autopsy: Can build stims equipment
    Interrogate: Research credit toward Advanced Armor

    Armament: None
    Interrogate: Research credit toward all technology
    Autopsy: Can build Mind Shield

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