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    Achievement Guide by jimmythesnowman

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 12/25/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                        jimmythesnowman / v1.00 / 12/24/2012
    -1- Normal Achievements
    No Looking Back
    "Beat the game in Ironman mode on Classic or Impossible difficulty."
    This is a difficult achievement that combines two difficult game elements -
    Ironman mode and the higher difficulty levels, best left to your second game
    Humanity's Savior
    "Beat the game on any difficulty."
    Beat the game to unlock this achievement. Simple enough.
    Earth First
    "Beat the game on Classic difficulty."
    If you're good at tactical shooters and spend time reading the game guide you
    can handle Classic in your first runthrough, otherwise you're better off
    leaving this for your second runthrough.
    Our Finest Hour
    "Beat the game on Impossible difficulty."
    Impossible difficulty is very nearly that. This is no joke, about as difficult
    as beating a Diety game in the Civ series (Firaxis's old mainstay). This will
    almost certainly require a runthrough all of its own.
    Lone Wolf
    "Clear a UFO crash site with one soldier on Classic or Impossible difficulty."
    You won't ever be taking a soldier to a crash site alone - except when you're
    specifically gunning for this achievement. My recommendation is to grab a
    high-level support with healybot upgrades and triple medkits, equip him with
    your best weapons and gear, and get ready to scrum some saves. Make sure you
    try it on as small a UFO as possible. OR you can do it with a Heavy going
    through the first UFO you shoot down, since the Rocket Launcher is really
    overpowered at this point and is basically a free frag on two of the four
    sectiods in the area (then just deal with the crystal dude manually).
    Protip: Do this with a female soldier to nab the Valkarie achievement as well.
    Bada Boom
    "Kill 50 aliens with explosive weapons."
    If you use Heavies as extensively as I did, this should be a piece of cake.
    Welcoming Committee
    "Kill 150 aliens."
    You should get this going through your first playthrough.
    Pale Horse
    "Kill 500 aliens."
    You should be able to get this in one run. If you don't, shoot down a few
    more UFOs at the end of the game until you do. Or replay the game I suppose.
    Shooting Stars
    "Shoot down 40 UFOs."
    This achievement can be done normally by getting to the end of the game and
    waiting for UFOs to shoot down, or it can be sped through by doing the same
    and then ignoring UFOs on the ground; if the Gallop Chamber is ready for use,
    it won't matter anyway. You can even push through gameover screens this way
    by reloading old saves.
    Ain't No Cavalry Comin'
    "Have a soldier survive every mission in a full game."
    Ho boy. This is hard because it requires you keep someone on the squad at all
    times all the way through the game, possible if you get a sniper at the very
    beginning but extremely difficult, because if they miss a mission even for
    an injury then you are disqualified for this achievement.
    Protip: To get this and Lone Wolf in the same runthrough, you can clear out a
    small UFO solo, nab the achievement, then revert to an earlier save and
    As A Scalpel
    "Earn the "Excellent" rating in every performance category on a terror
    This is easy enough, you just have to be extremely efficient on a terror op.
    "In a single game, complete every Research Project."
    I missed this one the first runthrough because I failed to interrogate me an
    Etheral. The research projects are:
    Arc Thrower
    Outsider Shard
    New Fighter Craft
    Hyperwave Communication
    Ethereal Device
    Weapon Fragments
    Alien Materials
    Experimental Warfare
    Psi Armor
    Carapace Armor
    Skeleton Suit
    Titan Armor
    Ghost Armor
    Archangel Armor
    Beam Weapons
    Precision Lasers
    Heavy Lasers
    Plasma Pistol
    Light Plasma Rifle
    Plasma Rifle
    Heavy Plasma
    Plasma Sniper
    Alloy Cannon
    Plasma Cannon
    Fusion Lance
    Guided Fusion Launcher
    Alien Nav Computer
    UFO Power Source
    EMP Cannon
    Interrogate Sectoid, Floater, Muton, Sectoid Commander, Berserker, Thin Man,
    Heavy Floater, Muton Elite, Ethereal
    Autopsy Sectoid, Sectoid Commander, Floater, Thin Man, Muton, Chryssalid,
    Cyberdisc, Berserker, Heavy Floater, Muton Elite, Drone, Sectopod, Ethereal 
    All Employees Must Wash Hands
    "In a single game, complete every autopsy."
    In a single game, you *will* be killing at least one of each alien, making this
    achievement elementary.
    Eye in the Sky
    "Launch a Satellite."
    All but mandatory.
    All Togethor Now
    "Get satellite coverage over every country on one continent."
    "In a single game, shoot down one of each alien craft."
    These are the Small Scout, Large Scout, Overseer, Abductor, Supply Barge, and
    Battleship. Should be easy enough ensuring you meet one of everything.
    Man No More
    "Build a suit of powered armor."
    Build any of the high-end armors based on alien technology. All but mandatory.
    We Happy Few
    "Complete a mission without losing a soldier."
    Yeah? You going to lose a soldier on each and every mission?
    The Hardest Road
    "Advance one of your soldiers to Colonel rank."
    All but mandatory.
    Worth Every Penny
    "Acquire 1000 credits in one month."
    All but mandatory.
    "Staff the Research Labs with 80 scientists."
    Just keep things running and eventually you'll hit the magic number.
    One Gun at a Time
    "Staff the Engineering Department with 80 engineers."
    Just keep things running and eventually you'll hit the magic number.
    "In a single game, complete every Foundry project."
    Easy enough, you just have to know it's there.
    You Have Five Seconds to Comply
    "Build a S.H.I.V."
    You don't even have to use it.
    "Build a Laboratory."
    Something you should be doing.
    And Practice
    "Build a Workshop."
    Something else you should be doing.
    Wet Works
    "Complete a Very Hard abduction mission in five turns or less on Classic or
    Impossible difficulty."
    This is actually not as bad as it sounds - on Classic difficulty, it's doable.
    A Continental Following
    "Win the game from each of the 5 starting locations."
    Oh come on, who's going to finish the game five times over!?!
    What Wonders Await
    "Complete a Research Project."
    You're going to complete a lot of research projects.
    Up and Running
    "Build a base facility."
    After the first mission you'll net this.
    Combat Ready
    "Build an item."
    You're going to be building a lot of items.
    Drums in the Deep
    "Gain access to the lowest level in your base."
    You don't technically need your lowest level but it's easy to just build lifts
    down as needed.
    Happy to Oblige
    "Fulfill a Council request."
    You're going to be doing these.
    Tables Turned
    "Shoot down a UFO."
    You're going to shoot down multiple UFOs as part of the story.
    And So it Begins
    "Complete the tutorial mission."
    Although technically you can skip the tutorial mission, I think.
    -2- Secret Achievements
    Meet New People. Then Kill Them.
    "Win a multiplayer match."
    Multiplayer in XCOM is fun all right, and if you spend any time in it you're
    bound to win something; this isn't Dark Souls after all...
    "Mind Control an Ethereal. Single player only."
    Ho ho boy, do you know what kind of Will these things have! The only way to
    sucessfully pull this one off is to stack Combat Drugs smoke grenade and PSI
    Inspiration buffs and Mildflay debuffs, and then scrum saves, because Ethereals
    are logically immensely resistant to mild control. Splash down a late game
    UFO, take out everything around him, then smash.
    Angel of Death
    "Kill an alien while flying. Single player only."
    You just got to know it's there.
    Beyond the Veil
    "Find a soldier with the Gift."
    You need to find yourself a telepathic soldier in order to complete the game,
    and this is the achievement for it.
    Prisoner of War
    "Capture a live alien."
    The Gatekeeper
    "Stun an Outsider."
    X Marks the Spot
    "Uncover the alien base's location."
    See All, Know All
    "Build the Hyperwave Relay."
    On the Shoulder of Giants
    "Build the Gollop Chamber."
    Ride the Lightning
    "Build a Firestorm."
    Technically not mandatory, but all but mandatory given the fast and powerful
    alien ships you will be encountering late in the game, and to catch the
    Poision Control
    "Cure poison on five soldiers in a single mission. Single player only."
    This isn't hard, but annoying, because you should never get five soldiers
    posioned in a single mission. The easiest way to nab this is to give every
    soldier some Medkits in one of the council missions or in the last mission,
    kill Thin Men at close range, then force them all to run through the posion
    cloud. Then heal off next turn. Reload saves as needed.
    And Hell's Coming With Me
    "Successfully assault an Overseer UFO."
    Off My Planet
    "Recover the Hyperwave Beacon."
    The Volunteer
    "Make contact with the Ethereal hive mind."
    Flight of the Valkaries
    "Win a mission with an all-female squad. Single player only."
    Annoying, but compatible with Lone Wolf for the daring.

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