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"A Masterpiece in modern gaming"

X-Com, Enemy Unknown, marks the return of the hugely popular X-Com franchise, and boy is it a success. Oh yes, for anyone expecting a huge let down on the scale of Borderlands 2, prepare to be blown away. X-Com has lost none of its impact, charm, or overall fun factor that made it so popular upon its inception, and has added a lot to the formula along the way, making it one of the finest strategy games I have ever experienced.

The artistic styling of this game is truly a beautiful sight. Every single character in it has been perfectly created to give a feeling of real integration-they all come off feeling completely believable and totally realistic, which is a really nice addition over previous X-Com games where this did not really happen so much

The original style of game play is still much the same, commanding a squad of soldier to fight various alien enemies, this time across a 100% destructible environment. The animation work at play here is some of the best in a game the player can ever hope to experience, being both fluid and well rendered. Everything on screen looks and feels real, and the animations as your men or your opponents are blown sky high by a grenade are truly a joy to behold. The graphical team really went to town on this game, and it shows, with everything looking realistic and the game being a lot of fun to play because of how charming it is. There is no ultra serious tone in an X-Com game, and this has not changed at all.

The controls are one of the reasons that this game succeeds so much, being both fluid and extremely easy to handle. This is a case of a game that takes a minute to pick up and play, but a life time to master, as it has a nice challenging gaming experience, but the controls make it somewhat easier, as they are like liquid in that they flow perfectly. They are extremely easy to get the knack of, and you will soon be blowing various aliens into oblivion.

The missions themselves are as fun as can be, and genuinely feel well integrated into both the story line and the overall X-Com universe. They are always the usual, go to X-place, be attacked by enemy, kill enemy, move on, but they feel completely unique every time. This is a game, in my opinion, that everyone should experience, as every single game has something fresh to offer, something the player does not notice at first glance, and truly is a joy to behold. Saddle up, Commander, this is going to be one hell of a ride.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/15/12

Game Release: XCOM: Enemy Unknown (EU, 10/12/12)

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