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    FAQ/Strategy Guide by Lukethehedgehog

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/10/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Table of Contents
    Note: Use the Search Word command (Ctrl-F) to find a specific section.
     C1.1.......................Regular enemies
     C1.2.......................Bosses in the Basement
     C1.3.......................Bosses in the Cellar
     C1.4.......................Bosses in the Caves
     C1.5.......................Bosses in the Catacombs
     C1.6.......................Bosses in the Depths
     C1.7.......................Bosses in the Necropolis
     C1.8.......................Bosses in the Womb
     C1.9.......................Bosses in the Utero
     C1.10......................Bosses in the Sheol
     C1.11......................Bosses in the Cathedral
     C1.12......................Bosses in the Chest
     C1.13......................Bosses that appear anywhere
     C2.1.......................Activated Items
      C2.11.....................WotL Activated Items
     C2.2.......................Passive Items
      C2.21.....................WotL Passive Items
     C2.3.......................Trinkets (WotL)
     C2.4.......................Tarot Cards
      C2.41.....................Major Arcana
      C2.42.....................Minor Arcana (WotL)
      C2.51.....................WotL Pills
     C3.3.......................Room Contents
    C4.0........................Final Words
     C4.1.......................Version History
     C4.2.......................Contact Info
     C4.4.......................Legal Stuff
    C0.0 Introduction
     Hello! And welcome to my first guide. This will probably be my only, still. 
    This guide will basically just cover the enemies, the items and the rooms. 
    ALL the floors in The Binding of Isaac are randomized, except for all the 
    2nd floor bosses starting with The Depths. Without further ado, let’s begin!
    PS: Excuse my English if you find a grammar mistake, it’s not my native 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Whenever you read WotL, it means it’s exclusive to Wrath of 
    the Lamb, the official expansion.
    LESS IMPORTANT NOTE: When I say XXX, I actually mean ???
    C1.0 Enemies
    Otherwise known as monsters. You must defeat all of them in a room before 
    continuing, although you can bomb your way out of them. This section will 
    list all of them, along with their behavior.
    C1.1 Regular enemies
    Black fly
    A black dot with wings
    Harmless, can’t do touch damage, can be defeated on one shot, may turn into 
    a Pooter.
    Attack fly
    A red flashing fly
    Can do 1/2 heart with touch damage, it takes 2 tears to kill.
    2 conjoined attack flies
    Requires 3 tears to kill. Separates into 2 attack flies upon death, unless 
    killed in one hit.
    Eternal fly (WotL)
    White fly
    They circle corn poop or certain enemies, like the Hanger. They don’t change 
    movement patterns until the poop or enemy is destroyed. Before that, they 
    deal 1/2 heart damage and can’t be destroyed. After their host is destroyed 
    they turn into large Attack flies. They are immune to the effects of 
    Skatole. If they are circling around Poop you can leave the room and, when 
    you come back, they will despawn.
    Black fly with eyes and a thorax
    It doesn’t deal touch damage and it doesn’t follow you. It launches blood 
    balls which deal 1/2 Heart damage, it may appear from a black fly.
    Fat fly
    Similar to a Pooter, but with a bigger pink thorax
    Same health and damage as a Pooter but launch blood balls on a V-pattern; it 
    may spawn in place of a Pooter.
    Boom fly
    A big ball with legs, wings and a face
    They explode on death, they don’t chase you actively, but bounce of wall and 
    deal touch damage.
    Red boom fly
    Red boom fly with cheeks inflated
    They release 6 projectiles on death, but don’t explode. The projectiles 
    always have a set trajectory.
    A black fly with a red body
    They try to deal touch damage, they release 4 projectiles on a + pattern on 
    Spit (WotL)
    Sucker with a blue head and a green body
    They charge towards you and release a green explosive projectile that deals 
    1 Heart damage. They might even suicide to shoot the projectile.
    Spider (WotL)
    A red dot with legs
    They run towards Isaac. They are unaffected by webs, and can walk between 
    the corners of the rocks.
    Big Spider (WotL)
    A spider with a big black thorax
    They have more Health than regular spiders. Like Moters, they spawn 2 
    Spiders on death.
    Trite (WotL)
    An upside-down Isaac head with 4 eyes and legs
    They leap towards Isaac. They can cover a lot by jumping, but they also wait 
    a LOT (About 2 seconds) before leaping again.
    It looks like... a boil
    They start as a small sphere, but it begins growing. At full size, they 
    throw blood balls. If hit, they’ll shrink, but grow back if they aren’t 
    Gut (WotL)
    A green boil
    They throw green balls (Like Spits) at close range.
    A white boil/gut
    They spawn Spiders but don’t attack normally.
    Walking Boil/Gut/Sack
    They look like a Boil/Gut/Sack, but with legs
    They attack just like their normal counterparts, but they walk. They also 
    don’t regenerate health.
    Crying people with a bloated head
    They don’t attack, they run from the player (Even running into dangers to do 
    so), and they don’t deal touch damage. They might explode and release blood 
    on a + pattern, along with 2-4 random flies.
    Mulligan with sewn eyes
    They behave like Mulligans, but shoot blood on an X pattern and leave a 
    troll bomb. If they explode on their own, they shoot 6 projectiles.
    Mulliboom (WotL)
    Mulligan with a bomb stuck on its head
    They chase you and explodes on touch, dealing 1 Heart damage. They also 
    explode when killed.
    Mulligan without eyes, an open mouth and holes on its head
    They act just like Mulligans/Mulligoons, except they don’t explode, and they 
    cough up flies. When killed, they spawn 5 red flies.
    Swarmer (WotL)
    The decayed head of a Hive, surrounded by flies
    They spawn regular flies, but will spawn a Pooter or a Fat fly upon being 
    hit. When killed, they spawn a Boom fly. They are also immune to the touch 
    damage quality of My Little Unicorn.
    A headless body, always facing to the front (Similar to Isaac’s)
    They jump around the room, and can jump over rocks or other obstacles. They 
    follow Isaac only when he’s near them.
    Flaming Hopper
    A black Hopper with a flame where the head would be, unless it was a 
    Champion, in which case it will be a darker shade of the original (Even the 
    They spawn when they touch fire. They have more HP, double speed and leaping 
    range and follow the player from longer.
    A Hopper bleeding from the neck
    They have a better sense of where is Isaac. They can leap high into the air 
    and then launch blood on a + pattern.
    A slightly fat body bleeding from the neck
    They walk around blindly and don’t deal damage (Except touch damage).
    They spawn when a Gaper or Mr. Maw is killed.
    A Gaper with blood gushing out of his neck
    They shoot blood balls.
    A smiling Isaac crying blood
    They try to touch Isaac via the most direct route. If there is no way to 
    reach Isaac, it stands still until a path opens. They may turn into a Pacer 
    or Gusher before dying.
    Frowning Gaper
    Like Gapers, but with their eyes closed. When they get close to Isaac, they 
    open their eyes (They don’t have eyeballs).
    They’re quicker than normal Pacers, and have a bigger chance of spawning a 
    Pacer or Gusher.
    Gurgle (WotL)
    Green Frowning Gaper with eyes already open and a bent neck
    They don’t turn into Pacers or Gushers on death, but they shoot green 
    projectiles (Like Guts), but it’s somewhat inaccurate.
    Mr. Maw
    A Frowning Gaper with eyes open and a bigger mouth
    When it’s near you, it launches its head (Still attached). If the body is 
    killed first’ it turns into a Maw. If the head is killed first, they become 
    a Pacer. If the neck is shot at AND destroyed, it becomes both.
    A Frowning Pacer without a body
    They shoot when they can hit you, and you can move them slightly with tears.
    A Mr. Maw head
    They behave like Horfs, but they can move towards Isaac.
    Red Maw
    A Maw with its mouth sewn
    They can’t shoot, but they move faster and explode, throwing blood on a + 
    pattern, when killed.
    Psychic Maw (WotL)
    A white Maw with its eyes and mouth stitched shut, and a third, flaming eye
    Shoots homing blood. They have an Eternal fly.
    A body make of muscles without eyes and a big, open mouth
    They follow Isaac, and, when you kill them, they turn into a pile of goo, 
    which must be destroyed before the Globin regenerates.
    Gazing Globin
    A Globin with eyes
    It’s faster, does more damage, is stronger and runs away from the player 
    when in goo form.
    It looks like a shopkeeper from the front, but it has its brain exposed from 
    It’s invincible from the front, but not from behind. It turns to Isaac when 
    shot or if he’s near. You can use Cupid’s Arrow to damage him from the 
    Selfless Knight
    Like a Knight, but with a mouth wide open and Isaac’s face in the back of 
    the skull
    When they see Isaac, they will charge towards him.
    Mask + Heart (WotL)
    Like a Scream mask with a heart below it
    The mask is invulnerable, but the heart isn’t. The hearts shoots on a + 
    pattern when Isaac is near.
    A piece of meat with eyes and a bone
    It moves in random directions, shooting on a + pattern.
    A black blob with yellow eyes, somewhat similar to Gish
    It shoots on an X pattern.
    I.Blob (WotL)
    A white crying blob
    It shoots in all eight directions
    A maggot with eyes without pupils
    They are blind and don’t follow you. They can’t shoot, either, but they deal 
    touch damage.
    A Maggot with black eyes and an open mouth
    They move randomly until Isaac is within range, where they will charge 
    towards him, until they reach a wall.
    A Charger with its mouth closed
    They move randomly and spit blood occasionally.
    A brain
    They move randomly leaving a trail of damaging blood.
    A bigger brain
    They don’t leave blood trails, but they jump and throw 8 blood balls. They 
    turn into 2 Brains on death.
    A ball of intestines
    They stick to surfaces like rocks and walls, and stick to that path.
    Mama Guts (WotL)
    Similar to the Guts, but bigger
    They behave just like the Mem-Brain, but with bigger HP. They split into 2 
    Guts on death.
    B. Licker (WotL)
    A head with its tongue sticking out and chained to other B. Lickers
    They are similar to Larry Jr. but when a one is destroyed, they ALL 
    A worm with a big mouth
    They move around until they spot you, where they will charge and deal 1 
    Heart of touch damage. They may go underground and pop up anywhere, although 
    they can’t pop up right under Isaac.
    It resembles a smaller version of Scollex
    They launch a green projectile. He can also jump out of the ground, dive 
    back in, launch an X pattern blood shot and resurface anywhere.
    A lump of muscles with a face
    It pops out of the ground, shoots blood, and dives back in.
    A parasite resembling a... leech
    They behave EXACTLY like a Charger, only they are flying, thus, they won’t 
    stop for rocks. They are also faster.
    Kamikaze Leech
    A black leech with an eye on its mouth
    They explode on touch or death.
    Holy Leech (WotL)
    A white Kamikaze Leech
    They are identical to a Kamikaze Leech, but they have an Eternal Fly around 
    A skull filled with intestines
    They are invulnerable when retreated, and never deal touch damage. They may 
    rise up and shoot three blood balls.
    Red Host
    A Host with a red cranium
    They can be damaged anytime, but they shoot more frequently and also shoot 5 
    A fat headless body with an opening on its chest
    It will move blindly around the room. When the player is in line, it will 
    shake and launch a blood beam that travels over obstacles and lasts a few 
    Double Vis (WotL)
    A slightly paler Vis with a bloodstained chest and another opening on its 
    It can shoot a beam from the back to.
    Chubber (WotL)
    A Vis with a small, green, mouth less head (The head looks like a worm)
    It shoots a small worm that deals 1 Heart of damage instead of the blood 
    beam. When destroyed, the worm must be destroyed too, or the doors won’t 
    A brown spiked block
    It moves on a horizontal or vertical line. It’s immune, to destroy it, you 
    need to kill all other monsters (It can help you on this task: It damages 
    any enemy it touches)
    Slide (WotL)
    A blue Poky
    It’s stationary until Isaac lines up. They will begin charging, damaging any 
    enemy it touches. It stops when it touches anything solid (Rocks, a wall, 
    another Slide, etc). It’s not despawned even upon clearing a room.
    A nerve-covered eye
    Doesn’t move, it follows you with its view and shoots lasers when you stop.
    Bloodstained Eye
    A clean, white eye
    They shoot the laser shot by Vis.
    Isaac made of muscles
    They mirror Isaac’s moves and tear shot exactly. The only way to defeat them 
    is to outsmart it (For example, making it hit spikes, fire or another 
    enemy), using a familiar, Mom’s Knife, invincibility items such as My Little 
    Unicorn, or a bomb.
    Evil Twin
    A black, flying demon with 3 red eyes
    It flies, so it can’t be killed by spikes, but its shots are slow, so it’s 
    easier to damage them.
    A fetus-like, hopping creature (Similar to Blastocyst)
    They usually spawn in groups of 4, and have a health bar.
    Floating baby ghosts with a bloody mouth
    They float around shrieking and shooting. They can also teleport, usually 
    near to Isaac.
    Angelic Baby (WotL)
    A winged Baby, without the bloodstained mouth
    They shoot 3 blood balls instead of 3, and teleport more often, but they are 
    Keeper (WotL)
    A jumping head (The shopkeeper’s head, to be exact)
    Being hit makes some of your coins get scattered, and one completely 
    disappears. They also shoot on a V pattern. They can also jump over gaps, 
    but not rocks or other obstacles.
    Hanger (WotL)
    A shopkeeper (Hanged and all)
    It shoots 3 blood balls that steal coins (Like the Keeper). It floats.
    Stone Grimace
    A stone head
    They shoot blood balls and are indestructible. Like Pokies, they die when 
    every other enemy dies.
    Vomit Grimace
    A green Stone Grimace
    They shoot a green bomb (Like the Spit).
    C1.2 Bosses in the Basement
    The Duke of Flies
    A large, floating head filled with flies
    Attacks: Coughs flies and large attack flies.
    Champion forms:
    Orange: Larger and spawns Suckers and normal Attack flies
    Green: Shoots blood on all directions when he coughs, he also spawns Moters
    A pair of conjoined twins (Of different size) united by an umbilical cord
    Bigger brother: Charge at you, then stops to catch his breath.
    Smaller brother: Shoots blood when united to the bigger brother. He gets 
    enraged when you kill his big brother and begin to follow you. He can fly 
    over rocks.
    Champion forms:
    Green: The smaller brother will be detached, but it will act as normal. They 
    will also be slower
    Blue: Slower, but with more HP
    Larry Jr.
    A large, segmented worm
    Attacks: Pooping (LOL).
    Champion forms:
    Green: Lower HP, launches blood and doesn’t destroy poop
    Blue: Slower, larger, more HP, and he doesn’t produce poop
    A ball with a hare lip
    Attacks: Hopping towards you, spitting blood, jumping and landing where the 
    player was, launching blood upon landing.
    Champion forms:
    Red: Smaller and appears in pairs, except in levels like the Womb or Sheol, 
    where there are three
    Blue: Larger and has more HP. He can hop, but not jump
    Steven (Unlockable by clearing the Basement 25 times, replaces Gemini)
    A black Gemini, only Little Steven is directly connected to Big Steven, 
    without an umbilical cord (Reference to another Edmund McMillen game, Time 
    Fcuk [Sic])
    Attacks: Same as Gemini, only Little Steven fires more aggressively, and 
    when one dies, they explode and release blood balls.
    C1.3 Bosses in the Cellar
    A spider with an upside-down head
    Attacks: Jumping around like Monstro twice as far, spawning Sacks, spawning 
    spiders and generating white goo which slows you down.
    Champion forms:
    Pink: Smaller and faster. Drops Boils and Guts, and spawns Attack Flies
    Black: Always drops black goo, which also slows you down, shoots projectiles 
    and spawns Large Spiders
    A worm
    Attacks: Jumping out of the ground, dive at you and bury again, while 
    shooting blood on an X pattern, jumping out of the ground and shooting a 
    green explosive projectile.
    Champion forms:
    Black: More HP, shoots in all directions instead of the green projectile
    The Blighted Ovum
    It looks a bit like Gemini (In fact it IS Gemini after being killed for the 
    first time), the Bigger Brother looks like a zombie, the Smaller Brother 
    looks like a ghost
    Zombie: Follows you without stopping to catch his breath, leaves a damaging 
    blood trail.
    Ghost: Stands still, shoots a blood beam when you go near. Can’t be damaged, 
    but it dies when you kill the zombie.
    Gurdy Jr.
    A pile of guts, fat and other body parts and fluids. Gross. Art least she 
    isn’t what she was originally going to (A pile of dead babies).
    Attacks: Spawns Pooters, fires blood, charge at you incredibly fast.
    Champion forms:
    Blue: A smaller Gurdy Jr. appears in the room. They can only attack by 
    Red: She can only spawn Fat Flies and charge. She has more HP and is bigger
    C1.4 Bosses in the Caves
    It looks like a broken moon rock to me
    Attacks: It begins as one, but divides into 4 parts after being damaged 
    (Similar to Envy). After a part is killed, it becomes a Charger.
    Champion forms:
    Violet: It divides into 3 instead of 4 parts; it’s slower and spawns a Boom 
    Fly on death
    Similar to Gurdy Jr.
    Attacks: She goes into her body mass, and appears on a side. Then, she 
    throws blood balls (Pretty annoying). She can also spawn flies, Pooters and 
    Fat Flies. When she raises her arms, she summons 2 boils in front of her 
    (More annoying).
    Champion forms:
    Sick-green: She doesn’t shoot blood, but she continuously spawns flies
    A (very) fat man
    Attacks: He jumps and tries to land on you, a-la Monstro. He hops and shoots 
    pee balls in all 8 directions. Peeing on the floor. The pee puddles do 
    damage, btw. Also, after 66% and 33% damage, he releases his eyes, which 
    bounce of walls and can’t be destroyed.
    Champion forms:
    Blue: His eyes pop out right at the beginning
    Yellow: He always leaves urine puddles, even when in mid-air
    Similar to a Charger, but bigger
    Attacks: Spawning Chargers, charging at you. Her charge deals 1 Heart of 
    Champion forms:
    Blue: Larger, slower and more resistant to knockback. She spawns Boils 
    instead of Chargers
    Orange: Smaller, faster, and spawns Spitties
    C.H.A.D. (Unlockable by clearing the Caves 20 times, replaces Chub)
    A red Chub (Reference to another Edmund McMillen game, Super Meat Boy)
    Attacks: Same as Chub, but shrinks and becomes faster as you damage him, 
    spawns Suckers instead of Chargers.
    C1.5 Bosses in the Catacombs
    The Carrion Queen
    A skeletal worm with a fleshy spot at the back
    Attacks: An alternate version of Chub, but she can’t spawn monsters. She can 
    only be damaged by hitting her at the back, or feeding her bombs. She also 
    spawns Red Poop which damages you on touch.
    Champion forms:
    Pink: Smaller and can’t move diagonally. She also spawns hearts which fire 
    on an X pattern instead of Poop. Killing the hearts damages her.
    The Husk
    A posthumous version of The Duke of Flies, it looks like a skull
    Attacks: Same as The Duke of Flies. It’s faster, spawns Spiders along with 
    Flies, and it also fires Blood.
    Champion forms:
    Black: Spawns Boom Flies and periodically shoots blood in all directions. He 
    leaves flies and 2 Boom Flies on death.
    Pink: He never spawns enemies, but he shoots on all 8 directions constantly. 
    He spawns Flies and 2 Red Boom Flies.
    The Hollow
    Guess what... another posthumous version. This time, it’s Larry Jr.
    Attacks: Unlike Larry, The Hollow moves diagonally, and can fly above rocks. 
    Other than that, he’s exactly like Larry Jr.
    Champion forms:
    Gold: Drop coins when you destroy a segment
    Black: Spawns Boom Flies when you destroy a segment
    Green: Shoots blood and, when a segment is destroyed, it spawns a Charger
    The Wretched
    Ding, ding, ding. Another posthumous version. Guess which one. Like Widow, 
    only her mouth has been sewn shut, but another one has appeared on the 
    Attacks: Like Widow, only she spawns a set of 2 Spiders, a Double Spider, or 
    a Trite. Her puddle of white goo is larger, and she shoots white balls (Of 
    that substance cobwebs are made of?) while she spews the goo.
    C1.6 Bosses in the Depths
    Monstro II
    You’ll never guess...
    Attacks: The blood cough has been replaced with a Shoop da Whoop-like lazor. 
    Also, his jump has been altered: First jump, he shoots blood that deals 1 
    Heart of damage. Second jump, he spawns 4 Suckers. These alternate.
    Champion forms:
    Red: Smaller and he only spawns 2 Suckers. He’s faster
    A red imp
    Attacks: He shoots on a + pattern, X pattern, the + pattern again. He also 
    shoots on all 8 directions, and teleport. He’s also accompanied by a Poky. 
    He can also spawn Boom Flies.
    Gish (Unlockable by clearing the Depths 15 times, replaces Monstro II)
    A black Monstro with yellow eyes and sharp fangs, one could say it resembles 
    a Clot (Reference to another Edmund McMillen game, Gish)
    Attacks: Instead of FIRIN MAH LAZOR! He shoots a black ball that leaves 
    black goo which slows you down. He also spawns Clots and the first jump 
    doesn’t shoot projectiles.
    A foot, eyes, a hand or a lump of flesh (Depending on her current attack)
    Attacks: It depends on the body part she’s currently showing:
    Foot: She stomps you.
    Hand: She slaps you when near any of the doors.
    Eye: Nothing. Yes, nothing.
    Flesh: She spawns enemies.
    NOTE: Using The Bible is an INSTA-KILL. Don’t hesitate in using it unless 
    you want a challenge.
    C1.7 Bosses in the Necropolis
    Mask of Infamy
    A mask with a heart
    Attacks: The Mask is invulnerable, the Heart isn’t. The Heart occasionally 
    shoots blood on 8 directions. The Mask charges at you. After destroying the 
    Heart, the Mask can take damage through the back. There isn’t a health bar.
    Champion forms:
    Black: The Heart fires homing shots on a + pattern.
    Daddy Long Legs
    A spider with 4 feet (It looks as if it were hanging)
    Attacks: Stomping all 4 of his feet, stomping one at a time, coughing up 
    Spiders, slamming his head and shooting blood in all 8 directions.
    The Bloat
    Posthumous version of Peep
    Attacks: The same as before, but he begins without his eyes, piss being 
    replaced with blood, and shooting blood from his eyeholes.
    Champion forms:
    Green: Launches 3 green balls after landing, spawns 2 Chargers after pissing 
    blood, less HP.
    Triachnid (Unlockable by clearing the Womb 15 times, replaces Daddy Long 
    A grey DLL with one eye and 2 black fangs (Reference to another Edmund 
    McMillen game, Triachnid)
    Attacks: Same as DLL, only he has 3 feet, he leaves white goo and he spawns 
    C1.8 Bosses in the Womb
    Posthumous version of Pin
    Attacks: The same as Pin, except he might poke out his head and launch 3 
    green balls.
    A fetus in amniotic liquid
    Attacks First, he might either do a low hop and shoot blood on random 
    directions, or a large jump which launches blood in all 8 directions. He 
    divides in 2 upon taking enough damage. Then, he shoots blood in either an X 
    or a + pattern after jumping and divides in 2 after taking enough damage (4 
    Blastocysts). Then, he only fires in a + pattern after being still. He 
    doesn’t shoot after jumping. Then, he divides in 2 Embryos (A maximum of 8 
    Mom’s Heart
    A heart
    Attacks: Summon enemies and retract. Until 33%, when she doesn’t retract.
    It Lives! (Unlockable by clearing the Womb 9 times, replaces Mom’s Heart)
    A heart-body
    Attacks: Same as Mom’s Heart, but it summons bosses.
    C1.9 Bosses in the Utero
    Posthumous version of Fistula, it looks as if it had teeth
    Attacks: Same as Fistula, only she divides into 3 instead of 4 and spawns 
    Spiders when the smallest part is destroyed.
    Loki divided in 2
    Attacks: Same as Loki, only they spawn Red Boom Flies.
    C1.10 Bosses in the Sheol
    I don’t need to describe it ¿Right?
    Attacks: This is it. The final battle. There are 3 phases to it.
    First phase: He summons the Fallen.
    Second phase: 2 blood streams (First 5 then 4), shooting a blood laser from 
    his mouth, and firing a blood beam from each hand. The latter two only 
    happen when you are directly in front of him. If his eyes are open, he 
    shoots from his hands. If they are closed, he fires from his mouth.
    Third phase: He stomps like Mom.
    C1.11 Bosses in the Cathedral
    Attacks: Like Satan, there are 3 phases.
    First phase: He’s in fetal position. He shoots 12 tears on a radial burst 
    and retaliates with a stream of tears when hit.
    Second phase: He stands up, crying. He shoots purple tears on all directions 
    that home slightly and also retaliates.
    Third phase: He grows angel wings and starts flying, smiling. Beams are shot 
    from the ceiling, Angelic Babies will appear, and the same purple shots are 
    shot in 6 directions. He no longer retaliates.
    C1.12 Bosses in the Chest
    Like the character XXX
    Attacks: Same as Isaac. Yes, everything.
    C1.13 Bosses that appear anywhere
    The Fallen
    A fallen angel
    Attacks: Chasing you, firing blood beams on a + pattern, shooting 2 salvos 
    of blood (First 3, then 4) at 50% health, he will divide in 2.
    It looks a bit like a bat (He only appears in Devil Rooms)
    Attacks:  Spitting the 2 salvos of blood, firing beams on a + pattern.
    C1.14 Mini-Bosses
    A floating fella with a troll face
    Attacks: Touch damage, divides in 2 after taking enough damage, then those 
    parts divide in 2 each (4 Envies), then, they divide in 2 each, this time 
    with a ._. Poker face (8 Envies).
    Super Envy (WotL)
    A blue Envy
    Attacks: Like Envy, but divides in 3, then 3 again (9 Super Envies), then 3 
    again (27 Super Envies OMGWTFBBQ)
    A Vis with a head
    Attacks: Same beam as a Vis, also shoots on all 8 directions
    Super Gluttony (WotL)
    A Double Vis with Gluttony’s head, but vomiting blood
    Attacks: Same as Gluttony but with another beam from the back, shooting 
    blood similar to Monstro’s cough.
    A shopkeeper that somehow avoided being hung (He appears in shops and Secret 
    Attacks: 3 arrows from his mouth, spawning Hoppers. The blood or touch 
    damage makes you lose 3 pennies: 2 are dropped and 1 disappears.
    Super Greed (WotL)
    Greed with a coin on each eyelid and a $ sign on his forehead
    Attacks: Shooting 4 blood balls and spawning Keepers. He stills makes you 
    lose pennies.
    A pink Isaac under effect of the Virus (Many weals)
    Attacks: Only touch damage. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t has any attacks 
    other than touch damage, but she’s pretty darn fast, and won’t stop for 
    anything except losing sight of you.
    Super Lust (WotL)
    Lust with a lot of punches and a bullet shot on her forehead
    Attacks: Same as Lust, but she’s extremely fast and leaves a trail of blood 
    that damages you.
    A grey Isaac
    Attacks: He can either put a Forever alone face, which means that he’s about 
    to shoot beams (Not blood beams, they’re very thin) in an X pattern, or put 
    a Troll face, which means that 6 Troll Bombs will spawn (He’s immune to 
    them). It’s probably the easiest sin.
    Super Pride (WotL)
    Pride, but pink (I think it represents gay pride)
    Attacks: Same as Pride, but the beams are in a + pattern, and 2 Mega Troll 
    Bombs (which follow you) spawn instead of 6 Troll Bombs.
    Ultra Pride (WotL)
    Hard to describe, but it’s green and resembles Edmund McMillen with a 
    familiar that resembles Florian Himsl
    Attacks: 3 homing projectiles, a horizontal line of green goo that deals 
    touch damage, and the familiar shoots one homing projectile.
    Champion forms:
    Green Florian: His attacks deal 1 heart of damage
    A green Globin
    Attacks: Spawning a Charger, shooting a green explosive ball.
    Super Sloth (WotL)
    A green Gazing Globin
    Attacks: He can shoot 2 green balls and spawn 2 Spiders.
    A man in a grey suit
    Attacks: Shoot bombs, but he’s so stupid that he doesn’t run from the bombs 
    even though they can damage him.
    Super Wrath (WotL)
    His suit is burned, he’s bigger, and he has a mouth
    Attacks: He drops Mega Troll Bombs instead of normal bombs.
    C1.15 Harbingers
    Note: They are only unlocked when you defeat Mom for the first time.
    Famine (The Basement)
    An eyeless, starved man
    First phase: He charges, goes through the wall, and comes from the other 
    side, then spawn a Pooter or Fat Fly. If there are Flies on screen, he only 
    charges every 10 seconds or when you align to his left or right.
    Second phase: Only the head is left. He fires 3 blood balls.
    Champion forms:
    Blue: He shoots blood on 6 directions (Minus vertical), charges slightly 
    diagonally, and then does a full circuit around the room. He can also shoot 
    blood like Monstro in the Second phase. He can’t spawn flies.
    Pestilence (The Caves)
    A green corpse
    First phase: Firing a green ball, leaving a green puddle and summoning 
    Chargers and Spitties.
    Second phase: he loses his head. He still leaves the goo and spawns red and 
    black flies
    Champion forms:
    White: The First phase summons Trites and shoots white balls on 6 
    directions. The goo turns with and just slows you down. The Second phase 
    still fires the 6 balls and also summons Spiders.
    War (The Depths)
    A skinless man
    First phase: He charges like Famine, but he does 3 runs, always coming 
    slightly below his starting position (Unless he would be bellow the room 
    when he comes back, then he would come back at the top, shooting on all 8 
    directions, and dismounting, summoning 6 Troll Bombs, the mounting again.
    Second phase: He loses his horse. He chases you like Lust and Gemini, and 
    like the latter, he stops to catch his breath. Also, damaging him slows him 
    Champion forms:
    Black: He leaves a Troll Bomb when he charges, he dismounts less often, and 
    summons 2 Mega Troll Bombs when he does. In the Second phase, he shoots in 6 
    directions when he stops.
    Death (The Womb)
    An armless skeleton
    First phase: He either summons 4 scythes that go around the room, or 2 that 
    follow you. He can also use the Hourglass (See Items).
    Second phase: He dismounts from his horse. The horse charges in a similar 
    way to War, except he never stops. He can summon Knights and Selfless 
    Knights. All of them, Death, the Knights, the Selfless Knights, and the 
    horse, must be defeated.
    Champion forms:
    Black: Bigger, more HP, always summons 4 scythes and 2 Kamikaze Leeches 
    instead of the Hourglass. Instead of Knights, he spawns Red Maws.
    Conquest (WotL)
    A light blue man with a blindfold
    Attacks: It only has one phase. He shoots homing tears on a + pattern, he 
    disappears and light beams appear on random locations, and he charges off-
    screen, then summon several clones of himself.
    Headless Horseman
    A, I don’t know, ¿Headless Horseman?
    Attacks: His head can charge across the room (Like War), shoot green bombs 
    and leave green goo (Like Pestilence), Firing three shots at you (Like 
    Famine), and summoning Knights (Like Death).
    C2.0 Items
    There are 5 types of Item:
    Activated Items: They are stored on your Spacebar slot, and can be used once 
    every a specific number of rooms, or instantly, like Kamikaze, but these 
    ones usually have a cost, normally Heart damage. You can only hold one at a 
    Passive Items: You can hold many at once, and they grant you a passive 
    effect. There are 4 kinds, according to Ed 
     Weapon Items: these alter your tears in some way
     Stat Increasing Items: These increase your stats
     Passive Items: These ones alter other aspects, such as flight or accessing 
    Secret Rooms anytime
     Familiars: These ones are divided into types as well:
      Spawners: These spawn a specific type of Pick-up
      Extra Lives: These ones give a specific amount of lives
      Shooters: These ones follow you around shooting alongside you
      Orbitals: These ones, instead of following you, orbit around you
      Unique familiars: There are only two: Cube of Meat and Guppy’s Hairball
    Trinkets: They’re a combination between Activated and Passive Items: You can 
    only hold one at a time (Two with Mom’s Purse), but they grant you a passive 
    effect, usually changing some odds.
    Tarot Cards: You can only hold one at a time and they use up your Q slot. 
    They don’t have any difference from Activated Items, except being on another 
    slot and thus being able to hold one of both.
    Pills: They increase or decrease your stats, or use an attack such as the 
    Bad Gas. Note that the first time you pick up one, you don’t know their 
    effect until you use them, and that the color doesn’t identify a Pill in 
    different playthroughs, but same color means same Pill in the same 
    C2.1 Activated Items
    Note: The effect given by Activated Items only works for the current room
    Anarchist Cookbook
    A white book with a red A
    Spawns 6 Troll Bombs randomly
    Can be dropped by Pride
    3 Room Recharge (RR)
    The Bean
    A bean
    Causes Isaac to fart, damaging and poisoning nearby enemies
    Unlocked by destroying 50 Poop piles
    1 RR
    Bob’s Rotten Head
    A green, rotting, eyeless head
    Throws a bomb in the direction Isaac throws it, damaging and poisoning 
    enemies, and destroying rocks, doors, and Secret Room doors 
    Sloth and Pestilence are resistant to the poison
    Found in Secret Rooms and as a drop from Sloth
    3 RR
    A brown book with a black cross
    Turns Isaac into an angel, allowing him to fly
    Mom, Mom’s Heart and It Lives Are instantly killed. Satan and Isaac 
    instantly kill you, even after you kill them (Unless you have The Wafer)
    6 RR
    The Book of Belial
    A grey book with an inverted pentagram
    Doubles damage
    It gives Isaac an angry face with empty eye sockets, blood coming from his 
    eyeholes, and an inverted cross on its forehead
    Unlocked by beating the game
    Can be found on the Secret Room, Devil Room, and Library
    Judas starts with it
    3 RR
    Book of Revelation
    A purple book with a white cross
    Adds 1 Soul Heart
    Using it will make the boss of the floor a Harbinger, if possible (i.e. you 
    haven’t already fought it)
    May replace Stan with the Headless Horseman
    Found in Shops, Devil Room, Library and Item Room
    A rare drop by the Beggar
    Unlocked by killing any Harbinger
    6 RR
    Book of Shadows
    A beige book with a Triquetra on its front (A reference to the “Charmed” TV 
    Grants invulnerability for 12 seconds
    It surrounds Isaac with a bubble
    Greed, Hangman and Keeper still make you lose coins
    You can give Hearts to Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggars without 
    losing them, but you still pay for Items in the Devil Room
    Found in the Library, Item Room, and Shop
    3 RR
    The Book of Sin
    A black book with a bloody 7
    Spawns a random Pickup, Pill, or Tarot Card
    Unlocked by beating every Deadly Sin
    Found in the Devil Room or Item Room
    4 RR
    Dead Sea Scrolls
    A scroll
    Uses a random Activated Item (Even a locked one)
    If the Item used doesn’t have a recharge time (Like Kamikaze), it can be 
    used again, and it can harm you if the used Item can do so
    Deck of Cards
    A card box
    Gives Isaac a random Tarot Card
    The card spawns in your inventory
    6 RR
    A red dice
    Re-rolls all Activated and Passive Items on the current room
    It can also change Shop Items or Boss Drops, except for specific drops, such 
    as the Cube of Meat
    Re-rolled Items are from the same pool as the drop, for example, using the 
    D6 after fighting a Harbinger when there is an Item other than the Cube of 
    Meat (Such as from a Beggar spawned with the Tarot Card XX The Judgment) 
    will turn it into a Cube of Meat, or Activated Items can only be rerolled 
    into other Activated Items, and the same for Passive Items
    You can get locked Items with it
    Unlocked by completing the Womb with XXX
    Isaac starts with it after it’s unlocked
    3 RR
    Doctor’s Remote
    A remote controller
    It sets a big red target on the ground which can be controlled with the 
    arrow keys. After some seconds, a missile comes crashing down
    Pressing Space will cause the missile to appear prematurely
    The missile acts like a huge bomb explosion
    3 RR
    Forget me Now
    An aspirin
    When you use it, you reappear at the starting room with newly generated 
    Rooms, Monsters, and Items
    It disappears after you use it
    Unlocked by completing the Sheol with XXX
    No room recharge, disappears after use
    A Gameboy
    Turns Isaac into a Pac-Man
    It gives you invincibility, damages enemies on touch, enemies run away, and 
    it heals 1/2 Hearts per 2 enemies killed
    The health leech doesn’t work with XXX
    You can give Hearts to Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggars without 
    losing them, but you still pay for Items in the Devil Room
    Unlocked by visiting 10 Arcades
    6 RR
    The Hourglass
    An Hourglass
    Slows enemies and projectiles for 7.5 seconds
    2 RR
    A set of dynamite that Isaac wears strapped around its body
    Causes an explosion around Isaac, causing 1 Heart of damage but damaging 
    Affected by the Wafer
    Tarot Cards that grant you invincibility allow you to use it without being 
    0 RR, can be used immediately
    Lemon Mishap
    A lemon
    Cause Isaac to pee, damaging enemies who touch it
    Flying enemies aren’t affected
    2 RR
    Mom’s Bottle of Pills
    A bottle of Pills
    Spawns a random Pill
    These appear on your inventory
    Unlocked by using a Blood Donation Machine 20 times
    6 RR
    Mom’s Bra
    A bra
    Causes enemies to freeze for 5 seconds
    It puts a bra on Isaac’s head
    3 RR
    Mom’s Pad
    A menstrual pad
    Enemies back away from Isaac for 5 seconds and don’t attack
    3 RR
    Monster Manual
    A book with a drawing on its front
    Summons a random familiar (Even locked ones)
    Summoning a Cube of Meat will summon it in a random level
    Unlocked by completing the Sheol with Judas
    4 RR
    Monstro’s Tooth
    A bloody tooth
    Monstro jumps on a random enemy
    It can’t be used on Monstro, but it can be used on Monstro II
    Unlocked by beating all the bosses in the basement
    3 RR
    Mr. Boom
    A bomb with a smile
    It drops a large bomb
    It has an increased range (3 squares)
    2 RR
    My Little Unicorn
    A unicorn horn
    Gives Isaac temporary invincibility and damages enemies on touch
    You can’t fire unless you have Mom’s Knife
    Greed, Super Greed, Hangman and Keeper still make you lose coins
    You can give Hearts to Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggars without 
    losing them, but you still pay for Items in the Devil Room
    6 RR
    The Nail
    A bloody nail
    Turns Isaac body into a black demon with twisted horns, adds one Soul Heart, 
    and breaks rocks when you walk over them
    Increases damage by one and decreases speed by 2
    Unlocked by completing the game 3 times
    Can be found in the Devil Room, the Curse Room, given by a Devil Beggar or 
    as a possible drop from the Fallen
    6 RR
    The Necronomicon
    A brown book with a face
    Damages all enemies in a room significantly
    Unlocked by using the Death Tarot Card 4 times
    It destroys all enemy shots too
    6 RR
    A Pony
    A black horse head
    It mounts Isaac on the Headless Horseman’s horse
    While equipped, it increases Speed by 2 and grants flight
    When used, Isaac will charge in the selected direction
    Can be obtained from the Headless Horseman
    If you press Spacebar but you don’t touch a directional key, you will become 
    invincible and damage enemies on touch
    Greed, Super Greed, Hangman and Keeper still make you lose coins
    You can give Hearts to Blood Donation Machines and Devil Beggars without 
    losing them, but you still pay for Items in the Devil Room
    4 RR
    The Poop
    A pile of Poop
    It drops a pile of Poop, like the ones in the Basement
    It may give a coin, like regular Poop
    Unlocked by clearing the game 10 times
    XXX starts with this item
    1 RR
    Razor Blade
    A Gillette
    Deals a certain self-damage, but strengthens you for the current room
    Removes your skin, making you look like a Dople
    It removes Heart Containers before removing your Soul Hearts
    Unlocked by completing the Womb with Eve
    0 RR
    The Pinking Shears
    A pair of shears
    Separates Isaac’s body from his head
    The head can fly
    The body acts like a familiar (Essentially a powered up Meat Boy)
    Unlocked by dying 100 times (Ouch)
    Found in Shops and Item Rooms
    6 RR
    Shoop Da Whoop!
    The iconic face
    FIRIN’ MAH LAZOR! From Isaac’s mouth
    Turns Isaac’s face into a Shoop da Whoop
    It’s fired in the chosen direction and doesn’t stop until it reaches the 
    Sometimes dropped by Envy
    3 RR
    Tammy’s head
    A yellow cat head
    Shoots 10 tears in a circle around you
    Modifiers, such as Spoon Bender or My Reflection, alter these tears, but not 
    Brimstone, Technology, or Dr. Fetus
    More commonly found in chests
    1 RR
    A blue remote
    Teleports you to a random room
    2 RR
    We Need To Go Deeper
    A shovel
    Creates a trapdoor to the next level
    You can’t use it to skip the second floor in “No damage” achievements, but 
    you can skip the first one
    Found in the Item Room or the Devil Room, or as a possible drop from the 
    Cannot be used to skip from the Cathedral to the Chest
    6 RR
    Yum Heart
    A heart with a bite
    Restores one whole heart
    Unlocked by having 7 heart containers on one playthrough
    Useless with XXX
    Magdalene starts with this Item
    4 RR
    C2.11 WotL Activated Items
    Best Friend
    A pink doll
    Deploys a decoy Isaac that eventually explodes
    Can hurt Isaac
    Can be eaten by Chub
    Familiars will be transferred to the decoy
    3 RR
    Blood Rights
    A butterfly knife
    Consumes HP to damage all enemies in the room
    Unlocked by beating Sheol as Samson
    Makes blood pour from the walls
    0 RR
    The Candle
    A blue candle
    Throws a blue flame that damages anything in its path
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 1
    Recharges in about 3 seconds
    It can damage Mom by firing at the doors and It Lives by firing at where he 
    should be even when they are retracted
    Evaporates enemy shots
    Often found in shops
    0 RR
    Crack The Sky
    A feather
    Makes beams of light bombard random areas, dealing massive damage
    The pattern is random
    4 RR
    Crystal Ball
    A crystal ball with an Isaac face
    Reveals the map and gives a random Tarot Card or Soul Heart
    Found in a Fortune Telling Machine
    A 20 sided dice
    Randomly changes all PICKUPS (Hearts, Coins, Bombs, Troll Bombs, Tarot 
    Cards, Pills, Trinkets, and Chests, even opened ones)
    Doesn’t reroll Items
    Found in the Item Room
    Unlocked by beating the Cathedral with Isaac
    6 RR
    Dad’s Key
    Opens every normal door in a room when used
    Unlocked by beating the Chest
    Found in the Secret Room and Item Room
    2 RR
    Guppy’s Head
    A black and white cat head
    Spawns 2-4 Blue Flies
    Found in the Devil Room, Red Chests, Challenge Rooms, or as a drop from the 
    Collecting Guppy’s Head, Tail and Paw transforms Isaac into Guppy, giving 
    him flight and The Mulligan effect
    You only need to use these Items once, you can drop them afterwards
    1 RR
    Guppy’s Paw
    A paw
    Removes one Heart Container in exchange for 3 Soul Hearts
    Does nothing for XXX
    Found in Curse Rooms, Devil Rooms or as a Boss Drop
    0 RR
    IV Bag
    A blood bag with a syringe connected to it
    Exchanges Hearts for Coins (Basically a portable Blood Donation Machine)
    Works well with Bloody Penny
    Reward from a Blood Donation Machine, and, as such, has the same 
    vulnerability of the BDM: You can spam it if you have invincibility, such as 
    using The Book of Shadows and immediately picking up the Bag
    0 RR
    Notched Axe
    A Minecraft pickaxe
    Breaks a single rock, poop pile, or fire when used
    1 RR
    Prayer Card
    A card with an image of Mary
    Grants half an Eternal Heart when used
    Completing an Eternal Heart, or going down a floor will turn it into a Heart 
    Found in Item Room, Angel Room and Shop
    6 RR
    Portable Slot
    A Slot Machine
    It acts like a Portable Slot Machine
    Costs one coin to use
    Found in the Item Room, Shop, Golden Chests and Devil Rooms
    0 RR
    Remote Detonator
    A dynamite detonator with “Boom” inscribed in it
    Detonates all bombs you place
    Bombs only detonate when you use this
    Gives 5 bombs
    0 RR
    Spider Butt
    A spider thorax
    Damages all enemies and inflicts slowdown
    Found in the Item Room
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 8
    2 RR
    Telepathy for Dummies
    A “for Dummies” book
    Gives Spoon Bender effect
    Found in the Library and Item Room
    2 RR
    White Pony
    A white horse head
    Same as the A Pony item, but with the added effect of Crack The Sky
    Found after defeating Conquest
    6 RR
    C2.2 Passive Items
    A heart
    A pulsing heart is attached to Isaac’s chin
    Sometimes dropped by gluttony, can be found in the Item Room
    A green mushroom
    If you die, Isaac will respawn in the previous room with full health
    Can be picked up multiple times in a single playthrough
    Only appears in Secret Rooms
    9 Volt
    A battery
    Jams a battery into Isaac’s head
    Leaves Isaac with 2 bars already charged after using an item
    Fully charges your Activated Item upon Pickup
    Most common in Shops
    A battery
    Gives Isaac Frankenstein bolts
    Gives Isaac an extra charge every 15 seconds up to 3charges
    Using an Item a second will reset the charge
    The Belt
    A belt
    Gives Isaac a belt
    Found in the Boss Room or the Item Room
    Blood Bag
    A blood bag
    Stains Isaac’s face with blood
    Increases HP by one, Speed by 1 and heals 4 hearts
    Can be won an picked up multiple times
    Obtained when a Blood Donation Machine explodes from overuse
    Blood of the Martyr
    A thorn crown
    Gives Isaac a floating thorn crown
    Increases damage by 2
    Turns tears into Blood
    A bomb with a face and a crank
    Gives 5 bombs and causes all bombs to slide towards enemies
    It applies to Dr. Fetus and Wrath bombs, too
    Bomb bag
    A bag with bomb image
    Isaac is followed by a small bag that drops either a Bomb, a 1+1 Free Bomb 
    or a Troll Bomb
    A bomb with an X10 next to it
    Puts a lit fuse on Isaac’s head
    Gives Isaac 10 bombs
    Found in the Item Room and Challenge Room
    A box of milk
    Increases HP by one
    Found in the Boss Room or as a Drop from the Beggar
    An arcane symbol, it looks like an Infinite symbol with a cross on top
    Makes Isaac black and gives him horns (Buffalo horns)
    Changes tears to a chargeable laser that pierces everything
    The laser must be charged for 2 seconds
    Increasing your Tear stat reduces charge time
    Removes knockback effect
    Available on the Devil Room, as a drop from the Fallen, or from a Devil 
    Brother Bobby
    A blue ghost
    Fires normal tears
    Found in the Item Room, Devil Room, from Devil Beggars, or as a drop from 
    the Fallen
    Bucket of Lard
    A bucket of lard
    Makes Isaac fatter
    Gives 2 empty Heart Containers, heals half a Heart, reduces Speed by 1
    Rarely dropped by Gluttony, can be found on the Item Room
    Charm of the Vampire
    A bat
    Gives Isaac a Dracula-like appearance
    Killing 13 monsters heal you by 1/2 a Heart
    Flies do not count, but splitting the Fallen, Envy, or Fistula will
    Globins turning into Goo count too
    Useless to XXX
    Chocolate Milk
    A glass of chocolate milk
    Cheeks inflate (Only while charging shots)
    Removes rapid-fire
    Allows you to charge tears
    The Common Cold
    A snot
    Isaac’s face turns green
    Turns tears green
    Gives a chance to poison enemies
    Unlocked by finding two of either Roid Rage, The Virus, or Growth Hormones
    The Compass
    A compass
    Shows the Icons of Special Rooms
    Does not reveal Secret Rooms or Top Secret Rooms
    Found in Shops, Challenge Rooms, or from the Beggar
    It’s never on the Item Room
    A Cube of Meat
    A cube of meat
    It can stack depending on how much you picked
    1 CoM: The Cube follows you like a Pretty Fly
    2 CoM: It turns into a head. It acts like the Cube, but it now fires blood
    3 CoM: It turns into a humanoid Meat Boy, this time he chases enemies but no 
    longer shoots. Also, note that he can shove Pickups while walking, including 
    bombs, so be careful
    4 CoM: Bigger size and damage
    Cupid’s Arrow
    An arrow
    Isaac wears a native-American headdress
    Isaac tears can pierce enemies (Even Knights, allowing you to damage them 
    from the front)
    Shots don’t pierce obstacles
    Dead Bird
    A black bird
    Isaac wears it on his head (Familiar)
    When taking damage, the bird comes to life and begins attacking
    Unlocked by making 2 deals with the Devil
    Eve starts with this item
    A Guppy
    Found in the Devil Room and Red Chests
    Your HP is set to 1, but you’re given 9 lives
    After each death, your HP is set back to 1
    A bag of dog food
    Adds 1 Heart Container
    Found in the Boss Room
    A can of dog food
    Adds 1 Heart Container
    Found in the Boss Room
    Distant Admiration
    A fly with 2 waves surrounding it
    A fly further than Halo of Flies, but closer than Forever Alone
    Demon baby
    A black baby with horns
    Fires blood at enemies in range
    Unlocked by completing the Sheol with Eve
    A Dollar
    A dollar
    Sets your pennies to 99
    A final reward from the Slot Machine, they appear when you use it to much it 
    explodes (It doesn’t always happen, though)
    Dr. Fetus
    A fetus in a jar
    Gives Isaac the monocle and top hat of Dr. Fetus, from Super Meat Boy
    Replaces Isaac tears with bombs
    Increases chance of Bomb-related Items
    Unlocked by completing the game 5 times
    A rare find in the Item Room
    Forever Alone
    Similar to Distant Admiration, but with the waves reversed
    It orbits far away from Isaac
    Guardian Angel
    A baby with wings
    All other Orbits orbit at double speed
    Unlocked by completing the Sheol with Magdalene
    Found in the Item Room and God Room
    Growth Hormones
    A purple syringe
    Isaac receives inhuman growths
    Increases Speed and Damage by 2
    The Halo
    A halo
    Gives Isaac a halo
    Increases all stats except range by 1
    Unlocked by defeating any Mom boss with the Bible
    Found in the Item Room and God Room
    Halo of Flies
    2 flies
    They block projectiles that touch them and kill other flies
    The Inner Eye
    An eye
    Gives Isaac a third eye
    Sets firing rate to minimum, but it gives a triple shot
    The Ladder
    A ladder
    Allows gaps to be crossed when they are only 1 block wide
    Fairly common in Shops
    Little C.H.A.D.
    A smaller version of C.H.A.D.
    Drops 1/2 Heart for completion of every 2 rooms
    Useless for XXX
    Unlocked by killing C.H.A.D.
    Little Chubby
    A smaller version of Chub
    Charges towards the direction Isaac’s firing
    Unlocked by defeating all the bosses in the Caves
    Little Gish
    A smaller version of Gish
    Follows Isaac shooting tar balls
    The tar slows down enemies
    Unlocked by killing Gish
    Dropped by Gish
    Little Steve
    A smaller version of Steven
    Follows Isaac shooting homing projectiles
    Unlocked by killing Steven
    Dropped by Steven, or in the Item Room
    Loki’s Horns
    A pair of horns
    Gives Isaac horns
    Gives a random chance to fire in a + pattern
    The chance is increased with your Tears stat
    If you have The Inner Eye and Mom’s Eye, the shot is always fired
    Unlocked by defeating all the bosses in the Depths
    Lord of the Pit
    An inverted cross
    Makes Isaac black and gives him wings
    Grants flight
    Can be found in the Devil Room or as a drop from the Fallen
    Lucky Foot
    A foot with a chain
    Gives Isaac a golden anklet on his left leg
    All pills will have positive effects
    Increases chance of getting pickups from poop and fire
    Increases chance of winning the Skull Game
    Increases chance of getting Items from Gold Chests
    Increases chance of getting Items from the Fortune Telling Machine
    Cain starts with this Item
    Found in the Item Room, Devil Room, and Boss Room
    Unlocked by collecting 55 pennies in one playthrough
    A bowl of dog food
    Increases HP by 1
    A Lump of Coal
    A Lump of Coal
    Stains Isaac’s face with coal dust
    Increases damage based on how further tears travel
    Found after fighting Krampus
    Magic Mushroom
    A red mushroom (Reference to Mario Bros)
    Isaac grows
    Fully heals Isaac and increases all his stats by 1
    Will give XXX 1 Soul Heart
    A magnet
    Isaac gets a magnet on his head
    Attracts all pickups (Including Troll Bombs) from about 7-8 squares
    Hearts, Soul Hearts and Eternal Hearts aren’t attracted at full health
    The mark
    A triangle of 6
    Gives Isaac the Mark on his forehead
    Increases Damage by 2 and Speed by 1
    Adds 1 Soul Heart
    A drop from the Fallen or found in the Devil Room or Red Chests
    Max’s Head
    A puppy’s head
    Isaac’s eye grow bigger and shinier
    Increases Damage by 1
    Tears are bigger and inflict more knockback
    Mini Mushroom
    A blue mushroom (Again, reference to Mario Bros)
    Increases Speed and Range by 1
    Shrinks Isaac’s hitbox
    Mom’s Contact
    A red eye
    Isaac’s right eye turns red
    Gives Isaac a petrifying shot
    Unlocked by collecting Mom’s Eye and any other Mom Item
    Mom’s Eye
    A white eye
    Isaac gains an eye on the back of his head
    Increases Tears Stat
    The eye allows you to shoot from behind at random
    The other eye always fires the default tears, so Technology or other similar 
    Items don’t affect it
    Mom’s Heels
    A heeled shoe
    Isaac wears heeled shoes
    Increases Range by 2
    Mainly found in the Boss Room
    Mom’s Knife
    A knife
    Isaac wears a dress and holds the knife
    Isaac only shoots the knife, boomerang-style
    Overrides all attacks
    Pierces enemies
    It can be used like a Melee Weapon
    You can use it with My Little Unicorn
    Unlocked by beating the Sheol with Isaac
    Mom’s Lipstick
    A lipstick
    Isaac uses lipstick
    Increases Range by 1
    Mainly found in the Boss Room
    Mom’s Underwear
    A woman’s underwear
    Isaac wears it (LOL)
    Increases Range by 1
    Found in the Item Room and Boss Room
    A $ symbol
    Gives Isaac $-$ glasses
    Increases Damage based on how many coins Isaac has (10 coins=+1 Damage)
    Found in the Item Room and Devil Room
    Unlocked by completing the game 8 times
    Mr. Mega
    A bomb with a face, the eyes are similar to Wrath
    Gives Isaac Wrath’s helmet, along with the twitching
    Gives Isaac 5 bombs
    All bombs are like Mr. Boom
    This also applies to Dr. Fetus bombs
    Unlocked by using 10 bombs
    Found in the Item Room and Shop
    My Reflection
    A broken mirror
    Gives Isaac a Sailor Moon symbol on his forehead
    Isaac tears boomerang back to him
    Range is set to minimum
    Bad with Ipecac
    Number One
    A yellow drop
    Isaac stops crying. His tears turn yellow and come from his lower part 
    Sets firing rate to maximum but range to minimum
    Odd Mushroom (Thin)
    A mushroom with a small cap
    Isaac’s head shrinks
    Increases Speed by 1, sets Rate of Fire to maximum and reduces damage by 1
    Found in the Item Room and Shop
    Odd mushroom (Large)
    A mushroom with a small cap
    Grows Isaac’s head
    Increases Damage and HP by 1, reduces Speed by 1
    Found in the Item Room and Shop
    Ouija Board
    An Ouija board
    Gives Isaac a spectral face
    Tears (Spectral Tears) go through obstacles but not enemies (Effectively the 
    opposite of Cupid’s Arrow)
    Available in the Devil Room, Item Room, or from Beggars
    The Pact
    A Bloody Sheet
    Makes Isaac black with horns and a more aggressive face
    Increases Damage by 1 and RoF (Rate of Fire) by 2
    You gain 2 Soul Hearts
    Can be dropped by the Fallen or in the Item Room
    The Parasite
    A slug
    A slug appears on Isaac’s head
    Makes the Tears split in 2 when they hit something
    Sets RoF to 1
    Unlocked by collecting 2 dead things (Guppy, Bob’s Rotten Head, Max’s Head, 
    Tammy’s Head) in a single playthrough
    A pentagram
    Horns appear on Isaac’s head
    Increases Damage by 2
    Increased chance of finding a Devil Room
    Found in the Boss Room
    A medical degree
    Isaac wears a Surgical Mask
    All Pills become good or neutral
    Reveals names on 5 seconds of pickup
    Increases coins dropped from Blood Donation machines from 1-3 to 2-4
    A quarter
    A silver coin with a 25 on it
    Gives 25 coins
    Sometimes found in the Item Room or Devil room
    Sometimes dropped by Greed
    Unlocked by beating the game 4 times
    Raw Liver
    A liver
    Increases HP by 2 and fully heals you
    Reduces Range by 1
    Primarily found in Secret Rooms or as a drop from Gluttony
    The Relic
    A cross
    It drops a Soul Heart upon completion of 4 rooms
    Unlocked by completing the Womb with Magdalene
    A robotic baby
    It shoots a Technology laser
    Unlocked by completing the Womb with Judas
    Roid Rage
    A green syringe
    Increases Speed and Range significantly
    Found in Challenge Rooms, Item Rooms and Shops
    A rosary
    Isaac wears it
    Gives you 3 Soul Hearts
    Increases chance for a Bible to appear
    Found in the Item Room and Shop
    Increases HP by 1
    Rotten Meat
    Gives you 1 Heart Container
    Found in the Boss Room and in Gold Chests
    Sack of Pennies
    A sack with a cent symbol
    Drops a coin upon completion of 2 rooms
    Unlocked by completing the Womb with Cain
    The San Onion
    A crying onion
    Isaac cries harder
    Doubles RoF
    More commonly found in Chests
    Sister Maggy
    A red Brother Bobby
    Shoots blood, which does more damage
    A fly with a heart
    Puts a pile of poop on Isaac’s head
    All flies turn passive and no longer attack
    Boom Flies are slowed
    Rewarded by the Shell Game
    Skeleton Key
    A key with a skull
    Isaac gets a keyhole on his forehead
    Gives you 99 keys
    Found in the Item Room and Challenge Room
    Small Rock
    A rock
    Isaac gets a rock jammed on his skull
    Increases Damage by 2 Tears by 1 and decreases Speed by 1
    Found in X Rocks
    Unlocked by bombing 50 rocks
    Spelunker Hat
    A miner hat
    Isaac wears the hat
    Shows the location of Secret Rooms, Top Secret Rooms, and shows if  room is 
    a Sacrifice Room or Mini-Boss Room
    Unlocked by completing the Caves
    Spider Bite
    A spider
    Gives Isaac a bite on his head
    Tears have a chance to slow enemies
    Only found in the Secret Room
    Unlocked by completing the Basement
    Spoon Bender
    A bended spoon
    Gives Isaac a third eye
    Tears turn purple and homing
    Steam Sale
    A price tag
    Isaac has a price tag on his head
    Reduces costs of all things found in a Shop (See Rooms for a list of prices 
    with and without sales)
    Can be dropped by Greed or a Beggar and can be found in Shops
    Steven’s head
    Isaac gets a growth similar to Steven’s
    Increases Damage by 2
    Dropped by Steven
    Can be found in golden chests
    Super Bandage
    A Bandage
    Isaac has a bandage in his head and a flower (Similar to Bandage Girl from 
    Super Meat Boy)
    Increases HP by 1 and gives 2 Soul Hearts
    Rarely found in the Boss Room
    Unlocked by defeating 4 Harbingers in a Boss Room
    A cyborg eye
    Gives Isaac the eye on his left eye
    Shoots a laser that pierces enemies
    A noose
    Isaac becomes a floating head
    Gives flight
    Only found in Secret Rooms
    Found after completing the game twice
    Treasure Map
    A map
    Shows the layout of the floor, including the Secret Room but not the rooms 
    Common in Shops and commonly found in Challenge Rooms
    Occasionally dropped by Beggars
    The Virus
    A red syringe
    Isaac looks like lust, but paler
    Isaac deals touch damage and can poison enemies
    Enemies still deal touch damage
    Sometimes dropped by Lust, or found in Challenge Rooms
    The Wafer
    A wafer
    Isaac gets a blue aura around his head
    Reduces all damage to half a Heart, or rounded to the nearest Half Heart
    Unlocked by completing the game 7 times
    Whore of Babylon
    A moon with a star
    Isaac becomes a black demon with horns and an inverted cross on his forehead 
    (Only with active effect)
    When reduced to half a Heart, a message pops ups saying “What a horrible 
    night to have a curse…” (Reference to Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest) and you 
    turn into the Whore of Babylon, with Damage and Speed multiplied
    Found in the Devil Room, Item Room, Shop, or as a drop from the Fallen
    Eve starts with this Item
    Wiggle Worm
    A worm
    Isaac eyes begin shaking
    Isaac’s tears wave
    Tear Speed is increased by 1
    Tears don’t angle with movement
    Found in the Shop and Item Room
    Wire Coat Hanger
    A hanger
    The hanger goes through Isaac’s Head
    Increases Tears by 2
    Wooden Spoon
    A spoon
    Isaac gets spoon marks all over his head
    Increases Speed by 2
    Found in the Boss Room and Gold Chests
    X-Ray Vision
    X-Ray glasses
    Isaac wears X-Ray glasses
    Reveals and opens Secret Room entrances
    C2.21 WotL Passive Items
    3 Dollar Bill
    A purple bill with a 3
    Isaac becomes happy and stars appear when he fires
    Gives you a variable effect:
    Mom’s Contact
    My Reflection
    Number One
    Ouija Board
    Spoon Bender
    The Inner Eye
    Tough Love
    Magneto (Bug)
    A doll head
    Fires in the opposite direction at you
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral with Cain
    An Ankh
    Isaac wears the Ankh along with some eye shadow
    When killed, you respawn in the last room as XXX
    The Black Bean
    A black bean
    Isaac appears fatter
    When you take damage, Isaac farts
    Bloody Lust
    A blood drop
    Isaac wears a red bandana
    Increases damage for each enemy killed
    Samson starts with this Item
    Bob’s Curse
    A green bomb with a face and an empty eye
    Isaac’s face becomes green and misses an eye
    Bombs turn into Bob’s Rotten Head without a fuse
    Gives 5 bombs and grants all bombs a poison effect
    A box
    Isaac wears a box around his body
    Spawns 1 coin, 1 key, 1 bomb, 1 heart, 1 card, 1 pill and 1 trinket
    Decreases Speed by 1
    A drop from bosses
    Bum Friend
    A beggar
    It just acts as a portable beggar
    He can pick up coins by itself
    Pushes your bombs
    A whip
    Isaac gets cuts all over his face
    Tears travel faster
    Found in the Boss Room
    Celtic Cross
    A cross with a circle behind
    A Celtic cross circle appears behind Isaac’s head
    30% chance to give Isaac a shield upon taking damage
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral with Magdalene
    Chemical Peel
    A bottle of Acid
    Isaac’s left side of his face is peeled, revealing muscle
    Tears fired from the left eye do increased damage
    Doesn’t work with Mutant Spider
    Cain randomly fires tears with increased damage
    Daddy Longlegs
    A ball of yarn
    Daddy Long Legs follows you and stomps on enemies
    Dead Dove
    A dove
    Isaac becomes a “ghost” with the same face as Ouija Board
    Gives Isaac flight and Spectral Tears
    Found in the Item Room, God Room and Library (?)
    Epic Fetus
    Same as Dr. Fetus, but the jar has a top hat and the fetus is angry and 
    raising his middle finger
    Isaac looks just like he would do with Dr. Fetus but with an angry eyebrow
    Tears become guided missiles (Like Doctor’s Remote)
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 6
    XXX’s head
    Isaac gets angelic wings
    Isaac gains flight and an Eternal Heart
    Rarely found in Golden Chests
    Ghost Baby
    A ghostly baby
    It fires spectral tears
    Guppy’s Hair Ball
    A hair ball
    Loosely follows behind Isaac
    Can be swung by moving rapidly in a circle
    When an enemy is killed it increases in size
    The bigger it is, the easier it is to swing, the larger it’s collision 
    circle becomes, and the more damage it does
    Unlocked by transforming into Guppy
    Found in the Item Room
    Guppy’s Tail
    A tail
    Isaac wears the tail around his waist
    Increases chance of Chests appearing
    Decreases chance of pickups appearing
    Found in the Challenge Room, Devil Room and Red Chests
    A habit
    Isaac wears it
    When hit, it recharges some of the Activated Item you currently have
    Doesn’t work when you are invincible
    Harlequin Baby
    A red baby with red eyes
    Shoots 2 blood balls diagonally
    Found in the Item Room
    Holy Grail
    A golden cup
    Isaac gets wings and an angelic halo
    Adds 1 empty Heart Container and grants flight
    Holy Water
    A vial of holy water
    When Isaac takes damage, the vial breaks, leaving a damaging puddle similar 
    to Lemon Mishap
    A worm
    Isaac becomes fatter and green, with several boils
    1-3 Blue Flies spawn every time Isaac gets hit
    A medicine bottle
    Isaac’s face gets green, and he looks sick
    He spits projectiles similar to Sloth’s
    The balls can poison enemies
    Jesus Juice
    A carton of juice
    Isaac has juice stains around his mouth
    Increases Damage, despite the text saying otherwise
    Magic 8 Ball
    An 8 ball
    Isaac wears the headdress of a fortune teller
    Increases Tear Speed
    Spawns 1 Tarot Card when collected
    A piece of meat
    Isaac looks angry with a bulging vein
    +1 HP and Tears
    Also, it increases damage (Though unlisted)
    A Mitre (Which is, the headwear of the Pope)
    Isaac has a holy halo
    Greatly increases the chance of spawning Soul Hearts
    Stacks with Mom’s Pearl
    Mom’s Purse
    A purple purse
    Isaac holds the purse
    Allows you to hold 2 trinkets
    Commonly found in Shops
    Mom’s Coin Purse
    A coin purse
    Isaac hangs it from his neck
    Spawns some random Pills
    Found in Shops and the Boss Room
    The Mulligan
    A blue fly with a blue heart
    Isaac gets several fly bites around his head
    Chance to spawn blue flies when attacking enemies
    Mutant Spider
    A green spider
    Isaac gets 4 eyes and 2 fangs
    Hoots 4 tears at once
    Reduces RoF
    Overrides the Inner Eye
    Pageant Boy
    A pink crown
    Isaac wears it
    Spawns several coins around Isaac
    Chance to spawn coins on being damaged
    Found in the Boss Room
    Increases the chance of getting coins from Slot Machines
    The Peeper
    An eye
    Isaac loses his left eye, which begins acting like Peep’s eye
    The eye acts like Peeps, as it bounces around the room
    Tears fired from the left eye do increased damage
    A shining eye
    Isaac becomes a Cyclops
    Isaac shoots one huge tear
    If the tear kills an enemy, it continues going with the remaining power
    A smiling bomb with an X99 next to it
    Isaac gets four lit fuses on his head
    Adds 99 bombs
    Can rarely be found in the Secret Room
    Rainbow Baby
    A pink baby with a rainbow
    Shoots a random type of tear (V Shots, Bloody Tears, Slowing Shots, etc)
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral as XXX
    Sacred Heart
    A flaming heart with a cross
    Isaac’s eye glow white and tears glow too
    Shots are larger, slower, and homing
    Gives 1 Soul Heart and heals 1 Full Heart
    Damage is multiplied
    Decreases Tears by 1
    Found in God Room, Curse Room and from Devil Beggars
    Sacrificial Dagger
    A bloody dagger
    Does very high damage
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral as Eve
    Two pieces of cloth united by bands
    Isaac has a yellow aura around his head
    When reduced to 1/2 Heart, the aura disappears and Isaac gets a Soul heart
    When XXX takes a hit that would normally finish him, he immediately gets 1 
    Soul Heart
    SMB Super Fan!
    A bloody buzz saw
    Isaac looks like Meat Boy, with red skin, a black eye, a chipped tooth, and 
    leaving blood wherever he goes
    Increases all Stats except Speed by 1
    Decreases Speed by 1
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 7
    Speed Ball
    A white syringe
    Isaac’s eye dilate
    Increases Speed of both Isaac and his Tears
    Spirit of the Night
    A moon similar to that of the Whore of Babylon
    Isaac becomes a black ghost, with white eyes and a weird mouth
    Grants flight and Spectral Tears (Effectively a demonic Dead Dove)
    Found in the Devil Room
    A squeezer
    Isaac’s eyes pop out
    +1 Tears
    Spawns 2 Soul hearts
    Stem Cells
    A stem cell (I think so)
    A fetus grows on Isaac’s head
    Grants 1 Soul Container
    Heals 1/2 Heart
    A cross
    Isaac cries blood, along with some bloody spots on his forehead
    Increases Damage by 1
    Grants 1 Heart Container
    Found in the Item Room
    Technology 2
    A cyborg eye, not unlike Technology
    Isaac gets a cyborg eye on his right eye
    Fires a continuous piercing laser while shooting normal tears from the left 
    Cain, having a patch on his left eye, can only fire the laser
    Some toothpicks
    Eyes are held up with toothpicks
    Increases Tears
    Decreases Range by 1
    Tears go faster
    Tough Love
    Some brass knuckles
    Isaac is all beaten up
    Isaac randomly shoots teeth that do triple damage and can break the limit
    The chance of shooting teeth depends on your luck stat, and at the highest 
    luck Isaac always shoots teeth
    Found in the Item Room
    C2.3 Trinkets (WotL)
    XXX’s Soul
    A doll looking like XXX
    Gives you a familiar that moves around the room shooting spectral tears
    Some familiars might follow this new familiar instead of you
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with XXX
    Ace of Spades
    An ace of spades
    Increases chance of finding Cards
    Bloody Penny
    A bloody penny
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral with Samson
    Gives a 50% chance of getting 1/2 Heart when collecting a penny
    Burnt Penny
    A burnt penny
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 3
    Gives a 50% chance of getting a bomb when collecting a penny
    Cain’s Eye
    An eye
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Cain
    Gives 25% of activating the Compass effect when starting a floor
    A tumor
    Doubles Tears stat
    Child’s Heart
    A heart
    Increases the chance of receiving Hearts from drops
    Counterfeit Penny
    A golden penny
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 9
    Gives a 50% chance of getting an additional coin when picking up coins
    Can be found in Golden Poop
    Cursed Skull
    A skull
    If Isaac’s health is brought down to 1/2 Heart, he teleports to the last 
    room completed as well as teleporting XXX every time he’s damaged
    If you teleport when fighting a boss, you will have to fight it again at 
    full health
    PROTIP: Don’t pick it up
    Curved Horn
    A horn
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral with Judas
    Increases Damage
    Eve’s Bird Foot
    A bird foot
    Gives a chance of spawning a Dead Bird
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Eve
    Flat Penny
    A flat penny
    Gives a 50% chance of spawning a key when picking up a coin
    Fish Head
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 5
    Attack flies spawn every time you get hit
    Goat hoof
    A hoof
    Increases Speed
    Isaac’s Head
    Isaac’s head
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Isaac
    Gives Isaac’s head as a familiar
    It shoots Piercing Shots
    Isaac’s Fork
    A fork
    Clearing rooms has a 10% chance of being healed 1/2 Heart
    Judas’ Tongue
    A tongue
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Judas
    Items in the Devil Room only cost 1 Heart (or 3 Soul Hearts)
    The Left Hand
    Unlocked by Ultra Pride, also dropped by defeating him
    Replaces all Chests with Red Chests
    Liberty Cap
    A mushroom
    25% chance of giving one of the mushroom effects when entering a room
    Lucky Toe
    A toe
    Unlocked by completing Challenge 2
    Increases chance to get a drop upon clearing a room
    Maggy’s Faith
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Magdalene
    Gives an Eternal Heart at the start of every floor
    PROTIP: Not really useful unless you have loads of Soul Hearts or can avoid 
    getting hit very well
    Match Stick
    A match
    Increases chance of getting bombs from drops
    A Missing Page
    A page
    5% chance of using The Necronomicon effect upon taking damage
    Mom’s Pearl
    A pearl
    Increases chance of turning a Red Heart pickup into a Soul Heart before 
    The effect stacks with Mitre
    Pinky Eye
    A red eye
    10% chance to fire a poisonous tear
    The Polaroid
    A photo of Isaac’s family before it broke (at least, it looks like the 
    father died, or they divorced, but I’m not going to start theories)
    Unlocked by completing the Cathedral six times
    If Isaac’s health is reduced to 1/2, or XXX takes damage, he gains a shield 
    like the Book of Shadows
    If holding it while opening the Chest after defeating Isaac, you will 
    continue into the Chest
    Always dropped by Mom (If it’s unlocked)
    Push Pin
    A pin
    10% chance to fire a spectral and piercing shot
    Red Patch
    A patch
    When hit, Isaac randomly gains an effect similar to Razor Blade
    Rusted Key
    A brown key
    Improves the chance of Keys and Golden Chests dropping after clearing a room
    Safety Cap
    A cap
    Improves drop rate of Pills
    Samson’s Lock
    A lock
    Unlocked by completing the Chest with Samson
    Random chance increasing damage when killing an enemy
    The Tick
    A tick
    Isaac gets a tick jammed into his head
    Bosses spawn with less health, and you get healed a full Heart
    Can’t be replaced with another trinket
    Umbilical Cord
    An umbilical cord
    When you drop to 1/2 Heart, Little Steve appears
    C2.4 Tarot Cards
    There are 2 types of Tarot Cards, but they play the same:
    Major Arcana: Introduced in the original game
    Minor Arcana: Introduced in WotL
    C2.41 Major Arcana
    0 The Fool
    Teleports you to the starting room, even if already in it
    I The Magician
    Same as Spoon Bender
    II The High Priestess
    Mom’s foot stomps on a random enemy
    Will stomp Isaac if used when there are no enemies
    III The Empress
    Same as Whore of Babylon, except you can use it anytime
    IV The Emperor
    Teleports you to the Boss Room
    If used in the Boss Room, the fight will restart
    V The Hierophant
    Spawns 2 Soul Hearts
    VI The Lovers
    Spawns 2 Regular Hearts
    VII The Chariot
    Same as My Little Unicorn
    VIII Justice
    Spawns 1 random type of Heart, Bomb, Key and Coin
    IX The Hermit
    Teleports you to the Shop
    Acts as a random teleport if used in the Shop
    X Wheel of Fortune
    Spawns a Slot Machine or Fortune Telling Machine
    XI Strength
    One time use of Magic Mushroom
    XII The Hanged Man
    One time use of Transcendence
    XIII Death
    Same as Necronomicon
    XIV The Tower
    Same effect as Anarchist Cookbook
    XV The Devil
    Same effect as Book of Belial
    XVI Temperance
    Spawns a Blood Donation Machine
    XVII The Stars
    Teleports you to the Treasure Room
    Randomly chooses one with Curse of the Labyrinth
    Acts as a random teleport when there is none, or if you are in it
    XVIII The Moon
    Teleports you to the Secret Room
    XIX The Sun
    Completely heals you, damages all enemies, and shows the entire map
    XX Judgment
    Spawns a Beggar or Devil Beggar
    XXI The World
    Reveals the entire map
    C2.42 Minor Arcana (WotL)
    The Joker
    Transports you to the Devil Room
    You exit to the starting room
    2 of Hearts
    Doubles your current Hearts
    2 of Spades
    Doubles your Keys
    2 of Clubs
    Doubles your Bombs
    2 of Diamonds
    Doubles your Coins
    C2.5 Pills
    Note that the color of the Pills doesn’t indicate its effect
    Possible Colors:
    All blue
    All orange
    Red and red-spotted
    Blue and white
    All white
    Red and white
    Possible effects:
    Bad Gas
    Isaac farts
    Bad Trip
    Isaac loses 1 Heart
    If at 1 Heart or less, you are healed
    Balls of Steel
    Gives you 2 Soul hearts
    Bombs are Key
    Swaps the amount of Keys and Bombs you currently have
    Explosive Diarrhea
    Drops lit Bombs as you walk
    Full Health
    Restores Health up to maximum
    Will heal XXX to 3 Soul hearts if at less
    Health Down
    Decreases HP by 1
    Same effect from Bad Trip applies
    Health Up
    Gives an empty Heart Container
    Tins Isaac red
    I Found Pills
    Gives Isaac a dumb face
    Pretty Fly
    Gives a fly that circles you, like Halo of Flies
    Range Down
    Decreases Range by 1
    Range Up
    Increases Range by 1
    Tints Isaac blue
    Speed Down
    Decreases Range by 1
    Speed Up
    Increases Range by1
    Tints Isaac Yellow
    Tears Down
    Decreases Tears by 1
    Tears Up
    Increases Tears by 1
    Tints Isaac purple
    Single use of Teleport
    C2.51 WotL Pills
    Possible colors:
    Blue and cyan
    Yellow and orange
    White and orange-spotted
    Possible effects:
    Luck Down
    Decreases your Luck
    Luck Up
    Increases your Luck
    Tints Isaac Green
    Friends Till The End!
    Gives you 3 blue flies
    Isaac grows pubic hairs on his head
    C3.0 Miscellaneous
    C3.1 Characters
    Every character (except for XXX) resembles a Dungeons and Dragons character 
    class, which was also confirmed by Edmund in his Formspring 
    Health: How much Heart Containers the character starts with
    Speed: How fast is the character at the start
    Tears: How fast the character fires (Not how fast the tear goes, but the 
    delay between each shot)
    Attack: the damage each Tear does
    Range: How much they reach before falling
    Hidden Stats:
    Luck: Increases chance of Pickups appearing
    Shot Speed: How fast the tear goes
    The Fighter (Because of his higher health and average stats)
    Unlocked at the beginning
    Starting Items: D6 (When unlocked), X1 Bomb
    Health: 3
    Speed: 2
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 2
    Range: 2
    The Cleric (Due to her higher health and health “regeneration”, which is the 
    Yum Heart)
    Unlocked by: Having 7 Heart Containers at the same time
    Starting Items: Yum Heart
    Health: 4
    Speed: 1
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 2
    Range: 2
    The Thief (Because of his higher speed and lower HP, along with a key)
    Unlocked by: Having 55 pennies at the same time
    Starting Items: Lucky Foot, X1 Key
    Health: 2
    Speed: 3
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 3
    Range: 1
    The Wizard (Due to his low HP)
    Unlocked by: Defeating Mom’s Heart
    Starting Items: Book of Belial, X3 Pennies
    Health: 1
    Speed: 2
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 4
    Range: 2
    The Druid (Not really sure why)
    Unlocked by: Making 2 deals with the Devil in one playthrough
    Starting Items: Whore of Babylon, Dead Bird
    Health: 2
    Speed: 3
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 1
    Range: 2
    The Blue Baby
    Unlocked by: Defeating It Lives 
    Starting Items: The Poop, X3 Soul Hearts 
    Health: 0
    Speed: 2
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 2
    Range: 2
    Samson (WotL)
    The Berserker (He can deal more damage the more enemies he kills)
    Unlocked by: Skipping 2 Item Rooms (You can enter, but you can’t pick up the 
    Item) and defeating Mom
    Starting Items: Bloody Lust, X1 Soul hearts
    Health: 1
    Speed: 2
    Tears: 2
    Attack: 2
    Range: 2
    C3.2 Rooms
    Common Room
    The most common one, might contain enemies, and a Pickup might most likely 
    spawn in the center
    Item Room
    Contains an Item
    Marked with a Crown
    Items that don’t appear here:
    Some Boss Drops
    Some Devil Room offerings
    Items that appear in other places, such as Small Rock or Blood Bag
    Secret Room
    Unmarked in the map, but can be found by bombing a specific wall
    Might contain Coins, an Item, a Slot Machine, a Fortune Telling Machine, or 
    Marked with a coin
    Might contain any of the following at the following prices (Numbers in 
    brackets are when in sale)
    Regular Heart: 3 [2]
    Any other Pickup: 5 [3]
    Item: 15 [7]
    Items that usually appear here:
    9 Volt
    Steam Sale
    Book of Revelations
    Treasure Map
    Notched Pickaxe
    Mom’s Purse
    Mom’s Coin Purse
    Boss Room
    Indicated by an unique door and a skull on the map
    Contains a Boss (duh)
    Contains an Item after defeating the Boss
    All of the above always appear in the first 3 chapters
    Curse Room (WotL)
    Marked by a spiky door that, when you walk in and out, you get 1/2 Heart of 
    Contains a Red chest
    Sacrifice Room (WotL)
    Unmarked at first, marked with blood after entering it
    It contains a spike tile, which, when passing over it enough times, will 
    reward a chest
    The spikes do 1 Heart of damage
    Super Secret Room (WotL)
    Only adjacent to 1 room, or, sometimes, the Secret Room
    Kinds of SSR:
    Sheol: 2 Red Chests
    Cathedral: 1 Eternal Heart
    Womb or Utero: 7 or 8 Full Hearts
    Cellar: 1 Trinket
    Necropolis: A Fortune Telling Machine
    Library: Random Tarot Card
    Challenge Room
    Marked with a sword and a unique door, locked with bars and 2 crossed swords 
    above it
    You must be at full health to enter it, or enough Soul Hearts to make it up 
    (For example, you have 4 Heart Containers, but only 2 are full. But, if you 
    have 2 Soul hearts, you may enter)
    XXX can always access these
    Contains a Chest or Item
    Upon picking it up, you must fight 3 waves of enemies
    Marked by a die
    Must give a penny to enter
    The door has a neon sign saying “Arcade”
    Inside, there are 3 games (I’ll go into details on them later, on the Room 
    Contents section C3.3):
    Slot Machine/Fortune Telling Machine
    Skull Game
    Blood Donation Machine
    Mini-Boss Room
    Unmarked initially, after entering, marked by a smaller skull
    Contains a Deadly Sin, Super Deadly Sin, or Ultra Pride
    Boss Challenge Room (WotL)
    Marked with a bloody sword on the map
    The door is similar to that of the Challenge Room, but with a skull over the 
    You must fight two bosses, one after the other, except for the Depths, where 
    you fight both at the same time
    You must have 1 Heart or less to enter, ignoring Soul Hearts
    XXX can always enter these
    Library (WotL)
    Marked with a book
    Door identical to the Shop
    Contains 2 book Activated Items
    Has a higher chance to appear when you are holding a book as your Activated 
    Possible books:
    Anarchist Cookbook
    Book of Belial
    Book of Revelations
    Book of Shadows
    Book of Sin
    Monster Manual
    Telepathy for Dummies
    All of the above might appear but not always
    I AM ERROR Room
    Inaccessible normally
    To access it, you must Teleport, there’s a 1% chance you’ll end up here
    In it, you’ll find a Shopkeeper with the hairstyle of Edmund McMillen that’s 
    glitching, along with the floor
    There’s a trapdoor leading to the next floor
    You can’t access the Cathedral from this room
    You will also find any of the following
    A free Item and 9 Pills
    A free Item and 4 Chests
    A free Item, 13 Coins and 3 priced things
    2 free Items
    2 priced Items and 5 coins
    Devil Room
    Has a chance to appear after defeating the Boss
    The door has the stone head of Satan
    You can trade Heart Containers (Either 1 or 2) or 3 Soul Hearts for Items
    In the Womb, it contains a trapdoor to Sheol
    Possible offerings:
    Stigmata: 1
    The Mark: 1 or 2
    The Pact: 2
    Guppy: 2
    Lord of the Pit: 2
    Sister Maggy: 1
    Brother Bobby: 1
    Technology: 1
    Lucky Foot: 1
    The Nail: 2
    We Need To Go Deeper: 1
    Book of Sin: 1
    Book of Belial: 1
    Book of Shadows: 1
    The Common Cold: 1
    The Necronomicon: 1 or 2
    A Quarter: 1
    Money = Power: 1
    Yum Heart: 1
    Brimstone: 1 or 2
    Parasite: 1
    Ouija Board: 1
    Whore of Babylon: 1 or 2
    Razor: 1
    Demon Baby: 2
    Mom’s Knife: 1
    Forget Me Now: 1
    Monster Manual: 1
    Doctor’s Remote: 1
    Odd Mushroom (Thin): 1 HP
    WotL offerings:
    Guppy’s Head: 1 or 2
    Guppy’s Paw: 1
    Spirit of the Night: 2
    Bloody Lust: 2
    Tough Love: 1
    Guppy’s Tail: 1 or 2
    Sacrificial Dagger: 1
    D20: 1
    Ways to increase the chance of it appearing:
    Have 1 Pentagram
    Have another Pentagram
    Have Book of Revelations
    Have Book of Belial
    Killed a Beggar
    Took no Red Heart damage
    Took no Red Heart damage on the Boss
    God Room (WotL)
    Similar to a Devil Room, but it only contains 1 Item at no cost
    The door is marked with a cross on top of it and light coming out of the 
    Possible offerings:
    Blood of the Martyr
    Guardian Angel
    Dead Dove
    Holy Grail
    Prayer Card
    The Relic
    Sacred Heart
    Ways to increase the chance:
    Not making deals with the Devil
    Using the Bible (Unconfirmed)
    Picking up items saying “Faith Up” (Rosary, Guardian Angel)
    Giving money/Hearts to Beggars
    Using Blood Donation Machines (Unconfirmed)
    Having an offering from a previous God Room
    C3.3 Room Contents
    These are the things that you might encounter on a room, either hindering 
    you or helping you, depending on their position and your current Items
    Cobwebs (WotL): Slow you down, can be destroyed with a Bomb
    Pits: Can only be crossed with flight or the Ladder, or by destroying a rock 
    next to it to plug it
    Spikes: Damage when you touch them, can be crossed with flight or 
    Rocks: Block you, can be destroyed with a Bomb, or can be used to plug a 
    pit, or flown over
    Black Rocks: Can’t be destroyed
    X Rocks: Blue rocks with an X, contains some Pickups, indistinguishable from 
    other tocks in the Womb
    Keystone: Block your path, can be opened with a Key
    Fire: Damages you if you touch it, even if you fly
    Enemies are vulnerable to it to, except for Hoppers, which turn into F. 
    Can be extinguished, and may drop a Pickup
    Hellfire (WotL): Same as the regular fire, only red, and it can *puts on 
    sunglasses* fire back YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
    Nah, seriously, these ones fire blood at you randomly, so you should always 
    extinguish it
    Poop: Can be destroyed, might drop a Coin or Heart
    Red Poop (WotL): This kind is generated by The Carrion Queen or in some 
    areas in the chest
    It can’t be permanently destroyed; it can regenerate, usually when standing 
    on it
    Corn Poop (WotL): Has corn in it and an Eternal Fly circling it 
    Golden Poop (WotL): More durable, might drop Coins or the Counterfeit Penny
    Slot Machine: Bump into it to use a coin and give a chance of getting an 
    1 Penny
    2 Pennies
    1 Heart
    1/2 Heart
    2 Hearts
    1 Key
    Black Fly
    1 Soul Heart
    1 Bomb
    1+1 Free Bomb
    Pretty Fly
    1 Pill
    Troll Bomb
    Mega Troll Bomb
    Explosion (Same as if you bombed it)
    1 Nickel
    1 Nickel and 1 Penny
    1 Eternal Heart
    A Dollar (The machine explodes)
    Skull Game: Bumping into the Dealer gives him 1 coin, and then he will put 
    either a Coin, Heart, Bomb, Key or Skatole under a skull, and then he will 
    mix the skull
    The base chance is 33%, 50% with Lucky Foot
    If you want a Pickup, bomb the dealer and he will immediately give the 
    Pickup he put under the skull (Doesn’t work with Skatole)
    Failing spawns a red fly
    Getting Skatole causes the Dealer to leave
    Blood Donation Machine: Bumping into it will give 1/2 Heart to the machine, 
    returning 1-3 Coins
    After using it too much, it might explode, giving either the Blood Bag or IV 
    Can be blown up to get some Hearts and Coins
    Order of priority: Eternal Hearts, Red Hearts, Soul Hearts
    PROTIP: Don’t use it if you have an Eternal Heart
    Fortune Telling Machine (WotL): Bumping into it might give any kind of Item 
    or Pickup, a fortune or nothing at all
    After overuse, it explodes, giving the Crystal Ball
    Beggar: Bump into him to give him a Coin
    If you give him enough Coins, he might give an Item, Trinket or Pickup
    Getting an Item will cause it to leave. Can be blown up to get some random 
    Pickups but not Items
    Giving him 5 Coins will ensure he gives you an Item if he hasn’t gave you 
    anything before
    Devil Beggar (WotL): Similar to a Beggar, but bumping into him will give him 
    1/2 Heart
    They might sometimes give a Devil Room Item
    When blown up, they spawn 2 Spiders
    Their priority is the same as Blood Donation Machines
    Chest: Doesn’t need a Key to open
    Possible contents:
    A smaller Chest that can be normal or golden
    Golden Chest: Requires a Key to open
    Possible contents:
    The same as a regular chest
    An Item
    Items more commonly found in a Golden Chest:
    Sad Onion
    Tammy’s Head
    Rotten Meat
    Red Chest (WotL): Found in Curse Rooms or Challenge Rooms (More commonly)
    Possible contents:
    2 Troll Bombs
    1 Mega Troll Bombs
    Soul hearts
    A Devil Room Item
    2 Spiders
    3 Blue Flies (Friendly)
    C3.4 Pickups
    Half-Heart: Fills an empty Heart Container by 1/2
    Full Heart: Fills a whole Heart Container
    Soul Heart: Gives a temporary, non-refillable Heart Container
    Eternal Heart: Only exist in half, getting 2 or completing the floor turns 
    it into a Heart Container
    Key: Used to open locked chests, doors or Keystones
    Golden Key: Can be used without wasting the key count only for the current 
    Penny: Gives you 1 Coin
    Nickel: Gives you 5 Coins
    Dime (WotL): Gives you 10 Coins
    Bomb: Can be deployed and explode, damaging enemies and destroying rocks and 
    1+1 Free: Gives you 2 Bombs
    Troll Bomb: Acts like a lit bomb, but doesn’t damage certain enemies, like 
    Mega Troll Bomb: acts like a Troll Bomb but follows you around
    C3.5 Challenges
    These can be accessed from the main menu.
    This is how they are unlocked:
    1-4: At the start
    5-9: After defeating Mom
    10: After defeating Isaac
    Challenge 1: Dark was the Night: Gives you the Curse of the Darkness for the 
    entire playthrough
    Ends by defeating Mom
    Unlocks the Candle
    Challenge 2: 7 Years Bad Luck: gives you minimum luck
    You start without any Activated Item
    Ends by defeating Mom
    Unlocks the Lucky Toe
    Challenge 3: Large Marge: Gives you Curse of the Labyrinth for the entire 
    Ends by defeating Mom
    Unlocks the Burnt Penny
    Challenge 4: 9 Deaths: Gives you the Guppy Item
    Ends by defeating Mom
    Unlocks Guppy Tail
    Challenge 5: Lord of the Flies: Gives you Infestation and the Mulligan
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Mom’s Heart
    Unlocks the Fish Head
    Challenge 6: The Doctor’s Revenge: Gives you the Dr. Fetus and Doctor’s 
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Mom’s Heart
    Unlocks the Epic Fetus
    Challenge 7: Meat 4 Evar: Gives you a Level 4 Meat Boy
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Mom’s Heart
    Unlocks the SMB Super Fan
    Challenge 8: Spider Boy: Gibes you the Mutant Spider and Spider’s Bite
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Mom’s Heart
    Unlocks the Spider Butt
    Challenge 9: Isaac Was Good Today: Gives you the Holy Grail and the Halo
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Satan
    Unlocks the Counterfeit Penny
    Challenge 10: The Purist: You start with the D6
    No Item Rooms
    Ends by defeating Isaac
    Unlocks the Daddy Longlegs
    C3.6 Unlockables
    NOTE: Most achievements unlock when you either unlock something or unlock 
    with regular story progression. As such, I won’t list them. Just note that 
    the only achievements that aren’t unlock able or story related are the ones 
    that require you to get 100% and to clear a floor without getting hit
    There are 5 types of unlockable:
    A new Item
    A new Character
    A new Boss
    A new Chapter
    An increase in difficulty
    Boss Rewards:  
    Spider’s Bite: Complete the Basement
    Spelunker Hat: Complete the Caves
    A Cube of Meat: Complete the Depths
    Halo: Defeat Mom or Mom’s Heart using the Bible
    Monstro’s Tooth: Defeat all bosses in the Basement
    Little Chubby: Defeat all bosses in the Caves
    Loki’s Horns: Defeat all bosses in the Depths
    The Book of Revelations: Defeat any Harbinger
    Little Steve: Defeat Steven
    Little C.H.A.D: Defeat C.H.A.D. 
    Little Gish: Defeat Gish
    A Lump of Coal: Defeat Krampus
    Harbingers: Defeat Mom
    The Womb: defeat Mom
    Ending Rewards:
    Book of Belial: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the first time
    Transcendence: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the second time
    The Nail: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the third time
    A Quarter: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the fourth time
    Dr. Fetus: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the fifth time
    The Wafer: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the seventh time
    Money = Power: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the eighth time
    The Poop: Defeat It Lives
    The Relic: Beat the Womb with Magdalene
    Sack of Pennies: Beat the Womb with Cain
    Robo-Baby: Beat the Womb with Judas
    D6: Beat the Womb with XXX
    Razor Blade: Beat the Womb with Eve
    Bloody Lust (WotL): Beat the Womb with Samson
    Mom’s Knife: Beat Satan with Isaac
    Guardian Angel: Beat Satan with Magdalene
    Bomb Bag: Beat Satan with Cain
    Monster Manual: Beat Satan with Judas
    Forget Me Now: Beat Satan with XXX
    Demon Baby: Beat Satan with Eve
    Blood Rights: Beat Satan with Samson
    D20: Complete the Cathedral with Isaac
    Celtic Cross: Complete the Cathedral with Magdalene
    Abel: Complete the Cathedral with Cain
    Curved Horn: Complete the Cathedral with Judas
    Sacrificial Dagger: Complete the Cathedral with Eve
    Rainbow Baby: Complete the Cathedral with XXX
    Bloody Penny: Complete the Cathedral with Samson
    The Polaroid: Complete the Cathedral 6 times
    Isaac’s Head: Complete the Chest with Isaac
    Maggy’s Faith: Complete the Chest with Magdalene
    Cain’s Eye: Complete the Chest with Cain
    Judas’ Tongue: Complete the Chest with Judas
    Eve’s Bird Foot: Complete the Chest with Eve
    XXX’s Soul: Complete the Chest with XXX
    Samson’s Lock: Complete the Chest with 	Samson
    Judas: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the first time
    Samson: Defeat Mom after skipping 2 Item Rooms
    It Lives: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the ninth time
    Sheol: Defeat It Lives (You can access it prematurely if you find an I AM 
    ERROR Room, Devil Room or God Room, though I think the last one is a bug, it 
    should be a beam of light to the Cathedral), accessed from a trapdoor
    Cathedral: Same as Sheol, but without the note, accessed from a beam of 
    Chest: Defeat Isaac while holding the Polaroid
    Everything is Terrible: Defeat Mom’s Heart for the sixth time
    Challenge Rewards:
    See Challenges
    Yum heart: Have 7 Heart Containers at any given time
    Lucky Foot: Have 55 pennies at any given time
    Dead Bird: Make 2 deals with the Devil
    Super Bandage: defeat 4 Horsemen in the same playthrough
    Small Rock: Bomb 50 rocks
    The Bean: destroy 50 poop piles
    Mr. Mega: Destroy 10 X Rocks
    Mom’s Bottle of Pills: Donate blood 20 times
    Book of Sin: Defeat all 7 Deadly Sins over multiple playthroughs
    Gamekid: Enter 10 Arcades over multiple playthroughs
    Necronomicon: Use the Death Tarot Card 4 times
    Parasite: Collect any 2 of the following in the same playthrough: Max’s 
    Head, Tammy’s Head, Guppy or Bob’s Rotten Head (The wiki also specifies 
    Brother Bobby and Dead Bird, but I’m unsure if it’s true)
    Shears: Die 100 times
    Common Cold: Collect 2 of either The Virus, Roid Rage or Growth Hormones
    Mom’s Contact: Collect Mom’s Eye and any other Mom’s Item (Except for Mom’s 
    Underwear and Mom’s Bottle of Pills)
    Guppy’s Hairball: Transform Isaac into Guppy 
    Dad’s Key: Enter the Chest
    The Left Hand: Defeat Ultra Pride
    Magdalene: Have 7 Heart Containers at the same time
    Cain: Have 55 pennies at any given time
    Eve: Make 2 deals with the Devil
    Steven: Complete the Basement 25 times
    C.H.A.D: Complete the Caves 20 times
    Gish: Complete the Depths 15 times
    Triachnid: Complete the Womb 15 times
    Conquest: Destroy 30 X Rocks
    C3.7 Curses
    At the start of the floor, there’s a chance to get a curse, which makes the 
    floor harder in some way.
    Curse of the Lost: Increases the size of the floor by some rooms
    Not really bad
    Curse of Darkness: Makes you unable to see the map
    Curse of the Labyrinth: The 2 floors are combined into one big floor (Called 
    XL, for example, Cellar XL)
    There are 2 Item Rooms and 2 Boss Rooms, both of which must be defeated in 
    order to proceed
    Sometimes, there might be 2 areas that are only connected by the Secret 
    Room. If you have no bombs or Greed spawns in it, then you won’t be able to 
    complete the floor
    C4.0 Final Words
    C4.1 Version History
    1.0: Started 15/12/12, temporarily discontinued 31/12/12, continued and 
    ended 09/01/13: Finished the guide! :D
    1.1: Started and finished 05/02/13: Fixed some mistakes.
    C4.2 Contact Info
    If you wish to contact me, you can do so by:
    My mail (santi_naturalista@hotmail.com)
    My YT Account (http://www.youtube.com/user/Lukethehedgehog1), preferably 
    this one
    If you contact me, make sure that:  
    Your message is about the guide
    You use proper grammar
    You don’t insult me
    If you contact me to tell me about a mistake, tell me the name you want to 
    be referred as in the Credit section, unless you don’t want credit. If you 
    don’t tell me your name, I’ll put your mail. Note that you can contact me 
    about practically ANY mistake, even a grammar mistake, but, most 
    importantly, tell me about any Item I might have forgotten. Please.
    C4.3 Credit
    Thanks to:
    Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl for making this game
    The Binding of Isaac Wiki, for being such an awesome source of info
    My family, for being so supportive with me
    Northernlion, from YT, for doing an LP and making me know about this game
    You, for reading this guide
    C4.4 Legal Information
    This may not be reproduced under any circumstance except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be posted on any small, personal site, only big 
    sites, such as GameFAQs, that I trust. If you see anyone using this guide 
    without permission, please tell me, and I’ll put you in the credit section.
    C4.5 Closing
    So, this guide has come to an end. I don’t think I’ll make any other guide, 
    maybe except for the yet unreleased remake of this game: The Binding of 
    Isaac: Rebirth

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