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    Image Guide by Turn_on_a_Dime

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/03/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    This guide is intended to help you find that last image - perhaps you ran past 
    it somewhere, and you don't want to trawl through the whole game world looking 
    for it. It is not entirely spoiler-free, but all I will include is the name of 
    the room, and also perhaps the name of an adjacent room (because some rooms are
    not easy to find).
    I have arranged the images in rows and then columns.
    For some rooms I have also in brackets noted a room from which you can reach it
     - this is because some rooms are very difficult to discover, and might not    
    even be marked on your map as an unexplored route.
    Another important detail is that the room name given here is the room from     
    which the image is easiest to reach. In many cases, this is the end of the     
    previous room, or immediately after it. Just keep in mind that if you go to the
    room given here looking for the image, you may need to go backwards a little.  
    NOTE: I originally created this guide on Steam and have uploaded it to GameFAQs
    Row 1
    1. (Start the game)
    2. A Game Of Leap Frog (via Leap Of Faith)
    3. Leap Of Faith
    4. Now You See It
    5. Many Paths To Nowhere
    6. (Play the game for a while)
    7. Into Darkness
    8. Into Darkness
    9. Down The Rabbit Hole
    10. Many Paths To Nowhere
    11. Many Paths To Nowhere
    12. (Return to the menu room by pressing escape)
    13. Many Paths To Nowhere
    14. Strength In Numbers
    15. Cry Me A River
    Row 2
    1. Don't Look Down
    2. Climbing The Tower (Top) (via Breaking The Arc)
    3. Four Different Exits
    4. Down The Rabbit Hole
    5. There's No Way In
    6. (Exit Door) (via There's No Way In)
    7. Skinning A Cat
    8. I Can Do Anything
    9. Not Enough Pieces
    10. Learning To Draw
    11. Hidden Secrets
    12. Don't Look Down
    13. Into Darkness (via Rings Within Darkness)
    14. There's No Way In
    15. Not Enough Pieces
    Row 3
    1. Cry Me A River
    2. A Wall Without Stairs
    3. A Game Of Leap Frog (via Leap Of Faith)
    4. Taking Baby Steps
    5. Connecting The Pieces
    6. The Final Hurdle
    7. Don't Look Down
    8. The Final Hurdle
    9. Three Paths In Sight
    10. Running Into Trouble
    11. Running Into Trouble
    12. The Ground Floor
    13. Stuck In A Rut (via Finding The Seams)
    14. Stuck In A Rut (via Finding The Seams)
    15. Strength In Numbers (only via Learning To Draw)
    Row 4
    1. Climbing The Tower (Level 1) (via The Ground Floor)
    2. Not Enough Pieces
    3. The Butterfly Effect
    4. Stuck In A Rut (via Finding The Seams)
    5. Climbing The Tower (Level 4) (via Pulling Both Ways)
    6. Impossible Paths
    7. Now You See It
    8. Don't Look Down
    9. Don't Look Down
    10. Hidden Behind Glass
    11. Taking Baby Steps
    12. Strength In Numbers
    13. The Highest Point
    14. Red Cross (via Falling Forward)
    15. Now You See It
    Row 5
    1. (Exit Door) (via Learning To Draw)
    2. Climbing The Tower (Level 5) (via I Only Need One)
    3. Learning To Draw
    4. Learning To Draw
    5. I Like To Move It
    6. Many Different Angles
    7. Logic 101
    8. Skinning A Cat
    9. Finding The Seams (via Three Paths In Sight)
    10. Impossible Paths
    11. Climbing The Tower (Top) (via Breaking The Arc)
    12. Closing The Gap
    13. A Wall Without Stairs
    14. The Ground Floor
    15. Climbing The Tower (Level 2) (via Learning To Draw)
    Row 6
    1. Being An Entrepreneur (can also be found at Red Cross)
    2. Lighting The Fuse
    3. A Link To The Past (via The Butterly Effect)
    4. Link In A Chain Reaction
    5. The Butterfly Effect
    6. Jumping Through Hoops
    7. Too Many Lasers
    8. (Exit Door) (via I Like To Move It)
    9. Rings Within Darkness
    10. Too Many Lasers
    11. Laying The Foundation
    12. A Loop That Won't Close
    13. Falling Forward
    14. Climbing The Tower (Level 3) (via Hidden Behind Glass)
    15. Breaking The Arc (via Stairway To Heaven)
    Row 7
    1. A Book And Its Cover
    2. Many Different Angles
    3. The Missing Pieces
    4. Link In A Chain Reaction
    5. Jumping Through Hoops
    6. The Butterfly Effect
    7. A Wall Without Stairs
    8. (Visit ~20 rooms)
    9. Climbing The Tower (Level 6) (via Just A Little Bit Shy)
    10. The Final Hurdle
    11. There's No Way In
    12. Climbing The Tower (Level 7) (via Impossible Paths)
    13. I Can Do Anything
    14. A Book And Its Cover
    15. Deja Vu
    Row 8
    1. Window Of Opportunity
    2. Hitting A Wall (via Impossible Paths)
    3. I Can Do Anything
    4. Over The Edge
    5. Many Different Angles
    6. Many Different Angles
    7. Deja Vu
    8. Falling Forward
    9. One Long Corridor
    10. Connecting The Pieces (can also be found at Over The Edge)
    11. A Jump Too Far
    12. A Jump Too Far
    13. The Chase
    14. The Escape
    15. The Escape

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