Around 80k population, I have a tremendous problem with traffic at the entrance highway. How to alleviate this?

  1. The last city, I thought I fixed the problem with traffic but its still the same. I have one high density avenue street-car circulating my city. Inside are circular high density streets with essential fire, hospital, and police at the center. Commercial at the next inner 2 layers and then residential spreading outwards. Around 75k+ population, traffic clogs up my one highway entrance to the city. I have a train, bus terminals, and one circular avenue street-car around the city. What can I do to fix this?

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    soggywater - 4 years ago

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  1. Do not place an intersection right next to the highway! They will hit a stoplight almost immediatly and snarl traffic. Give a good stretch of road so cars don't sit on the highway waiting for the light to turn green. Right after the highway connection(and before your first intesection, place several park-n-rides(Build more when they are at capacity). This will pull cars off the streets before they get on your roads to clog them up. Then make sure you have city wide coverage for bus stops and a bus garage and keep the wait time at 20 min or less to kep people riding the bus. If it drivers are still clogging your highway connection, place an airport to help remove the the high wealth citizens from the equation.(They don't ride buses so the park-n-rides don't help with them.)

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  1. I have the same problem with nearly all of my cities. Trading income plummets, fires start everwhere, crime spreads and people get more and more sick. It ruins your town.... The problem is that there is really just one road to your city. You have street cars, busses and the "park and drive" spots? That should help lower the traffic, but again, some lanes just get overwhelmed, at least if they are the best quality roads that lead only to a "high" density road, the waiting is just too much.

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  2. Building a Bus Terminal helped me significantly, as their municipal buses can cart people between towns.

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  3. Try to reduce the number of crossroads, especially at the entry point of the highway

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  4. All about your road planning and transit.

    I find using a central avenue for any setting with a straight road entrance works well, also if going for a super urban city in a flat plain, using an Avenue loop can work wonders.

    If you're not worried about cramming in as many buildings as possible in a grid, use curved corners on your blocks. The game sees the curve as a continuous road, not an intersection, and Sims actually can drive on curves as compared to real people.

    Lastly, use bus terminals, Rail connections, and Ferries. Especially if you have a lot of city overlap in services. The more Sims you get off the highway, the better your service response times if buying from other cities.

    PS: Certain maps and areas can greatly benefit from longs blocks. Generally early on these work decently well, and later on extremely so imo. Mid-game they are painful tho and take a fair amount of infrastructure planning.

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