Can I add more road and trains entries to my city?

  1. I have a city in a place where there was no original train tracks. Thing is my industry is tourism, so now, I also have this huge traffic jam of people entering my city and its costing me a lot of money because they can never get to the concert or things that are schedules... let's just say things never fill to capacity as they should.
    So, I put a bus terminal ( the big one) close to the entrance with stops everywhere - didn't help
    I put a bunch of street cars with stops every block... still didn't help

    1. is there such a thing as having too many bus stop which makes busses slow
    2. is there such a thing as too many street car stops too
    3. ferries never bring tourist, how can I change this?
    4. airport brings very little tourist, how can I change this?

    User Info: suresh419

    suresh419 - 4 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. 1. Yes too many bus stops can make bus service slow. Ever been on a public metro bus or been behind one in traffic? The lane the bus stops in cause traffic to stop, unless on multilane st/ave.

    2. Yes, street cars have a random chance to change direction flip direction. Increasing the number of stops increases the number of "chances" for a single street car to flip direction and not maintaining the direction prior to the street car stop. Fewer stops = higher % chance to maintain flow.

    3. Ferries bring in commuters/workers. Add the cruise ship add-on to have mid/high wealth tourists travel into the ferry port.

    4. The municipal airport has terrible wait times even with the maximum number of tarmacs. Adding tourist modules will increase tourists numbers, but wait times are very high. And when you include the "price" of the total required land space to build a full municipal airport, it may not be wise.

    User Info: bigbr0wnbear

    bigbr0wnbear - 4 years ago 0 0

Other Answers

  1. Also, I would not recommend building a tourist city in a city region without train tracks. The passenger trains bring in a decent number of low/mid wealth tourists with minimal traffic.

    Currently traffic is the bane of this game. Reducing usage of roads is the best way to insure tourism. Use a plot with access to the river and rail.

    User Info: bigbr0wnbear

    bigbr0wnbear - 4 years ago 0 0

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