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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia

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    Version History

    1.0 - July 2, 2012

    Campaign finished

    Oscorp Tower

    You'll start on a guided tour of Oscorp tower. You won't have control of your feet during this first section but you can turn your head to look around. You'll automatically follow Gwen around the building until some experiments break loose. Once you've donned your Spider-Man garb, you'll be ready to go.

    The first thing you'll have to do before anything else, is perform a Web Rush. To do this, you'll be prompted to hold the appropriate button for your platform. Doing this at any time will slow time down, allowing you to look around and aim. This is very useful for both getting around as well as for combat. Time will slowly return to normal as you hold this button though so make sure you make your decisions in a timely manner. Aim for Gwen and then release the button to fling yourself toward her. You will grab her and swing her to safety. You will now get another semi-guided tour but with full control.

    During this period, you will learn how to maneuver through the environment by swinging through a couple of areas by pressing the buttons as prompted on screen while watching all manner of machines and creatures destroy labs. Not long after, you'll have to learn to fight. You'll actually be given a rather nice arena to practice in. There will be a few sentries on the bottom floor, waiting for you to fight. If you have trouble with them, you can swing or use Web Rush (which slows time) to get back to this upper level where you will be safe.

    This is important because unlike most third person action games, Spider-Man's health regenerates in a similar fashion to most modern shooters. As the screen becomes more red, you are getting closer and closer to running out of health. You do not gain health while you are actively fighting but you do gain health while running, swinging, or even shooting your web shooters. While you do gain strength this way, you gain health even faster if you are not moving at all. If you really need to gain health, stand still and shoot your web shooters to slow enemies while your health regenerates (or leave the area completely).

    Hop into the pit and combat will start. This will teach you the basics of combat. You will have a strike button and an evade button. During this first fight, the game will prompt you to do both but later on it will not. The combat is rather similar to the Batman: Arkham games. There are some major differences but the two of note here are that when you are going to be attacked, instead of the enemy having marks over their head, Spider-Man will have his "Spider Sense" squiggly lines over his head. Also, if you know which enemy is attacking (they are still highlighted with a white aura), hitting them will not cancel their attack like it does in Batman. This is important because it means that you should ALWAYS evade when your Spider Sense goes off.

    Destroy the sentries on the ground and then make your way back up to Gwen. Pick her up, head back into the pit and you'll see an open doorway with a green sign above it. Head into this doorway.

    You'll walk past a window where Vermin and Scorpion destroy some equipment. This will bring you to a somewhat triangular room. Go left from there and you'll set Gwen down again. You have to deactivate the security measures to get Gwen further along. Activate the console right next to you and then Web Rush through the only hole in the laser field. Land on the other side and go through the door you just opened with the terminal.

    You'll come to a long hallway with a fan on the far side. Usually this type of blue circle requires you to shoot webbing at it with your web shooters to deactivate it. Later in the game, such points will not always be spelled out for you so when in doubt, shoot. Shoot at this particular fan and it will stop, allowing you to walk through. It won't stay that way permanently so hurry through there.

    You'll go through this fan and end up behind a second fan. Stop this fan as well and go through. This will bring you up behind another laser fence. Use the terminal on this side to open the other door. This time, you can't set foot on the lower area so. Just Web Rush through like you did last time and land on the other side. Go through the open door and you'll come to a dead end. Or is it? Look up directly in front of you to find a vent. Web Rush up to that to open it.

    This will put you in a large lab area. You'll have to fight a larger group of six sentries this time. This is when you will learn how to use Web Retreat. To do this, follow the button prompt on screen. It's important to note that Web Retreat will always bring Spider-Man back towards the screen. In some cases, like later boss fights, this may put you in harm's way. It is far more accurate to use Web Rush in a lot of cases but when you need to move immediately, nothing beats Web Retreat.

    Web Retreat and then use Web Rush to attack the bots below. This will start the fight proper. At the moment, using Web Retreat and Web Rush is pretty fool proof so if you are having trouble, you can just keep using those. This will not work later on however when most enemies have some form of ranged attack. Fight with this group. You will not be prompted to strike your enemies but you will still be prompted to dodge. Kill the sentries in a real fight or just retreat and rush until they are dead. When they are, go through the door with the green sign.

    This will bring you back to the triangular room from the other side so head through and it will bring you back to Gwen. Instead of bringing her through the lasers, you're actually going to pick her up and bring her back to the room where you fought the second group of sentries. At the far side of this room will be the quarantine room. Go into it and put Gwen on the table. Don't forget your Osphone.


    You'll be outside and able to swing around some. If you would like to explore, avoid the nearby park. It is possible to collect every comic book at this point or do it after you finish the game. When you are ready, check your mini-map for a star surround by a red circle. If you bring up your map with the select/back button, you can highlight the star (cursor over it and hit the evade button) and when you back out of the map, you'll see a blue column of light to direct you to your destination. If you get hit while swinging and start to fall, RELEASE ?the swing button and then press it again to continue swinging.

    When you get there, a rather large robot will appear. This is S-01 and he doesn't like cross-species. There is an achievement here for not touching the ground during the entire battle so before the first cutscene finishes, be sure to hold down the swing button so that when it's over, you immediately start to swing. Hold this down for the entire fight and if you happen to get knocked to the ground, simply restart from the checkpoint. You don't have to restart the whole fight as long as the checkpoint was before where you touched the ground. If Spider-Man seems to hit the ground of his own volition and immediately springs up, it may not count as long as you were holding the Swing button.

    Start swinging around S-01 in either direction. It may benefit you to swap back and forth as S-01 becomes more aggressive (though perhaps only on higher difficulties, I'm not sure). As you swing around him, different parts of his body will glow red indicating that you need to execute a Web Rush on that part of the body. They will only glow red when you have them targeted so when you see it glow red, if you hit the Web Rush button, that's the part you will attack. At the start of the fight, you need to use a Web Rush on the front of the face and once on either side.

    Once you've hit all three of those, he'll start using rockets to attack you and the only vulnerable spot will be at the back. His shell will open up to reveal a "soft" core inside. You'll need to try and swing around him to get this. If he's spinning too fast, try using a Web Rush on a building behind him to get there faster. Once behind him, hit that spot. Make sure you keep holding the swing button through the cutscene.

    After the cutscene, you'll have to do a Web Rush on his face, twice. Each time you do, you'll attack one set of eyes. Keeping hitting the eye until you are prompted to dodge. Dodge and then continue hitting the eye until he destroys it. Do this once for each side. Once each set of eyes is destroyed, special mechanisms in its legs will activate. At this point, he will turn very fast so keep on the move and hold that Swing button.

    If you remember what I said earlier about those blue circles, then you might remember that you should shoot these with your web shooters. Swing around S-01 and shoot. You can just hold swing and keep pressing the shoot button. Spider-man will automatically shoot in between when he lets go of one swing and before he makes his next. You can also control this manually and let off the swing button at the apex of his swing and then start the next swing manually as well. Doing this, you can actually get more time between swings to shoot at the leg joints but you're going to be far higher in the air so it's likely that fewer will hit because you'll be hitting the top of the shell instead of the side of the joint.

    Once you've destroyed all of these blue joints, you will have to perform one more Web Rush attack on his face to end the battle. Do that and you can let go of the swing button. Bam, two achievements and you're barely 15 minutes in.

    • Achievement: Siege Averted
    • Achievement: The Sky is the Limit

    Beloit Asylum

    You'll start out next to Dr. Connors. Go down the long hallway and climb up the wall to the vent (or Web Rush!). Open the vent and climb in. You'll climb across an empty room and drop into it. Once you have dropped in, look for the control room right in front of you. You have to climb up to the upper level on either side to get in. Climb up over the railing on the left side. Go into the room and take a right into the control room. As you go through the doorway, you'll pick up your first Magazine. In the next room, use the control console to free Connors.

    All of the inmates will be set free and you'll have to stop the few that escaped into the large room below. Climb up through the ceiling that has been destroyed and through the hole at the top. This will bring you into that room and set you to overlook the enemies. In this room, you can get two achievements pretty easily. Before you start these, run around the room and get the attention of all of the inmates here. The first is to get a combo modifier of x42 or more. To do this, start using your Web Rush attack on the inmates. Just keep hammering that button and turn the camera to a new enemy as you rush towards your current target so that as soon as you have finished, you can start the next one. Usually, it's just enough to turn the camera towards the large group of inmates behind you.

    The second achievement is for immobilizing six enemies at once. You don't have to immobolize them simultaneously, they simply have to be immobil at the same time. Just keep shooting your web shooters at them and move around a bit. Whenever an enemy is immobilized, you'll automatically target the next one. If you have trouble with this one, you can come back later after you've gotten the web shooter upgrades for speed and impact force which will make this a walk in the park. It is possible to do both of these achievements at the same time but if for some reason you can't (accidentally knockout too many enemies for instance) just reload the checkpoint to do the second achievement.

    • Achievement: I'm on a Roll!
    • Achievement: Keep it together.

    When you've gotten both of these, take out the remaining enemies in the room with regular combat. If you have trouble with this then this really is the best place to practice too. This room will give you the basics of attacking and evading. Just keep trying until you get it.

    At this point, you want to climb up to the upper level to the right of the control room. A door on this level should open or already be opened and a security guard will be standing there. Go into the room behind the guard and take a sharp left to find another Magazine. Go up the stairs to the next room where another group of inmates is harrassing an orderly.

    Here, you'll learn to use the environment to your advantage. At the back of the room will be a large dumpster. Use Web Rush on it to pick it up and through it at the enemies nearby. This will immediately stun any enemy it hits. While they are all stunned on the ground, run around and hammer on the Web Shooter button to web them to the floor. It may take a little practice to get faster but it's easily possible to web all of the enemies before they get up.

    After you've taken out the inmates in here plus the extra two that show up,, there are two collectibles to grab. The first is an Audio Evidence on the upper floor by where you came in and the other is a Magazine on the lower floor just by the window through which you can see Dr. Connors.

    Go into the next checkpoint and Connors will open up the door to the next area. Run through and you'll be confronted by a group of about four men in a long corridor. Here, I will tell you the secret to easy combat (even on Superhero). Rememeber how you used the Web Rush to build up your combo modifier earlier for the achievement? Well, after you hit x12 modifier (or lower if you've upgraded your ability), you will stun with almost every punch and can use your Signature move which will instantly take an enemy out of combat. So use the Web Rush until you get it high enough. You'll know you've hit that point when the modifier turns red. When that happens, stop the Web Rushing. Hit an enemy with a single attack and then push the Web Shooter button to instantly take him out of the fight. Do this to each enemy in succession to take them all out without a scratch. I'll dub this the Web Rush Combo Technique

    <pictue 8>

    When the room is clear, you will notice a lever on the right wall about half way up the hall that is glowing a little. Go up to it, activate it and then enter Web Rush. The gate at the end of the hall will open but it won't stay open long enough to run through so Web Rush through the gate. You'll probably land on the wall and right next to you should be a vent that you can enter. Do so.

    Crawl through the vent and in the next room, you'll find a man sitting on the floor and next to him will be another Magazine. Grab the magazine and go through the other vent in this room. You'll come out to a bathroom with a single man. You can attack him or not, that's really up to you but he does still give experience. Go into the next room and you'll see a couple of staff being attacked by some inmates. Go into the room and throw a vending machine at them. This should make short work of them. Clean up any stragglers and then jump over the desks blocking the next hallway.

    Connors will let you through another gate here. In the next room with the dancing inmates, hang a hard right and you'll see a toppled bookcase resting on a wheelchair. There's actually a Magazine on the wheelchair so pick that up. Go into the next hallway which will be on fire. Web Rush up to the ceiling and crawl past the first set of desks that are on fire. Once past them, you'll see another set of desks that are on fire. Between these two sets of burning desks will be a section of ground with a Magazine.

    Hop back up to the ceiling and continue on. You'll watch Blackcat be freed. Turn into the nearby hallway and you'll see a small hole in the wall near the top. This will NOT be a vent but simply a small hole.

    Go through the hole to enter another large "room". In this room will be a group of enemies. There's a couple of environment pieces you can use here and then just use the Web Rush Combo Technique on these guys to make short work of them (and make some serious XPs). There's a couple of collectibles in here, make sure you grab those. There are two magazines in opposite corners of this room.

    Go into the next room and you'll find Connors again. Turn left to find a vent. Go through the vent and on the other side, hop down to use the terminal there. This will unlock the gate and let Connors into the courtyard.

    Go through the doorway behind you and go up the stairs. You'll have to climb up because part of the stairs are on fire. At the top will be a man with a gun. Before you fight him, turn right to see a hallway "blocked" by fire. It's not actually blocked and you can go over it. Do so to find the last Magazine. Head back and take out that gunman.

    Head into the lower area of the courtyard to start a fight. There will be a few enemies down here but the important thing to remember is the gunmen. They won't reveal themselves immediately but as you fight enemies below, they will appear in windows in the four corners of the courtyard (though you started by taking one out). As soon as you see the red laser appear, activate Web Rush and use it to attack them. Hit them a couple of times to take them out and then head back down or take out the next gunman.

    Fighting in the courtyard itself is actually very easy. There are statues all around the outside of the courtyard that you can throw around. There's far more than you could possibly need so just use one and web the stunned enemies. If any remain, use another statue and web the enemies. Rinse and repeat until they are all down. After that, you'll escape with Connors.


    You'll be back in NYC and can (theoretically) explore some more if you'd like. However, with Dr. Connors on your back, you can't activate Web Rush so you might as well just head back to the apartment. When you do, you'll have a quick conversation. From the apartment, you can change your costume, talk to the doctor, use the map to replay missions and boss fights, or you can use the window to head back into the city. At this point, there's not a whole lot to do but once you beat the game, you'll be able to replay any part of the game and explore the city during the day, at night or during any of the other times during the course of the game as you choose.


    You'll set out to plant three trackers on a different antennas scattered around Manhattan. This is actually a great time to try for the Sky Captain achievement since you'll have a few chances to cross a lot of distance.

    To get this achievement, you have to link 10 Web Rushes in a row without stopping or hesitating. The best way to do this is to just tap the Web Rush button instead of holding it and to have a good path in front of you. You must also reach your destination (I believe) or it doesn't count. For instance, if you set your Web Rush for a flagpole in the distance but change to a building to your left mid travel, the first Web Rush will only count if you step on the flagpole before changing directions.

    You'll have plenty of opportunities to get this later if you don't want to do it now. However, if you are still having trouble, I recommend that you try to find Time's Square and Web Rush up one of the long streets there because there's plenty of low level things to use and it's very straight.

    • Achievement: Sky Captain


    After you've planted the three trackers, you'll catch something about a Rhino attack. Make your way over to the waypoint to find the Rhino. Fighting him is actually very simple. Just put yourself between Rhino and one of the SWAT trucks. Rhino will rush at you and when he gets close, dodge over him. He will slam into the truck and get stuck. While he's stuck, execute a Web Rush on him. This will deal damage and free him. Do this several times to defeat him.

    • Achievement: Speed Bump

    Oscorp Archieves

    When you get inside, follow the men carrying the research data. You'll enter a vent and then when you come out, you'll be standing behind a guard. You'll be prompted to hit the Web Rush button which, when behind or above an enemy will execute a stealth attack (like here).  Take him out and then move forward. Just to the left on the boxes before you come to a large warehouse room, you should find a You can take the simple approach and throw the crate at them or you can try and get a few of them with Stealth attacks. To do that, stick to the ceiling and start taking them out one by one. This still leaves the box for if you fail.

    Either method is acceptable. The easiest enemy to start with is the single enemy guarding the doorway ahead. After that, take out anybody else that isn't easily visible but be careful because you won't be able to hide that you got that guy and others will investigate. Use the crate if you have to and the fight should be over quite quickly. Crawl your way into the next room and start again.

    The first guard to take down is the one on the upper level. He'd easily be able to see anything that happened below. I'd recommend that you take out the single man standing in the corner ahead and left if you look over the room. He's most likely to be by himself. If you are unsuccessful, you'll just have to fight through them. conveniently, in that same corner is a propane tank. Through that at them and clean up as many as you can.

    When they are all down, go back to the boxes that you came over when you entered the room. Between the platform that had the first guard and these boxes will be a Magazine. Now, head back into the previous room and find the balcony high above that connects to the first room with the box hanging down. On one side of this balcony is a magazine.

    Head back to that last room. There's a track up above with a box on it. On one end is a vent blocked by boxes. Hop on the set of boxes just in front and below the box on the track. Use your Web Rush to pull the box on the track. This will smash the other smaller boxes and clear the vent. Get into that vent.

    After you take a ride on the elevator, turn around and go through the vent on the back wall to get out of the elevator shaft. When you come out, you'll be behind two guards. Use stealth to take them both down easily.

    Take a right at the intersection and just to the right of the door will be another Magazine. Grab that and then go through the small vent hole above the door. You'll come into a rather large room with a bunch of guards. directly ahead of you is another door and vent. Web Rush over to the vent and start climbing through it. Climbing through, you'll bump into another Magazine.

    When you come out of that vent, you'll be looking over the room proper. Just below you will be a single guard. Take him out. If you have the Thread ability which puts your stealth victims on the ceiling, you can actually clear this room through stealth but it's probably much easier if you hop down, let them crowd around you and then drop the box on them. That should get most of them and leave you very few to clean up. Make your way through the large hole to the next room but do so on the ceiling because there's an even larger group in the next room.

    On the far side of the room is a cabinet that you can throw at them. There's other things around the room too. Throwing things will make this fight a lot easier though the fastest way is to use the cabinet to stun everybody, web as many as you can and then alternate striking and signature moves on each enemy. This should start the animation for the Signature move before anyone can hit you. It'll also make you look very talented. Just above this group on a walkway is a Metal Box. Grab that and head into the next area.

    There's only one man in this area. Pull the crate on the track to smash the window. After you've done that, look to the left side under the window you just smashed. Between two boxes will be another Magazine. Web Rush up through the window and then turn right. Go through the vent above the door. When you come out, you'll find someone taking pictures.

    After a cutscene, you'll be attacked by a man with a shield. To attack him, you'll have to jump over him and attack his back by puching towrads him and hitting the jump button. Hit him a few times from the back. He may turn around and then you'll have to do it again until you take him out or stun him.

    Go through the door behind him and into the hallway. As you make your way forward, you'll be attacked by a turret mounted on the ceiling. You'll automatically dodge out of the way. Wait until the turret is looking a different direction and then Web Rush at the turret to destroy it. There is an upgrade you can get later that will allow you to do this even if it's sighted you. Once it's destroyed, follow the hallway until you bump into Whitney again. She'll have you take a an Oscorp Box.

    Go through the door to your right and you'll enter a rather large, long room with a few guards in it. You need to not be seen here or else you'll be in a whole world of pain. Hop up into the vent nearby and follow it. This will drop you off above the walkway above the room. There is one guard up here so take him out. When he's down, move over to the right and take out the lone guard there.

    Travel back across to the other side of the room. This part takes patience because the guards will move around the room. It's really not tough though, just wait for one of them to be alone and then take them out. Try to take them out at different parts of the room so they don't notice any bodies you leave behind. If they do notice one, just run away and stay away until they become less suspicious or a good opening appears.

    On this side, by the big machines under the maintenance sign will be some Audio Evidence on the left side. Go up to the walkway in the middle. Looking at the other half of the room, turn left and you should see some boxes with a Metal Box on top. Grab that. Lastly, hop into the pit and face the big door on the middle. Just to the left of that around the corner will be another Magazine.

    After taking out all of the enemies here, a set of doors should have opened. Go through those doors and you'll come to a roughly square room with two levels. Immediately get to the ceiling. On the top floor will be three guards that walk around the ring. Taking these three out shouldn't be too difficult since they tend to be pretty far apart. Now head over to the long section on the bottom floor. You can try for the top of ceiling or you can try to move around under the walkway.

    There will be two groups of enemies here. One group on the right side will consist of one guard and one man sitting down. Take them out first. Then head over to the other side and there should be two guards with one man sitting down - one of the guards will have a shield. Take out the group of two if you can and then grab the man sitting fown. Once they are all down, check to the left of the computer the man was sitting at for another Metal Box. Go up to the top floor and find the vents. Go through the vents and it should open to larger section with another Metal Box and lots of steam. Grab the metal box and exit.

    Near where the last guards were on the lower level should be a terminal that you can use. Use this terminal to deactivate the laser field below. Go down into that lower area and attached to the central structure should be another terminal. Use that to open the exit for this room. Go through that door.

    You'll bump into Whiteney again. She'll ask you to hit the terminal opposite from her. Activate it to open a door. Follow her through. After the awesome cutscene, go forward to the next doorway. Even though it's open, go through the vent above it anyway. Two guards will walk under you. You can take at least one out easily this way. Continue past them to a large room with an electrified track below and the incinerator. In this room will be a smaller room where Whitney is being interrogated.  Before going in, look down and left along the track to find a Metal Box.

    Now enter that smaller room through the small opening at the top of the middle wall. Inside, take out one or two of the enemies with a stealth takedown and then beat the other man. After the next cutscene, you'll have to defend Whitney while she digs through the stuff inside the box. Your first instinct might be to fly around the room using Web Rush and taking out enemies but on the higher difficulties, this won't work. The best method is to just stand outside the smaller room on the platform and sweep left and right from one enemy to the next using your web shooters. Once one has been immobilized, move to the next. Doing this should keep Whitney in near perfect health.

    After she finds what you're looking for, grab her and then exit through the door with the green sign. Go straight through the hallway and into the next room. Hop off to the lower floor and then follow the wall left to find a Magazine. Swing up the boxes ahead and at the top of one of the boxes in the middle row will be another Magazine.

    Exit the room through the door at the top. This will put you on top of a bridge in a familiar room. On one side of the room will be an elevator with a green light on above it. Go over to the elevator to start the "boss" fight. Really, this is quite easy. He's a tough fight head on but he's quite easy to take down in stealth. Use Web Retreat to get up to the ceiling. From here, move towards him but avoid his flashlight. Get above him and execute a stealth takedown. Get on the elevator to finish the level.

    When you exit the building, just be careful that you don't get shot. There will be Snipers outside gunning for you but you don't really need to take them out, you can just take off. From this point on, Snipers will appear randomly on rooftops throughout the city. Make your way back to your apartment.

    The Thrill of the Hunt

    Make your way into the West Pumping Station and swing through the sewers. Walking in the water will slow you down so it's much better to swing. You'll come to a large open room with water falling all over. On the right side of the room will be a large valve handle. Use your Web Rush on it to open the door at the far end. The door will open and Vermin will hiss at you (or something). The door will close. Use the handle again and then Web Rush through the door before it can close again.

    On the other side, follow the tunnel and you will see a room on the right side. There will be maps around the room and against the wall will be a collapsed column. On this column will be a ?Magazine.? Head back into the tunnel which will take you to a large room. "Interact" with the center of the room and you'll lay down a giant set of webs. Move from strand to strand and stop when you find on that vibrates or makes a sound. This is the direction you want to go.

    The first place to go is room #44 so turn towards that one so you understand what the web does when you find the right one. Go to that room and you'll see Vermin again. He'll bolt and you'll be attacked by your first ?Infected?. Infected can't be taken out like normal enemies. They can only be taken down with webbing. You have to trap them while they are stunned or use a signature move to take them out. Just keep pounding on this one until you've built your combo meter high enough that you can perform a Signature Move and then use it to finish the fight.

    Turn to the right and go over the wall. You'll come to a room with lots of acid on the floor and a single red pipe over it. Go onto the pipe and find the ?Magazine? on it. Head back to the hub room and use your webbing again to find Vermin. This time, head for room number 47. Go into that room and then climb up the wall to the small hole. Climb through there and into another room.

    This time, you'll fight several infected. This is where you learn how useful the environment is against the infected. There's plenty of items around here to throw so grab one and throw it. This should instantly stun any infected around. Run around and web them. Repeat this until the fight is over. Hop up onto the ceiling and wander around this room until you find an opening to a giant room heading down. There will be two infected right next to it that you can catch with a stealth takedown (which is why you're on the ceiling). Take them down and hop into the hole.

    Once in the hole, swing to the right and then go up in the next room. This will bring you to another tunnel with some acid which will lead back to the hub room. This time, you're looking for room #43. Swing through the acid hallway and it will bring you to a long room with a few infected in it. There will be some infected hunched in the far corner by the half-wall. In this corner will be a ?Magazine?. Take down the infected in this room, grab the magazine and go over the wall.

    This will put you in a two floor room. Pull yourself up to the ceiling and try to take down the infected on this upper level with stealth takedowns. If you catch their attention, remember that there's plenty of things to throw around up here including dumpsters and propane tanks.

    Follow the only path on this upper level and over a half-wall. This tunnel will bring you to another room leading down but your attention will be drawn to some waste behind a fence to your left with a nearby Oscorp logo. Take a the Oscorp Logo. ?Go to the bottom and through the doorway here.

    You'll be in a room with a valve on the right wall and a big wall in front of you. There will be a red pipe on the left side that you can use to get through the wall. Follow the pipe and then look up and right to find another red pipe. Hop up to that and you'll be able to see a large door ahead of you. This is the door the valve opens BUT don't go back yet. Above that door is a ledge with a Sentry in really bad shape. Hop over to that ledge, back up a little and take a the Sentry. Now head back and turn the valve. Use Web Rush to get back to the door quickly.

    In the next room, find and go through the vent. This will bring you to a room where you'll see Vermin again and one infected. Vermin will run off, leaving you with the Infected. Take him out with the dumpsters here. Go through the nearby door. You'll come to a hallway with acid all over the walls and floor. The tunnel will go forward and there will be a split to the right. Try to get into that right split and on a broken column will be a ?Magazine?. Follow the other path to come to a similar one to the previous room. This time, there will be two infected. Take them out the same way as you did last time. Turn to the right and you'll see another tunnel below.

    Enter the tunnel but stay up high. Follow the red pipes until you come to a wall with a doorway below. Climb down the wall and through the door OR use two web rushes. Once toward the floor and then another upward away from it before you hit the floor. The Infected should never notice. Follow the tunnel around until it turns back to the right and shrinks a little. Go into the smaller tunnel. Look straight up and you will say a grate with a hole in it. Go through the grate and keep heading up until you come to a ledge with a ?Magazine? on it. Head back down and follow the smaller tunnel.

    The tunnel will turn left and you'll have to jump over a small railing. On the left will be a ?little hut?. Take a it. Also, notice the "Beenox" spray painted on the left side of the hut which is the name of the company that makes the game (just a neat easter egg). Continue along the tunnel and then Web Rush to the next red pipe that you see.

    This will put you in a similar large tunnel as before with infected below. Move through it the same way that you did before and when you get to the end, you'll see Vermin far up above you. Follow him up. Go through the room at the top and drop into the large hole at the end. You'll enter a small tunnel that will take you to a large square room where you'll find Vermin. It's time for a smackdown.


    ?Make sure you take a Vermin!?

    Vermin has a few simple attacks. He'll rush at you or spit acid at you which you need to avoid manually by using Web Retreat. He also has claw swipe attacks which can be evaded with the dodge button. If it says "Multiple Dodge" or similar, keep tapping the dodge button quickly until it disappears to dodge all of his attacks. His last real attack is easily avoided if you keep moving. He'll hop up into the acid on the ceiling and then come out above you but if you keep moving he'll miss by a lot.

    To attack him, just use your Web Rush to attack him from a distance, then pound on him. Dodge or retreat as necessary. Just keep doing this and he'll come down quickly. However, your fight will soon be interrupted by two Sentries. These sentries will shoot at you if you are on the walls and pack shields. To take the shields down temporarily, shoot web at them and then attack them like any other sentry. However, this will be only temporary. The only way to remove it permanently is through an upgrade you can get later on.

    ?Make sure you take a these Sentries!?

    Back on the Streets

     After taking out the sentries, you'll head back up to NYC. You'll see a bunch of rats running through the streets ahead of you. Follow this trail of rats to find Vermin again. You'll find him and follow him into another tunnel.

    Follow him further into the tunnel and you'll come to another hub. Unfortunately, ther are no numbers this time so I can't really tell you which tunnel to take which is why I insisted that you learn how to hunt yourself. However, in this room, you should see that one path is a small round tunnel a little ways off the ground. Go through that tunnel and fall down the shaft. At the bottom, web shoot the giant fan and grab the ?Magazine? in the small room. Stop the fan again, Web Shoot up the shaft and return to the hub room.

    From the hub, you want to head towards the broken wall that has the yellow spray paint above it. Go through the hole and up to the top level. There will be a few Infected fighting Sentries in here. You can usually take out a couple of enemies with a stealth takedown here and then finish the two or so stragglers with easy. I would recommend that one of the two enemies you take out first would be the sentry now that they have shields.

    You can also just crawl through here without fight if you'd like. Get through this tunnel however you like. Go through the room with broken train and shipping crates. Go over the half-wall and then the tunnel will turn downard. Go down and then at the end, go through the small doorway on the right side. This will take you back to the Hub.

    Your next destination is the raised hallway just to the left of the small round elevated tunnel that lead to the Magazine earlier. Follow it past the "Cola" sign. You can fight the various enemies on the top and bottom floor if you like. Remember to make good use of the environment here. Go down to the bottom level and notice the train here. If you stand on the small white square, you can pull the train towards you and then get behind it for a ?Magazine?. Go behind the fence and follow the room as it wraps to the left. It will come to a dead end but if you turn around, you should see a shipping containers with a small hole near the top. Crawl through this hole to get to the next room.

    You'll find yourself in another room with fighting sentries and infected. Make your way to the larger section of the room with the acid and large blue dumpster. Just behind the dumpster will be another ?Magazine.? Defeat or go past the enemies here and into the brick tunnel beyond. There will be another crawl space near the ceiling. Get up to it and crawl through but be careful to avoid the acid. This tunnel will take you to Vermin.

    Vermin Part 2

    For the most part, this fight isn't much different from the previous fight. The big new feature of this fight are the rats. If you stand in one spot for too long, the rats will pool around your feet and start dealing damage. This means that you need to keep moving and use Web Retreat if they start to pool. After that, this fight is very similar and only requires you to use the same strategies as before. Don't be surprised if the rats cause this fight to drag out a little longer.

    • ?Achievement:? ??Smell You Later?

    The Hunters

    You'll be dragged back up to the city. You'll have to fight a hunter which is a very fast moving robot that flies through the air. You'll have to close in on the Hunter and use a Web Strike on him to deal damage. After you've dealt damage this way, the Hunter will take off again.

    When you get close to it this second time, it will activate an electric bomb with it at the center. First it will charge up and deal a little bit of damage as long as you are in the field and then it will release the energy for massive damage. You can die from both parts of this attack (though the second stage is far more deadly) so it's important that you escape as soon as it happens. I highly recommend that you use Web Rush instead of Web Retreat because it's very easy to keep bumping into buildings with Web Rush and not make it far enough away.

    After it uses that Electric Bomb, you will be able to get close and use a Web Strike. After the Web Strike, when you get close it will use the Electric Bomb and this cycle will continue until it's defeated.

    It also has a plasma ball attack. It will shoot little balls of energy at you very quickly. You can definitely dodge these but you likely won't have to put too much effort into dodging as long as you keep moving.

    To get close, you have to techniques to your advantage. The first are your web shooters. This will slow him down significantly but is unnecessary and (for this fight) not recommended. You also need to use Web Rush instead of swinging because it's much faster. There's an achievement for defeating a Hunter without using Web Shooters so we're going to try that. Just keep hitting the Web Rush button until you execute a Web Strike on him instead. Once you do, get close and make him trigger his electric bomb. Escape the bomb and then continue your chase.

    One thing to keep in mind is that when you use Web Rush this much during a Hunter battle, it's important to move left and right as much as possible since your elevation isn't going to change much and you can easily (accidentally) move in a straight line for a long period.

    Once the hunter goes down, two more will appear. In some ways, this is actually easier than the first Hunter because you can move between them quite easily with the Web Rush. Just pursue them and you'll find that you are almost constantly chasing and using Web Strike on each of them while the other is trying to use its bomb attack.

    When you get past the first Hunter, you'll actually reach a checkpoint so if you die, it's ok. Just keep trying and once you get the hang of it, you'll find that Hunters are quite easy and even kind of fun.

    • Achievement: Who's the Prey?
    • Achievement: Clean Victory

    Smythe Strikes Back

    Head to Oscorp Tower again and make your way inside. There's a few Hazmat guards in here. Just crawl around on the ceiling and they should be quite easy to take down. The only trouble is a group of them on one side of the room, You'll need to wait until one of them leaves to get the other two OR take down and fight the third. Near the front desk will be a broken window on the left side. Go through that window to get to the next room.

    In this room, you'll find more hazmat guards and a guard with a shield. Unfortunately, there's not really a whole lot to work with in here so I would focus on the guard with shield first. Use the Surprise Attack by jumping over him and hitting from behind. Take him out and then the other two should be no problem. When they are all down, destroy the object that's powering the force fields.

    Go into the next room with the glass floor. There's quite a few enemies in this room but only one of them has a shield so I would take him out with a stealth takedown before anyone else to make it a much easier fight. At this point, just use the Web Rush Combo Technique to make short work of them. Gwen will send an elevator down to you after the fight. Hop on top of the elevator and Web Rush up the shaft. There will be a hole near the top that leads to another very similar room.

    Take out the guard right by the elevator first, then the guard crossing the middle of the room. Head over to the one inspecting the acid on the side of the room. Another Elevator will come in on the other side of the room. Before you leave, check the reception desk for a Magazine. Stand on top of the new elevator and make your way up the shaft. At the top, enter the vent. Crawl through the vent.

    The vent will open up a little to the sides so watch on the left for a Metal Box and just before you leave this area will be another Metal Box tucked in a corner to the right.

    When you exit the vent, you'll come to a round room. There will be two forcefields and behind each of them will be a generator. You'll need to grab the sentries that are coming through and throw them at the generators. Hold the Web Shoot button to grab the sentry and then push the analog stick in the direction that you want it to go. When both have been destroyed, there will be a cutscene and you'll have to face off against two green guys with chain guns. Instantly Web Retreat and then crawl around the ceiling behind the lights. Nab both of them in a stealth takedown.

    After you take them both out, a door will open on the bottom floor. Just to the right of that door will be a Magazine. Grab it and go through the door. In the next room, you'll find a turret mounted to the wall. Destroy it and then check the sides of the room to find a Metal Box. Climb up to the raised area and on the right desk will be a Magazine. Grab that and then go through the door under where the turret was. In the next room, head left and through the hallway. This will bring you back to a fimilar triangular room. Head left again as you did at the beginning with Gwen.

    The room is a little more perilous this time. On the right wall will be a turret. Take that out and then activate the terminal to unlock the door on the other side of the room. Web Rush through the hole in the laser net and try to take out the turret on the left side of the room. There's one more turret along this wall a little ways ahead so take that out too. Now drop down and go through the open door.

    Go through the fan like you did last time, then go through the next fan. You'll come to the second laser net. Use the terminal like you did last time and then Web Rush through the net. Take out the turrets on the far side and then go through the open door. Climb through the vent like you did last time which is not covered this time (nice touch!). This will put you right next to the quarentine room. Talk to Gwen and give her the cure...


    Man, that did NOT go the way I thought it would. You're going to be attacked by a new version of the sentry. It will attach to you and shock you. You have to tap the strike button rapidly to dislodge it and it will explode when you do. Rather than fight them, run away from them because they are pretty dangerous and almost always manage to attach to you.

    Go through the open door nearby, making sure to grab the Metal Box on the way. In the next room will be a group of hazmat guards. Unfrotunately, you can't just run through the room because there's a forcefield on the other end. Go to the upper level and destroy the generator there to take the shield down. Grab the Magazine next to the generator on the desk if it's still there.

    This will put you in the round room where you'll be locked in and attacked. Basically, try and keep moving with Web Rush and Web Retreat to stay alive until the door opens. Find the door open about mid way up the wall. Go through the door and you'll be in an elevator shaft. Follow the elevator up will avoiding the laser nets. Keep Web Rushing to the top. As you climb, be sure to watch for turrets. Go through the doorway at the top.

    In the next hallway, you'll have to web rush through a hallway with a bunch of bots. The next hallway after that will have a turret in it and a Metal Box on the floor in a corner. Keep moving along the long hallways. At the end of the hallways, you'll be an a large round room with a bunch of infected scientists. Use a stealth takedown on the two in the center, then the two off to the side. Take down the individual near the desk.

    After the infected are gone, some gunmen will smash through the windows on the upper level. Use your Web Rush to get up there and attack them. Make sure you are fast. Getting up there in the first place is the toughest part. Take them down one by one and watch out because ther may be a Magazine in one of these small rooms.

    You'll enter another Sentry guarded hallway. Zip down the end of this hallway and go through the small hall in the corner of the doors at the end. On the other side, make your way to the end and go through the doors filled with fog.


    This fight is similar to how you fought Vermin but he's got a few different attacks. Watch out for when he jumps up in the air and sprays acid around on the floor. It's best if you swing around the room to avoid touching the floor when this happens. When you are on the walls, watch out for when he spits acid at you. Lastly, when you attack him, if he glows green, do a web retreat because he's going to make a fast attack that you can't evade. The fight will end after you deal enough damage. This will put you near the lobby of the tower. From here, go into the next room and exit the building through a window.

    • Achievement: Tail? You Lose.