A new chapter of history has begun with the age of discovery, the age of empires and the birth of the spirit Rarascau in the land Tsenacommacah. He is among the last of his kind, a dying race of beings who borrow their likeness from humans. Cursed with immortality that can only be undone by despair, they lend their power to the numerous civilizations of the world. Through spear, sword, and gun; their presence is timeless, they are the Keepers.

After being spirited away by one such being, Rarascau was renamed Alfred and was left in the care of the English colonists at Roanoke, only to watch the inhabitants vanish, then to Jamestown, to witness the Massacre of 1622 and, finally, to Plymouth. However, with the death of the settlers mediator, Squanto, nowhere was safe from the tumultuous skirmishes of the New World.

As a result, Alfred was hidden deep within Shenandoah Valley. One mishap after another, he found himself alone in the wilderness for 133 years.

With the Keepers of the British Empire away in Europe, Alfred was asked to fight on under the colonists banner after the eruption of the French and Indian War. However, nearly a century of isolation had preserved his childlike innocence. Through twenty-eight years of countless trials, Alfred would transform from an innocent, gentle lamb, into a Tyger who would bear his fangs at the worlds greatest power.

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