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    Spell Warrior Guide by MStango

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    Spell Warrior F.A.Q
    0   About
    1.0 What
    1.1 Why
    1.2 Death
    2   Tips
    3   Getting Started
    4   Stat Management
    5   Weapons
    5.1 Melee
    5.2 Ranged
    5.3 Weapon Upgrades
    5.4 Shields
    5.5 Shield Upgrades
    5.6 Spells
    6   Rings
    7   Items
    8   Armor
    9   Condensed Walkthrough
    10  Legal
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    Ok this guide is made by me, it contains everything you need to
     make Dark Souls a fair bit easier, just more condensed then a
    FAQ or Wiki.
    1.0 What is a Spell Warrior?
    Simply put a Spell Warrior is the ultimate undead, part Tank
     DPS Machine.  Deadly at close range, terrifying at medium
    and solid at long range.  Combining the durability of a warrior
    with the boss wrecking power of a mage along with a few tricks
     for ugly situations this build has you covered.   Most
    importantly this build starts strong and never feels
    underpowered.  I’m not saying the Spell Warriors is the
    absolute best buil… oh wait that’s exactly what I’m saying.
    1.1 Why A Spell Warrior?
    1) The game lacks a good stat scaling in Strength or Dexterity,
    i.e: there’s no upgrades that specifically focus on them, but
    Intelligence scaling upgrades (Magic) is not only available early
    in the game, but pumps magic damage into your enemies, most
    of whom have little or no defense against it.
    2) Pouring points into Vitality, Strength, Dexterity and
    Endurance will spread you so thin that it will take a while
    before a warrior feels viable.  However with a Spell Warrior
    you can largely ignore Strength and Dexterity, completely
    ignore vitality and get by with less endurance at first.  This
    means you only have to pump Intelligence and every point
    boosts your melee, bow and spell damage.
    3) A pure caster has two huge problems, many
    enemies/situations don’t leave you enough elbow space for
    casting and unlike demon souls you can’t stock up on spice an
    keep refilling your MP, when your out of spells, your out of
    spells which is to say boned.  A Spell Warrior has fewer spells,
    but he/she also doesn’t need most of the time, but they’re still
    1.2  Does this mean I won’t die?
    Of course you’ll die you’ll die a lot!  A whole lot.  I mean holy
    carp are you going to die.  You’ll just be dieing substantially
    less so then you would without my guide.
                                                  2         2
    2 Survival Tips
    I’m going to assume you read through the controls or already
    died enough to know the basics, because these are not the
    basics, they’re the necessities.
    - Keep your Shield Up: This will keep you alive better than
    anything else.  With your shield up you will take little or no
    damage from direct hits and your own melee attacks will go
    largely uninterrupted.  In short it’s the best defensive option in
    virtually every situation.
    -KEEP YOUR SHIELD UP!  You must love the Left Bumper,
    hold it tight!  Never let it go, marry it, buy a house in the burbs
    have a few kids.  Seriously if you go blundering into new areas
    with your shield down you will die, and you’ll have no one to
    blame but your self and the horrors that killed you will laugh at
    your ineptitude saying “We might have been in trouble if he had
    his shield up.
    -Don’t go Blundering into new Areas: If you charge in
    anywhere you’ll die, check your right and left then go in, then
    immediately jump back and wait.  If nothing happens proceed,
    but is still probably...
    -It’s a Trap:  See a lone unaware enemy or one running away?
    See an unguarded shiny or an open path? It’s a trap, it’s always
    a trap, mostly.
    -You Sprung the back up Trap:  Think you spotted and
    disarmed the trap?  Good for you now make sure it wasn’t the
    only one…oops to late your dead, shoulda got outa the way.
    -Get out of the Way:  The roll is your dodge, use it frequently,
    however your not invincible while rolling.  So learn the proper
    distance you can roll away and when it works.  Otherwise you
    likely will roll your self into pain.  The main problem is it’s the
    same button as backstep.
    -Don’t backstep! If you press the B button and push the stick in
    any direction you’ll roll, just press the B button and you’ll
    backstep, usually off a cliff.  It also is of no use in combat, most
    enemy’s attacks have to large a hit box for that.  Don’t
    Watch for Cliffs: This game is riddled with death drops, many
    in plan sight, some hidden and a handful that look like solid
    ground(there not as bad as you think, they‘re worse), but only a
    handful can be crossed.
    Look before you Lea…Die: Sometimes you can jump a gap,
    though even jumps you can make you’ll usually miss and die.
    Part of that is the realistic nature of jumping, but it’s mostly it’s
    the unbelievably squarely jump
    mechanic.  You hold down be while moving to run, then at the
    edge of the gap you let go of the button and then quickly hit it
    again, the timing is bull at best.  You will fall, so make sure
    your ready for it.
    -Spend like a Teenager:  Level up when you can, buy a repair
    box at the first opportunity and repair your gear at every
    bonfire.  Power up every bonfire, turn human then kindle every
    new bonfire, it will give you a permanent 10 flasks every time
    you rest at said bonfire and later 15.
    -Drink like a Freshman: The Evil Eye will help, but don’t wait
    to drink your flasks, haft health is one hit/combo for many
    -Use the Stupid Aggressive AI:  The enemy AI is obscenely
    frisky, they will not politely attack you one at a time like most
    games, they will charge in weapons draw and funk you up from
    all sides.  Use their psychotic nature against them.  Make them
    chase you into traps, let them swing away while you backstab
    them, poke one in a group with an arrow and make it take you
    alone.  They are cruel and smarter then most video game’s AI,
    but their madness can get them killed, help them along.
    -Search Everywhere/Grab Every Shiny: You don’t need every
    item, but most will be helpful in some way.  Find your way to
    -Be Ready to Die:  When all else fails, and it will, again and
    again.  Be prepared to let go of what you’ve lost, never carry
    more souls or humanity then your prepared to lose.
    3 Getting Started
    To begin select the Pyromancer class, it makes for a solid stat
    foundation, cheap leveling, the best balances starting armor and
    those eight fireballs will be immensely useful early in the game.
    For the Gift I would recommend the master key, it will give you
    to important stuff relatively early, but it ultimately doesn’t
    mater you can select what you like.
                                                44 4
    4 Stat Management
    Vitality: 10
    If you put a point into vitality your doing something wrong, the
    Flask won’t even heal you to full health right away, so more HP
    isn’t relevant most of the time.  Think of HP as SUC, Screw Up
    Credits.  You lose them when you do something wrong.  So if
    find yourself constantly low on HP or dead, stop screwing up.
    Attunement: 14,16 or 19
    Don’t start putting points into this until you buy Great Soul
    Arrow and Great Heavy Soul Arrow as you won’t need two
    slots until they’re available.  Stack it to 14 before you go to
    Blighttown so you can equip Remedy after you find it.  More
    then three spells won’t help you much until you find Logan.  16
    will be necessary to equip Logan’s spell and final 19 in the
    Duke’s Library.
    Endurance: 40+
    Endurance should be your secondary focus, unless you aren’t
    rolling at full tilt, then it becomes more urgent.  Call it pay as
    you go.  One of the goals of this build is to be able to move at
    full speed at all times and you should get the stat to about forty
    as that maxes out your stamina, which means max blocking and
    combo power.  After you have a hundred Intelligence this will
    become your main focus.
    Strength: 13
    Enough to equip your weapon and shield.  I’ll get into what
    weaponry you need below, suffice it to say this should
    consume your first few level ups, but once you reach the
    weapon requirements there are better places to put your points.
    Dexterity: 15
    See Strength
    Resistance: 12
    Every level up boosts your defense, this boosts it more, but does
    nothing else, it’s just not worth it.
    Intelligence:  50+ Pump it!
    This is your attack power in every category.  I’m not saying put
    every point you have into Intelligence, but it should be higher if
    not twice as high as your second highest stat(Which should be
    Endurance if your doing it right).
    Faith: 8
    As in most things; Faith serves no real propose for this build,
    don’t bother.
    Humanity: 1
    All Humanity is lost if you die, you can get it back if you touch
    your blood stain before you die again, but even so even one is
    something of a risk as there will be many times when you can‘t
    reasonably get back and one case when it‘s not possible.  There
    aren’t enough bloody Rings of Sacrifice!  Besides all that
    Humanity is one of those diminishing returns things, 1 point of
    it will raise your item finding stat by 20 points, additional points
    grant less then haft that.  So keep kindling those bonfires.
    Master Tip: If the boss of an area is still alive you’ll get
    humanity just from killing large numbers of enemies in the area.
    I’m not sure how many you need to kill, but I do know you can
    only get ten per area.
    5 Weapons
    Best Melee Weapon
    The Wing Spear
    What can I say, it’s made of 110% pure awesomeite.  Spears are
    the go to weapon for many builds, like Piercing Swords you can
    attack while blocking, but with these you have reach.  Being
    able to attack while blocking means not only a solid defense,
    but little to no chance
    your attacks will be interrupted.  You also will have great
    control, most weapons cause you to inch forward as you attack
    as does the spears, but not while blocking, while blocking you
    stay stationary, extremely useful when fighting on one of this
    games many precarious ledges.  Other spears may entice, but
    don’t bother.
    Location: In the graveyard near the starting area, run past the
    skeletons (they‘ll be to strong for you at this point) and run up
    the hill and grab the shiny on top and get out of there before the
    giant skeleton forms up.  Spend all your souls first as you’ll
    probably die on your first attempt.
    Not the Best Melee Weapons
    Don’t want the Wing huh?  You’ll be missing out on something
    amazing and within in all probability dieing a heck of a lot
    more, but if you absolutely must here are some other options.
    Partizan *****
    This spear is a lot like the Wing, but it’s weaker and it has a
    slash attack, which is the problem it’s a bit too easy for the
    swing to end up hitting a wall and botching your assault.  In
    truth this will be useful later on, but I’ll get to that.
    Location: In the second part of the gardens past the chapel in a
    small opening on your left, watch for the vines, they bite.
    Pike ****
    Ok fine, this is better then the Wing Spear, but the barrier for
    entry is high, it’s a heavy weapons, 10.0 and require 24 Strength
    and like the Partizan it’s not available until after the first boss.
    Location: Bought from the chapel merchant.
    Piercing Swords **
    These are faster and lighter weight, but are essentially the same
    as spears, just much shorter range and in general weaker, there
    are good ones, but they require high Strength and Dexterity and
    are acquired very late in the game.
    Location: There’s one down the elevator from the starting
    bonfire, on a corps against a wall near the start of the New
    Londo area.  Feel free to look around, the pink men will not
    attack you… why are men pink in this game?
    Curved Swords *
    These are very fast and light weight, plus you get an additional
    attack instead of a kick, but not being able to attack while
    blocking will not work well with the in your face strategy of the
    Spell Warrior.
    Location: Bought from the Merchant in the Burg or dropped by
    5.2 Best Ranged Weapon
    This bow may look sad and primitive, but requires no stat
    increases(if you can use the Wing Spear you can use this) has
    good rang, does fair damage, can be properly upgraded and has
    a snipping ability.  It should be all the ranged power you need,
    for as little as you should need it.
    Location: Once in the garden past the chapel kill the second
    tree(yes you read that right) turn around and take the path to the
    left.  Continue down (killing the crystal lizard) until you come
    to a Fork, take the left path and jump down to the shiny.
    Not the Best Ranged Weapons
    Yeah we’re not doing that.
    5.3 Weapon Upgrades
    Both your spear and bow will undergo the same upgrade path
    get them to +5 using T, Shards.  These will be dropped by
    knights, they can also be bought from the perish merchant and
    will be found out and about.  Then get it up to magic+5(this
    upgrade is preformed by the New Londo Ruins smith), this will
    raise your damage through intelligence.  This will require green
    shards, these can be found in several spots, but the leaches in
    the depths also drop them frequently.  Once you have the
    Ember upgrade both(spear first) with blue ore, this will
    massively increase intelligence scaling, but blue ore is rare.  It’s
    dropped by crystal golems, but infrequently, it’s also found out
    and about.  Finally you’ll need a blue slab to max your
    spear(Enchated+5) this can be found in the crystal caves across
    an invisible bridge, past a visible cave, the path is not strait, be
    5.4 Best Shields
    The Grass Crest Shield: *****
    Bonus stamina regeneration, that should be all I need to say, but
    there’s more!  The Physical defense is great at 95% the Fire
    defense is also good, though the Magic and Lightning defense
    are merely decent as is the Stability, but stability can be
    improved through upgrades.  The point is: this shield will not
    block perfectly, but it lets you block longer and rest quicker.
    Location:  Once in the garden past the chapel kill the second
    tree(yes you read that right) turn around and take the path to the
    left.  Continue down (killing the crystal lizard), past the Long
    Bow.  If you see a Crystal Golem, you’ve gone to far, turn
    around and find the path that leads down until you come to a
    Black Knight, run away until your in a more open area then run
    past it, on a ledge near where the knight was standing is the
    Shield.  Grab it and try your best to escape using a Homeward
    Bone…but you probably won’t so make sure you spent your
    souls and humanity.
    Wood Crest Shield **
    Available Early, low weight, ok defense.
    Location: Through a locked door of a mini archer’s tower near
    the beginning of the Undead Burg.  Use it when you get it, stow
    it when you get…
    Hollow Soldier Shield ***
    Solid defense, medium weight, you’ll probably need more
    Endurance to move at full speed with it.
    Location: This is a drop from the shielded undead, and a pretty
    frequent drop at that, but if not don’t stress about not having it,
    the first boss doesn’t have many attacks that you’ll need to
    block, if you do it right.
    5.5 Shield Upgrades
    This upgrade path is far more strait forward.  Once again you’ll
    need T, Shards, but also Large T, Shards and T, Chunks.  Large
    T, Shards can be found all over and can be bought in Sen’s
    Fortress.  As for chunks, those are found all over too, but you
    can’t buy them.  Luckily those Wrath guys in the lower part of
    the New Londo Ruins drop them regularly.
    5.6 Spells
    Fire Ball
    Use it because you have it, but once better spells are available,
    forget it.
    Great Soul Arrow
    This will be your staple medium range attack for thr foreseeable
    future, it’s quick and deals good damage, it’s also cheap, it will
    curve to hit opponents, but can miss if they strafe or dodge.  Be
    warned though, with only twenty uses you can’t afford to make
    it your main attack.  You should equip two of these when you
    can buy the second one.
    Location: Bought from the basic spell trainer and then later
    from Logan
    Great Heavy Soul Arrow
    A slower, nastier version of Great Soul Arrow , but only eight
    uses this time, so I recommend saving for the slower, beefier
    enemies.  Once you get the Crystal Soul Lance Attack spell you
    should stow this.
    Location: Bought from the basic spell trainer or Logan
    Fire Orb
    A nastier Version of Fireball, it has it’s uses, but it’s pretty slow
    and only has six casts.  Use it if you’ve upgraded your Flame.
    Soul Lance
    Much like Great Heavy Soul Arrow, but awesome.  It’s faster,
    nearly twice as powerful, plus it tends to stager enemies, but
    with only haft the uses and it’s expensive.  It almost doesn’t
    seem worth it on paper, but it’s a bonified boss maimer and
    devastates some of the nastier foes, it’s worth every soul.  Buy
    twice when the opportunity presents it self.
    Location: Bought from Logan and then from his fanboy when
    Logan’s in the library.
    Crystal Soul Lance
    A more powerful version of Soul Lance, which is to say it’s the
    colon stopping H-Bomb of the sorcery world and it has the
    same number of uses so there‘s no reason not to have it too.
    Location: Bought from Logan in the Duke’s Library
    Homing Soulmass
    This spell is great, though it hits slower then other attack spells
     once cast it’s only because it takes the time to lock on, oh it can
    miss but very rarely.  I many situations it is more practical then
     Soul Lance and ten uses gives you some wiggle room.  Still
    you may want to pass until you can get
    Location: Bought from Logan and then from his fanboy when
    Logan’s in the library.
    Homing Crystal Soulmass
    This is not only the best spell in the game it will own the final
    boss in ways you won’t believe until you see it.  If you
    disregard everything else in this guide, believe in this spell!
    Location: Bought from Logan in the Duke’s Library
    It cures poison and Toxic four times per bonfire, it’s worth the
    having, especially in Blighttown.
    Location: Found in Blighttown above the second bonfire across
    a root, bridge, thing, you‘ll probably fall off to your death.  It is
    more easily accessed from the Valley of Drakes entrance,
    though you’ll need Master Key to get through the gate
    in New Londo Ruins).
    This spell is only really necessary in one area, but wow is it
    necessary!  Switch it out for Remedy in the Giant’s Tomb.
    Location: Bought from the golden lady in the golem, found to
    the left of the Hydra in the basin, Though you do have to kill
    the golem first and killing the hydra wouldn’t hurt ether.
    Hidden Body
    Useful for stealthing it up, good for later areas, have it equipped
    instead of light once your done with the Giants Tomb.
    Location: Also bought from the golden lady.
                                                6          6
    6 Best Rings
    You have two ring slots, though only one should be regally
    switch out, the Ring of Favor and Protection should always be
    Ring of Favor and Protection *****
    You don’t need to pump Endurance (as much) or Vitality with
    this ring as it boosts health, stamina and carry weight.  This is
    probably one of the best rings in the game for any build, but,
    BUT if you take it off it goes away, permanently.
    Location: Found On the top floor of the chapel (before the roof)
    you have to kill some gold armored nut in a cell (yes your
    suppose to kill him) behind a partially broken door, he drops it.
    Fair warning he has a health bar the size of a whale and you
    can’t block his attacks, you can fight him much later in the
    game as part of the plot and get his more then the ring but you
    need that darn ring.  Let him live longer in the second play
    Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring ****
    Ideally, this should be on your finger for every boss fight you
    need magic for, the 33% increased spell damage will bring
    down bosses about 33% faster.
    Location: Bought from the basic magic trainer.
    Cloranthy Ring ****
    If your wearing this and using the Grass Shield(yes they stack)
    you can regenerate a healthy amount of stamina even while
    blocking.  This ring is just awesome and
    should be used in heavy melee situations.
    Location: Located in the first part of the Hollow inside the
    center tree, you have to drop down into it the tree near the
    entrance, then climb back up and fall again because your going
    to miss it.
    Ring of the Evil Eye ***
    In addition to looking epic. every kill heals 30 HP.  When just
    out and about this is a good choice, if your careful this can help
    you’ll save your Flasks for boss fights.
    Location: In the lowest part of the sewers, past the cursey frogs.
    Covetous Silver Serpent Ring **
    This ring increases the souls you receive from killed enemies by
    20%, good for grinding, try to fight the urge to wear it all the
    time you greedy child born out of wedlock.
    Location: In the Giant’s Tomb on a ledge you have to jump to,
    near the big window in the cave wall.  It’s pretty screwed up as
    you actually have to jump while running up a slope that seems
    to be in the way.
    Covetous Gold Serpent Ring **
    This ring increases the odds that an enemy will drop something,
    somewhat useful if you want a specific item.  Wear it when
    fighting the Crystal Golems to increase your odds of getting
    precious blue ore you‘ll need.
    Location: Sen’s Fortress, down the spiral ramp with the
    boulders coming at you, fun.  There’s a hole at the bottom that
    will fill up with large rocks if you wait long enough by the side
    of the slide.  Once you can walk across it do so, avoiding the
    oversize pebbles(they really don‘t like you) the ring will be in
    the next room.  Try not to get flattened on the way back.
    7 Item Slots
    1) Flask: obviously the only reliable healing item in the game,
    it’s worth keeping on you.
    Location: You get it in the tutorial
    2) Homeward Bone: (Yeah I hate the pun too) The most useful
    non-healing item in the game.  It lets you save time and your
    butt, especially in one very nasty situation I will cover below.
    Location: You can buy them from the merchant in the
    Aqueduct, but there is a starting supply down the elevator shaft
    up the stairs from the fat monk.
    3) Purple Moss Clump or Divine Blessing after you have
    Location: All Moss drop some what reliably from the kite(man)
    eating trees, but you can also buy it from the Aqueduct
    Location: The Devine Blessing can be bought from the maiden
    in the chapel or Patches, after you save(?) them from the
    Giant’s Tomb.
    4) Blooming Purple Moss Clump or Purging Stone
    Location: Purging Stones are dropped by the giant clams(in Ash
    Lake or the Crystal Caves), but they’re tough sob’s your far
    better of buying them from the Aqueduct merchant.
    5) Orange/Red Guidance Soapstone:
    Location: The orange one can be bought from the merchant in
    the Burg.
    Location: The red one’s on top of the busted tower in the
    painted world.
    Orange Note: when some one up rates one of your messages
    you get humanity so leave
    good messages and up rate other people’s good messages.
    Red Note: When your ready use the red pen to challenge people
    for souls and humanity, it’s the only way to PvP that doesn’t get
    your but in the book of the guilty…other then just waiting for
    someone to come to you.  If you prefer to invade games I
    suggest you invade mine, I’m always looking to expand my
    collection of fool’s weapons.
                                             8          8
                                             8          8
    8 Armor Progression
    As your endurance rises and you get the favor ring you will be
    able to wear better armor without sacrificing speed, this is a list
    of the order in which you’ll find the best armors useful.
    Wear: Pyromancer Gear
    You’ll be using the starting armor for quite a while, it’s solid in
    every area, but not really great.
    Location: You Start wearing it.
    The first Armor Related thing you’ll want to do is get the Elite
    Knight Set.  It’s in the Dark Root Garden the past where the
    mist was in an open area.  It will be on top of a hill to your
    right, but as you approach several uglys will rise up to smite
    your deforesting butt.  Grab the glowy and run.  Next  you’ll
    need the  Eastern Armor Set also in the Dark Root Garden, past
    the glowing door.  Hug the cliff wall to your right, you’ll run
    into some trees on the way.  Beware of the forest protectors,
    their quite the pain in the spleen.  The shiny will be near a ledge
    surrounded by a bunch of trees having a satanic hoe-down.
    Grab & go won’t work here you’ll have to pull them with your
    bow and take them out one or two at a time.
    Final you have to find the Warrior Armor Set, not much finding
    to do really, it’s in plan sight.  After killing Chest Mouth the
    Dragon’s you’ll find it sitting around the boss room, you can’t
    miss it, just watch out for the drop off and the New York sized
    Don’t wear any of these of the bat, there not that good and it
    weighs you down quite a bit, instead upgrading specific pieces
    from each set, the Hard Leather Gloves, the Elite Knight
    Leggings and Eastern Armor(Chest Piece) in that order.  Trust
    me they’re pretty sweet full up, but you can’t handle it yet so
    instead put on the…
    Gold-Hemmed Black Armor
    Once You get it you can switch out the Pyromancer set, it’s
    better in nearly every way, but it‘s not upgradeable.  If you
    can’t roll at full speed, well then you’re a slacker, put some
    more points into endurance you good for nothing layabout.
    Now once you started getting your Endurance to a comfortable
    level(38 or more), start switch out your armor one piece at a
    time.  Start with the Hard Leather Gloves+10 (they are plus ten
    by now, right?), Then the Elite Knight Leggings+10 and finally
    the  Eastern Armor+5, this will take a while, but this  is the best
    medium weight armor set in the game.
                                            9          9
    9 Condensed Walkthrough
    The Northern Asylum
    Boss: Fat Demon
    Bloody he… you can’t beat this guy?
    Oh you can then why are you reading this?
    Look just keep out or range and light him up, even if you miss a
    bit eight fireballs should be fine, unless you left your big funk
    off axe in your other rags.
    The Undead Burg
    Master Tip: Use the run from the Burg Bonfire the boss fog as a
    grind run to get your Strength, Dexterity and Endurance to a
    level where you can equip the Wing Spear and still move at
    speed.  What?  You don’t like grinding, well then go play
    some brain dead FPS and get out of here, hardcore gamers only.
    Master Tip: Use the smith in the New Londo Ruins to upgrade
    your spear, you can get it up to +5 fairly easily.  Then make it
    Boss 1: Red Bull
    Enter the stage and kill to two archers up the ladder, then equip
    the black fire bombs.  Now move across the bridge until the
    beasty appears, then run back to the ladder, jump off and put
    spear to face.  Now get away from him while lobbing fire
    bombs, if you run out(somehow?) toss fire balls, he’ll be ash
    Mini Boss: Wannabe Dragon
    You can fight this guy anytime you want.  Run Forward and to
    the right to make it to the stairs.  Grab your bow hang out below
    the bridge and shoot it’s tail off.  Once gone wait for him to
    vacate the bridge then get up there and shoot him with a single
    arrow then pull out your wand and shot him with your best
    spells.  While landing drakie is pretty much helpless (so long as
    he doesn’t land on you), however this bunny like state is short
    lived and he will make you wish your skin was asbestos lined.
    Stay near the stairs and run down when he starts lighting it up.
    Repeat this a few times and he’ll be red paste.
    Boss 2: Cow Skull Face
    No you don’t fight this guy until after the first bell, or rather
    you shouldn’t as he is one of the hardest bosses in the game,
    though it‘s not because he‘s tough, rather do to his pet poison
    dogs and the narrow ally in which you fight him.  Run past him
    and his fluffys up the stairs to the left, kill the dogs, then put
    some space between you and the pyramid head
    wannabe(adamantly hard to do in such a small space) and paste
    him with spells until dead.
    Undead Parish
    Mini Boss 1: Shiny Pork
    This guy won’t see you until your pretty close, so run to your
    right, watch the spear nuter. And kill the solders(that are
    coming) from the relative safety of the pillars(piggy can get to
    you in there).  After that run up the stairs right next to you, past
    the spear guy(don‘t worry they‘re pretty slow) and kill the
    archers on the bridge, don’t fall off or piggly will paste you.
    After the archers are ragdoll-ized kill what ever solders you
    missed.  Dive off the bridge impaling your spear into the
    porker, then run like you got a psychotic boar on your
    tail(because you do) for the pillars.  From there keep your
    distance and poke him to death.
    Master Tip: Once you grab the basement key go to the burg
    merchant with 1000 souls and buy the only key he sells.  Finally
    head down to the lower burg by way of the door near the drake.
    Once down there open the locked house free the wizard grab the
    sorcerer’s gear(and the best wand for quite a while).  The
    wizard guy will be back at the fire shrine, buy some spells
    from him.
    Mini Boss 2: Big Shield Small Everything Else
    This knight’s tragically slow, if your even slightly paying
    attention he won’t be able to do jack, besides all that he has
    very little health.  Just dodge roll and poke.
    Master Tip: Now that the elevators working you might want to
    consider going back to the asylum to grid as the pink guys are
    worth 100 souls apiece and are quite squishy.  If you don’t mind
    exploits you can save up 20,000, buy the glowy key from the
    parish smith and open the door to the stair trick area.  At 6000
    souls per run it’s pretty sweet.
    Mini Boss: Stone Gimp
    Don’t get near this guy, his reach is always slightly longer then
    you think, keep your distance and cast at him.  Oh and don’t try
    to block the lightening bolts.
    Master Tip: Try to gather enough souls to up your Attunement
    and begin to pump Intelligence.
    Boss 1: Church Gargoyle
    Block his spear attacks with your shield Cast Great Heavy Soul
    Arrow until it’s dead, watch out for the second one, yeah,
    there’s two.  He largely spits fire, large fire, stay away and cast
    what ever you got left to kill him.  Hmm?  You got some spells
    right?  Well if not, your poor planning may just prove terminal.
    The Depths
    Master Tip: When in the Kitchen grab the ember in the chest,
    then find the trash shoot and drop down it, you’ll be on a ledge
    with a shiny overlooking a dramatically oversized rodent.
    Mini Boss: Extra Giant, giant Rat
    Dive attack the axe faced fuzzy and that should kill it, if not just
    poke it some more.
    Chest Mouth Dragon
     Stay behind him, at least four meters and soul arrow his scaly
    hide.  Also run when he jumps.  He has a big health bar, but is
    otherwise a wuss so don’t get careless or aggressive.
    Topless Spider
    Resist your natural and health urges and keep behind this thing,
    if you do end up in front of it, it will slash an energy sword at
    you, block it.   When this thing pukes lave it’s pretty much
    helpless until it’s done, nail it with magic.  Finally don’ stay in
    one area unless you want blacked shoes, keep it on the move,
    the lava fades over time.
    Sen’s Fortress
    Master Tip: Explore the heck out for this place, there’s more
    secrets here then any other area in the game, you find a great
    shop, Big Hat Logan, eight  bosses(seven optional), a giblet
    elevator and many, many glowys.
    Mini Boss: Four Stone Gimps
    Same as before just watch corners and don’t agro all four at
    Mini Boss: Rocky
    There’s three of these guys through out, there basically just
    giant(though smaller) unarmed, unarmored versions of the boss,
    which is to say helpless against you.  There main weapon is the
    small area in which you fight them, paste with spells and stay
    away from their feet.
    Tin Man
    This is the sadist thing, it’s embarrassingly weak to spells and
    the area’s huge.  Just keep your distance and flay it alive with
    Anor Londo
    Tomb Guard
    This is optional, in the darkmoon coven area.  This wizard will
    you quite easily, but this is a pretty interesting boss fight.  It has
    little health, but will teleport away if you get within lock on
    range, so if you can lock on cast!  This thing has three nasty
    1) A yellow(hard to see) machine gun fire kind of spell, this can
    be easily blocked, but it slows your approach, to keep moving
    try to strafe side to side, twice, because it fires twice.
    2) Many homing bolts, these can be rolled through or strafed
    around, but it’s tricky and blocking hurts.
    3) One fast big blast, you have to roll under this one, it just
    hurts too much to block and it slows you down.
    Once dead the hallway will case to be endless.
    Difficulty: 9
    Turbo Ponce and Buddy Buddha
    These guys are actually pretty nasty, when you enter keep
    moving, target the big guy and blast hum with every spell you
    got, but be careful as his hammer doubles as a shield.
    Remember to keep an eye on the short one, he’s got a rocket up
    his bum and will throttle toward you, to well, throttle you, he
    also throws lightning, luckily Rolls will frequently get between
    you and Skinny and block his advance.  After you kill the
    sacrilishious pugmaster speedy will suck up his bigness and get
    stronger, but he’s pretty weak to magic and his attacks leave
    him really exposed, so just waste him with your remaining
    The Painted World
    Dragon Lady
    You don’t have to fight her, bbbuut you will.  So here’s how
    you win.   At the onset she turns invisible, but you see dragon
    tracks in the snow so poke at them.  After four or so hits she’ll
    be visible again so hit her with soul spear until dead.
    Demon Ruins
    Lava Bob Tentacle Pants
    This is a battle of attrition, bring at least 10 flasks and equip the
    blessings you’ve collected.  First off get in his face, otherwise
    he’ll launch a fire explosion that will ruin your day.  Try(and
    most likely fail) to dodge his tentacle strikes and blast him when
    your not drinking.  This guy is cheap, even by this game’s
    standards, you will just barley beat this guy if you beat him at
    Exstendo Head
    When you enter run to your right, with some well executed
    jumping you might even survive the lava.  Once you’re on the
    far right platform(the one with the glowy) face the creature and
    take its head off.  No literally, it will shoot it’s head at you and
    you need to hit it with your spear until it comes off.  Once
    there’s a hole where it’s head was you’ll get a ring.  If can’t get
    his head off and the bosses health is getting low you should
    probably kill your self and try again.  That ring is extremely
    important, not having it will make the next section a massive
    pain in the colon.  After the head is off keep behind the creature
    or it will eat you, then just poke it to death.
    The Tree of Pain
    Let me go on the record of saying this thing can sit on it and
    twirl.  One guy on the wiki clocked his deaths during this boss
    at twenty, even I, the golden god of gaming, died seven times.
    Here are the facts:
    -This is not a typical boss, instead it’s more of a puzzle
    consisting of three steps, if yo… when you die any completed
    steps will not regress.
    Here are some tips:
    -Don’t go back for your souls, I know it sucks, but doing so will
    get you killed.
    -No there isn’t a closer bonfire, it’s just the one in the little lava
    shrine, deal.
    -Keep your shield up
    John Gamer: Here he goes again, you already said that, many
    Bla, bla, you got cocky, admit it, you got this far in the game
    you think you don’t need my shield love any more, but this
    giant turd will instakill you if you don’t have your shield up.
    -Master the jumping mechanic, because you will need to land a
    jump under presser.
    -Take your time, but do it quickly
    Here’s how you beat it:
    1)When you enter your in a safe spot, get your bearings and
    proceed when your ready.
    2)Hug the wall(when possible) to the left and run toward the
    3) Wait for an opening then leap into the orb, your roll will
    brake the branches, keep rolling until you reach the center, then
    poke it.
    4) With that the first part is done and you just made it stronger,
    good job, run out and try to dodge it’s new attacks as the floors
    give way.  Which floors?  Why what ever floor you need to be
    on.  Your path is going to be circuitous, but lets be honest you
    won’t make it all the way around.
    5) Make your way to the orb on the right, roll in and stab.
    6)  Now he’s exposed, but also more kill happy and spastically
    attacking and there’s a massive death pit in front of him.
    7) Run to the center of the room and slightly to the right and
    onto the exposed root, if you make it sprint up the root roll into
    the branches and keep rolling, when you get to the center it’s
    staby time.  One hit erk dead.  Do the happy Dance.
    The Darkroot Basin
    Mini Boss: The Aqua Hydra
    This thing has a cosmic range, it will start shooting long before
    you see it, luckily the friendly fire’s on and he will kill the
    crystal golems in this area trying to hit you.  Move forward until
    you get to a tree and a rock near the water’s edge.  Hang out
    there until there’s an opening and charge forward, if you hear a
    growl you timed it right, if he is powering up his water attack
    run to your safety rock.  Shortly after the growl the heads will
    pound the ground near you, but this attack is easily blocked.
    Poke the heads with your spear, the timing will be hard.  Once
    you’ve taken out most of the heads negotiate yourself to the left
    of the waterfall, stay close enough so the beastie doesn’t spit at
    you, but not so close that you fall off into the deep water.
    Eventually you’ll reach a point where your close enough
    to cast without locking on(you practiced that right?) and take
    out whats left of the grezy big snake.
    Mini Boss: Golden Lady Golem
    Near where you fought the hydra, past the waterfall on the left
    will be a golden golem, smash him up like any other, the water
    may slow you down, but you can still roll.
    Master Tip: You can now go back to your safety rock and
    summon the lady, once summoned buy her spells, you’ll need
    them later.
    The Darkroot Garden
    Moonlight Butterfly
    You can fight this thing anytime after the first boss, but now
    you really need to.  By now you should have a shield with a
    really high magic block (you can switch back to your wubby
    after the boss).  It will launch several spells at you block them
    and cast when there’s an opening or take a swig.  After a time it
    will land when it does impale it.
    There’s noting to hard about this guy, his attacks can be
    blocked and he has no surprises outside his speed and ability to
    dodge poorly timed spells.
    Master Tip:  You should have the Partizan by now,  upgrade it
    to make it divine with the ember you got after the Butterfly, this
    will be your main spear for the next area.
    The Catacombs
    Mini Boss: The Necromancers
    This is going to suck if you don’t have a divine weapon.  The
    skeletons in this area will keep getting back up, but with the
    spear, boneys will stay dead…er. Then you can safely hunt
    down each fire flinging wing nut.  Other wise run through the
    super modles and kill the necro, there are five and once dea they
    stay dead.
    Difficulty: 2 (8 without the spear)
    Mini Boss: Stone Gimp…again
    This time he’s in a narrow corridor, so you can’t circle strafe
    him.  Instead lore him to where the corridor widens and shoot
    him from there, he won’t come further.
    Triple Face
    Time to let your real spear do the talking(not that pathetic holy
    one) and it only knows one word.  Roll away from the spells
    and stab anything that has more then one face.
    Master Tip: Before entering the next area make sure you have
    the light spell equipped, without this area holds nothing but a
    world of pain.
    Giant’s Tomb
    Master Tip: The mini many faces are best fought with your
    bow, just don’t get hit by the extra mini skeletons while aiming.
    Master Tip: Equip your Devine Spear before you enter the boss
    Captain Awesome!
    Drink up as you enter, as your entry will be a veridical one.
    Some skeletons will roll up, kill them with your spear, (so
    they’ll stay dead).  Try to stay where you are(there are bad
    things further in) the epicenes will come to you.  He will
    swing at you and try to grab you, easy enough to dodge, but he
    will occasionally let loose a low growl and a few seconds later a
    sickle will come up through the ground and nail you.  This can
    not be blocked and it’s hard to dodge and it will disable you for
    several seconds.  So keep your health high and the spells firing.
    The Duke’s Library
    Mini Boss: Double Pork Chops
    Ok so it’s the shiny pigs from before, only know your in a
    narrow hall way.  This one’s all about dodging, stay behind the
    pigs and cast.
    Master Tip: The Chandlers are best defected via arrows to the
    face, this will brake their casting, stun them and most
    importantly they won’t teleport away.
    Master Tip: Equip one of your sacrifice rings before the boss
    Naked Dragon
    This boss is the easiest in the game, just die (preferably not by
    getting cursed).
    Master Tip: The snake bottom things have an insta-kill BS
    attack that can’t be blocked or easily dodged, take them out
    with spells or if your feeling sassy arrows.
    Master Tip: Don’t forget to release Logan(again) he’ll offer the
    crystal spells once he’s set up in the library.
    Crystal Caves
    Master Tip: Watch the snow flakes to find the invisible
    Master Tip: Most of the enemies in here can be avoided
    completely, take advantage of that.
    Naked Dragon… take two
    This guy’s a beast, his health bars the size of Gibraltar and he
    doesn’t like things getting behind him.  First of smash his
    crystal, it makes him venerable(sort of), then keep your self at a
    medium range to his right or left, stay away from his tails and
    keep moving you don’t want to be near a wall.  What do I mean
    by medium, well if he kills you with a claw swipe, your too
    close, if he kills/curses you with crystal breath your to far.  Also
    every once and a while he’ll Rear back with an energy build up
    in his cheast, when this happens run, he’s about to fill the screen
    with cursy crystals.  Finally just keep casting, you will burn
    through most of your spells this battle but eventually you
    New Londo Ruins
    Master Tip: Either use the Curse Stones or actual get your self
    cursed, you can’t hurt or block the ghosts otherwise(there are
    anti-ghost weapons, but they‘re crap).
    Mini Boss: Blobs
    There are two of these things milling about, nether very
    threatening, but there never alone, they have wraths or ghost to
    protect them, take out the little buggers first then cast the blobs
    to death.
    Master Tip: Equip Wolfie’s ring before dropping down into the
    The Abyss
    The Four Cheap Bast…
    As the game wineds down things get nasty, this is going to be
    bad, you better have gotten all the items, spells and upgrades I
    mentioned above.
    The facts:
    -You will be down one ring this fight, you also can’t see the
    walls in this area, but they are there, so try not to back into one
    during your strafing.
    -These things are big and the abyss plays tricks on your eyes, so
    make sure the things are in range, but not so close that they can
    eat you(yes they do that too).
    -These things will spawn in on a timer
    -That these things will keep spawning in if you kill one it will
    shortly return so there is always a maximum of four, unless your
    -They all share one health bar
    -Forget support spells, equip as many fast cast attack spells as
    you can
    - Try to kill them as they come in, if all four are in the abyss at
    once your going to be very crowded and likely very dead
    -Make sure you don’t miss, every Soulmass maters
    -Their sword attacks can be blocked, but the spawn timer is
    putting you under pressure so your better off dodge rolling.
    -One of there spells is a massive helping of pink energy that will
    never stop chasing you, you can’t block it or reasonably dodge
    it, but it is slow, so you have to just take it, keep your health up.
    Here’s how you beat it:
    1) When you first enter the abyss will be empty, but shortly the
    first one will appear.   Get close enough to cast and pump him
    full of Homing Crystal Soulmass .
    2) The second one should be warping in now, repeat the last
    3) Now that the third one is coming for you you should be
    nearly out of Masses, use what you have left then use your
    Crystal Soul Spears
    4) By now there should be more then one in the room, can’t be
    helped really.  Just spastically deal as much magic damage as
    you can to one of them until their health bar is empty or yours
    Kiln of the First Flame
    Master Tip: The enemies here should be no threat to you, not
    any more, but they drop valuable ore, feel free to grind this area
    for it’s treasures.
    That’s a Big Fire Stick
    The final boss and he is appropriately the hardest in the game…
    but only if you don’t know what your doing.
    The Facts
    -This guy is crazy fast, extremely aggressive(even for this
    game) and has incredible melee range
    -If you get too far away he’ll perform a high speed dive attack,
    this will do massive damage and will be hard to dodge and
    harder to block.
    -He deals a lot of fire and physical damage with each swing
    -He has a pattern, but it isn’t stable, he reacts to want you
    do, quickly and possibly more so then any enemy in this game.
    -This guy can easily dodge your attacks when not currently in
    an attack animation
    -The room is circular but there are many obstacles in the room,
    put them between you and him for a few precious seconds of
    breathing room
    -You’ll be tempted to heal, but you shouldn’t, he moves very
    fast and you should use openings for casting, besides you can
    outlast him on one health bar, even if it doesn’t seem like it.
    -Learn his repertoire, you can beat most bosses without
    knowing there every tell, not so here, he’s too fast for that, you
    need know what he’s going to do.
    -Don’t even try bow or spear it won’t do any good and you’ll
    need all your stamina for blocking
    Here’s how you beat it:
    1) When you enter immediately cast Homing Crystal Soulmass
    before he closes in on you, then rush him shield raised.  If he’s
    not attacking or preparing to attack he will likely dodge your
    spell, so shortly after you cast get in close so that he’s mid
    attack when your Masses launch, your shield can take it.
    2) Back off, put some distance(and one of the rooms obstacles if
    possible) between you and him, but don’t get too far away or
    he’ll dive attack.  Once your away from him, and/or he’s busy
    cast, then close the gap again.
    3) Repeat step two, the timing will take practice, but luckily he
    can’t survive more then three or four castings.
                                              1   0000000
                                              1   0          0
                                              1   0          0
                                              1   0          0
                                              1   0000000
    I wrote this, so it’s mine, I didn’t steel it, though I might have barrowed a
    few jokes.   If I screwed up e-
    mail me here and get your name in the guide
    Unless your wrong in which case I will laugh at your

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