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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheWhiteRice

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    Dark souls


    Hello, and welcome to my humble guide. So here you are, reading the intro, and wondering what it's about. For starters, if you have never played the game yet, this intro will provide a few tidbits about what your experience is about to be like, and what this guide provides. If you've been playing a while, but are stuck in a specific part, then by all means, skip ahead to the proper location. Anyway, on with the show.

    So, Dark Souls. Wow. Well, to begin with, it's hard. Not in a frustrating way though. The difficulty really stems from the steep learning curve that the game has in terms of learning enemy patterns and how to counter them. After that, not so bad, really. Story is there but minimal. It's an RPG. Not much else to say, except that the total lack of hand-holding this game has creates a need for a solid guide that many other games won't require.

    That said, the purpose here is primarly to provide a walkthrough of the game itself, and though you see sections for Weapons and Armor, etc. these will be the bare minimum required to be helpful. If you requrie more detailed explanations of the weapons themselves, there are a number of useful sites, particularly the two Dark Souls wikis that are currently in competition.

    The walkthrough itself is split into the areas in the order that you will most likely want to go through them, though by the games nature, you can take different routes in many places. For the purposes here however, I will use a path suited to a moderatly skilled player, that is, no novice, but no expert either.

    As a final note, if you, my dearest reader, find any incorrect information or would like to point out a useful fact, e-mail me at the address posted in the contact section, and I will try my best to oblige. You will recieve credit for any contributions that you make.

    Now, enjoy!


    So here's how the guide goes. Below you get an intro to how to not die, and then there's the walkthrough proper. In the proper guide, I will describe a bit of background on each area, let you know what's there that you care about, and otherwise tell you how to do it with minimal loss of life (for you, at least).


    Right. Mechanics. Depending on the console you are playing on, the buttons will corospond but even so, I won't lay out the controls for you. What I will do, is tell you what to do to not die every 10 seconds.


    Observe your enemies - Before you rush in like an idiot, take some time to examine your opponent. Learn his attacks, the tells for those attacks, and the strengh of them. See how fast he is, and how aggressivly he will push. Look at his weapon and determine if you can block or should focus on dodging. Look for openings that they provide after or before attacks. Only after thouroughly examining your opponent do you move in to strike.

    Use a shield - Let me repeat. Use a shield. For the love of God use a shield. Once you have the game down, you can disobey this rule, but the range from novice up to intermidiate-advanced is dominated by shields, and even the experts use them religiously. If you're going into a fight, keep it raised. You will be quite surprised how much even the lowliest enemy can harm you if he gets in an unblocked strike. Do keep in mind, however, that you cannot block everything, and you need to lower it to regain stamina at any reasonable rate. There is an art to keeping it down and only raising it when attacked. But when in doubt, shield.

    Don't JUST use a shield - Yeah, that's right. The idea here is that a number of foes will have unblockable attacks. Enemies wielding large weapons like greatswords and hammers will be harder to block, and many enemies have unblockable grapple attacks that are devastating. The moral then, is this: if it can't be blocked, dodge. Dodging is a very useful skill that you ought to hone, else you will face certain death from many enemies in the game. On a final note though, if you KNOW you should dodge, but realize it's too late, block anyway. It's better than nothing.

    Don't pick fights you know you can't win - There will be areas you go that will be too tough. Don't try and take them on too early, and if you see a foe who is particularly hard for the area you're in, wait. Only when you can be certain you have a chance, should you engage.

    Pick a build and stick to it - Jack of all trades, master of none. Don't do this. It's okay and I would even recomend fleshing your expertise out to include a good mix of magic and melee, but a 50-50 split will be too tough for a beginner. If you're just starting, focus on melee and throw a bit of magic in when it helps but don't go overboard, and don't try and shift focus to it (unless that's your focus to begin with).

    Upgrade your stuff - The drake sword (explained in the proper section below) is great for the early game, but quickly becomes useless as time goes on. Upgrade your weapons so that you have something that will work for the end-game. Keep in mind certain upgrade paths will mess with the scaling (see below for what scaling is).

    Pay attention to stat scaling - Weapons will scale with certain attributes, such as DEX or INT. Pay attention to this, and pick a weapon that scales with the kind of build you're doing. Don't go all DEX and use a hammer. Also, this is the reason the drake sword sucks so much in the end-game. It scales with nothing.

    Be wary of equip load - Armor is fine, but keep your equip load under the max or you won't be able to move. I feel that in many cases less is more, and that you should avoid weight above even 50% unless your build centers around being a tank. If you really want to wear a set, but cant get it under your equip load, theres a stat for that. See endurance.

    So. That's it. Follow these rules and you will have a vastly easier time. There are fancier tactics like parry and riposte, but ignore these for the most part unless they are genuinly better in some situation than the standard block and attack combo.


    Kindle your fires - Every time you defeat a boss or mini-boss, you get a little bit of humanity, a substance you can use to 'kindle' your bonfires. When you do this, the number of healing potions 'Estus Flasks' you get is increased by 5. Don't waste humanity and do this to every fire, but if you need that extra juice, then don't be afraid to spend that humanity.

    Upgrade your flasks - It's rather unclear what the 'fire-keeper soul' does if unexplained. It does this: it upgrades your Estus flasks so they heal more per swig. The guide will let you know when and where the fire-keeper souls can be found.

    Read hints - If you're connected to XBL or PSN, people will leave hints all over. Read them if you can, as they tell you about upcoming ambushes, items, and strategies. You can also leave hints by using an orange soapstone, which I will describe in greater detail when you can get it. Also keep in mind that if you are human, you can summon other players to help with the boss of an area. You can do this while offline too, as the NPC's are actually fairly helpful.

    Choose the Master Key - When you make your character, select the Master Key as your gift. Please. Please please. You can get everything else through the course of the game, but the master key is one of a kind.

    If you have any other questions about this sort of thing, either e-mail me (as a last resort please), or use your online awesome google search skills to find an answer. The Dark Souls community tends to be very helpful.

    If you guys feel I'm too vauge here or need more explanation on a particular item, let me know.

    Undead Asylum

    There really isn't a whole lot to say here as it's meant to be the tuturial and thus fairly self explanatory. I'll give a basic walkthrough though.

    So. You're in a cell. Walk over to the body that just fell in with you, and loot it for, of all things, the key to your cell. Unlock the door and continue down the hallway, following the instructions the floor hints give you if you don't know the controls.

    Anyway, climb up the ladder and head through the doorway over to the bonfire (the wierd lump with a sword sticking out of it) and rest. If you don't know, the bonfire serves as a respawn point if you die, with the most recent one you have rested at being the one you spawn at. Now, prepare yourself for the glory of DarkSouls, and when ready, read on.

    There's a large door right past the bonfire. Open it, and then prepare to run, as fast as humanly possible, to the left side of the room a little farther on. There rests a doorway there, which you have to get through ASAP. So, go into the room some distance and your first real foe will drop in on you, the Asylum Demon. Run past him and into the doorway along the left wall to escape.

    It's worth noting that you CAN kill him now, without estus flasks, and without what can be called a real weapon. If you do, you'll recieve his giant hammer, which you otherwise can't get until a NG+, but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Whichever you do, you gotta go through the door anyway. Once through, continue a small distance and rest at this second bonfire. Then, continue through the doorway ahead and avoid the slew (well, not a slew, really only one) of arrows that will come your way. Move up and grab the shield (little glowy thing on the corpse) in the doorway on the left. Equip this, and move on, this time blocking or dodging the arrows the hollow will be shooting at you. Once you get close enough, he will run away in fear, allowing you to press on just a tad farther and get your weapon. Once you have it, continue around the corner and slay the hollow with your newfound tools.

    Now you notice this strange white mist/fog in the doorway. Generally that will indicate one of two things. Either it's another part of the area, or it leads to the boss of the area. In this case, you don't have to worry too much, as there isn't anything nasty waiting for you. Head on through.

    So, you're on the ledge above the first bonfire. Two directions to choose from. But I'll help you out, left goes absolutely nowhere. Head right, and more specifically, once you go right, head down the stairs and open the gate to the first bonfire, and rest there once more. When ready, head back through the gate and up the stairs, and then up the second set of stairs, while being very wary of the giant iron ball that will man-handle you if you don't get out of its way (when it rolls down at you, get back and stay left, it will curve right and miss you.)

    Now either kill the hollow that sent the ball at you or don't, but either way, head into the hole the ball made in the wall behind you, and talk to the dying knight laying on the floor. He will give you two things: your first inkling of a plot, and estus flasks. Use the estus flasks to heal if need be, and remember that if you run low, you can rest at the bonfire to refill them (though all enemies respawn also). Oh. He gives you a key also.

    When ready, head up the stairs the ball came down and slay the hollow there if you didn't already, and open the iron gate with the key you just aquired. Head through, and know that around the corner ahead are two hollows with swords, and one with a bow. You can do it. I believe in you. Once they are all dead, you can continue straight forward and fight a hollow who has a shield (a bit tough for a beginner but if you want the experience and/or the challenge), or turn left toward the newest fog wall.

    Once you go through this wall, you'll be back with your old friend the Asylum Demon, and he's still mad about you running off on him...

    Boss Fight: Asylum Demon

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Easy

    If you die in this fight do not worry. As a beginner to the game, it's to be expected. In fact, if you die rather often thoughout the game, you're running about average.

    Alrighty. To begin with, you're on a balcony over the demon. DO NOT wait up here, or he will knock the whole thing down with you on it. Instead, walk off and once in the air roughly over the demon, press the light attack button to do a plunge attack (these are really easy once you get the hang of it, but it may be hard this first time. Just press the button when you're in the air, and you'll nail anything that you land on. It has some fairly respectable range too, so don't worry about being directly overhead.) This should take out a nice chunk of his health to begin with.

    Now the real fight begins. He has a number of attacks, and while these can for the most part be blocked with a shield, dodging is recommended. Anyway, most of his attacks consist of swinging his massive hammer at you, sometimes an overhead swing, and sometimes a swipe. Both are easy to avoid. In the case of an overhead swing roll to either side, and for a swipe roll to the left. His swipe has a really long curve to the right, so rolling right will not take you far enough to avoid it.

    He will also occationally fly up into the air and drop again. When he starts to move up, just back away and then move in once he's back on the ground.

    For the most part, this is simple. Try to stay behind him, perferably near his right shoulder, and hack away (when prudent). He should fall fairly quickly, getting you the key to the large door in this room.


    Once he falls, open the door and make your escape. Note that there is a small path to the left a bit farther up on the main trail that will switchback down to some treasure. But once you're ready, go to the end of the trail, and you will be taken by mysterious means to the new area, thus ending this easy (when compared to the rest of the game), first section.

    Firelink Shrine

    Right. So first light and rest at the bonfire where you land. There are a number of things you can do in this area, a number of items to collect, and a number of possible places to go. From the get go, I recomend exploring the area (avoid the graveyard) until you feel content.

    As for the graveyard that you should avoid, the skeletons there will proably slaughter you at the level you're at. However, there are a number of very good items in the graveyard that you can run for, if you're okay losing what souls you have in trade for them (unless you think you can manage to get out alive after you've pissed the skeletons off).

    To that extent, the items that are of real importance are these: the winged spear, the zweihander, and the binoculars. The spear is on the far right aganst the cliff edge. You will have to traverse a small path between the headstones to get to it. The Zweihander is down the main path next to a large headstone, and the binoculars even farther back, in the deepest part of the graveyard next to the sheer drop.

    There are also some souls around in the graveyard but those are of less importance, look around if you want em.

    In any case, there is also an area with a number of chests if you drop down the elevator shaft to the right and forward of the fire (note this is not the elevator under the bonfire. Right now it just looks like a double archway, past the room with the man and all the pots.) You may also notice the large knight in the area with the pots. He is the leader of the Way of White covenant, which you can read more about in the covenants section.

    Once you're done looking around, and do look around, head to the right of the fire, up the stairs that border the cliff (you should see a bridge off in this direction). Now there are some simple enemies here, but you shouldn't have too much trouble, just be wary of the hollow up on the top, as he will throw firebombs down at you when you're close enough.

    If you can make the jump to the underside of the bridge past the shield knight, then theres a ring of sacrifice (see items) at the end. Otherwise fight your way to the top, collecting items as you see fit, and hop onto the bridge and in the doorway to the aquaduct. Kill the rat behind you if you want. Or go forward and in the doorway to the left to enter the Undead Burg.

    Undead Burg

    Welcome to the first real area in the game. Right off the bat there are a number of things to do. Notice the two enemies to the left as soon as you get to the top of the stairs. Take them out if you please. There are also two more enemies around the next corner, one who will just stab you like always, and one who will throw firebombs at you.

    Whatever you do, you should notice the fog wall. If you don't want to take the small detour I'm about to describe then skip ahead to where I tell you that you can pass through it.

    Alrighty. Detour. Notice as you came up the stairs from Firelink, there was a section blocked by some planks of wood that you passed near the top of the stairs. Once at the top, you can bypass that blockage by dropping down on the other side of the planks. If you do, then there is a doorway to the house on the right side that has some loot in it. Otherwise continue forward and be aware that two hollows will climb over the ledge ahead and attack.

    Once dispatched, head ever forward, across the small bridge and into the next building. There's no enemies in here, but as soon as you exit, four hollows will climb up over the edge just like before. If you hit them before they're over, they'll fall. I recommend doing this. Otherwise, take em on one at a time and use the doorway as a funnel if you need to.

    Once they're all dead, head up the ladder. Head over to the loot at the end of this wall for a bit of humanity. Then use the broken section a bit back to hop back down to the stairs from Firelink that you came in on.

    Now, you can clear out any hollows left over up here and head through the fog wall safely. There's nothing waiting on the other side but some loot off to the left. Go ahead and climb up the stairs in this room and out the door to the right.

    This will be semi-hard for a beginner. A few hollows should run towards you, while a hollow with a crossbow shoots arrows at you from up above. Take em one at a time, and retreat into the house if the arrows bother you too much. Once the standard baddies are taken out, run to the archer and kill him. The tower he was standing on has a door on it, which leads to some new equipment that you may like.

    From the archers tower, head across the short wooden bridge, to the left of the stairs, to find another bonfire. Rest.

    So, clear out the same area again, killing the archers and the melee hollows, then note the two spear hollows over to the left across the wide stone bridge. You can kill these the normal way, or use firebombs. If you do it the normal way, then be aware that they can attack without lowering their shields. If you do this the standard way, be sure to let them hit your shield before countering, because their shield is almost always up, even when they attack.

    So, in the area they were at, notice the boxes. There is a stairway hidden by them so go ahead and break em, then head down the stairs and through the doorway ahead. Here is the undead male merchant. He has a repairbox for some ammount of souls (this is very helpful), and sells a residential key also, which I recommend picking up if you have the spare change. Otherwise he sells armor and weapons of various sorts. I also recommend you purchase the short bow and a number of arrows from him as well.

    Note: He also sells the orange soapstone, which lets you make and rate the notes left by others. If you find a good note, give it a plus rating.

    When you're done shopping, head back into the building and to the left, where a hollow will break some boxes and assault you. Kill him and continue forward, through the walkway, and down the stairs.

    In this area note the four hollows at the far end. They will rush you if you get too close. Take em on one on one like normal, and when they're all dead, climb the ladder behind them.

    From the roof here, you can jump to the small platform on the right, then go through that building, up the stairs, and to the right to find some new goodies to play with. Once you have said goodies, head down the stairs and fight your way back to the bonfire.

    Once well rested, you need to head across the narrow stone bridge across from you. Three hollows will be throwing firebombs at you the whole time. If you bought the bow and some arrows, you can snipe them before heading across, or just go for it, and get into the building. Once inside, there are two hollows with axes who will attack, and a shield hollow will soon enter. If you are having trouble, run back across the bridge and use it as a funnel so you don't have to deal with more than one at a time.

    Once they're all dead, head out the other doorway, and then into the door on the right. There's another hollow in here, and a second past the doorway farther on in this building. Kill both, then explore the building to find a chest with some goodies in it.

    Now that the loot's been had, exit and climb the stairs to a new area where three hollows await you. One will be throwing firebombs. Use whatever means needed to slay them, and if you need to kill the firebomb throwing guys from before, you can climb the ladder against the wall to do so.

    There is also a door that leads to a house that can be opened with the master or residence key, which leads to some good loot. Also, climb the tower in this area and slay the bowman on the top of it.

    All that done? Good. Now notice the two shield hollows that are down the stairs. Kill them normally or via firebomb, and be wary of the spear hollow off to the right. Once they're all dead, you can head up the stairs straight ahead or down the ones to the right. If you go right, there is some loot, but it's guarded by a black knight who will almost certainly dominate you.

    If you feel like picking on the knight, at least make sure you don't mind dying, and if you do, then lure him away and run to grab the loot before he slaughters you.

    Anyway, if you go up the stairs, be wary of the barrel the hollow will send down at you. Avoid by running back down the stairs when he pushes it. Kill the hollow, and then go into the next building and up the stairs.

    Be aware that if you break some boxes on one of these levels a titanite lizard will appear. He won't respawn once killed, but if he gets away he will reset if you sleep at a bonfire.

    So, go up the tower till you see the fog wall, and then prepare yourself for the boss fight. Go back and level if you have too many souls, buy the things you need, and when ready, pass through.

    Before you go any farther, turn to the right and note the ladder. Climb up and kill the two hollows up there. This will make the boss fight vastly easier.

    Boss Fight: Taurus Demon

    When you walk about 3/4 of the way down the path, he will jump up out of the far tower, and start his assault.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Easy

    Alrighty. As soon as you see him hop from the tower, run like a little frightened girl back to the ladder. Climb up. Now he should have followed you and now be standing at the base of this tower. Don't hang out here, but quickly walk off the ledge and do a plunging attack, which, depending on your weapon, will take 1/4 to 1/3 of his health.

    Now, run like your mother's, father's, and unborn children's lives depend on it, to the other side of the wall. Perhaps another 3/4 of the way. Then, turn around and run back toward the extremely pissed off demon that is barreling toward you, and when he attacks, roll past him. Going under the legs if he does an overhead leap swing is fairly easy, otherwise, a roll to the side will suffice.

    Now, run back to the ladder. Lather your hands, rinse, and repeat until clean. Wait. I mean dead. Yes. Until dead.

    Strategy 2 - Difficulty: Luck

    So, before you get him to hop out of the tower, notice the large gap in the wall to the left, about in the middle. That's where you need the luck.

    Now go and piss the demon off. And flee toward that gap, and a little past it. This way the demon should be standing on the wall next to the gap. Now battle and dodge like normal, and if you're lucky, he will hop off, dying instantly.

    I really don't recommend this, but if you're feelin good today, have at it.

    Strategy 3 - Difficulty: Hard

    Well. Get the demon to follow you. Climb up the ladder. Wait for him to jump up with you. Fight the normal way.

    His attacks are these. He will sometimes do a jump/overhead swing, where the easiest way to dodge is to go between his legs. Indeed, for most of the fight I recommend staying really really close to him. His attack set is actually fairly similar to the Asylum Demon's, so when you see him swinging, rolling left is prefered to rolling right.

    All in all, this will get you killed. But if you want the extra challenge for some ungodly reason, this is the way to kill him.


    I highly recommend strategy 1. Like, really highly recommend.

    Once he falls, return to the bonfire in the Burg, because you're about to die again, and probably in a way where recovering your souls will be very difficult. Once rested and leveled, head back to the boss area and through the newly opened doorway.

    So break the boxes against the back wall for some stuff, then head down the stairs. Keep going through the buildings till you pop out the bottom of the tower. When you do, head to the right and down the steps till you meet Soltare.

    Talk to this NPC a few times, giving the appropriate responses, until he gives you the white soapstone. This wonderful item allows you to engage in JOLLY CO-OPERATION with your fellow players.

    So, that done, head back up the stairs and take a look at the bridge that stretches before you. Notice the scorch mark ahead. Yeah. Also notice the slew of enemies that are about the middlish section. What you want to do, is unequip things such that you have under 25% equip load, then run like Forrest Gump to the middle section of the bridge, right next to the enemies, while dodging thier arrows and spears, and take a hard right and go down the ladder.

    Hooray for run on sentences. But in this case it was necessary because if you don't run like I said, the dragon you met earlier will happily toast you into an undead steak. You have just enough time to make it to the middle and down the stairs, but no more. You may die a few times trying to do this. If you do, try not to worry about getting your souls back until you successfully make it at least once.

    Anyway, once you're down the stairs, head to the doorway that does not' lead to the underside of the bridge, but the one that has a stairway in it. Head down this stairway, and boot the ladder at it's end for a handy shortcut to the previous bonfire. Rest if need be. Once this is done, collect lost souls from above if you need to.

    When ready, head out the door that leads to the underside of the bridge. Move forward around the pillars and kill the shield hollow that is in between two of them, and the spear hollow that is on the left edge of one.

    Now if you bought the bow like I told you too, and have at least 50 arrows, you can now take aim at the dragons' tail, which will be dangling over the right side. Get the timing down, and continue loading arrows into it until it pops off and gives you the drake sword. This sword has a base 200 attack but no scaling, but at a low level, it's absolutly great. I recommend using it.

    So, get the sword or don't, but either way, head out along the small ledge the spear hollow was on, and into the archway there. Be wary of the rats that will attack you, as each hit they land pushes your poison counter up, and if it reaches the top, you will be slowly damaged by the poison for some time.

    Rats dispatched, go to the far left of this chamber and climb the ladder.

    Welcome to the Parish...

    Undead Parish

    So, right off the bat you can go forward or take a left up the stairs. If you value your life, go straight. The stairs lead to another black knight, who, once again, is a little to strong for you to handle right now.

    So go straight and turn right along the main road, killing the few hollows you see until you notice the giant armored boar up ahead. Do not take him head on. Instead go to the right, where there should be a staircase leading a bit higher, go here, killing as required and at the top, slay the two bowmen and the spear hollow.

    Done? Good. Be aware that some more hollows may head up the stairs after you, so be aware of this and brutally murder them without mercy if needed. Now, as for the boar, you can do a number of things.

    1. Peg him with arrows/fireballs/magic till dead

    2. Use the alluring skulls that are on the end of the short bridge to lure him under it, then do a plunging attack. Repeat till dead.

    3. Drop down into the staircase behind him that heads downward, and lure him onto it. He can't get past the doorway, and will turn around when done charging at at. Use hit and run to win.

    Once he is dead, head down the staircase behind him and follow the path. Be aware that a hollow will flee as you approach, do not give chase. There are a number of other hollows around the corners in this area, so use caution and move slowly.

    Continue through this area, making sure to pick up the key from the body behind the ladder, until you make it into the open air again. Now continue to the fork in the path, and take a left.

    Continue down this path to the rather fearsome looking knight at its end. Not to worry though, just do the standard block/counter and he will fall, allowing you to collect the equipment behind him.

    Once done, head back and take the other fork. There is a spear hollow up the stairs and to the left, so kill him, then head down into the tunnel/hallway. At the end of this small tunnel, there will be a knight like the one you fought earlier to the left, and a spear hollow to the right. Take a left, and quickly kill the knight, so that you don't have to fight both at once.

    When you've dispatched both the enemies here, continue forward and go straight at the fork. Then head down the stairs and slay any enemies here. Now, do not go into the church, but head to the right toward the long pathway to another building.

    This building houses another bonfire, and a blacksmith, who will upgrade your weapons if you so choose. Rest, shop, and upgrade if you want, and then when ready, head back the way you came to get to the church.

    Alrighty, head inside the church and notice the huge black armored dude to the right, gaurding some kind of loot. Catch his attention however you please, and get him to follow you outside so you have plenty of room.

    He is very slow with his attacks, so just get out of the way when necessary, and come back in for one or two strikes when you can. Be safe more than anything though, as it only takes one hit from this bad boy to take a large chunk of your life bar.

    Once he's dispatched, head into the church and collect the fire keeper soul he was gaurding. These can be used to upgrade your estus flasks by talking to a fire keeper (there's one in the cave below the bonfire in Firelink.)

    You can actually do this right now if you want, by taking the elevator opposite the doorway you came in through to Firelink.

    Whatever you do, when ready, clear out the bottom floor of this church, which has three of the knights in it. Fight one at a time, and try and fight in a location where you won't be shot at by the magician on the second floor.

    Anyway, once dispatched, head out the other door (not the one you came in through), to find two pieces of loot. The more important being the key at the bottom of the stairs.

    Now head back in, and go to the second floor via the stairs next to the Firelink elevator shortcut. Be wary of the knight at the top of the stairs.

    Continue into the next big room, but be aware that there is a large quantity of hollows here, who will all rush you. Use the doorway as a funnel, and take them out one by one. You may also kill the magician up here, but be careful, as his melee attacks are just as mean as his magic.

    Alrighty, once everybody is dead (as always), you can head down the hallway on the other side of this room, killing the knight in the middle. At the end, notice the wooden door which has light pouring through. Break it, and head in this room and up the stairs to release an NPC who can help you later.

    Now head back to the magician's room, and go through the doorway opposite the the one you originally walked through to get into this room. Climb up the two sets of ladders here, and then prepare yourself for the boss fight that will commence as soon as you go through the fog wall.

    I highly recommend spending a bit of your humanity to reverse your hollowing, so that you can either summon other players before the fight, or if offline, summon the NPC Solaire who you met earlier.

    No matter, when ready, pass through.

    Boss Fight: Bell Gargoyle

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    As far as strategies go, this is kind of the only one. The gargoyle itself is slow with the attacks, but they have an absolutly huge range. Stay close, and try and keep behind him. Go for the tail if you want a new weapon, otherwise, just hit him in any ol' place.

    The gargoyle has a number of attacks. His most common is a simple sweep of the halberd, which if you're not behind him or far away, will almost certainly hit you. It is, thankfully, fairly easy to see coming, and it's also not hard to stay behind him for the entire fight.

    He will also sometimes fly in the air and hit you with his tail. This is harder to block, but still not impossible. Just keep on him and don't let him fly behind you.

    When he reaches half health, his buddy will come and help him, forcing you to fight two gargoyles at once. This is where the fight can get really tricky. Hopefully you did as I said and summoned either solaire or other people, and they will keep one of these two gargoyles busy. As for you, focus on only one of them. Try and keep the one you fight between you and the other, so that you don't get attacked from multiple sides, and just keep at it.

    Once one falls, it is fairly trivial to kill the other. Just do the standard block/dodge and strike combos and you will triumph.


    When they fall, head through the doorway to the tower, and climb the various ladders to reach the bell. Pull the lever and enjoy your victory.

    Once the bell is rung, an NPC will appear at the bottom of the tower. He sells purge stones, and other various items, and will forgive your sins if you betray a covenant (for a fee, of course).

    Whatever. Head back to the bonfire for some much needed rest, then go down to the blacksmith and through the archway in this room.

    Mini-Boss: Titanite Demon

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Tedious

    First strategy is easy. Avoid the lightning he will fire at you, get just close enough for a lock on, and pull out your bow. Load arrows into him between his lightning projectiles, and he will fall eventually. The hardest part of doing it this way is just the length of time you have to spend shooting him. Once the timing is down, you'll almost never get hit.

    Strategy 2 - Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

    This time you get up close and personal with this guy. Watch his attacks, and be wary of his devastating jump attack. His main attack is a side to side swipe with his staff, which is hard to avoid, but doesn't do huge damage. The one to watch out for is the overhead stab, which is very painful.

    For this fight, stay behind him and be wary of his jumps, but this is otherwise pretty easy. Heres a pro tip: if you lure him over to the stairs in this room, and stand on the stairs below him, then his swipe attacks will go harmlessly above your head, allowing you to beat him to a pulp. Just be aware of the stab, which can still hit you.


    Once he falls, head out of the door into the new area, after resting at the bonfire if you need to.

    Darkroot Garden Part 1

    The Darkroot Garden is really totally optional, but I recommend you go through this area because you'll desprately want the extra levels once you get to Blighttown.

    Well there's really only one path forward, so go ahead and take it until you meet the standard enemy for this area. They have really good range with their vine whip attacks, and if you get too close they may initiate an unblockable grab attack, so I recommend staying at a medium distance and then moving in for the kill after blocking an attack.

    Anyway, you'll come to a fork eventually. Go straight. Keep going down this path, while being careful not to fall off the cliff, until you reach a larger area. There's actually two bush monsters here, one in plain sight, and one that will pop out of the ground behind you when you move forward far enough.

    Once both are dead, keep going till you see a sealed door. Don't worry about the door right now, but instead notice the bricked up archway to the left of it. If you hit this archway with your weapon, it will disappear, revealing a bonfire. Rest.

    Alright. When ready, head down the path to the right of the sealed door. Continue some distance, and then notice the side area off to the right. If you want the loot placed in the center, be aware that when you pick it up, three bush monsters will appear and start assaulting you, so I recommend picking it up then running to the bottleneck at the start of this small area to fight.

    Whatever you do, once ready, you can pass through the fog wall that is along the main path. No boss. Don't worry. Once past the fog wall, take a right and hug the wall till you come to a suspicious looking tree. It's roots will be moving.

    Hit it till it dies. Wierd, huh? Whatever, continue down the newly revealed path until you find another new enemy, a strange frog-like thing. These are not really difficult, so go ahead and beat it to death, while being wary of its tongue attack.

    Once its been sufficiently slaughtered, continue down the path to another wierd tree, which you should (obviously) kill. Then walk over to the edge of the water (avoid the stone statue that is laying on the ground), and a number of frog things will pop out of the water, just waiting to meet your blade.

    Introduce them all to your sword, then you can head around the small wall on the left of this area to find some loot. Now walk over to the statue thing on the ground, and realize in horror that it's still alive and in a bad mood.

    So these biggies are semi-hard. But not really that bad. Just circle them and the majority of attacks will miss. The real trouble is when they cast a spell that makes you move like a slug, and thus unable to avoid their attacks. If this happens, back away and block as best you can until the spell dissipates.

    So, once you kill this one, go into the tunnel in the small stone structure in this area, and continue till you meet another stone soldier, but this time in close quarters. Kill him like before, then continue forward to the ledge to find the Wolf Ring, a very helpful item for those of you with big heavy weapons with long wind-up.

    So, now backtrack to where the fog wall was. Head to the left of the entrance into a little alcove with some loot. Be aware that a bush monster will appear when you go down this way, and also be wary of the tree lizard (looks like vines) that will attack you when near the loot.

    Grab the goods, then head into the main area again. Note all the loot that is strewn about. If you go for it, then be wary of the stone soldiers and the bush monsters that will appear when you get close to/grab the loot. Take everything out one at a time, and when ready, head to the stone ruins at the far end of this area.

    There is a final stone soldier blocking the doorway to a tower, so dispatch him and head inside. Climb the stairs to the next fog wall, then prepare yourself for the boss of this area.

    Boss Fight: Moonlight Butterfly

    As soon as you step through the wall, a massive butterfly will drop off the other tower and fly over to you.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Easy

    Really this is the ranger/magician strategy. You'll see the butterfly move around just off the bridge. The butterfly really only has three main attacks, with a fourth rare one. The first attack is something like a magic spear. He will fire off a number of magic spears in multiple directions, which move very quickly. If you get the timing right, rolling will easily avoid this. The second attack is a homing missile. He will release a number of slow-moving, homing missiles that seek you out. Dodge these at all costs, as they are far more devastating than the spears.

    He will also fire off a beam, which sweeps the bridge. Roll under it. Easy. The last attack is a large ball of energy he will fire at you, but only when he is directly over the bridge. Roll either forward or backwards to avoid.

    Anyway, in between his attacks, fire off your magic or arrows until he dies. Simple.

    Stragegy 2 - Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

    See strategy 1 for a description of attacks, but this time, devote all effort to avoiding his attacks and staying alive. Eventually, the butterfly will choose a perch on the bridge, at which point it is your duty to run over to it and beat the living <insert nasty word here> out of it. Be wary though, as after some time, it will charge up and release an explosion in front of it, doing huge damage. Back off when you see this coming.

    Otherwise just continue to dodge and beat on it till it dies.


    I recommend a mix of 1 and 2. Use range when he's away, and melee when he perches.

    So, killed him? Got the soul of the Moonlight Butterfly? Don't use it, as you can craft a unique weapon out of it at a later time.

    Whatever, head across the bridge and up the stairs to get a divine ember, which you can give to the blacksmith in the Parish so that he can make you divine weapons.

    There's nought left to do in this area, so leave. Now you want to fight your way all the way back to the beginning of the bridge with the dragon on it. That is, the area where you met Solaire and were probably burnt to a crisp.

    Meet ya there!

    You made it! Great. So, remember the doorway you came out of when you got here after killing the Taurus Demon? There is a door right across from that which was previously locked, but you may open it now with the basement key you got in the first part of the Parish. Head in and down the ladder to reach the Undead Parish: The Duece.

    Undead Parish Part 2

    So, head into the sunlight and pull a right up the stairs to unlock a shortcut to the Burg.

    Head back down and go the other way, heading down the steps, until you are viciously assaulted by some undead dogs. Hooray!

    These guys are fast and dodge often, but have attacks that are easy to block. Do this and attack when you can. Beware, however, as their attacks will cause bleeding, which will be devastating if the bar gets full.

    Once they're dead, pull a right and head down the path that goes toward the back of this area. Note that if you bought the residence key from the merchant in the Burg, you can use it to open a door in this area which unlocks a sorcery trainer. He will meet you back at Firelink once freed.

    Anyway, continue back and kill some hollows to find a bit of loot. Once done, head back and then along the main road. Be aware that when you get to an area with a number of doors on either side, they will all open and you'll be ambushed by a number of thief hollows. Their weapons cause bleed, and they will throw daggers at you when far away. Otherwise, slay them like normal.

    There is some loot in one of the buildings they came from. When done, continue forward until you are ambushed yet again, and once more, use your uber-manly (or womanly, should that be the case) skills to slay them.

    More loot in one of the buildings. Continue forward yet again and kill the dogs up ahead, and behold the fog wall that greets you. The boss that lies on the other side is often considered to be one of the hardest in the early game, not because of his power, but because of his location.

    Boss Fight: Capra Demon

    One thing is the same for both strategies. Block. Now. RIGHT NOW Because as soon as you go past that wall, he will be on you like a fat man on cake. There are two dogs in this area as well as the boss himself, and it must be your priority to take them out. To this end, I recommend that you roll to the back of this room, and slay them before the demon has a chance to walk over to you.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    This first strategy relies on the same idea that you used to kill the Taurus demon. There is a set of stairs at the back of this room with a small ledge, and you can lure the demon over underneath you to preform a devastating plunging attack. The only problem is that the demon will occasionally follow you up the stairs, rather than waiting below. Lure him back down and try again.

    Strategy 2 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    So this is probably the standard strategy for the bigger, badder builds. While surviving the first ten seconds of this fight is hard, after the dogs are dead and it's mano y mano (one on one), you can use standard tactics to deal with him. His attacks are not that bad. The jumping attack is pretty mean, but can be blocked, and he will occasionally two-hand his swords to preform a stronger swing. Otherwise most his attacks are easily blocked. Circle him and do the standard block/counter combo, and he will fall.

    For the record, this is the strategy I used, and I find it the easier of the two.


    Once you claim victory over the beast, you will be rewarded with the Depths key. Go ahead and leave this area and rest if needed, but whenever you're ready, head down the stairs that are right outside of this room.

    Continue forward killing any dogs, and be wary of the thief hollow who is hiding around a corner to the left. Kill as you need, and make your way forward to a staircase on the left wall. Go in, and climb the staircase inside, killing the bow hollow as needed. On the top level, there is another doorway that you should go through, which leads to the Firelink aquaduct.

    There is a merchant behind the bars to the right as you enter, who sells purge stones, humanity, and moss, among various other useful items. When done with her, head to the end of this section of aquaduct, and open the gate, creating a shortcut to the rest of Firelink from the Parish.

    Head back to the Parish proper, and then continue to the left, grabbing the loot on the body which is laying on the other side of the fence. Then open the door on the rightside wall with your new Depths key.

    The Depths

    The Depths. Perhaps the most frightening to the new player, but it's not so bad. Well. Not so bad till you get cursed, but more on that later. Well, go ahead and go down the stairs, to meet your first enemy, a common hollow. How anti-climactic. Be aware there is also one to the right and behind the bottom of the stairs, so don't let him get you from the back.

    Kill them, then head to the end of the hallway and out the doorway, and down another short set of stairs. This area has a number of hollows, with the notable addition that some of them are now holding torches. These will hurt if you don't have high fire resistance, but can be blocked like normal. Just be aware.

    Clear this area out, and then head down the next set of stairs, and greet the undead dog at the bottom with the pointy part of your blade. Also take note of the butcher at the far end of this room. The butcher is a mean dude, but not all that hard. His attacks are slow, so you know what to do. Just be wary of his grapple move, where he will try and grab you with his hook.

    Once he's dead, grab the large ember from the chest by his table. Now head down the next set of stairs, into the water (don't go down the hole behind the butcher's table.) There are two dogs and a hollow in this area. One at a time, as always.

    So, now climb up the rubble at the other end of this watery area, and go to the left. There is a pyromancy trainer here who is trapped in a barrel. ROLL INTO THE BARREL to free him. Hitting the barrel with your weapon has a chance of damaging him, thus turning him hostile. He will meet you back at firelink once freed.

    Now leave this room and continue forward, but be wary that when you go past a certain point, a butcher will drop down behind you. Kill him, then open the door at the end of this room and head down the stairs.

    Now you may be happy to see the loot off to your left, but look up first. There is a slime that will drop on you if you go under it, so either run under it and away quickly to make it fall, or hit it with an arrow. Once it's dead, grab the loot and continue.

    Next room. Torch hollow. No biggie. Keep going.

    Next room. Long hallway. Look up. Yeah. Lots of slimes. Run to the far end of this room avoiding them as they fall, or shoot them with arrows or whatever. Once you're at the other end of this hall, open the door to reveal another bonfire. Hooray.

    Now your choices are two-fold. Leave the bonfire and go right, thus revealing yet more of the depths and enemies. Or backtrack to the first butcher table.

    I'll assume you did choice one. Go right, and note the ladder hidden by boxes. This goes nowhere yet, but is a useful shortcut later on. Anyway, continue to the next hallway, and go right to find five giant rats, ready to die. There is some loot behind them that you may like. Now head in the other direction, and be wary of the rat that will pop out of the box at the corner and attack.

    Anyway, kill the rat and head down the stairs, taking loot as you need it, but do not go down into the narrow passageways. Instead, backtrack to the first butcher's table.

    Meet you there.

    So, butchers table, Yeah. Behind it, there's a hole just waiting for you to drop down it. Do so to be on a ledge above the giant rat. Go and grab some loot that is scattered around this ledge, then prepare for this mini-boss.