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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheWhiteRice

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    Mini-Boss: Giant Rat

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: More than Easy

    If you did what I told you, you can now preform a plunging attack on the rat by jumping (you do have to run and jump to get far enough to be over it).

    If you do it successfully, it will probably kill the rat outright. I have never done this and had the rat live.

    That said, I could use some player input as to how to kill this rat if you miss, don't kill it, or get into this room via another way.


    Right. Rat's dead. Note the waterfall at the end of the chamber. Don't go down that. Instead, enter the small passage that is on the other side of the room from that waterfall. Now this bit can be tough to navigate, but continue to the first fork and take a left. Do not go straight. Left.

    Now go down this passage and kill the rat that flees from you, but be wary as it will lead you to a fall if you don't kill it before the next fork. When you reach the next fork, you go right. Then go a short distance to yet another fork and go left.

    Now you should see a new area with a number of giant rats and a magician. Kill the rats and the magician (lure them into the passageway if you need to), and then go into this area and travel to the far end of it. Be wary that the boxes contain rats that will attack when you get close. There is some loot at the end.

    There is also a small staircase that goes to a fog wall in this area. Go ahead and pass through it, it's only a shortcut to an area you know already. Now backtrack to the passageway you entered the magicians area from.

    Continue straight now, while being wary of the slime in this tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, take a right (the only way you can), and take a look at the hole in front of you.

    Now you actually want to drop down this hole, but before you do, I should tell you what happens when you do. Once you go down, you will be assaulted by basilisks, which look like frog creatures. They have no physical attacks, so just two-hand your weapon for the extra damage. The basilisks will kill you via curse, and they do this by spewing a mist that, if you linger in it too long, will curse you.

    Curses are bad. If you get cursed, you die instantly, and when you respawn, your health bar is halved. If you get cursed again, it's halved again. So avoid this at all costs. The basilisks have two ways of mist spraying. One, they'll stand in place and spray a large ark, and two, they'll jump at you and spray a small ball in front of them.

    Now that you're ready, jump down this hole. Two basilisks will attack right off the bat, though if you kill the first quickly, you won't have to deal with both at the same time.

    So, with them dead, continue around the bend, killing the basilisks that come at you. Go up the stairs, and kill the basilisk in the right branch, then the one in the left branch.

    Now go back down the stairs and through the doorway, though be wary as there may be two or three basilisks waiting for you. Take em out carefully. Once dead, continue on this path to get some loot, specifically, the Ring of the Evil Eye.

    Now back up the stairs and left. Go into the small passage way and hop the gap to get some loot. Backtrack to the stairs and take the rightside passage. Turn the bend and head into the small passageway that's on the right wall. There should be one more basilisk in this area, along with another fork in the path. Go left.

    There is one more basilisk the way you're headed, then that's it. Once its dead, take a right, then a left, then a right, and kill the giant rats here.

    If you're in human form, you'll be invaded by an NPC at this point. Not too difficult.

    Either way, continue forward and take the stairs up to the new area, then go straight across and into the doorway on the right, and up the stairs to unlock a door which provides a handy shortcut. I would return to the bonfire if I were you, and once fully rested, use said shortcut to return to this area.

    Once back and healed, be wary of the two slimes and rats on the ground, and the slime on the ceiling. There is a merchant on the right past the busted gate. When ready, head into the small passageway on the right side, just before the broken gate. You will emerge on some small ledges, overlooking a huge area.

    There's nothing on this first level, so head to the right and down the stairs. There is some loot on this level, however, so take a look around till you find it. When ready, head down the next set of stairs, and through the fog wall.

    Boss Fight: Gaping Dragon

    If you die in this fight, it should only be for two reasons. One, you made a stupid mistake, or two, you're absolutely terrified. The first time I fought this guy, it was reason number two.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Easy

    So the Gaping Dragon only has a few attacks. The first is basically a charge, and you'll know when he does this because he will lower and then do a sort of roar. This is very easy to avoid, just run to the side.

    The other attacks are these, if behind him, he will sometime do a tail swish, which is rather painful. He will also occasionally, for lack of a better word, vomit, which spreads a nasty goop which will eat away your armor and weapons. The last, and perhaps most devastating attack, is when he briefly flies up in the air, then attempts to land on you.

    Anyway, the idea is to avoid his attacks until he does a charge. After he is finished with a charge, he leaves himself wide open for a good number of hits. If you cut his tail off, you get a nice axe, so I recommend aiming for the base of the tail after his attack.

    If you take it slow and steady, and play it safe, this battle is pretty easy. Just don't get overzealous and try too much. Only strike when he has charged, and otherwise avoid at all costs.


    Once he falls you get the Blighttown key. Now you'll be heading there promptly, so if you want to visit any merchants or trainers, then do so now. Once you've done all you want to, head through the broken gate (the one you passed through to reach the Depths merchant), and open the doors past that with the Blighttown key.

    I also recommend returning to Darkwood Garden and farming the bush monsters until you have at least 15-20 purple moss, and 7-10 blooming purple moss.


    Ah Blighttown. Widely considered to be the most irritating area in the game. This will also by far be the longest area in the game, so you're about to get a double dose of hatred.

    And that really is the primary lesson in Blighttown. Everything hates you. The enemies hate you. The terrain hates you. And all of it wants to kill you.

    Oh, and just so you know, all ladders in blighttown are marked with torches, so they should be easy to spot.

    But, let's get on with it. Start out by heading down the ladder on the left side of the pit, and then down yet another ladder to arrive at a walkway. You'll notice the big bad lookin creepo off in the distance. So, these guys have a lot of health, but are very, very slow. Go for the backstab and don't let them hit you off the edge of this area. There are three along this path.

    Once they're taken care of, you'll see another kind of enemy up ahead. These other nasty monster bi-ped things are fairly simple. It's either a standard sword swing or an unblockable grab for them. They don't have a whole huge amount of health, so take em out quickly.

    Now if you haven't already noticed, you're likely being shot with darts, and if you're not now, you soon will be. Be wary, as these darts will fill your toxic meter a clean 3/4 up, so it only takes two darts to turn you toxic, which is, needless to say, very bad for you.

    The darts come from these little dart shooting dudes, whom you want to kill as soon as you see. They do not respawn once dead.

    Now, there is a ladder that goes down around this area (don't cross one of the small bridges though), which leads to some enemies and loot. Grab what you want, then climb back up and head to the end of the path (don't cross the bridges, once again). You should see off in the distance below you, the glowing orb that signifies some sort of goodie. As an RPG player, you just can't resist.

    The jump to the platform it's on is makeable, but only barely. To make it, you have to use the itsy bitsy piece of wood that sticks out from the end of the path to get that extra bit of distance. You may die. To this end, you might actually want to rest at the Blighttown bonfire before attempting this. Should that be the case, read the next paragraph, then backtrack back here.

    So, now you can cross one of the two bridges. Be aware that one of them will shake as you walk across it, so be careful. There's a whole new slew of enemies over here, so take em out, and climb down the ladder here.

    Be wary that the part of the floor to the right of the ramp will give way if stepped on. Watch out.

    Anyway, kill whats needed, then head down the short ramp and across the wooden beam. Then climb down the ladder and go to the left to find the bonfire for this area.

    Right-o. Head back and try and make the jump if you want to, otherwise, head back toward the ladder but don't climb up. Keep going in that direction. There will be another baddie around the corner. Also, there are two little red dogs on this bridge, which will run very quickly at you and attack. Mostly they will use standard attacks, but will also occasionally breathe fire at you. Kill them and move on.

    Note that there is a dart shooter guy up above who you can't kill at the moment, so just try to avoid his darts and continue forward. You'll end up killing two more creatures ahead. Now continue a bit more and climb down a ladder.

    From here there are two ladders to climb down, one that goes farther down, and one that only goes a little bit down. You should take the longer ladder (the one farther away from the red creepy thing), and kill the dart shooter down at the bottom. There is also a bit of loot if you follow the path here. When ready, climb back up and take the other ladder.

    So there are three places to go now. One ladder goes up, one ramp goes down, and then there's the creepy red thing. Take the ladder that goes up. There is yet another dart shooter up there, so slay it and continue on the path up here into a small tunnel.

    At the end of this tunnel there is a large pit. Use the ladder to climb down and then note you're behind the creepy red thing. Use pyromancy or magic if you have it, or otherwise melee it but stay as far back as possible. Either way, it will die eventually, earning you some souls and a bit of loot.

    Now head down the ramp I mentioned before. It leads to yet another tunnel, with one of those big slow dudes in it, as well as one of the more common nasties. Taking both at once is suicide, so I recommend you lure the common one out and deal with him, then kill the fatty.

    Once that buisness is done, head down the ladder at the end of this tunnel, and pass through the fog wall. There's nothing bad waiting for you, so don't fret.

    Once through, continue forward and note the ladder on the left. Climb down it, then climb down yet another ladder. Once at the bottom of both of these, follow the wooden path (the tunnel is a dead end), and meet the newest enemy.

    When I said blighttown was irritating, this was the part I meant. This entire area down here is a swamp, and merely stepping in it poisons you. This is why you needed the moss. Most of the enemies down here will either poison you or turn you toxic as well.

    Anyway, these giant bug things won't posion you, but have a nasty fire whip attack that has huge range and moderate damage. Thankfully however, these guys are not too hard to kill. It should only take a few hits.

    Continue down the path to meet another one, and once taken care of, climb down the nearby ladder. There may or may not be enemies down on this level, but either way, kill them if there are and head down the next ladder.

    Now on this level, be sure to note that at the end of a long wooden path that goes off to the right, there is a dart shooter and some loot. Grab it and head back.

    Also be aware that the swamp spawns an infinte ammount of mosquito-like bugs, which poison you and are otherwise very irritating. Take them out when needed.

    In any case, head down yet another ladder, and then down the nearby ramp to the swamp edge, killing as needed.

    Now notice the large column off to the right side, if you're looking at the swamp. There is a bit of land surrounding it, so roll your way over to it and head to the other side of it. Now you should notice a hole in the wall nearby, which houses the second bonfire for this area.

    Once rested, there are a few things we ought to talk about. One, you can go to the very far end of the swamp, toward the giant tree, to farm both large titanite shards and green titanite shards from the leeches there. That area is also the location of the entrance to a new area, which you may or may not go to later on.

    Also, if you take a right as soon as you leave the bonfire area, you'll notice that there is a large waterwheel thing, which in fact leads to an entirely new section of Blighttown. This section is optional, but I'll be giving a walkthrough of it anyway. Skip that part if you want.

    So, assuming you even want to explore this place further, take a right out of the bonfire area and hug the right wall. Note that if in human form, you will be invaded by the NPC maneater mildred at this point. If you kill her, she will be avalible to summon in the boss fight for this area.

    If you've been hugging the wall, you'll notice a wooden ramp in front of you. Climb up it, then go up the ladder and take a look at the waterwheel to your left. Notice the little platforms going around on it. You'll want to hop onto the set of platforms that are going up, and then hop off once you reach the top. It's easiest to roll off onto the platform upon getting to the top.

    So now traverse this small area and take yet another ladder a tad farther on. Now continue along the platform here and then onto the stone area. Note that this stone area is inhabited by a grand total of five dart throwers. Be very careful not to get toxic if you don't have any blooming purple moss.

    There is one dart thrower as you enter, one in a side area to the left, one on the other side to the right, and two at the far end. Take them out however you can.

    Once they're dead, hop down the ladder at the far end of this area and kill the dogs down here. There are three in the main area, two farther down, and another two in the side area. The side area has a Fire Keeper Soul for you to loot. Once done, leave this area and climb back down the ladder.

    Now comes the tricky part. The only reason to go farther is if you want the crimson robes up ahead, but you'll likely die getting them unless you have some serious platforming skillz.

    If you want em, then continue on the path below the ladder (that is, up one ladder from the waterwheel but down one ladder from the path to the dart shooters), and traverse the small log that spans the gap. From here, continue forward and collect the loot. There is no reason to go up the ladder in this area.

    Now the part where you probably die. Traversing the log in the other direction is really difficult, as there is an area you have to roll over to get past. If you make it, I give you congo rats.

    There's nothing left to do here, though FYI there is another exit to the Valley of the Drakes farther on, but you don't want to go there yet. Trust me.

    So, head back down to the swamp. Once back down, take a look around. You should see a nasty lookin ant hill sort of thing with hairs (technically roots) growin out of it.

    That's your destination. Be aware that there are some tough enemies between here and there. They're like the fatties from before, but bigger, and hold a giant boulder instead of a club. Go for backstabs and do it one at a time.

    Or just avoid them by hugging the right wall. Whatever. Once you make it to the hill, go into the hole in the middle of it to enter the next area, which houses the boss.

    Quelaag's Domain

    First off, don't attack the egg-burdened things that live in here. They will not attack you unless provoked, and killing them is more trouble than it's worth. Whatever the case, head a tad farther in and note the fog wall. The boss is on the other side.

    Boss Battle: Chaos Witch Quelaag

    Strategy 1

    This is really the only way to kill her. There are no cheap tricks, no special locations. The only way, is to avoid her attacks and beat on her till dead.

    Her attacks are devastating. Also, fire is totally useless against her.

    Her attacks are these. She will sometimes 'puke' lava at you, which you must avoid at all costs. This is thankfully easy to do, as all you have to do is stay to her left or right. If you're too far away from her, she will jump at you while simultaniously spewing lava, which is harder to dodge. For this reason, you should always stay reasonably close to her.

    The majority of her attacks will be sword swings. These are easy to block, and easy to dodge, but they do fire damage, so if you block them, make sure your shield has good fire resistance.

    Her most devastating attacks are thankfully rare. She will sometimes use a AOE attack which is something like an explosion, which is quite painful. Also, if directly behind her, she will bash you with the spider abdomen. She will also sometimes do a stomp attack, which if it catches you, is extremely bad.

    So really the only thing to do here is avoid and attack. She leaves herself open when she sprays lava, especially when in a large arc. Use these to your advantage.

    Take it slow, and careful, and you will eventually triumph.


    Once she is dead, head up the stairs in the back of this room, and through the archway. You may now pull the lever to right the second bell. Hooray! The first objective you were given in the game has been completed!

    Anyway, take the stairs down to the bottom of this room, and then hit the stone archway along the wall down there to reveal a bonfire. DO NOT KILL THE EGGBURDENED BLOCKING THE PATH, instead, talk to him and answer yes to his question. He will then move, granting you access.

    So, that done, the only thing left to do are a few optional things, and then Sen's Fortress. That said, take a look below, or skip straight ahead.

    Optional Areas

    So, in an effort to get this guide out there as swift as possible, it is fairly minimalistic right now. These areas are totally optional, and thus, I won't be writing on them just yet. After the guide is posted, expect them to be filled in a few days.

    Darkroot Basin Demon Ruins The Catacombs

    Sen's Fortress

    Ah. Sen's fortress. It's located in the same area as the first blacksmith, so head there.

    Believe me when I say this isn't a whole lot better than Blighttown. Better. But really, this place sucks.

    For starters, its a total deathtrap in every sense of the word. It's complete with traps everywhere, and enemies that are deeply irritating to fight. But, lets get on with it, shall we?

    So, from the bonfire, head across the narrow bridge to the fortress proper. Before you step foot inside, take notice of the little raised tile right in front of you, in the middle of the room. Step on this and three very painful arrows will shoot out of the wall in front of you.

    Walk around it move forward. You will piss off two snake-men, who will promptly give chase. Now run back and make sure to pass over that plate from before. If you do it right, the arrows will kill one of the snake-men chasing you.

    Anyway, about the snake-men. These are the only enemies that will show up in the parts of Sen's Fortress that you should ever be in. They come in two varieties: standard and lightning. You just met the standard kind, and soon, you'll run into the other kind. The lightning variety will shoot lightning bolts at you, and have an unblocable grab. Anyway, I digress.

    So, move into the next room and behold the true horror of Sen's Fortress. Thats right. Your eyes do not decieve you. Pendulum axes.

    Do not get hit by these axes as you will probably survive the hit itself, but either perish from the fall or the slew of titanite demons that inhabit the bottom of the fortress. I've never survived down there, so if you need to know how to get out once down there, I can't help you.

    So, make your way across the bridge while avoiding the axes. Pro tip: there are faint bloodstains on the floor where the axes swing. Use this to tell where you are in relation to them.

    Whatever. Once across, take a left and continue up the stairs to the next bridge, with yet more (surprise!) axes. You'll notice the snake-man on the far side is of the better variety, and is not hesitant to use his abilities on you.

    I recommend equiping the sheild with the best lightning resistance that you can, as this will help. As for the axes, the first and last two are too close together to stand between, but between the two sets there is a small space. Use this, but make sure to time it so that the snake man's lightning doesn't push you back into the ones behind you.

    Get through the axes, and slay the snake. Be wary of yet another switch on the ground, which will fire three more arrows from the wall ahead. Once that's taken care of, loot the chest for some goodies.

    Now continue forward, across the next bridge. Don't worry about the sleeping snake-man, we will take care of him in a more entertaining fashion later. Now walk to the next doorway, but don't go through. Depending on the timing, you may have seen a snake-man just get flatened by a boulder. Kill him the normal way or just let the boulders do their job.

    Either way, once dead, the way you want to go is to the left. Wait for a boulder to pass, then sprint to the left, looking for another doorway on the left wall. Once safe, you may wait for another boulder to pass and kill the snake-man farther up, or just continue. If you kill the snake-man farther up, the room he is gaurding has some great loot.

    So, once you've done whats needed, head into the next room, but be aware that there is a switch in the short hallway between them that will release three arrows behind you. Once thats done, move into the next room and kill the snake-man there.

    Now continue to the next doorway, and if you can't tell by looking, this is another boulder hallway. Wait for one to pass, then follow the boulder that passed you, running as though there were another boulder coming behind you. The exit is on the left wall once you round the bend.

    Do not proceed into this room quite yet. Instead wait, watching the boulders as they fall into a pit. Eventually this pit will fill, and the next boulder will break the wall. Go into this new area and collect the loot (very good loot) from the corpse overhanging the edge.

    Now you may proceed into the other room. Also, as tempting as the chest may be do not open it. Unless you want to die. In fact, you probably should get into the habit of hitting all chests before opening them, and if that doesn't say what kind of game Dark Souls is, then nothing will.

    So, if you hit the chest, you'll notice it decides to stand up and kill you. Deny it this pleasure and slaughter it instead. It will drop a handy weapon for this area (the snake-men are weak to lightning).

    Alrighty. Head to the small elevator at the far end of this room. Notice the bloodstains on this. That's because there are spikes on the top of the shaft, so get on and don't linger when it reaches the next level.

    Once safe again (are you ever safe in here?), head up the stairs and to the right. Then, notice the boulder path to the right of you. No boulders will come down this way, so go ahead and climb up this way. Notice that there is a giant lever attached to the boulder thing. Move this so that it points in the opposite direction of the way you just came, thus sending boulders in that direction.

    If you hadn't guessed, this will hit the poor snake-man who was sleeping down there. Let a few boulders go down that way (three or four), then turn the mechanism some other direction and head down that way.

    The wall should be broken. You can now go down here and look in the cages for two things. A soul, and Big Hat Logan, whom you can free, and he will teach high level sorcery back at Firelink.

    I know the master key opens these doors, but where is the key if you don't have the master?

    Now head back to the boulder room, noting that you have to completely retrace your steps. Also, the boulders will once again be in the hallway, so be wary.

    Once back in the control room, head through the small doorway (to the right if you are looking in the direction of the archway that leads outside), and be wary of the switch here. The arrows will come from the left this time.

    Anyway, continue to find, yet again, more axes. Yay. These ones are too close together to stand between. Time it right, then balls it through all of them. Now this next bit is fun. To the left and the right on this level, are snake-men. The left one is guarding loot.

    Once you take them out, head up the nearby stairs and kill the snake-man at the top. Then notice a brand new set of axes, with a lightning snake-man off to the left. I highly recommend you kill him via arrows or magic before attempting to navigate the axes.

    Once dead, head across this very narrow bridge to the axes. The first two and last two are too close together once again, but there is enough space in between the pairs if you're careful.

    Once across, there are two switches, one to the left and right. Both trigger three arrows from the left wall.

    When ready, head up the stairs and outside.

    Head to the right and follow the path for a nice ring. I recommend you put it on. Make your way back to the door.

    Now head left, and as quick as you can run up the stairs, and up the next set of stairs. Then note the broken section of wall a bit to the right. Go over there and drop down (not too fast or you'll miss it) to find the only bonfire in the fortress.

    Now head back outside, and once again left. This time, run up the first set, up the second set, up the third set, and then up a fourth set and forward to the corner to finally be safe.

    If you go left at this little junction of bridges, you can actually make the jump and find a merchant. Either way, right is the way you need to go. So go right, and then at the next intersection, take another right (left is a dead end). New room. Don't fall down the middle. Take the stairs on the far side, and then notice the deadly small bridge with corners.

    For this bit, you'll want to just man up and run the whole thing, without stopping, until you're at the top of the stairs. Once that's done, kill the hollow up there, and head into the room.

    Now go to the right side and up the staircase to reach the roof where the golem was throwing the bombs at you. As horrible as it may sound, you have got to kill him before taking on the boss, or it will be nigh impossible to win.

    His attacks are slow, so stay behind him and watch out for his stomps. He will sometimes go berserk, which deals heavy damage, so avoid at all costs. When he does this, he will slump over for a few minutes, tired. Use that time to deal some damage to him.

    Once he's dead, you may head down to the area after the third stair set, where you can now go down the long path and kill the armored knight. If you do so, then continue down the ladder, and then up the staircase to meet a very tough npc. Be careful with him, and when he falls, you get a good weapon and can then enter the tower for some loot.

    Whenever you're ready, head back to the fog wall and pass through to fight the boss.

    Boss Fight: Iron Golem

    So this is the fight where I died the most, but that's cause I was being stupid. The golem only has a few attacks. The standard axe swings, and a grab. The grab is what to watch out for. It will likely kill you instantly.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    Let the golem come into the middle area and avoid his attacks. Try not to block as this has a high chance of sending you off the edge. Instead, stay really close to the beast and attack his legs when you can, but avoid his grab at all costs.

    If you do enough damage to one leg, he will wobble. Just keep piling on the hurt and he will tumble to the ground, letting you wail on him for a large ammount of free damage.

    Repeat till dead.

    Strategy 2 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    Right. This time, avoid his attacks, but maintain distance. Whenever he does an attack, make sure you're out of range, and then throw a fireball or soul arrow.

    The only thing to watch for is the axe swing which sends a force projectile your way. Otherwise I think this is the easier of the two strategies.


    Once he falls, examine the ring of light that's left over to be transported to Anor Londo.

    Anor Londo

    Cool, eh? Well, now that we're done with that, go ahead and take the only path forward. That is, the one that goes down the stairs.

    Continue until you see a giant stone sentinel. These guys are tough, (sort of), so don't take them on right away. They don't aggro until you get right up next to them, so instead avoid this one and take a left into the building.

    Once inside, take a right and head outside once again. There is a doorway in the middle of this area on the left side which houses a bonfire.

    Once rested, you can head to the building on the left as you exit the bonfire area to find two more sentinels inside, who are guarding two chests. Make sure to smack the chests before opening. Don't say I didn't warn you.

    Anyway, the way you're supposed to go is straight forward out of the bonfire room, over to the structure ahead. Once there, step onto the circular thing on the floor and you will be lowered into the underlying building.

    Once down below, hop off and head down the stairs and outside to meet another gargoyle. This guy is pretty much the same as the boss you fought earlier in the game, so take him out the same way. Note you can cut his tail off for a weapon if you missed the chance before.

    Once he is dead, take a look at the left side of this area. Note the butress that is heading up toward the other building. You'll want to run all the way up it then roll onto the balcony to reach the other building.

    Head inside via the broken window to meet the newest thing that wan'ts to kill you. They're called painting gaurdians, and while lightly armored, they move and attack quickly. Note that they use throwing knives when at range.

    Kill the ones here then head up the nearby ladder onto the rafters. Now carefully navigate over to the middle, where the chain is. Hit it with your weapon to cause the chandalier to fall to the ground below.

    Now continue along the right side rafters and down the ladder at the end. From here you can, if you choose, roll onto the statue pedistal and then between the pillars to access the area on the opposite side for some loot.

    Otherwise, head outside and push the lever on the giant staircase thing. This will lower the staircase, providing a handy shortcut between the bonfire and the primary church building.

    Also, this will aggro another gargoyle. Take him out just like the other.

    Once done, head up the stairs, and note the two sentinals up there. These ones will actually get aggro from quite a distance. If you hug the wall, you can get one to follow you down the stairs, where you can kill it on it's own.

    Once both are dead, head to the right through the gate, then right again. The demons you see below are fairly mean, and their spears do lightning damage, so beware. Kill them one at a time and slowly, with a preference to dodge.

    Once dead, head down the butress to the left, to find another two spear demons. Kill them, then sprint up the butress to the left of the one you came in on to avoid getting hit by the huge arrows the knights are shooting at you.

    This was, for me at least, the most irritating part of Anor Londo. If you get hit by one of the huge arrows (more like spears), it will probably flatten you or throw you back. That said, on the narrow ledges ahead, getting hit at the wrong angle means it will knock you off to your doom.

    Anyway, hide behind this pillar and wait for the knights to stop firing. once they do, run around the pillar and up the butress at full speed, then take a left. Note that you will probably get nailed by an arrow once you make the left, but at the angle it's at, it shouldn't knock you off.

    Once at the left, head down the buttress toward the knight such that the pillar blocks the arrows of the other knight. Dispatch this knight however you see fit. Don't go for the loot at the bottom yet.

    Once the first knight is dead, head back up the buttress and make your way toward the other kinght, keeping your shield up. Be aware he can knock you off still if your shield is facing toward the wall. Try to block with your back to the wall.

    Once over to him, kill him, then either go back for the loot or continue forward around the bend.

    Once you go forward, you'll want to roll of the ledge and onto the below balcony. Once there, head inside and into the first door on the left to find a bonfire.

    Once rested, you can head into the door across the hall to encounter a knight and some loot. Once done, you may also go into the left door on the other side of the staircase to find a room with an illusionary wall in the fireplace. The room past the wall has some great armor if you have the endurance for it.

    Anyway, once the loot has been collected, head up the stairs. There are some chests in this area with moar loot, just hit them as always before attempting to open them.

    Two doors go to dead ends, and one is locked. One is the right way. It leads to a bedroom. Find it, then traverse the room and head into the door on the other side. There is a knight to the right just as you walk through, so beware.

    Once dead, head up the stairs here to the roof. Now go across to the adjacent staircase and kill the knight there, and head down. There you should meet the knight that you may have met in Sen's Fortress, and if so, talk to him.

    Now if you choose, you can clear the room of the three knights to get a nice ring from him, but otherwise head back up the stairs and kill the night on the other side of the roof.

    Once he has perished in jolly good fashion, head down the stairs that he was gaurding. Once at the bottom, you may head into the left door to fight a titanite demon, or the right door to kill two spear knights and unlock a handy shortcut to the bonfire.

    Once done with whatever it is you wanted to do, head up the staircase (the straight one) that is opposite the spiral you came down to reach the main hall. Now take a left, and head up the stairs, across, and down the next set, taking a left when possible to a new area.

    Now continue down this path until you meet the giant blacksmith. He will turn your boss souls into weapons if you have the right materials, and he will also make lightning weapons.

    Whatever. Head outside and kill the spear demons to the left and right, then unlock the gate for a shortcut from the first bonfire. Now head back to the main hall.

    Once back, take a left down the stairs and kill the knight. THen head down to the floor and kill the two sentinals here, then push the lever at the end of the hall with the big door to open it.

    At this point you should prepare yourself for the boss, often considered one of the most difficult, and when ready, step through the fog wall at the end of the great hall. I highly recommend you bring help for this fight.

    Boss Fight: Ornstein and Smough

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermidate

    Kill Ornstein first. If you have friends in this fight, have them aggro Smough so that you can attack Ornstein without interuption. Ornstien himself is not too tough on his own, just be aware that his spear does lightning damage and he has ranged attacks.

    You should be able to kill him without much difficulty if you have help, but if you're doing this on your own then what you should do is hit Ornstein a few times while Smough lumbers across the room. Once he gets to you, run to the other side as fast as possible. The faster Ornstein should catch up quickly, allowing you another few moments of time without Smough's interuption.

    Once Ornstein falls, Smough will regain all his health and his hammer will start to deal lightning damage. However, he is still very slow and you should be able to dodge without much trouble. The only attack to watch out for is his jump, as when he lands it will send lightning out in all directions. When this happens, back away or block.

    Once he falls, you will have won the fight.

    The one time I tried to kill Smough first, I could not kill Ornstein afterward. I will try again soon and post a new strategy about it.


    Once the boss is taken care of, head to the lifts on the far side of the room, to either the left or right, and head up. There is a bonfire right at the top.

    Once rested, head into the big doors to find Gwynavere, and be given the Lordvessel.

    You are pretty much done here, so head back to the bonfire. You can now warp to many places.

    A note about what happens now. You need to fill the Lordvessel with a few specific souls, all of which are very powerful. You can collect them in any order, and the order listed here is the one that I find to be the easiest. If you prefer to do them in another way, feel free.

    Whenever you're ready, warp back to Firelink and talk to the giant snake to be transported to an area where you can place the Lordvessel. Then, when ready, teleport to the Quelaag's Domain bonfire. From there, head into the Demon Ruins.

    (If you're interested in the NPC Siegmeyer then do the Crystal Caves first.

    Optional Areas

    Coming Soon!

    Demon Ruins

    Right-o. As soon as you enter there will be a bonfire. Rest if you please, but I wouldn't bother, as you'll get less flasks when respawning at this fire.

    Whatever you do, when ready, head down the hill and take a right when possible, then cross the bridge to get to the fog wall. When ready, pass through.

    Boss Fight: Ceaseless Discharge

    He will not attack until you pick up the robes at the far end of the path.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Hard

    This is the boss that I personally had the most trouble with. This is because I used this strategy instead of using the glitch, though admitedly, besting the boss did grant an awesome sense of satisfaciton.

    Anyway, there are, as far as I know, three attacks. Two are simple tentacle slams (one is a double slam), and the other is a slam/fire blast. The first two can be easily dodged via rolling, but the last is a bit harder. The only way I have dodged is by preforming a running jump to the side when it occurs.

    So, once he has done an attack, the tentacle will lay there for a few moments, giving you a chance to wail on it with whatever weapon works best.

    Basically, just repeat till he dies.

    Strategy 2 - Difficulty: Glitch

    Right. So once he's pissed run like a little girl back to the fog wall. If done right, he should follow you back to said wall. Now when he attacks, he ought to fall off the cliff and die instantly. If he does not, attack him, as this will sometimes trigger it.

    If it doesn't work. I guess strategy 1 is what you're stuck with.


    When he falls, you'll notice the lava will recede somewhat, allowing access to the bottom area. Once down there, note that in the direction that Ceaseless Discharge was, there are a vast number of Taurus Demons.

    If you choose, you can lure them, one at a time, over to you, where you can slay them with ease. Once they're all dead, you can look in a lava pool in the location where Ceaseless Discharge was first standing to find a chaos flame ember. There is also some other loot on a small island against the cliff.

    Once done there, you can head in the other direction, against the cliff, to notice a structure that leads to a cliffside path. Continue down said path to the larger structure, killing the Capra Demons that stand in your way.

    Once on the structure, continue forward until you reach the staircase. Head down, but to not go down the larger staircase. Instead stay in the structure and head back in the direction you came from (but on the lower level) to find a bonfire.

    Once rested, head back to the large staircase and go down. Be wary of the fire-breathing Stone Demons that will attack. Once at the bottom, kill the Taurus demon, and beware the worm-demon-thing that will pop out of the ground to the right.

    These worm demons cannot move, so use arrows or magic to kill it from a distance. Beware it's acid spray, which will destroy armor and weapons. Use dung pies to poison it if all else fails.

    If you so choose, you may go to the left and follow the cliffside path to find a large flame ember (fire weps to +10) at the end. If you do so, you'll need to kill two Taurus Demons, and 5 worm demons. 4 of these worm demons will appear at once when you're partway there, two on one side and two on the other, blocking you in. Kill as you did before.

    Otherwise, head forward from the large staircase and head through the fog wall to face the next boss for this area.

    Boss Fight: Demon Firesage

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Easy-Intermediate

    This is actually pretty simple. This guy has all the same attacks as the Asylum Demon/Stray Demon you fought before, with the addition of a fire burst attack. Just attack like you would for the Asylum Demon, but be wary of the burst. Shield if you must, but moving away is better.

    This should not be that hard.


    Dead? Yes? Good. Now move on through this room to the next area. Kill the Stone Demons that attack, and head up the stairs. Continue along this path, killing as needed, until you reach a central staircase area. Step on the plate in the center to activate an elevator to Quelaag's Lair.

    When ready, head back down the stairs and continue heading down past the boss room and then down the root to find the next fog gate. Step through for the final boss for the Demon Ruins.

    Boss Fight: Centepede Demon


    I cannot emphasize this enough. If you don't then you will be missing an extremely helpful item. You have got to get the tail.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    Thankfully, getting the tail is not difficult. Really this boss is not so bad, as the majority of his attacks are physical and easily blocked, given that you have enough stamina. The only one to watch out for is the attack where he jumps into the air and lands on you.

    Otherwise just stay behind or to the side and slash away. His legs are the easiest part to attack, so use that to your advantage.

    As for the tail, it comes off fairly easily, thankfully. I do recommend that you attack only the tail and nothing else until it comes off, just to be sure. Once it drops, it will take on a life of it's own and attack you. It should only take a few hits to kill it then, which will automatically get you the orange charred ring.



    Once he dies, head into the tunnel on the left side from the entrance door, and continue to the bonfire. Once rested, wade into the lava ahead and go toward the root that rises out of it on the left side. Climb up and go a litte farther to enter Lost Izalith.

    Lost Izalith

    Right. So notice all the nasty dino things ahead. They're not any fun to fight, believe me. If you have a bow and a vast ammount of arrows, you can lead them to the entrance where they are unable to get through, then shoot them to death, otherwise I recommend running.

    Melee is not so great with these fellows. But one last thing you can try is to make a suicide run and aggro a bunch of them. If you can make it to a safe place at that point, then they will all attack and damage each other.

    Anyway, they don't respawn, and are worth 2000 souls each, so I do think it's best to kill them, but if you don't, it's not the end of the world.

    So, as for where to go. Once in the area with these creatures, run toward the stone structure closest to you, and go for the side of it farthest from you. There should be an entrance there, with some loot inside. The creatures cannot enter here to kill you, so use this as a safe zone if need be.

    Note that to get to the building, you'll need the orange charred ring to survive the long walk through the lava.

    Anyway, when ready, head to the next building, which is to the right as you exit this one. There is an entrance to this building on the same side, but you have to hit the wall to make it disappear, granting you entrance. There is a bonfire in here.

    Rest, and when ready, take note of the log that is directly forward from the exit of this building. Run there, and then up the root to enter the city of Izalith proper.

    Alright, so head down the next root and kill the stone demons that will assault you. Actually, there will be a lot of stone demons from here on out. Lots and lots of them. Really there is only one way to go till you reach the staircase with the creepy tentacle demon on it, so just cut your way through the enemies till you reach said staircase.

    Right, so head up toward the tentacle demon and be wary as it has an acid spray that will just eat right through your weapons and armor. Otherwise they are pretty easy to kill, just stay behind them and hack away.

    Once he is dead, head through the small building. Once you exit this building, straight will lead to the boss, and right to a number of side areas. I will assume you go right.

    Note that you might be assaulted by a pyromancer at this point. Kill her and then continue to the right as before.

    So, if you head straight now, you'll go down a root, then circle the building for some loot. Do so. Once that's done, head back and then down the stairs.

    This area has two ways to go. A long bridge to the right, and a cave to the left. Go right first. About midway down this bridge, there will be a titanite demon that you must slay. Once he falls, continue down and kill all the bugs at the end of the bridge. One should drop the sunlight maggot.

    Once you have it, head back across the bridge and into the cave, but stay as far to the right as you can. If done correctly, the floor should fall, with you landing on a root, which you can take down into the new area.

    Once down there, note the four creepy-eyeball-tentacle-monsters in the pit. Guess what. Jump down and kill them. Use arrows or magic beforehand if you can, otherwise just hop down and try not to be killed.

    Once they've died, collect the loot from the bodies and head down the tunnel that is not blocked by roots. Then take a left, and another left. Continue in this direction for a while, then go right into a new tunnel with a chest at the end of it.

    Once you have the treasure, head back out of this tunnel and go right, then left, and go straight across both pits, then left and left up the stairs. Kill the monster at the top of the stairs and collect the loot, then head back down the stairs and go follow the path straight to find a corosponding set of stairs on the other side. Climb these and use them to access a root that will take you back to the top.

    Once up above, backtrack to the place where the pyromancer was. If in human form, Knight Kirk will invade at this point. Otherwise continue forward and slay the monster ahead to get some loot, then head back to the fog wall to deal with the boss.

    Boss Fight: Bed of Chaos

    Once past the fog, slide down the slope to start the battle.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Deeply God Damn Irritating

    Right. Once down, notice the two orbs to either side of the boss. Those are your objectives. Run toward one, while blocking the swings the boss takes at you. Once you get near it, roll inside the orb, and attack the glowing branch. This will unlock a nasty appendage.

    You are safe to heal in here if you do it quickly.

    Once you're ready, head out of the orb, and move to the other one. Bits of the floor will fall away as you approach, so make sure avoid falling. Also be wary of the boss hitting you into one of the pits.

    Once at the other orb, hit the glowing branch again to unlock the boss fully. Now make your way back to the center and approach the boss. The floor in front of her should fall away, leaving you no option but to jump onto the root in the gap and then follow it under the boss.

    Once you do this, break through till you find a little slug thing at the end. Kill it to defeat this boss.


    Once the boss dies, a bonfire will appear. Rest and return to Firelink.

    Darkroot Garden Part 2

    For this part, you're going to want to save up 20000 souls and purchase the crest from Andre of Astora (the blacksmith). Once you do, head to the Darkroot Garden bonfire, and rest. Then use the crest to open the large door right next to the fire.

    Head through. This area has a number of NPC's that will attack you, some of which are using the fog ring, which turns them partially invisible and makes them untarget-able.

    Anyway, this first area has some loot scattered around, and the NPC's will also drop some good stuff. Kill as you like, and when ready, head to the stone stucture almost directly forward from the gate you unlocked with the crest.

    Note that in this structure, there is a cat that sits in the window who will allow you to join the forest covenant. If you do, then the NPC's will be friendly to you.

    Whatever. Head through this structure and down the stairs, then loop around the wall to the left to find a chest with some armor in it. Yay. Once that's done, head into the rest of this second area, and note the little mushroom dudes running around. In the center of this area is a pool of water with two large mushroom men in it. Kill them and you can access the chest in the center of the pool to find an ember.

    When done with them, head forward toward the giant gate across the bridge. Once at the gate, open it and head inside. Stay away from the giant sword in the ground for now, but instead head around to the back of the rock in the center and grab the loot.

    Once done, head toward the giant sword to fight the boss of this area.

    Boss Fight: Great Grey Wolf Sif

    Strategy 1 - Difficutly: Intermediate

    Right. So from the start you'll want to close the distance with the wolf and get up underneath him. Once under him, you can hack away at his paws while he swings blindly for you in vain. Pyromancy is recommended.

    The only thing to worry about here is getting under him in the first place. The sword he swings is large and difficult to dodge, but you can block if you have to. The only attack you may have difficulty blocking is when he spins twice, as the first hit will likely deplete all your stamina.

    Really this fight is pretty trivial. Just stay under him and keep slashing and he will fall fairly easily. Not a whole lot of trouble.


    Once he dies you'll get the Artorias Coveanat Ring, which allows you to traverse the abyss. That said, the abyss is just where you're going next. Head back to Firelink and then down the lift to New Londo Ruins.