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    FAQ/Walkthrough by TheWhiteRice

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    Walkthrough (Continued)

    New Londo Ruins

    Hmm. Nasty place. Ghosts. Bad.

    But you have to do it anyway. Make sure you have some transient curses before attempting this. You can get two from the corpse in the barrel just before the bridge to the ruins proper.

    I'll assume you can make it to there on you're own, as it's really the only path you can take that doesn't lead to another area.

    So, go ahead and cross the bridge, and use a transient curse when you can. There should be two ghosts here, so go ahead and kill them. Be careful, as their attacks are quick and they have a grab attack that is unblockable.

    Once they've died, you can take a right and then another right to see some loot across a narrow path. Grab it if you want, its a fire keeper soul.

    Anyway, head up the stairs across from the wood bridge when ready, and kill the ghost to the left as you get to the top. You should also slay the ghost straight ahead as you reach the top of the stairs.

    Head over the small stone bridge into the structure. Kill the ghost to the left in the corridor. Continue forward, but be wary as a number of ghosts will ambush you as you enter the next room. Dispatch them however you need to, and then continue forward and down the stairs.

    From the bottom of the stairs you can continue straight forward for some loot, otherwise take a right at the bottom of the stairs and continue until you can take another right into another staircase. Continue up these stairs and kick the ladder that's right at the top, then continue through the archways to the next staircase.

    Head down the staircase into the pathway adjacent to the building. Be wary, as a number of ghost will come out of the water to your left. Once dead, continue and take a right into the building, continue into the next room and take a left. Be wary, as in here a large number of ghosts will all enter at the same time. Once dead, head into the back of this room to locate a ladder inside the fireplace. Climb up the ladder and talk to the mand on the roof to recieve a key that allows access to the rest of the ruins.

    Once you have the key, head back down the ladder and into the next room. From here, take a left into the hallway. Continue down this hallway to find some loot, and at the end drop down onto the staircase and head down.

    Head outside and take a left when you can onto the staircase, and continue to find some loot. When done, head back and go up the staircase, and then along the path against the wall.

    Continue until you can take a right and head up another staircase to find some goodies, if you so choose. Otherwise continue along this path into the stone tower.

    Once inside the stone tower you can head up the stairs and explore this area to find some new equipment, or head down the stairs and through the iron gate to find the switch that will lower the water level.

    Once you've lowered the water level, head back into the tower and pull the lever, and then ride the elevator down to the bottom floor. Once at the bottom, head outside. You will now be attacked by your newest foe. These fine fellows are known as the Darkwraiths, and they hit very hard but are vulnerable to backstabs. It is important to fight them one on one, as fighting multiple Darkwraiths will almost certainly result in your painful death.

    Continue up two more sets of stairs and into a wooden building, where you will meet yet another Darkwraith. Kill it, and continue through and outside, and then into the large stone building ahead.

    Be wary, as there are a number of Darkwraiths in here, as well as a new, larger enemy. Kill the Darkwraiths one at a time, and when you can, take a look at the large enemy. It can spit out exploding skulls, and has a nasty bladed appendage that will protrude from its front when it attacks.

    It is vulnerable to pyromancy, but simply slashing at it will work too. Just be careful not to get hit, as it will be quite painful.

    Anyway, once all enemies have been slain, go ahead and climb up the spiral staircase on the right once you enter the stone building. Once at the top, you can head forward for loot, then head in the other direction (right as you exit the staircase). Continue forward and up the next staircase, then explore a tad up here to find a chest with a very large ember in it.

    Once all loot has been looted, head back down and out out of this building, via the exit across from the archway you came in through. Now you should be in a watery area.

    Take a left and head up the short set of stairs, then slay another Darkwraith. There is a stone archway near here that you can strike to find a secret area, with a chest gaurded by another Darkwraith.

    Once that's been taken care of, explore a bit more to find some loot on a corpse that is hanging over the edge of a well. Once done with that, head up the stairs in this area to find another creepy skill/slime thing, two more darkwraiths, and a number of ghosts.

    Kill everything one at a time, and once everything is dead, head through this building and outside once more. Take a right around the corner to find another Darkwraith.

    Now, when you're ready, head over to the fog wall across the short stone bridge and pass through to find the boss area.

    Once through, equip the right you got from Sif, and hop off the staircase, such that you fall down the middle of the tower. You will land in the abyss.

    The Abyss

    So, as soon as you land, the battle with the four kings will begin.

    Boss Battle: The Four Kings

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate-Hard

    This, if unprepared, can be the most difficult fight in the game. Basically it will proceed like this. Every so often, a new king will appear, and if you have not yet killed the last one, then you'll have two to contend with. That said, it is imperative that you kill each king as he appears before the next shows up.

    To accomplish this, suit up in the heaviest set of armor you can, run up to the first king, get as close to him as you can, and just wail on him with your weapon. Two-handing is recommended.

    Don't block. Just take his hits, and if your armor gives enough poise, you can just keep laying on the pain. Hopefully he will die shortly, and you will have a chance to heal.

    Once the first king falls, wait for the next one, or if the next already appeared while you were killing the first, run over to him and start up the killing.

    Basically, just beat them down as they appear so that you never have to deal with more than one. Hopefully you can kill them fast enough, and if so, this fight will not be difficult. If you are a little slow, however, you may have to deal with two at the end of the fight, which is where the difficulty comes from.

    Just proceed by focusing on one at a time, and you will triumph.


    Once they die, a bonfire will appear. Rest at it, and use it to teleport out of the abyss.

    The Duke's Archives

    Alright. So from the Anor Londo first bonfire, take a left and continue along this path until you reach a hallway with an armored boar at the end. You'll have to fight past one of the Sentinals to get there, but by now that should be easy for you.

    Once at the hallway, move up until you piss the boar off, then either dodge it or run back to the entrance. Either way, kill the boar. Pyromancy is very effective for this.

    Once dead, continue down the hallway to meet another boar. Kill this one via similar tactics. Once he falls, keep going into the next room and rest at the bonfire there.

    When ready, walk over to the elevator in this room (wierd platform with lever), and use it to go up. When it stops, you'll meet the most common enemy for this area, the crystallized hollow. These guys hit hard, but are slow and easily dodged and/or blocked. They are also very easy to backstab.

    Anyway, in this room, theres quite a few. Take em one at a time, and make sure and kill the one shooting arrows at you from the top of the stairs. Once all the hollows in this room have perished, continue to the next room.

    This room has more hollows, plus a staircase for extra fun. There is also a spellcaster in this room, so take him out quickly. He may teleport away when attacked, so just stay on him and get it over with quickly.

    Once all the enemies here are dead, head up the stairs and kill those on the catwalks. Then look around for a chest at the end of the catwalk if you want. There is also a balcony you can find that has some loot on a corpse.

    Whatever. Once finished there, use the elevator on the second floor to rise up into the next area. Once at the top, continue down the hallway to meet a crystal knight. Be careful and block. Once he dies, continue up the stairs to the fog wall. Head through and lose.

    No seriously. You can't win this fight. You WILL lose. And I don't think you can get the souls or humanity you lose here back either. Yeah. Ugh. Somebody tell me if there is a way to skip this. Please.

    Anyway, once you've been killed, you'll respawn in a cell in a new room. There is a bonfire right next to you that I sugest you make use of. Once rested, you can kill the crystal hollows in the same cell, or kill the snake-man through the bars and loot him for the key.

    Once you have the key, let yourself out. You will watch a scene where a bunch of strange wierd things get pissed of by some strange noise. All the snake-men will flee past you, and try and climb the ladder. Kill them or let em go. Doesn't matter.

    Indeed, whatever you do, when ready, head down the giant spiral staircase you're on and slay any of the strange creatures that get in your way. Once you reach the bottom, climb up the nearby ladder and kill the three snake-men on the balcony, then pull the lever to shut the sound off.

    Once you have done this, the strange creatures should no longer be hostile, but kill em anyway. Also, there is a chest on the balcony near the back that holds a key.

    Once you have said key, you should head back up the staircase to the ladder at the top, and climb it. Use the key to unlock the door here and head into this area.

    Once you step onto the next balcony, be wary of the hollow on the right. Kill him, then head left and kill the two hollows in the next room (one with a bow). Once this is done, continue up the stairs and back into the archives.

    To your left should be another spellcaster. Kill him. Then continue forward through the archway to the next library section. Once there, you can climb up the staircase in the center and turn the handle in the middle of it to rotate the staircase.

    Once rotated, climb down the staircase. (should be the other side from where you got on the staircase). Now take a right and head through the archway to the first library section. Now you should be able to board the staircase here and rotate it, so do so if you please. Otherwise you can just head into the first left as you enter this first section again.

    Once you do, climb down the ladder to the right. Once down here, explore the room straight ahead (not the one with multiple chests), and once you have the loot from it, return to the ladder room and pull the lever.

    Once you do this, the wall ahead will move out of the way. Head into the room you just revealed and take a left to find a balcony with another bonfire on it. Rest and return to the ladder room, then go into the room with multiple chests. Loot them all, then pull the lever by the strange section of floor to reveal a staircase.

    Head down and kill the hollow here, then head outside and down the ladder. Now head down the hill, killing the crystal golems as needed (they're very slow), until you reach the giant crystal hole in the ground. head into it via the giant crystal.

    Crystal Cave

    Right. So now continue down the crystal and take a right, and kill the crystal golem that is there. Now continue along this path, until you come to an area where there is a small cave, and to the right of it is a solid path.

    Notice in the cave the strange particles. These are landing on something, no? You can actually walk through this cave, on an invisible crystal, to get some loot.

    Once done, continue, heading down the side of one crystal, and then all the way to the far end of the platform here. You should notice a section of the platform facing the cliff that has smaller crystals framing both sides. This is part of a large invisible crystal. Note the little particles again.

    Head down this invisible crystal to the large one in the distance, then down that large one to the platform. On the side of this platform that has the butterfly (roughly), you should jump off. You will land on another invisible crystal. Note the particles once more.

    Now head forward on this invisible crystal, (its a long one), to the area waaaay over there. Once there, take a right and then a left into an area with a number of creepy clam things. Kill them (they're slow also), and then head to the end of this chamber (no fog wall) to engage the boss.

    Boss Fight: Seath the Scaleless

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    Right. So first of all, go and hit the crystal at the far end of the room. This will stun Seath and will also stop him from regenerating health. Once you have done this, the fight is really not all that bad.

    Seath's attacks are simple. Most will involve creating crystals underneath you (they cause curse, so be wary), but it's not all that hard to get out of them. If you go behind him, he has a number of tail attacks, all of which are deadly. I do not recommend this.

    Anyway, really all you have to do is block and dodge when prudent, and otherwise beat on him. Lightning is a plus as he is weak to it. Just keep at it till he dies.


    You're done here. Use the bonfire that just got created to warp to Firelink.

    Go to Andre and get a divine weapon if you don't have one already. When ready, head to the Firelink graveyard and follow the main path here, then down some stairs to enter the Catacombs.

    The Catacombs

    So, if you don't already know, if you kill a skeleton with anything other than a divine weapon, it can reform and continue to kill you. So use a divine weapon. Please.

    Anyway, once in the catacombs, be wary of the exploding skulls on the left. Follow the path against the wall to the next area, where you can climb down a ladder after killing a skeleton.

    Once down, two more skeletons will appear. Kill them and continue through the nearby hallway, and at its end, take a left. Head down the left path to find a bonfire. Be wary as it's gaurded by a pyromancer.

    Once rested, pull the lever next to the bonfire to open a set of nearby doors. Once done, head back into the previous room and head out the doors you just opened.

    Once out here, be wary of the pyromancer that will be firing upon you. Head along the path, killing the skeletons as needed, and into the area that has the pyro. Kill him, and continue along the path until you reach a spike bridge. Note that there are a number of side rooms, but none that go very far. Explore till you find the bridge.

    Once at the bridge, head along the cliffside path to find another lever. This one will turn the bridge so that it can be walked on. Head back to the bridge and head across.

    Now go inside and make your way down the spiral staircase. Continue down it until you find a side room with another lever. Pull it and head back up the staircase until you reach the flat area (not all the way up, just to where there is another floor). There should be a door that just opened, so go through it.

    Once through take a quick left and continue outside. Take another left and climb up the ladder to meet an NPC. He's an asshole. Trust me.

    Anyway, he should have pulled the lever for you, so head back down the ladder and hit the wall next to it to reveal a path to another bonfire. Rest.

    When ready, head back down and then sprint across the bridge. If you didn't kill the NPC, then he will push the lever, flipping the bridge, while you're on it. If you're quick, you can make it across before it flips.

    Now you should be in a room with yet another spiral staircase. Head down it, and then outside again. Follow the cliffside path, killing the skeletons and avoiding the exploding skulls, till you reach the other side and can continue down the tunnel.

    Do so, and before long you'll see a titanite demon in the distance. Kill it if you want, but the way you need to go is to the right before you get to him.

    So, once you have taken the right, climb down the ladder and kill the two skellies. Be wary as the part of the floor right before the coffin will fall out when stepped on. Once the skellies are dead, you'll want to fall through that hole.

    Once you do, you'll be assaulted by a black knight. Kill him and then exit this room onto a terrace. Drop to another one and then finally to the floor. There are a number of wheel skeletons here. Be wary, as they will roll toward you and if not blocked or dodged, they will do substantial damage.

    Kill them or simply run, but either way, make your way to the other end of this large room (toward the canyon), and follow the path to a new room with a drop.

    Drop down to face the boss.

    Boss Fight: Pinwheel

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Depends on when you're doing this fight

    If you have followed this guide exaclty, just hit him a few times and he will die. I only needed 5 slashes to kill him.

    I could use somebody's input as to how to kill him when down here at substantially lower levels. Thanks!


    Once he dies, head to the ladder on the right side of this room and climb up, then climb yet another ladder to enter the Tomb of the Giants.

    Tomb of the Giants

    I hate this place. It's dark, for starters, and filled with tough enemies. If you did Lost Izalith before this, I highly recommend equiping the sunlight maggot so that you can have a reasonable ammount of light here.

    Anyway, follow the prism stones (little glowy things) across the stone bridge to meet a giant skeleton. Kill it, and continue along the path. You will eventually come to a stone bridge that is at a sharp angle. Slide down it, and kill the giant skelly down here.

    Now slide down yet another bridge and take a right. Kill the two giant skellies that appear here and continue along the path to find another angled bridge. Slide down this third one, and once on the ground, go left to find a ladder leading to another bonfire.

    At this point you have a number of choices. Head up the ladder and go right to find a path that leads to a building with a hole in the roof with a ladder. Climb down to find 5 giant skeletons gaurding a large divine ember. Get it if you want.

    Otherwise, from the bonfire ladder, head forward and hug the right wall. Head toward the fog wall in the distance. Once you get there, pass through. You, may or may not have encountered a dog like giant skeleton. These guys attack quickly and hard, put don't have much life. Kill them fast.

    Anyway, once you're through the fog, you will be assaulted by another black knight. You might want to kill the giant archer in the back of this area before tackling the knight, but either way, once both are dead, head to the back of this area and notice the ramp heading downward.

    Head down and follow the path to the right for some loot. Otherwise take the left side path and hug the left wall to find the path to another bonfire.

    Rest, and head back. You should notice a ramp on the left leading farther down. Take it. Continue to find an area with three skelly dogs, then keep going by hugging the right wall to find the new path. Continue along this path (don't move to the right and onto the other path unless you want loot), until you come to a ladder.

    Head down the ladder, and follow the path into the tunnel and continue. You will eventually come to a place where a bone worm will pop out of the ground. These guys are not tough, but can be irritating. Kill it and keep going.

    You will soon come across two giant skellies, one with a bow. Kill them. Continue into the next tunnel to reach a cave with a number of Pinwheel-like creatures and a slew of baby skeletons in the water. Traverse the area killing as you need to till you reach the other side of the pond.

    Once on the other side, continue up the path until you find a group of branches blocking the way forward. Do not go through them unless you are ready for the boss. If you are, then move on.

    Boss Fight: Gravelord Nito

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: Intermediate

    Right. So you drop in to the area, and Nito gets pissed. Now don't move. Seriously. Stop. Wait for him to come to you, because the other end of this chamber has a number of giant skellies that will complicate the fight unnecessarily.

    Just wait for him to come to you, killing any standard skeletons that attack, and once he arrives, start the beatdown.

    Nito has a number of attacks. Most consist of swings of his sword, but he may also use an AOE (area of effect) attack that does quite a bit of dammage. You can tell when this happens as he will raise his sword in the air in a very specific way.

    Otherwise this is probably the easiest of the late game bosses, just keep pounding him till he falls.


    Once he dies, use the bonfire at the back of this area to teleport to Firelink. Then head down to the lordvessel (speak to frampt, the giant snake thing, if you haven't placed it yet), and give it all the souls you have aquired.

    The door will open, allowing you access to the last area of the game.

    Optional Areas

    Coming Soon!

    Kiln of the First Flame

    Oh yes, the end is in sight. Head down the stairs and into the open. Really there's only one way to go till you hit the boss, with a total of 5 (respawing) black knights between here and there. If you need to upgrade weapons and armor, now is the time. The knights have garunteed drops on various kinds of titanite chunks.

    Anyway, head forward, kill the sword knight. Head forward, kill the greatsword knight. Head forward onto the narrow bridges. Kill the sword knight. Head forward to the staircase and go down. Kill the axe knight. Head down more. Kill the halberd knight.

    Now, when ready, step through the fog.

    Boss Fight: Gwyn: Lord of Cinder

    Before I tell you what you should do, let me tell you what he does. As soon as you enter, he will pound you. He will not stop pounding you. He seemingly has no stamina limit, and his sword is very very painful.

    He will leave no openings. Ever. Except maybe a half second where you might be able to poke him once. That's it. And before he dies, you'll mess up or get killed some other way.

    So yeah.

    Strategy 1 - Difficulty: I wish you luck

    So he gives no openings. Make your own. The best I can say here is parry and riposte the entire fight. If you need practice, then do so, but this is literally the only way I have ever beaten this guy.

    It should take no more than 6 ripostes with a good weapon.

    Good luck, and godspeed.


    If you manage to win, I feel it is my duty as the guide writer to let you take the final step on your own. That said, well done. You have completed one of the hardest games out today, if not the hardest. You died countless times, and screamed at the TV more times than you want to admit.

    But it was worth it.

    Weapon/Armor Specs

    Alrighty then. Here are basic specs for weapons and armor in game, and this list is by no means exaustive. It's a work in progress, and if you need more, you're far better served by the online wikis that do this. What follows is a basic description of the class of item (but not of each one), and my take on its functionality. Also, there will be a small table that includes its base damage, stat scaling, and requirements for use. If you need upgrade stats, use a wiki.

    Stuff Soon!


    Items, merchants, covenants, and other goodies!


    Coming Soon to a guide near you!


    Undead Male Merchant

    This guy is located past the spear hollows near the bonfire in the Undead Burg.

    Notable Items:

    • Orange Soapstone
    • Set of Chainmail
    • Repair Box
    • Standard type arrows and bolts
    • Residence Key
    • Other Misc. Items and Weapons (low level stuff)

    When killed, drops the residence key, orange soapstone, and the katana Uchigatana. This is good if you don't mind never having access to him again.


    Ranks and Betrayal costs coming soon!

    Way of White

    How to Join

    Talk to Petrus at the Firelink Shrine. He is in the room with all the pots.


    You will be paired more easily with other members of this covenant, and some spells will work for all memebers of a party if they are all in the covenant.

    Warrior of Sunlight

    How to Join

    There is a faith base requirement of 50. Every time you defeat a boss as a phantom in another players world, this requirement drops by 5. Once your faith is above the required, pray at the sunlight alter in the Undead Parish. This is located under the Hellkite (dragon).


    You are paired more easily with other members of this covenant. You will appear as a gold phantom when summoned for jolly cooperation, and when you defeat the area boss, all players who helped get a sunlight medal.

    Forest Hunter

    How to Join

    Talk to Alvina the cat in Darkwood Garden. He is located in the small stone structure past the sealed door, in a window.


    You get a ring that when worn, puts you in a queue to invade players in this area of the forest who are in human form.

    Chaos Servant

    How to Join

    Talk to Quelaag's sister, (the white spider thing) near the bonfire in Quelaag's Domain.


    You get some new pyromancy for joining, and can later unlock a very useful shortcut for Lost Izalith.

    Blades of Darkmoon

    How to Join

    You must have the Darkmoon Seance Ring, which is in the catacombs, equiped. Then, move the elevator in Anor Londo to it's lowest level to enter the shrine. Then, with the ring equiped, head down the stairs and DO NOT go past the fog wall, but pray to join.


    You get the blue eye orb, which lets you invade the worlds of players who have betrayed their covenants. Also you get a ring which will allow you to invade players in Anor Londo if they killed Gwynevere.

    Princesses Gaurd

    How to Join

    Talk to Gwynevere.


    You will receive a number of new miricles, and you are also matched easier with other players in this covenant.

    Gravelord Servant

    How to Join

    In the catacombs, in the room with the Titanite Demon, there is a coffin you can rest in. Do so for some time to be transported to an area in the Tomb of the Giants, if and only if you have any eye of death in your inventory. Then pray before Nito.


    You may use eyes of death to summon monsters into other three other player's worlds, though you also leave your summon sign avalaible so that if thy find it they may invade you. If the players die, you get half their souls and eyes of death.

    This is currently broken, and rarely works.

    Path of the Dragon

    How to Join

    Speak to the dragon at the end of the path in Ash Lake.


    You get the dragon headstone which allows you to change your head into that of a dragon and breathe fire, and you get the eye of the dragon, which allows you to invade players who have dragons scales in their inventories, and fight them for the scales.


    How to Join

    Get the lordvessel then do NOT talk to Framps the primordial serpent (the one who is in Firelink). Instead, proceed to New Londo, talk to the man on the roof to recieve the key to lower the water, and make your way to the bottom where the 4 kings fight is.

    Kill the 4 kings (requires the ring from Great Grey Wolf Sif).

    Talk to Kaathe, the serpent in the abyss (only appears if you have the lordvessel in your inventory).


    Recieve the Red Eye Orb, which is like it's cracked counterpart, but has infinite uses.

    More Info Soon!


    I just KNOW thousands of you are here to get a simple question answered. Hopefully its here and you won't have to e-mail me about it, but if its not, feel free.

    I'm cursed and don't know what to do!

    Yummy. So, depending on where you are, you have some options.

    1) Go to New Londo ruins and get it cured for free, but contend with ghosts that will probably devastate, destroy, demoralize and most certainly ruin your relationships with friends and family before you before you find the healer.

    2) Pay 6000 souls to purchase a purge stone from the merchant in the Firelink aquaduct. You can farm easy enemies till you have enough.

    3) Pay 3000 souls to purchase a purge stone from the merchant in the bottom of the first bell tower. Probably the better option, unless you're lazy.

    4) Kill the Creepy-Five-Legged-Clam-Oyster-Death-Things until one drops a purge stone. Use it.

    How do I get the drake sword?

    Well. Know the dragon that almost certainly roasted you into a undead steak? Well, go under the bridge that its sitting on, and pull out a short/longbow. Then, take some arrows (perhaps 30 or 40), and load them into the creatures tail, which dangles over the edge on the right side. Get it enough and it will fall off getting you the drake sword. Just please stop using it after you get past Blighttown.

    How do I join covenant <insert name here>

    See the section on covenants in the Misc. section.

    How do I get past boss <insert name here>

    Find it in the guide. There are several strategies listed for each.

    Why can't I summon/be summoned/invade/whatever?

    You're either at such a level that it doesn't match with the people in the area you're in, or you're using an item that's broken, like the eye of death or the blue eye orb. Both work horribly.

    Where is the item <name here> or the weapon <name here>?

    If it's not in the items section, (use ctrl-F), then look online. If not there, e-mail me.

    Version History

    1.00 (date here)

    Initial Release, focus on walkthrough, other areas lacking.
    Finally done with basic walkthrough. The rest to come soon. Wow. That took
    a while.


    If something is wrong, or you'd like to add, contact me!


    I will endeavor to answer all e-mails provided they have something such as 'Dark Souls Guide' in the subject and have coherent content.


    Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this entire document without royalty or permission provided the copyright notice and this permission notice are preserved.

    Please, however, send notice to me that you will be using this document. Contact me via the e-mail address above

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    From Software

    For making this outstanding game.

    Me (Conor Rice)

    For taking the time to write this guide.

    Sierra Atkins

    For playing through for me, and evaluating the usefulness and clarity of
    the guide.