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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x

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    Red Titanite ChunkPeculiar Doll
    Crest ShieldTitanite Slab
    Winged Spear (in Firelink)Zweihander (in Firelink)
    Binoculars (in Firelink)Soul of a Proud Knight (in VotD)
    Dragon Crest Shield (in VotD)Astora's Straight Sword (in VotD)
    Soul of a Nameless Soldier (in VotD)

    As you enter the Undead Asylum, only a few steps down on your left is the next of Snuggly the crow. Similar to his appearance in Demon's Souls, he wants your items, but now he's prefer your soft and warm items to your shinies. For a complete list of how trading with Snuggly works and what you can get, refer to that section elsewhere in this guide.

    When you go through the door at the bottom of the path be VERY careful not to run into the middle of the room, or you will immediately trigger the boss fight. Instead, run around the edges and to the door on the other side with the game's first bonfire. Climb down the ladder behind it and defeat the powerful knight to receive a RED TITANITE CHUNK and probably another knight sword with it. Behind him, in the cell where you started the game, is a PECULIAR DOLL, a hidden item that is useless now but will come in very handy later.

    Make your way back to the bonfire again. Somewhere in this area you will likely be ambushed by another knight, who when defeated, drops a CREST SHIELD. Now, remember the shortcut you opened at the beginning of the game near the bonfire? The door in the wall leads up the stairs (to where the undead has retrieved him rolling stupid cannonball again). Beyond him and the regular enemies is that locked door you were never able to open, but you now can with the Undead Asylum F2 West Key. Just through the door you'll find the RUSTED IRON RING on a corpse which makes it much easier to move through rough terrain and sludge.

    Now, if you're ready to fight the boss, rest at the bonfire and then run into the centre of the room.


    The Stray Demon is a relatively simple boss to defeat, again, if you know his strategy and how he works. The easiest way to beat him is to learn his pattern and figure out how to avoid all his attack entirely, he is another boss where a patient player should be able to defeat him without being hit.

    The strategy is as follows, you want to get as close as possible and spend the entire battle sidestepping around behind him. After the first fall you will want to try and roll when you land and heal in a corner since you'll end up taking some damage. From here just spring toward him and try and avoid any large swings of his club. Once you right snug against his feet beside him, you're relatively safe.

    As you are tucked in close to the boss and sidestepping, he will almost exclusively use one of two attacks. The first is a jump into the air and butt-stomp back down. He's in the air for a good few seconds so you have plenty of time for a couple of backward rolls to avoid all damage before moving in again.

    The second attack he'll use when you're close is a magic explosion, which has a fairly large range EXCEPT when you're directly behind him, where it has none. This is your chance to do your attacking, and lucky for you, he uses this attack a lot. The real trick to winning/losing this battle comes with patience in your attacks. If you keep going for a couple extra swings, it won't take him long to turn around again and before you know it, you're in front of him and this is not a good place to be. Both of his club attacks can be dodged with rolls to the side, but if you do this fight right, he should almost never get to use them.

    Quick note: when I fought him as a mage, though most battles I try and keep a distance, I actually found the above strategy to be much better. Spamming magic while in front of him, even far away in a corner, is a poor strategy because of the huge range and damage of his overhead club smash. If you simply stay close and sidestep behind him when he creates his magic explosion, this will give you plenty of time for use of your spells while safely casting from behind.

    Beating the boss will get you a TITANITE SLAB and 20,000 souls.

    That's all there is to the Undead Asylum. Just make your way back up and the crow will be happy to fly you back to Firelink.

    Optional: While we're here and a bit more powerful, let's take a moment to collect the rest of the items from the Firelink graveyard. Feel free to skip over this is you already have. In the graveyard there are a fair number of regular skeletons who give no souls, and two large skeletons that give 500 souls each. Take your time to clear the graveyard of these enemies, the most difficult of which is a large skeleton surrounded by three regular ones. After they are cleared, the remaining items I didn't mention earlier are a WINGED SPEAR, a ZWEIHANDER and BINOCULARS at the very back of the graveyard.

    Now at this point you are finally ready to tackle Blighttown. There are a number of ways to enter Blighttown. The standard way is to enter from the bottom of the Depths using the Blighttown key you got from defeating the Gaping Dragon on the huge door beside the item vendor. We'll be entering from a different way, although this first way is as good as any.

    The quickest way to enter is from the Firelink Shrine, go down the stairs and down the elevator to the New Londo Ruins. From here it's only a few steps away to a locked door you can open with the Master Key. If for some reason you didn't start wit the Master Key you can still reach this point by taking the elevator down from the Darkroot Basin bonfire and going through the Valley of the Drakes. (If you do this, take the elevator down, run left past the dragons, don't engage any of them ,especially the enormous ancient sleeping one. From that point it's only a few steps further across a bridge to the other side of the door I mentioned in the New Londo Ruins).

    Note: If you are a mage it is VERY easy to kill this ancient dragon. Simply stand out of range of his only attack (massive puke blast) and spam magic until he's dead. The area under his body will reveal three corpses containing SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, DRAGON CREST SHIELD and ASTORA'S STRAIGHT SWORD.

    Once you're on the Valley of the Drakes side of the iron gate to the New Londo Ruins, collect the LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER from beside the door. Cross the thin bridge and enter the cave. You'll have to fight past a few large hulking enemies that can poison (and kill) you with their giant clubs. Once defeated you'll find yourself in Blighttown.

    Key to New Londo RuinsSoul of a Proud Knight
    Fire Keeper SoulMask of the Sealer
    Crimson RobesCrimson Gloves
    Crimson WaistclothTin Banishment Catalyst
    Sorcery: RemedyDragon Scale
    Large Titanite ShardGiant Club
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightGreen Titanite Shard
    Large Titanite ShardServer
    Plank Shield

    As soon as you enter, adorn yourself in all of the Black Leather gear, Thief Mask and the Spider Shield. This will give you the best poison defences available to you at this point.

    Just before you descend the first ladder you'll find the KEY TO NEW LONDO RUINS which opens up the door back to the Firelink Shrine from the Valley of the Drakes where you came from (the one you could also open with the Master Key). Your only goal here is to go down, down, down. Every ladder is marked with a torch to make it easier for you. After about 3-4 ladders be ready to hide yourself.

    You need to be ready and very careful to avoid the blowgun-firing enemies in this area. When you start hearing the distinct noise of a dart fired, have your shield ready and locate the source of the dart. It probably won't take more than two hits to be inflicted with the dangerous toxin status. Hopefully you picked up a few Blooming Purple Moss Clumps from the enemies in the Darkroot Garden.

    The one bit of GOOD news that I have is that as soon as you kill one of these dart-blowing bastards he will never respawn again, so things can only get better. At the bottom of the fourth ladder I believe, there is a path leading away straight toward one. Don't get too cocky after killing him though, directly behind him are at least two more off in the distance. Make your way toward them slowly, and eliminate them one at a time as you make your way around the upper walkway.

    Once they're all taken care of you can go back to the corpse with the SOUL OF A PROUD NIGHT. Now you're ready to descend the ladder and face a new danger, fire dogs. After eliminating them there's a nice reward for all your trouble, another FIRE KEEPER SOUL. Now head back to the ladders i the main area again.

    Down the next one there's another branching path to take. Follow it along a very think tree branch to the other side. Continue along to the end where you'll find a corpse with a MASK OF THE SEALER, CRIMSON ROBE, CRIMSON GLOVES, CRIMSON WAISTCLOTH, and TIN BANISHMENT CATALYST. In the chest beside it is SORCERY: REMEDY. On the way back there is a ladder going up, though I'm not sure there's anything to find up there (feel free to prove me wrong).

    Make your way back to the main area again and start descending. You'll need to ride a large wooden elevator to get to the bottom here. There's nothing much to find until you eventually reach the swamp. The first thing you want to do here is run along hugging the left wall until you quickly reach a tunnel wit ha bonfire in it. At the end of the tunnel is a dead end with a chest containing a DRAGON SCALE.

    And now, to explore the swamp. If you just came from the Undead Asylum that Rusted Iron Ring will come in very handy here. Don't worry too much about poison, it's bound to hit you, you'll just be wasting items curing it then running back through the swamp again. Just keep an eye on your Estus and come back to the bonfire anytime you need to. This is a handy one to kindle as well.

    I won't cover in too much detail the specifics of exploring the swamp. It's not as big as it looks. I'll just give you a general idea what items you can find and where you'll find them. Back toward the way you came down across the swamp there's a LARGE TITANITE SHARD, then across the web-infested trees and rock tossing giants on the other side of the swamp is a corpse with a GREAT CLUB. Moving back in the other direction grab the LARGE SOUL OF A PROUND KNIGHT, then to the next item you can see in the distance, another LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Turn and face the other side of the swamp, you should see a third LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT under a wooden walkway (this is only a few seconds away along the wall from the bonfire if you need to rest).

    From the bonfire again, go left and explore that side of the swamp. I don't recommend you go up the wooden ramp where all the enemies are yet, we'll visit that part of Blighttown later in the game. On that side of the swamp you'll start encountering leeches. Leeches are fairly easy to kill and provide one of the best drop rates for Large Titanite Shards in the game if you're looking to boost your +5 weapons to +10 (most weapons will require 9 Large Titanite to go from 5 to 10).

    On that side of the swamp you'll find a GREEN TITANITE SHARD, LARGE TITANITE SHARD, SERVER, and up the ramp into the tree a PLANK SHIELD. Back to the bonfire again!

    That covers most of what this portion of Blighttown has to offer. While exploring you undoubtedly noticed the large area of dead trees covered in webs back in the direction you came when first approaching the bonfire. This area (heavily guarded by giants) leads up to a cave, and the entrance to Quelaag's Domain.

    Soul of QuelaagPyromancy: Great Chaos Fireball
    Twin Humanities

    Make sure the first thing you do is cure your poison, you won't be re-afflicted here. Before entering I also suggest you equip yourself with the Dragon Crest Shield, and the Wolf Ring (instead of the Rusted Iron Ring you were likely wearing).


    A difficult boss that can be made very reasonable with the right preparation. Before the battle you will want to equip yourself with the Dragon Crest shield (because of its powerful fire defines) and the Wolf Ring. This will allow you to block most of the boss' close range attacks with little repercussion.

    The beginning of this battle is a very opportune time, so don't waste it. Start by sprinting toward the boss and jumping to her side. Before anything she'll begin by establishing her "lava floor" and puking out some magma in front of her a couple of times. This attack poses no danger as long as you are beside her, so use the chance to get in as many 2H strikes or magic as you can.

    Once the danger floor is established, she'll start focusing a bit more on hitting you with her close range strikes. These fire elemental hits can be dodged with a quick timed roll, but sidestepping and blocking if you have the shield I mentioned is a very good option as well. She's quick so you may have to wait out these attacks until she decides to do something else.

    TO change it she she will usually either do a bit of a fire burst that shoots fire in every direction ,including behind her, this is probably the most dangerous attack to you. Learn to predict it and move back to avoid it. The one you want to wait for is the forward-blasting fire spit, as long as you're beside her this is your best chance to get in another volley of attacks (also when the lava floor wears off and she has to re-apply some more).

    Besides that, just try and get in a swing or two here and there between her close range fire swipes. The boss has a fair bit of health, and you may have difficulty if you're used to relying on pyromancy. Don't be afraid to enchant your weapons or try something new if that's the case.

    For defeating the boss you get 20,000 souls and the SOUL OF QUELAAG. This soul can be used to make Quelaag's Furysword, a very powerful weapon with huge fire damage attached to it. You'll encounter the blacksmith to make this weapon soon, in Anor Londo, so unless you're already planning on using another weapon, I'd highly suggest saving this soul. I used the Furysword on my first character right through the end of the game.

    Beyond where you fought the boss is the lever to ring the second bell. Now that both are rung the huge gate just off the cathedral bonfire is finally open. After ringing the bell, head downstairs (walk, or drop through the hole). In the chamber below you can attack one of the walls to reveal a hidden room. Make sure you TALK TO (not attack) the creature ahead of you.

    Rest at the bonfire and speak to thing in the wall. You can join this covenant and get the PYROMANCY: GREAT CHAOS FIREBALL. Now return to the bonfire in Blighttown, there's a couple of optional areas to explore before going through the gate.

    If you remember where you found the Plank Shield up that big tree root in the swamp, go back up there. Now attack the wall on the left to reveal a secret area with a chest containing TWIN HUMANITIES. If you attack the wall behind the chest you'll reveal an even secreter area.

    Titanite ChunkRed Titanite Chunk
    Blue Titanite ChunkLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
    Cloranthy RingWhite Titanite Chunk
    Blue Titanite ChunkLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier

    I'll just mention in advance that the next two areas are complete bullshit. The rewards are decent, but nothing amazing (unless you're really hard up for Dragon Scales). But hey, this is Dark Souls and that's what we do.

    So getting to it, this area is relatively straightforward, although very dangerous, as you have to deal with enemies who can curse you again. As you make your way down you'll find a TITANITE CHUNK, then you can roll across to a nearby branch and climb to get a RED TITANITE CHUNK. Go back and drop down to a branch leading to a frog enemy and a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER.

    If you go up from the room inside here, you can keep climbing up and up. You'll see an item in the tree in the middle. I grabbed it by climbing up above the trunk and rolling down inside. I wouldn't be surprised if there are other ways too. The item is a CLORANTHY RING. The next few items just require you to walk/drop down and use some fancy footwork to reach them. There's a WHITE TITANITE CHUNK and a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK on the way to the bottom.

    After reaching the bottom and fighting a few more frog things, take the ladder down in the middle. Get the LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER here then take a walk around before going down further, you'll see an item below you that you can drop to, although it's tricky.

    Regardless of what you do, collect what items you can and make your way to the bottom. There you'll find the entrance to a new area.

    Dragon Scale (x2)Dragon Scale
    Dragon ScaleDragon Scale
    Dragon ScaleDragon Eye
    Dragon Head Stone

    Just as you enter you can reach a bonfire by running down the path and making a right at the end. Here you'll be safely across from a new hydra. This one isn't much different than the last, and he'll let you get closer before starting his barrage of attacks, though he does have noticeably more health. If you can manage to take him down you'll get 10,000 souls and 2 DRAGON SCALES as a reward. Fortunately the nearby bonfire makes repeat attempts fairly simple.

    If you can't kill the beast you can try and run past him, but it won't be easy. Following the beach left will bring you to a corpse with a DRAGON SCALE, and following it through the log in the other direction also nets you a DRAGON SCALE. Further down on the beach is another DRAGON SCALE. Now keep running a long, long, long way along the winding sand to eventually reach another bonfire. You can talk to the dragon there to join his covenant and receive DRAGON EYE and a DRAGON HEAD STONE.

    Note: There's a large tree along the beach you can go inside. I was never able to figure out how to get the item, but apparently if you look down as you walk along the branch that leads into the tree, you can drop onto another that leads up into the tree to get the item.

    That's it. It's a big pain in the ass getting back from here, up The Great Hollow again and to the bonfire, but it's what you gotta do. I hope it was worth it.

    Now it's finally time to head through that huge gate beyond the cathedral in the Undead Parish. When you're ready make your way back to the bonfire above the blacksmith, and then head out toward the gate.

    Soul of a Brave WarriorDemon Titanite (x4)
    Soul of a Brave WarriorScythe
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightTitanite Chunk
    Large Titanite Shard (x2)Ring of Steel Protection
    ShotelLightning Spear
    Soul of a HeroCovetous Gold Serpent Ring
    Black Sorcerer (Armour Set)Sorcery: Hush
    Large Titanite Shard (x2)Sniper Crossbow
    Sniper Bolt (x12)Large Soul of a Brave Knight
    Large Titanite Shard (x2)Ricard's Rapier
    Divine BlessingRare Ring of Sacrifice
    Titanite ChunkSlumbering Dragoncrest Ring
    Core of an Iron Golem

    When you enter the fortress, the first thing you'll step on is an arrow trap plate. Use this to your advantage and before stepping on it, lure the two lizardmen down the stairs and centre them in front of it (the arrows fire out of the stairs). This will be enough to take one of them down right away. Afterwards grab the SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR from the upper right corner.

    The next room gets dangerous quick. The swinging blades are easy to avoid if you just keep moving one by one. Watch out for the magic lizards firing lightning at you. I would recommend if you're looking for some extra loot, drop down on either the left or right side at the end of this walkway, you'll take some damage but land safely below (safe aside from the three lizards there).

    You may find it safest to drop once more and hide in the tunnel entrance. At the bottom you'll encounter more danger, including two of the large crippled demons. The same strategy applies to them as the earlier one, however close quarters and additional enemies might make it more difficult. Each one of them drops a DEMON TITANITE. You'll also find a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR and a SCYTHE at the end of the tunnel.

    At the opposite end of this area is a small door leading to a ladder and a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT at the top. It also leads back to the beginning, but if you're up for it there's still another large connection room with two more of those demons and two more Demon Titanite. Also do note that you can slash open a fake wall at the top of the ladder and climb another ladder to a huge iron golem at the top of the fortress who drops a TITANITE CHUNK.

    When you're ready to continue, cross the thin bridge and head upstairs. Pass another bunch of swinging blades and be careful of the enemy as well as arrows trap on the other end. Inside this room there's a chest containing LARGE TITANITE SHARD (x2). In the next room ignore the lizardman standing against the wall, we'll get to him in a minute. Be VERY careful before entering the next room. Stop at the doorway and wait for the huge cannonballs to roll by. They will never stop so you need to carefully time your advance, running up toward where they are coming from and left into the doorway. After waiting again you can run up even further to find a chest containing RING OF STEEL PROTECTION. Now pass through the fog door. (Quick note, if you drop down over the edge of these stairs before the fog door you'll see a SHOTEL below you).

    This room has an arrow trap you can use in your favour, just remember the arrows come from behind you, so you need to move quick. Wait for the large steel ball again in the next room, then when you're ready, chase it all the way dow the stairs and turn left at the bottom then STOP! Don't open the chest. This is the first "mimic" in the game, which basically means chest monster. Walk up to it, equip your best weapon and start pounding relentlessly. If you're lucky you kill it before it even takes a swing. Killing the monster will get you a LIGHTNING SPEAR, which is a very powerful and useful weapon.

    Wait for the elevator to come down and then get on it, but be ready to get off when it stops, if you wait too long it'll keep going up into a spike trap. When you go up the stairs at the top you'll come out above a large staircase. Climb this staircase to find the source of the rolling cannonballs. Here you can change their direction to fire in any direction you'd like. The first change is to move it so that it launches down the stairs you just came up. This will kill that lizardman who was hangin' out against the wall, as well as break the wall open for you. Change it to fire out the back window and head down the stairs.

    Here you can rescue Big Hat Logan from one of the cages if you have the Master Key (you may have to wait a little while if you don't). Logan teaches some of the best sorcery in the game when back at Firelink. You can also pick up a SOUL OF A HERO.

    Back at the cannonball direction-changing room, take the next exit out one spot clockwise of where you just went. This will take you down a path you've been before, but now without the boulder chasing you you're free to continue straight at the bottom and grab the COVETOUS GOLD SERPENT RING. This ring increases item drop rate and is a fantastic help when farming for Humanity or Titanite. On your way back up the stairs, drop over the side to land on an enemy and a corpse with LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. In the adjacent room back in the direction of the cannonball room, you'll find BLACK SORCERER HAT, BLACK SORCERER GAUNTLETS, BLACK SORCERER CLOAK, BLACK SORCERER BOOTS and SORCERY: HUSH.

    Back at the cannonball room again, you are ready to continue. There is a small door that leads out of here separate from the four main exits (watch out for an arrow trap in the first hallway). Run and jump between all of the swinging blades on the bridge, then head past (not up) the stairs to the end of the hall to find LARGE TITANITE SHARD (x2). When you get upstairs, if you have magic or arrows be sure to take out the magic lizardman before crossing the thin bridge, it makes it a lot easier. Take the swinging blades two at a time when you do, but don't get too cocky on the other side, there's two more arrows traps. Proceed through the fog when ready.

    Now, let's get our priorities straight before anything else. Listen carefully. Make an immediate left in this new area and go about halfway up the stairs. As soon as you reach the top, a huge golem is going to start throwing powerful firebombs down from above. You have to run across a few platforms from staircase to staircase. What you want to do is sprint across the first platform to the stairs, then up, then instead of going to the next stairs, turn around and run to the edge. You will see a broken wall here (and probably a message if you're playing online). Drop down over the edge and you'll land right on top of a bonfire. When you leave the bonfire it drops you right back at the fog door.

    Good. Alright now through the fog door go left and halfway up the stairs again. This time, you're going to run onto the first platform, then do a U-turn and leap off the edge back in the direction you came. If you've done a nice jump you'll go over the spiked wall and land right on top of a SNIPER CROSSBOW and SNIPER BOLT (x12). Now drop down and kill both red-caped knights in the area below. You'll find a chest containing FLAME STONEPLATE RING in the corner (which is exactly what you want to equip right now).

    Now you're ready to actually head up the stairs. You can wait until you kill the golem, or you can risk looting the corpses on the way up to get LARGE SOUL OF A BRAVE KNIGHT and LARGE TITANITE SHARD (x2). There are two ways to go at the top, one is back toward the direction you came from, the other is down toward a large knight waiting in a rounded corner area. Head that way first. After the big one you'll encounter a more agile knight who drops RICARD'S RAPIER. There are two chests at the top which are safe (but starting at this point in the game it's a good idea to attack every chest you come to first, just in case). They contain DIVINE BLESSING and RARE RING OF SACRIFICE.

    Now return to the fork in the path at the top of the area where the golem is throwing firebombs and proceed in the other direction. Follow this narrow path around, ignoring the broken parts, to the right, and then again right to get inside the building he's throwing from. Continue up and around a narrow path outside again, past an archer to a fog door. Ignore this door for now and make your way to the top of the tower where the golem waits. He's powerful but extremely slow. After his stomping attack he'll get so tired he just hunches on the ground for a good ten to fifteen seconds. That's your chance. He drops a TITANITE CHUNK and it's now safe for you to go and explore.

    The first place to check out is reached by jumping across the small gap in the stone walkway you took to get into this building. Back down a couple of floors on your way out you will see a broken section only a few feet wide that leads to a small tower that is easy to jump over. Inside there's a vendor who sells Large Titanite Shards (for 4000 a pop, a ripoff compared to how easy it is to farm slugs and Blighttown). He also sells the rare (and funny looking) Catarina armour set and some magic defense rings. More important than the vendor down at the bottom is a single magic lizardman guarding the CAGE KEY. First of all, if you don't have the Master Key, use this to free Big Hat Logan back inside after smashing the wall with the cannonball. Second of all, use it on those two cages hanging in the building on the way up toward the firebombing golem to create a very handy shortcut back to the entrance of the fortress.

    Back to the walkway where you jumped to reach the vendor, try jumping in the other direction and you'll land right by the golem who is dropping those big cannonballs. Feel free to kill him and stop his cannonball rampage (although he will respawn). This is also a nicer way to get back to that part of the dungeon without having to go through the swinging blades.

    Now, again from the room where the cannonball dropped, take the exit you took (the one beside the small door) where you dropped down on the magic lizardman and the corpse hanging over the side. Instead of going through the door in the opposite direction and drop down through the bars. Walk across to find a SLUMBERING DRAGONCREST RING. That about covers it for items in Sen's Fortress. All there is now to do is rest and head back up the shortcut toward the boss. It's the fog door you passed on the way to the top of the tower.


    Fortunately the difficulty of the boss doesn't come close to matching that of the difficulty in getting to him. COmpared to the rest of the fortress, he's cake, but don't get too overconfident, there are still plenty of incredibly frustrating things about this fight.

    First things first, if you're a sorcery mage you shouldn't have any problem at all. There is a perfect "sweet spot" just outside of the range of his normal attack, but not far enough away that he'll shoot his energy wave, so all he really does is keep swinging and missing, swinging and missing, all while you slowly backstep and case Soul Arrow spells the whole time. Doing this I beat him with my mage on the first try, in about 13 seconds, at level 42.

    On the other hand, when I fought him at 50+ with melee character at an even higher level, I must have died about 10 - 15 times on this boss. The main reason? The horrible camera when you're locked on coupled with the fact that there's a cliff on every side. Over and over again I got his health down to almost zero and just walked right off the edge like an idiot because the camera was looking way up into the sky at this guy's head. A lot of that is my stupid fault obviously, but let it be a warning to you, the hardest part of this fight is to make sure you know your surroundings.

    As for the rest? The sweet spot for melee characters, like most bosses, is right behind him. He's a slow turner, so as long as you keep moving you shouldn't have difficulty staying out of range (and most of his swipes are dodged with a quick roll). The most dangerous attack is his grab attack, which can catch you even if you're beside him but still too close. A backward roll is the best way to avoid this, learn to anticipate it based on him he moves, he charges it up longer than most of his other attacks. If you can consistently avoid this, the battle is yours.

    If you keep hacking away at the back of his ankles, eventually he'll go down similar to the Tower Knight in Demon's Souls. This is your chance to let loose with all your most powerful 2H swings.

    For beating this boss you get 30,000 souls and a CORE OF AN IRON GOLEM.

    Examining the odd yellow circle in the field after this fight will warp you to a brand new zone. Don't hesitate to do this, it's not difficult to reach a bonfire there without aggroing any enemies.

    Crystal HalberdTwinkling Titanite
    Demon TitaniteDemon Titanite
    Ring of the Sun's FirstbornBlue Eye Orb
    Darkmoon Blade Covenant RingSoul of Gwyndolin
    Sorcery: Great Magic WeaponBlack Iron (Armour Set)
    GreatswordBlack Iron Greatshield
    Sunlight MedalOccult Club
    Dragon ToothHavel's Greatshield
    Havel's (Armour Set)Gold Coin
    Silver Coin (x5)Soul of a Hero
    Tiny Being's RingDemon Titanite (x2)
    Demon Titanite (x2)Silver Knight (Armour Set)
    Dragonslayer GreatbowDragonslayer Arrow (x1)
    Titanite ChunkRing of Favor and Protection
    Souvenir of ReprisalFire Keeper Soul
    Leo RingSoul of Smough (one or the other)
    Soul of Ornstein (one or the other)Lordvessel
    Ring of the Sun PrincessMiracle: Emit Force

    Like Sen's Fortress, you may find the jump in difficulty in Anor Londo to be a bit more than expected, though it's just as much a matter of acclimatizing yourself to the enemies here as it is a matter of upgrading your character. Make your way down the stairs and run past the large armoured guard, through the next room and out into a huge wide open space. The first big door you come to on the left leads to the bonfire. There's also someone here who can upgrade your Estus Flask if you have any Fire Keeper Souls.

    Now, using the bonfire as a base of operations, leave this room and check the large rooms both to the left and right. The left hall has two guarded chests. Of them, the one on the right is a mimic and drops a CRYSTAL HALBERD, the other is a TWINKLING TITANITE and the chest in the other room across the way has a DEMON TITANITE.

    Return to the bonfire and rest, then exit straight ahead outside of the room to reach an elevator. At the bottom there's a large gargoyle, similar to the Bell Gargoyle. After killing it head back toward the building with the elevator, but instead turn before the door and you'll see some stairs going down below. Follow them all the way around at the bottom to find a chest with DEMON TITANITE inside. Where you actually have to go is right near the bottom of these stairs. There's a large connecting support pillar from the cathedral to the ground at the bottom of the stairs. Carefully walk up this to the top, drop through the right, and go through a broken window to get inside.

    Things start to get kind of frustrating here. Climb the ladder then slowly and carefully make your way across the top here. Make sure to cut the chandelier on your way across. When you get to the other side drop down the ladder and go through the fog door. In the centre here there is a large crank you can do. Turn it twice and then run to the bottom to find a new bonfire and find RING OF THE SUN'S FIRSTBORN.

    Optional: If you have the Darkmoon Seance Ring from the Catacombs (if you're following the guide, you'll be reminded to come back here at the point when you pick it up) then equip the ring now and walk forward toward the statue in front of the bonfire and it will disappear. Kneel down when you reach the bottom and join the covenant to get the BLUE EYE ORB and the DARKMOON BLADE COVENANT RING. Now, if you wish to break your covenant and extinguish the Anor Londo bonfire, then you can proceed through the fog.


    Gwyndolin has powerful attacks but very very low health. You can avoid all of his attacks by hiding behind the pillars if you need a chance to heal. I suggest using a shield like the Crest Shield because of its high magic block. Start running toward the boss at regular speed without sprinting (save your stamina for blocking). His arrow attacks is very easily dodged just by running left and right, his magic attack can also be dodged with a roll, and his homing arrow attack is blockable. As you get closer to the boss, start sprinting. If you get too close he'll begin his teleportation sequence, so you want to reach him as fast as possible and start swinging. If you're a magic user, your Homing Soul-spells work very well too. After the teleportation, just repeat this process until he's dead.

    For beating the boss you get 40,000 souls and the SOUL OF GWYNDOLIN. You also become guilty and can now be invaded by players invading worlds of the guilty. It also makes the Anor Londo Fire Keeper hostile, and extinguishes the flame (though you can still warp there), and kill the Fire Keeper (and any Fire Keeper) will get you another Fire Keeper Soul

    Now, from the bonfire at the bottom of Anor Longo, head back up and you can exit from the top to reach the main floor of the cathedral. Be very careful in here, the white clothed soldiers can be a lot more dangerous than you'd expect, especially in large numbers like you'll face here. Once you've cleared the room pick up SORCERY: GREAT MAGIC WEAPON from the chandelier and BLACK IRON HELM, BLACK IRON ARMOR, BLACK IRON GAUNTLETS, BLACK IRON LEGGINGS, GREATSWORD and BLACK IRON GREATSHIELD from the corpse in the corner.

    There's an optional world if you examine the large painting and have the Peculiar Doll from the Undead Asylum in your inventory. I prefer to finish Anor Londo before visiting this area, so it will be covered later, but it's up to you.

    It's a pretty difficult trek to the next bonfire, so I suggest returning to the one at the bottom and resting first. Once you've done that, go back to the top of the stairs and turn the crank once. You can now proceed forward toward the huge stairs. There are locked doors ahead, and to your left at the top, so turn right. Go down the stairs, kill the demons, and then take the ramp that descends down. There's a couple more demons to deal with at the bottom, and then a ramp going up.

    HOW TO DEAL WITH THE TWO SNIPERS: This is what a lot of people are going to be coming here to figure out. There's two big knights with huge bows firing at you from two different directions. This is without a doubt one of the worst sections in the entire game. The only foolproof method I know of is using the super long range Bow of Pharis with poison arrows and a lot of patience. For the rest of us, try one of these two options:

    First: With a decent shield, run up to the top and quickly sprint over to the knight on the right while rolling under his arrows. When you get close he should switch to his sword. Now, don't even attack. You'll be out of range of the other archer which is good, just keep blocking all his attacks and nudging toward him until he eventually bounces off your shield and off the edge. The real trick after doing this is not to fall off with him, you might want to try this without locking on to avoid plummeting down after him.

    The second method is more reliable, but requires more moving around. Do the same thing as the first and approach the knight on the right until he puts away his bow and pulls out the sword. Now turn around and run back down the ramp. The stupid knight will turn to follow you diagonally and walk right off the cliff. The trick to this method is making sure to keep moving, because unlike the first method, you won't be out of range of the other sniper.

    When you finally have the knight on the right dead, follow that ledge around and drop down onto the balcony below. Lucky for you, inside the first room on the left is a bonfire.

    Explore the various rooms in this area at your leisure, just watch out for the powerful enemies. In the room across the hall is a SUNLIGHT MEDAL. The first room on the left on the other side of the spiral stairs has a hidden path in the fireplace that you can reveal with a weapon strike. The chest on the far left is a mimic, but the other four are safe. They contain OCCULT CLUB, DRAGON TOOTH, HAVEL'S GREATSHIELD, HAVEL'S HELM, HAVEL'S ARMOR, HAVEL'S GAUNTLETS and HAVEL'S LEGGINGS.

    Leave here and ascend the spiral stairs. Both chests at the top are mimics and drop GOLD COIN and SILVER COIN (x5). The room on the left right where you reach the top of the steps has a SOUL OF A HERO inside. On the other side of the stairs one door is locked so take the other door. You'll have to take down another knight here on your way up. At the to there are two tower entrances each guarded by a knight. If you go down the one on the left and speak with the guy in the Catarina armour, he'll ask you to defeat the three big knights in the adjacent room and give you a TINY BEING'S RING if you do. You can also find a chest with DEMON TITANITE (x2) and unlock this door for quick access back to the bonfire.

    Head upstairs again and this time head for the tower on your right. Down the stairs in there you'll find two rooms, the one on your left has a crippled demon (they're getting a lot harder) that drops DEMON TITANITE (x2) and the room on the right has two chests containing SILVER KNIGHT HELM, SILVER KNIGHT ARMOR, SILVER KNIGHT GAUNTLETS and SILVER KNIGHT LEGGINGS. It also creates a very handy shortcut for the boss, which you're going to appreciate, because it's a tough one.

    Go back through the shortcut and up the stairs. Keep going up into the large hall. There's stairs going further up here to reach a broken window. Drop through the broken window and walk the ledge along the outside. Roll at the end to land on a platform with a DRAGONSLAYER GREATBOW and DRAGONSLAYER ARROW (x1). Drop down from here to find the huge giant blacksmith. This blacksmith, among other things, can forge lightning weapons and weapons using powerful boss souls including Quelaag's Furysword. Open up the shortcut door just outside where the blacksmith is, (also grab the nearby TITANITE CHUNK) then go back inside to the great hall.

    Optional: If you did not kill Lautrec (remember, the guy you rescued from the cell in the Undead Parish cathedral) and he killed your Fire Keeper in the Firelink Shrine, you should have received a Black Eye Orb from her body. You will find that the Black Eye Orb resonates here in the hall. If you use the orb while in this area you will invade the world of Lautrec and have the chance to get your revenge. Killing him (you don't need to kill his bodyguards) will get you RING OF FAVOR AND PROTECTION and SOUVENIR OR REPRISAL. It also allows you to collect his armour set outside the chamber of the princess when you reach it. You also get a FIRE KEEPER SOUL which you can use to revive the Fire Keeper in Firelink, which will also let you use the bonfire again. You may choose not to do this and reinforce your Estus Flask. The choice is yours. There are a total of seven Fire Keeper Souls in the game, and in order to reach the maximum (+7) for the flask you are required to be in New Game+ anyway.

    Make your way down to the floor of the great hall, ignore the fog door for now and head in the other direction. There is a lever in the corner that opens up the main gate. Once all these shortcuts have been established, you're ready to proceed through the fog door and fight the boss.


    Without a doubt, the toughest boss yet. Taking on two enemies at once is never fun, but when they're both this powerful you've got your work cut out for you. I've got two different strategies that have worked for me depending on what type of character you have.

    Note that if you are in human form you can also find a summon sign for Solaire outside this battle near where the knight archer is.

    First of all, in both cases I highly recommend using Havel's Ring and the Cloranthy Ring, and then equipping whatever the best armour you have that will still keep you below 25% equip burden. The mobility you gain in this fight have having low burden is much more useful than any defines your armour may provide (unless you've built a complete tank character). In this fight it's all about dodging their attacks, with which a bit of practice, can be done with fair consistency.

    For melee characters you are going to want to kill Ornstein first. He's faster, so he'll be closer to you most of the time. Get used to dodging his lightning attack with a roll to the side. Wait for him to do his flying spear thrust, then after a dodge you should have an opening for a couple of 2H swipes on his back. The same applies after his 1-2 hit combo he uses when he's at close range. This strategy also requires you to be constantly aware of Smough's location and even give up obvious chances for attack if you expect doing so could result in the blunt of his hammer down on your head. Keep running from one end of the map to the other and waiting for the quick Ornstein to come to you, while the slower Smough still hobbles along behind him.

    Inevitably you are going to get hit unless you're on NG+++ or something. When this happens, it's not too difficult to safely heal as long as you roll behind a pillar before doing so. Use the pillars to your advantage in this fight, despite being smashed by Smough there'll still be enough left to protect you.

    Don't bother trying to attack both. When one of them dies the other one gets powered up and heals to full health. The fight doesn't get much easier at this point because the one who remains tends to get a lot more aggressive. In the melee case of fighting against powered up Smough, you have to be very diligent about circling behind him. His hammer attacks won't be too deadly in this scenario, and you've got a lot of opportunity to attack, all you have to really be careful of is his lightning butt-stomp, which can kill an unsuspecting player in a single hit. The moment you see him rising in the air, get the hell out of there and relaunch your assault out from behind a pillar. (Also if you kill Ornstein first, he'll drop the LEO RING).

    For a mage the fight is considerably easier. Smough is definitely who you want to defeat first. He has a weakness against pyromancy and it's too strong against sorcery either. The key spell in this battle is Homing Soulmass (learned from Big Hat Logan). It allows you to do heavy damage while still dodging attacks. The fight against powered up Ornstein should be fought from behind a pillar. Ornstein starts going crazy with the lightning projectiles, which won't touch you if you're behind a pillar, even a broken one. Since the charge up on this attack is so long, you've got time between them to step out from behind the pillar, fire a spell, and step back again. Repeat as necessary.

    For defeating them, you get the soul of whoever you defeated second, SOUL OF ORNSTEIN or SOUL OF SMOUGH as well as 30,000 souls.

    Take either of the elevators up and use the bonfire. In the next room you will receive the LORDVESSEL, which allows you to warp between bonfires (which in reality means between the Firelink Shrines, and a bunch of bonfires in Anor Londo). You can also enter a covenant here to get the RING OF THE SUN PRINCESS. Head back to the bonfire and warp to the Firelink Shrine. The knight of Catarina should be back there. He'll give you the MIRACLE: EMIT FORCE.

    Now you have a choice to make that will determine part of the course of the rest of the game, and a sort of good guy / bad guy ending kind of thing. To proceed as normal, you should speaking to Kingseeker Frampt (the big creature sticking out of the water in the centre of Firelink and go down to place the Lordvessel on the Firelink Altar below. This is the standard progression of the game.

    To take a more "evil" approach, do not take the Lordvessel down to the Firelink Altar. Hang onto it and proceed forward in the guide and finish the New Londo Ruins. After killing the boss of the New Londo Ruins, you will encounter Kaathe, a similar creature to Frampt who will guide your progress through the rest of the game and allow you to enter the Darkwraith Covenant. Note that doing this will mean you are no longer able to interact with Frampt at Firelink, sell him your items for souls, or trade in your shards.

    Feel free to proceed however you like, it does not affect the core gameplay or the remaining worlds that you visit.

    At this point I usually have enough spare souls lying around to go and buy the Crest of Artorias from the blacksmith by the cathedral for 20,000 souls. You may well have done this earlier, but this is usually the point in the game when I return to the Darkroot Garden. This is a required area, you will need the item dropped by the boss to proceed in the game (you can, of course, skip the 20,000 soul fee by defeating the hydra and just climbing the ladder behind it).

    Soul of a Brave WarriorEastern (Armour Set)
    Cat Covenant RingLarge Soul of a Brave Warrior
    Covenant of ArtoriasSoul of Sif

    You can enter this area through either the Darkroot Garden using the Crest of Artorias purchased from the blacksmith, but as I mentioned, taking the ladder behind the hydra is also a viable cheaper option. For now I'll be covering it from the hydra ladder entrance, but both of them lead to the exact same area.

    Beyond where you fought the hydra is a large waterfall with an equally large ladder beside it. Climb up and cross the bridge to find a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR and another ladder on the other side. Head into the forest from here without crossing the bridge, there are a ton of plant monsters in here for you to deal with. Off on the edge of a cliff you'll find a full set of EASTER HELM, EASTERN ARMOR, EASTERN GAUNTLETS and EASTERN LEGGINGS.

    Throughout this part of the forest are very powerful ghosts, around 7-8 of them, many are impossible to lock on to. Challenging these enemies yields roughly 2000 souls each, so they're worth fighting, however just try and be careful to move slowly and only pull 1-2 at a time at most.

    There is also a large door in this part of the forest. A cat sits on a ledge inside and allows you to join a covenant that gets you the CAT COVENANT RING. While wearing this ring you can earn rewards by defeating other players invading in the forest to get rewards, however note that this covenant is very buggy and you can get the rewards other ways, for example the Ring of Fog by trading with Snuggly the Crow.

    Continue across the bridge to the second part of the forest. Beware of large crazy possum monster things that spin at you like SOnic the Hedgehog. In the back right corner there's a LARGE SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR on a corpse. After that you're pretty much ready to take on the boss.

    BOSS: Sif

    If you've come here at the point I mentioned in the guide, after Anor Londo, you're not going to have a tough time for this boss. Even lower level players can take him on without too much difficulty as longs they have a reasonable shield (upgraded as much as possible). All of Sif's attacks have a large range (due to the size of his sword) but they're also easily blockable. Healing as also fairly easy because when you begin to back off, he also has a tendency to jump backward and give you lots of breathing space.

    Getting the opportunity to attack is a little more difficult. Maintaining a spot at his side or behind him is made harder simply because he jumps around like crazy. The trick is to recognize when you do have an opportune moment, especially when he jumps almost right on top of you and you're caught underneath him. Use this opportunity to plant as many hits in as you can.

    For a mage, the Homing Soulmass spell again is the most effective in this battle. Pyromancers will find the more powerful close range spells useful when cast right underneath Sif's body.

    For defeating the boss you get the COVENANT OF ARTORIAS and the SOUL OF SIF along with 30,000 souls.

    At this point you are free to go to any of the remaining areas before the end of the game, the order is your choice. I suggest the optional Painted World of Ariamis first to boost your character up for some of the challenges coming up, but you can essentially pick and choose to start at any area below.

    If you remember, the painted world is accessed in the large hall / cathedral / whatever building in Anor Londo full of those white robed assassins where you had to walk across the ceiling beams and cut down the chandelier. The is a huge painting at the end of the room on the bottom floor that you can enter as long as you have the Peculiar Doll found during your return trip to the Northern Undead Asylum.