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    FAQ/Walkthrough by A I e x

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    Soul of a Proud KnightSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Soul of a Proud KnightDried Finger
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Dragon ScaleBloodhsield
    Red Sign SoapstoneSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Soul of a Brave WarriorPainting Guardian (Armour set)
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightSoul of a Proud Knight
    Soul of a Proud KnightPyromancy: Acid Surge
    Annex KeyPyromancy: Fire Surge
    Dark EmberMiracle: Vow of Silence
    Mask of VelkaBlack Cleric (Armour set)
    Velka's RapierGold Coin
    Xanthous (Armour set)

    To reach this optional world, warp to the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo and simply run to the top of the stairs outside, then into the large cathedral. At the back of this room on the wall there is a huge painting you can enter if you have the Peculiar Doll from the return trip to the Northern Undead Asylum.

    There is a bonfire right at the top of the stairs when you enter here, just be aware that once you light it, you can't exit this world from where you came in, you have to venture through and find it inside.

    Head up the first few sets of stairs and turn right at the top, just before a couple of deformed torch-wielding booger monsters there's a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Go into the house and down to the bottom for a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Leave the house and descend the stairs you came up to reach it. At the bottom of the first couple flights there's a small path that leads around behind the house. Climb to the top and grab the SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. This will prompt a couple of burden to fly in from the sky and attack you. Once they're dead, look over the edge and drop onto the little balcony below and grab the DRIED FINGER off the body. Now exit the house through the upstairs door again.

    Cross the bridge and take out all the boogeymen (watch out for the toxic status if you kill them at close range). Go out onto the balcony in the direction you came from and cut loose the corpse with the item on it. There's nothing to do upstairs so go the back door and turn left to find a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. In the other direction on your left there's a large bridge with an elder dragon. You can run to pick up the LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, which will get his attention and cause him to start running toward you. This enemy is very slow and you can take him down incredibly easily with a mage or archer. Melee characters will have to use his side as an advantage since it takes him a moment to turn his attention from side to side. For killing this enemy you get a DRAGON SCALE and below him, a BLOODSHIELD.

    Turn around and head back toward where you came from, then turn left to go inside of the large round structure. There's a big staircase spiralling up toward the top littered with harpies on the way up. A single corpse at the top holds RED SIGN SOAPSTONE. Turn around and look down and you'll see that after only a few steps you can drop down to find the SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Now drop down and take the stairs back out the door you took to get in here. Just outside the door you can drop over the edge on the left to land on a walkway below. Over in the corner of this section is a corpse with a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR.

    On the other side, you can do a running leap off the edge to land on an even lower section (and hopefully avoid falling all the way to the bottom). This leads onto a small path between some stairs. Go down the stairs and into the house, after killing the rats you can open the chest to get PAINTING GUARDIAN HOOD, PAINTING GUARDIAN ROBE, PAINTING GUARDIAN GLOVES and PAINTING GUARDIAN WAISTCLOTH. There's a ladder back at the top of the stairs that will take you to the upper walkways of the house you were in before.

    Grab the SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR off the corpse in the window. Across on the other side you'll find an EGG VERMIFUGE. Now you can drop down. Once you've done all this return to the large round structure in the centre of the area and take the stairs to the bottom (enter from the outside just past (but not across) the bridge where the elder dragon is. At the bottom of this tower is a fog door leading to the next area.

    There's a big mass of shielded blob monsters in the centre of this courtyard. If you think you're comfortable fighting them, they're not too hard as long as you fight them from the side or behind (the enemy is similar to Demon's Souls' first boss). If you don't want to fight them, no problem, simply run with your shield up straight ahead past them. On the other side is the large door you encountered right at the beginning, and if you open it up from this side you've created a shortcut right back to the bonfire.

    Back in the courtyard again, head over to the far side you would reach if you were to turn right after coming from the fog. There's a corpse with a HUMANITY here (if you cut it loose earlier) and up at the top of the stairs, a RING OF SACRIFICE. Over on the other side there's a huge zombie graveyard with items including LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and hidden in a far corner, PYROMANCY: ACID SURGE.

    Now, if you're ready to continue into dangerous territory, go up the stairs beside the door back to the bonfire. There's a ladder here that takes you down into the underground. In the first large room there are at least 7-8 rolling spike skeletons hiding, you want to be VERY CAREFULLY and proceed slowly to try and pull them one at a time, making sure your shield is up and you're watching every direction whenever you can. After defeating them all pick up the SOUL OF A RPOUD KNIGHT, SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR, and turn the crank on a pillar just beside the fake wall at the other end. This will open up the door to the boss.

    Destroy the fake wall and prepare for a few more spike skeletons. Keep clearing fake walls until you find the ANNEX KEY, and then a staircase going up (not a ladder). At the top there's a lone booger monster you can kill to get PYROMANCY: FIRE SURGE. Go back down the stairs and find the ladder in this small little maze that leads up and out of the well at the top. The Annex Key you now have opens up the door in the annex just on the other side of the shielded blob things.

    Proceed through the annex door and up the stairs. Go straight ahead when you come up and this path will lead down to a statue holding the DARK EMBER. Picking it up will summon another couple of harpies. Head back to the door at the top of the stairs and take the other path this time. Climb to the top and defeat the harpies to get MIRACLE: VOW OF SILENCE. Back down to the landing below you there's another small set of stairs that will take you to a corpse with MASK OF VELKA, BLACK CLERIC ROBE, BLACK CLERIC MANCHETTE and BLACK TIGHTS. Return once more to the door at the top of the annex stairs. There's a flimsy wooden wall you can smash here that leads right to VELKA'S RAPIER. Now drop down into the rat infested house below. At the top of the stairs, before you climb the ladder, use arrows or magic to destroy the barrels across from the ladder and jump to that platform to find a GOLD COIN.

    Optional: If you revert to human form and have not yet defeated the boss of this area, there is a black phantom you can fight. From the bonfire, head into the courtyard, then turn right into the zombie graveyard area, run around for a little while and soon you will be invaded by a black phantom called King Jeremiah. This enemy shoots powerful fire spells, but the spells are easy to dodge by simply moving left and right and keeping your distance. Killing the black phantom will get you souls and the NOTCHED WHIP. There are more rewards waiting after you've gone to the boss.

    Now that the other door is open at the bottom of the tower you can go through it and across the bridge. Beware of the huge knight at the other side, he's powerful and he respawns every time you die. Also beware of the ambush of four undead about 3/4 of the way down the bridge. Pass through the fog when you're ready. This is an "optional" boss in the sense that, you do not need to kill her. You can walk right by and drop down over the edge to exit the painting and return to the real world, of course, there are obvious goodies if you do beat here.

    NOTE: If you killed the black phantom Jeremiah, walk past the boss and toward the edge of the walkway behind her. There will be a corpse sitting there that has XANTHOUS CROWN, XANTHOUS OVERCOAT, XANTHOUS GLOVES, and XANTHOUS WAISTCLOTH. If you have no need for the Xanthous Crown and lost the chance to invade Lautrec's world, you can still get a Ring of Favour and Protection from trading the crown with Snuggly the crow. The ring boost health, stamina and equip weight, but will break if ever removed.


    An interesting boss that spends the majority of the battle completely invisible. Her attacks also kill you primarily by inflicting the bleed effect, so if you have the Bloodbite Ring make sure to equip that (along with any other armour that may help in that regard).

    You get the first hit on the boss by default, so make use of it. After that she'll go invisible and suddenly things get a lot harder. Fortunately she's slow and more than 50% of this battlefield is covered in snow, thus revealing her footprints. If you run circles around the edge, even at a jogging pace you'll easily stay ahead of the boss. You can use this time to watch for the footprints behind you. When you know the boss' location, try and sprint around toward the side of her and get in a few attacks, or wait for the swing of her scythe, and then attack after dodging.

    After getting enough hits in she will turn visible and the fight will get a lot easier. If you're playing a mage, the best strategy is to make use of the stairs. Since your back is protected you know she will be coming in front of you, so you won't even need to lock on to hit her with spells like Heavy Soul Arrow or any pyromancy.

    If you can manage to cut off her small tail (make sure you focus all attacks on it, it's easy to kill her first before it even comes off) you'll get PRISCILLA'S DAGGER, a relatively weak weapon with a very powerful bleed effect.

    For defeating the boss you get SOUL OF PRISCILLA and 30,000 souls

    Walk toward the edge of the raised platform to return to Anor Londo.

    Transient Curse (x2)Parrying Dagger
    Large Soul of a Nameless SoldierSoul of a Proud Knight
    Key to the SealGreen Titanite Shard
    Large Soul of a Nameless SoldierHumanity
    Composite BowLarge Arrow (x16)
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightHumanity
    Soul of a Brave WarriorVery Large Ember
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Cracked Red Eye Orb (x6)Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard

    Begin by using one of the Transient Curses you should have in your inventory, this will allow you to interact with and attack the otherwise invincible ghosts in this area. If you don't have any now you can find TRANSIENT CURSE (x2) of them from a corpse in an urn just before you go up the first set of stairs near the edge of the water behind a wall. If you didn't get it at the beginning of the game there's a Fire Keeper Soul down at the end of a path here.

    Head up the stairs and into the ruins. The ghosts are going to start getting real annoying real fast, so move slowly and take out every single one (or race past them, which also works sometimes), just make sure you go with one or the other extreme. Down the spiral stairs and straight ahead at the bottom you'll find a PARRYING DAGGER. Head around the path and through the fog. At the top of the next stairs kick down the ladder and then go get the LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER in front of you.

    Go down the stairs on the other side and inside the ruins. Make a right and go straight. Follow the path around through all the ghosts and you'll find a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. In the centre of this building there is a ladder leading up to the roof. A lone NPC up there will gladly hand over the KEY TO THE SEAL as well as cure you of curse and sell you curse-curing sorcery.

    Circle around the outer hall while still inside this building and go dow the stairs. Make a right at the bottom and follow this hall around to a CURSEBITE RING. Go back inside and through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Head left and down the stairs to get a GREEN TITANITE SHARD, then right and up the stairs for a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Going a little further down and then up a large flight of stairs will lead to a HUMANITY.

    Finally, go back down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Down a small set of stairs here is a door you can open with the Key to the Seal and then push a lever to lower the water level. This will create a very nice shortcut from back at the beginning of the ruins. If you remember where just after you enter there was that urn with a corpse in it and two Transient Curses, you can now drop down over the ledge right next to it and land safely at the lower area of the New Londo Ruins.

    Go up the stairs from the water switch and grab the COMPOSITE BOW and LARGE ARROW (x16) from the balcony. Now go down and take the elevator to the bottom floor (again, don't feel too bad if you die, the shortcut will take you right to this area from the beginning). Take out the skeleton knights and start making your way up the stairs. You'll pass a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT on your way to another fog door.

    Through this one is a very dangerous room with three knights and a giant monster blob (topped off with exploding skulls). Take your time with this one and explore the area when you're done. Down at the end on your right is a corpse with a HUMANITY. There's two paths from here, an elevator and some stairs. The stairs lead up to a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR close to the top, and another branch that winds all the way around and up some more stairs to a chest containing the important VERY LARGE EMBER. This now allows you to upgrade +10 weapons all the way to +15.

    Back down to the room at the bottom where you found the Humanity, the other path with the elevator is a nice shortcut back up to the entrance of the ruins. When you're ready to go back head through the remaining door to get outside again. Follow the straightforward path and collect LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and CRACKED RED EYE ORB (x6). Beyond the next goo monster is a fog door, as long as you have defeated the greatwolf Sif, proceed through the fog door.

    Within the fog you are safe, but there is one more thing you must do before you face the boss. You must have the Covenant of Artorias equipped that you got for defeating Sif. Once you do you can walk off any of the little stone planks into the centre of the spiral stairs. You'll fall for a good while and, because of the ring, eventually land safe in The Abyss.


    Note: If you summoned Beatrice for the Moonlight Butterfly fight, you can find her summon sign for this fight. Just before you cross the bridge to enter the fog for the boss battle, turn right and look for her sign near the wall. I'll assume for the majority's sake that you'll be fighting the boss alone however.

    Not long after you face Ornstein and Smough you come up against what is arguably another of the game's hardest bosses. There are a lot of strategies floating around for these guys, so let's go through a couple that I find most effective.

    The most important strategy to use against this boss, regardless of build, is heavy offense. Because new kings spawn on a timer, the longer it takes you to kill each one the harder the fight is going to get.

    For melee characters, wait for the first king to spawn and then start sprinting toward him with your shield up. All the kings' sword attacks are incredibly deadly and stamina draining fro ma distance BUT once you are in close all they can hit you with is the blunt of their arm rather than the blade, and you'll take A LOT less damage when you're snug in close. This is also obviously a great opportunity to start 2-handing your weapon and smashing the king with everything you've got. Unfortunately being close isn't all flowers and lollipops, they're still got two tricks up their sleeve. The first is a grab move which you can usually avoid by sidestepping and trying to stay behind them while attacking. The second is a huge magic explosion that for the most part I find is almost indefensible, you kind of just have to suck it up and block if you can. There's an element of luck here that makes the fight a lot easier if they use fewer magic attacks.

    After you've killed the first one, quickly move onto the second and repeat the same strategy. Iron Flesh is a very helpful spell to have in this fight too if you need the extra defence.

    If you're playing a mage or pyromancer, this fight can be tricky still. I had a lot of difficulty before settling on a strategy that finally worked well. This strategy has you essentially tanking the boss and just blasting every bit of pyro / sorcery you have until they go down. They seem to have a weakness to fire to pyromancers may have an edge in this fight.

    This requires you to have Havel's armour set which you found in the chests through the fake fireplace wall in Anor Londo. What you want to do before dropping down is equip the full set of Havel's armour which is ridiculously heavy. I had an endurance of 8 for this fight so I couldn't even run wearing it, but that doesn't matter since you'll also be casting Iron Flesh. The combination of the two means that even direct hits from any of the kings' attack only does a small notch out of your health. You don't even need to be blocking, just spam your most powerful spells regardless of how slow they are. As for rings you will obviously need the abyss-walking ring, the other should be either the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring or the Wolf RIng if you don't have that.

    I've heard that Great Magic Shield is also incredibly effective for this battle, allowing you to completely block their attacks, though I haven't tried it. The above strategy worked flawlessly for me needing only four Estus before the battle was over.

    Beating the boss gets you 30,000 souls and the BEQUEATHED LORD SOUL SHARD.

    Twinkling TitaniteCrystal Knight Shield
    Twinkling TitaniteArchive Tower Cell Key
    Archive Prison Extra KeyMiracle: Soothing Sunlight
    Miracle: Bountiful SunlightArchive Tower Giant Door Key
    Large Soul of a Brave WarriorMaiden (Armour Set)
    White Seance RingTwinkling Titanite
    Sorcery: Strong Magic ShieldBlue Titanite Chunk
    Enchanted FalchionArchive Tower Giant Cell Key
    Crystal EmberChannelers (Armour Set)
    Fire Keeper SoulPrism Stone (x20)
    Crystalline (Armour Set)Blue Titanite Chunk

    From the first bonfire in Anor Londo, make a left and follow that path all the way up through ha large opening into the Duke's Archives. This opening was previously sealed before you received the Lordvessel after Ornstein and Smough. Head down the hall post the couple of armoured boars to reach a bonfire right neat the entrance. Proceed up the elevator when ready.

    Go upstairs in the next room and check the left side of the upper walkway for a chest containing TWINKLING TITANITE and the right side for a fake chest that drops a CRYSTAL KNIGHT SHIELD. Out on the balcony you'll find another TWINKLING TITANITE. Now ride the elevator up. At the top you'll reach a fog door that leads to a boss. This is one of those "no choice but to die situations" as the boss is actually invincible.

    When you wake up you'll find yourself in a jail cell. kill the guard leaning agains the bars to get the ARCHIVE TOWER CELL KEY. Make sure to rest at the bonfire in your cell as well. Exit the cell and start taking down the enemies outside. Descend the stairs and try opening every cell door you pass. You can drop down one of them into another cell to find the ARCHIVE PRISON EXTRA KEY. Continue down until you reach the bottom. If you kill all the squid monsters in the room here you should get MIRACLE: SOOTHING SUNLIGHT and MIRACLE: BOUNTIFUL SUNLIGHT.

    Outside the squid room there is a ladder to climb up. Kill the enemies at the top and take the ARCHIVE TOWER GIANT DOOR KEY out of the chest, as well as pulling the lever for the weird sound device. Once you have that, descend the ladder and start heading up the spiral stairs again. There should be one new door you can open on the way up, there's a corpse with a LARGE SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR inside. Climb the ladder at the top of the stairs and unlock the door. If you go left of the door before passing through it there is a wooden walkway. Carefully drop down at the end and keep looking to find MAIDEN ROBE, MAIDEN GLOVES, MAIDEN SKIRT, MAIDEN HOOD and a WHITE SEANCE RING.

    Follow the hall here to reach another large part of the archives. Watch out for sniping mages in here, there's one who will constantly throw magic down from above. Turn left and proceed into the other large half of this large area and head up the stairs. Half way up the stairs is a device that lets you spin the stairs around. Do so, and then go down them to the other side. Here you will find a chest containing TWINKLING TITANITE. Now go up the stairs to the top of the other side.

    Back in the other side of the room again there is a gap in the railing along the walkway where you can drop down onto the staircase in the middle. Eliminate that pesky mage on the other side and make a right to find a chest containing SORCERY: STRONG MAGIC SHIELD. On your way back down the stairs, flip them around. This will allow you to reach the door with the bright yellow light. Slide down the ladder and pull the switch at the bottom to unlock the shortcut. This shortcut will lead you straight out to a bonfire on the balcony.

    After resting, go back to where you pulled the lever. The small room on the side has a chest with a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK in it. The larger room has a mimic chest at the back right that drops ENCHANTED FLACHION when killed, another chest with ARCHIVE TOWER GIANT CELL KEY in it, another chest with SIX-EYED HELM OF THE CHANNELERS, ROBE OF THE CHANNELERS, GAUNTLETS OF THE CHANNELERS, WAISTCLOTH OF THE CHANNELERS, and a final chest hidden behind a bookshelf containing CRYSTAL EMBER. Now, if you go all the ay back to the spiral stairs where you were locked in the cell, and all the way to the bottom again where all the squid monsters are, it will be well worth your time. The key you just got will unlock the door behind them to free Big Hat Logan a second time (he will now be stocked with new extremely powerful spells) and also the game's last FIRE KEEPER SOUL you can find, aside from killing the Fire Keepers themselves.

    When you are ready to proceed return to the room where you got the large door key in the chest, and pull the lever to reveal a hidden staircase. Downstairs there is another chest containing PRISM STONE (x20). When you head out through the fog you'll be in a forest area. Check the middle of the forest for a corpse with CRYSTALLINE HELM, CRYSTALLINE ARMOR, CRYSTALLINE GAUNTLETS, and CRYSTALLINE LEGGINGS. There's also a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK at the back up near the walls of the archives. In the opposite direction down the slope around the centre is the entrance to the Crystal Cave.

    HumanityBlue Titanite Chunk
    Sorcery: White Dragon BreathBig Hat
    Tin Crystallization CatalystLarge Magic Ember
    Sage RobeTraveling Boots

    This area can be a huge pain if you're not sure what you're doing, so listen carefully. Expect instant death if you go in any wrong direction. On your way down the sloping crystal path, turn right when you reach another chunk of crystal path leading away to the right. If you keep going straight you'll slide down to your doom. Beyond the crystal monster the path is relatively straightforward until you start approaching a point where you see a corpse with an item in the distance.

    Here you will see a bunch of snowflakes falling and seemingly bursting in thin air. These snowflakes are there to show you the location of invisible paths(I know, invisible paths above certain death), but if you follow their lead for the most part they're pretty good about guiding the way. In this case they show you there is an invisible path along the left wall leading to a corpse with a HUNMANITY on it. Remember that other players' notes are also handy for revealing the path.

    From the Humanity, drop down the the visible path below and follow it to the bottom. Here at the bottom ahead of you is another invisible path all the way across the huge chasm to a thin walkway with a crystal golem on it. Past that enemy is yet another invisible path. You can drop off the side of this one not long after you walk onto to it to land on the ledge below beside a corpse with a BLUE TITANITE CHUNK, and then weave your way back up, but I don't really think it's worth it. Whether you dropped off or not, this path is the one your take a long way ahead all the way across the big chasm to the other side (it is a perfecto straight path if you get the angle right).

    Make a left when you get to the other side and you'll find a corpse around the corner with a SOUL OF A HERO on it. Now continue on past the teethy clam monsters to reach the boss.


    Assuming you've been following this guide and have bee through the New Londo Ruins, then the most important preparation you can make for this battle is to equip the Cursebite Ring. This makes the boss' primary attack much much less dangerous, and makes repeated attempts (if necessary) about a thousand times less painful.

    With a bit of practice this is a relatively simple and straightforward boss. The real trick here is if you are interested in collecting the MOONLIGHT GREATSWORD, which requires you to chop off the boss' tail. Managing to do this successfully is more difficult than finishing the battle itself. I'll outline a brief strategy here.

    Moon Light Greatsword: This is a large sword that requires only 16 strength to wield and scales very impressively with intelligence, so it's one of, if not the best weapon in the game for INT-heavy mages. To get it however requires that you cut off Seath's tail, and for a boss that is constantly spinning and spinning it's not easy. Make sure you have the Cursebite Ring on, as well as taken off enough of your gear so that your equip burden is below 25% and you have maximum run/roll speed. Race into the battle and shatter the crystal, then start sprinting around the boss toward the tail. You want to make sure you are attacking as far back on the tail as possible, anywhere closer than the end 25% or so cannot be severed and I believe won't count toward cutting off the tail itself. You also have to be careful not to strike the final blow while the tail is clipping through the wall as you risk having the item appear inside the wall and having to start the battle again. Lastly, because you are behind the boss for most of the time his crystal spike attack isn't too dangerous to you, however his tail stomp is VERY dangerous, and he will use this attack randomly at times you are close to the tail. Each time you reach the tip of the tail start swinging as hard as you can with 2H attacks, but be prepared to give up your position if you see the tail start to rise in the air, at which point roll away as fast as you can. Repeat this process (I think the tail's HP is roughly equal to about 25% dmage toward the boss' total HP) and eventually it will sever and the Moonlight Greatsword is yours.

    As for the boss itself, that's a lot less of a problem (but by no means easy). Maneuverability is key, as is curse resistance. The best strategy I have found is simply to run against either of the tentacles sticking out of his side and just keep pounding on them (further out toward the end) while he kind of spins around to try and get you in front of him. The benefit of this strategy is that you are completely safe from his tail attack, and you are rarely more than a couple of rolls away outside the range of the crystal spikes. The one attack that poses any real danger to you is the moving energy beam, but if you have a quick reflex you should be able to see it coming and dodge. If not, your position allows for fairly easy healing.

    For defeating Seath you will receive the BEQUEATHED LORD SOUL SHARD and 40,000 souls.

    Optional:Once Seath the Scaleless has been defeated, you can finish the final part of Big Hat Logan's story. First you must purchase every single spell that he has for sale (which will consume quite a lot of souls, probably 200,000+, so likely this will be an ongoing thing you come back to). After you have done this, talking with Big Hat Logan over and over will sort of reveal his descent into madness. Now leave the archives, or quit and load your game and come back (sometimes you have to talk with him and quit/load a couple of times). Eventually he will be gone.

    At this point, head up the elevator in the first big room to where you fought the invincible Seath the first time. Here you will find a half naked crazy hallow Big Hat Logan running around like a doofus throwing spells. He's not difficult to defeat, and when you do, you receive SORCERY: WHITE DRAGON BREATH, BIG HAT, TIN CRYSTALLIZATION CATALYST and LARGE MAGIC EMBER. Return to where he was sitting before to find a chest to complete the ig hat armour set including SAGE ROBE and TRAVELING BOOTS.

    LucerneLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
    Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightGreen Titanite Shard
    Darkmoon Seance RingMiracle: Tranquil Walk of Peace
    Demon TitaniteEye of Death (x2)
    Gravelord SwordWhite Titanite Chunk
    Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Nameless Soldier
    Holy (Armour set)Mace
    Rite of KindlingMask of the Child

    To reach the Catacombs, simply return to the Firelink Shrine and go into the graveyard. The stairs leading down into the catacombs are on the left side toward the back of the graveyard.

    Note: Before you enter here you will greatly benefit from a "Divine" weapon in the following dungeons. You can make one with just about any upgraded sword and the Divine Ember that you received after defeating the Moonlight Butterfly. Many of the skeletons in this dungeon will respawn when killed. You can stop this from happening by killing the nearby necromancer, but you can also kill them permanently by using a divine weapon. This is most useful agains the final boss which has a number of repspawning skeleton minions that make the fight very difficult if you can't keep them down.

    Head down into the catacombs and drop down the ladder. You'll find plenty of skeletons and your first necromancer (and bonfire) in a room down to the left. Once you've killed the necromancer and rested, pull the lever beside the bonfire to open the door in the previous room. Now go back and head out the door.

    Necromancers fortunately will not respawn even after resting at bonfires, so just run past the skeletons you find and make sure to kill each one ahead of time before taking the time to stop for loot. After you get the one across the bridge here you'll find yourself inside some ruins. In the first separate room on the right there is a LUCERNE. Further along, just before you go outside again, take care of the skeleton archer and check that room for a LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER.

    When you get outside make a right and just run with your shield up, there's about a hundred different dangers here. At the end of this path is a lever to pull that flips the bridge so it's no longer covered in spikes. It also leads to a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Go back and cross that bridge, kill the necromancer before focusing on any of the skeletons. If you enter the first room on the right you can fall through the floor and land in a cave with a couple of crystal lizards below. They'll drop rare titanite if you can kill them fast enough (plenty of spike traps here though). A ladder leads up to another room with a fake floor. Drop down and head back across the bridge.

    On the way down the spiral stairs you'll find a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT and a second LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Again, don't bother with the skeletons, you'll find the necromancer if you just keep running further down the stairs. After killing him go into the next room and push the lever that opens the door just a little bit back up the stairs. When you go through make an immediate left (straight ahead is a bottomless pit) and go left when you get outside. Eventually you'll reach a ladder. Before going up the ladder strike the wall to the left of it to reveal a hidden passage to a bonfire.

    Now from this bonfire, go back inside and continue down the spiral stairs. If you run (not sprint) at a normal pace and just keep running even when the stairs end, that should put you on just the right angle to fall and land on a platform below. I find if you try and roll off it screws everything up and you usually fall to your death. Drop again to a ledge with a GREEN TITANITE SHARD, then drop again to the bottom. When you drop through the hole here you'll trigger a scene. You've now unlock access to a new blacksmith capable of forging fire-based weapons. When you leave through here you'll be at the bottom of the catacombs. There's plenty more to fire from the last bonfire so either use a Homeward Bone to go back, or die, or go skip ahead to the boss who is just beyond the big canyon outside of here. The guide will continue from the previous bonfire to collect the rest of the items.

    Back out and up the ladder is another lever to push. Now drop down and cross the bridge into the fog door. At the bottom of the stairs is a broken brick wall you can smash to reveal a path into a fit full of skeletons (yeah, great). Once you defeat the giant skeleton you can loot the DARKMOON SEANCE RING from the coffin (Note: You can now warp to the Darkmoon Tomb in Anor Londo, and with the Darkmoon Seance Ring equipped, proceed beyond the statue into a hidden area. More information is found in the Anor Londo section of the walkthrough). Exit through the wall beside you go up all the way up the sloping path. Kill the necromancer at the top and climb the ladder beside him to reach a corpse with MIRACLE: TRANQUIL WALK OF PEACE. Now drop down through the ground to be back near the entrance again. I suggest you rest at the first bonfire just back a little further toward the beginning, it's actually the closest one to the boss.

    For the last few items we'll be taking the shortcut that leads you right to the boss from the beginning. Leave the first bonfire and go outside. As you cross the first bridge, notice there is another right below you. It's easy to walk right off and land on it. Now the next one is a bit trickier, but still easy. Turn around and face the direction where you came from. You'll see below you is a rock ledge that sticks out. A simple roll makes it easy to land on this ledge. From here you have two options, the first is to go through the door and explore in there, the second takes you on a further shortcut down to the boss. They're numbered 1 and 2 below.

    1. Enter the room and run down to the end. There's another crippled demon to kill for a DEMON TITANITE and EYE OF DEATH(x2) behind him. OPTIONAL: Once you have an Eye of Death, there is a coffin in this room that you can approach and choose to nestle into. This will trigger a scene and allow you to join the Gravelord Servent covenant. doing this will get you the GRAVELORD SWORD and Gravelord Sword Dance miracle.

    From the room with the coffins, you can go through a hole in the wall and drop down into another room with two areas of weak floor. Be prepared before you fall further because you will have to face a powerful knight. He drops a WHITE TITANITE CHUNK when killed, and you can find a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT on the way out. When you drop down to the bottom be very weary of the extremely annoying spiked rolling skeletons. If you drop down and go back up the hill out of the valley sort of in the direction you came from, you'll pop out above where you dropped down to fight the night, and have the chance to kill the final necromancer in the catacombs (no more skeleton revivals!). From here you can go back to the bottom of the map and run across the valley to reach the boss. The next time you're going down this way, follow instruction #2 (right below this) when taking the shortcut from the first bonfire for a much better shortcut than the one you just took. If you make it past the rolling skeletons from here, you can skip ahead to the boss section.

    2. From where you rolled down onto the extended rock outcropping, walk a few steps back toward the main path and look down, you should see an item roughly 20 feet or so on a corpse below you. You can drop AGAIN from here to land on that ledge and pick up the LARGE SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER. Drop down yet again onto the corpse below and pick up the PRIESTS'S HAT, HOLY ROBE, TRAVELING GLOVES, HOLY TROUSERS and MACE. Now you are ready to drop down to the ground from here and take the closest exit out of the valley from where you are to reach the boss. You're only about a 30 second sprint away. Unfortunately the spinning skeletons here are among the game's most annoying enemies, so make sure you're running with your shield up, and watch your back.


    Pinwheel is without a doubt, the easiest boss since the Taurus Demon. Possibly easier. He splits into three forms, two of them fake, who will shoot magic beams at you (slowly) that can be easily dodged. As you strike down the fake forms to narrow down which is real, eventually you'll connect with the real one and unless you're horribly underpowered, probably find your attacks taking massive chunks out of what I don't imagine is more than 1200-1500 HP. After a couple of hits he'll teleport and split into three again, but that shouldn't be a problem for you. For mages, Homing Crystal Soulmass Arrow(and maybe even Homing Soulmass) can take him from full health to 0 in a single cast.

    For beating this "boss" you get a pathetic 6000 souls, but also the very handy RITE OF KINDLING which allows you to offer an extra Humanity and kindle bonfires to fill 15 Estus, as well as the MASK OF THE CHILD, which gives a sizeable boost to stamina regeneration and doesn't take up a ring slot.

    From here you can climb a ladder to reach a very dark map above. Slowly walk toward the small lights ahead of you to reach the second one which has a stone platform beside it. Carefully walk across this to reach the Tomb of the Giants.

    HumanityLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightSkull Lantern
    ReplenishmentWhite Titanite Chunk
    Large Soul of a Proud KnightLarge Soul of a Proud Knight
    Eye of Death (x3)Large Soul of a Proud Knight
    Soul of a Brave WarriorLarge Divine Ember
    White Titanite ChunkSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Covetous Silver Serpent RingEffigy Shield
    White Titanite ChunkSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Soul of a HeroSoul of a Hero
    White Titanite SlabWhite Titanite Chunk
    Lord Soul

    You'll encounter a large skeleton hiding in the dark right away, so be prepared. Past the skeleton is a light that indicates another stone object that you can slide down, followed by another at the bottom. You have to be ready when you hit the boot, this is one of the most frustrating parts of the whole dungeon. You're faced with essentially invisible archers above you and two large skeletons to your right. You have to get past the large skeletons, and most people will likely find it easiest to roll/run past them rather than risk being pelted by arrows while trying to fight. There is another sliding structure on the other side of them, when you get on it, get on it on the right side and hold right on the stick while you slide to fall off and land on a corpse with a HUMANITY.

    When you reach the bottom of the slide go directly left and climb down the ladder there to the safety of a bonfire. Now that you can collect yourself there's more to explore. At the top of the ladder toward the light there is a man who asks if you are a cleric, choose "no". Now approach the light ahead of you to trigger a scene familiar trick from the last game. At the bottom there are a bunch of corpses with LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT, and the ever important SKULL LANTERN.

    Equip the Skull Lantern as a secondary on your left hand and follow the wall around until you find a woman who warns you of some hallows. When you approach just ahead they'll ambush you. After killing them you can speak to the woman again to get REPLENISHMENT. Turn right from where you fought them and go up a small slope to find WHITE TITANITE CHUNK, then continue past where they were to find a path leading up a ladder to a fake wall you can attack to dissolve.

    Make a left turn coming out of the fake wall and be ready to defend against archers (if you die, this area is just up the ladder from the bonfire, with an immediate right turn at the top of the ladder). Make a left when you get to the square shaped hole in the floor and go up the sloping path. There is a ladder at the top that leads up to two more large skeletons. When you've killed them all you can pick up the LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT on the corpse on the floor. On the rear left side there is a ladder to climb, and then another ladder. Go up the sloping path to the top and get the LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. Go back down and make a left before the ladder. You can see from here you can drop down onto another corpse with EYE OF DEATH (x3). Now drop down and head back toward the ladder. Instead of sliding down, drop down to the right of it and you'll land on a corpse with LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT. From here you can drop down the the bottom, then walk down the hill to the square shaped hole in the floor at the bottom.

    If you're ready to fight about one billion large skeletons, climb down this ladder and drop to the floor below. I suggest trying to take out as many as possible with ranged attacks first. Down here you'll find a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR and a LARGE DIVINE EMBER. Now climb the ladder back out of here and return to the bonfire to rest.

    At the top of the ladder above the bonfire is the little shit that kicked you into the pit. Unfortunately the best thing for you to do for the time being is forgive him and be on your way. Continue on around the big pit hugging the wall. Kill the weird skeleton on all fours and then when you pass through the fog get ready to take on a bunch of different kinds of enemies at once. Kill the knight to get a WHITE TITANITE CHUNK. Afterward you can pick up the SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR off the corpse. If you drop off the ledge right in front of where you picked up that soul (hopefully a nice person will have left a message to show you where to land) there is a platform you can land on below that leads to the COVETOUS SILVER SERPENT RING, which increases the amount of souls you get from kills. From here you can roll across to where the large skeleton waits. Make a right and follow the path around past another dog-skeleton thing to reach a new bonfire.

    Before going any further down from the bonfire, go back up a little and straight ahead at the top around a long ledge to find an EFFIGY SHIELD. Now return to the new bonfire. From here, when you come back out from where the bonfire is hidden, stay left and go down that sloping path. There's a corpse in a little cubby at the bottom with a WHITE TITANITE CHUNK. Kill the couple of dog skeletons ahead and then walk the edge with your lantern until you see an item not far below you. Drop on top of it and pick up the SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Continue down from here and down a ladder at the bottom until you get outside.

    The path from here is pretty straightforward. Soon you will reach a large chamber full of Pinwheel-like enemies. Make your way around the room taking them all down so that you are free to collect the items; beware though, there are infinite spawning tiny skeletons whenever you are traipsing through the water below. Check the items around the room to find SOUL OF A HERO, SOUL OF A HERO, WHITE TITANITE SLAB and WHITE TITANITE CHUNK (the slab is hardest to find, just before the fog door is a small ledge you can drop down into a tunnel where it's found).

    NOTE: This is one of the best Humanity AND soul farming areas in the game. The baby skeletons respawn forever, and have a very high drop rate for humanity. Equip the Covetous Silver Serpent Ring and the Covetous GOld Serpent Ring and go town town, wherever you find is most comfortable. My preferred way is to use the slope just to the right of the entrance to the chamber. If you wait awhile on land, then run into the water the babies will all spawn at once. Using a large weapon you can swing once or twice and kill a huge climb of them, just beware that the Humanities they drop disappear VERY QUICKLY so you have to jump right on them the second you see them. Step out of the water again, wait 15-20 seconds, then jump back in and repeat.

    Step through the fog when you are ready to face the boss (note that fighting the boss will break your covenant if you joined the (Gravelords).


    The very beginning part of this fight is one of the most dangerous parts. You'll take a fair bit of fall damage entering the area and be rushed by three skeleton enemies. Kill these skeletons with a divine weapon if you have one, otherwise Nito will continually revive them (in which case it's probably best just to ignore them. The boss' attacks will usually kill the skeletons for you).

    Allow Nito some time to approach you, while regularly rolling to avoid his magic ground spike beneath-your-feet attack. Once he gets about halfway toward you from his starting point you should be able to move up and get behind him without pulling the other large skeletons in the back corner. At this point just repeatedly smash his back while watching for him to start charging up a powerful magic explosion . When this happens simply roll backward and black with a decent shield, then return to the fight.

    For a mage, you'll have a lot of success with the Havel's armour set / Iron Flesh combination (no surprise, it works on almost any boss) while blasting your most powerful spells. The same works by simply dodging his attacks rather than tanking him (a quick well timed roll usually does it), but to each their own.

    For beating the boss you get the LORD SOUL and 30,000 souls.

    Gold-Hemmed (Armour set)Soul of a Proud Knight
    Soul of a Proud KnightGreen Titanite (x2)
    Large Flame EmberSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Demon's CatalystSoul of a Brave Warrior
    Soul of a Brave WarriorOrange Charred Ring
    Green Titanite Shard (x2)Chaos Flame Ember
    Large Soul of a Proud Knight

    Enter the Demon Ruins from the rear of Quelaag's Domain, a tunnel leading out the back will bring you into a huge underground magma world starting at a bonfire. If you walk forward a little bit and look down, you can walk right off the edge to the right and land on the path below. This takes you across a bridge and to a fog door. As you make your way around here to a dead end with an item, as soon as you pick up the GOLD-HEMMED HOOD, GOLD-HEMMED CLOAK, GOLD-HEMMED GLOVES and GOLD-HEMMED SKIRT, a boss will appear.


    This is more of a miniboss than a real boss. There are two ways of defeating him, both very effective. The first, run back to the fog door where you came into this area. The boss will follow you around toward the fog door. Beside the door there is a huge pit of death, the boss will try and jump over it and have to catch himself to avoid falling. Cut his hand a few times and he automatically falls to his death. This is the scripted way of defeating him.

    NOte: If you die and you're coming back, you need to run all the way back to the altar and watch for him to release an extra appendage from inside his chest, this is the arm he uses to grab on with. If you don't do this and just wait by the fog door, he'll keep using fire attacks from a distance until you die.

    The second method is to walk right up to him by the altar, learn where he typically smashes his arm down, roll/dodge out of the way and then go in and start attacking the arm that he leaves there for a good ten seconds. If your character can dish out good damage, this is probably even easier than the "easy" way.

    You get 5000 souls for beating him, and the lava at the bottom of this dungeon mostly drains out, revealing a new path.

    Head back to the bonfire, then make your way down all the way to the bottom. Don't bother keeping going across the magma pools, we'll come back later when we've picked up some gear better suited for traversing this. Instead, keep to the right and head over to the opposite wall, picking up the SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT along the way. As you go around the corner, be careful of the enemies here with powerful physical attacks and the cracked edges that make it easy to fall to your death.

    Around the left corner past the first enemy you'll be chased down by a couple more. Below you, you can see a corpse with an item on it. Drop down to that platform below, but be ready to be ambushed by a giant work. Keep moving and get beside it, then use whatever attacks you are able to get in to defeat it. Below where the worm popped out of the wall is another bonfire. Pick up the item where you landed to get a SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.

    Run all the way to the end of this path. You will see that it turns right toward a large fog door, don't follow the path right, instead keep running straight until you hit the wall, then turn right. You'll see GREEN TITANITE SHARD (x2) hidden below the stairs here.

    Now descend the large stairs ahead of you. If you're powerful enough, you can start taking on the huge minotaurs down here. You'll have to if you want to take the left path, which leads all the way around past a couple of them to a long walkway where you'll be ambushed by worms at least twice before reaching a chest at the end containing LARGE FLAME EMBER. Now head back and go up the hill toward the fog door. Make a right before you reach it to find a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Now you're ready to pass through and face the next boss.


    The Demon Firesage is just a modernized version of the Asylum Demon you fought at the beginning of the game. Run up and get close to him as fast as you can if you're playing a melee character. Stay behind him for as much of the fight as possible, and look out for his air jumping attack and his ground-stabbing explosion attack. Make sure to back up and get out of the way and you'll be totally fine. A 100% physical blocking shield and some crafty dodging will take care of the rest.

    For beating this miniboss you get 10,000 souls and the DEMON'S CATALYST.

    Beyond where you fought the boss is a room with a large staircase going both up and down. Take it up toward the top first. Near the top you'll find three of the weird monster blobs guarding a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR. Just a few steps beyond that is an elevator you can activate that now takes you back and forth between here and Quelaag's Domain. Now take the elevator back down and follow the stairs to the bottom. There's another bonfire there. The tree-branch path leads all the way down to a fog door, (you can drop to a SOUL OF A BRAVE WARRIOR on the side on your way down) and then finally, the real boss.


    This one's a little bit more difficult than the last couple. If you're a melee character you basically have to wait it out for awhile until the boss comes to you. Fortunately the attacks he uses at a range are 100% blockable if you have a decent shield with good stability. Keep waiting for the boss to approach the land before starting your onslaught.

    Aside from the big swinging ranged attack, the boss also uses a big stomping attack if you are underneath him for too long, as well as a very powerful grab you need to predict and roll to avoid. There are a few ways to deal with this fight.

    The first is the simplest, and that's sorcery. The boss is immune to pyromancy, so this is your best bet for massive ranged damage. If you don't have any available, wait for the boss to get close and then try and attack his backside, more specifically his tail. This is not only one way to do great damage, but it also allows the possibility of cutting off his tail and getting the ORANGE CHARRED RING. Once you have this equipped you can (relatively safely) traverse the lava and find it much easier to get behind him.

    For beating the boss you get 20,000 souls and the ring.

    Equip the Orange Charred RIng and start exploring this area. All you'll really find here is a GREEN TITANITE SHARD (x2) on the right side. Now is a good time however, before proceeding any further, to backtrack to the big lava pools that drained after Ceaseless Discharge died. At the very back past the minotaurs in the centre of one of the big pool is a corpse with the CHAOS FLAME EMBER on it. Not far from there along the wall you can also find a LARGE SOUL OF A PROUD KNIGHT.

    Optional:Before you proceed any further past the Centipede Demon's chamber, you have an important choice to make. If you enter Lost Izalith, then it will be too late. You can save knight Solaire and alter the course of the story, but it will take some effort. First you must be part of the Chaos Servant Covenant (the one you join just back inside Quelaag's Domain through the hidden path through the wall. After joining you must offer up to reach the second level in the covenant. Doing so will open up a shortcut just to the right of the fog door you entered to fight Demon Firesage. When you enter you will encounter a number of bugs, make sure you kill all of them before entering Lost Izalith, otherwise you sill not save him. Follow these directions, and take this path to Lost Izalith, rather than the one beyond the Centipede Demon and you will save Solaire. Enter Lost Izalith from the other direction, even for a second, and you've missed your chance on this playthrough.

    The walkthrough will continue along the standard path, assuming you did not meet the pre-requisites to save Solaire. If you did, Lost Izalith is the same world, you just enter from a different direction.