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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SENIORBILL

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                                    Crysis 3
                       FAQ/Walkthrough for Xbox 360 and PS3
                                By SENIORBILL
                          Version 1.0 April 29, 2013
                       Copyright 2013 by William Poneta
                           E-mail: bilpon1@yahoo.com
                                TABLE OF CONTENTS
    Chapter 1: Post-Human <<CH01>>
    Chapter 2: Welcome to the Jungle <<CH02>>
    Chapter 3: The Root of All Evil <<CH03>>
    Chapter 4: Safeties Off <<CH04>>
    Chapter 5: Red Star Rising <<CH05>>
    Chapter 6: Only Human <<CH06>>
    Chapter 7: Gods and Monsters <<CH07>>
    <<I001>> The Crysis Saga
    <<I002>> Weapons and Powers
                               <<The Crysis Saga>> <<I001>>
    It is August 14, 2020. A U.S. Special Forces team has been covertly inserted
    onto the Pacific island of Lingshan. The remote island has been invaded and
    occupied by a large force of the North Korean military, under the command of
    their most notorious commander, General Kyong. The U.S. Special Forces team is
    tasked with the extraction of an archeological team that was doing research on
    the island. It is feared that they have been captured or worse. There is,
    however, much more than a simple rescue mission. The scientists have found
    something-something truly ancient, intelligent, malevolent and not of this
    world. General Kyong is determined to possess it at any cost. The inevitable
    clash of the two forces is soon dwarfed by the realization that an alien evil
    has been awakened-an invasion of the planet is underway.
    Crysis 2:
    It is the year 2023 and New York City is under siege-contagion, earth tremors,
    floods, corporate intrigue, bands of mercenaries, martial law, even rumors of
    alien occupation have made the metropolis a quarantine zone-it is an urban
    jungle of chaos, death and destruction on a citywide scale. The mercenary,
    Prophet, encased in a top-secret Nanosuit, giving its wearer formidable
    capabilities, has been dispatched to access the state of affairs, but has
    perished and passed the Nanosuit on to Alcatraz, whether he wants it or not.
    The awful truth is that New York has been targeted as the first nail in the
    coffin of all mankind. The Cephs have technology against which mankind cannot
    win without an equally advanced technology of their own.
    Alcatraz receives the suit from Prophet and must do battle with both CELL
    forces, seeking to exploit alien technology, and the Ceph seeking to expand
    their power and dominate the planet. The campaign takes place in the wreckage of
    New York City; and, like Crysis, in the end the threat seems to have been
    Crysis 3:
    It is 2047 and CELL Industries personnel have succeeded in manipulating Ceph
    technology, creating a global energy monopoly. The result is a population
    indebted to the point of servitude. CELL is toying with forces, however, that
    may be beyond their control. They have enclosed New York City under an enormous
    Liberty Dome which contains the ruins of the great city and a secret that could
    spell the extinction of mankind or the very destruction of the planet itself.
    Because of the nanite technology fundamental in Ceph technology, Prophet has
    been resurrected. He joins a partisan movement that is attempting to combat the
    excesses of CELL. They soon discover that the Ceph have again awakened from
    their slumber and mankind is facing extinction if the alien’s agenda isn’t
                             <I002> TOOLS OF THE TRADE
    This walkthrough advocates stealth as much as possible and at least 70% of the
    kills will be with the Predator Bow. The cloak remains a vital tool and sets the
    game, as do the other Crysis titles, above all others for effective stealth
    Crysis 3 has a huge variety of weapons, which have numerous attachments and
    enhancements. The player can carry only two primary weapons at a time, but can
    also tote either JAW rockets or R.E.X. charges as well as fragmentation
    grenades. Weapons can be exchanged for dropped weapons or others most often
    found near ammo crates.
    When you acquire a weapon, press and hold “Select” to view the weapon’s options.
    These range from silencers, assault scopes, laser sights, etc. to grenade
    launchers and alternate fire modes. An automatic assault rifle, for instance,
    may be able to toggle into a grenade launcher. Weapons include sniper rifles,
    machine guns, pistols, shotguns, specialty weapons as well as heavier weapons
    like JAW rocket launchers, R.E.X. explosives, grenades launchers and the ability
    to pick up mounted turret weapons like the HMG. (Heavy Machine Gun) Prophet can
    also now wield Ceph weapons like the Bolt Rifle or the Reaper Cannon. These are
    awesome additions to the Crysis arsenal.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Not all options are always available on weapons. When acquiring one,
    toggle through its options to see what is available on that model. Some have
    prefixes added, indicating a certain characteristic, like “Stealth” or “Ranged.”
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    The Predator Bow: The most notable and useful new weapon in the game is the
    Predator Bow. This hi-tech version of an ancient weapon is truly the game’s go-
    to weapon. It can be fired through the cloak without an energy drain, is deadly,
    has four different types of heads and the arrows can be recovered and used
    repeatedly. The electric heads easily neutralize electronics and the explosive
    heads have the effect of a perfectly placed grenade. The regular arrows will
    kill any normal enemy-human or Ceph. It is the perfect stealth weapon. This
    walkthrough advocates stealth as much as possible and at least 70% of the kills
    will be made with the Bow.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Pistols: Generally speaking, pistols are back-up weapons. They are adequate
    until better options are available and those options become available before you
    need to fire a weapon.
    M 12 (Flashlight) Nova: This is your first weapon and the weakest. It can be
    equipped with a silencer. You probably won’t fire one in the entire game.
    Hammer: This is a potent handgun that can be a decent weapon. Its silencer
    reduces damage as normal but it can be equipped with a laser sight as well as an
    iron sight. It is a decent backup weapon in a pinch.
    Majestic: This revolver is potent and can be equipped with an assault scope
    making it a decent mid-range sniping option until something better comes along.
    Its low ammo capacity can be a problem.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Marshall: The Marshall is the most potent shotgun available, and it can be
    silenced making it a good option for stealthy work. It can be equipped with iron
    and reflex sights. Because of the utility of the Predator Bow and the
    availability of new weapons, its usefulness is limited as the game progresses.
    Jackal: The Jackal is an automatic shotgun capable of putting a lot of lead on
    target quickly. It doesn’t have the damage of the Marshall and because it can’t
    be silenced it isn’t a good stealth weapon in a game of stealth. Its electric
    shot, available at special ammo cases, can be useful against electronics and the
    slugs pack punch. Normally this would rate higher in value, but the array of
    weapons available diminishes its usefulness.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Sniper Rifles:
    DSG-1 sniper rifle: This sniper rifle is still a premier weapon. It can be
    equipped with a silencer to address distant targets to maintain stealth and is
    quite potent. Even with numerous weapon choices it remains a preferred option.
    M20 14 Gauss Sabot rifle: This sniper rifle is extremely powerful, capable of
    single shot kills on normal enemies, and it is a viable option for addressing
    boss types. A single round, for example, will dispatch a tough Reaver and three
    will kill a Devastator. It has one setback-rarity and low ammo capacity, making
    it mostly a use and replace weapon-too bad!
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Assault Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns:
    Scarab: While not the most potent assault rifle, this weapon’s versatility still
    makes it a viable choice in a game with better choices. The new mini-typhoon
    mode makes it deadly but an ammo-eater.
    SCAR: The SCAR is superior to the Scarab in nearly every category and useful
    early in the game; but, like the Scarab, it is outclassed by other weapons as
    the game progresses. Still, having one is never a liability.
    Feline: This sub-machine gun has a very high rate of fire, can be equipped with
    numerous different sights, can be equipped with a silencer, and can be useful
    until the CELL begin dropping the SCAR. It is useful only very early in the
    Grendel: The high damage output of the Grendel is dampened by its inability to
    be silenced. Its damage is on par with the potent MK 60. When equipped with a
    scope, it is also a decent mid-range sniper. That lack of a silencer greatly
    reduces its utility in the game but it does pack a punch and is quite useful if
    things get noisy.
    MK.60 MOD 0: This machine gun is a heavy hitter, and while it can’t be silenced,
    it is hard to pass up. It has a large capacity and slices through the enemy with
    relative ease. Some come with various scope options. Its high capacity/high
    damage output makes it one of the game’s better compliments to a ranged weapon-
    although a noisy one.
    FY7 IM assault rifle: This weapon is new to the Crysis arsenal. It is an
    excellent addition and is superior to most of the assault weapons in most
    categories. Its only shortcoming is its inability to be silenced and its late
    arrival in the campaign. While not all options are always available, the
    incendiary ammo can be found in special ammo cases and has punch.
    Typhoon: This new CELL minigun fires at a prodigious rate and will mow down
    normal enemies like a lawn mower does grass. It has one shortfall. It burns
    through its huge magazine in short order. That said, there is no better non-Ceph
    complement to a ranged weapon to keep you equipped for any situation. Resupply
    your ammo at specialty ammo cases. This is a premier weapon and you won’t want
    to replace it once you use it.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Specialty Weapons:
    K-Volt: This weapon is hard to classify. It is a specialty weapon that uses
    static charges best used against electronics-pass em by.
    M.I.K.E.: This unusual weapon fires a stream of microwaves at an enemy, causing
    its internals to heat and rupture. They are deadly when held on target, but that
    feature can prove hazardous to your health. You can do better.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Grenade launcher:
    L-Tag: This is a grenade launcher and is highly damaging but carries only eight
    grenades. It is a use and get something else weapon since you can only carry two
    primary weapons, although you can resupply at grenade cases. Its destructive
    power, however, is unquestionable and it is very useful in situational battles.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Others:  This will include weapons that can be carried other than your two
    slotted weapons.
    JAW rocket launcher: The JAW is an extremely powerful weapon. They are generally
    available when situational hazards require their use. They are the go-to weapon
    for enemy gunships and juggernaut-type aliens. Not to be generally deployed
    against lesser foes, unless they can be quickly replenished.
    R.E.X. charges: Like the JAW these can be found when you’re gonna need em,’ and
    they pack even more punch than the JAW. Don’t waste them on lower-level enemies-
    save them for the Juggernaut-types-like Pingers or Devastators. These charges
    can be placed or thrown and then detonated remotely on demand. That said, the
    JAW has more utility.
    Fragmentation Grenades: Grenades are powerful weapons and are generally
    available. Be aware that the hostiles will run from them, but they usually
    aren’t quite fast enough. They can also be used to finish off tougher foes when
    you’re out of R.E.X. charges or JAW rockets.
    HMG: The HMG is a mounted heavy machine gun that can be used in place or
    detached and carried without sacrificing a slotted weapon. It has no special
    attachments and cannot be silenced, and when its drum is empty it must be
    discarded, but never pass up the opportunity to use one. It has a large capacity
    and a short burst kills any but the toughest of the tough. Even a Devastator
    will fall before an HMG. They are frequently encountered and I will frequently
    advocate using them. It only shortfall is that it must be put down to interact
    with the environment. Pick it back up!
    AGL: These grenade launchers are rare but are extremely destructive, have a
    large capacity and are also very rare. Twice during the game they will be
    imbedded into the structure of a mission.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Ceph Weaponry:
    Bolt Sniper: This Ceph weapon is first available in chapter 2 and is used to
    eliminate Ceph cannons. While rather rare and good, at most, for only eight
    shots, this weapon is awesome. It will kill a Devastator with a single shot.
    Reaper Cannon: This extremely potent weapon is oftentimes dropped by Devastators
    and you don’t want to leave it lay. Its energy depletes rapidly but until it
    does it is death come calling. Look for them during the Boss battles. Like all
    Ceph weaponry it can be carried in addition to your two primary weapons but must
    be dropped to equip another weapon.
    Pinch Rifle: This energy weapon is the standard weapon of the rank-and-file Ceph
    Infantry Unit. It can be carried in addition to your two primary weapons and
    provides very good service until it runs out of energy.
    X-Pac Mortar: This weapon has enormous punch but, like Ceph weapons, it will
    exhaust its energy quickly. Its normal mode rains energy bolts on the victims
    and the secondary mode projects a more directed charged shot. Like the Reaper
    Cannon these are extremely useful during boss battles.
    Incinerator: This weapon is a Ceph flamethrower that is dropped by Scorchers
    that don’t self-destruct. Take a Scorcher out with an electric arrow or other
    electric weapons and it will leave one behind. The weapon is deadly at close
    range but not much for stealth.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Nanosuit Powers:
    The Nanosuit can be upgraded by finding Nanosuit Upgrade Modules, which will be
    found scattered throughout the environment.
    Cloak: The Nanosuit enables Prophet to activate a cloaking device that renders
    him all but invisible. He will only be spotted if he gets right in the face of
    the enemy or if his footsteps betray his presence. The cloak also consumes
    energy. The faster he moves, the faster the energy level drains. He can still be
    heard, however, but moving while crouched reduces the sound of his footfalls,
    allowing stealthy movement.
    Stealth is what makes the Crysis series stand above many shooters. The player
    can actually make kills and navigate through heavily defended areas by careful
    movement and by the prudent use of cover to recharge his energy reserves. As a
    combat tool it is as important as any weapon. Cloak, move into position,
    uncloak, kill the enemy, immediately cloak and move off to repeat the process.
    The addition of the Predator Bow makes the cloak even more effective in combat.
    You can shoot through it without draining your energy-a huge advantage in a game
    of stealth.
    Melee: The Nanosuit imparts deadly power to melee blows. It is a viable, even
    favored option, when an enemy manages to get in close. A single melee blow will
    kill Ceph Infantry Units. Activating armor mode is advised whenever possible to
    reduce trauma during these encounters. Don’t sell this option short-it is very
    effective when needed.
    Armor: Activating the Nanosuit’s armor mode hardens the player against
    environmental damage. It will drain energy when used. It is especially effective
    when an explosive is detonated in his vicinity. It is also effective when in a
    face-to-face firefight, giving him higher resistance but not invulnerability to
    enemy fire. Enabling armor mode also allows him to jump from high places and
    survive the ordeal. It cannot be used while cloaked.
    Nanovision: This suit option allows Prophet to see in smoke or dust filled
    environments, keying on heat variations as well as using light enhancement to
    identify the enemy, weapons, hidden entries, etc. It can be a lifesaver when an
    earth tremor raises obstructing dust in the hostile battle zones of New York.
    Its ability to identify heat sources makes it extremely useful for locating and
    targeting enemies both during low light conditions and in the cluttered debris
    filled wastelands of the city, even when the sneaky buggers try to hide behind
    objects. Clicking it on and off in hostile territory will become standard
    procedure, and it is especially useful while locating targets for sniping.
    The Visor: The visor is a multi-function device displaying tactical and
    environmental information on your HUD. It can be used to spot and “tag” hostiles
    for easier tracking and it will display the position of weapon and ammo caches
    and hack-able objects like Turret Guns and Mines. A “tagged” enemy will show on
    the HUD even when the visor is closed.
                            <<Crysis 3 Walkthrough>> <I003>
    Chapter 1: Post Human <<CH01>>
    Storyline: It is the year 2047 and CELL Industries has become the dominant
    political and military entity on the planet. By manipulating alien technology,
    they have molded a global monopoly on energy and reduced billions to a state of
    servitude. They have erected Liberty Dome over the ruins of New York City to
    contain the Ceph and to conceal their presence from the world. The Ceph seem to
    have been rendered harmless since the deadly outbreak left the city in ruins and
    its population decimated. CELL Industries personnel have captured Prophet
    because they covet the technology incorporated into his Nanosuit. A resistance
    movement has intelligence on the operation, and they have infiltrated the
    Liberty Dome and CELL’s defenses and are staging a rescue to recover the
    “hardware,” or Prophet, as he was once known.
    Follow Psycho as he makes his way across the deck, staying on his heels so you
    don’t lose him in the network of walkways and stairwells. Psycho has a personal
    vendetta with CELL and he wants revenge on those that brutally removed his
    Nanosuit and those of his comrades. After they enter the facility, Psycho will
    tell you to silence the handgun. Equip the silencer, but you shouldn’t have to
    use the weapon.
    Activate the cloak as Psycho opens the door and move into the control room. Make
    a stealth knife kill on the CELL agent manning the console. Grab his Feline SMG
    and equip its silencer. It will provide more punch than the handgun.
    Crouch near your first kill to recharge your energy and to tag the four CELL
    agents in the adjoining chamber. This can be done through the wall and will
    allow you to track your opponents. Cloak and stand near the exit of the control
    room. There are two Cell troops in the low area and another in an elevated
    control room across the chamber. A lone sentry will patrol back and forth on the
    far side. Let him patrol to the right end of the far area and when he turns
    back, recharge, cloak and start toward the far side; stop behind the tan tarps
    to recharge and continue around the walkway and make a stealth kill on the
    sentry. If the kill is seen, an alert will summon a pair of reinforcements, but
    it shouldn’t be if the kill is clean.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: A prudent player will just pass by the two CELL agents in the low area.
    Killing them, however, will allow you to acquire a Marshall shotgun from one of
    your victims, but these will soon be available anyway.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Whether an alert is given or not, just continue around the walkway until you
    reach a stairwell. Go up the stairwell with the cloak activated and kill the
    CELL agent in the control room. Grab the Datapad on the console near your
    victim. You will frequently find these items on consoles or on CELL corpses.
    They will give further details and insights into the struggle with the CELL and
    the Ceph. Jump over the rail, grab some ammo from the crate and open the hatch
    for Psycho.
    Allow your energy to recharge as you follow Psycho deeper into the facility.
    When he stops, continue through the hatch and a cutscene will roll. Psycho will
    give you a weapon-the Predator Bow. This is an awesome weapon and will
    immediately prove its worth as you proceed through the CELL stronghold.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: The Predator Bow is both silent and deadly. It can be fired through the
    cloak without draining its energy, making it superior to firearms for stealth.
    It also features interchangeable tips. The standard arrow is good for personnel,
    the electric for defeating electronic devices, the super-thermite acts much like
    a grenade and the airburst is an aerial frag. The one shortcoming of the Bow is
    the rarity of arrow caches. Retrieving your standard arrows should be taken into
    consideration during combat. Their locations can be seen on your active HUD-
    whether imbedded in a corpse or in a wall-go get em.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Once again follow Psycho down the stairwell. Tag the eight hostiles through the
    wall and equip the Predator Bow before entering. Psycho will hang back and
    provide support after you open the hatch to enter the adjoining area. There may
    be a CELL agent or two in the near area. If they are, use the Bow to put them
    down and then retrieve your arrows while, of course, remaining cloaked. The exit
    is in the upper area on the right side of the chamber and is your goal.
    Killing all of the CELL personnel isn’t necessary but this is an excellent
    proving ground for the Predator Bow. Use the large bundles near the entry to
    stay out of the hostiles sightlines and to recharge as you select each new
    victim. Being able to shoot through the cloak, without an energy loss, will
    allow you to make multiple kills. Keep an eye on both stairwells. When the CELL
    agents realize that their numbers are shrinking, they will begin searching and a
    few reinforcements will be called in.
    Be sure to replace the 9 MM handgun with a Marshall shotgun when one of your
    victims drops one. The Marshall can be silenced and will be a valuable addition
    to your arsenal.
    When the CELL ranks are reduced or eliminated, cloak and start down the right
    stairwell, eliminating anyone on the walkway as you proceed to the far side of
    the room. Move slowly to conserve energy and recharge behind the large bundles
    at the far end.
    You must now go up the stairwell on the right. Kill anyone in the area, cloak
    and go up the stairwell and then turn left and go up to the next level. If there
    are still hostiles, recharge behind the bundles before continuing up the two
    stairwells and moving through the hatch.
    Psycho will join you and you will again be following him as he exits the
    structure. Dane and Bandit’s diversion is under way, allowing Psycho to snipe a
    CELL agent in the locked control room. Look through the window on the left and
    locate the “lock” to begin the simple hack, giving access to the control room.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: Hacking is a simple process. You can pinpoint a hack-able object, like a
    hatch, Automated Turret Gun or a Mine, by highlighting it with your visor. When
    the jagged wave appears you can begin the hack. A sphere symbol will cycle up
    and down and you must catch it in the box on the wave by pressing the indicated
    button. Easy hacks will require only one or two interactions, tough ones up to
    half-a-dozen. There is a Nanosuit Upgrade Module called “Sensor Upgrade” that
    will make the action easier.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Your position has been identified and it is time to move along, but Psycho rages
    on about CELL and their brutal skinning tactics. Many of the boys didn’t survive
    the skinning ordeal. Psycho did and he is totally pissed-he wants to see the
    face of his torturer and he wants to kill him and all CELL personnel.
    After his tirade, follow him into the rain and he will go up the ladder to
    provide cover for your infiltration of the elevated bridge. Continue ahead under
    cloak and recharge in the corner near the console. The stairwell is just ahead.
    Cloak and go up it and kill the CELL sentry and then the other on the far side.
    Before you energy is depleted, move forward to the center of the bridge, go left
    and move ahead and take cover behind the plate on the railing. Take a second to
    tag the remaining six hostiles and use the Bow to eliminate any CELL agents that
    come up the stairs to search. There is an arrow crate near the exit so
    maintaining stealth is more important than retrieving your arrows at this point.
    A helicopter will arrive and fly back and forth searching. Don’t let it spot
    you. Your position will be out of the chopper’s sightline but a roving CELL
    agent, on alert with his buddies falling like flies, may be scouting and see
    you. When the helicopter hovers you can bring it down with a couple of super-
    thermite tipped arrows by shooting through the cloak but shooting it down is an
    Either way, continue wasting the enemy and then go to the stairwell and locate
    the defenders near the exit. A pair will usually cower behind the low barrier
    and at least one more will be nearby. Use an airburst frag arrow to eliminate
    the two behind the barrier and stick the other to clear the way to the exit.
    Raid the arrow crate near the exit and hack the hatch before moving into the
    passageways beyond.
    You’ll come to a circular hatch where you will go through decontamination. Don’t
    take the K-Volts in the next chamber-they won’t really be needed or useful in
    the coming action or in the game.
    Open the next hatch, cloak and look out through the observation window. Tag the
    eight CELL agents defending the large chamber. You must now make your way
    counter clockwise around the chamber to the exit in the far corner. The exit is
    via another narrow corridor there.
    Start toward the exit by moving right out of the observation room and down the
    long corridor. Turn left and go to the end of the corridor. With full energy
    start down into the area below, go slowly to conserve energy and avoid the
    patroller on your way through the open area. Killing him or anyone in the
    chamber will quickly be noted, alerting the defenders who will summon
    reinforcements. Just continue ahead, go up the stairs and turn right into the
    corridor which is marked by a pulsing orange glow.
    Continue through the operating room; and, after cloaking, move down the green
    corridor. Move to the opening and use the Predator Bow to kill the CELL agent
    looking over the railing. Retrieve your arrow and consider replacing the Feline
    with a SCAR. Tag the remaining seven defenders and note the stairwell in the
    central area on the right side. If a CELL agent is on lookout on the elevated
    deck on the right, put him down with an arrow. The exit is across the chamber on
    the upper deck and more CELL personnel will need to die along the way. Return to
    the corridor to recharge.
    Exit the corridor under cloak and begin a counterclockwise circuit by going to
    the right, down the stairs and recharging out of the defenders sightlines. This
    is a hit-or-miss proposition and you may be spotted by a patroller on the
    opposite side. Continue around and be aware that additional hostiles will
    augment the force when they begin dropping like flies.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: If you’re spotted you can return to the entry corridor and use it as a
    chokepoint. You can wipe out the enemy as they approach along the narrow walkway
    while you remain cloaked or in cover to charge.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Your energy isn’t sufficient to make your way up the stairwell and into cover,
    so start eliminating CELL through your cloak with the Bow while remaining behind
    cover. You will be able to resupply your arrows near the exit, so don’t go out
    of a safe path to retrieve them. You’ll need to go up the stairwell, around to
    the left and about half-way to the opposite end to find an opening, which is lit
    by a pulsing orange glow. This will get you into a corridor that leads to the
    exit. Before using the hatch, go past it to resupply your arrows at the crate.
    Continue ahead but before opening the next hatch, have your energy full and the
    cloak active. Two guards defend the corridor and when you move forward, a panel
    swings aside exposing an Automated Gun. Hack the gun to turn it on the defenders
    or just kill them before advancing and then hack the gun. Be aware that a single
    electric arrow will also neutralize Turret Guns. You will soon encounter
    numerous Automated Guns and Mine fields that you can hack, turning them against
    the enemy to aid your cause.
    Hack the hatch and once again you will join Psycho after he neutralizes a couple
    of CELL. It seems that he has now become a team player-fancy that. The tough old
    fart is sweet on his commander, Claire, and she apparently returns the favor.
    Psycho opens the shutter to reveal New York 2.0. The CELL network has erected a
    containment dome over the ruined city. The nefarious corporation has achieved a
    global monopoly on electrical power by exploiting dangerous alien technology.
    Much of the world’s population is now indebted to them and many are virtual
    slaves. Prophet, however, sees something even more sinister in the situation.
    The Ceph have a plan and he fears that their designs are far worse than even
    those of CELL Industries.
    Chapter 2: Welcome to the Jungle <<CH02>>
    Storyline: With the “hardware” liberated, it is time to get to the resistance’s
    makeshift headquarters to report to the Regional Commander, Claire Fontanelli.
    What remains of New York City is sweltering under the Liberty Dome. It was
    erected by CELL Industries to contain and exploit Ceph technology. The Ceph have
    presumably become dormant since the last incident but who knows what goes on in
    that dome. Psycho and Prophet are about to find out and perhaps damage CELLs
    grip on their power monopoly.
    As you advance with Psycho you will realize that he is sweet on Claire, New
    York’s Regional Commander, and that she reciprocates. He wants the affair kept
    secret and there are, indeed, secrets in the relationship. When your suit
    malfunctions, you will find four Nanosuit Upgrade Modules in a wall unit. Spend
    them as you see fit-the “Extended Cloak,” “Energy Upgrade,” “Sensor Upgrade” and
    the “Assassin” skill are all quite useful and in different skill sets.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: You will find Nanosuit Upgrade Modules scattered about the environment. A
    symbol not unlike a saddle will mark their locations. There are four different
    rows of upgrades and only one upgrade per row can be active at one time.
    Initially securing one upgrade in each column is the best approach. “Sensor
    Upgrade” in row one, “Energy Upgrade” in row two, “Extended Cloak” in row three
    and “Assassin” and “Heavy Armor” in row four are excellent early choices. These
    can be changed at any time to adapt to the situation. “Sensor Upgrade,” for
    example, can be activated for hacking. Note that upgrades cost different numbers
    of modules. “Extended Cloak” (3 Modules) and “Sensor Upgrade” (1 Module) were
    the first two upgrades chosen in this document.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Continue out of the structure with Psycho and enter the Liberty Dome. The
    overgrown ruins of New York City are sweltering and are controlled by CELL
    forces. Psycho will talk of how CELL Industries created a power monopoly-a
    monopoly which allowed them to dominate society worldwide. He will stop when you
    reach a CELL Minefield.
    Open your visor and hack the “skull” to not only neutralize the field for
    friendlies but to turn it against the enemy. You can also shoot the Mines.
    Psycho will lead you past a defunct Pinger which still affects your suit with an
    energy surge. Bash in the iron gate and continue to the waypoint.
    The open area is defended by a CELL defense tower sporting three deadly energy
    cannons. Crossing the kill zone surrounding them will require a long detour, but
    Prophet wants to cut through it since CELL forces are closing in. Without his
    Nanosuit, Psycho is a mere human and he is disturbed by not being the super-
    badass he once was. Prophet now gets to do all the fun stuff while he provides
    support and intel.
    The task is to find a weapon powerful enough to destroy the three elevated
    cannons which can obliterate anything moving in the sector. There are four
    potential weapon cache locations in the kill zone where you may find the needed
    Avoiding being targeted is essential even for Prophet, but the process is
    simple. When in the open, remain cloaked or invite death; you must use the
    scattered debris, like rail cars, for cover to recharge out of sight of the
    cannon’s laser designators.
    The first cache is to the left and is about 77 meters away. Move toward the blue
    building and recharge alongside the building. This will be out of the sightline
    of the target acquisition system of the tower. Cloak and move on to the cache.
    There will be nothing there.
    Move toward the next cache on the right and stop to recharge behind the wrecked
    train car and then behind one of them beyond-you can’t risk your energy being
    depleted while you are in the open. You’ll find nothing at the second cache, so
    recharge behind the wrecked armored vehicle before continuing.
    The next cache is nearly 100 meters away and is closer to the tower. Start for
    it and charge behind the hulk before entering the water. Take shelter near the
    cliff to recharge. Swim along the cliff and exit the water where the rock ledge
    is lowest. Get behind the wreck to recharge before moving on to the cache. There
    will be a couple of Scarab rifles but nothing with the needed punch.
    The last cache is over 150 meters away. Use the wreckage ahead to shelter as you
    move toward it. Continue slowly along the tracks to conserve energy and then
    jump down into the low area near the wreckage to get to the final cache. Stay
    near the rock ledge to stay out of the tower’s sight.
    You will find several dead Ceph and one of them dropped a Ceph Bolt Sniper.
    Approaching it has a momentary draining effect on your Nanosuit. Psycho can’t
    believe that you can operate it. The Ceph weapon has awesome power but very
    limited energy-it’s good for only eight shots. These Ceph weapons can be carried
    without sacrificing one of your primary weapons but it must be dropped when you
    want to switch weapons. You can’t go wrong wielding Ceph weapons. They are all
    extremely potent.
    There are three cannons on the tower and it takes only one shot from the Bolt
    Rifle to destroy each of them. Cloak and step out, hit one of them and get back
    to cover to recharge. Repeat the process to destroy the remaining cannons. With
    the cannons destroyed, CELL agents will be entering the sector to hunt whoever
    destroyed the automated system. Hack the Minefield and start toward the new
    waypoint which is part of the route to Psycho’s location. Stop at the arrow
    crate, if needed, near the derelict train car.
    With the auto defense system destroyed, CELL troops are entering the area and
    you can either attempt to sneak past them or you can obliterate whoever
    challenges you with the remaining shots in the Bolt Sniper and then with the
    Predator Bow. There are boulders to shelter behind to recharge but the surviving
    CELL will spread out making it increasingly difficult to avoid detection if you
    linger in the swampy area. Four additional troops will arrive via a helicopter
    when you cross the swamp. Turn to the right at the waypoint and the next
    waypoint will lead you under a fractured overpass toward Psycho’s location.
    Before reaching Psycho, however, an optional Secondary Mission to locate the
    origin of a CELL Locator Beacon is offered. This will require you to move under
    the fractured overpasses toward the new optional waypoint. If you left any CELL
    standing in your wake, they will have dispersed into the kill zone.
    A pair of CELL troops will be guarding the Locator Beacon. Kill both with the
    Predator Bow to avoid attracting any additional hostiles. Grab the Datapad to
    secure the CELL Security Codes. Hack the orange Weapons Pod to acquire a
    Nanosuit Upgrade Module. The “Assassin” upgrade is a good place to spend the
    Module, but you can stockpile it instead and spend it on “Energy Upgrade” when
    you acquire another module. Continue on to Psycho at the waypoint.
    You will now be moving on to the train yard via the tunnels. Activate armor mode
    and drop through the opening. Psycho joins you and leads the way forward. Your
    ability to use the Ceph weapon and your radical suit appearance has people
    wondering about your humanity-is Psycho one of them?
    Continue through the passages following Psycho. Raid the arrow case in the side
    grotto and just beyond Psycho will climb a ladder when you reach a closed gate.
    You will be going through the gate. Activate the cloak before entering. There
    will be eight defenders in the large chamber beyond and many of them will be on
    the upper deck. Stay near the entry and behind the rusty metal plate on the
    railing to hack the mounted gun near the central area. It will turn on the
    opposition and most likely clear the lower area.
    The CELL troops on the upper deck will survive, so pick your targets and shoot
    them through the cloak with the Predator Bow. Use the cover provided by the
    metal plate to recharge in safety. An airburst frag can take out those behind
    cover. A survivor or two may need to be hunted down.
    Restock your ammo and grenades; and, if you haven’t done so already, consider
    replacing your Feline with a SCAR assault rifle-some feature grenade launchers
    and it is, overall, a better weapon. Gather your arrows and make your way up the
    stairwells. Move along the splintered tracks and make a power jump over the gap
    to rejoin Psycho.
    As you move along, you will find several deceased comrades. Grab the Black Box
    from the corpse and continue on. There will be gunfire beyond the gate. Open it
    and Ceph Stalkers will be assaulting the CELL troops in the grassy area below.
    Descend and be prepared for the ambush tactics of a pair of Stalkers. As their
    name would indicate they will stalk rather than just attack on sight. Get into
    the far right corner, as viewed from your entry point. This is near the exit
    gate made noticeable by the glowing light.
    If a Stalker is reckless enough to lurk near the red barrels, shoot them to
    create an explosion. If you can locate them hiding in the grass below, tossing a
    grenade or shooting a super-thermite arrow near one will also do the trick-
    sometimes you can get them both. If not blast them as they get in close.
    With the Stalkers neutralized the lighted exit is released so continue into more
    overgrown tunnels. Hack or just shoot the stubborn devices controlling the laser
    Mines and resupply your arrows, if needed, in the side grotto. Kick the debris
    in the tunnel aside and, if needed, access the ammo chest ahead-you can spot it
    with your visor. The way forward, however, is via the tunnel on the right near
    the debris. This passage also has a laser Mine trap. Shoot the lasers or try to
    disable them-sometimes they are stubborn-and move on to the exit. Grab any
    needed ammo and grenades before climbing the stairwells.
    You’re now at the North Rail Yard and the numerous defenders seem to know that
    trouble is on the way. Cloak and put down the CELL lookout on the nearby
    walkway. Grab your arrow and recon the place under cloak. There are eight or
    more CELL in the lower yard and more in the upper areas. Use your visor to tag
    them all. A search will bring the hostiles to your location near the entry-stay
    there. Remain cloaked and have the Predator Bow equipped, they will hunt you and
    the stairwell will lead them into your ambush. Retreat to the entry area to
    charge or to flee from incoming EMP or explosive grenades.
    When the opposition’s numbers are manageable-there will be several on the upper
    decks that can be taken down with airburst frag arrows-take the stairs down and
    work your way to the far end of the yard, recharging whenever you’re out of the
    sightlines of any survivors. The flooded area under the tracks is a good place
    to avoid being detected from above, but reinforcements will arrive by chopper
    when you move toward the far side of the yard. There is another flooded area you
    can shelter in to engage the reinforcements but you can usually just recharge
    there and go up the stairs. There may be a few CELL patrollers in the upper
    area. Go right at the top of the stairs and continue into the structure.
    Kill any patrolling hostile and move to the far side, staying cloaked to hack
    the gun on the walkway near the exit. It will eliminate any nearby CELL troops
    but it may attract one or more from the rear area. Take out anyone coming to
    investigate and then hack the slightly elevated Turret Gun you can see on the
    platform beyond the first one you hacked. It will clear that area. Cloak and go
    out on the walkway near the first hacked gun, going left around the walkway and
    then up the stairwell. Use the zipline to get across the station where you will
    crash through the wall.
    An MK.60 is available near the ammo chests. Its rapid potent firepower can be
    helpful in the looming engagement but it can’t be silenced like the Feline or
    the SCAR but stealth won’t play a part in the next engagement. The Marshall
    shotgun, however, will also get the job done.
    As you prepare to exit the station, a CELL scrambling device causes
    interference, disabling your visor. Exit and activate armor mode and don’t
    linger-go straight ahead toward the blue building, maneuvering over and around
    obstructions and looking for the tracks. Stalkers will begin to circle to your
    position-so don’t have a static one-going slow or stopping will make you an
    easier target. A set of tracks will lead you to a metal platform. Interact with
    the scrambler to deactivate it. This will give you a waypoint to find Psycho.
    You will have to wend your way through the undergrowth and clutter, fending off
    Stalkers to get to Psycho.
    There is a Weapons Pod that you can hack nearby that contains an L-Tag grenade
    launcher. Your real resource, however, is a mounted grenade launcher, or AGL.
    Man it and detach it to give yourself more flexibility of movement. Over a dozen
    Stalkers will assail your position before Psycho is prepared to depart. Activate
    your armor and don’t spare the grenades. They wreak havoc on the Stalkers. When
    Psycho gives the word, follow him. Keep the AGL and watch for a Stalker or two
    as you go for the exit.
    When you arrive at the exit, the locked gate is even beyond the capability of
    the Nanosuit, but Psycho, scornful of HQ’s bulls—-t, has an alternate plan.
    Follow him to a tanker car. Push it and you both get aboard during a cutscene.
    You can fire on the Stalkers as it rolls toward the gate or just save your ammo-
    they don’t have ranged attacks. The momentum of the car smashes the gate and a
    few CELL troops will fire on you. It plunges through a darkened tunnel and
    during a cutscene all hell breaks loose. A CELL tank is destroyed in the
    collision. After the carnage, you’re on your way to meet Psycho’s girlfriend at
    the safe house. Prophet wants to know why he is being referred to as “hardware.”
    Chapter 3: The Root of all Evil <CH03>>
    Storyline: System X, located deep underground inside the Zuckerman Energy Nexus,
    is the source of CELL Industries power generation. They are harvesting a
    seemingly limitless power source; it is a remnant of the Ceph occupation-but
    what are they harvesting? A hydroelectric dam provides 500 megawatts into a
    separate grid and it provides power to their defense net. Prophet speculates
    that there is something about System X that scares CELL, prompting them to keep
    the two systems separated. Taking out the System X facility should deal a
    massive blow to CELLs operations and their power base. With Prophet in tow, the
    insurgents might actually succeed in destroying it but Prophet has had visions-
    visions of humanities extinction.
    The insurgents are beleaguered by CELL forces and are forced to stay on the run,
    using makeshift headquarters with makeshift equipment. Claire is aghast at the
    appearance of the coveted “hardware;” but Karl Rasch, the creator of the
    Nanosuit, is truly impressed by Prophet. The Nanosuit and perhaps its wearer are
    partly human, partly Ceph and partly synthetic. Prophet, however, can’t get a
    read on Rasch, one of the Nanosuit’s creators. Although on the defensive, the
    partisans have a plan to deal CELL’s energy operations a devastating blow. Exit
    with Psycho and resupply your arrows if needed.
    Upon exiting you will see the hydroelectric dam which is feeding 500 megawatts
    of power into CELLs high altitude defense network. System X is housed at the
    nearby Zuckerman Energy Nexus complex and it is the energy source giving CELL
    Industries a global power monopoly. It rather than the dam with its conventional
    generation is the main target but the hydroelectric generators are the first
    objectives. The two systems supply separate grids, which causes Prophet to
    speculate that CELL may fear something about System X. He also wants to know why
    the regional commander is so freaked-out by his Nanosuit. Psycho only knows that
    she and her group rescued him from the skinning lab.
    Follow Psycho along the ledge, jumping the ledges and crouching to get past the
    debris until he leads you into a structure with an elevator shaft. Stock up on
    ammo and grab the R.E.X. charges. Psycho will force the doors open. Activate
    armor and step into the shaft. Naturally the car crashes into the ruins below.
    Swim out of the flooded shaft and go right to get out of the rubble. A chopper
    is dropping a couple of CELL troops and they are assembling with others CELL
    troops below. Before they can disperse, equip an airburst frag arrow and use it
    to devastate their ranks. Quickly take down the survivors and jump down into the
    deep pool of water, recharge and collect your arrows.
    The commotion will draw troops from the surrounding areas so move out. Quickly
    tag as many of the numerous troops in the large area as possible-there are about
    twenty. The objective is an entryway near the cliffs on your left but there is
    not much cover along the cliffs. Before CELL forces converge, move toward the
    dam, staying on the near or left side of the cluttered ruins in the central
    area. Be aware of flankers and enemy positions as you recharge behind the
    limited cover. You will likely have to take down a few CELL patrollers along the
    Bear to the left to get near the cliff and when you get near the dam, hack the
    Automated Turret Gun near the entry platform. A CELL trooper will be manning an
    HMG and the Turret should put him down as well as any additional forces nearby.
    Inside the structure is an orange Weapons Pod and behind it another Automated
    Gun. Either hack the Gun or use an electric arrow to quickly neutralize it. Hack
    the Weapons Pod to acquire a Nanosuit Upgrade Module. Don’t linger. CELL forces
    will respond to the action and will be coming your way.
    Continue past the Weapons Pod and call the elevator and start up. There will be
    a pair of CELL agents outside the elevator, so activate the cloak. They may fire
    into it when the doors open so stay to the side to put them down. Before exiting
    the elevator, hack the Mine just outside of it. There is ammo and a Weapons Pod
    that you can hack in the chamber as well. Take the Typhoon-it is a deadly weapon
    but it goes through ammo extremely fast. You can, however, restock at special
    ammo crates which will be increasingly available as the game progresses.
    Hack the lasers in the doorway, cloak and step out onto the deck. Use the plate
    on the railing as shelter for recharging, to tag and to take out the CELL troops
    that defend the walkway. About eight hostiles will need to be put down. Keep
    watch for incoming grenades and move away or just renter the structure to avoid
    When the opposition wanes, go down the stairs and use the cover near the edge of
    the walkway to put down any CELL coming forward and to hack the Turret Gun
    ahead. It will take down the CELL troops on the far end.
    You can now get to the first hydroelectric generator via the stairwell on the
    left. You’ll have to hack the door’s lasers. Inside you’ll find a JAW launcher
    and a special Ammo crate. I find the JAW launchers to be more useful than the
    R.E.X. charges-take your pick; you can only carry one or the other.
    Go unopposed down the many flights of stairs to the generator. You will have
    received a Secondary Mission to re-program the CELL anti-air units and before
    dealing with the first generator hack the console to complete the secondary
    objectives. Grab the JAW launcher and then interact with the generator to shut
    it down.
    Move back up the stairs. CELL reinforcements are on the way and the sound of a
    chopper can be heard. Before you reach the top, locate the air vents on the
    landing. Interact to knock out the air vent on the right-as you face the exit-
    crouch and move through it and knock out the exterior vent. The next objective
    is in sight across the water. Cloak and swim across, diving to recharge before
    exiting near the stairwell. Cloak and go up the stairwell. Watch for that attack
    helicopter when you turn left and go up another stairwell. Hack the door lasers.
    There will be a couple of CELL troops inside to deal with. Hack the Weapons Pod
    and move down the stairs to the generator. Grab the DSG-1 sniper rifle and
    interact with the second generator. There is no time to initiate a shutdown by
    using the overrides because a perimeter breach has been detected, an alert
    issued and additional CELL forces are scrambling.
    Prophet helps the destructive process along by twisting the generator’s support
    structure and things start coming apart.
    Go up the stairs, jumping the gap when a flight tumbles down. Cloak after
    jumping the gap and kill the two CELL troops on the landing. Knock out the left
    vent grating, crouch and move through it and knock out the exterior vent. It is
    time for some bonus damage-knocking out the dam itself.
    The new waypoint is only a short distance away. Either go down the stairwells or
    just jump into the water. Swim to the waypoint and set the charges. During the
    ensuing cutscene, a pair of CELL choppers will discover you; as the scene
    continues you will turn away and take a zipline to escape the explosions and the
    choppers. The explosive charges rupture the damn, sweeping you away into the
    ruins of the city.
    You have a bit of a tiff with Claire over your human status, but you also
    receive a new assignment. You must get to the harvesting facility to shut down
    System X. Wonder what it is harvesting?
    Move up the watercourse that was once a city street going in the direction of
    the waypoint. A Secondary Mission to locate the origin of a CELL Locator Beacon
    will be offered. Rather than going over the falls, stay on the ledge to the left
    and move through the ruins toward the secondary’s waypoint. The route is
    uneventful until you encounter a group of half a dozen CELL troops about 100
    meters short of the objective.
    Avoid the CELL troops by remaining cloaked and staying to the left along the
    cliffs. You will not only find the Security Gate Codes at the waypoint, but also
    an arrow crate and a Nanosuit Upgrade Module.
    Double back and check the area ahead. Since you bypassed the CELL troopers
    earlier, you will encounter them as you advance up the stream. There are about
    ten hostiles in the area and a stealthy hunter can use the Predator Bow to kill
    them all and can then resupply his arrows near the downed aircraft. With the
    area cleared of hostiles, continue forward and the path will narrow down into a
    When the facility comes into view, hack the elevated Turret to neutralize the
    gun and turn it against the enemy. Clear the two CELL sentries guarding the gate
    and when you approach the ramp the Gate Security Codes you acquired earlier will
    cause the gate to open, allowing access to the facility. The Energy Nexus has
    been operating without safe guards and the civilians are now being evacuated.
    Cloak and move up the ramp and into the facility to do recon. Hack the Mines
    below. Tag anyone in sight and stay near the entry ramp and use the Predator Bow
    to eliminate any targets coming to investigate the breach. Back off onto the
    ramp to recharge if needed.
    Start left around the upper walkway, putting down any CELL agents necessary as
    you proceed. Stay cloaked and use the barriers on the rails to shelter for
    recharging. You can descend and hack the orange Weapons Pod or just continue
    around the elevated walkway. On the final turn, in the lower area, take cover
    behind the large objects.
    There will be a Mobile Gun Platform moving back and forth on the walkway. Take
    it out with an electric arrow. If your incursion was stealthy you can now move
    toward the lift; if not, additional troops will begin arriving near the lift.
    Stay in cover, if needed, to wipe them out. Before using the lift, make your way
    to the little shack across the narrow walkway to find a Nanosuit Upgrade Module
    and ammo.
    If necessary, use the shack to recharge and to address any surviving CELL
    defenders. Find and board the lift. Take it down to the harvesting facility.
    There will be no hostiles defending it. Locate the crane controls near the
    suspended cargo container. Activate it to re-position the container and then
    just continue along the catwalk and go up the stairs to the first pressure
    regulator and restore it. Return to that container you re-positioned and jump
    onto it and then to the walkway beyond. Use the waypoint for the proper
    direction. Interact with the second console.
    Jump back to the container and then back onto the catwalk near the console. An
    overhead defense Turret sporting a pair of guns will activate. Locate it and use
    electric or explosive arrows to take out the two guns. You can use the structure
    near the console to thwart the Turrets targeting as it moves about. Initiate the
    pain-in-the-rear hack on the console. Make sure “Sensor Upgrade” is activated
    for this hack-you’ll need it.
    With the hack completed, move around the catwalk and get onto the lift. Activate
    your cloak before you exit and kill the four CELL defenders. The enigmatic Karl
    Rasch will discourse about freedom as you go up the staircase to interact with
    the keyboard. An emergency shutdown is initiated. When the System X containment
    field fails, the Alpha-Ceph is released from the Harvesting facility-whoops!
    The system then self-destructs and Prophet is hurled out of the facility. The
    Alpha-Ceph is free of the generating facility and is initiating the procedure to
    summon a full-blown invasion force from its home world. Psycho speculates that
    the extinction event of Prophet’s vision is beginning. Prophet isn’t so
    pessimistic-the malevolent creature is now in the open where it can be killed.
    Perhaps the situation is, indeed, a turd sandwich without bread but one with a
    dash of mustard. CELL has lost its meal ticket and Prophet has a plan to defeat
    it by getting into its “head.” Prophet needs to find a Nanosuit Cradle and he
    will rendezvous with Psycho at a CELL skinning laboratory. Claire says to take
    care; there are some things that can’t be forgiven.
    Chapter 4: Safeties Off <<CH04>>
    Storyline: The truth is finally known. The captive Alpha-Ceph was the source of
    CELL’s limitless energy and the foundation of their global domination. Because
    the Ceph hive-mind could get into his head, Prophet believes that maybe he can
    get into theirs. In order to find out, he needs to get to a Nanosuit Cradle
    where he can be reprogrammed. Psycho knows just where to find one-the skinning
    laboratory where he and his comrades were brutally skinned by CELL scientists to
    acquire the Ceph technology in their Nanosuits. Claire warns him that there are
    things there that cannot be forgiven; and, where anything CELL is concerned,
    Psycho isn’t forgiving-not even a little.
    The chapter begins with a cutscene. The destruction has thrown Prophet into a
    swampy area. He is hiding in shallow water, his presence obscured by the
    undergrowth and the gloom. The patrolling CELL troopers seem terrified by
    something called “Red Star Rising” and they abandon a missing colleague and
    their search for Prophet. Psycho hasn’t heard the term but he will run it by the
    minds at headquarters.
    You must now make your way out of the area to reach the park and numerous CELL
    troopers haven’t abandoned the search. Start by tagging the enemy to track their
    positions-most will be well ahead-and start moving toward the waypoint.
    Searchlights will sweep the area but they really aren’t a problem if you stay
    cloaked when out in the open. When the arrow crate appears to the left on your
    visor, go to it to resupply if you need arrows. As you work your way forward,
    find safe areas amid the ruins to recharge, killing CELL troops with the Bow
    when necessary.
    About 150 meters short of the waypoint, Psycho will call giving you a Secondary
    assignment. There is intelligence that might identify the bastards that skinned
    him and perhaps resolve some of his personal problems. Start toward the new
    waypoint and be aware that the enemy will now be spread out-watch your back when
    you need to recharge.
    When you get to the structures, there will be an Automated Turret Gun to hack. A
    few CELL defenders will occupy the structures so silently kill anyone the Turret
    Gun didn’t get after you jump up into the ruin. Stay in the structures and be
    aware of enemy activity as you work your way toward the Secondary Mission’s
    waypoint. Hack the Minefields to turn them on the enemy as you continue through
    the structures.
    Jump into the ruined structure at the waypoint and you’ll find the information
    as well as other Datapads on a table inside. The file has been redacted and
    Psycho is bitterly disappointed.
    With the Secondary assignment completed, move toward the Primary waypoint.
    You’ll have to hack an Automated Turret Gun on the adjoining structure. There
    will be CELL troops near the structure and the chatter of the hacked Turret Gun
    may attract others. Use the structure to thin out the CELL if they come calling.
    Continue toward the waypoint and approach the next structure from the side and
    maneuver into the rear area to hack the Mines and then enter the structure. Stay
    cloaked as you take out the scattered CELL troops in the place and then hack the
    Mines and the Turret Gun on the other end.
    Go up the stairwells to get to the top level. Expect CELL troops to be in or
    coming into the area. Locate the zipline. Grab the Nanosuit Upgrade Module from
    the back room where you’ll also find ammo. Take the zipline to the adjoining
    There is more trouble at headquarters. Karl Rasch is now AWOL. Work your way
    toward the waypoint through the structure, dropping through the debris to a
    floor below and then moving forward and taking the stairwell beyond. Pick your
    way counter clockwise through the ruined interior and you’ll find the exit near
    a pool table.
    All hell is breaking loose outside the building as the Alpha-Ceph and its
    minions rampage. CELL forces are now on the defensive. The hive is awakening and
    you are warned by Claire to steer clear of the nearby Ceph Mindcarrier. You
    think the opposite-you want to get into their heads by approaching it. Your new
    task is to approach the Mindcarrier which is about 200 meters away. You need to
    interact with it despite Claire’s warnings.
    Ceph are roving the area. Tag them so you know their positions. Set the Predator
    Bow to maximum pull to deal with the aliens and take out any that are prowling
    nearby before you begin moving toward the objective. Stay cloaked and on the
    left margin of the open area. Recharge when in cover when the Ceph are in blind
    spots and shoot through the cloak to kill any Ceph that approach you.
    There is an arrow crate on an elevated ruin. If you choose to use one, you’ll
    find that the Pinch Rifles they carry are excellent weapons and can be carried
    in addition to your two primary weapons but maintaining stealth at this point is
    the better option. There is also a Nanosuit Upgrade Module in a lighted ruin.
    There are a lot of roving Ceph, so when you get within about 50 meters of the
    objective, climb into the structure, recharge, cloak and go for the Mindcarrier.
    The Mindcarrier is on another elevated ruin. Jump up for a brief interaction.
    After the uneventful liaison you will inform Psycho that you are on your way.
    Start through the structure, going toward the waypoint. When you reach the
    street, flames emanate from a structure just ahead and the screams don’t bode
    well but you can proceed unchallenged for a ways. Use the visor to locate a
    Nanosuit Upgrade Module inside a structure and farther along you can hack the
    Weapons Pod and beyond an arrow crate can be found on a second floor.
    As you approach the double blue doors, several CELL personnel will burst out of
    it, on fire and screaming. A Ceph Scorcher will follow and you will be knocked
    back. Use an electric arrow to easily dispose of it and any of its kind you meet
    down the road. Take the Incinerator it drops. The flamethrower is an awesome
    close-quarters weapon but not much for stealth.
    Work your way through the ruined complex of rooms and there will be a half-dozen
    Scorchers ahead to deal with. Claire says that there is also a disabled Pinger
    just ahead that you can hack. This will be a Secondary Mission and is, of
    course, optional. Cloak and use electric and, if necessary, super-thermite
    arrows to destroy any Scorchers in your way and then go past the Pinger before
    hacking it. Keeping your distance will keep you alive when it animates,
    broadcasting an EMP wave. It will attack the remaining Scorchers.
    Continue on to the Primary waypoint, watching for any surviving Scorchers.
    You’ll be passing through another ruined structure where you’ll find arrows,
    ammo and grenades. Continue out the far side. Ahead are numerous Ceph Infantry
    Units prowling about as is several flying Spotters-these drones are a real pain.
    These pesky machines can sense your presence and they will emit an EMP blast
    that will quickly drain your energy. If you get a shot, use an electric arrow on
    Use stealth to infiltrate, staying near the margins of the area and charging in
    cover. It will be difficult to get past them all without killing a few and it is
    possible to simply wipe them out. If you opt to kill them all, you can resupply
    your arrows from the case atop the ruin. A stairwell inside the building will
    get you to the upper level and you can then jump to the arrow crate.
    The control box for the entry ramp is on the far side. Enter and go left around
    the walkway to get to the doorway to meet Psycho. He will take you up in the
    elevator. Follow him through the wreckage of the mazelike facility and when he
    says to open the door, take the Nonosuit Upgrade Module from the opposing
    chamber before doing so.
    Psycho vents about the murdering bastards that ran this shop of horrors and
    expresses his desire to kill them all. Continue on to the skinning lab and the
    Nanosuit Cradle. Claire will open the hatch into the laboratory. Psycho operates
    the cradle with Prophet the subject. Memories pour out and Claire is concerned
    about the disposition of the nanites and their effect on Prophet but she
    believes that he can now make a clear link with the Ceph.
    Psycho is able to access archival files and they reveal that Claire was one of
    the people involved in the process of skinning him and his comrades. She says
    she was forced and isn’t proud of it. No more romance-bad time anyway. Prophet
    sticks up for her but obeying orders is not an excuse. A pissed off Psycho calls
    Prophet anything but a man. He blames him for following orders and getting his
    own men killed. He is done with them both and leaves to fight his own battles.
    Chapter 5: Red Star Rising <<CH05>>
    Storyline: Archangel, which controls the massive CELL power network, is
    programmed for a worst case scenario. The Alpha-Ceph is in the process of
    building a conduit to transport Ceph forces to earth for a global invasion.
    Extinction for the human race looms. Archangel controls a weaponized orbital
    distribution platform that can draw enormous power from its global grid and
    redirect it at will. It has been authorized to initiate the most aggressive
    protocol available-the total obliteration of New York City-a protocol called
    “Red Star Rising.” Prophet believes that the energy exchange is capable of
    blasting holes in the earth, potentially destroying the planet. He believes that
    if he can interact with a Mindcarrier that he may be able to reverse the
    awakening, prompting CELL to call off the strike.
    Claire has retrieved information about Red Star Rising. Archangel is a key part
    of CELLs information and control network but the escape of the Alpha-Ceph will
    elicit dire consequences for New York City. It will initiate the destruction of
    the entire city by directing a strike from an orbital platform.
    With the Alpha-Ceph rampaging and CELL operations in chaos, annihilation from
    orbit now seems imminent. Claire talks of evacuation but Prophet says that
    invasion of the planet by the aliens is now in the works and that CELL’s
    misguided action may actually destroy the planet. If he can interact with the
    hive mind via another Mindcarrier he may be able to reverse the awakening,
    reducing the threat and CELL will be able to call off the strike. Claire is
    concerned that the interaction could turn Prophet into a Ceph because of the
    volatility of the nanites in his system. He is willing to take the risk-what
    other choice is there?
    You’ll find yourself only a couple of hundred meters from the Mindcarrier. Go
    through the ruined building and jump onto the red conduit and use it and the one
    beyond to get to an elevated ruin with ammo and grenade crates. A zipline
    located there will take you to another elevated ruin.
    Look toward the waypoint. There is a Weapons Pod on the right that you can hack.
    Continue toward the waypoint and a dying CELL agent near a ruined structure says
    that everybody is going to die. CELL is going to obliterate the entire city. Use
    your visor to locate the Nanosuit Upgrade Module in the building. A few Ceph
    will be prowling near the Mindcarrier which is clearly visible. There is also an
    elevated ruin nearby where you can find an arrow crate. If needed, you can make
    your way along the rock ledge and jump the gap to get to the arrow crate.
    You can waste the prowling Ceph with the Predator Bow from there and then
    resupply your arrows before proceeding to the objective, but you can just as
    easily cloak and walk to the Mindcarrier to interact instead.
    You become connected with the hive mind and all about the Ceph kneel in
    subservience believing that you are the Alpha. The real Alpha soon dispels the
    notion and you find yourself thrown away from the Mindcarrier. There is a Pinch
    Rifle at your feet and for a time your energy is super charged and isn’t
    depleting. Waste the half dozen Ceph that come at you. Continue past the
    Mindcarrier and a Devastator will enter the fray. You can easily just avoid it
    or you can take it out. It will usually drop either a Reaper Cannon or an X-Pac
    Mortar. Both are awesome weapons, albeit short-lived.
    As you make your way toward the distant waypoint through the flooded area, you
    will banter with Claire. You believe that an even deeper interaction with the
    hive mind could allow you to control it. She has additional information on
    Archangel. She believes deployment is imminent and that you must reach the
    control center to prevent the deployment.
    When you come to the drop off, start tagging the CELL-the Stalkers can be seen
    but not tagged. CELL agents are holed up in a building on the left and are being
    assailed by numerous Stalkers. Let them battle it out before jumping down and
    heading for the CELL position on the left. There will likely be a lone CELL
    agent surviving on the second floor near the HMG.
    Make your way out of the ruined structure, going toward the waypoint. The route
    is through shallow water and if you keep your visor active you’ll see an
    Automated Turret Gun to hack before it sees you. There is a Nanosuit Upgrade
    Module near the gun mount.
    This area is a dead end so you will have to backtrack, going back through the
    ruins to get to the watercourse that was once a street. Take the mounted HMG.
    Locate the elevated Turret Gun on the right side of the route and hack it. There
    will still be Stalkers there but you can usually bypass most of them by staying
    cloaked. Jump down with armor active and continue ahead.
    When bars block the way, use the visor to check the positions of the Stalkers.
    Cut left and clear the area, if needed, and move into the ruins to bypass the
    obstruction. If you fired on any Stalkers keep watch for more coming to check
    out the racket.
    You’ll have to weave your way past some wrecked washing machines, go up the
    stairs and then emerge near some wrecked military vehicles. Scavenge the area
    for ammo and another Nanosuit Upgrade Module. Take the vehicle and drive through
    the wreckage of the city. It a long drive but there is no opposition so take it
    slow so you don’t destroy the noisy vehicle or you’ll be walking. Using the
    tower in the distance as a guide will get you to a ramp formed by a leaning
    building-if you miss it no problem, you’ll get there anyway. Veer left onto an
    elevated but narrow stretch of roadway leading onto a bridge.
    Clare’s group is in big trouble and they desperately need your help. Stop about
    300 meters short of the objective. CELL troopers have a checkpoint up ahead and
    two of them have JAW launchers. Advance on foot and use the vehicles on the
    right to recharge. Use the Predator Bow with an airburst frag to hit the milling
    CELL troops and then use the Bow to kill the remaining hostiles one at a time.
    The widespread destruction in the city has made this the end of the line. There
    is a gaping chasm beyond the checkpoint. Enter the building on the left and go
    down the numerous stairwells and then armor-up and jump into the water.
    Activate your armor and make your way down the ledges. Claire’s resistance group
    is under heavy assault and believes that e-vac may be hopeless. The Ceph are
    everywhere and are annihilating everything human. She says you should
    concentrate on stopping Archangel. As you emerge into the open, Psycho, all
    business, is back in the picture.
    Just below there is another Weapons Pod. Hack it and upgrade your weapons if you
    can. Despite her plea the mission is still to reach Claire and provide support.
    Keep your armor activated as you jump down the rock ledges. There is a vehicle
    armed with missiles near an ammo crate.
    You must now move up the canyon. You can take the vehicle which is armed with
    missiles or you can go afoot. It is easier, especially on the tougher levels, to
    go on foot and following will be the best way to do so. You will encounter
    resistance along the way from both Ceph and, at times, the CELL. If you drive,
    just try to keep the vehicle intact as you attempt to pick your targets on the
    cluttered route. Stay to the left the entire way until you reach the locked
    gate. Losing the vehicle along the way does not necessarily end the mission. You
    can continue on foot.
    Going on foot is actually the easier way. About the time you reach the smoking
    hunk of a Pinger a CELL chopper, making passes up and down the valley, will come
    toward you. It won’t see you if you stay cloaked and you can recharge in the
    battlefield debris or when it is at the far end of a pass. There are smoking
    hulks, half-buried containers, gutted vehicles, hunks of buildings, etc.
    littering the route-just don’t get caught in the open when uncloaked. If the
    chopper decides to hover, take it down with a JAW to make the trek easier-you
    can provoke it by shooting at it and then cloaking. It will hover allowing you
    to put it down.
    There will be a CELL position on top of the two broken hulks in the shallow
    waterway. There is a crashed chopper short of the second hulk near the left
    cliff where you can recharge and grab some ammo and JAWs. There is an Automated
    Turret Gun atop the hulk that you can hack. Shelter to recharge on the left side
    of the hulk.
    Continue on, staying near the left cliff and recharging between the halves of
    the ship. A structure will fall ahead. Move under the ship and use the visor to
    locate the CELL tank ahead. Move to the right and use the cliff to get close and
    use a JAW to eliminate it. Move past the wrecked tanks and continue toward the
    left side of the stranded ship.
    About this time a Secondary Mission, offering a vehicle upgrade-a tank-is made
    available and its waypoint will appear near the left cliff. This is optional and
    the Pinger and Devastators patrolling just ahead make it a bit of a deathtrap to
    use the tank.
    Continue advancing near the cliff, recharge in the greenery and then behind the
    tank before moving from hulk to hulk on your way to the structure ahead. A
    Pinger and Devastators will patrol. Sneak past any lurking Devastators and
    scavenge the ammo and JAWs before going up the stairwells and opening the gate.
    Jump the rail and get through the gate-killing the tough Ceph here is an option.
    Continue on foot or grab a vehicle. The resistance ahead will be light. Walk or
    drive forward, go through the circular tunnel and continue on until the way is
    blocked by a wrecked tank. Claire and the group are on their way to the
    Archangel Command Center but time is short. The orbital platform will have a
    window to target New York City in fifteen minutes.
    Take the Gauss Sabot sniper rifle near the ammo crates. Psycho calls giving you
    a Secondary Mission. There is a generator inside the CELL Command Center that
    provides power to its air defenses. He needs you to knock it out so they can put
    Survey the battlefield below the cliffs. CELL troops with positions on the
    Command Center’s structure are battling the Ceph to defend their stronghold.
    There is a Devastator and numerous other Ceph assailing them. Save your gauss
    rounds and locate the zipline on the far left side of the ledge. Cloak and ride
    The location is sheltered from the battlefield so just start around the rear of
    the huge structure. Claire informs you that a disoriented Rasch has been found.
    He survived in a Ceph hot zone-curious.
    Jump onto the elevated conduits and locate the Devastator ahead with your visor.
    Use the Gauss sniper rifle to put it down. There are also three Scorchers in the
    vicinity so equip your electric arrows and advance under cloak or expend your
    gauss rounds from range to knock them out. If you favor the deadly but short-
    range weapon, kill at least one Scorcher with an electric arrow and grab an
    Incinerator. Hack the gate.
    A couple of CELL sentries will be just inside. You can use the Incinerator to
    kill them or you can put them down with the Bow to remain less conspicuous.
    Either way, the opening of the gate will be noticed and CELL troops will migrate
    towards it.
    About ten CELL troopers are in the area and if you killed the three Scorchers,
    the ramp is a good place to recharge when needed as you await CELL troops
    arriving from both directions. Shoot arrows through the cloak and retreat to the
    ramp, if needed, to recharge.
    When the opposition wanes, go right moving up the two stairwells and then start
    counter clockwise around the walkway. When you reach the turn there is an
    Automated Turret Gun that you can hack to help deal with the troops near the
    generator. Take it out with a R.E.X. charge or just shoot it with a JAW.
    Continue toward the objective, staying on the upper walkways. You’ll find a CELL
    defender near the console that controls the bridge. Kill him and use the console
    to lower the bridge. There is an Automated Turret Gun below that you can hack.
    Across the bridge, a couple of CELL troopers will defend the Command Center’s
    entry. Stay cloaked as you cross the bride to clear them and to reach the
    entrance on the rear side of the central structure. Interact with the hatch to
    gain entry.
    With the strike imminent, Claire will need you at a console. The energy
    discharge from Archangel is only 5% of the necessary yield for a chain reaction
    but it was just what the Alpha-Ceph needed. New York City may not have been
    obliterated but a wormhole to M33 is opening and will transport a massive
    invasion force of earth. Rasch, who greatly extended his life with Ceph
    technology, was a catalyst for the Alpha’s designs. Claire is a victim of his
    betrayal. The Alpha Ceph has initiated Stage 3 of their plan, and the plan must
    be foiled to save mankind from oblivion.
    Chapter 6: Only Human <<CH06>>
    Storyline: The Ceph have opened a wormhole to its parent galaxy M33. This is
    Stage 3 of their plan and an army of Ceph will soon be coming through the
    conduit. This will likely mean the extinction of human life on earth. The
    mission is to shut down that energy beam at all costs.
    Claire was mortally wounded in the episode with Rasch, and the VTOL they took
    flight in was shot down by Ceph gunships. Psycho has relented and is despondent
    over Claire’s death. He feels helpless; he is still only a simple human and
    shutting down the beam seems far beyond his capabilities. Prophet was rendered
    powerless by Rasch during the Alpha encounter and Psycho, being human, saved
    them. It is now just Prophet and Psycho-and this one last mission must make a
    difference. The brash old Psycho is back-it is time to kick ass. Prophet will
    infiltrate Ceph territory and disable the artillery and Psycho will pilot a VTOL
    craft to destroy them.
    Restock your arrows and ammo. Kick the debris aside and go right through the
    wreckage, moving along the rubble shelf. You’ll find an DSG-1 sniper rifle near
    some crates. Cloak and go to the overlook. Tag the Ceph patrolling near the
    cannon. The cannon will receive a dose of energy from the battery and will then
    fire into the sky. The battery, rather than the cannon, is your destination but
    the tandem is in close proximity.
    Don’t jump down to street level. Just continue to the right, jump down into the
    ruins and continue ahead. Kick the sofa out of the doorway as you make your way
    toward a zipline. Don’t alert the aliens by firing on them. Cloak and take the
    zipline across.
    There will be a Ceph prowling nearby, use the Predator Bow to put it down. Take
    the potent Bolt Rifle it drops. Tag the Ceph on the opposing structures and
    start dropping them with the Bolt Rifle. With the Ceph’s ranks diminished, hack
    the Weapons Pod.
    With all available victims downed, locate the ledge below. Activate armor mode
    and drop down onto it. There is a large hunk of twisted metal there that you can
    get behind to recharge your energy. From there armor-up and drop to the street.
    To avoid possible detection, get across the street and into the shadow of the
    structure with the artillery. Watch for a pod to deploy a Ceph Turret Gun nearby
    and stay cloaked to hack it, use an electric arrow to disable it or just get out
    of its field of vision.
    Skirt clockwise around the structure to locate a circular conduit just short of
    the lighted area. It will give access to the ruined structure. There is a
    smaller conduit on the left side of the main passage. Use Nanovision to locate
    it and jump into it. Crouch and make your way through it and into the structure.
    When you emerge you’ll be in the interior of the demolished structure. Stay
    cloaked as you start to kill the Ceph. There is also a Turret Gun on a ledge
    outside the building that you can hack to turn it on the Ceph.
    Go up the concrete incline near the ammo crate and locate the position of the
    battery. It will be feeding power via an intermittent arcing to the cannon.
    There will be several Ceph in the upper area near the battery so take them out
    with ranged fire or the Bow. Check their dropped weapons and power jump to the
    level above. Oftentimes one of these creatures will be toting a Bolt Sniper
    rather than a Pinch Rifle.
    You can then access the battery by going up an incline and through a doorway.
    Just approach it to momentarily disable it. Psycho will swoop down in the VTOL
    and take out the cannon.
    There are two more cannons to neutralize. Use you visor to check the area. A
    Ceph ship will deploy half-a-dozen Ceph in the area and a pair will come up to
    the site to check on the silenced cannon. Take them out before jumping down and
    starting for the unit on the right.
    Stay on the high ground to tag the remaining Ceph below and then begin sniping
    the four Ceph from the elevated cover. If you don’t have a sniper rifle, stay
    cloaked and get to closer quarters so you can use the Bow or another silenced
    weapon. Move through or skirt around the elevated ruins. Grab a Pinch Rifle if
    you encounter one to give yourself some extra firepower.
    After the transmission revealing the progression of the white hole, and after
    you have crossed the open area, a Secondary Mission, requesting a scout of a
    crashed VTOL site will become active. The optional mission will take you off to
    the right, through the shallow water and toward the isolated building towering
    in the distance. Just move toward the waypoint and when the trapped airmen call
    out, just pick up the debris and toss it aside to free them. Inside the VTOL is
    a variety of weapons including a rare FY7 IM assault rifle, JAW launchers and
    other items.
    Continue straight toward the Primary objective. The only opposition you’ll
    encounter on the way is from Ceph gunships. Making it across the open area with
    the shallow water will either require you to knock out the two Ceph gunships or
    you can traverse the open area by moving through the partially buried conduits
    that will take you toward the objective. If you opt for the conduits, the best
    choice, stay to the left where you can find debris to hide behind until you
    locate the conduits. There is a Weapons Pod near a leg of an arching spine which
    you can locate with your visor. It contains a Gauss Sabot sniper rifle. There is
    sometimes a Bolt Rifle near a Ceph corpse nearby as well. A conduit near the Pod
    will allow you to recharge before moving on. There are JAW rockets along the
    way, near or in the half dozen conduits spaced along the route. You can use them
    to shoot down the gunships but it isn’t really necessary to do so.
    At the last conduit just locate the circular tunnel straight ahead with your
    Nanovision and get into it under cloak. Enter the dark tunnel, activate
    Nanovision and go straight ahead-don’t take the tunnel to the left. You will
    exit near a ledge. Jump up, search the area with your visor and hack the Mine to
    your left. A patrolling Ceph may trigger it, if not kill it with an arrow.
    Activate the cloak as you advance into the structure. Raid the munitions-the
    visor will pinpoint the appropriate entry point.
    Start advancing through the ruins, using the Predator Bow to kill the roving
    Ceph. There will be a Devastator lurking and it will eventually take note of its
    minions dropping and it will come calling. A couple of super-thermite arrows
    will take it out.
    As you advance on the booming cannon above, take note of the energy arc showing
    the position of the battery. Hack the Turret Gun to turn it on the Ceph. With
    the area cleared, go up the rubble slope to interact with the battery, allowing
    Psycho to fly in and knock out the cannon.
    Psycho warns you that the Ceph are reinforcing. The opposition may include a
    Devastator and/or a Scorcher. A stealthy player doesn’t really have to engage
    any of these Ceph but a pair will quickly come to investigate the failure of
    their artillery and are easy victims. You can then either use the cloak to sneak
    past the Ceph in the low area and then put distance between you and them or use
    the Gauss Sabot sniper rifle to kill them all including the Devastator.
    Continue toward the waypoint and use the visor to locate the Weapons Pod ahead.
    The Pod contains a M.I.K.E. Grab it if you fancy the weapon. Beyond is an open
    area patrolled be pesky Ceph gunships. Rather than entering the open area,
    exposing yourself to the gunships, go to the right through the ruins until you
    come to an opening.
    If you have JAW rockets, you can take down the pesky gunships although these
    particular ones seem difficult to target effectively. You’ll find more JAWs near
    the edge of the area, near the vehicle, in the conduits and at ammo caches-
    you’ll probably need them if you try to take out the gunships. There is also a
    vehicle parked on the far right side.
    A Secondary Mission to help the crew of an APC that is located several hundred
    meters away becomes available. Let the Ceph gunships circle away, armor-up and
    drop down. There is a ruin to the right that will give you shelter and another
    JAW. Drive toward the APC, enter the side passage where it is located and hack
    the Minefield to free it. You can then go with the tank crew and man the HMG but
    it isn’t advised. Pilfer the crashed VTOL beyond it for a Nanosuit Upgrade
    Module, an FY7 IM and an arrow case.
    Rather than manning the HMG on the tank, take a pass and exit the side passage,
    turn left and move ahead with full energy for the cloak. A Pinger patrols there
    so get into the conduit to take refuge. There is a JAW available there. Take out
    the Pinger with a pair of rockets.
    Another Secondary Mission to help a besieged mortar battery becomes available.
    There are two Pingers ahead, so move along the towering cliffs to your left,
    charging when you are out of the Pingers sightline. You will be in a precarious
    position in this area, since an EMP from a Pinger can expose you and distant
    Automated Guns may also spot and target you. Stay in the shallow depression near
    the cliff and get behind the tank where you’ll find another JAW as well as ammo.
    You will be heading straight for the mortar battery.
    If a Pinger is searching the area use your JAW rockets to put it down. Cross the
    shallow water and go into the circular conduit where you will find another JAW.
    Move through and hack the Minefield to your left and swim toward the objective,
    staying near or on the left shore. Move in on the two Ceph Infantry Units
    assaulting the mortar crew and take them out. There are ammo chests, an L-Tag
    and a Datapad there to pilfer. This side mission isn’t without benefits-the crew
    says to select targets for them as you advance.
    Advance through the water and the mortar crew will be ready. Select the first
    Pinger on your visor and the crew will take it out. Do the same for the second
    if you didn’t knock it out earlier. The mortar is dry but your way forward is
    The waypoint is now only about 200 meters away. Hack the Minefields and raid the
    munitions cache. Move up the incline and the cannon will be in sight. Jump the
    ledge near a mounted HMG and get onto the inclined slab to get a sightline to
    hack the Automated Turret Gun to help put down the patrolling Ceph. Hack the
    Weapons Pod where you’ll find a Gauss Sabot sniper rifle and an L-Tag.
    This is a good place to really load up on heavy weapons. Grab the HMG and go up
    the incline and supplement your Gauss sniper rifle with a Typhoon. Go across the
    narrow bridge-like structure and continue down the incline and past the zipline-
    don’t use it.
    From the overlook, tag the Ceph and begin killing them. Armor-up and jump down
    to the low area. Be prepared for a couple of Scorchers as you go up the incline.
    There will be a few more Ceph near the cannon. Just go up the rubble slope to
    the third battery and interact.
    With the last cannon destroyed, Psycho needs a safe place to land. As he circles
    Psycho will be will be hammering the Ceph with the aircraft’s guns. Help him
    out. When he lands, make your way through the rubble as needed to get to him.
    He will now take you through a dizzying ride. You are manning a cannon and Ceph
    gunships will spiral in from all angles while your own gunship is twisting and
    turning. When the craft is damaged he will set it down for a quick once-over and
    you will have to defend it with an AGL. The Ceph aren’t hard to kill in the
    clutter which has poor lighting-just hard to see to kill. When you do finally
    take off a tough Mastermind will appear and force you back to the ground.
    You will have to badly damage this tough Boss to get it to pull you in for a
    battle of the minds. Mash the prompt when it does. Your reward is a swarm of
    Ceph including, usually, a Devastator. Once you take them out you’ll have to
    again damage the Mastermind for another of its hugs after which it is done for.
    Your best strategy is to circle away from it to avoid its EMP blasts which will
    drain your energy. Use the most potent weapon available. There will be an L-Tag,
    JAWs and other heavy weapons around the area. There are also plenty of concrete
    barriers to hide behind. Try for the weak spot on its back to punish it.
    Grenades and super-thermite arrows also work well. Don’t skimp, you’ll soon be
    stripped of your arsenal anyway.
    When the Mastermind goes down, go toward the waypoint for Columbus Circle. A
    cutscene eventually places you in a dark subterranean cave under the Circle.
    Pick up the 9 MM handgun. Your suit has malfunctioned and you have no
    communications, armor or cloak.
    Chapter 7: Gods and Monsters <<CH07>>
    Storyline: The Alpha-Ceph has opened a wormhole to its parent galaxy. If it
    isn’t killed and the wormhole closed, the earth will be invaded by a massive
    force of Ceph and the extinction of mankind assured. It’s crunch time.
    You have a 9 MM handgun and your Predator Bow but weapons aren’t your immediate
    problem. You must make your way out of the dark caverns with only a splash of
    light from the flashlight. Advance through the narrow crevice, crouch to get
    under the car and kick the debris aside. Pass under the tram wreckage and a
    tremor rocks the area. Continue along the rock shelf in the dusty gloom and the
    Ceph will be in your head briefly.
    Keep going through the crevice and go past the wreckage and jump up the ledges.
    Crouch and continue on as the ceiling crumbles and the floor gives way. You take
    a plunge into a waterway. Follow the flowing water and you will take another
    plunge and another Ceph hallucination will occur. Continue out of the crevice
    and cross the spine into the burning area. Follow the watercourse down grade and
    it will transition into a dry circular conduit. Another hallucination will
    You’re clear of the dark tunnels but your cloak and armor are still unavailable.
    Go left on the rock shelf and a Ceph gunship will fly past as you cross over to
    the right side of the cavern where you will find a couple of JAW launchers,
    ammo, an arrow case and a Datapad. There is also a Weapons Pod on the nearby
    ledge. Jump up to hack it and take the M.I.K.E. and the Nonosuit Upgrade Module
    near it. There is still no Primary or Secondary Mission.
    Go down the incline past the arrow case and take cover behind the spine. There
    is a Mine to hack on the left. A Scorcher and a roving Ceph Infantry Unit will
    also need to be put down. Kill the Scorcher with an electric arrow and you can
    get its Incinerator but only after you hack the Turret Gun below-it is deadly
    since you have no cloak or armor. You’ll have to locate a spot where you can hit
    it without being killed-just peek around an obstruction, have “Sensor Upgrade”
    active and don’t waste any time doing it. This should eliminate all or most of
    the Ceph below. There will sometimes be a flying drone to deal with as well.
    Use your visor to check for the most potent Ceph weapons lying about as you make
    your way down the incline onto the metallic deck. The Mindcarrier across the
    deck is clearly visible as the upper and lower parts arc energy. There should be
    a Bolt Rifle near it-take it. Interact with the Mindcarrier.
    After a brief hallucination you will emerge super-charged and with the Bolt
    Rifle. The half-dozen Ceph that attack, including a Devastator, are meat-metal
    meat but meat. Ceph weapons have unlimited energy during your super-charged
    state. The Turret Gun will still be active as well. You must now approach the
    second Mindcarrier.
    Start toward the waypoint which is opposite the first Mindcarrier. This will be
    where the Devastator appeared, which didn’t have the courtesy of leaving behind
    a Reaper Cannon when he met the great Alpha-in-the-Sky. This path requires you
    to jump two ledges and will get you into another crevice.
    Ahead is a hallucination, an arrow case, an ammo crate, a Datapad and a Weapons
    Pod. When the hallucination is over and the power boost abated, the suit will be
    back online and a pair of Secondary Missions to locate the origin of a CELL
    Locator Beacon and one to disable the Cooling Structure, which somehow shuts
    down Ceph sentries, are available. Continue through the crevice behind the Pod
    and, after you kill the Ceph lookout, you will see the second Mindcarrier ahead.
    It will be to the far left when you move down the incline. Tag the numerous Ceph
    ahead and take note of the Turret and Mine locations.
    Watch for a flying Spotter drone and for prowling Ceph as you advance down the
    rocky incline. You’ll cross a stream. You can now just move toward the
    Mindcarrier-all paths are viable. It isn’t necessary to wipe out the Ceph in the
    area but hacking the Mine and the Turret Gun is. Interact with the Mindcarrier.
    After the interaction you will be super-charged, so wipe out and Ceph, which
    will include at least one Devastator.
    The Secondary Mission to sabotage the cooling system is near the second
    Mindcarrier but it is on a lower ledge. You can see it on a spine below.
    Carefully drop down, hack the Smart Mine and interact with the Ceph Hologram on
    the spine. Movement here is somehow restricted but you can reach the objective
    with a bit of effort. Go out the opposite side and jump up the ledges.
    The CELL Locator Beacon is a good distance to the east through the rocky
    terrain. Start for it, jumping ledges when required and using the visor to
    locate and neutralize any Ceph you encounter. You should pass a supply area with
    an arrow case and other items.
    As you approach the waypoint you will hear the mechanical huffing of a Pinger.
    There is a pair of Turret Guns near it that you can hack, allowing them to
    attack the Pinger and the Ceph near it. If needed finish it off with JAWs or
    another heavy weapon. The mission’s waypoint requires you to get onto the rock
    shelves. You’ll find an APC with a cannon that you can use on the Pinger or on
    the late arriving Ceph. There is also a Weapons Pod and a Datapad there.
    Start toward the final Mindcarrier which is not far away. Just move toward its
    waypoint through the rocky terrain. There will be Ceph roving near it. If you
    can get to it without taking on the entire bunch you will be super-charged when
    you emerge from the encounter, making clearing the area easier.
    The wormhole is below on the metal platforms-you can see the energy column from
    above. There will be Ceph defending the area, likely including a Devastator and
    a Scorcher. While you are still super-charged, just jump down and fight your way
    through the alien landscape. Go across the connecting bridge and out onto the
    projecting bridge to interact with the energy stream.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Note: An advantage can be gained during the final Boss battle by equipping the
    following modules: “Sensor Upgrade,” “Energy Upgrade,” “Extended Cloak,” and
    “Heavy Armor.” “Sensor Upgrade” will allow you to quickly hack Turret Guns.
    “Energy Upgrade” will reduce the time it takes to recharge. The “Extended Cloak”
    will extend your cloaking time when Ceph enter the battle, and “Heavy Armor”
    will enhance your ability to withstand damage from the Alpha-Ceph.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    You will be on a low platform when the Alpha-Ceph, embodied in a drill-like
    machine, will emerge and the battle is on. It has a “head” with three cone-
    shaped “fingers” mounted on a serpentine tentacle. The tentacle gives it good
    mobility. When any of the three fingers glow, it will be preparing to shoot
    energy bolts in either a staccato or a concentrated blast. When you see the
    glow, get behind cover. There are boulders, ledges and derelict vehicles behind
    which you can take shelter. If the fingers retract and it becomes a drill-run
    like hell or you’re dead. This attack will be brief but fatal if it catches you.
    You will be warned when you hear “onslaught” or “vulnerability predicted.” Heed
    the warnings.
    In order to make the Alpha vulnerable, you must punish the head. Use the potent
    weapons scattered about the site to do so, and it will eventually spread the
    fingers, revealing the glowing energy arteries feeding them. Hit the base of the
    finger to inflict substantial damage. The Alpha will then draw you toward it and
    you will have to mash the prompt during the mind battle with it.
    The above scenario will repeat three times before the Alpha is ready for the
    coup d’état. It isn’t, however, quite so straightforward or simple. After the
    Alpha draws you in, it will go dormant for a short time but half-a-dozen Ceph,
    including Devastators and Reavers will enter the fray. They will first appear on
    the far side of the battlefield. Hack the Turret Guns ringing the site and try
    to put them down before the Alpha returns to the battle. You can use the cloak
    to advantage during these skirmishes.
    There are several batteries, if they aren’t destroyed during the action, that
    can give you a big advantage against both the Alpha and his minions. Using them
    to punish and then destroy an artery is advised since your weapon’s energy
    doesn’t drain. There are weapons scattered about and you will need them. In
    addition to the Pinch Rifles, X-Pac Mortars and the Reaper Cannons that were
    dropped by the Ceph, there are regular weapons like JAWs, L-Tags, and a Gauss
    sniper rifle. In the heat of battle you may be tested when your energy weapon is
    depleted with those energy arteries exposed. This is where using those batteries
    will shorten the battle considerably. JAW rockets, gauss rounds and L-Tag
    grenades can also do the job.
    So, in summation, you must damage the head while avoiding its different attacks,
    punish the energy arteries and then have a mind battle. While it recovers, you
    will have to deal with half-a-dozen Ceph. This will repeat a second time with
    the Ceph succumbing to your attacks on the third round.
    Psycho will enter the fray and hammer the crippled Alpha and then be knocked out
    of the sky. It will finally die when Prophet sends an arrow into its core.
    You can’t free Psycho and you will be hurled into orbit with a lot of other
    debris. During the cutscene you will push off from a bus, bounce from more
    debris and land on an orbital weapons platform. Hack the console and you will
    have control of its energy weapon. Just bump the control stick to move the
    cursor to the target. Don’t bear on the control stick or you will lose control
    and the cursor will circle and mankind is lost; but you can try again and save
    mankind-no pressure, its space after all and a game with a checkpoint. Press the
    fire trigger to go to the ending cutscene.
    Earth and humanity is saved, but have we learned anything. CELL is defunct but
    its avaricious use of radical technology nearly ended it all. Prophet is
    recovering after the removal of his Nanosuit. Memories of friends haunt him as
    he throws the tags of his team into the water. He made mistakes and a price was
    paid; but, after all, Laurence Barnes is only human.
    It would seem that the Crysis is over, the Ceph defeated, CELL Industries in
    disarray and Prophet on his way to becoming fully human once again. But the Ceph
    have been here since before mankind mastered fire and who is to say that on some
    remote island, under an ice sheet or on the bottom of the ocean that a hive
    isn’t stirring and thirsty for revenge. The Ceph know where we are and if a
    fourth Crysis is thrust on the world, perhaps the Prophet will rise again.
    Thanks for using this document. If you have questions, comments, etc., feel free
    to contact me at the E-mail address on the title page.
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