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"Grab your battlemace and enjoy some PvP carnage!"

Chivalry doesn't really warrant a long, detailed review. You load the game up, you poke around the tutorial to get a basic idea of some of the combat skills you need, and then join games to enjoy the carnage. This game doesn't advertise itself as a $60 epic blockbuster, and it isn't. It's PvP with a handful of modes (free for all, team death match, last man standing, and some objectives - both attack and defend). Servers choose which types of modes are in circulation, and that's about it. Chivalry gets you right into the action.

What makes this game really good? The brutal action. You can't survive many hits at all, and so you're often in a high stakes battle with your opponents, and the maps are really good. You join a game and select one of four classes: archer and 3 types of melee. You can unlock better weapons by racking up more frags with your current weapons, but it's not a long drawn out process like in Call of Duty.

The interface to any of this is minimal, which is mostly fine. I would like it if the tutorial allowed you to skip some of the basics - you have to play the basic training every time. If you complete the advanced training and want to pass through the area to go to a different tutorial, you can actually get locked into advanced tactic training again and there's no way to cancel out. Meanwhile, class training requires you to talk to someone to initiate (which is the way it should work), except my game is glitched and I can't talk to any of the trainers. It's not that you really need a lot of training to play this game, it's that it's just sorta plopped onto the game for a first timer and that's about it. Does it need to be more? Not really, no. But you know how hostile multiplayer gamers can be if you aren't up to their standards, and a little practice for people in their first few days should be a bit easier to come by. Also the basic training doesn't really match up with how the game actually plays out - any 1v1 situation is quickly joined by a teammate and/or enemy looking to get a shot on someone in a vulnerable position.

The game modes are mostly fun, it just depends on your tastes. I find free-for-all to be slightly too chaotic. You find a group of people battling it out and charge in and get what kills you can, or you launch arrows at them, and basically just do as much damage as you can until someone battlemaces you from behind, because there is no real way to avoid that. Last man standing is usually good, but if you die early, it can be a long wait until you're back in action.

Other complaints... the game is a bit glitchy. Sometimes the winning team is stuck in the map and the game won't end, so they all have to suicide and basically forfeit the game. This seems to happen often. Strategies seem to be mostly "zerg" because the combat is geared around small skirmishes but the actual battles involve large forces. People seem very eager to vote "yes" to kick anyone, so you really need to be careful not to annoy anyone.

Chivalry is a great game to just load up and dig into PvP action. If you like PvP, you will easily get your 10-20 bucks out of this game. This review probably sounds more negative than positive. The game is fun, and there are some technical issues that will hopefully get patched out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/07/13

Game Release: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (US, 10/16/12)

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