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"Doing Well for Beta"

Picked up in the recent sale on steam, after watching a few funny videos related to the gameplay from youtube, I found an entertaining if not polished gem.

Gameplay: Being an entirely online PVP experience you of course need to consider your internet connection.

While most MMO style games can get by with pings as high as 150ms, this game being both an FPS and seeming to require tight timing and reflexes to survive the melee combat really needs all parties to be able to join servers of pings of under 50ms to really be able to have any meaningful gameplay experience other then swinging blindly and hoping someone gets connected by your telegraphed blows.

Game types range through the typical FPS style, Free for all, 1vs1 Duels, Elimination teams battles, Team Deathmatch, and something more unique to this title, Battle scenarios when the 2 teams are pitted to attack or defend a series of objectives, from burning the others farms down to pushing the plague cart into the others water supplies.

Each mode is different and fun in its own way, providing a very different theme to the hacking and slashing. Servers are also available from 12 player to 64, but some game modes do work better with the different scales. There seems to be no filtering in the game itself and so it is possible to have a 64 player match in a map designed for 12 players, resulting in huge crowding. Also many servers in the 64 player range average around 100-200ms and should be avoided.

While gameplay is fun, it could do with tightening up, and made more responsive to the player commands, some blows do not land, blocks do not block and short range weapons can out reach the long range weapons almost at random. Also the bugs ingame currently do detract from the score.

Graphics: For the most part Graphics in game are good. Nice textures and sharp lighting really bring the world alive, with combatants able to literally dismember enemies and team mates alike. While nothing ground breaking the graphics are mostly solid and well done. The UI however seems disjointed and tacked on. It also features its fair share of bugs and faults. The main fault is the Dual interface, which is hard to navigate, unresponsive to action and seems to have a mind of its own. Also if a new UI element loads while the player is typing, the UI bugs out until the player presses Esc enough times to cancel everything out.

Sound: Pretty much flawless alround. The music is not overpowering and is totally suitable to the game and setting, the sound effects are excellent and sound as realistic as I would know, and with a couple of exceptions the voice overs are all well done and have great character to them.

Gameplay: 5/10 - So reliant on a very low ping and needs tightening up with bug fixes.
Graphics: 7/10 - Good and solid, but the UI needs an overhaul and again bug fixing.
Sound: 9/10 - Excellent all round, a couple of voices redone but touch nothing else, its almost perfect!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/19/13

Game Release: Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (EU, 11/09/12)

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