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    Boss FAQ by IceQueenZer0

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    ------------------------------ [ SONIC 4: EPISODE II ] ------------------------
    -------------------------------- [by Ice Queen Zero] --------------------------
    ------------------------------------ [Boss FAQ] -------------------------------
    ------------------------------- [ PC, PSN, XBLA, IP ] -------------------------
    I'm busy working on the actual FAQ itself but since this part was easiest to do
    so, I decided to make a tide-ya-over Boss FAQ. The bosses are very tough to beat
    if you do not know what you are doing. Even the first boss can be a pain since
    you are still getting used to the newer controls in the game.
    Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 and its characters are trademarks of Sega and
    all copyrights belong to them.
    This Boss FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
    Ice Queen Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given 
    permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.
    ~~Sylvania Castle Boss: Dueling Eggman's New Creation~~
    Run to the right and collect the rings. Dr. Eggman will appear and speed off but
    you won't fight him just yet. Get the rest of the rings and the first boss will
    have you thinking that you'll be fighting a remake of the Aquatic Ruin boss from
    Sonic 2 but two tentacles come out and knock them away. Robotnik is encased in a
    flower. The only way to hurt him is to hit him while the flower is bloomed. The
    first two hits are free but for the rest of the fight you can only get in a hit
    while using the Flight Combo. Hover over Eggman when the flower blooms and don't
    use a Homing Attack. Drop onto him instead to get a hit and then reactivate the
    Flight Combo and do it again. 
    Two more tentacles sprout from the ground after the 4th hit. Whenever you see
    them rear back, that means they are going to slam the ground. Pay attention to
    the angle of which they rear back to avoid the slap. After the 7th hit, Eggman
    will get angry and have his tentacles sprout some spikes and stab the machine to
    feed him power. From there, Eggman will fire a laser beam that sweeps across all
    the surfaces of the screen. Hit him before he fires the laser to stop it. Repeat
    the process to end the fight.
    ~~White Park Boss: Metal Sonic Strikes~~
    Get the coins as you go right. Metal Sonic Rides in on a rocket and attacks you.
    Metal Sonic's attacks comes at random but his first attack always rolls across
    the floor which you must jump. Run up to him and use a homing attack on him when
    he is not flashing purple because he will hurt you if you do so. Occasionally,
    the track will have springs that bounce you to the background or foreground but
    nothing really matters. You've already got your first hit and he swept across
    the floor already. Hit him again and he will retreat momentarily. This is your
    cue to hold Right on the D-pad as there is a spring that will vault you over a
    large gap and you need all the leverage to land safely. 
    From here on out, he'll use random attacks after you hit him each time. Aside
    from the rolling across the ground, he can roll across the ground and jump when
    he is midscreen to throw you off. He may also throw a spark column on the ground
    that you must jump through carefully or jump over if it's low enough. Another
    attack which is the nastiest of all is that he can fly straight up and crash
    into the ground multiple times and destroy that section. You must jump over the
    gap or you'll fall to your death. When he is down to his last hit, he will roll
    across the ground for a short distance and jump high into the air and come down
    hard on the left side and roll back. Hit him once more and you win.
    ~~Oil Desert Boss: A Giant Born of Scrap Metal~~
    After you collect the coins, you will be trapped in a small room. Eggman will
    gather up some parts to create his machine and throughout the whole fight, you
    will have to avoid the falling blocks. The arrows will display where they'll
    fall. The next block will fall where the arrows are boldly red. With the blocks
    falling you are pretty much climbing your way out of the room at the same time.
    You can only hit Eggman when the dome on top of the machine is open and reveals
    him. Use the Flight Combo to hit him with Tails' tails. Just be sure to hit him
    before he takes what I believe is a swipe at you with the machine's left hand.
    After a few hits, spike blocks will come down and harm whoever steps on them. At
    least they are not gory like they were in the game Catherine. Eggman will also
    through in some countdown bomb blocks that will explode when they hit zero and
    destroy any nearby blocks nearby. You will know when he is down to his last hit
    when he retreats to the very top and blocks stop falling. Use the Flight Combo
    to join Eggman up top and he'll leap back and forth across the screen. After he
    has leapt to the foreground a second time, run all the way to the left and get
    ready to use your Rolling Combo to hit his foot after he lands and that is it.
    ~~Sky Fortress Boss: Showdown in the Skies~~
    Gather all the rings you can and be prepared for a tough boss fight which will
    leave wondering how you are going to fight this boss if you play fight him the
    first time. The aim is to get past the lasers and hit Metal Sonic's cockpit. The
    lasers happen at random so I can't give an exact strategy on avoiding them but
    if you see all four lasers fire at the same time, that is a good time to speed
    up to the right quickly before they fire again and get in a hit or two and even
    three if you are lucky. Metal Sonic will sometimes fly to the bottom and fire
    the lasers upward. You can't hit him when he does that.
    When you hit him enough times, Metal Sonic speeds by and faces you. Watch out
    for the Balkiries that fly by randomly and use a homing attack when safe. You
    got to avoid the lasers too. A thin line will indicate where the laser is going
    to fire. This part gets unfair because the Balkiries and lasers attack at the
    same time and make things harder to avoid. If you manage to get enough hits in,
    the Metal Carrier starts to lose control and starts firing spiraling missiles
    either high or low. An arrow will indicate which level the missile will spiral
    in. Get through the missile storm and use a Plane Charge to finish off the Metal
    ~~Death Egg Mk. II Final Boss: The End of the Beginning~~
    Get the rings and you will eventually be sprung into a room where Eggman's final
    machine looks like a giant heart with three layers of rings surround him. You've
    got to negotiate through the three rings carefully and hit Eggman on the upper
    part of the heart area to score a hit safely. After each hit, Eggman will spin
    Sonic and Tails around and drop them back onto the first ring. Anytime that you
    stay on the third ring too long, Eggman will do the same time but it will hurt
    you this time. After the first hit, panels will start to electrify. Carefully
    make your way back to the heart and hit it again. After the second hit, Eggman
    will add some harmless lasers to the spin sequence and every thing gets a little
    bit trickier. After a few more successful hits, he will use the lasers again and
    now segments of the second ring will fall off. Safely get to the third ring and
    use a Rolling Combo to break the barrier. One more hit and it's all over. Enjoy
    the ending. Although it's crap, it's still well-deserved after taking such a
    cruel beating from the game itself.
    Sega for making the game
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    You for reading
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