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    Intel Location Guide by SLic_K

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/19/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 - Intel Location Guide
                              Ver. 1.00 
    Welcome to my second installment of Intel Locations Guide of the Call of 
    Duty series! I've made improvements on the format of this guide over
    my Modern Warfare 3 intel guide; this time I've consolidated intel videos
    as per-mission basis.  This should able to make your browsing experience
    both more efficient and effective. 
    Please Read 
     Following:  If You Have Any Question Regarding Intel Walkthroughs in 
                 This Guide, Please Leave a Comment on the 
                 Corresponding Youtube Video Link (Hope You Have a Youtube 
                 Account by Now).  That Way, Not Only I Can Help You, 
                 Everyone Can.  Please Don't Ask Anything That's Not Covered 
                 in This Guide, Because it Will be Beyond My Knowledge.
                 However if you spot any errors or technical difficulties
    	     in this guide, you may either leave a comment on the
                 corresponding video or inbox my GameFAQs account.
    	     May Contain Small Spoilers, But I Personally Think it's 
                 Not Big Enough to Ruin the Whole Story.
    Just Like Before, This is a Text & Video Hybrid Guide.  Each Intel 
    in This Guide Will be Supplied with a Video Link from My Youtube
    Channel, So This Should Able to Maximize Clarity of What I'm Trying to
    Say in Text.  I Plan to Keep the Videos for a Year, So After 1 Year From
    Videos' Post Date(s), its existence is NOT GUARANTEED. If Anything 
    Happens, I'll Post on the "Version History" Section on This Guide. 
    Version History:
    Nov / 19 / 2012  :  Ver. 1.00 Posted
                                TABLE of CONTENTS
          (Use Ctrl + F and Enter the Code in Bracket for Quick Search)
    1.  Pyrrhic Victory     {PYVC}
    2.  Celerium     {CLRM}
    3.  Old Wounds     {ODWD}
    4.  Time and Fate     {TMFT}
    5.  Fallen Angel     {FNAG}
    6.  Karma     {KRMA}
    7.  Suffer With Me     {SFWM}
    8.  Achilles' Veil     {ACVL}
    9.  Odysseus     {OYEU}
    10.  Cordis Die     {CRDI}
    11.  Judgment Day     {JMDY}
    Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}
    11 Missions to Play, 33 Intels in Total, 3 Intels in Every Mission.
    1.  Pyrrhic Victory     {PYVC}
    #1 0:00
    At beginning of the mission, on the right of the truck you get mortars 
    from, next to its front wheel on the ground
    #2 0:26
    On the boat, climb the left ladder to 2nd level, it is hiding on a 
    corner on the ground
    #3 1:04
    This one's tough to explain, watch video for more details. 
    On early part of the final escape of this mission, go past the second 
    line of rock barriers from the radio house, find it on top of the 
    very first sniping bleacher you come across, on your leftmost side
    2.  Celerium     {CLRM}
    #1 0:00
    In the room behind the drone that you can hijack, on top of a desk
    #2 0:37
    After you just entered the lab, enter the very first room on your 
    left, it's on top of a desk next to the window
    #3 1:12
    After you obtain the celerium drive, a wall will blow open, go through 
    that wall and head straight, you'll see it on a table
    3.  Old Wounds     {ODWD}
    #1 0:00
    Before you leave the war conference room, turn right and grab it 
    on top of a wood crate
    #2 0:38
    After the west block's blown up and while riding your horse, go left 
    and around the first mountain you see with a red flag, keep heading 
    straight and hop off the horse when you see another red flag, the 
    intel is at the feet of that flag
    #3 1:24
    When you get to the part where a RPG is blowing up a bridge, don't 
    dismount your horse yet.  Head straight into that big cave, 
    hop off in there, and find it sitting against a rock on your right
    4.  Time and Fate     {TMFT}
    #1 0:00
    As Menendez, when you're in a horse barn, you'll find the intel 
    sitting on a hay wagon at the end of the barn
    #2 0:40
    Climb up the bell tower where you grab the dragonov from, jump off 
    one floor before the top and grab it on top of a wood crate
    #3 1:21
    In the coke bunker, enter the room on your left just before you 
    enter the room with fire furnaces, it is on a bench next to a bucket
    5.  Fallen Angel     {FNAG}
    #1 0:00
    When mission starts, turn right and spot the nice glowing light
    #2 0:26
    After you push open the gate to escape from that big rolling bus, 
    go into that alley immediately on your right, and pick up that 
    shiny thing
    #3 1:15
    You won't miss this one. After you're done with escaping drone in 
    the final part of flooded area, the intel is sitting under the 
    crumbling roof right in front of you. However, drones can still 
    spot you through that open roof, so be careful
    6.  Karma     {KRMA}
    #1 0:00
    From server room's entrance, turn right to 2 o'clock position, keep 
    walking straight until you find a desk with the intel on it
    #2 0:21
    When you enter the mall area, go straight and go down the stairs in 
    front of that "CAFI" kiosk, go into the "d'Ho" clothing store on your 
    right and find the intel behind cashier desk
    #3 0:50
    While outside and past the first destroyed pavilion, the "DeFalco" 
    marker will show up, now cling to the rightmost wall and find the 
    intel on the first visitor info desk you come across
    7.  Suffer With Me     {SFWM}
    #1 0:00
    After you get down from the catwalk, before you descend to the lower 
    floor, grab the intel at lower part of the shelf at left of the stairs
    #2 0:25
    From the church's front entrance door, turn to your left and enter 
    that "Electronica" house, the intel appears right before your eyes on 
    the counter
    #3 0:42
    When you enter the hospital, keep going straight until you find a sink 
    in a room, the intel is right beside it
    8.  Achilles' Veil     {ACVL}
    #1 0:00
    When you able to pull out your gun, cling to the right wall, enter the 
    room right before a fountain and find it laying on the ground between 
    two carpets ; it is one floor below where you get optical camo
    #2 0:28
    Welcome to the most difficult intel to find in this game.
    From Harper's Jet, go through the alley as usual until you see a house 
    with a TV on your left side, look behind the ammo crates on left of the 
    TV, the intel is hiding very well in there
    #3 1:02
    At the rocky valley area before the bridge, you'll first come across 
    a house with a satellite dish on top, go to that satellite via a ladder, 
    then look beside a water tank and find it on top of a steel crate
    9.  Odysseus     {OYEU}
    #1 0:00
    When you're at the conference room where you get to hack a turret for 
    the first time in this mission, exit to the right and see the intel 
    resting at the edge of the command console table
    #2  0:23
    At the command room right below the server room, before you head down 
    the stairs with a red light, turn right and climb the stairs, the 
    intel's sitting on a dining table
    #3 0:49
    From the starting point of the ship's deck part, search the rightmost 
    side's VTOLs, the last fully intact VTOL before a corner of the area 
    contains an intel on the edge of its cabin
    10.  Cordis Die     {CRDI}
    #1 0:00
    Before you board the president's lead convoy, turn left to 8 o'clock 
    position and you'll see a white crossover, the intel's on the ground 
    right next to that car
    #2  0:17
    After you finished the driving experience, there's a "Hotel Kaylor" 
    at left of the refill ammo crate, go behind the reception desk and 
    grab it at the left end 
    #3 0:33
    Go through the "SHOPS" entrance of the mall, up the escalators, 
    you'll see a T-shirt shop at your right, the intel's at bottom left 
    of the shelf
    11.  Judgment Day     {JMDY}
    #1 0:00
    Enter the small #27 building in front of the big #2 building. Go upstairs 
    and find it on a desk by a corner of the room, below a computer monitor
    #2 0:19
    When you find the war room, head straight across to the wall on the other 
    side, then go up 3 rows in the stand, then look at the middle desk from 
    there, the intel appears in the same way as the first intel
    #3 0:43
    When you're in a room with pillars that looks like the Celerium Drive 
    room in mission 2, find the stairs that goes down to the bottom-most 
    floor, keep walking forward in that level and you will find the last 
    intel on top of a crate
    BEWARE : "High IQ" Trophy / Achievement shows up at the game's ending,
             NOT immediately after the last intel
    **********   Credits & Legal Claim     {LECM}   **********
    All the Video Provided in This Guide are My Own Playthrough.
    This Text Guide is Authorized on GameFAQs and GameSpot. 
    You May Repost Text or Video Contents from This Guide ONLY IF I'M CLEARLY
    Permission Before Using My Contents for a Purpose that Potentially 
    Involve Any Financial Gains.  Counterfeit and Personation of Myself or 
    Ownership of My Guide's Contents are FORBIDDEN AT ALL TIMES, 
    Not Even as a Joke.
    I Don't Need Any Donations for This Guide, But if You're Willing to 
    Subscribe to My Youtube Channel, it Would be a Great Help!
    Copyright 2012
    SLic_K                (watch the capitalization and underscore when
                           crediting me)

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