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    Weapon FAQ by Master3203

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    Hi Everybody. This is a Tips Guide to the online multiplayer portion of Black
    Ops 2 I hope everyone will be able to get some use out of it. One thing I will
    say is have fun playing the game and don't get too jumpy about your K/D.
    In this guide I will discuss tips to use in game and also some loadout
    classes which might be of some use to you. I will also talk a little bit about
    my opinion of each gun, and the equipment.
    Contents: Search using the characters in the brackets with the brackets from
    the contents section.
    Version History: (VH)
    Contact Info: (CI)
    Copyright Notice: (CN)
    Special Thanks: (ST)
    Create-a-Class Loadouts: (CACL)
    What's different in BOPS2: (WDBO)
    Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
    Assault Rifles: (AR)
    Sub Machine Guns: (SMG)
    Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
    Sniper Rifles: (SR)
    Shotguns: (SHOT)
    Assault Shield: (AS)
    Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
    Pistols: (PIST)
    Launchers: (LAUN)
    Specials: (SPEC)
    Weapons Analysis: Equipment (WAE)
    Lethal Equipment: (LE)
    Tactical Equipment: (TE)
    Equipment Strategies: (ES)
    Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
    Attachment Strategies: (AS)
    Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
    Tier 1: (Blue)
    Tier 2: (Green)
    Tier 3: (Red)
    Weapons Analysis: Scorestreaks: (WASS)
    Q and A Section (QA)
    Version History: (VH)
    Created My FAQ with weapon tips, equipment tips and good create-a-class
    loadouts. In coporates explanations of the new Pick 10 and Scorestreak
    Added in missing attachments for weapons. Also added some YouTube comments
    to the weapon sections. Moved the speciial thanks section to near the top
    of the guide and also added extra Custom Class Loadouts. Also fixed
    lots of minor spelling and grammar mistakes. Also adjusted the FAQ section
    Contact Info: (CI)
    My gamefaqs name is Master3203, if anyone wants to contact me about additions
    or false things about the guide then you can reach me at
    guerin234@hotmail.co.uk In the subject line, please put BOPS2 Multiplayer Tips
    FAQ- Gamefaqs.com. Also, please add your gamefaqs.com username into the email
    somewhere that is clearly visible so that I may credit you. Any contribution
    emails with usernames not included will not be published. If you guys and
    girls out there want any questions about the multiplayer part of the game
    answering, then please email me with those too.
    Copyright Notice: (CN): 
    (Copyright 2011 James O'Brian, GameFAQs.com alias is Master3203)
    This guide is owned by me and may not be redistributed without my 
    authorisation. Any violation of this will be deemed as an act of plagiarism
    Any sites wishing to feature this guide can contact me on my email address.
    Also, any use of the work from this document without permission from me will
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    warned. I will also, if I wish to, retract this FAQ (any version)
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    The sites who can use this guide are:
    I am not accepting any more site requests at this time so stay tuned for other
    updates which don't have this sentence in the copyright notice.
    Special Thanks: (ST)
    I would like to thank Activison and Treyarch for creating and
    publishing such a good game. Particularly David Vonderhaa for designing such a
    great game. 
    The reason i have moved this section up here is that I will be
    adding comments that these YouTubers have provided on some weapons/attachments
    that I feel require a bit of statistical analysis, or that I feel have some
    good class setups about them.
    I would also like to inform you of some YouTube commentators who kept me
    up-to-date with upcoming black ops 2 information. They also provide gameplay
    videos and weapon video guides. I urge you to subscibe to these people if you
    have a YouTube account. They are:
    Tmartn (Grenade and Jump Spots and Tips and Tricks)
    Ali-A/Matroix (Game Information Researcher) (XBOX)
    Driftor (Weapons Statistics and Game Mechanics)    (XBOX)
    XBOXAhoy (Class Setups Commentator)         (XBOX)
    Now onto Business
    Create-a-class Loadouts: (CACL)
    1. Killzone
    Primary: Scar-H
    Attachments: Foregrip, Fast Mags and Select Fire
    Secondary: Tac-45
    Perk 1: Flak Jacket
    Perk 2 Toughness
    Perk 3: Dead Silence
    Lethal: C4
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter
    2. Ninja
    Primary: MSMC
    Attachments: Laser Sight, Fast Mags and Suppressor
    Perk 1: Blind Eye and Ghost
    Perk 2: Cold-Blooded
    Perk 3: Dead Silence
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter
    3. Fast Scope
    Primary: MSMC or PDW
    Attachments: Quickdraw, Target Finder and Laser Sight
    Perk 1: Lightweight
    Perk 2: Fast Hands
    Perk 3: Extreme Conditioning
    Tactical: Shock Charge x2
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter
    4. Sniper:
    Primary: DSR-50
    Attcahments: Ballistic CPU
    Secondary: KAP-40
    Perk 1: Blind Eye, Ghost
    Perk 2: Cold-Blooded
    Perk 3: Dead Silence
    Lethal: Bouncing betty or Claymore
    Tacical: Shock Charge x1
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    5. Shotgun
    Primary: R870-MCS
    Attachments: Laser Sight, Quickdraw and Fast Mags
    Secondary: Five Seven
    Attachments: Dual Wield
    Perk 1: Lightweight
    Perk 2: Toughness
    Perk 3: Dexterity
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter
    6. Bad-ass
    Primary: FAL-OSW
    Attachments: Select Fire and Suppressor
    Perk 1: Ghost and Flak Jacket
    perk 2: Toughness and Cold-Blooded
    Perk 3: Dead Silence
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    Wildcard:Perk 2 Greed
    7. Fast killa
    Primary: M27
    Attachments: Reflex, Fast mags and Stock
    Perk 1: Flak Jacket
    Perk 2: Toughness
    Perk 3: Engineer
    tactical: Black Hat x2
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter-
    8. Kiss-my-ass
    Primary: MK48
    Attachments: Quickdraw, Reflex and Stock
    Perk 1: Lightweight and Flak Jacket
    Perk 2: Toughness
    Perk 3: Tactical Mask 
    Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter
    Wildcrd: Perk 1  Greed
    9. Zone Of Death
    Primary: Skorpion Evo
    Attachments: Adjustble Stock and Quickdraw
    Perk 1: Flak Jacket and Ghost
    Perk 2: Toughness:
    Perk 3: Tactical Mask and Dead Silence
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 3 Greed
    10. Fun Class
    Secondary: B23R
    Attachments: Dual-wield
    Perk 1: Lightweight
    Perk 2: Scavenger and Fast Hands
    Perk 3: Dexterity and Dead Silence
    Lethal: Bouncing Betty
    Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 3 Greed
    11. Only-Use-My-Blade
    Secondary: Ballistic Knife
    Perk 1: Ghost and Lightweight
    Perk 2: Scavenger and Hard-wired
    Perk 3: Dead Silence and Extreme Conditioning
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 3 Greed
    12. Only-Use-My-Blade 2
    Perk 1: Ghost and Lightweight
    Perk 2: Cold-Blooded and Hard-wired
    Perk 3: Dead Silence and Extreme Conditioning
    Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 2 Greed
    Wildcard: Perk 3 Greed
    Lethal: Bouncing Betty
    What's different in BOPS2: (WDBO)
    Pick 10:
    The new pick 10 system in Black Ops 2 is very cool. It allows you to spend
    a point on any item in the create-a-class system. And you do not have to
    have something each section like you have had to before. This means that you
    could have 6 perks and a primary weapon, but no secondary or grenades. Or
    you can have two different types of tactical grenades instead of a lethal
    type. This allows classes to be fully tailored to an individuals playstyle,
    such as a knifesman will want full speed for instance and max sprint. A sniper
    will want perks and attachments that either compliment quickscoping or
    hard scoping.
    Wildcards are the point systems that allow you to bend rules such as having
    two tactical grenades or three attachments on your primary. But these use
    up an extra point. So they can change the rules a bit, but cost you to do so.
    Also, you will get an unlock point every time you level up so you can buy a
    perk.attachment,weapon e.t.c. But in order to unlock everything, you must
    prestige at least once.
    Perks no longer have a pro version and some old perks like steady aim are
    now in fact gun attachments. In BOPS2, perks are all about changing the way
    a character moves and acts around the map. Which is how perks were
    originally intended to be like I think, but took a long time to get to this
    This is the new reward system for BOPS2. This is similar to MW3's
    pointstreak system in that players are rewarded for playing the objective
    and shooting down planes. However, as it is score and not point, you will
    advance towards your next Scorestreak by getting assists and soaking up
    damage with the Assault Shield. Basically everything that gives you a
    score, goes towards your scorestreak rewards.
    For all those YouTube commentators for CoD, you are in for a treat. A
    new podcasting feature called CoDCasting will be available for everyone to 
    use. It is pretty much like a podcast commentary. And there are a
    variety of vfeatures in this commentators feature such as listening to
    player voice chatter, going into overhead vew where you can see all the
    players positions, you can go into first person mode of any player and watch
    the battle from their eyes, you can check who's on what killstreak or who's
    on the objective quickly. Besides that, you can stream the commentary/gameplay
    Attachemnts as usual are about making your gun perform better whether it
    be more accuracy via the red dot/reflex sight or if it is increasing hip
    fire accuracy with a laser sight attachment and many others.
    These are rather different than what we are used to playing with now. Some old
    favourites have returned whilst a lot of attachments are now new such as the
    target finder which will show enemies with a red outline, but limits the field
    of view. Other ones are replacements for old perks. So for intsance, to now
    get tighter hipfire you have to add the laser sight attachment rather than an
    old-style steady aim perk and instead of SoH, you now have to add the fast mags
    attachment on your gun if you want faster reload.
    In the Gamescom live streams, David Vonderhaar said, the reason some
    old-style perks are now attachments is because now when they want to tweak a
    guns performance, they can now just tweak that guns stats. Before when if
    needed to adjust steady aim for instance, because this was a perk, it meant
    it would affect every gun, so now they can patch everything about a particular
    gun that they need to, without it affecting other guns.
    Not only does BOPS2 come with the regular level prestiging as we no it, but you
    can now prestige your guns. There are two weapon prestige levels and with those
    levels you get to redo all the weapon challengs, giving you more xp and also
    unlock the ability to add emblems and clan tags to your guns.
    Weapons Analysis: Primary Weapons: (WAPW)
    Assault Rifles: (AR)
    AR's are still the most versatile weapons in the game, but have been nerfed
    in a way from previous CoD titles so that they are better at medium range
    and only do average to good at any other range. So you can no longer
    dominate every match just by pulling out your M16 or ACR-like weapons.
    This is a variant of the TAR weapon we have seen in MW2. Has a decent damage
    base and controllable recoil most of the time, though burst fire shots will
    help. Doesn't really match up to the Type 25, but is thoroughly a good grounding
    Easy recoil to manage and is very goos at both short range and even long range
    shooting. But any sight is good especially Reflex and Target Finder. Although
    if you wish to save a pick 10 slot or go for a different attachment, the
    ironsights are rather good. Definitely will be a good friend through the whole
    3 round burst assault rifle like the M16 in BOPS 1. 1-2 bursts maybe 3 at a
    distance will down your target. Because it burst fires, it generally has more
    accuracy than regular full-auto rifles and lower recoil. Though to get
    anywhere in this SMG-dominated game, then you have to have a fast trigger
    finger. Laser sight recommended for close quarters engagements and suppressor
    will keep you off the mini-map radar. Select Fire on this weapon does strange
    things at the moment like lowering its range by about 90% where you use Select
    Fire to switch modes or not, having SF on this gun makes it glitch badly.
    Like the FAL from MW2 and BOPS1. Semi-auto means lower recoil, but fires as
    fast as you can spam the trigger. High damage output means it is a 3-4 shot
    kill. Works well with the suppressor and/or the reflex. Due to it being
    semi-auto, it really needs a good pistol to support it. Awesome weapon when
    you combine select fire and suppressor and laser sight on this.
    Has less recoil than other assault rifles and from using it I can tell you
    that it is very accurate, but lower damaging due to the less recoil. A good
    competitor with Type 25 in this class. Recommend a sight and the laser
    attachments to help support it.
    Pretty similar to the Scar in MW2. Has a medium-slow reload, high damage and
    good ironsights. Have used this gun always with fast mags and foregrip and
    sometimes also select fire and it really shines. Medium recoil which can be
    controlled but at the same time requires mastering, but on the whole really
    good. Definitely recommend fast mags to help with the relaod and a foregrip.
    According to Drift0rs Youtube stats, this gun dominates medium and long range
    fights, but suffers in close range due to only having an RPM of 600, but
    having a very long 3 shot kill range of 41 metres and a 75 metre 4 shot kill
    Similar to the FAL-OSW, but less accuracy and fire rate, but highest damage
    output in its class. Personally, This gun is amazing since I tested it
    properly Add a good pistol for support and suppress to stay off the radar.
    According to Drift0r, this has 50 damage to 40 damage, combined with
    a  two-shot kill range of 31 metres and 3 shot kill range after that, this
    is a stronger version of the FAL.
    This baby is also very good weapon to use. Ever heard of a 4-round burst weapon.
    Well this is it. I havent unlocked this yet, but have had some fun killing bots
    in offline mode with it. Good with target finder and laser sight, but also does
    well with quickdraw, foregrip and select fire attachments. Better than the SWAT
    in my opinion, but try it for yourself and see. Also good with Select Fire.
    According to Drift0r,the 4 shot kill range (one burst) is very far and most of
    the time will kill in one burst.
    Firstly the AN-94 has two firing modes built into the weapon. The first two
    bullets you shoot after tapping fire button will fire at 900RPM. Any bullets
    after that will fire at a slower 600 or so RPM. So the better way to use this
    gun is to 2-burst fire the weapon by just tapping the fire button to get the
    most out of the weapon. Also the first two shots on the AN94 have very little
    recoil whilst any bullets you fire ina utomatic mode after that will gain alot
    of recoil. so another good rason for two-bursting this weapon. If you are having
    trouble timing two shotbursts from this gun, then attach Select Firem which
    will switch the gun between automatic mode and two-round burst mode.
    Driftor declares this weapon to be a 3 shot kill weapon dealing 40 damage per
    bullet. Given the higher RoF on the first two bullets, he does reccomend the
    select fire attachment if you have trouble manually pulling off just two shots
    Sub-Machine Guns: (SMG)
    SMG's are fats firing, great hipfire, low bullet penetration weapons. They do
    extremely well in close quarters fights, but become steadily poorer at longer
    Not at all like the MP7 from MW3 except for the design of it and the ironsights.
    Recoil seems a bit higher than MW3 and the shots to kill has gone from 3-4 to
    about 4-6. Also doesn't do very well at longer range warfare, but still is a
    decent starting weapon. Not much more to say. Recommend stock, laser sight and
    maybe a suppressor.
    Drift0r comments on the weapon and says it he likes these ironsights the best
    of any other gun in this game. Very clear and decent all round weapon.
    The better SMG to start your career off with. Has a high magazine size of 50
    making it a better CQB weapon than the MP7. Decent RoF and low recoil make
    this a formiddable weapon in the beginning. Great with laser sight and
    definitely recommend Fast Mags as it has the slowest reload of all SMG's.
    Vector K10:
    Not really looked at this weapon much. Says it includes recoil mitigation, but
    as I havent used it much i cannot give you an argument for or against the
    recoil. I picked with a Reflex and fast mags and it seemed to do the job okay,
    but suffered at medium-long range. Go careful with this gun, but overall stick
    to the PDW. this weapon has lower damage.
    Acoording to our weapons specialist Drift0r, 
    Rumoured to be the best SMG and in an SMG-dominated game, logically the rumours
    would say this is the best gun. Don't believe everything you hear is what I
    say. However, the damage, RoF and accuracy are all good for an SMG. and is one
    of the leading competitors for most used weapon and for the best weapon spots.
    Sticking a laser sight, Fast mags and suppressor on this thing can only
    improve it by alot. So think about whether you improve tihs gun or improve other
    areas of yourself. But it is an awesome weapon for stealth classes.
    Chicom CQB:
    This is a 3-round burst SMG. Has very fast burst fire and almost no delay
    between bursts. Very good infantry-mower and suppressor and laser sight ensure
    it helps hip fire and keeps you off the radar. This is like a miniture M16 from
    MW2 but ironsights are a little worse than the M16. Another strong competitor
    for a high value weapon.
    Scorpion EVO 3:
    Highest rate of fire in the SMG class, and with it probably comes higher recoil
    too and lower damage picked up a scorpion and it ran through ammo fast.
    Definitely requires scavenger and extended clip. However if you can master this
    gun, you will be a best in short range combat, but don't even try this weapon in
    long range, because you will lose.
    Drift0r says this weapon does 33-18 damagebut in close range, the  four-shot
    kill will be barely noticeable due to the extreme RPM.
    Light Machine Guns: (LMG)
    In BOPS2 you can no longer shorten the reload speed of your LMG as they don't
    have a fast mags attachment. Due to slow ADS and movement times I recommend
    Quickdraw, Adjustable Stock and Lightweight for all LMG classes. LMG's are
    slower firing, higher bullet pentration weapons with bad hipfire and huge
    magazines. Good defensive weapon for tackling long range fights and
    even quite a few medium range fights.
    First LNG in the class and is always unlocked when you get to lv4. 2 shot kill
    at close range dropping down to 3 shot kill at quite a fair distance still.
    Same ironsights as MW3 and pretty much the same slow fire rate. Slowest reload
    speed in the class however of about 8 seconds. has a 100 round mag
    According to XBOXAhoy, this weapon is better suited to Longer ranged warfare
    and as such, should be used for holding Objectives or chokepoints on the
    map. So applying Flak Jacket, Tactical Mask Toughness, FMJ, Quickdraw and
    a solid secondary such as a Tac-45 will dominate most medium range fights
    amd out perform AR users and sometimes even sniper users at longe range.
    QBB LSW:
    A faster firing LNG with a 75-round mag. decent damag output and moderate.
    After testing this weapon, i have found it becomes more accurate when you
    crouch with this weapon. Becomes even more accurate when you go prone with
    Arguably the most versatile LMg in the game. has faster fire rate than the
    MK48, but slower than the QBB. second highest damage output in the class,
    so it is kind of an easy middle weapon to learn. Will definitely win you
    major fights, but will still lose against SMG's in close quarters.
    Before the Game was released. TmarTn said that this gun wa sthe best LMG
    in the game, going off what he viewed in the pre-launch events. I would
    have to refine what he said and say it is the best all-round LMG,
    but each LMg will have it's uses and it is up to the player to decide what
    is best to play with.
    A strange weapon in that the longer you hold the tigger the slower the fire
    rate will become (to a preset RPM of course). This means it gets more
    accurate the longer you hold down the trigger, but mean you wil be outclassed
    more often by SMG's and AR's at medium range fights.
    Sniper Rifles: (SR)
    Snipers are your long range superiority weapons. Quickscoping can be done in
    this game but is a little harder to time than in MW games. If you are going
    for quickscoping, then attaching Laser Sight, Ballistic CPU aand Dexterity to
    these classes will help you to so.
    This is the BOPS2 Dragunov of CoD games. low recoil, semi-autoomatic sniper
    with low, 2 hit kill damage. Only 1 shot kills to the head in any game
    modes other than hardcore.  
    DSR 50:
    Bolt-action sniper that is a OHK to anywhere above the groin. Highly accurate
    and is the most used sniper alongside the Ballista. Ballistic CPU will help
    you to take targets out easier. This weapon does have high recoil, but due to
    it being a bolt-action rifle, this won't affect you too much.
    According to Drift0r this weapon does OHK to anywhere except the legs. So if
    you get sht with this babyy, then you will probably be dead, so try to avoid
    longe range fights against this weapon.
    The second bolt-action sniper. This one trades a little less damage for more
    accuracy and slightly faster zoom in time over the DSR. Still a OHK from
    above the chest. Apply Ballistic CPU and Dual band does well with this
    weapon as well.
    Drift0r has concluded that Shot's to the belly, and legs warrant a 2 shot
    kill. So the Ballista is less powerful than the DSR, but is a faster
    quickscoping weapon than the DSR, so you stil want to avoid engaging with
    this weapon if possible, but you maybe able to survive an extra bullet from
    This is the other semi-auto sniper. But has more recoil on the weapon than
    the SVU does, and only a bit more damage. Probably the worst sniper in the
    class and it's only value is in getting gold to get another sniper in
    diamond camo.
    According to Drift0rs weapon stats, the XPR has the same damage hitboxes
    as the Ballista but due to it's high recoil and semi-auto RoF, then it
    is a bit harder than the Ballista to pull off a possible second shot.
    Shotguns: (SHOT)
    These babies are your close range buckshot weapons. rangiing from a 1-3
    shot kil at close range and anything outside of CQB range will get you killed.
    all the shotguns except the KSG fires an 8 pellet spread. Best atatchments for
    shotguns include Laser Sight, Long Barrel, quickdraw and Fast Mags. 
    According to Drift0r stats, Also,
    ADS'ing with a shotgun in BOPS2 increases it's accuracy by about 90% whilst
    attaching a Laser Sight increases it's accuracy in hipfire by about 73%.
    However you won't recieve a double bonus for ADS'ing whilst attaching a Laser
    Sight as Laser Sight only increases hipfire accuracy.
    This weapon, upon release of the game, used to have overpowered range and you
    could sniper medium range enemies with one shot. Now the range has been
    reduced and is just over-used, not overpowered. Frequent OHK potential in
    close range make this a deadly beast weapon. This is a pump-action shotgun so
    you will have to pump after each shot.
    According to Drift0r, this shotgun deals 50 damage per pellet, meaning a
    potential 400% overkill time (400 damage opposed to 100 health). So you only
    need two pellets from this shotgun to even hit the target to kill them, making
    it a very dangerous weapon.
    XBOXAhoy says that this weapon is best used with a setup that will keep you
    speedy, but on target. So applying attachments such as the laser sight, and
    quicdraw is going to help your your ADS times and hipfire accuracy.
    Combine with lightweight or Flak Jacket and Extreme Conditioning or Dexterity. 
    The semi-auto shotgun of the game does compete very well for the number one
    shotgun spot. takes 1-3 shots to kill, but trigger can be spammed. Very fun
    weapon to use when you start killing SMG players with this thing.
    This is a unique shoitgun in that it fires a deadly chunk of metal known as a
    slug instead of a pellet spread. This means the weapon has a longer OHK
    range, but does have accuracy issues. This is because there is no spread, you
    have to be dead aim when you use this gun.
    200 damage up close is what Drift0r says the weapon has and due to it firing a
    slug, has a longer effective range than the R870 does. It also has slightly
    better bullet penetration.
    This is actually an automatic shotgun. After every four shots you pop off this
    gun, you will have manually rechamber the next 4 rounds. However this is
    rather quick. Don't think however this is a 4 round burst shotgun because it is
    not. It is an automatic shotgun that has to reset itself afetr every 4 shots.
    On a par for damage with the KSG, but firs pellets instead of a slug.
    Assault Shield: (AS)
    Like the Riot shield in MW2 and MW3, but with  this you can stand it up on a
    surface to provide some cover whilst you can pull out a weapon and keep
    popping up down picking off targets. Very fun to use in private shield-only
    matches. This is commonly seen in co-operation with the Overkill perk. This
    will block bullets even when it is on your back, but will only take so much
    explosive damage before being destroyed.
    Weapons Analysis: Secondary Weapons: (WASW)
    Pistols: (PIST)
    pistols have the fastest swap speed of any weapons and allow you to move the
    fastest when aiming down sights. Switching to your pistol is always faster
    than reloading. Something I myself have to start doing as I am in the
    habit of hitting reload rather than swap weapon buttons.
    Fastest semi-automatic pistol in the game. Does have a limited 2HK range.
    Has 20 rounds in the magazine without extended clip. Best attachments
    for this I have seen are dual-wield and tactical knife. Low recoil weapon.
    Long barrel will increase it's 2HK range only marginally, however any extra
    range is very useful in CQB.
    Drift0r predicts the 2HK range of this weapon is only 5M. which is not very
    far at all.
    Semi-auto like the Five Seven, but has a longer 2HK range potential. Has a
    lower mag size than the five seven but this better ballances the weapon out.
    Useful again with the long barrel, extended mags, fast mags or dual-wield.
    Drift0r estimates the 2HK range at 11M for this gun. giving it a distinct
    combat advantage over the five seven, but does have a bit more recoil.
    A 3-round burst pistol like the raffica from MW2. This weapon however seems
    to have no burst delay, so essentially if u have a fast trigger finger, you
    can essentially automatic fire this weapon. 15 round magazine without
    extended clip and 21 with extended clip. This weapon is good for goofing
    around with as a weapon on it's own and a loadout of perks.
    This is the unique pistol in that it shoots shotguns shells and also has a 8
    pellet shotgun spread. However, the range on this thing will not kill in one
    hit unless you press the gun to someone face pretty much. Best attachment for
    this is dual wield. 
    The automatic pistol of the game. Has rather high upwards recoil. But can be
    countered by aiming for the groin and letting the weapon pull upwards. 15
    rounds in the mag and 20 with extended mags means it will burn through ammo
    fast without scavenger.
    Launchers: (LAUNCH)
    launchers are your explosive secondary weapons for either taking out infantry
    and/or aerial scorestreaks. They have decent splash radius and usually
    end in a OHK with the potential to take out multiple enemies.
    SMAW: Just like the MW3 version only a bit more damage. Can lock onto aircraft
    but also free fire at enemies.
    Basically the stinger from MW2 and MW3. Carrys two missiles. Kills two,
    lower rank scorestreaks. Combine this with black hat PDA's and you could take
    out any level of aerial scorestreak in one life. Air launcher only.
    Not like the RPG from previous titles. It has less uncontrollable accuracy
    issues and also has arguable better ironsights. also does more damage than
    the MW3 version did. Still slow to reload however> Has two rockets at its
    Specials: (SPEC)
    Better this time around. With the "manual" crossbow in BOPS1 you had to place
    an explosive bolt everytime you wanted to fire. Now with the "automatic"
    crossbow, it contains three bolts that will each "cock" themselves after
    Ballistic Knife:
    Same as BOPS1, but 2 more knives spare to fire. can melee with it, which
    is faster than kinfing whilst holding a gun. But the melee is slower than if
    you have the combat knife pulled out. With the Ballistic Knive, you can also
    point and press the fire button to spit out a OHK blade but timing and accuracy
    is key to using this wisely.
    Combat knife:
    This isn't part of the specials section of weapons, but is more of a tiertary
    weapon that you sort of always carry around with you. If you have two weapons,
    you just press your melee button to use this knife normally. if you are only
    carrying one weapon however, then you an swtich to this with your weapon swap
    button and press fire or melee buttons to use it more quickly.
    Weapons Analysis: Equipment: (WAE)
    Lethal Equipment: (LE)
    Frag Grenade: Basic timed cooking grenade with a 4-5 second fuse.
    Semtex: Sticky version of the frag with a shorter fuse and slightly bigger
    blast radius.
    Combat Axe: Lethal throwing blade that can be picked up and re-used.
    Bouncing Betty: Proximity mine that jumps up and explodes. Can be avoided by
    going prone.
    C4: Plastic explosive that can be stuck to surfaces. Detonated via remote
    control or double-tapping reload button.
    Claymore: Promximity mine that explodes when you walk in line of sight of
    the red lasers.
    Tactical Equipment: (TE)
    Concussion: Slows enemy movement and jerks the screen wildly.
    Smoke: Creates a smokescreen. Can be used to evade or attack.
    EMP: Emits a magnetic pulse that disables all electrical devices and disables
    radar and wepon optics that are caught in the explosion.
    Sensor: 6 second fuse, cannot be cooked, but detects nearby enemies when 
    active. Shows enemies direction for 6 seconds on your minimap when detected.
    Flashbang: Blinds enemies and impairs their hearing.
    Shock Charge: Proximity detection. Electrocutes and stuns enemies.
    Black Hat: Can hack and destroy electrical enemy devices and steal care
    packages. Can turn some lethal and tactical equipment to your side.
    Tactical Insertion: Allows you to choose your spawn  location. Cannot be used
    in FFA modes.
    Equipment Strategies: (ES)
    Weapons Analysis: Attachments: (WAA)
    Basically the Red Dot Sight from previous COD titles. Allows a wide peripheral
    view of your target and offers up a default red dort as the bullet m marker.
    Comes with a list of challenegs to unlock other bullet marker icons however.
    This is the most commonly used optic attachment and is useful for guns with
    obstructive ironsights or for seeing longer range enemies. Has between a
    1.35 and 1.5 zoom capability depending on weapon.
    Keeps you from showing on the radar when you fire with it. Lowers the amounbt
    of range your weapon has and this will have the secondary effect of reducing
    your damage over ranges. Good with the MSMC. Also seems to reduce the recoil
    of the weapon slightly. Also reduces the flash on the end of ur weapon when
    Extended Clip:
    Extends how many rounds you get in each magazine and therefoe also increases
    the amount of spare ammunition that you can carry. Nothing special about
    this attachment to report. Use this on fast firing, low mag weapons. Not
    available if using fast mags on the same weapon.
    Fast Mag:
    This is the attachment version of Sleight of Hand from previous games. Cuts
    reload speed by 35-50% depnding on which weapon it is used on. Not available
    for LMG's and you can only use this OR extended mags. 
    Extra bullet penetration damage. Extra damage against scorestreaks. Nothing
    special about it, but best used on low penetration weapons like SMG's.
    Dual Wield:
    Akimbo or Dual-Wield whichever you wanna call it. allows you to carry two
    of the same gun, but at a cost of less hip-fire accuarcy and no ADS. 
    Laser Sight:
    This is the equivalent of Steady Aim from previous games. Allows tighter
    hipfire spread. Useful to help snipers quickscope and very useful for
    shotguns and SMG's. If used on a shotgun with pellet spread, then the
    shotgun will be likely to deal more damage as more of the pelltes are
    likely to hit the target. 
    A scope with a 2x zoom on most weapons, but lowers the zoom in for a sniper.
    Also comes with challenegs for different optics, but does trade less
    peripheral vision for zoom capability.
    Variable Zoom:
    Instead of having three zoom levels, this now only has two zoom levels. not
    sure exactly what the zoom levels are, but surprisingly this is a great
    attachment for LMG's and the crossbow.
    Dual Band:
    Basically the quivalent of Thermal or Infra-red from previous games. Has a
    more accurate feel to it however and shows the map clearer than it
    previously ahs done. also has more peripheral vison than back in the old day.
    Ballistic CPU:
    Snipers-only attachment. Lowers the amount of sway that a sniper experiences
    whemn ADS'ing.Unlocked at weapon level 2 and is, in my opinion, the most
    usefull and overussed attachment for snipers in this game.
    Iron Sights:
    Ballista sniper-only attachment, replacing the scope with ironsights. This
    turns the Ballista into a high powered, bolt-action assault rifle. unlocked
    at the last weapon level.
    Target Finder:
    Trades peripheral vison for the ability to show targets with red diamonds
    around them. Can be countered by using Cold-blooded perk. This has a slower
    ADS time than the other sights. Doesn't offer any additioonal reticle
    Hybrid Optic:
    Like MW3 hybris sight, but some players argue that this is better. however, to
    change which lens you use, you now press the melee button when ADS'ing.
    this in itself makes it harder to use in my opinion, because you can no longer
    switch to long or short view without ADS'ing first.
    Fore Grip:
    Supposedly reduces visual recoil on all weapons taht it is a vailable for.
    However after testing and watching some youtube tests by Drift0r. I have found
    that it only makes the Scar-H 10-15% more accurate and maybe a slight increase
    for the SWAT and AN-94. Some weapons actually become less accurate. Most
    weapons are unaffected in any way by this attachment. So save one of your slots.
    Adjustable Stock:
    Allows you to move your weapon faster when ADS'ing. Commonly used on LMG's
    and also commonly used together with the quickdraw attachment. 
    Allows faster ADS time with all weapons it is available for. It cuts the ADS
    speed by about 50%. commonly used on Shotguns and LMG's.
    Millimetre Scanner:
    The MMS allows you to see stationary enemies behind cover at a distance of
    about 25M. It sweeps the area with a pulse wave that does no damage to anybody.
    Says in the game stats that it reduces accuracy of the weapon that you use.
    Grenade Launcher:
    The good old noob tube returns and is more balanced than ever. Potential to
    kill multiple enemies, but will kill one enemy most of the time. Bit more
    powerful than MW3 noob tubes, but cannot be relenished by scavenger.
    Select Fire:
    A good attachment in some cases, but a bad one in others. It will take a great
    deal of time to learn what weapons this attachment is best with. However,
    Scar-H and M27 do really well with it. If a weapon is automatic, you can switch
    it to burst modes. If the weapon is burst it can be switched to auto mode and
    if the weapon is semi-auto it will also get bumped to autyo mode. The FAL-OSW
    is also a really good gun to use this on.
    Rapid Fire:
    Increases your weapons RoF. But lowers the weapons effective range by about
    75%. this was done to counter the AK74u +Rapid Fire + Grip scenario from
    BOPS1. So now if you want faster RPM, you better be willing to stay in close
    range battles.
    This is basically The holographic sight from MW3 and has adjustable
    reticles like other optic sights in this game. Provides a clearer view
    of the target, but less peripheral vision. My favpourite reticle for this
    attachment is the Hit Mark reticle.
    Tactical Knife:
    Available only for pistols, this attachment allows players to be knifed
    and killed extremely quickly, but the range has been nerfed from past CoD
    games, but the recovery time eems to be a little faster.
    Long Barrel:
    The long barrel attachment increases a weapons effective range by about 15%.
    So this is a very useful attachment to use on shotguns to extend its
    potential OHK range. You will be surprised on how much effect it does actually
    have, particularly on the R870.
    Attachment Strategies: (AS)
    Weapons Analysis: Perks: (WAP)
    Tier 1: (Blue):
    Flak Jacket:
    This will help the user to become resistant to enemy explosive damage.
    Probably around 50% more resistant. this will come in very handy for
    resisting damage from the semtexs and grenades and RPG's e.t.c and due
    to the number of explosive killstreaks in BOPS2, I think this maybe a
    contender for the possible most overused perk.
    Returning from BOPS but in a slightly different way. Only protects you from
    UAV's and only when you are moving around. If you think that this is going
    to be the campers choice of perk think again. Then again I suppose they can
    just keep shuffling side to side but it makes it harder to camp.
    Blind Eye:
    Makes a return from MW3, but it has been changed slightly. Now this will
    only protect you from computer-controlled killstreaks. (this probably
    includes the sentry gun) Not all killstreaks. This means that treyarch are
    splitting up the stealth perks into 3 different perks across all the
    tiers now.
    Makes you run faster and also takes away all fall damage. This is going
    to be a rushers perk and will probably get seen a lot in the game. Will
    probably get seen in maps with high jumps and ledges too. Also a contender
    for the tier 1 group of perks.
    Instead of making rewards 1 kill/point less and 1 deathstreak less, this
    will now tie in well with the new scorestreak system. Hardline will now
    grant the user an addition 20% or so more points for every score-related
    action. which is more than you think and will come in handy when going
    for those high rank rewards especially when receiving UAV assists.
    Tier 2: (Green)
    This is surprisingly now a tier 2 perk. Replensihes weapon and equipment, but
    only if you don't kill the enemy by an explosion.
    This is a new perk in BOPS2 that used to be Assassin pro in MW3. This new
    perk will allow people to be immune to Counter-UAV's and EMP's. Not as
    useful as other perks in this tier as CUAV and EMP are used less often
    than the rest. Still cannot use scorestreaks during an EMP.
    Basically is the Focus proficiency in MW3. It will enable you to flinch
    less when hit by bullets and also will probably leave you less shell
    shocked after being hit by an explsoive radius. So a  good perk to have
    on it's own or combined with Flak Jacket.
    Much different from MW2 in that now it will make you immune to the Target
    Finder, MMS, sensor grenades and dual-band. player-controlled killstreaks
    also cant see you as red targets. So again a good perk for a stealth class.
    Fast Hands:
    Allows you to swap weapons quicker. You will also be able to throw
    grenades and use equipment faster. Will also be able to safely
    (timer reset) toss back frag grenades thrown at you.
    Tier 3: (Red)
    Highlight enemy equipment as red markers. So kinda like Sitrep in MW2/MW3.
    Also booby trapr or double tap care packages. Not very useful unless you ae
    in equipment infested lobbies or are using care packages.
    Extreme Conditioning:
    Make a return in BOPS2. Allows you to sprint for a longer duration. This
    is all you get though. Longer sprint. Just like regular Marathon in BOPS.
    Good for rushers in small maps or good for getting a bit further distance
    in bigger maps. Very good when used in combination with Lighweight for
    both big and small maps.
    Dead Silence:
    Makes footsteps Silent. So this is your tier 3 choice of perk for stealth
    players. Rushers may also use this instead of EC if they wish to rush
    enemies silently with a knife for example.
    Makes enemy movements 4x louder louder on the game, enabling you to hear when
    enemies are coming. This would be a campers tier  3 choice of perk because
    they could hear the enemy coming for them. Good when used in combination with
    Dead Silence to supress your own footsteps and hear the enemy louder.
    Traverse obstacles 50% faster and also recover from knife lunges quicker.
    Handy for when you want to make a quicker get away up a ladder or for those
    of you who are using ballistic or combat knifes (combat knife is when you
    dont have a secondary weapon except your hand knfe)
    Tactical Mask:
    Makes you resistant to tactical grenades including the new shock charges.
    Useful if you get tactically suppressed a lot in the lobbies. 
    Wildcards: (WILD)
    Primary Gunfighter:
    Allows three attachments on your main primary weapon. useful for guns like
    LMG's with poor ironsights, slow relaod and bad hip-fire, you can add a
    sight, fast mags and laser attachment to counter these weakeness.
    Secondary Gunfighter: 
    Allows two attachments on your secondary weapon.
    Same advantages as above, or you can make your pistol really really cool.
    Allows two primary weapons to be used. This is handy for CQB people who want
    SMG's and Shotgun classes together or for sniper classes who need an 
    auto-fire primary as backup.
    Perk 1 Greed:
    Allows two Tier 1 perks to be used. Useful for stealth classes as you could
    have both Blind Eye and Ghost on your class then.
    Perk 2 Greed:
    Same as above but for tier 2 perks. useful for using Hard-wired and
    Cold-blooded together so that you remain super stealthy, but can always see
    the mini-map.
    Perk 3 Greed:
    Same as above but for tier 3: Useful for having Dead Silence and Awareness
    so you can both remain quiet yourself and hear the enemy louder. Or useful
    for having Extreme Conditioning and Dead Silence on so you can sprint
    longer and be quiet whilst moving.
    Allows you to have two DIFFERENT tactical grenade types, but removes your
    lethal grenade type. Good for rushers who care more about stunning the
    enemy then getting that swift knife kill from behind. So you could have
    technically two sets of two grenades with this wildcard.
    Danger Close:
    Same as tactician wildcard only reversed so you have two lethal slots and
    no tactical slot. Useful for those spammers who always happen to chuck
    random lethal stuff and always seem to kill with it. Also good for snipers
    who don't really need tactical grenades, but having a trip-activated
    explosive and a frag/semtex would come in handy. You will only get 2 sets
    differents ets of 1 lethal equipment however.
    Weapons Analysis: Scorestreaks: (WASS)
    Q and A section (QA):
    1. What are the best weapons to use throught the game?
    A. Depends on your playstyle really. But you shouldn't go wrong with:
    Type 25
    Skorpion Evo
    R870 MCS
    2. PDW vs MSMC
    A.PDW has a higher mag size than the MSMC, but has less damage per
    shot and less accuracy, but more fire rate. Personally it depends on
    preference, but you will probably have lots of attachments unlocked
    for PDW by the time you unlock MSMC, so go with your gut instinct.
    3. Chicom CQB or M8A1
    A. Difficult Choice, I wud say go with both and try them out. The
    Chicom will have more mobility and fire rate whilst the M8A1 will have
    more accuracy and range and less recoil. both are around the same damage.
    So try them both, or even use both for different situations. M8A1 will
    kill in one burst at most ranges, whilst Chicom needs two bursts usually.
    4. R870-MCS or KSG
    A. Again depends on preferenc, but KSG has the highest damage in the
    game resulting in a OHKO everytime, but only fires a slug, so with the
    KSG, you have to be more precise in where you shoot. Try them both out.
    R870 does, however, have more OHK occasions relatve to how many times
    you shoot each weapon.
    5. SWAT-556 or M8A1
    A. SWAT is a three round burst doing more damage per bullet. The M8A1 is
    a 4-round burst, dealing less damage per bullet,but better ironsights and
    maybe a better recoil pattern.
    6. DSR-50 or Ballista
    A. The DSR is very accurate OHK kill sniper from anywhere above the groin.
    the Ballista trades a little damage for extra accuracy and slightly faster
    ADS time, but only OHK from above the chest.
    7. Combat knife or Ballistic Knife
    A. Switching to ballistic Knife allows you to fire deadly blades at enemies,
    but switching to combat knife allows you to melee faster. So depends on the
    situation and how skillful you are. In private, blades only games, it
    is fun to use both.
    8. FAL or SMR:
    The FAL Has more accuracy and better ironsights than the SMR, but the SMR
    does have more damage and range thn the FAL. It is up to preference, but
    I find that with the SMR, I get more 2HKs but that i need an optic on
    the SMR. Select Fitre is awesome with FAL, but rather full of recoil
    with the SMR.
    9. This guy won't die and I shot like 30 bullets into him....
    A> Sometimes it happens. Factors for this include you connectivity status
    to the servers, Treyarch's connectivity issues, the opponent maybe cheating,
    might just be a glitched character who left the game and hasn't dissapeared
    of the map yet or it could just be the simplest one that your not hitting him.
    10 (continued from 9). You dissing my shooting?
    A. I was merely pointing out that the simplest solutions are usually right
    under our noses and we cant see it.
    11. What do you think about the (Specify Weapon)
    A. Check the weapon descriptions for a brief opinion and also check questions
    above this one for some common comparisons which also include opinions.
    12 (Continued from 11). But I can't be bothered...
    A. Then why are you looking at game guides if you can't be bothered reading
    them. Go to a game forum, post a question, check the replies and then take
    it or leave it.
    13. Who are you to be saying what is good and what is not good hey? I think
    your guide is lousy.
    A. A few things there that I will comment on. For a start, dont read it then.
    Next, I happen to be a 15th Prestige on Black Ops and have played CoD since
    CoD 4 was released. So thats at least 5 years experience behind me.
    Next if you are commenting on bad opinions or information, please
    email me with your alterations or suggestions and I will look into them.

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