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    Cheat List by SuperVolt

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/24/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Age of Empires: Rise of Rome
    All Cheats in Details
    By: Vincent Edge
        SuperVolt (GameFAQs board name)
    Version 1.00 - 24/12/01 - The FAQ was born.
    Table of Contents
    1. Introduction
    2. The Cheat Codes
          Pepperoni Pizza
          Reveal Map
          No Fog
          King Arthur
          Hari Kari
          Home Run
          Convert This!
          Big Bertha
          Flying Dutchman
          Jack Be Nimble
          Big Momma
          E=MC2 Tropper
          Photon Man
    3. Codes Strategies
    4. Credits
    5. Disclaimer
    1. Introduction
    Ahem, well this is my VERY first FAQ so it sure does not look like those
    other ones you see. And I am not good with those ASCII drawings, but I
    think I can do it. So anyways, I wrote this FAQ because I've use these
    codes a lot when I first played the game and I've seen the cheats codes
    in the game everywhere (whether on a FAQ or on a website) and they're
    really not what they do. So what I'm saying is, there are requirements
    for those cheats to be able to use them. They are not the type of codes
    that you just enter and play the game the normal way with your new
    gadgetary from those codes you entered. NOPE... it ain't like that. So the
    next chapter will explain in FULL detail what they do, requirements, catch,
    blah blah blah. So you can't wait? Read on!
    2. The Cheat Codes
    To use the any of the codes below, you must first press [ENTER] then enter
    the codes (the words in upper case) the way they are right now including the
    spaces, they can be entered in lower case too. After you enter them, press
    [ENTER] again to get rid of the Chat Message window and if you don't see
    anything appeared on the left side of the screen, then the code worked. If
    you saw your chat message appeared on the screen then you must have typed or
    spelled it incorrectly. Therefore, you need to do it again, and this time,
    type it correctly.
    Example you want to enter the code "REVEAL MAP". Press [Enter], the Chat
    window appears. Enter the code "REVEAL MAP" (lower/upper case does NOT
    matter. It can be entered like this "reVEaL mAp" or "REVEAL map" and the
    code will still be accepted.) So after you enter your code, press [ENTER]
    and bingo! The code worked! On to the codes!!!
    Adds 1000 in your food stockpile. Nothing special.
    Adds 1000 in your wood stockpile. Nothing special.
    Adds 1000 in your gold stockpile. Nothing special.
    Adds 1000 in your stone stockpile. Nothing special.
    This simply just reveals the entire map. Note that it does not work the same
    way as the Reveal Map on the Settings before you start the game. In this
    case, the map IS revealed although you cannot build on the place you have
    not actually visited. You can, however, build on the place where your allies
    have already been and revealed it for you (you need the technology Writing
    to be able to share Exploration with allies) In the settings and Reveal Map
    being checked, you CAN build any where as long as the foundation is flat. To
    summarize this all up, the code REVEAL MAP doesn't do anything besides
    revealing the map so you can see where the Gold and Stone mines are. And you
    cannot just build on the place right beside the mine or anywhere, you need
    to a unit to REreveal the area, even though it has already been revealed,
    the game still thinks that it is still unexplored and therefore, you cannot
    NO FOG
    Removes the Fog of War. Don't ask. Because I have no idea. That's what they
    say. So I'll take their word for it. Basically NO USE.
    Allows you to control every animal in the map, BUT you will lose control of
    your civilization. This includes all your units and buildings. Inputting
    this code means you have already lost the game. You can use the animals
    (except the birds) attack your own city and units and also the enemies and
    your allies. But they will just retaliate and kill you. A code to have fun.
    This code turns the Bird - Eagle (4HP) to Bird - Hawk (999HP). How do I know
    the HP? Well if you haven't notice, you can click on a bird only if its in
    your sight (example: Tower's sight range, Unit's sight range, above your
    buildings, etc). Once you click on a bird you can follow it around. While
    clicked, enter code and watch it turn into a big dragon like bird with 999HP
    and new name. This code is better paired with the code GAIA. Since you can
    control them. Note that you cannot attack using a bird. Only ground animals.
    If you're gonna use the code GAIA, this has got to be input before or after.
    This code turns all animals into the "King" version. Meaning they move and
    attacks 50% faster but their strength aren't boosted at all. But the 50%
    faster attacking rate is good since they can attack A LOT of times and FAST.
    They have also increased in sight range. They can see you from 5 steps away.
    Elephants moves faster, Gazelles moves like crazy since they already move
    fast in normal. Aligators, Lions and Elephants attacks like a Centurion.
    Well may be not that strong but they can wipe out villagers and towers fast.
    Even buildings. But they will retaliate and attack you and therefore, dead
    meat. A great code to pair up with GAIA. But of course, it can also be used
    alone if you just want the animals to be strong. Becareful though, you might
    want to have 6 villagers to take on ONE Elephant King.
    Makes everything be ready immediately. If you create a villager, he will
    just appear right outside the Town Center the moment you click on Create
    a Villager button or press C. If you build buildings, the moment a villager
    touches the contruction site, the building is done. This works when cutting
    woods, mining stone or gold or when foraging berries. It does NOT work on
    farming. And that's not the only sad news, the real great danger here is
    that it also affects the enemies (and allies which is good). This codes does
    not mean Instant Kills when you attack an enemy unit or an animal. Its just
    mainly use for quick games. Just remember that it only works on building,
    creating/training units, researching technologies and upgrading units,
    towers and walls. And it affects every player in the game.
    Once you input this code, you automatically lose. Resign, in other words.
    So if you just want to lose immediately, enter the code and you will resign
    from the game. In the Achievement screen, however, says that you still have
    "Yes" under Survival. That's because your units/buildings/everything are
    still alive.
    Same as above. Except, all your units/buildings/everything dies or gets
    destroyed. In the Achievement screen, you will have no "Yes" under Survival.
    Enter this code and you automatically win the game. The enemies do stay
    alive and thus have a "Yes" under Survival on the Achievement screen.
    Same as above. Except, all their units/buildings/everything dies or gets
    destroyed. In the achievement screen they will have no "Yes" under Survival.
    This also kills your allies leaving you the only one victorious! Isn't that
    great? I don't think so... because you cheated :P
    Instantly kills a player. If you have a game that consists of 8 people, and
    you want Player 5 to die because he is too hard and he gives you a rough
    time, then enter the code KILL5 and player 5 dies instantly.
    Makes your Ballistas and Helepolis have 100 range. Sounds great? Indeed!
    100 range is very useful. But wait, there is a catch. 100 range but not 100
    sight range. Means you can't see everything. You'll need to scout the map
    and know the enemy's lair. Then create those ballistas or helepolis and
    attack from all the way across the map. That's a long way! This is
    definately a code to see for yourself. This is my 3rd favorite code. Get
    a group of 20 Ballistas or Helepolis and fire at an enemy building from a
    far. Looks really cool.
    This turns all your priest's HP to 600 and moves very fast. Regardless on
    whether you have a priest or not, if you have one, then those priest(s) will
    have boosted HP and speed. If you don't have any priests then the priest
    that you make later on will have the boosted HP and speed. There is one neat
    trick with this code though, before researching Mysticism, enter the code
    and then research the Mysticism. After the reasearch is complete, your
    Priests will have 1200HP in total. YAY!
    Requires you to have a Temple. Once you do, enter the code and it creates
    a new Priest that attacks instead of coverting and healing. 200 Attack,
    0 Armour, 10 Range (+3 with Afterlife) 50 HP, Speed is like the normal
    priest. A Priest named Saint Francis. It attacks with a Lightning/Thunder.
    It can also attack the ground like Catapults and Juggernaughts.
    Requires you to have a Siege Workshop but not necessarily. Medusas becomes
    a Heavy Catapult anyway so you may not need the Siege Workshop. But if you
    want to create lots of Big Berthas then you need a Siege Workshop. So
    anyways, this code transforms your Stone Throwers, Catapult and/or Heavy
    Catapult into an all-powerful Big Bertha. Big Berthas got 65 Attack (+1 with
    Alchemy) 0 Armour, 16 Range (+2 with Engineering) and 200 HP. Like the Heavy
    Catapult, Big Berthas can attack the ground. They also have huge damage area
    like 4 x 4 area damage. This can be very dangerous as you can damage your
    own people with this devastating weapon.
    Requires you to have a Dock and be able to have at least Catapult Trireme
    researched. If not, the code will be accepted but you will have nothing.
    When this code is entered, all your Juggernaughts becomes Flying Dutchmans.
    They can sail over the land but not trees, mines, berry bushes, buildings,
    towers, etc. And Juggernaughts that you create from now on will become
    Flying Dutchmans.
    Requires you to have a Stone Thrower, Catapult or a Heavy Catapult otherwise
    the code will be accepted and but nothing will happen. This simply changes
    the stones you throw with your ST, C or HC becomes a Cow or a villager. If
    you aim north you will see flipping cows get thrown and the other directions
    are villagers flipping or flying like super man style. Damage are still the
    same though. Its just a change of graphics.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. Once you do, enter the code and the
    villagers you create from now on are now named Medusa. Idle villagers also
    becomes Medusa. Idle means they have not done anything at all and their name
    appears "Villager" not Villager and at the bottom says Builder or Woodcutter
    or Forager. Medusas cannot do what normal villagers do (like cut wood, mine,
    forage, farm, build, etc.) They have 3 Attack, 0 Armour, 25 HP, and normal
    villager speed. They do get attack bonus from Toolworking, Metalworking and
    Metallurgy. So they can have 3+7 Str. Now why do they have such low HP?
    Because the purpose for them is to die. When they die, they get revived and
    turned into a Black Rider. Black Riders are like a Heavy Horse Archer. They
    also get bonus from the Storage Pit Technologies for Archery range units. If
    the Black Rider dies, they become Heavy Catapult. If you have entered the
    code BIG BERTHA, they become Big Berthas instead of Heavy Catapult.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and BabyPrez appears
    outside your Town Center. BabyPrez is a Baby on a Bike with a Shotgun in its
    hand. It has 50 Attack, 10 Armour, 15 Range and 500 HP. Moves as fast as
    horses. It has a fast attack speed rate. Fires 2-3 bullets per second.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and Winsett's_Z appears
    outside you Town Center. Winsett's_Z is a black car with an alien driver and
    with a Rocket Launcher equipped. It has 300 Attack, 10 Armour, 15 Range and
    500 HP. Moves as fast as a priest with a HOYOHOYO code. It has a very slow
    attack speed rate. Fires 1 rocket per 3 seconds. This unit can attack the
    ground like Catapults and has a medium damage area.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and Winsett's other Z
    appears outside your Town Center. Winsett's other Z is a white car with an
    alien driver and with a Rocket Launcher equipped. It has 60 Attack, 10
    Armour, 15 Range and 500 HP. Moves as fast as Winsett's_Z. It has a fast
    attack speed rate. Fires 2-3 rockets per second. This unit can also attack
    the ground and has a medium damage area.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and Nuke Trooper
    appears outside of your Town Center. Nuke Trooper is a soldier with a Nuke
    Gun equipped. When it attacks, and it hits something, a huge fire rises
    upwards. It has 300 Attack, 10 Armour, 88 Range and 100 HP. Moves as
    BabyPrez or a Horse. It has a very slow attack speed rate. Fires 1 nukes
    per 3 seconds. This unit can also attack the ground and has a large damage
    area which can hurt your own units and buildings big time. And the other not
    great of a news is it has a minimum range of 2. When your enemy gets close,
    you cannot do a thing but run since you cannot hit them.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and Nuke Trooper
    appears outside of your Town Center. Though it has a similar name and looks
    exactly the same, they are totally different when attacking and of course,
    the status. This fella attacks with a red laser. Extremely cool if you have
    group of 20 Nuke Troopers (aka Laser dudes) and you surround a building or a
    unit with them and fire all at the same time. WOW! That is cool indeed! This
    unit got a 15 Attack, 10 Armour, 15 Range, 100 HP. Moves as fast as a Horse.
    It has a fast attack speed rate. Damages a unit or building 2-3 times per
    second. It cannot attack the ground. It also has a minimum range of 2. When
    your enemy gets close you will still attack but will NEVER hit. This is my
    2nd favorite code.
    Here it is... my most favorite code in the game. This is just the best, IMO.
    Requires you to have a Town Center. If you don't, the code will be accepted
    but nothing will happen. Once you do, enter the code and Zug 209 appears
    outside your Town Center. Zug 209 is a robot like those ones in Star Wars.
    The reason why I love this so much is because they are unstoppable in groups
    of 10+ (except if they encounter Heavy Catapults, they can kill Heavy
    Catapults but they will get damaged big time). The best rushers, IMO. I also
    use this instead of Towers. Instead of building a Tower, place 5 Zug 209 on
    the spot that you planned to build a Tower. This is also good to guard ruins
    and to steal artifacts. Zug 209 has 20 Attack, 10 Armour, 15 Range and 100
    HP. Moves as fast as Horses. It has a very fast attack speed rate. Fires 5+
    bullets per second. Cannot attack ground, no minimum range.
    3. Codes Strategies
    This is just a section on how to win using these codes on Hardest difficulty
    because even tho you are using codes you can still lose. Well the very first
    thing you can do to win is enter DIEDIEDIE or HOME RUN and you won. OR you
    can skip those really cheap codes and use the Unit codes instead (ie. PHOTON
    MAN, STORMBILLY, ICBM, etc.) So lets start... the first thing you should do
    so the computer won't be too easy is select Death Match and from here select
    your favorite Civilization and number of players. Now click on the Settings
    button select Difficulty to Hardest, Map Size up to you, Starting Age to
    Iron (if you select the others you have already won since you can just
    create 10+ Zug 209 and rush your enemies) so the computer can retaliate to
    your attacks. Now lets start. First thing you wanna do is grab your 3
    villager and create a Granary and Government Center and upgrade to Guard
    Tower and Fortification and research Ballistics, then upgrade to Ballista
    Tower. Wall yourself in but leave an opening and some space so you can move
    around inside the wall. Now press [ENTER] and type STORMBILLY, before you
    press [ENTER] again, highlight it and copy it (CTRL + C) and then press
    [ENTER]. Now press [ENTER] again and CTRL + V and then [ENTER] and repeat.
    Once you have a full army of Zug 209, highlight them all and group them in
    group 1 (CTRL + 1). Now create some more Zug 209 and group them to 2 (CTRL +
    2) and do the same in 3. Now once this is all done, create 10 more Zug 209
    and leave them in town. Now take 2 and 3 and leave it out side the wall, and
    have 1 scout everywhere and you will be attacked. Fight back, you should be
    unstoppable unless you encounter Heavy Catapults which can wipe out your
    entire Zug 209 Army in 2 shots if they are all together. Take your 3
    villagers and follow the Zug 209 group 1 and build a Town Center behind them
    and start creating more Zug 209s. Do this very same strategy on the other
    enemies. And you will win, not guaranteed but there's a BIG chance. Make
    sure you leave 5 Zug 209 on each part of the map that you clear. This way
    the enemy villagers cannot move to another part of the map to recreate their
    base. Plus watch out if your main base is under attack make sure you replace
    those Zug 209 that died. Group number 2 and 3 are a back-up in case your #1
    has only 5 left, in this case, call number 2 and bring them to the group 1
    and select them all and CTRL + 1.
    To summarize everything, Build walls and a few Towers inside the wall and
    LOTS of Zug 209s. Scout and attack, call your other group for back-up. Build
    Town Center behind the In-Action Zug 209 and create more Zugs. Leave 5 Zugs
    in each part of the map that you clear. Attack the other civilizations and
    be victorious! Have Fun!
    4. Credits
    I would like to thank...
    GameFAQs      for having this FAQ posted. And for letting me know that there
                  are codes for the game which got me to write a FAQ base on
                  that in a more detail way.
    Microsoft     for making a cool game.
    CheatCC       for also letting me know that there are codes.
    5. Disclaimer
    You may contact me by email (masterluceid@hotmail.com) to kindly ask for
    permission that you want to put this FAQ on to your Website, comments on
    this FAQ, questions, corrections, or to just say what a wonderful FAQ I
    have written (yeah right..)
    You may NOT make copies, distribute, sell, or do any unauthorized actions
    with this document without the proper written permission of Vincent Edge.
    Unauthorized use of any information in this document is against the
    Copyright Law and legal action will take place.
    This Document is Copyright 2001 Vincent Edge. All Rights Reserved.

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