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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Jaguar

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 06/08/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

          __                                 ___                 /\
          /\                                /  _\_              |  |
         /  \      ____     ____      ____ _|_                  |  | 
        /____\    /    \   /    \    /    \ |                   |  |
       /      \   |    |   |____|    |    | |                   |  |
     _/_      _\_ \____/   \    __   \____/_|_     _______      |  |
                       |    \___/     /|          /       \     |  |
                  __   |             / |         /   ___   \    |  |
                   \___|        <-------<        |  /   \  |    |  |
                                     \ |         \  \___/  /    |  |
    ------|                           \|          \_______/     |  |
    |                                                           |  |
    |         _                  _             ____         /\__|__|__/\
    |-----|   | _  _  _ ___   |  | __   ____  /    |        \/  |--|  \/
    |         |/ \/ \ |/   \     |/  \ /    \ \____             |--|
    |         |  |  | |    |  |  |   - |____|      \            |--|   
    |-----|   |  |  | |\___/  |  |     \    _ |____/            /  \  
              -  -  - |       -  -      \___/                   \__/
    Version History:
    (v1.4) 6/8/00
    Added 'Forbidden Technologies' section to the 'Civilization Attributes' 
    section and added the Demo Cheat Codes.  If anyone knows how the 
    'hotkey' cheats work, I would be most appreciative to anyone who would 
    be willing to tell me.  Anyone who knows can e-mail me at 
    reod_dai_2000@Yahoo.com.  Sorry about not having the next campaign done.  
    To make up for it, I'll add a 'Multiplayer Scenario' walkthrough in the 
    next update. 
    (v1.3) 4\9\00
    Wow, I had thought I had lapsed after four days without an update… 
    well, this update, I've added the next campaign (Expansion: Enemies of 
    Rome), a new section on hotkeys, a scoring section and I've tested the 
    remaining untested cheats.  Just a few more campaigns and the 'hotkey' 
    cheats (I haven't actually looked them up yet…).  Oh, yeah, I've also 
    elaborated on the 'Credits' section, adding more 'legal stuff'.
    (v1.2) 3\10\00
    Added some new cheats, but I have yet to confirm them.  I didn't add 
    any new campaigns yet because, shocker, I do have a life (or will have 
    one soon).
    (v1.1) 3\6\00
    Added the third campaign.  Added more information to the credits 
    section and FAQ section.  The schedule for the remaining campaigns is 
    as follows: One new one every day, as long as I feel like it.
    (v1.0) 3\5\00
    First Version of the FAQ.  Right now, I only have the first two 
    campaigns, but the others will be ready soon.
    1: Civilization attributes
    2: Buildings
    3: Units
    4: Technologies
    5: Campaign Tips
    6: Cheat Codes
    7: FAQ
    8: Scoring
    9: Hot Keys
    10: Credits
    1.	Civilization Attributes
    Assyrian: Archer units fire faster; Villagers are 30% faster
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Heavy 
    Transport, Architecture, Nobility, Alchemy, Engineering, Aristocracy, 
    Chain Mail, Bronze Shield, Iron Shield, Tower Shield, Phalanx, 
    Centurion, War Elephant, Armored Elephant, Scythe Chariot, Slinger, 
    Improved Bowman, Composite Bowman, Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Babylonian: Wall and tower HP doubled; Priests regain faith 30% faster; 
    +30% stone mining speed
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Trireme, Heavy 
    Transport, Chain Mail, Iron Shield, Metallurgy, Tower Shield, Phalanx, 
    Centurion, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract, Armored Elephant, War Elephant, 
    Ballista, Helepolis, Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Carthaginian: Transport ships 30% faster; fire galley +25% damage; 
    Academy + elephant units +25% hp
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Fortification, 
    Astrology, Fanaticism, Siegecraft, Chain Mail, Metallurgy, Cataphract, 
    Chariot, Scythe Chariot, Legion, Heavy Catapult, Chariot Archer, 
    Composite Bowman, Heavy Horse Archer
    Choson: Long Swordman + legion +80 hp; +2 tower range; Priests cost 30% 
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Heavy 
    Transport, Fire Galley, Nobility, Engineering, Alchemy, Aristocracy, 
    Chain Mail, Iron Shield, Tower Shield, Phalanx, Centurion, Chariot, 
    Camel Rider, War Elephant, Armored Elephant, Scythe Chariot, Chariot 
    Archer, composite Bowman, Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Egyptian: +20% gold mining speed; chariots +33% hp; +3 conversion range
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Coinage, Siegecraft, Bronze 
    Shield, Iron Shield, Tower Shield, Phalanx, Centurion, Cavalry, Heavy 
    Cavalry, Cataphract, Armored Elephant, Broad Swordsman, Long Swordsman, 
    Legion, Catapult, Heavy Catapult, Ballista, Helepolis, Horse Archer, 
    Heavy Horse Archer
    Greek: Academy units 30% faster; warships 30% faster
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Jihad, Monotheism, Martyrdom, 
    Metallurgy, Chariot, Camel Rider, War Elephant, Cataphract, Armored 
    Elephant, Scythe Chariot, Broad Swordsman, Long Swordsman, Legion, 
    Improved Bowman, Chariot Archer, Composite Bowman, Horse Archer, 
    Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Hittite: Double HP for catapult units; archer units +1 damage; warships 
    +4 range (not fire galleys)
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Trireme, Heavy 
    Transport, Fishing Ship, Mysticism, Polytheism, Fanaticism, Afterlife, 
    Jihad, Monotheism, Medicine, Martyrdom, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract, Long 
    Swordsman, Legion, Slinger, Ballista, Helepolis, Improved Bowman, 
    Composite Bowman
    Macedonian: Academy units +2 armor vs. missile weapons; non-ranged 
    units +2 line of sight; siege weapons cost 50% less; units 4x resistant 
    to conversion
    Forbidden Technologies: Juggernaught, Fire Galley, Fortification, 
    Temple (And All Units and Technologies), Wheel, Craftsmanship, 
    Siegecraft, Nobility, Engineering, Chariot, Scythe Chariot, Long 
    Swordman, Legion, Catapult, Heavy Catapult, Helepolis, Chariot Archer, 
    Elephant Archer
    Minoan: Ships cost 30% less; composite bowmen +2 range; farm production 
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Guard Tower, Ballista Tower, 
    Fortification, Astrology, Mysticism, Fanaticism, Afterlife, Jihad, 
    Monotheism, Medicine, Martyrdom, Chariot, Heavy Cavalry, War Elephant, 
    Cataphract, Armored Elephant, Scythe Chariot, Chariot Archer, Horse 
    Archer, Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Palmyran: Tribute free; 2x gold per trade; villagers cost 50% more, 
    have armor, and work 20% faster; camel riders 25% faster
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Heavy 
    Transport, Mysticism, Polytheism, Monotheism, Medicine, Martyrdom, 
    Plow, Irrigation, Craftsmanship, Coinage, Logistics, Engineering, 
    Aristocracy, Metallurgy, Tower Shield, Centurion, Cataphract, Long 
    Swordsman, Legion, Helepolis, Elephant Archer
    Persian: +30% hunting speed; elephant units 50% faster; trireme +50% 
    fire rate
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Ballista Tower, Plow, Wheel, 
    Artisanship, Irrigation, Craftsmanship, Coinage, Siegecraft, 
    Ballistics, Academy (And Academy Units), chariot, Scythe Chariot, 
    Chariot Archer, Ballista, Heavy Catapult, Helepolis
    Phoenician: Elephant cost 50% less; +30 woodcutting speed; catapult 
    trireme, juggernaught, and Flying Dutchmen +65% firing rate
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Siegecraft, Architecture, Chain 
    Mail, Metallurgy, Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract, Catapult, Heavy Catapult, 
    Ballista, Helepolis, Horse Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Roman: Buildings except for towers, walls, and wonders cost 15% less; 
    towers cost 50%less; swordsmen +33% attack speed
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Guard Tower, Ballista Tower, 
    Astrology, Afterlife, Irrigation, Alchemy, Camel Rider, Heavy Cavalry, 
    War Elephant, Cataphract, Armored Elephant, Chariot Archer, Composite 
    Bowman, Horse Archer, Elephant Archer, Heavy Horse Archer
    Shang: villagers cost 30% less; 2x wall HP
    Forbidden Technologies: Heavy Transport, Catapult Trireme, 
    Juggernaught, Ballista Tower, Coinage, Siegecraft, Ballistics, 
    Engineering, Alchemy, Aristocracy, Phalanx, Centurion, War Elephant, 
    Armored Elephant, Long Swordman, Legion, Heavy Catapult, Elephant 
    Sumerian: villagers +15 HP; catapult units +50% fire rate; farm 
    production doubled
    Forbidden Technologies: Catapult Trireme, Juggernaught, Heavy 
    Transport, Astrology, Fanaticism, Afterlife, Jihad, Monotheism, 
    Craftsmanship, Coinage, Iron Shield, Tower Shield, Metallurgy, Cavalry, 
    Heavy Cavalry, Cataphract, Armored Elephant, Legion, Improved Bowman, 
    Composite Bowman, Elephant Archer, Ballista, Helepolis
    Yamoto: Horse archers, scout cavalry, heavy cavalry, and cataphract, 
    cost 25% less; villagers 30% faster; ships +30% hp
    Forbidden Technologies: Fire Galley, Guard Tower, Ballista Tower, 
    Fortification, Astrology, Mysticism, Fanaticism, Jihad, Medicine, 
    Monotheism, Martyrdom, Tower Shield, Chariot, War Elephant, Armored 
    Elephant, Scythe Chariot, Broad Swordsman, Long Swordsman, Legion, 
    Chariot Archer, Elephant Archer
    2: Buildings
    Technology buildings:  (w=wood f=food g=gold s=stone)
                    Age     Cost   HP   Purpose
    Academy:        bronze  200W   350  Train Military Units
    Archery range:  tool    150w   350  Train Archer Units
    Barracks:       stone   125w   350  Train Infantry
    Dock:           stone   100w   350  Build Ships
    Gov. Center:    Bronze  175w   350  Research Technologies
    Granary:        stone   120w   350  Hold Food; Research
    Market:         tool    150w   350  Give Tribute; Research
    Siege Workshop: bronze  200w   350  Build Siege Weapons
    Stable:         tool    150W   350  Train Cavalry
    Storage Pit:    stone   120w   350  Hold w, g, s. Research
    Temple:         bronze  200w   350  Train priests; research
    Town Center:    Stone   200w   600  Train Villagers; Advance Ages
    Non-Technological Buildings
                    Age     Cost   HP   Attack      Range
    Ballista Tower: iron    150s   200  20          7
    Farm:           tool    75w    50    -          -
    Fortification:  iron    5s     400   -          -
    Guard tower:    iron    150s   200   6          7
    House:          stone   30w    75    -          -
    Medium Wall:    Bronze  5s     300   -          -
    Sentry Tower:   bronze  150s   150   4          6
    Small Wall:     tool    5s     200   -          -
    Watch Tower:    tool    150s   100   3          5
    Wonder:         iron   1000w,s,g 500 -          -
    3: Units
    Note: If something is 'Strong' against something, it both takes less 
    damage from those sources and deals them more damage.
                 Cost  HP  Attack Range Speed Special
    Villager:    50F   25    3     -     m    build\gather
    Priest:      125g  25    -     10    s    -
    Clubman:     50f   40    3     -     m   -
    Axeman:      50f   50    5     -     m   -
    Slinger:     40f10s 25   2     4     m   Strong vs. missile 
    Short Sword: 35f15g 60   7     -     m   -
    Broad Sword: 35f15g 70   9     -     m   -
    Long Sword:  35f15g 80   11    -     m   -
    Legion:      35f15g 160  13    -     m   -
    Hoplite:     60f40g 120  17    -     s   -
    Phalanx:     60f40g 120  20    -     s   -
    Centurion:   60f40g 160  30    -     s   - 
    Bow:         40f20w 35   3     5     m   -
    Imp. Bow:    40f20g 40   4     6     m   -
    Comp. Bow:   40f20g 45   5     7     m   -
    Chariot:     40f70w 70   4     7     f   Strong vs. Priests
    Elephant:    180f60g 600 5     7     s   -
    Horse:       50f70g 60   7     7     f   Strong vs. missile
    H. Horse:    50f70g 90   8     7     f   Strong vs. missile
    Scout:       100f   60   3     -     f   -
    Camel:       70f60g 125  6     -     f   Strong vs. Cavalry
    Chariot:     40f80g 100  7     -     f   Strong vs. Priests
    Sc. Chariot: 40f60w 120  9     -     f   Strong Vs. Priests*
    Cavalry:     70f80g 150  8     -     f   Strong Vs. Barracks Units
    H. Cavalry:  70f80g 150  10    -     f   Strong vs. Barracks + Missile
    Cataphract:  70f80g 180  12    -     f   Strong vs. Barracks + Missile
    W. Elephant: 170f40g 600 15    -     s   -*
    A. Elephant: 170f40g 600 18    -     s   Strong vs. Walls + Towers*
    *Adjacent enemy units take damage
    Ships:  All ships 2x resistant to conversion
    Fish Boat:   50w    45   -     -     m  -
    Fish Ship:   50w    75   -     -     f  -
    Trade Boat:  100w   200  -     -     f  -
    Merc. Ship:  100w   250  -     -     f  -
    L. Trans.:   150w   150  -     -     m  -
    H. Trans.:   150w   200  -     -     f  -
    Scout S.:    135w   120  5     5     f  -
    War Galley:  135w   160  8     6     f  -
    F. Galley:   115w40g 200 24    1     f  Weak vs. Missile
    Trireme:     135w   200  12    7     f  -
    Cat. Trir.:  135w75g  120 35    9    f  -
    juggernaught: 135w75g 200 35    10   f  -
    Siegecraft:  For speed, all are very slow.
                 Cost    HP  Damage Range Rate   Damage Area  Min. Range    
    S. Thrower:  180w80g 75    50    10   1/5sec     small       2
    Catapult:    180w80g 75    60    12   1/5sec     medium      2
    H. Catapult: 180w80g 150   60    13   1/5sec     large       2
    Ballista:    100w80g 55    40    9    1/3sec     target      3 
    Helepolis:   100w80g 55    40    10   1/1.5sec   target      3
    4: Technologies
    Storage Pit Research
                   Cost       Benefit
    Tool Working   100f       +2 infantry attack
    Metal Working  200f120g   Same as above
    Metallurgy     300f180g   +3 Infantry attack; required for cataphract
    Bronze shield  150f180g   +1 infantry armor vs. slinger,archer, missile
    Iron Shield    200f320g   Same as above; required for A. elephant
    Tower Shield   250f400g   Same as above
    L. Archer Armor 100f      +2 armor for archer units
    S. Archer Armor 125f50g   Same as above
    C. Archer Armor 150f100g  same as above
    Leather Barding 125f      +2 armor for cavalry
    Scale Barding   150f50g   same as above
    Chain Barding   175f100g  same as above
    L. Infantry     75f       +2 infantry armor
    S. Infantry     100f50g   same as above
    C. Infantry     125f100g  same as above
    Government Center Research
    Architecture 150f175w  -33% construction time; +20hp for buildings
    Aristocracy  175f120g  academy units 25% faster; required for centurion
    Writing      200f75g   allies share exploration
    Logistics    180f100g  barracks units count as 1\2 unit
    Nobility     175f120g  +15% cavalry hp; required for Scythe Chariot
    Alchemy      250f200g  missile weapons,siegecraft, slinger attack bonus
    Ballistics   100f50g   missile accuracy; required for Ballista tower
    Engineering  200f100w  +2 Siegecraft range; required for Juggernaught
    Market Research
    Woodworking   130f75w  +1 missile range; +2 woodcutting speed
    Artisanship   170f150w same as above
    Craftsmanship 240f200w same as above
    Stone mining  100f50s  +3 stone mining speed
    Siegcraft     190f100s same as above; villagers can attack walls and                        
    towers; required for heavy catapult
    Gold mining   120f100w +3 gold mining speed
    Coinage       200f100g same as above; tribute is free
    Domestication 200f50w  +75 farm production
    Plow          250f75w  same as above
    Irrigation    300f100w same as above
    Wheel         175f75w  villagers 30%faster; required for chariots
    Temple research
    Astrology     150g     Conversion 30% more effective
    Mysticism     120g     Priest hp doubled
    Polytheism    120g     priest moves 40% faster
    Fanaticism    150g     Priest regains faith 50% faster
    Monotheism    350g     Priests can convert enemy priests and buildings
    Afterlife     275g     +3 conversion range
    Jihad         120g     + villager attack, hp, speed; - gathering speed
    Martyrdom     600g     Press delete to instantly convert (not priests)
    Medicine      150g     increases healing speed
    5: Campaign Tips
    1: Birth of Rome
      Build your towers to the north first.  Build a storage pit on the 
    cliff side for quick stone gathering.  Also be sure to build a dock on 
    the shore north of your city to reach the LAST two towers built.  Do 
    not expect much interference once your towers are up.
    2: Pyrrus of Epirus
      Mass your navy in one spot, but do not attack without triremes and 
    juggernaughts.  Siegecraft are essential to the attack.  I suggest, 
    however, that you simply use the fleet as a diversion.  Move you troops 
    along the path north of your city to Pyrrus' army's citadel.  The trick 
    is to build towers all along the path, so if you retreat all the units 
    following you will suffer severe damage.  The enemy army consists 
    mostly of elephants and cavalry.
    3: Syracuse
      Move you villagers behind the forest and use it as cover.  Keep your 
    catapults near the area they originally were and use them to keep your 
    dock's area clear.  Move your ships around, toward the northern end of 
    the landmass your units are on, and order them to stand ground.  The 
    best way to get to Archimedes (he is in the area you have to invade) is 
    to head to the far west with many Balistae and Archers (some infantry 
    too) and battle up the hills to the area where Archimedes is surrounded 
    by walls, markets and government centers.  Use the archers and balistae 
    to attack the balistae in the walled in areas.
    4: Metaurus
      The main threats are to the north and the south.  In the beginning, 
    the northern army has very little in the way of troops, so ignore them 
    temporarily.  A short way to the south are three more axe men and a 
    catapult.  Take them out immediately.  Then, take part of your army 
    north and kill all the villagers to the north.  To the south, infantry 
    will be more important than siege weapons.
    5: Zama
      The best place for a wonder is just east of your city, between the 
    lake and the forest.  Build towers on all the cliffsides around your 
    city.  The weakest point in defense is to the far east.
    6: Mithridates
      Your fleet will fall under attack almost immediately, so once the 
    first threat is defeated head slightly northwest.  Stay between the two 
    forests and build towers to protect either end.  Also disperse your 
    fleet and troops throughout the area.  When I say this, I mean still 
    avoid contact, but try to find advanced signs of attack.  When your 
    area seems stable, advance with catapults, balistae and a horde of 
    infantry and archers.  The area of the wonder is teeming with towers, 
    so be careful.
    1: Caesar vs. Pirates
      When you start out, you're just Caesar.  Don't worry, just run like 
    'heck' (kiddies might be reading this) to the west.  Don't think, just 
    run.  Soon enough, you will reach a small village, it then becomes 
    yours.  Run up next to a tower.  Now you're safe.  Next, you have to 
    build up a huge fleet, consisting of triremes and catapult triremes.  
    There are nine docks in all.  Three in the western corner, three in the 
    southern and three in the center (those might be a little off).  Take 
    out the ones in the center first, then the ones in the western half.  
    The ones in the southern section are the best defended, so bring that 
    huge fleet you've been building up just for this occasion.
    2: Britain
      There are three ruins in total.  All three are across the river.  To 
    begin, move all of your units across the river.  Do this as quickly as 
    possible.  Once there move all your units except for priests and 
    transports away from your landing site.  Try to convert a villager and 
    build some method of getting more military units.  On the Western side, 
    expect to run into several priests, catapults, chariots and towers.  
    Expect more of the same in the center.  On the western side, however, 
    you only have to worry about axe men and a few cavalry, unless you gave 
    the red army time to cover them.  Then, expect still more of the same.
    3: Alesia
      Like the hints say, complete your fortress as soon as possible.  
    Build about 15 villagers and set them to work building towers.  The 
    armies on either side of you are in the far corners.  The one to the 
    west is harmless for a great length of time.  The army in the east has 
    archers and long swordmen.  Don't forget about siegecraft and archers.  
    They can fire through the walls.  The armies on the inside of the 
    fortress only have two catapults, but multiple horseback archers.  The 
    actual enemy hero is in a fortification of small walls with four 
    mounted archers.  Balistae anyone?
    4: Caesar vs. Pompey
      Don't waste time looking for a hero named Pompey.  There are two ways 
    to win this scenario: (1) build a massive army and fight your way 
    through a city and dozens of towers, taking heavy casualties such that 
    the victory is so hollow it is almost worthless, or (2) build some 
    transport ships and float merrily across the river.  Bringing with you 
    of course, enough siege equipment to level Washington D.C., siege 
    equipment that you built in the safety of a fortress surrounded by 
    towers.  The choice is yours.  One point of interest though, using the 
    cheat E=MC2 TROOPER, you can level the city from the comfort of your 
    own town center.
    1. Actium
      You will fall under attack immediately from Antony's short swordmen.  
    Dispatch of them quickly and save your remaining troops for an assault 
    on his base.  You will need some catapults for the towers, but 
    everything else in his possession are short swordmen.  As for Egypt, 
    expect chariot archers, barracks units and catapults.  Cleopatra's navy 
    consists of five triremes, five juggernaughts, seven archers and the 
    barge itself.  Interestingly, the ships only attack when attacked or 
    when a ship draws near, so it is possibly to destroy the fleet ship by 
    2. The Year of Four Emperors
      First, attack the brown civilization, just north of the red wonder.  
    They only have villagers, so they should go down quickly.  Next, build 
    several towers around the shallows to either side of both wonders.  If 
    the red civilization attacks, it will be with academy units and short 
    swordmen.  Most importantly though, make sure the second blue wonder is 
    in the middle of the four flags.  I have made the mistake of placing it 
    between the wrong two many times.
    3. Ctesiphon
      First of all, head straight south, you will run into some villagers 
    with houses and a granary (the granary is right after you cross the 
    bridge).  If you can, try to get some of your caravan's escort troops 
    to rendezvous with your other army.  There are three artifacts in 
    total, one on the cliff overlooking your village, one where your 
    caravan was ambushed and one in the northern corner of the map.  As 
    soon as you find one, give a protective escort and bring it to the 
    orange city in the eastern corner of the map.  
    4. Queen Zenobia
      The main threat to your northern Town Centers is to the north.  
    Quickly train villagers at all your town centers and research axemen.  
    Build a Barracks at each of your northern Town Centers, and attack the 
    northern Civilization.  The Zenobian's main defense is towers, so bring 
    siege equipment.  Also prepare for a strong armada, however.  Make sure 
    to bring some infantry and archers as well.
    5. Coming of the Huns
      Pay tribute whenever it is demanded, until you have built enough of a 
    defensive army to repel a large invasion.  You will have some time 
    before any of the Huns' allies attack you, so make the most of it.  
    When you do attack the Huns, they will have balistae, heavy horse 
    archers, academy units, broad swordmen, composite bowmen and armored 
    elephants.  Bring some strong infantry and archers.  Good Luck!
    1: Crossing the Alps
      Looking for the Scouts? On the map, there will be two yellow areas 
    you can see to begin with.  One of them is an area where your 'scouts' 
    (villagers) are being held.  You can order them to attack the walls 
    without fear, because the town will be bracing for your attack.  When 
    they get out, build a storage pit and some towers around it, then start 
    collecting wood and gold.  (In case you're wondering why, it's so you 
    can create priests later to heal your troops.) 
      When you start moving, run right past the first tower.  Do NOT go 
    between the flags, it is just a waste of time.  Instead, follow the 
    road along the cliffs.  You will see the cliffs to your south cease 
    going east and start going south.  Follow them south until you run into 
    a pair of canyons.  Take the second canyon you run into (following 
    these instructions will bypass the first village completely)
      If you have the aforementioned priests ready, march on to the second 
    town with no fear, otherwise, hang out in the canyon for a while.  When 
    you are ready to move through, you should have at least three priests 
    first, you will have to break through a series of walls, preferably 
    with NON-armored elephants.  (If I get one comment from someone in the 
    Commonwealth of Britain over the word 'armor' I will just remind you 
    that our currency AND dialect of English are better over here) Have the 
    priests heal your troops once you pass through, or have them convert 
    units.  Then just pass through the flags. (Wow, that one's involved)
    2: Third Greek War
      First, you'll have to move your camp up the river, across the 
    shallows to the north before building your Town Center.  'Careful' 
    exploration will reveal the fact that the main enemy's base is about 
    three inches from your starting location (and interestingly, the best 
    place to begin your assault).  Speaking of assaults, you will need 
    massive amounts of siege weapons and *quick* melee troops to combat the 
    academy units, siege equipment and towers protecting the Government 
    Center.  The Government center is to the northwest of the Town Center, 
    which is south of your starting location.
    3: Spartacus
      Research writing early on.  If you do, you will notice several scythe 
    chariots, scouts and horse archers (those foolish Romans, teaching 
    their slaves to use scythe chariots and be horse archers.  Tsk, Tsk, 
    Tsk.) attacking the town.  Don't worry about them until you honestly 
    think you can defeat them.  If too much of Italy (the yellow 
    civilization) is being destroyed, build some towers around on of the 
    many town centers or storage pits and protect at least one villager.  
    Aside from the charioteers, horse archers and scouts, your main threats 
    when attacking will be MASSIVE amounts of both siege weapons and 
    armored elephants.
    4: Odenathus vs. Persians
      First, build additional towers around your two outposts.  There are 
    actually two Persian camps, one in the northern corner, one in the 
    eastern corner, and several archers protecting the land between.  The 
    northern camp has only a few towers, archers, houses and the Persian 
    temple.  The eastern has most of the troop training facilities, so 
    build a massive force before attempting to defeat it.  Most of the 
    Persian defenses are siege weapons, academy units and swordmen.
    6: Cheat Codes
    Press enter, then type in the corresponding codes as below EXACTLY:
    1000 gold                              COINAGE
    1000 food                              PEPPERONI PIZZA
    1000 stone                             QUARRY
    1000 wood                              WOODSTOCK
    Makes animal into 'King' type animals  GRANTLINKSPENCE 
    Baby wields super gun                  POW! 
    Eagles become Dragons                  KING ARTHUR
    Mechanized soldier                     STORMBILLY
    Priestly unit summons lightning        CONVERT THIS! 
    Catapults fire civilians               JACK BE NIMBLE
    Commit suicide                         HARI KARI
    Composite archers become stealthy      DARK RAIN
    Control animals, not men               GAIA
    Full map                               REVEAL MAP
    Horse archers become black riders      BLACK RIDER
    Invincible units*                      ZEUS
    Juggernauts can move on land           FLYING DUTCHMAN
    Priest have 600hp, speed6              HOYOHOYO 
    Rocket launching car                   BIGDADDY 
    Kill all opponents                     DIEDIEDIE
    Kill select opponent                   KILL <1 - 8>  (ex. kill5)
    Soldier with laser                     PHOTON MAN
    Soldier with nuclear bombs             E=MC2 TROOPER
    Quit game                              RESIGN
    Instant building**                     STEROIDS
    Upgrade balistae (range=100)           ICBM
    Upgrade heavy catapults                BIG BERTHA
    Win scenario                           HOME RUN
    * Does not work on the Gold Version (but, it is not displayed as a 
    chat… very interesting)
    ** Effects opponent as well
    Demo Cheats*
    1000 gold                              COINAGE
    1000 food                              PEPPERONI PIZZA
    1000 stone                             QUARRY
    1000 wood                              WOODSTOCK
    Control animals, not men               GAIA
    Full map                               REVEAL MAP
    Lose campaign                          RESIGN
    Slay all opponents                     DIEDIEDIE
    Slay select opponent                   KILL <1 - 8>
    Soldier with nuclear bombs             GIVEMEFISSIONMAN
    Instant building                       STEROIDS
    Remove Fog of War                      NO FOG
    Win scenario                           VICTORY
    *If a cheat is not listed, it means that it cannot be entered in the 
    *Tip* When typing in a cheat, to enter it multiple times, highlight it, 
    and press ctrl+c.  Then press ctrl+v and enter, over and over again.
    7: FAQ
    Q: The Cheats aren't working for me.  What's wrong?
    A: First, the cheats won't work in a multiplayer game, only single 
    player.  Second, the ZEUS cheat does not work on the gold edition, and 
    it doesn't effect cheat units.  Next, if you have the demo (trial) 
    version, there are other cheats for some effects.  Finally, see if your 
    cheat is being displayed as a chat message.  If it is, you entered it 
    Q: I used a cheat to create a unit, but it didn't appear.  What 
    A: It should appear next to your town center.  If it didn't, see if you 
    have another town center.  Sorry, you can't pick which one it will 
    appear at, and it won't work if you don't have a town center. 
    Q: My computer slows down whenever I move my army.  I checked the 
    system requirements and it meets them.  What's wrong?
    A: First, this can happen if you use the NO FOG cheat in conjunction 
    with REVEAL MAP.  If you didn't cheat, then the fact of the matter is 
    that (a) your town(s) is(are) too big, or (b) your army is so big that 
    it stresses your video drivers.  If worse comes to worse, you'll just 
    have to cut down on the size of your army (or city) or just deal with 
    it.  You could also do a full install and set the speed to slow.  Sad, 
    but true.
    8: Scoring
    Kills: 1\2 point each
    Buildings Razed: 1 point each
    Generalship: #of kills - #of casualties (negative results don't count)
    Most Military Units and Towers: +25 points
    Gold Obtained: 1\100 of total amount of gold
    Resources Tributed: 1\60 of value
    Population(Villagers, trade, transport and fishing ships): 1 point each
    Most Villagers(see above): +25 points
    Area Explored: 1 point for every 3% of the map explored
    Most Area Explored: +25 points
    Conversions: 2 points a conversion
    Most Conversions: +25 points
    Temples: 3 points each
    Ruins Controlled: 10 points each
    Artifacts Controlled: 10 points each
    Control of All Ruins\Artifacts: +50 points
    Technologies Researched: 2 points each
    Most Technologies Researched: +50 points
    First Civilization to Bronze Age: +25 points
    First Civilization to Iron Age: +25 points
    Elimination Before Game End: -100 points
    Wonders At Game End: 100 points each
    9: Hotkeys
    Spacebar: Selected Unit*
    CTRL+H: Town Center*
    CTRL+B: Barracks*
    CTRL+D: Dock*
    CTRL+A: Archery Range*
    CTRL+K: Siege Workshop
    CTRL+L: Stable
    CTRL+P: Temple
    CTRL+Y: Academy
    +: Increase Game Speed
    -: Decrease Game Speed
    ESC: Deselect Unit\Building
    ENTER: Send Chat Message
    Arrow Keys: Scroll Around the Map
    CTRL+(1-9): Assign Selected Units to This Group Number**
    (1-9): Select Group Number (1-9)**
    ALT+(1-9): Select and Center Map on Group (1-9)**
    SHIFT+(1-9): Select Group (1-9) in Addition to Any Units Selected**
    F1: Help
    F3: Pause
    F10: Game Menu
    F11: Bring Up Game Time and Population Count
    *Centers View on and Selects; Press Again for Next Building of the same 
    **Don't Actually Put Parenthesis Around the Number
    10: Credits
    First, let me thank Microsoft for their highly informative manual.
    Next, I would like to thank gamesages.com for the cheat codes section.
    Finally, I would like to thank gamefaqs.com, about.com and dlh.net for 
    posting this.
    Of course I'd like to thank ME for taking an entire day out of my life 
    to write this FAQ.  Plus a few extra hours to update it.
    Reasons to e-mail me:
    1.	You have a question not answered anywhere in the FAQ.
    2.	You like my work and would like to give me 'props'.
    3.	You have a VALID criticism.  (if it is invalid, I have some methods 
    of vengeance that aren't ethical, but incredibly legal)
    4.	You would like to place my FAQ on your WebPage.
    5.	You are sending me some chain letter because you have no friends to 
    send it to.  (Remember those methods?)
    By The Jaguar
    Send questions\comments to reod_dai_2000@yahoo.com or ask them online at 
    'reod dai 2000', 'reod_dai_2000', and 'jaguar586' at AIM, Yahoo! 
    Instant Messenger and Microsoft Network Instant Messenger, respectively 
    ©Envelope Guy Publishing, 2000           _______
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    and any other sites to whom I give      |_\ . /_|
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    *Also about.com and dlh.net… yadah, yadah, yadah.
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    technological, on paper or otherwise.  This includes The Envelope Guy, 
    contrary to what others may think.

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