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"Age Of Empires Stays For The Ages"

The Graphics>
Unlike most games today age of empires (aoe) had grapics that were not done crapily that you can't make out what they are, yet not overdone to overwhelme you. It just had enough for you to remember what the units look like. A perfect ballance in my opinion that is destroyed in the average modern game in general. Overall the graphics are clear and get the point across of what they are supposed to resemble. Very nicely done!

Well this is probably the most loved part of the game, with basic controls, (left/right mouse buttons) for the casual gamer, and short cuts and advanced buttons for the hardcore aoe fan. This game is best played with the mouse cursor set on-fast, because the battles require sometimes ridiculously fast mouse movement and knowledge of your apponents army. Overall I would give it 90% because all the clicking sometimes really hurts your fingers, and then you just want to quit.

If your playing on a random map, the first 5-10 minutes could start out slow but after the first 5 axeman come knockin on your door, the gameplay gets faster and more suspensful, soon you will be finding yourself fighting for gold deposits and not being able to take your eyes off the screen. There are over 10 different civilizations you can play as each with different units, upgrades, and building styles. There are cheats for aoe that bring in futuristic uniits with laser guns and bazookas in the game just for fun which adds a whole way on how you could play the gamesand scenarios that are given. Overall absolutely amazing gameplay.

Camapign Mode>
This is where the game shines and is why it is called age of empires. The campaign is not only where awesome battles take place and epic moments in time happen, but this is also suprisingly educational, telling you what happened in history and actually doing what heroes did. Overall this was very well doneand amazingly out of all the time I played which is a total of about 3 years, I couldn't find a single glitch, that's some pretty damn good programming!

Well I can say that this music blew my socks off! Because it went with the whole dawn of mankind type of theme which really worked in my opinion, the only problem that really gets me every time and makes me turn off the music in the options menu, is how frickin repetetive it is! There are like 4 songs that get drilled into your head never forgeting that tune. That tune will haunt you for life! If your the kind of guy that likes to forget his past then don't listen to that music!

Overall> 9/10
It is a great game, not only for single player games but for multiplayer action. If you are a 21 year old single guy that wants a good way to waste your time then play this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/29/09

Game Release: Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome (US, 10/31/98)

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