Review by Zidane003

Reviewed: 10/27/02 | Updated: 10/27/02

One of the best strategy games I ever played!!

This is a great game, in a great series. Its an expansion pack, and a very good expansion it is. First off I'll start off by talking about gameplay.

Gameplay- The gameplay in this game is great. There are many roman empires in this game such as the Greek empire or other ones. There are also many gameplay modes in this game to. There is the campaign mode, which is the mission mode. There is even online play. There is a scenario builder too, which is where you chose a empire and then build it like select building, warriors, and animals. So the modes are great to. All in all, I give this part of my review a 10/10.

Story- Well there is really no story to this game, besides the missions. But missions are cool to. There is many missions for each empire. I can't remember how many but there are quite a few and a little more because, well this is an expansion. Plus anyway the missions are very fun like find the fossils before the other team. So I give this part of my review a 10/10.

Graphics- The graphics are pretty good for this game. Though i thought they could have done better. But they are good. And there are little tiny details in the catapults when firing. Like when the stones you shoot off the catapult are in the are you see dust and other things like rock falling off. I thought that was pretty cool. So this part i give it a 9/10.

Sound- The sound in the game is cool. Like each character or animal makes a noise like the elephant roars when you kill it or it comes running at you (or walking). And the people make odd noises to. There is music to this game to which is cool. It fits this game perfect because it's like ancient music. So this part scores a 9/10.

Re playability- The re playability in this game is ok. I don't think anyone would replay all those long missions. Unless your like me a hard core strategy gamer. So I give this part a 8/10.

To buy or rent- Mmmmm. To buy or rent?? Lets see, I would have to say buy that is if your a strategy gamer. But if your not you might want to borrow it from a friend if they have it. Since you can't rent pc game at Hollywood video, or Blockbuster or any other video store. So I say buy. Hope you have fun with this game!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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