Review by Xanarki

"I Called It Age Of Empires 3 It Was So Good!"

Well, this review is on Age Of Empires: Rise Of Rome for PC. I think that this game is good but here is the reason why(below). Enjoy.

Gameplay(7/10): Not bad gameplay. I mean, you can upgrade your buildings, choose what troops to go into battle, mine for stone and gold, hunt for food, fish for food, build walls and more. Although you cant rotate the screen. You can chose what kind of team or game your gonna play!

Story(10/10): There are many diffrent story's. You can select scenerois for this. It's all history! Example, the rise of rome is in it. And, a story of Caesar The Great! When I first got this, I thought ''History, how boring!'' but now i'm thinking ''How come they dont make First Person Shooting History Games?'' You can create your own story too...

Audio(7/10): There's some audio in it and it's all fair. The grunts of the fighting troops, each building has it's own sound when you click on it, the ocean sound effects and stone throwing and such. Not much in audio at this game so let's move on!

Graphics(8/10): The graphics could be better because in my opoion, the reason you cant rotate is because the sketechers never drew the other side of buildings and all. The graphics just need some improving but the realistic gets fair.

Replayability(9/10): I play this over and over and over! The fun is great! Just that if you play the game for 3 days in a row, might get boring but then a day after you wanna play it maybe. The fun is cool for me in Age Of Empires: Rise Of Rome!

Value(6/10): Here's where the money goes. THIS IS A EXPANSION! I REPAEAT: E-X-P-A-N-I-S-I-O-N! The game wont work if you dont have Age Of Empires so the value should't be too high. If it's like around 30 - 45, then forget it. Around 20 or 25 is ok but loew is great. But, as for buy or rent first, buy it. Renting is not that good for windows games anyway.

Overall(8/10): Some error's here and there but it is great! Just gotta remember that this is a expansion. Now, as I was saying, this is my world fact's. Anyway, all I have to say now is that this is a good PC game and that it is something. Because it was so good, I wanted to call it Age Of Empires 3! It's a good game! Good luck!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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