Review by teenboy

Reviewed: 12/24/03

If you are looking for a good historical RTS, then this is the game for you

First off, this game is VERY, VERY underrated. I like this game so much, that I still play it like once a week.

The graphics aren't great, nor bad at the same time. I actually prefer Real-time strategies(RTS) like this. You have the general trees and different landscapes like: rocky and flat, not any season changes sadly. Don;t get me wrong, the graphics are serviceable. They're just enough to not want more. The units are animated well, and there are animals to give some life to the environments. The trees do not move in the wind, and sometimes people go through each other, but that is every game, right??
7/10 Not great, but good enough.

One word: simple. It's the basic two clicks interface. Left click to select, right-click to move a unit. A setup that fit the game like a shirt. I know people that can do like 10 different things in a second in this game. Like, click on a villager to build a building, then make one forage, then send your troops to battle. Very, precise.
9/10 Very fitting, though I infer that someday they might need to be changed, but for now, this is as good as it gets.

Awesome, simply awesome. From fortifying you village to destroying the enemy, this area is completely flawless. I absolutely LOVE to face off against my brothers and kick their butts with Catapults, Heavy Cavalry, and War Elephants. The unit selection is massive, from archers to swordsmen, they are all here. God, those long swordsmen are so cool. There are also several different ages you can experience a few are: Stone, Bronze, and Iron. Each age delivers many new opportunities. You have different units that counter others, so that it is a fair battle. There are so many things to do in this game, from build guard towers, to create troops. When I send my phalanxes and Long Swordsmen out to war it just brings a little tear to my eye. Even in this new day and age people can still look back and think, ''wow, Rise of Nations is just a glorified version of Age of Empires, crazy'', because this game may not seem revolutionary, but it is.
10/10: Amazing how angel Studios knows exactly what they are doing. This is what makes this game so good.

Overall: This is one of those games where you are excited in year 1999 to play it as well as 2004. I still pick up and play this game all the time, jsut because it is so darn fun. A must have game for everyone's collections.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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