Legend tells of a female child, born of the stars, destined to keep the world of Rivera in balance - The Eternal Maiden. With the untimely death of the last Eternal Maiden Thirty years ago, the world began to fall into darkness. Now, the new Eternal Maiden, Namie Alguard, stands as the last hope to vanquish the great evil. Can she obtain the powers necessary and save the world from Eternal Darkness? Or will she fail, and be powerless to watch as the world of Rivera descends into chaos?

Join Namie and Holland as they traverse the land of Rivera discovering the truth behind Namie's power. Friends, enemies, right and wrong, the line blurs when the action turns on, and everyone fights for their vision of tomorrow.


- 30+ Hours of gameplay. ( Not including all Side-Quests )
- Active Turn Based Battle System. Ex: Final Fantasy
- Highly tactical Battle System. Focuses on player enhancements and Elemental weakness/resistances.
- No random encounters! All enemies will be present on screen and it is up to you to decide whether you fight them or not.
- Complex puzzle solving.
- Emotional and Compelling story line. ( Details coming soon )
- Gorgeous hand drawn battle sprites for Players and Enemies.
- Completely original soundtrack.
- Fully voice acted. ( Only in cutscenes, not for general text. )
- High Quality 32bit Goodness!
- PC exclusive.

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