• Steam Achievements

    Academy MasterWin 100 games.
    Academy TeacherWin 25 games.
    Blowing Up in StyleComplete all Meet the Dwarves challenges.
    BOOM! Headshot!Knock out a full-health enemy with one shot from an Archer.
    Bring it On!Taunt an opponent.
    Chain of FoolsHit three enemies with a single attack by a Wizard with a scroll.
    Charge!Win a game with the Tribe.
    Close EnoughHit four enemy heroes or crystals at once with a single Grenadier attack.
    Council HeroWin 50 games with the Council.
    CrazedWin 50 games with the Team Fortress team.
    Cry Some MoreHit three enemies at once with a Heavy's attack.
    Dark Elf HeroWin 50 games with the Dark Elves.
    Dead Men WalkingExecute two enemies in one turn with a Warrior.
    Dwarven HeroWin 50 games with the Dwarves.
    Erecting a DispenserHave an Engineer equip three allies in a single turn.
    Fire, Fire, FIRE!!Knock out two enemies at once with the Pyro.
    Fists of FuryHit three enemies at once with a Void Monk's attack.
    Frozen LakeSubmit a turn less than three minutes after your opponent moves.
    Get Over Here!Pull an enemy off an assault tile with an Impaler.
    Hero, Heal ThyselfGet a Paladin to heal herself.
    I'm HookedSubmit 100 turns.
    Just One More TurnSubmit five turns.
    Learned SomethingComplete the Tutorial.
    Level the FieldKnock out three enemy heroes in one turn.
    Love ChainHeal three allies with a chained Shaman heal.
    Matrix GlitchUse the undo feature and try something new.
    Miasma For EveryoneDo 1000 points of damage with a corpse explosion.
    My BoomstickHit three enemy heroes or crystals at once with a single Gunner attack.
    Nap TimeKnock out an enemy.
    Never AloneRaise two Phantoms in a single turn with a Necromancer.
    Nice to Beat YouWin a game against a random player.
    Nighttime = Right TimeComplete all Meet the Dark Elves challenges.
    Not Easy Being GreenComplete all Meet the Tribe challenges.
    Old SchoolWin a game with the Council.
    One For You, and You, and YouHit three full-strength enemies in one turn with an Axe Thrower.
    Ow! My Jewels!Use an assault tile to do bonus crystal damage.
    Own the NightWin a game with the Dark Elves.
    Perfect MatchWin a game and take no crystal damage.
    Pocket MedicLink a Medic to a Heavy.
    Real UltimateDo 2500 damage or more with a single Ninja attack.
    Shields Up!Shield a crystal with an Engineer.
    Short But FeistyWin a game with the Dwarves.
    Sit and SpinDamage five targets with one Chieftain attack.
    Standing StillHit an enemy target at maximum range with the Sniper.
    Stomp the YardStomp two enemy heroes in one turn.
    StrangeloveKnock out three enemies at once with an Annihilator shot.
    StrategistWin a game by destroying the enemy's crystals.
    TacticianWin a game by destroying the enemy team.
    Take All Day AcademyTake all day to put in your turn after your opponent does.
    Tastes Like ChickenBuild up a max-health Wraith.
    That StingsDo 2000 or more damage with a single attack.
    The Best and the BrightestComplete all Meet the Council challenges.
    Tribe HeroWin 50 games with the Tribe.
    Triple-TeamAttack a single enemy with three different heroes in one turn.
    Two LargeDestroy two enemy crystals in a single turn.
    Vvvictory!Win a game with the Team Fortress team.
    WeaksauceWeaken three enemies with the priestess in a single turn.
    Well EquippedAdd Runemetal, Dragonscale, and Shining Helm to a single Knight.
    Zombie!Resurrect and fully heal a knocked-out ally in a single turn.

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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