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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Slateman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/01/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Document:   THPSHD Guide
    Game:       Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
    Platform:   Playstation 3 / Xbox360
    Developer:  Robomodo
    Publisher:  Activision
    Author:     Slateman (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Version:    1.0
    Date:       September 1st, 2012
    Table Of Contents
    1:    About
    2:    Game Details
          2a:    Game History
          2b:    Game Comparison
          2c:    Console Comparison
    3:    Career Mode Guides
          3a:    Warehouse
          3b:    School II
          3c:    Hangar
          3d:    Mall
          3e:    Venice Beach
          3f:    Downhill Jam
          3g:    Marseille
    4:    Big Head Survival Overview
    5:    Trophies & Achievements
    6:    Cheats & Unlockables
          6a:    Cheats
          6b:    Unlockables
    7:    Credits
    8:    Legal Stuff
    Revision Notes
    1.0    First document
    1:     About
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is the visual upgrade of the first two Tony Hawk's
    Pro Skater games from 1999 and 2000.  These two games changed the face of 
    gaming and sold millions of copies appearing on countless platforms.  
    THPSHD culls seven levels from those two games and pulls a handful of 
    skaters and songs as well.  The soundtrack is updated as is the character 
    list and only features from those two games appear in THPSHD.
    THPSHD will receive DLC in the form of THPS3 levels/modes.  I look forward
    to this, though no release date is known yet.  
    2:     Game Details
    This will detail the game, its history and the different versions released.
    2a:    Game History
    Since appearing in 1999 on the Sony Playstation, there have been no 
    fewer than 85 different iterations of the Hawk brand.  22 developers 
    have made a Hawk game and they've appeared on 20 different platforms.  It
    is safe to say it has been a lucrative venture for Activision.  
    I wrote a long history detailing the early games in the series in 2004.  
    Feel free to visit here:
    I will use acronyms throughout.  Let's see what they are:
    THPS     Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (4 games)
    THUG     Tony Hawk's Underground (2 games)
    THAW     Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Sk8land on handhelds)
    THP8     Tony Hawk's Project 8
    THPG     Tony Hawk's Proving Ground
    2b:     Game Comparison
    THPSHD takes what was deemed the best from each of the first two games.
    Here is a bare-bones overview of what's what and where it came from.  
    From THPS
         Level:    Warehouse
         Level:    Mall
         Level:    Downhill Jam
         Skater:   Tony Hawk
         Skater:   Andrew Reynolds
         Feature:  Special Meter & Special Tricks
         Music:    1 song
    From THPS2
         Level:    School II
         Level:    Hangar
         Level:    Venice Beach
         Level:    Marseille
         Skater:   Rodney Mullen
         Skater:   Eric Koston
         Feature:  Sloppy Landing Modifier
         Feature:  Big Drop
         Feature:  Manuals
         Feature:  Double Tap Moves
         Music:    6 songs
    New Additions:
         Skater:   Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana (first in THP8)
         Skater:   Nyjah Huston (first in THPG)
         Skater:   Chris Cole 
         Skater:   Riley Hawk (Tony Hawk's oldest son)
         Music:    7 new songs
    2c:     Console Comparison
    The Xbox360 version of THPSHD was released digitally on July 18th, 2012
    and the PS3 version was issued a month later, on August 28th.  
    The two versions are essentially identical, however there are differences.
         Enable/Disable Facebook Integration
         720p output
         Achievements & Exit options from main menu
         Ability to skate as your avatar.
         1080p output
    3:     Career Mode Guides
    Here we'll look at all the levels, their hidden areas, level guides and 
    projectives guides.  
    There are seven levels in THPSHD and you will need to complete objectives
    to unlock them all.
         Warehouse          Unlocked initially
         School II          Complete 4 goals in Warehouse to unlock
         The Hangar         Complete 4 goals in School II to unlock
         Mall               Complete 5 goals in The Hangar to unlock
         Venice Beach       Complete 5 goals in Mall to unlock
         Downhill Jam       Complete 6 goals in Venice to unlock
         Marseille          Complete 6 goals in Downhill Jam to unlock
    3a:     Warehouse Guide
    The iconic level from the first THPS, this was revisited in some 
    versions of THPS2 and THPS3, then later came back expanded and renamed 
    in THUG as Training.  
    The level itself is small but features everything that fans loved about the
    Hawk games. Big airs, some nice grind lines and let's not forget the infamous
    Holy Shi_ transfer (renamed to Holy Cow on the N64 but it retains its name
    for this game!)  
    Let's see the regular objectives first.
    Warehouse Objectives
         High Score (10,000)                  $100
         Pro Score  (25,000)                  $200
         Sick Score (75,000)                  $500
         Find The Secret DVD                  $150
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $150
         Collect 5 Shipping Manifests         $250
         Grind 5 Small QPs                    $150
         Kickflip Over The Pipe               $150
         Smash 5 Sets Of Boxes                $150
         100% Goals And Cash                  $200
    High Scores
    If you're having problems with the high scores, jump back out of the game and 
    up your stats a little bit.  Get yourself an easily-executed special
    grind trick (up-down + grind will help) and grind the whole back wall, ollie
    out and do some manual-flip-manual-flip combos to up your multiplier.
    Secret DVD Location
    The DVD is found in the room above the HP.  Ollie through this room to get 
    The Rest
    The rest is easy to find, particularly with the map.  Note that you'll have 
    to wallride to ollie high enough to get the last shipping manifest.  This 
    is right by where the letter E is.
    Warehouse Projectives
         Sickest Score (200,000)              $300
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $200
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $250
         Land a 50,000 Combo                  $150
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $100
    There's little to say here.  A 50k-point combo should be cake by now and 
    the skateboards and bum locations are on the map.  C-O-M-B-O is somewhat 
    straightforward.  Good luck!
    3b:     School II Guide
    I was always a fan of the first school level, but the second gained great 
    notoriety when it appeared in THPS2.  Like the Warehouse before it, the 
    stage appeared again in THUG.  Its lack of HPs is made up by a cool, hidden
    gymnasium and another small hidden area.
    Open The Gymnasium
         In order to open the hidden gym area you will want to first get to
         the Roll Call! Opunsezmee rail.  You can look this up on your map or 
         just follow the path to the right down the ramp, around the building
         and to the right.  This is a long, kinked rail that goes down two 
         sets of stairs.  You need to grind this whole rail.
         However, you also must do this at a certain time.  You must grind the
         whole rail (to receive the transfer) between 1:44 and 1:40 on the clock.
         There will be bells that ring indicating the start and end time.  If 
         you've done this correctly, a little blue star will flash at the bottom 
         of the screen.
         The gym itself is rather barren.  It contains a cool pool and you'll
         need to visit this area to get all the transfers (including the cool 
         diving board transfers).
         It's worth noting, once you open the gym, it remains open even after 
         you end your run and restart.  However, it only remains open for that
         skater.  You'll have to open the gym for each skater.
    School II Objectives
         High Score (15,000)                  $200
         Pro Score  (40,000)                  $350
         Sick Score (100,000)                 $500
         Find The Secret DVD                  $400
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $500
         Collect 5 Hall Passes                $400
         Grind 3 Roll Call Rails              $350
         Kickflip TC's Roof Gap               $500
         Wall Ride 5 Bells                    $500
         100% Goals And Cash                  $500
    Secret DVD Location
    This is the second 'hidden' area in the level.  This is rather easy to
    get to once your stats are upped, but may be challenging earlier on.  
    First, go to the courtyard area (where the letter K is) and get air 
    on the QP above which the K floats.  As you skate away from this area, 
    you'll want to veer to the right slightly.  You'll see some dark skid 
    marks on the ground showing you where you're aiming.  
    If you aim perfectly, you'll dip down and hit a small QP launching you
    to another area of the stage.  It's easy to miss the DVD when you ollie 
    up, and you can't really get back up without doing this all again.  
    However, you'll need to get to this area for the two cash icons as well, 
    so it's not a useless venture even if you miss it!
    TC's Roof Gap
    Skate forward and towards the end of the level (near the letter T) you'll
    see a pair of trailers.  To the left is a ramp.  Ollie up to the first and 
    kickflip to the second.  Easy breezy.
    School II Projectives
         Sickest Score (200,000)              $500
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $400
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $450
         Land a 70,000 Combo                  $350
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $300
    3c:     The Hangar Guide
    Sure, the Hangar is essentially a glorified Warehouse level but I didn't
    care much!  It's fun and you can grind the whole monster around if your 
    skills are honed!  This level was later ported to some handheld versions
    of games but it is a welcome addition to THPSHD complete with two hidden
    The Hangar Objectives
         High Score (20,000)                  $500
         Pro Score  (50,000)                  $650
         Sick Score (150,000)                 $800
         Find The Secret DVD                  $650
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $600
         Collect 5 Pilot Wings                $700
         Nosegrind Over The Pipe              $750
         Hit 3 Hangtime Gaps                  $800
         Smash 5 Sets Of Barrels              $850
         100% Goals And Cash                  $1,000
    Secret DVD Location
    You'll roll down to the big HP section of the stage but go over to the
    left by shattering through the glass.  You'll see a helicopter parked
    between two kickers.  Grind the blades of the chopper and it'll take
    off, busting through the wall.  Skate in here for the hidden DVD and
    a snowy background.
    Hidden Room
    This is impossible to miss while you're getting the pilot wings, but
    grind the propellor along the wall in the big HP.  It'll open a new
    area.  You'll discover four cash icons here.
    The Hangar Projectives
         Sickest Score (300,000)              $800
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $650
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $700
         Land a 95,000 Combo                  $600
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $500
    3d:     Mall Guide
    I don't know of anyone who thought the Mall was an excellent and 
    well-designed level.  It first appeared in the first THPS and was
    given new life in THAW.  Once you're accustomed (re-accustomed?) to
    it, these objectives are rather manageable.  
         High Score (40,000)                  $750
         Pro Score  (100,000)                 $1,000
         Sick Score (200,000)                 $1,250
         Find The Secret DVD                  $900
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $1,100
         Collect 5 Videogame Boxes            $1,000
         Special Trick Over The Huge 16-Set   $1,100
         Grind 3 Escalators                   $1,250
         Shatter 5 Directories                $1,150
         100% Goals And Cash                  $1,500
    High Scores
    With so many rails and big airs, you should be able to get 200,000 points
    without too much effort.  
    Secret DVD Location
    The second escalator leads upwards.  If you take this (or get there from 
    the first escalator path), you can turn around and grind the right ledge so 
    to ollie up and grind the suspended rails.  This is just near the elevator
    Special Trick Over The Huge 16-Set
    The huge 16-stair set is just to the left of the escalator mentioned above.
    You will see the elevator area straight ahead.  Here, you need to do a 
    special trick, not just any normal trick.  So, make sure you have a full 
    special meter when trying this.
    Mall Projectives
         Sickest Score (350,000)              $1,300
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $1,100
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $1,200
         Land a 100,000 Combo                 $1,000
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $900
    3e:     Venice Beach Guide
    Venice Beach was another of those iconic additions to the Hawk 
    games when it first appeared in THPS2.  Basing this on the real-world 
    location, it became a fan favorite with its graffitti-laden furniture and
    bum-infested world.  This level was also featured in THUG.
         High Score (50,000)                  $1,500
         Pro Score  (150,000)                 $1,750
         Sick Score (250,000)                 $2,000
         Find The Secret DVD                  $1,350
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $1,600
         Collect 5 Spray Cans                 $1,400
         Tailslide The Venice Ledge           $1,350
         Hit 4 VB Transfers                   $1,600
         Olie The Magic Bum 5x                $1,450
         100% Goals And Cash                  $2,000
    Secret DVD Location
    You can see this floating over the massive center area but actually obtaining
    the DVD may seem impossible.  I'm going to take this description from my 
    original, 12-year old guide.  
    Get to the top of the highest building on the stage. This building is on your 
    left if you skate straight from the beginning. On top of this building there 
    are a few concrete QPs and a kicker as well. You should be able to see the 
    DVD from atop this building. Use one of the QPs to get speed, and boneless 
    of the kicker for some air. Grab the tape. It's worthwhile to mention that 
    you can barely touch the DVD and still get it. Good to know. 
    Ollie The Magic Bum Locations
    You can see his locations on the map but he is not in all places at all times.
    You'll have to plan out your run to get them all.
    Tailslide The Venice Ledge
    I hated this objective.  First, locate this on your map.  If that's still
    a pain, skate through the middle section and grip the wall to your left.
    Ollie down the big stair set and use the QP to launch over to this 
    semi-hidden area.  There will be a ledge to the left of a short stair 
    set and you'll get the Venice Ledge transfer by completing this.  Of course
    your goal is to tailslide it.  
    A tailslide should be easy enough.  Rotate the way so your tail faces the 
    ledge.  However, I tried this repeatedly with Riley Hawk on the 360 version
    and was enfuriated at its difficulty.  It'd be easier to actually do my own
    tailslide on some ledge.  Good luck here.  
    VB Transfer Locations
    You can see these on your map but they can be difficult to land properly.
    Details Coming Soon.  
    Venice Beach Projectives
         Sickest Score (400,000)              $2,000
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $1,750
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $1,850
         Land a 200,000 Combo                 $1,600
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $1,500
    You'll be going for a 500,000 run in Venice for one of the trophies/achievements
    so this is manageable.  
    3f:     Downhill Jam Guide
    DHJam was one of the first types of stages Neversoft made when 
    creating what would be THPS.  These downhill stages were mostly
    abandoned although this was brought back for THUG2.  
    These levels were not well-received, generally but this one is 
    here complete with its difficult secret DVD location!
         High Score (75,000)                  $2,000
         Pro Score  (150,000)                 $2,400
         Sick Score (300,000)                 $3,000
         Find The Secret DVD                  $1,850
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $2,150
         Collect 5 Pipe Wrenches              $1,650
         Open 5 Valves                        $1,600
         Manual Through 5 Puddles             $2,100
         Special Trick Over The Giant Grate   $1,750
         100% Goals And Cash                  $3,000
    Secret DVD Location
    This is classic and so many of us remember doing this over and over
    back in 1999.  
    As you skate downhill, you'll find the long, narrow HP.  Skate up to the
    right (the letter A is up here).  At the end of this platform you'll find 
    a pipe.  Grind this and you will want to follow this series of platforms 
    around.  Use the first QP to ollie over to the other side of the first 
    gap.  Then ollie up to the small platform and continue around to the 
    right.  One more ollie to the final area and here you're going to want
    some speed.  At the end, ollie up and try to land/grind the middle
    rail.  The DVD is here.  
    Valve Locations
    The first is way up high after the drop-in
    The second is on the second wedge-shaped kicker.
    Number three is on the pipe above the long HP.  Use the ramp on the left
    of the stage to ollie up here.  
    The fourth is on top of the highest pillar.
    The last is the only challenging one to find.  At the very end of the 
    stage, the level splits.  Skate down the ramp on the left and you'll
    have to wallride on the right to get up to this valve.  It's easy
    to miss.
    Downhill Jam Projectives
         Sickest Score (400,000)              $3,000
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $2,650
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $2,800
         Land a 165,000 Combo                 $2,250
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $2,000
    3g:     Marseille Guide
    As the world waited for THPS2, the Marseille level was flaunted 
    in all media and in its demo stage.  A recreation of the real-life 
    skate park in France, this was a fan favorite due to its long grind, 
    cool bowl skating and awesome sunset color scheme.  
    While it returned for the collector's edition of THAW, this is the 
    first time it's been made available for the masses in a long time.  
    Marseille Objectives
         High Score (100,000)                 $2,500
         Pro Score  (200,000)                 $3,000
         Sick Score (400,000)                 $4,000
         Find The Secret DVD                  $2,350
         Collect S-K-A-T-E                    $2,750
         Collect 5 Competition Medals         $2,300
         Grab Trick Over The Lil' 4           $2,250
         Nosebluntslide 3 Tables              $2,500
         Destroy 5 Speakers                   $2,350
         100% Goals And Cash                  $4,000
    High Scores
    By now you should be pretty good and this 400k high score is not 
    all too difficult to achieve.  This level is fantastic, with rails 
    spanning the entire outer perimeter and bowls/QPs everywhere else.  Make
    sure your rail and manual balance stats have been boosted to ensure your 
    combos are killer.  
    Secret DVD Location
    In order to get the secret DVD and the remaining cash, you'll need to open up 
    the hidden area.  Back in 2000 this was utterly brilliant.  So, from the 
    starting point, skate straight across to the grassy area.  There will be a 
    light post on the grass.  On one side, you'll see a piece of wood propping up
    this light post.  Break it and the post will fall down, bust open the wall and
    reveal a new area.  Within you'll find the last cash icons and the secret DVD.  
    S-K-A-T-E Locations
    Turn left at the outset and you're going to need to ollie up from the box
    on the left and wallride up to the ledge above to nab the S.  As you jump 
    down, you'll turn right slightly and head for the farthest bowl in the stage.
    If you've lined this up right, you can ollie right out of the bowl for the K. 
    The A is easily attainable by using the QP directly across from the starting
    point.  The T is in the same area.  Ollie out of the bowl area and grab it
    off the light post. 
    The E is the hardest.  This is on the rail suspended over the bowls.  
    Getting this can be tricky, so use the edge of the bowls to gain air and 
    grind this rail.  
    Grab Trick Over The Lil' 4
    The Lil' 4 is the 4-stair step across the stage from the starting 
    point.  Skate across and you'll see the green steps.  Any grab trick
    here will do.  This is a very easy goal.
    Marseille Projectives
         Sickest Score (500,000)              $4,000
         Collect C-O-M-B-O                    $3,350
         Collect 8 Skateboards                $3,700
         Land a 250,000 Combo                 $3,000
         Boneless The Magic Bum 3x            $2,800
    The projectives here are hefty.  A 250,000-point combo is a biggie, but 
    by now your stats should be maxed out.  You will want to keep that 
    around-the-stage grind going, upping your multiplier by flatland 
    manual tricks and finishing with a big air trick if you have the speed.  
    The 500k goal isn't too bad.
    Speaking of grinding around the stage...good luck with keeping your speed
    here.  This can be really challenging, but other times I find it's not 
    too hard at all.  
    4:     Big Head Survival Overview
    This mode doesn't really need too much attention as it's generally 
    straightforward.  This may get more difficult for the last two stages as 
    you must keep going for 2 1/2 minutes and onward.  
    You will want to complete all of these in order to unlock the Big Head
    Warehouse        $100      0'45
                     $200      1'15
                     $500      1'45
    School II        $200      0'55
                     $350      1'25
                     $700      1'55
    Hangar           $400      1'00
                     $700      1'35
                     $1,200    2'05
    Mall             $850      1'05
                     $1,000    1'45
                     $1,500    2'15
    Venice Beach     $1,300    1'15
                     $1,800    1'55
                     $2,300    2'25
    Downhill Jam     $2,000    1'35
                     $2,400    2'05
                     $3,000    2'35
    Marseille        $2,500    1'35
                     $3,000    2'20
                     $4,000    3'05
    5:     Achievements / Trophies
    For the Playstation 3, B(ronze) / S(ilver) / G(old) / Plat(inum)
    For the Xbox360, Gamer Points are listed.
    B/5    School's Out                 Unlock School II
    B/5    Danger Zone                  Unlock The Hangar
    B/5    A Mall Rat                   Unlock Mall
    S/10   Going Back To Cali           Unlock Venice Beach, CA
    S/10   Da Jam                       Unlock Downhill Jam
    S/10   Uh huh, Oui Oui              Unlock Marseille, France
    S/20   This. Is. SKATEBOARDING!     Win a match online
    G/20   Bringing Home The Bacon      Unlock Officer Dick
    G/20   Old School                   (Warehouse) 200,000 points - No manuals 
    G/20   Manual Master                (School II) 15 manuals - 1 combo - Mullen
    G/35   Gap Skiing                   (Downhill Jam) Complete the 100 Ski Jump gap
    G/35   Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghosts    (Hangar) All pellets - 1 combo - Hawkman
    G/35   The Best, Around             (Venice Beach) 500,000 points - 1 run
    G/35   I Don't Want No 2 Minute Man (Marseille) Combo 30 secs after time ends
    G/35   Race To The Finish Lines     (Mall) Big Head Mode - Reach end of mall 3x
    G/100  Completist                   Complete all PROjectives with one character
    Plat   Tony Hawk's PS Master        Unlock All Trophies (PS3 Only)
    The first two sets of trophies/achievements are pretty standard and need 
    no description.  
    Unlock Officer Dick 
        This requires you to 100% Marseille with any character except Tony Hawk.
        You don't need to 100% the entire career mode.
        On my PS3 game, I received this when revisiting Marseille after 100%
        the game with Hawk.  I think this was a glitch.
    Old School:
        Manuals are indeed the bread-and-butter of THPS2, but a 200,000 point 
        run is not overly difficult.  Return to this one once your stats are higher,
        and couple signature move grinds with a long combo.  
    Manual Master
        You are going to want to get your Manual Balance and Ollie stats maxed out
        for this one.  In School II, hold down to keep you from moving at all.  
        Then, do quick ollie taps.  You will likely have to fix your balance once
        you get to 10 ollies though every once in a while you get lucky and your
        balance will be perfect throughout.  Getting a rhythm may be key here.
    Gap Skiing
        I'm not doing a gap guide here, but this one is hard to miss.  Towards
        the end of the level you'll launch up to a high platform, skate down this
        and launch out again.  Hold a grab move as long as possible and land
        this to get the trophy/achievement.
    Ain't 'Fraid Of No Ghosts
        Follow the instructions to collect pellets in the proper fashion (manual,
        grind, air) and put together this combo.  It can be challenging, but it's
        also pretty straightforward.
    The Best, Around
        Return to this when your stats are maxed and get yourself a good grind
        special trick.  You can get two special grinds if you'd like.  The 
        easiest method of getting this is to grind the ledge behind the starting
        point.  Fill your special meter and grind the ledge from one end to 
        the other and back.  At the end, ollie out, hit the QP and do a 
        high-scoring trick (special or hold a grab + spin a 720 or higher)
        Keep going and 500k isn't so bad at all!  
    I Don't Want No 2 Minute Man
        The worst part about this is waiting for the 2-minute run to end.  
        I don't know if you can do this in Projective mode (1-minute runs) or
        not.  As with any long combo, string together grinds & manuals, keeping
        your balance the whole way.  There's no timer telling you how long you've
        been skating.  Good luck!
    Race To The Finish Lines
        The goal here is speed of course, and you should be able to get through
        the first two loops with no real issue.  The third is generally pretty
        easy, just make sure you don't bail.  Three loops for a gold/35GP?  
        Not bad at all!
        A 100-point Achievement on the 360, you will have to first unlock 
        Projectives mode (100% career mode with one character to unlock his/her
        projectives.)  Then, you have to return and complete ALL projectives
        for that skater.  You can see above that these can be rather difficult.
        A 250,000-point combo in Marseille, for instance, may be a game-breaker
        for some people.  This will take longer than all of the other trophies/
        achievements in THPSHD.  Get practicing!
    6:    Cheats & Unlockables
    I LOVE games that give you cool and fun unlockables and silly cheats.  THPSHD
    doesn't disappoint, offering some fun characters and the return of manual 
    cheats.  Awesome.  Let's look!
    6a:     Cheats
    A staple in the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series, cheats were always a fun way 
    to add replay value and lengthen the gaming experience.  As years progressed, 
    games have done away with this, sadly.  I'm quite happy a basic set were 
    included in THPSHD.  
    At the character select screen, enter the following button combinations
    while holding LB (X360) or L2 (PS3).  
                             Xbox360            PS3
                             -------            ---
                       Hold  LB           Hold  L2 
    Max All Stats	         Y, X, A            Triangle, Square, X
    Max Money	             Y, B, A            Triangle, Circle, X
    Unlock All Cheats	     A, B, Y            X, Circle, Triangle
    Unlock All Game Modes	 A, Y, B            X, Triangle, Circle
    Unlock All Levels	     Y, X, B            Triangle, Square, Circle
    Unlock All Skaters	     Y, B, X            Triangle, Circle, Square
    These will disable saving and all trophy/achievement progress.  
    6b:     Unlockables
    Unlockable Skaters
    Ollie The Magic Bum	       All PROjective goals on all levels with any skater
    Officer Dick	           100% Marseille with any character except Tony Hawk
    THPS Tony Hawk	           All goals on all levels with Tony Hawk in career mode
    Roberta Modo	           100% Hawkman Mode (all levels) with any character
    Unlockable Cheats 
    Ghost Skater	           Complete 30 goals in a single skater's career
    Dusty Skater	           Complete 40 goals in a single skater's career
    Invisible Skater	       Complete 50 goals in a single skater's career
    Slow-Mo Speed	           Complete 60 goals in a single skater's career
    Big Head	               Beat all Big Head Survival scores in each level
    Perfect Rail Balance	   Max out the rail balance stat for a single skater
    Perfect Manual Balance	   Max out the manual balance stat for a single skater
    Perfect Lip Trick Balance  Max out lip trick balance stat for a single skater
    For Big Head Mode, you just need to do this with one skater.
    Misc. Unlockables
    Big Head Survival Mode	     Unlock the Hangar level
    Hawkman Mode	             Unlock the Venice level
    PROjectives Goals	         Complete all goals on all levels w/ each skater.
    Alternate Outfits	         100% Marseille with each character
    Unlock Decks	             Unlock a new level
    There is a separate set of PROjective goals for each skater.  100% the 
    game with each to unlock his/her set of PROjectives.
    Each time you open a new stage, a new deck is available for purchase in the 
    skate shop
    7:     Credits
    Having started the basis of what would be the largest Tony Hawk gaming site 
    around (PlanetTonyHawk) in 1999, I was one of the series' biggest supporters.
    Things obviously have changed, but any supporter of PlanetTonyHawk should 
    be thanked here.  
    Beyond that, thank you to Activision for supporting me supporting them.  
    8:     Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2012, Trevor Esposito (slateman@godflesh.com)
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is copyright (c) 1999-2012, Activision
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD is trademark of Activision.
    You may not distribute this for profit.  You may not edit or alter the contents
    herein without the permission of the author.
    Currently, this FAQ may only be hosted at GameFAQs.com.
    The most current version of this FAQ can always be found here:
    Hope the FAQ was useful in some form.
    Good luck and have fun!

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