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"An utter disaster, a complete failure, and a sign of the times of the declining quality of modern gaming"

After a month of playing Battlefield 4 since its release I have given up hope on this atrocious excuse for an A list game. Most people would wonder how on earth can they screw this up? The first titles in the series were spectacular. The beta released a month before release date was amazing, flawless and extremely enjoyable. I put 60 hours into it alone and was expecting the game to be just as great. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and for some extraterrestrial reason, the full version that was released in October 2013 has turned out to be one of the biggest gaming disappointments of the year.

To start off, most of the maps are badly designed. The layouts are unoriginal, simple, and terribly boring. There are very few spots to discover to give you an edge over the enemy, and there is little room to strategically move around and attack. Some maps such as Golmund Railway are so poorly designed that one team will almost always win depending on whether they start off on the high ground position which gives them a superior advantage over the opposing team. When you play a round on this map on the lower ground side, you simply wonder how in God's name did the developers not realize how unfairly balanced this set-up was.

The biggest reason this game deserves a borderline failing grade is the numerous bugs found that have yet to be fixed over a month after release. Some of them are so disruptive to the playing experience that it is unfathomable how an issue such as a skyscraper toppling over and crashing half the players' computers hasn't been fixed after weeks of complaints. Another simple and ridiculous bug is the 1 second black screen that you see after you spawn. That's right, you read that correctly. After you spawn, you stare at a black screen, fully in control of your weapon and movement, for a second before the visuals pop up. Keep in mind this issue was nowhere to be seen during the beta, yet it magically appeared in the full version and has still been there 5 weeks after release.

Some of the vehicles and their weapons are frustrating to use. The minigun on the transport helicopter takes several seconds of constant firing to kill an opponent, which is absolutely ridiculous considering that it is the only weapon and is completely vulnerable to enemies with RPGs which can take it out in a single hit. The fact that someone can run away after being hit from 5 rounds of a minigun is utterly stupid. Another useless vehicle, the transport truck, is used by nobody. Why put in a vehicle that has no use in a game? During my last few minutes of playing before I uninstalled, I took the driver's helm of this turtle pace beast to ram the battle tanks in the hopes that there was a VBIED embedded in it and my horn would act as the trigger for a massive explosion. Unfortunately, no such feature was implemented, and I was obliterated after ramming the tanks on two separate occasions head on.

I would have played the campaign to its entirety had it not crashed 5 minutes in, which is a common occurrence in Battlefield, offline or online. The stability issues have nothing to do with hardware quality of the computer and everything to do with the design of the game. Many people experience crashing. Having it happen several times per night is not uncommon.

The quality of Battlefield 4 is evidence that EA and the developers have no interest in producing quality titles of past generations such as Battlefield 2: Bad Company 2. All that matters is beating the release date of the major competitor so that the revenue and profits come in faster and higher. Why put in so much effort and perfection in the quality if the name will already sell itself, right? The developer's motto for this game is to release the game first and ask questions later. When the issues and concerns are raised, don't fix the problems because they already gave us their money and we're already partying in Hawaii anyway. The annual release of blockbuster titles has now become a cheap and shameful pattern for modern gaming. The developers of Battlefield 4 have released a generic, buggy and boring shooter that should be completely avoided by all gamers.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 12/06/13

Game Release: Battlefield 4 (US, 10/29/13)

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