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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SubSane

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/27/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               CALL OF JUAREZ GUNSLINGER
                                 FAQ/WALKTHROUGH, v1.0
                             Based on the Windows Platform
                           Written and Maintained by SubSane
                                Last updated 2013.05.27
    Use Ctrl + F and the section numbers in the Table of Contents below to find
    exactly what you need.
        1.01 Game Details
        1.02 Story
        1.03 System Requirements
    2.0 THE BASICS
        2.01 Game Start
        2.02 Saving/Loading
        2.03 Pause Menu
        2.04 Game Settings
        2.05 On-Screen Display
        2.06 Controls & Techniques
        2.07 Weapons
        2.08 Items
        2.09 Skills
        2.10 Characters
        3.01 Once Upon a Time in Stinking Springs
        3.02 A Fistful of Hot Lead
        3.03 A Bullet for the Old Man
        3.04 Gunfight at the Sawmill
        3.05 The Magnificent One
        3.06 Be Quick or Be Dead
        3.07 Dances With Renegades
        3.08 They Call Me Bounty Hunter
        3.09 Bounty Hunter is Still My Name
        3.10 Not So Great Train Robbery
        3.11 1:30 to Hell
        3.12 Death Rides a Steel Stallion
        3.13 Without Forgiveness
        3.14 The Good, the Bad and the Dead
    5.0 ARCADE
    7.0 SKILLS
    8.0 WEAPONS
    10.0 LEGAL / MISC.
         10.01 Version History
         10.02 Guide Credits
         10.03 Contact Information
         10.04 Legal Stuff
    ===== 1.0 GENERAL INFORMATION =================================================
                                  1.01  Game Details
    The Call of Juarez series departed from its Western roots for its third outing,
    which we shall not mention again. Now we have Gunslinger, the fourth game in
    the series. It was once again developed by Techland and distributed by Ubisoft.
    Released in May 2013.
                                      1.02  Story
    From the dust of a gold mine to the dirt of a saloon, Call of Juarez Gunslinger
    is a real homage to the Wild West tales. Live the epic and violent journey of a
    ruthless bounty hunter on the trail of the West’s most notorious outlaws.
    Blurring the lines between man and myth, this adventure made of memorable
    encounters unveils the untold truth behind some of the greatest legends of the
    Old West.
                               1.03  System Requirements
    - OS:Windows® XP (SP3) / Windows Vista® (SP2) / Windows® 7 (SP1) / Windows® 8
    - Processor:2 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo or 2 GHz AMD Athlon™ 64 X2
    - Memory:2 GB RAM
    - Graphics:512 MB DirectX® 9.0c–compliant
    - DirectX®:9.0c
    - Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    - Sound:DirectX 9.0c–compliant
    - Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional
      controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    - OS:Windows® 7 (SP1)
    - Processor:3 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo or 3 GHz AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 or better
    - Memory:4 GB RAM
    - Graphics:1024 MB DirectX 10–compliant or higher
    - DirectX®:10
    - Hard Drive:5 GB HD space
    - Sound:5.1 surround sound
    - Peripherals Supported: Windows-compatible keyboard, mouse, optional
      controller (Xbox 360 Controller for Windows recommended)
    ===== 2.0 THE BASICS ==========================================================
                                    2.01  Game Start
    Press a key to begin the game.
    Play Game
    Load into Story, Arcade, or Duels modes.
    - Story: This is the main bulk of single player. First select from the Normal,
      Hard, or True West difficulties. Note that True West difficulty is only
      unlocked after a complete playthrough. You can also select New Game Plus and
      Recollections after you have unlocked them.
    - Arcade: Ten levels in which your goal is to attain as high a score as
      possible by killing enemies and destroying objects.
    - Duels: Play through a series of duels. You are given five lives to defeat
      fifteen opponents with the highest possible score.
    View the game's leaderboards and your spot on the list.
    Bring up the game's achievements in Steam.
    Help & Options
    View some instructions on how to play and adjust the game's options.
    - Controls: Modify bindings, mouse settings, and sensitivity.
    - Game: Toggle tutorials, waypoints, points, and duel counters.
    - Video: Modify settings for best visuals and performance.
    - Audio: Adjust sound volume and toggle subtitles.
    - Credits: View the credits for the game's creators and distributor.
    Nuggets of Truth
    View the nuggets you've unlocked thus far in Story mode.
    Exit Game
    Close the application.
                                  2.02  Saving/Loading
    The game will automatically save the progress to your Steam profile folder.
                                    2.03  Pause Menu
    Resume Game
    Return to gameplay.
    Load Checkpoint
    Backtrack to a checkpoint.
    Restart Mission
    Restart the level from the beginning.
    Help & Options
    View some instructions on how to play and adjust the game's options.
    - Controls: Modify bindings, mouse settings, and sensitivity.
    - Game: Toggle tutorials, waypoints, points, and duel counters.
    - Video: Modify settings for best visuals and performance.
    - Audio: Adjust sound volume and toggle subtitles.
    - Credits: View the credits for the game's creators and distributor.
    Bring up the game's achievements in Steam.
    Spend skill points on Gunslinger, Trapper, and Ranger skills.
    Nuggets of Truth
    View the nuggets unlocked so far.
    Quit to Menu
    Back out to the front end.
                                  2.04  Game Settings
    Most options can be set in the Help & Options menu. However, certain settings
    can only be modified in external settings files.
    This is accurate as of version 1.01 of the game.
    Field of View (FOV)
    - Start the game and close it.
    - Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\techland\cojgunslinger\Out\settings
    - Open Video.scr in Notepad.
    - Copy this to the bottom of the settings list: ForcedHorzFov(82) 
    - Change the number to your desired FOV (range between 82 and 110).
    - The higher the FOV, the more of the screen you can see.
    Remove Black Border
    - Start the game and close it.
    - Go to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\techland\cojgunslinger\Out\settings
    - Open Video.scr in Notepad.
    - Copy this to the bottom of the settings list: DisableScreenBorder() 
    - The sketch-like black border will be removed.
                                2.05  On-Screen Display
    The screen turns red and gets hazy as you lose health. Duck behind cover to
    avoid taking more hits and recover health.
    Concentration Mode
    The gun in the upper-left corner shows your CM meter. It fills up as you kill
    In the lower-left corner. These points are gained in Story mode. They are used
    to learn new skills.
    In the lower-left corner. Score is added up in Arcade mode.
    Sense of Death
    In the upper-right corner. When the icon appears you're near death and given
    the ability to dodge an enemy's fatal bullet.
    In the lower-right corner. This shows equipped ammo/total ammo.
    View objectives to get the waypoint stars to appear.
    Shooting enemies gains you a certain number of points. This displays as you
    kill enemies.
    Combo Multiplier
    In Arcade mode. The multiplier appears on-screen as you kill more enemies.
                              2.06  Controls & Techniques
    Default keyboard and mouse settings:
    Command           |  Action                                |  Other           
    W                 |  Move forward                          |  -
    S                 |  Move backward                         |  -
    A                 |  Strafe left, move hand, dodge left    |  -
    D                 |  Strafe right, move hand, dodge right  |  -
    Space             |  Jump                                  |  -
    Shift             |  Sprint                                |  -
    Ctrl              |  Crouch                                |  -
    Left-click        |  Fire weapon, grab weapon              |  Select in menus
    Right-click       |  Aim, fire (akimbo mode)               |  -
    X                 |  Aim (akimbo mode)                     |  -
    R                 |  Reload                                |  -
    F                 |  Melee                                 |  -
    G                 |  Throw dynamite                        |  -
    Q                 |  Turn on Concentration Mode            |  -
    E                 |  Use, interact                         |  -
    O                 |  Objective                             |  -
    U                 |  Skills menu                           |  -
    Scroll wheel up   |  Toggle dual-wield                     |  -
    Scroll wheel down |  Next weapon                           |  -
    1                 |  Select long weapon                    |  -
    2                 |  Select short weapon                   |  -
    3                 |  Dual-wield guns                       |  -
    4                 |  Select dynamite                       |  -
    Space             |  Switch enemy, skip movies             |  Advance in menus
    Esc               |  -                                     |  Back out of menus
    Default controller settings:
    Command           |  Action                                |  Other           
    BACK              |  Objective/skills                      |  -
    START             |  Pause menu                            |  -
    L-stick           |  Move forward/back, strafe left/right  |  -
    R-stick           |  Move the camera                       |  -
    A                 |  Jump                                  |  Select in menus
    X                 |  Use, reload                           |  -
    Y                 |  Switch weapon                         |  -
    B                 |  Crouch                                |  Back out of menus
    LB                |  Throw dynamite                        |  -
    RB                |  Concentration mode                    |  -
    LT                |  Aim                                   |  -
    RT                |  Fire                                  |  -
    L3                |  Sprint                                |  -
    R3                |  Melee                                 |  -
    D-pad             |  Inventory                             |  -
    The mechanics for this feature take some time to learn, let alone master. Your
    right hand has to keep the enemy in focus by moving the circle onto his head
    or torso, and your left hand has to keep the dueling hand over the butt of the
    gun to increase pull speed. These are touchy controls and you'll likely die
    several times before you get the hang of it.
    Additionally, you can choose to kill someone honorably or dishonorably. The
    honorable path is to wait for the opponent to draw (when his hand moves for
    his gun), but dishonorable gunmen can just shoot early.
    Concentration Mode
    Concentration Mode (CM for short) is essentially a way to slow down your
    enemies while you shoot them. Time slows down and your enemies are highlighted
    in red. This allows you to quickly take out several enemies in a short span of
    time. Aiming works the same way as it does in normal mode.
    Sense of Death
    The new Sense of Death feature allows you to dodge fatal gunshots before they
    get to you. Wait a half second or so to see where the bullet is going to go
    and then strafe left or right to move in the opposite direction and dodge it.
                                     2.07  Weapons
    Refer to the Table of Contents to find the complete weapon listing.
    Revolvers and Sawed-Off
    Revolvers can be held in one hand, allowing you to wield one revolver in each
    hand during gameplay. They are generally faster than rifles or shotguns and
    reload quickly, although they are also weaker. The sawed-off shotgun is a
    powerful short weapon but slow. The sawed-off rifle is powerful but loses out
    on the accuracy of a regular rifle.
    These weapons are excellent for long range shooting but take much longer to
    reload than revolvers.
    Shotguns are powerful short range weapons, but can only hold two shots at one
    You can carry up to five sticks of dynamite at once, but be very careful and
    as far away as possible when throwing these out.
                                      2.08  Items
    Ammo appears throughout the levels. Sometimes it is from killed enemies and
    other times you'll simply find it sitting on boxes or inside containers.
    You can swap out equipped weapons for those you find in the field.
    Nuggets of Truth
    Nuggets of Truth are found throughout the story mode levels. They appear as
    rolled sheets of paper, books, and hats. They will always have a glowing
    horseshoe on top of them. Each Nugget of Truth will unlock information related
    to the level, as well as experience points.
                                      2.09  Skills
    Skills are unlocked by earning experience points in Story mode and then using
    the points to unlock skills in the pause menu. There are three classes of
    skills which can all be learned, though they can only be unlocked in a certain
    order for each class.
    Gunslinger - Dual Wielding Desperado
    The skills in this class are good for players who prefer to stick to medium
    range pistols.
    Trapper - Close Quarters Fighter
    These skills improve defense, as well as shotgun and dynamite capability.
    Ranger - Long Distance Sharpshooter
    For the player who prefers to stay far away and pick off enemies using long
    range weapons. This class also contains the valuable Truth Seeking skill, which
    helps to find Nuggets of Truth in Story mode levels.
                                    2.10  Characters
    The Bull's Head Saloon
    - Silas Greaves: The Story mode's protagonist. The stories from his glory days
      of bounty hunting provide the backdrop for an interesting tale of murder and
    - Ben: The Bull's Head Saloon operator. An older gentleman with a mild
    - Jack: An ornery fellow who doesn't much care for tall tales from so-called
      gunslingers like Greaves.
    - Steve: The old-timer who's just looking for a place to settle down, place
      some cards, and maybe drink a whiskey or two.
    - Dwight: An eager young man who idolizes the golden age of the Old West and
      reads all about it in dime novels.
    - Molly: The saloon's resident woman of comfort. Her easygoing and flirtatious
      manner sets any man at ease.
    ===== 3.0 STORY WALKTHROUGH ===================================================
    NOTE: I do not point out the achievements or bonus stuff in the walkthrough.
    All of that can be found via the table of contents at the top of the page. Also
    good to note that my play style is as a ranger, so I'll often refer to taking
    cover and picking off enemies from afar. Your play style may differ.
                       3.01  Once Upon a Time in Stinking Springs
                                Episode I: Billy the Kid
    -> Objective: Return to the hideout.
    Follow the road as it leads you. You'll pass an old barn and some cows until
    you eventually reach a couple of no-goods in the road. Take them both out.
    -> Objective: Rescue Billy the Kid and his gang.
    Fight your way through the first bunch as you approach the fence around the
    farmhouse. You'll have plenty of cover behind rocks. Once you clear the first
    area there'll be a few more along the left side to kill. Approach the water
    tower and kill the guy on top and any stragglers below it.
    Climb to the top of the water and kill the bunch of guys gathered around
    outside the farmhouse. You can also jump down onto the roof below to get a
    little closer and use the roof as cover.
    Walk toward the back of the farmhouse.
    -> Objective: Fight Your Way to the Rear of the Farmhouse.
    There'll be some more guys gather underneath a water tower. Kill them one by
    one and keep an eye on the guys above you. Use the cover near the water tower
    as well as the explosive barrels.
    -> Objective: Get inside and meet Billy the Kid.
    Open the back door and walk up to second floor. Open the bedroom door to meet
    up with the outlaw.
    -> Objective: Protect you and your friends' asses.
    It's all rifle for this part. They'll essentially line themselves up to be
    shot but don't ignore damage if they hit you. You can crouch down to reload
    or recuperate for a few seconds.
    -> Objective: Bring the horses from the stable.
    There's a trail outside that leads to the decrepit barn near the farmhouse.
    Poke your head out the back door and kill any that appear between you and the
    barn. You'll encounter a guy holding a wooden shield at the end. It's best
    to snap him down with the use of your pistol.
    Walk into the barn and climb the ladder. Melee the goon and move to leap out
    toward a passel of the hired guns. You'll have some CM time to take them out.
    Land and continue the assault until they way is clear.
    Follow the path to the next area. The scene will change when you arrive at the
    stable door and you'll find yourself in a duel. Hover the opponent slowly so
    as to not move too far off target. Pull your pistol and fire when you see his
    hand twitch to shoot him square in the head or torso.
    -> Objective: Get the horses... this time for real.
    Now for the real story. Walk into the stable.
                              3.02  A Fistful of Hot Lead
    -> Objective: Grab the keys and get out of your cell.
    You read the objective. Grab those keys and open the cell door. Step into the
    hall and follow it to the Sheriff's office to get the shotgun.
    -> Objective: Exit the jail through the roof.
    You'll have to fight your way up to the second floor. There'll be one guy
    immediately after you grab the shotgun, then another coming down the stairs as
    you approach. The third guy on the second floor will be waiting around the
    corner in the hallway.
    -> Objective: Use the roof tops to escape.
    Get to the ladder and climb on up to the roof. Walk toward the gap in the roof
    edge and jump over to the next roof where you'll see more brightly colored
    planks of wood. Follow them along the roofs. Jump another gap and then get to
    the ladder to get to the final roof. Follow the planks to the left to find a
    rocky ledge.
    -> Objective: Escape the pursuit.
    Get onto the new path and follow it to the end.
    -> Objective: Make your way through the town.
    Hop down and get to the left side of the house. There's a box of ammo under a
    shelter next to the house which you have to duck under. Here's where the bad
    dudes will start coming at you. Your style may vary, but I prefer to switch
    to a pistol or rifle and pick them off from afar. Take out the guy on the
    balcony and then the ones below before you move out onto the street.
    Follow the street into some rickety market stands where a group of shooters
    will surprise you. Crouch behind cover and pick them off.
    You can follow the street from here to get to a junction with a big DELICIOUS
    CIDER sign across the way. Look to the right to find a ladder onto a roof. Use
    it to get onto the roof of that building and then over the wooden fence to
    the street below. The narrator will keep talking if you land in the right spot.
    There're some boxes of ammo on the right side just after you jump down from the
    roof. Grab some ammo and swap weapons if you don't like the shotgun. Proceed
    into the plaza.
    Keep your hand ready to hit the correct key during this multi-shooter duel.
    Each one can get taken out if you hit the right key. If you fail, be ready to
    shoot back quickly.
    -> Objective: Find the stables at the edge of town.
    Take out the shield guys and any shooters nearby, then find a box for cover and
    pick off the guys in the avenue. Go for cover if you so much as hear a bullet
    whiz by. Advance along the street and stop each time a new group appears. Your
    goal is at the end of the street.
    You'll face Bob Ollinger before the level is over. He makes it tough for you
    when he moves his torso to the side, but keep an eye on that focus meter. You
    should do alright with speed as long as your hand hovers over the butt of that
                             3.03  A Bullet for the Old Man
                                 Episode II: The Cowboys
    Follow the path to find the Cowboys and an ambush on a stagecoach. Move in and
    pick them off one by one. Walk to the stagecoach when they're all dead.
    -> Objective: Survive the ambush.
    Turns out there's more guys to kill in them thar hills. Stay behind the
    stagecoach and, like before, pick them off one at a time. There'll be one group
    from the front, one group from the right, and then they'll surround you. Turn
    around at that point and run away from the stagecoach. A cave at the back of
    the area will provide you with an escape route.
    -> Objective: Escape through the cave.
    Haul ass through the cave. You can stop at a campfire on the right side to grab
    a shotgun with a single shot and then swap back to the rifle to get 8 more
    bullets, but it will lag you a bit and open you up to gunfire. Either way,
    your only goal here is to get to the other end of the cave. It's a linear path
    so you're not like to get lost.
    Get to the dead Apache at the end for additional ammo.
    -> Objective: Get rid of the remaining enemies on your way to the Old Man.
    Some extra ammo will come in handy. Take out the first bunch in CM and then
    move on to the path on the right side, back into the cave. They'll be in
    retreat now, giving you plenty of chances to pick them off. The cave turns
    right out onto a hill, at the top of which is the cranky sumbitch himself.
    -> Objective: Get to the top of the hill and kill Old Man Clanton.
    That Gatling gun will take you before you can start to aim. Your only course
    here is to sprint from rock to rock and duck down. Clanton's gun will
    eventually stop for a brief few moments, giving you enough time to make it to
    the next rock in sight. Make your way up the hill in this manner until you're
    up against the ledge.
    You'll now be close enough to start doing some killing. Crouch down and
    approach the ledge where a couple of goons are flanking Clanton. Peek over the
    edge and kill them. Clanton himself will remain behind the Gatling gun. If you
    have any dynamite left you can hurl it at him for major damage, or simply
    remain behind the ledge and shoot him while in CM. Preferably with a pistol.
                             3.04  Gunfight at the Sawmill
    -> Objective: Reach the sawmill.
    The sawmill's not too far. The problem's the usual kind: gunmen and lots of
    them. Scoot down the hill and use cover as much as you can. Open ground will
    leave you a man-sized target. None of the gunmen will be of any particular
    difficulty, but ammo can get scarce. Take your shots confidently to keep your
    accuracy high.
    The right turn in the path will lead you into the woodworks.
    -> Objective: Make your way through the sawmill.
    The main part of this is short. Walk up the path toward the mill and get around
    the mean-looking buzz saws. You'll find the lumber yard at the end of the path.
    -> Objective: Get to the lumber yard and find Curly Bill.
    Follow more some more path and then wait atop the wooden platform when the guys
    appear. Kill them from behind cover, using a rifle if possible for more
    accurate shooting. Make your way down to the shanty area and get your aiming
    hand ready for some shielded guys. They're smarter than the ones in previous
    levels. Some sticks of dynamite will easily take them out.
    Head up the road to the train and turn right, but look out for the log
    hanging from some chains. The next area's up in that building sitting
    precariously on the edge of a cliff. Good place for a last stand. Follow it to
    the lumber yard.
    -> Objective: Defeat Curly Bill.
    Curly Bill's got a health bar like a boss. He can take plenty of hits which
    means a head-on assault is ill-advised. Instead, your best shot is to run
    around him and get him as far away as possible but still in your sights. When
    you have some distance you're free to turn and shoot him. He'll try to run up
    close to nail you with a volley of bullets, so you'll do good to stay away from
    him. There'll also be a second gunmen running around to distract you. Use 
    dynamite if either of them stands still and keep moving. Head shots are the
    surest way to cause real damage.
    If you're patient, you can get to the far end of the lumber yard nearest to
    where you entered. There's a stack of lumber and the river on your left. No
    one will attack from the left so you're safe to stay behind the lumber and
    focus on your right side. Curly Bill and his goons will run around and try
    to get at you from behind cover, but they'll never run right up to you. It's
    slow going but a safe strategy.
    The duel with Johnny Ringo will be a good challenge. More difficult than Bob
    Ollinger, but not all that fast. Keep your gun hand steady and keep the focus
    reticule on the upper chest.
                               3.05  The Magnificent One
                               Episode III: The Innocents
    -> Objective: Work your way to the mine.
    Simply follow the road.
    -> Objective: Find the mine entrance.
    Keep on the road to get to the mine camp. You can get the jump on a riflemen
    sitting on a cliff by walking to the left of the road onto the rocks. You'll
    see a crouched man next to a blanket. Crouch down and walk behind him for a
    nice, quiet melee hit. 
    The mine entrance is beyond the road ahead. The goons on the cart can be
    bypassed or killed off easily by blowing up the blast barrels.
    Approach the opening in the fence to face a new set of gunmen. Shoot the
    dynamite first and then kill them as you see fit. They'll come in waves as you
    dig further into the mine camp. Follow the road up the hill and then watch
    out for the ones hiding in the shanty stalls ahead. Make your way through there
    to continue and stop off for ammo at a box in the middle of those stalls.
    -> Objective: Get through the mine and find Henry Plummer.
    The mine is sort of a maze, though all paths lead to the central mine shaft.
    The far right tunnel will lead you to the top of the shaft where you'll find a
    Nugget of Truth. You can also proceed from here by turning right at the box
    of ammo. The far left path leads to a dead-end on a platform in the shaft. The
    middle tunnel (found after you turn right at the first fork) will lead to a
    ladder in the middle of the mine shaft that also allows you to proceed. Either
    way, get through that central area and go to the tunnel lit by torches.
    And then quickly back up to dodge the mine cart. Let it crash down and then
    shoot the lone riflemen in the next chamber. Head down into the lit staircase.
    This area's volatile. Do not go in shooting freely or you'll blow yourself up.
    Use the rifle to shoot the men when they have a solid wall behind them, or use
    your pistol. Shotguns are a bad choice.
    Start walking up along the mine track and then dodge the bullet when the guy
    at the top shoots toward you. This, of course, is a dumb idea. Hightail it
    through the tunnel and don't look back. Keep running until you get to the end.
    Shoot the guys as you're falling and then BAM. Dead.
    -> Objective: Get the other way and find Henry Plummer.
    So Silas has a better route to follow. Climb down the ladders along the
    scaffolding until you're at a gap in the path. Sprint toward the gap and jump
    to clear the gap (sort of) and make it to the other side. Go into the next
    mine tunnel to continue.
    -> Objective: Find Henry Plummer.
    The music is telling you something. Shit's gonna go down.
    Pick them off as you have been but keep your distance. Follow the tunnel as it
    leads you until you encounter a choice between an elevator and ladders. They
    both lead up to the top. There'll be two shooters waiting at the top, so have
    your gun ready to shoot quickly when you get there. Follow the mine track
    to encounter a few errant sticks of dynamite and the thrower down at the end
    of the track. Take them all out and walk down into the dirt ring below.
    -> Objective: Defeat Henry Plummer.
    Plummer's a dynamite-happy nutjob who'll spend his time running from cover to
    cover to catch you off guard. His pattern is to throw dynamite at you so you'll
    take cover on the other side of the central pillar, then he'll run to the
    opposite side to out-flank you. Keep that in mind and you can aim right at the
    spot where he'll stop to hit him with a few shots to the head. This'll be your
    only way to attack him.
    Midway through the battle he'll send out some of his gang. Clear one side
    quickly so that you don't have to worry about having your back to any enemies.
    Plummer will return to throw two sticks of dynamite at a time, but his pattern
    will remain the same. Keep going for cover and stop to heal if you get shot
    too many times. The head shots will kill him fairly quickly.
                               3.06  Be Quick or Be Dead
                             Episode IV: John Wesley Hardin
    -> Objective: Find Hardin inside the saloon.
    You'll start off right in the thick of it. Fall back and get some cover to get
    your bearings, then aim your bearings at the dudes on the right side of the
    street in front of the gambling hall. Take them out one by one.
    Walk up when the street is clear. You'll find some ammo on the opposite side of
    the street, at the corner lot. You can now enter the saloon through the front
    door or via a open window on the second floor. 
    -> Objective: Find Hardin.
    You'll now be a few hours into the past. Approach the first camp and take them
    out as you will, then hunker down to prepare for the rest. They'll swarm in
    from various campsites. Save your CM for large groups and then walk up onto the
    high vantage point to pick off the remaining bandits.
    -> Objective: Get to the town and find Hardin.
    You can follow the low path through the rocky cliffs or come around the high
    path near the highest campsite. You'll find yourself right back in the thick
    of it.
    -> Objective: Clear the town of outlaws.
    So do it all again and remember the box of ammo in the left corner. The saloon
    will be crawling with gunmen, which you can choose to take on inside or through
    the windows. Once they're all dead you'll face Hardin himself.
    The duel with Hardin can't really be won, as Silas was not the man to kill him.
    However, try your best anyway and dodge the bullets when they fly at you.
                              3.07  Dances With Renegades
                                 Episode V: Grey Wolf
    -> Objective: Find the renegades' hideout.
    Follow the path along the mountainside. It'll lead you down to a bridge.
    -> Objective: Defeat the bandits and find Grey Wolf.
    Backtrack the moment you hear him say that they found you. Take cover behind
    the driftwood on the river bank and pick them off as best you can. They will
    take you down if you linger out in the open.
    Cross the bridge when the snipers are dead and approach the old house. There'll
    be a few more attackers near it but it'll give plenty of cover and some ammo in
    the room that's barely standing.
    The trail ahead will be covered in bandits so the best thing to do is stay low
    and keep your gun aimed ahead. You'll also have to take out a few guys ballsy
    enough to rush you with handaxes. You can shoot them down quick or use your own
    melee attack.
    -> Objective: Search the caves for Grey Wolf.
    Walk in and have your guns ready for more bandits. The left paths will be the
    ones to take you further into the caves, and you'll also find some ammo. Just
    ahead of that point is a creek running through the cave. Stick to the right to
    find a large chamber with a natural rock bridge in the middle of it. Cross the
    bridge and keep on into the next cave. Take out the surprise attacker.
    The next chamber will have a couple of paths and rocks for the Apaches to hide
    behind. Same as before, just take them all out and watch your sides. There'll
    be enough cover for you as well.
    The next tunnel leads into a serene pool where you'll meet Grey Wolf, who puts
    you into some sort of peyote trance. The next scene will be you at a campsite
    in a mountain glen with a horde of gunmen coming in at you. Fortunately, you're
    in CM for the entirety. Take some cover behind the log and pick them off
    quickly using a revolver. Kill the nearest ones first and then move on to the
    ones further away.
    -> Objective: Survive the Indian attack.
    Take cover behind the central pillar and, like before, pick them off one at a
    time. Start with the ones who have you in their sights on the sides, then move
    on to the ones further ahead. It shouldn't take long to clear the room.
    Run ahead and follow the tunnel to finally get out of the caves. Shoot the
    rifleman and then jump toward the rocky ledge to grab it and step back onto the
    -> Objective: Chase Grey Wolf.
    There'll be a couple of jumps across gaps and a precariously positioned fallen
    tree, but it's otherwise a straightforward chase. Get to the end of it to find
    more of your Apache buddies.
    -> Objective: Survive the ambush.
    Shoot the ones directly ahead and then keep your eye on all sides to take out
    stragglers in the bushes. Some of them will jump down to swipe at you with
    handaxes but they shouldn't pose a problem.
    The second round of shooters will be tougher than the first. Move around the
    circular area to prevent them from getting a good lock on you and use a rifle
    to pick them off one at a time. Don't run straight at them or you'll open
    yourself up for gunfire.
    -> Objective: Apprehend Grey Wolf.
    Follow the new path to the disappointing end.
                           3.08  They Call Me Bounty Hunter
                            Episode VI: The Dalton Brothers
    -> Objective: Grab a weapon and get outside.
    Choose your weapon and walk to the front door.
    -> Objective: Eliminate the bank robbers.
    There's a line of them along the front of the bank. Walk up and use the rifle
    to take them out.
    -> Objective: Get inside the bank and apprehend the Daltons.
    Bust in and kill them all while in CM. You may miss one or two and have to
    bring them down in regular time. Once they're dead, approach the back door.
    Kick it in and do the same thing to the three guys in the back room.
    -> Objective: Get in position on the roof and eliminate the bank robbers.
    Approach the roof and shoot any robbers you can get in your sights.
    -> Objective: Get inside the bank.
    Climb down the ladder and walk along the street until a path opens up to the
    back alley.
    -> Objective: Surprise the Daltons by entering through the roof entrance.
    Climb onto the top level of the water tower. 
    -> Objective: Apprehend the Daltons.
    Run and jump toward the orange boards on the roof of the bank, then jump down
    into the second floor. Bust in the door and take out the men in the room and
    keep on shooting all the way down to the first floor. There'll be two more
    rounds of busting down a door and killing all the men in the room.
    But, let the man himself tell it the way it was.
    -> Objective: Head to the bank and stop the Daltons before they escape.
    Run down the path until you're in town.
    -> Objective: Don't let the Dalton brothers get away.
    Get to the bank and run around along the right side to find the brothers on the
    run. There'll be an ambush that can be easily handled if you're quick on the
    Keep after the brothers.
    -> Objective: Dispatch the Dalton brothers' allies.
    Until you need to kill another bunch of goons, anyway. Help the citizens take
    down the gunmen lined up around the house. There'll be a few barrels of powder
    nearby to help you.
    -> Objective: Chase the Dalton brothers.
    Get to the side door of the house to find some gunmen in hiding. Clear the room
    and then exit through the open door. Follow the path up the hill and fall back
    when you hear the explosion. Hang out on the left side and wait for all the
    logs to pass by. You'll be clear to run up to the top and turn left along a
    path that leads to a cliff's edge.
    -> Objective: Defeat Emmett Dalton.
    Emmett's some sort of Terminator, meaning you can stand there and take shots at
    him but he won't go down. It's best to crouch down behind and rock and aim at
    him as he gets close. Shoot him in the head and chest from cover and then run
    to the next rock when he gets too close. Repeat this around the area until he's
    down (though apparently not out).
                         3.09  Bounty Hunter is Still My Name
    -> Objective: Find the Daltons in the flooded town.
    Follow the path, including the red sashes tied to the trees. This will lead
    you into a foggy swamp area and a few old buildings. Keep on until the enemies
    show up. They'll be sparse, but keep your gun aimed ahead just the same. Break
    the boards across the door at the end of the path using melee.
    They'll get heavy on you in the next area. Watch for a shotgunner with one of
    those damn health bars, as well as some dynamite-lovin' goons scattered around.
    Stay behind cover and pick off the ones who can reach you, then concentrate on
    the shotgunner and remaining dynamite goons.
    Run ahead to the next group of gunmen and then go inside the barn via the
    fallen tree.
    -> Objective: Find your way through the swamps.
    Continue along the swamp. The trail will lead past a large house and into a
    graveyard full of bandits. Take out the sentries with some quick button
    -> Objective: Get rid of the bandits in the flooded graveyard.
    More dynamite and some shielders. Work through the swamp and use the tombstones
    for cover as you come upon each wave of dudes.
    -> Objective: Get through the swamps and find the Daltons.
    Look for a two-story house on the left side of the path. You'll find plenty of
    ammo inside. From there it's more waves of gunmen until you get to the
    -> Objective: Get inside the steamboat and catch the Daltons.
    Take out the guys hanging around on the decks and stand behind cover to deal
    with the Gatling gun. You'll find ammo inside the old house. Move along when it
    seems clear and there'll be another few guys before you get to the boat.
    Enter in from the right side and follow the deck around to the bow. You'll have
    to fight more men along the way. The second level will have a few more guys on
    the outer deck until you get to a open door.
    Enter inside and kill the two men in the engine room, then make your way to
    the other side. Climb up and get to the third level. Walk around to the other
    end and kick in the door next to the vigilante.
    -> Objective: Escape from the burning steamboat.
    Your only goal is to get the hell out. Sprint along the hallway. Don't jump
    over burning wood if you're damaged, though. Wait for it to heal then jump.
    -> Objective: Wipe out the bandits.
    These guys will all rush into the path of your Gatling gun. Keep your finger
    on the trigger and make sure each one falls dead before you move on to the
    next. You should also look out for spawn spots on the right side where you
    can kill a few of them at once.
    The final battle will be duel with the goddamn Daltons. I don't know about you,
    but I'm just about ready to see them both dead. This is also the first duel
    with two opponents, so it'll be a bit different. For one, the guy on the right
    will be the one to shoot first. He's the one you ought to focus on. Keep
    your focus on gun hand steady until right as he draws. He's quick, too, so you
    can't be slow on this one.
    Dodge right so his bullet doesn't hit as you kill him with yours. Then,
    immediately move to the guy on the left as he's drawing his weapon and take him
                           3.10  Not So Great Train Robbery
                              Episode VII: The Wild Bunch
    -> Objective: Chase the wild bunch.
    Follow the path to ravine ahead.
    -> Objective: Reach the top of the bridge.
    Walk along the cliff on the left to the train car and use it as a bridge to the
    other side. Enter the next train car and then sprint to get to the end before
    it collapses with you in it. The path from there leads back up to the top where
    the train track is located. Take out the few bandits along the track.
    -> Objective: Jump onto the train.
    Run onto the bridge and the train ahead. 
    -> Objective: Eliminate the train robbers and find Bob.
    The next couple of train cars will be close encounters. Be ready when the CM
    kicks in at each of the doors, and it's best to use your revolver if you have
    one. Keep on going until you get to the cargo car with the wide door. Open it
    up and step outside.
    There'll be some more gunmen along the way and eventually you'll find yourself
    back inside a train car. Kill the men in there and move on until you're out
    on a rock ledge. This leads you to a trail around to the next car. Shoot the
    barrel to blow the car and everything in it.
    -> Objective: Chase the wild bunch.
    Move ahead to the top of the next car and take out the group ahead. Hop down
    and kill any between you and the next door. This next car has a couple of guys,
    and from there it's a Gatling at the other end of the tunnel. Finish off the
    survivors to meet the final duel.
    Curry's a might twitchy and will move around, so you'll need to move the
    focus cursor quite a bit. Keep it on him and make sure your speed is high for
    this one. Curry's also quick on the draw. Wait for your fire cursor to be on
    his torso then shoot him down.
                                  3.11  1:30 to Hell
    -> Objective: Deal with the Wild Bunch in their camp.
    Run ahead and kill the dudes sitting by the fire. They won't be any more
    surprising than the guys you've already dealt with.
    -> Objective: Find clues as to the whereabouts of the rest of the gang.
    The clue you need is a large boulder on one side of the camp with map scrawls
    all over it. Examine the scrawls.
    -> Objective: Prevent gang from blowing up the overpass.
    Head up the path to find a walkway beneath the bridge. Jump onto it and follow
    it to the ladder that'll take you further down. Cross the gap using a narrow
    beam and then get to the first set of dynamite.
    -> Objective: Disarm the explosives on the railway railroad overpass.
    Get the dynamite and then continue along on the wooden walkway to find a group
    of bandits. Shoot them as you fall and kill the remaining guys on the right
    side as well. Grab the next set of dynamite.
    The next stretch of goons will be a bit tougher, and there'll be a shotgunner
    at the end of it. Take everyone out as safely as you can and save a nice 
    headshot for the shotgunner. There'll be a new set of dynamite and then a new
    walkway along the bottom. Shoot the rope and get down there.
    Take out as many of the next goons while in falling CM and then take cover
    behind a fence. Kill the ones on the right first and then the ones on the left.
    A fourth dynamite charge will be waiting for you at the end. There's just thugs
    ahead at this point. Kill them all.
    -> Objective: Find an alternate path to reach the other part of the overpass.
    Eventually you'll need to find a new path. March ahead to the end of the
    walkway and then look left to find a gap in the fence and a rock ledge. Jump
    onto the rock ledge and walk along through the cave.
    -> Objective: Chase and extinguish the burning fuse.
    Jump down there quick and chase after it. Sprint the entire way and turn right
    when you lose sight of it. Jump across the gap and then keep sprinting along
    the walkway. You'll get to it near the end. Hold the button to put it out.
    -> Objective: Disarm the explosives on the railway railroad overpass.
    Disarm the last charge ahead.
    -> Objective: Get off the overpass and find the rest of the gang.
    A quick jaunt up the cliff and you're back on more solid ground.
    -> Objective: Find Kid Curry and Bob Bryant.
    Take out the first group with some quick button presses and then take cover.
    Shoot away with a rifle (ideally) until you've cleared the canyon.
    -> Objective: Destroy the Gatling gun using dynamite.
    Your best approach is along the rock ledge on the right side of the canyon.
    This will provide cover via the wagon up ahead. Get to the wagon and get some
    dynamite if you need it, then sprint from rock to rock when he's reloading.
    Get as close you can but remain behind cover. He'll kill you immediately if
    you try to rush him. Now simply aim your dynamite and use the Generous skill if
    you have it to split one stick into three sticks. There'll be some
    interruptions by snipers on the far right ledge and some armored shotgunners,
    but you have enough dynamite and ammo back near the wagon to handle them.
    After enough hits Kid Curry will come out to face you himself. Hopefully you
    have the skills by now to end these duels in your favor. Simply remember to
    first line up your gun hand and get your focus as high as possible, then keep
    an eye on his gun hand. Your reaction time has to be faster than you think.
    Don't forget to dodge to the right.
    He won't be down for good, though. Dodge right and fire one more shot after
    he speaks to finally end it.
                          3.12  Death Rides a Steel Stallion
                               Episode VIII: Jesse James
    -> Objective: Catch Jesse James.
    Kill the few guys quick and turn around. Run to the back of the train if you're
    looking to swap weapons. When you're ready, get back to that car where you
    The next few sections are straightforward. Break down door, shoot as many as
    possible, hang back and pick off the rest. As always, shotgunners are easily
    killed with a shot to the head.
    -> Objective: Liberate the train.
    Back in time once again. Get ready with the button presses to kill the guys in
    the first car then mosey along until you get to a ladder. Climb it and kill the
    main behind the hatch. Hop inside and then break down the door ahead to find
    a group of guys waiting on an open train platform. Kill them quickly and move
    along until you find yourself in a train car with some horses. This will repeat
    in the next few cars until Silas returns from the toilet.
    -> Objective: Get rid of the bandits in the train.
    March ahead to the next set of cars. Here you'll be walking along on the side
    steps with guys peering out to shoot at you. Keep a rifle or ranger ready
    to take them out as they gopher out from inside. There might also be a man
    inside the cars, which means it's good to turn into open cargo doors with CM
    turn on.
    The next area requires you to climb a ladder onto the last car and then jump
    onto the stacks of wood. Move forward from there and get ready to crouch behind
    cover as men among the wood stacks shoot at you.
    The flat car with the logs includes a side step to get around them. Before you
    do that, though, look through the gaps in the logs to find some ropes on the
    other side. Shoot the ropes to releases the logs ahead. Kill any remaining
    goons and get to the next car.
    -> Objective: Eliminate the Gatling gun operator.
    Make sure you have a rifle or ranger. Creep along behind cover until you're
    close enough to kill the guy at the gun with a head shot, then hop on the
    Gatling yourself. There'll be a horde of robbers ahead but the Gatling can take
    care of all of them.
    -> Objective: Get through the cars full of train robbers.
    This should all be familiar. Get through this area again until you come upon
    a flat car with a steam tractor on the left. Walk forward a bit and quickly
    backpedal and take cover behind the tractor. Wait for the debris from the
    explosion to pass by and then approach the man himself.
    James isn't much of a duelist. Like before, keep your focus and speed up and
    then simply wait for him to go for his gun before you fire. Dodge right just
    in case he does get a shot off.
                               3.13  Without Forgiveness
    -> Objective: Get through the hostile territory and find Jim.
    More Indians, and they're tougher than the Apaches from before. I found it best
    to stick with the rifle and use the boulders as cover. There'll also be quite
    a few runners in the mix. Listen for their whooping and get ready to shoot or
    melee them as they approach.
    You'll eventually get to a familiar campsite. Hunker down behind cover near the
    ammo box and prepare for a slaughter. They'll come at you for a while so just
    start killing them as they run into view, taking cover as you need it. They
    will not enter the campsite or shoot through the tents. Keep on going when you
    go into CM and don't let up until CM ends.
    Keep on the trail past the lake and take cover on the left when you see the
    rockslide start at the top of the hill.
    -> Objective: Get to the hilltop and avoid the sniper's bullets.
    Dash from rock ledge to rock ledge and duck down to avoid the sniper's shots.
    You'll get nearly to the top of the hill this way. When you see a wide ledge
    that extends across most of the path, you're there.
    -> Objective: Make your way to Frank James's hideout.
    Now it's a short trek along a mountain ledge. Choose the right path and follow
    it from cover to cover. If you stand still, you will be shot. Keep going until
    the cabin is right ahead of you.
    -> Objective: Destroy Frank's hideout.
    You are not getting across that bridge. Crouch behind the chicken coop and
    throw some dynamite out toward the cabin. If you land an explosion some melee
    goons will come out to try and kill you. Take them out as they arrive,
    including the shotgunner, and keep at that cabin with the dynamite. It'll
    eventually tumble down the mountain. Cross the bridge and keep on.
    -> Objective: Find Jim Reed's hideout.
    Continue along the path back down the mountain. Pick off the men in front of
    the cave entrance and head down there to get in there. You're not quite at
    Jim Reed yet, though.
    -> Objective: Defeat Jim Reed and his gang.
    There's lots of guns here, but little intelligence. They line themselves up
    like it's a shooting gallery. Get to the ammo box on the left and then use the
    cover to pick off enemies as they appear. Poke your head out slowly and kill
    them one at a time until Jim Reed appears.
    This duel is like the others, though perhaps a bit more difficult. Just get
    that focus and speed up as high as possible and watch his hand.
                         3.14  The Good, the Bad and the Dead
                          Back to Episode VII: The Wild Bunch
    -> Objective: Find Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.
    Run ahead into a CM battle. It won't be too tough since the whole battle takes
    place in CM, but keep turning to make sure to kill all the gunmen as they
    Keep on following the path to get to a decrepit town on a hill. Run past the
    houses until a shotgunner blows through a wall to get at you. Fall back and
    use a stick of dynamite or two to kill him.
    -> Objective: Find your way through the ghost town.
    Continue on into the ghost town. There'll be a few encounters that require
    you to be quick on the draw, but it'll be relatively quiet. Get past the
    clock tower and you'll find a two story house with a missing door. Go inside
    and take cover as countless numbers of men rush you. Pick off a few if you like
    but the scene will soon change.
    Proceed into the literal ghost town and start killing them as they appear. It
    will be difficult to see all the shooters so hang back and wait to spot them
    as they shoot at you. One will shoot from above, then another will charge
    at you guns a-blazing. Kill both to and proceed to discover Plummer throwing
    dynamite at you from far in the distance. Pick him off as many times as you
    need and watch for fire from the other side.
    The final group will be some shooters on the left side. Take them out at a
    distance and then move in toward the graveyard.
    -> Objective: Take out the ghosts of your past once and for all.
    Ooh boy, this fight. They saved it for last.
    Here you'll fight wave after wave of ghosts of people you already killed. Some
    folks may be ballsy and go in for close kills, but personally, I hang back.
    You can stay behind a solid mausoleum at the start of the area and do just fine
    picking them off from afar until the Daltons appear. Run to the right and look
    for an open space near the graveyard fence. There's a gnarled tree in the
    corner there that'll provide good cover, though they will come in from the
    right side and the left. Keep your eyes open and pop them as soon as they're
    visible, which is the real challenge in trying to kill them from away off.
    If they stop appearing and nothing happens, venture into the middle of the
    graveyard. They'll poke their heads out.
    -> Objective: Defeat Sundance Kid.
    Just then, Sundance will appear. He takes on that Terminator thing from several
    levels ago where torso shots don't do a damn thing. Focus on head shots and
    keep your distance or he'll mow you over.
    The final standoff will be between Silas, Butch, and Sundance. It's tricky in
    that only one of those guys will have his eyes on you, and he's the one you
    ought to focus on. You can easily switch back and forth between the two while
    you charge your speed and focus. Make sure you have the right one in your
    sights. Wait for someone's hand to go for the gun and take him out like any
    other duel, but then quickly switch to the other man and kill him as well.
    Well, that's it. Except of course for ol' Bob. See, Bob, he went and got
    himself made into a proper citizen. Made his way to Abilene, to the very saloon
    in which Silas finds himself telling tales of the past. Goes by the name of
    Ben nowadays. And you have a choice to make: Revenge or Redemption?
    One choice will leave you with a peaceful conclusion to the bloodshed.
    The other choice requires you to kill one last man. If you choose it, you've
    killed enough men to know what to do.
    ===== 4.0 NUGGETS OF TRUTH ====================================================
    Level 1 (3)
    - Lincoln County War: Walk toward the farmhouse from the starting area. Follow
      the path and approach the first structure on the left. Duck under the boards.
      The scroll is on a wooden wheelbarrow.
    - Stinking Springs: Walk into the farmhouse. Get up to the second floor and
      enter the room with the open door. The scroll is on the bedside table.
    - Pat Garrett: Approach the stable on your way to get the horses. Look to the
      right of the stable to find a scarecrow made of hay with a pumpkin head. The
      hat is hanging on the scarecrow's left arm.	
    Level 2 (4)
    - Billy the Kid: Walk out of your cell at the start of the level. Follow the
      hall and look into the first barred cell on your right. The hat will be
      sitting on the sleeping bunk.
    - Lincoln Escape: You'll find yourself on a rocky ledge after you escape along
      the roof tops. Follow the rocky ledge further left than the path so that you
      end up on the left side of the rickety house. Fall into that area to see a
      tree and some boards to crouch under. The scroll is next to a box of ammo
      under that shelter.
    - Horse Theft: Make your way through town until you get to a T-junction. There
      will be a DELICIOUS CIDER sign and a large steel machine with big gears
      attached to it. The book will be on that machine's platform.
    - Old West Lawmen: Get onto the final wide avenue before you arrive at the
      stables. Look toward the second building on the right with a WEAPON STORE
      sign hanging out front. It's different from other buildings in that you can
      see inside the window. Open the door and grab the hat from the box ahead.
    Level 3 (3)
    - Guardia Rural: Inside the cave as you flee from the ambush. Look to the right
      side for the glow from a fire. The hat will be inside the tent.
    - Doc Holliday: You'll find the body of a dead Apache and some ammo along with
      it when you get to the end of the cave. Turn around and head toward a path on
      the right side. But, don't go back into that cave. Turn slightly left onto a
      flat outcrop that leads to a raised path above the cave you were just in.
      You'll see carvings on the ground if you found it. Follow it along the right
      to find a hole back onto the path and the hat sitting on a rocky ledge.
    - Old Man Clanton: Make your way up the hill where Clanton's hiding behind his
      Gatling gun. Get to the left side of the ledge at the top and you'll find a
      small crevice you can crouch into. Move along the ledge inside this small
      burrow to find the hat sitting on a flat rock.
    Level 4 (4)
    - Wyatt Earp: You'll encounter a couple of falling logs when you get to the
      entrance to the sawmill. Look left and up from here to see a tree trunk
      lying against a rock ledge. Run back to the left side of the tree trunk and
      run up the ledge to grab the hat.
    - O.K. Corral: Get past the first big buzz saws and follow the path across a
      rickety wooden path. You'll encounter a number of enemies including the
      level's first shielded gunmen. Kill anyone in your way. Now approach the
      immediate left side to find an enclosed wooden shed. If you approach the door
      to the shed you'll notice you can open it. The scroll is inside on a table.
    - Curly Bill Brocius: It's in the same area as the second one. You'll encounter
      a number of enemies including the level's first shielded gunmen. Kill anyone
      in your way. Now approach the shanty area with large buzz saws leaning
      against wooden walls. Walk toward the back of this area to find the hat
      sitting on a barrel.
    - Johnny Ringo: You'll arrive at a wood plank building sitting on the edge of
      a cliff with a picturesque waterfall and valley below. Follow the walkway
      at the base of the building and turn left onto a wayward path. There'll be
      a semi-enclosed wooden shack and a rocking chair at the end. The hat is
      sitting on the rocking chair.
    Level 5 (4)
    - Vigilance Committees: Follow the road at the start of the level. Take the
      left fork when you see the wooden cross in the ground. You'll see a mine cart
      at the entrance to a mine on the right side. Enter the tunnel and follow it
      to an opening in the ceiling. Turn left to find the hat sitting on a box.
    - Bannack, Montana: The gold mine turns out to be a maze. When you enter, stick
      to the right at every fork in path. This will eventually lead to the central
      mine shaft. Look down to see a scroll sitting on an outlying piece of wood.
      Climb down the ladder ahead to get to it.
    - Gold Rushes: This one's at the start of the area packed with blast barrels.
      Kill the two shooters as soon as you enter so they won't bother you. Walk in
      about ten feet and look left to find an alcove and some wooden crates among
      the barrels. Look down at the bottom crates to find the book inside of it.
      Grab it through the wooden slats.
    - Henry Plummer: Follow the final tunnel until you get to a point where you
      have to choose between an elevator or a ladder. Climb the ladder and turn
      right onto the rock ledge. Follow this out to a lone wooden beam near the
      elevator shaft. Walk out onto the beam to pick up the hat.
    Level 6 (6)
    - Wild Bill Hickock: Turn right into an alley at the start of the level and
      walk into a blacksmith area. Walk into the lit corner on the left to find
      the hat.
    - Cattle Rustling: Approach the alley on the right side of the saloon. Climb
      the ladder that leads up to the second floor balcony. Follow the balcony to
      the front of the saloon and climb another ladder to the roof. There's a ramp
      in the far corner that leads to a ladder on the water tower next door. Jump
      onto the ladder and hold the climb button. The book is sitting on a leather
    - Bull's Head Saloon: Approach the same alley next to the saloon. Climb the
      ladder that leads up to the second floor balcony. There's an open window near
      the ladder. The scroll is sitting on a bedside table.
    - Old West Revolvers: Approach the first camp along the trail in the flashback
      section of the level. The book is inside the tent.
    - Old West Gambling: There's another campsite high up in the rocks to the right
      of the first camp. Walk up there to find the book in the tent.
    - John Wesley Hardin: Approach the water tower near the campsites. Climb up to
      find the hat on the wooden handrail.
    Level 7 (4)
    - Native Americans: Enter the old house by the river after you cross the
      bridge. There's a hat on a shelf inside the enclosed room.
    - Grey Wolf: Get to the caves and follow the left paths whenever you reach a
      junction. This will lead you into a chamber lit only by torches. There's ammo
      as well as a hat sitting on a rock.
    - Ray McCall: After Silas's story about his Mescalero wives, there'll be a fork
      in the path. The left tunnel leads to a pool and the right one follows a
      creek. Take the right tunnel. You'll find a dead man's hat at the end.
    - Native American Heroes: Survive the ambush in the pit after you chase Grey
      Wolf along a river. A path will open up when the ambush is over. Start on
      that path and then look to the right. There's a dead Apache on a cliff with
      a hat beside him.
    Level 8 (3)
    - Dime Novels: Turn around at the start and grab the book from the bar.
    - Coffeyville: During the second part of the story you'll find yourself coming
      into the bank through the roof. Get down to the first floor to find an open
      bank vault. The scroll is inside the left safe.
    - The Daltons: The third part of the story will have you chasing after the
      Daltons. Get to the red house and clear out the first floor. There'll be a
      hat in a tin wash bin.
    Level 9 (3)
    - Black Bart: Head into the flooded town. There's a single cabin off the left
      side. The hat is on a table inside the cabin.
    - Old West Steamboats: There'll be two old two-story houses in front of the
      steamboat. You'll find a book on the top floor of the second house on the
    - The Gatling Gun: Get to the second level deck of the steamboat. Walk past the
      open door to the bow. There you'll find a book on the ground.
    Level 10 (3)
    - The Wilcox Robbery: Cross the ravine on train car. Walk to the two train cars
      further ahead on the path, and go to the last one at the end. Walk inside
      to find the scroll on the floor next to some boxes.
    - George "Flat Nose" Curry: Get about halfway along the train until you step
      out onto a mountain path. That path leads back into a train car with a blast
      barrel that blows the whole car. There's a hat inside that train car.
    - Hole in the Wall: There's a final train car at the end of the bridge that
      is partially inside a train tunnel. Break into this car and kill all of the
      gunmen. There's a scroll inside an open crate on the left.
    Level 11 (4)
    - Butch Cassidy: The first nugget is a hat. You'll find it inside a tent in the
      bandit camp at the start of the level.
    - Kid Curry: You'll be far into the bridge by the time you disarm the fourth
      dynamite charge. Continue on and stick to the left to find a rock ledge.
      Follow it and then jump onto the next wooden walkway at the end of the path.
      Follow the left path from there and then climb down the first ladder on the
      left. This will lead to a wooden crate with the hat on top of it.
    - Old West Railroads: Get through the cave and quickly jump back onto the
      platform. Look to the right to see a bunch of stacked wood planks. Climb
      onto these planks and then use the lone beam to walk across to a high
      stack of wood. There you will find the book.
    - Explosives & Dynamite: It's next to the wagon at the end of the level during
      the Kid Curry fight, in the wooden crate on the far right.
    Level 12 (4)
    - Winston Train Robbery: Inside a safe on the left side of the second car.
    - Jesse James: During the flashback you'll come across a ladder to the top of
      a train car. Hop inside that train to find the hat on a wooden crate.
    - Jim Reed & Belle Starr: You'll walk through a couple of repeated train cars
      with horses in them. The final car (when Silas returns from the toilet) will
      have a hat sitting on a bale of hay.
    - The Pinkertons: You'll face a Gatlinger after the flat car with the logs.
      Get inside the first car and look for a poker table. There's a hat on that
    Level 13 (5)
    - American Civil War: Look inside the tent on the left when you arrive at the
      camp and get ambushed by numerous Indians.
    - Robert Ford: After the gunfight at the camp you'll find a lake. Look for a
      fallen log along the shore of the lake with a hat at the end of it.
    - Cole Younger: Get to the top of the hill. You'll then have a left path and
      a right path. The left path leads down along a ledge. Look for the tree
      growing in the middle of the rock path with orange leaves. There's a small
      cave just to the right of that tree with the hat inside.
    - Frank James: Blow up Frank James's cabin, then cross the bridge. Look to the
      right for a pile of fire wood. The hat's sitting on the wood.
    - Wild West Shows: Enter the cave and move along until you're at the big
      chamber. There's a campfire on the left and a book.
    Level 14 (4)
    - Dwight Eisenhower: Run into the ghost town and kill the shotgunner who blows
      through a wooden wall to get at you. Enter that house and then look inside a
      box covered in plants on the second floor.
    - Roscoe "Bob" Bryant: After the shotgunner house you'll be in a flat area with
      more houses scattered around. Follow the trail to the left and look for a
      two story house with a lit torch on its left wall. Kick in the front door to
      find a hat on the bar.
    - The Sundance Kid: Get past the clock tower and you'll find a two story house
      with a missing door. Go inside and up to the second floor to find the hat.
    - Wild West Ghost Towns: Get into the main part of the ghost fight, before the
      grave, and approach an old building missing most of its walls on the right.
      Enter inside and climb to the second floor to find it.
    ===== 5.0 ARCADE ==============================================================
    Arcade Mode
    - The goal is to complete the map with as many points as possible.
    - The highest scores can only be achieved by chaining together long strings
      of combos.
    - Each map must be completed with a single life. If you die, you must start the
      map again.
    - You can select one of three classes: Gunslinger, Trapper, and Ranger.
      The first is good for quick combos and handling enemies at close to medium
      range. The second is good for close combat with shotguns, dynamite, and
      better defense. The third is good for taking out enemies from afar but at the
      risk of losing out on combos.
    -   5 Points: Destroy environment objects.
    -  50 Points: Kills with dynamite, headshots, kills when health is very low,
       kill runners, kill enemies in CM, kill with melee, kill using a revolver
       from a long range.
    -  75 Points: Shoot enemy dynamite in mid-air, kill using explosive barrels.
    - 100 Points: Kill with a shotgun at close range, kill through enemy cover,
      kill with a ricocheting bullet.
    - 125 Points: Kill while falling through air.
    - 150 Points: Kill two enemies with one rifle shot, kill two enemies with one
      shotgun shot, kill enemy in a QTE, kill enemy using falling environment
    General Tips
    - Headshots are a good way to gather points.
    - Environmental objects such as pumpkins, bottles, birds, and powder kegs can
      help keep combos going when there are no enemies in sight.
    - Don't be quick to shoot explosive barrels. The explosions can clear the field
      of enemies and objects you may need for combos. Save them for last.
    - Gatling guns are a good way to sweep a field clean and get good combos.
    - The Gunslinger class's quick reloads are helpful for chaining together combos
      and not losing reload time.
    Arcade Maps
    - Lincoln County: Through the town alleys, behind the bank, on the path up to
      the red house on the hill.
    - Stinking Springs: Outskirts of the ranch to the second floor of the house.
    - Gold Rush: Through the first mine (hang right to get the most enemies for
      combos), through the central shaft, to the exit, around some scaffolding,
      down into another tunnel, to another cave exit where it ends.
    - Iron Springs: Nine waves of enemies at the lumber yard. A Gatling gun to
      sweep enemies on the outside of the map.
    - Bull's Head Saloon: On the outskirts of town, through the street, into the
      main drag, and into the saloon.
    - Apache Territory: By the creek, into the caves, and into the pool chamber
      with stalagmites as cover. Three waves at the end.
    - Grand Valley: Across the train trestle. Introduces shotgunners.
    - Coffeyville: On the roof of the bank. Introduces dynamite throwers. Four
      waves. Gatling gun is good for big combos, but back off as soon as a dynamite
      shows up or you're dead. Then go inside the bank and kill remaining robbers.
    - Missouri Swamps: Ten waves around a house in the swamp. Left to right. Ammo
      inside the house.
    - Guadalupe Canyon: Ten waves of enemies around a wagon in the middle of the
      canyon. Mostly on the highest ledges but also in the mid-ledge and a few on
      ground level.
    ===== 6.0 DUEL CHALLENGE ======================================================
    Duel Mode
    - You have five lives with which to complete fifteen duels. If you lose all
      lives you must start again from the beginning.
    - The left hand must remain over the gun handle at all times for best speed.
    - The focus reticule must remain on your opponent to ensure a tight focus
      before the duel begins.
    - The heartbeat indicates that the opponent is about to fire. You should have
      your eyes on his gun hand at that point.
    - A red reticule will appear when you draw. If your focus was high and centered
      it should be on your opponent immediately, giving you ample time to fire.
      If the focus was low or off center, you'll have to move it back onto the
    - You can dodge left or right when your opponent fires his weapon.
    - You can draw your weapon early for a dishonorable kill.
    General Tips
    - Don't move the gun hand or focus reticule with big, jerky movements. Move
      them gently so as to not get thrown off.
    - It's good to practice these duels so you can develop a sense of when an
      opponent is going to fire. Their draw speed will be the same every time.
    - Rather than have your finger hover over the button, keep it on the button.
      It may not seem like much of a difference, but even the miniscule fraction of
      a second could help you win the duel and end it quickly.
    - Most of the duel is in making sure your draw hand remains over the gun and
      the focus on your opponent. Practice doing this while watching your
      opponent's gun hand.
    - Keep your eye on the opponent's gun hand as soon as the heartbeat kicks in.
      Some of them draw almost as soon as the heartbeat starts.
    - Once you play for a while, try to anticipate your opponent's draw. If you
      time it well you can draw the moment they do and save a lot of time.
    - Wait to dodge until you're certain an opponent is going to fire. They will
      always fire at the spot in which you're standing. If you're good, you can
      dodge all bullets by moving left to right.
    - Pat Garrett: Standard duel.
    - Bob Ollinger: Standard duel.
    - Old Man Clanton: Standard duel. A good duel for the Trick Shot achievement.
    - Curly Bill: Standard duel.
    - Johnny Ringo: Standard duel.
    - Henry Plummer: Quick on the draw.
    - John Wesley Hardin: Standard duel.
    - Kid Curry: Standard duel.
    - Emmett Dalton: Standard duel.
    - Bob & Grat Dalton: The guy on the right will shoot first.
    - George "Flat-Nose" Curry: Quick on the draw.
    - Jim Reed: Quick on the draw.
    - Jesse James: Quick on the draw.
    - Billy the Kid: Standard duel.
    - Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid: The guy on the right will shoot first.
    ===== 7.0 SKILLS ==============================================================
    These are listed by class and the order in which they can be unlocked.
    Gunslinger Group 1
    - Akimbo: Gunslinger: Dual-wield revolvers.
    - Top: Concentrated: Combo meter is active for 50% more time.
    - Top: Guns Blazing: Gunslinger: Reload revolvers 50% faster.
    - Bottom: Deep Pockets: Gunslinger: Carry twice as much revolver ammo.
    - Bottom: On the Run: Reload while sprinting without slowing down.
    - Making Time: Move 50% faster while in CM.
    Gunslinger Group 2
    - Cold Rage: Shots in CM cause 50% more damage to enemies.
    - Top: Cold Blooded: CM runs down half as quickly, giving you more time.
    - Top: Stack 'Em High: Bullets are twice as damaging above 4x combos.
    - Bottom: Resupply: 10% chance of finding dynamite on enemy corpse.
    - Bottom: Readiness: Guns automatically reload in CM.
    - By the Numbers: CM meter refills after reaching a 6x combo.
    Trapper Group 1
    - Crusader's Armor: Every fourth bullet from short weapons will be deflected.
    - Top: Waste Not: Combo multiplier stacks twice as quickly in CM.
    - Top: Guns Blazing: Trapper: Cut shotgun reload time in half.
    - Bottom: Deep Pockets: Trapper: Carry twice as much shotgun ammo and 3 extra
      sticks of dynamite.
    - Bottom: Street Sweeper: Shotguns do 20% more damage.
    - Righteous Fire: Mark enemy for automatic headshot and get extra CM points
      after dodging a bullet in Sense of Death.
    Trapper Group 2
    - Akimbo: Trapper: Dual-wield sawed-off shotguns.
    - Top: Come Closer: Receive twice as many CM points for close range shotgun
    - Top: Returning Favors: Grab a dynamite stick about to explode and
      automatically throw it back.
    - Bottom: Nobel's Gift: Player-triggered explosions are 25% bigger and more
    - Bottom: Devil's Shotgun: No reloads necessary when using shotguns in CM.
    - Sixth Sense: Crosshair becomes sticky and auto-targets enemies in CM.
    Ranger Group 1
    - Eagle's Eye: Briefly slow down the game when aiming with a gun to improve
    - Top: Truth Seeking: Additional sounds and hints will appear when you are near
      a Nugget of Truth.
    - Top: Steady Aim: Zoom in closer when you stand still.
    - Bottom: Deep Pockets: Ranger: Upgrade rifle ammo capacity to carry twice as
      much ammo.
    - Bottom: Guns Blazing: Ranger: Cut rifle reload time in half.
    Ranger Group 2
    - Fastest Gun: Increase aiming speed b 30%.
    - Top: Grenadier: Shoot thrown sticks of dynamite from the hip.
    - Top: Generous: Tap the throw button again to split one stick of dynamite into
      three sticks that are just as powerful.
    - Bottom: Headhunter: Twice as much CM points earned for headshots.
    - Bottom: None can hide: Arrows point to off-screen enemies during CM.
    - Executioner: Hold the CM button to target multiple individuals for perfect
    ===== 8.0 WEAPONS =============================================================
    Short weapons
    - Six-Shooter: Average revolver with average reload time and firepower.
    - Quickshooter: Great reload times but poor accuracy and firepower.
    - Ranger: Better range than other revolvers but a slower rate of fire.
    - Sawed-Off Shotgun: Very powerful but only good at very close range.
    - Sawed-Off Rifle: Sacrifices range and accuracy but has the same firepower.
    Long Weapons
    - Rifle: High firepower and great accuracy in scope view.
    - Shotgun: Very powerful gun with medium range accuracy.
    - Dynamite: Good for clearing out armored enemies or groups all at once.
    These upgrades are unlocked in Story mode after a group of skills has been
    unlocked. There is one upgrade for each group.
    - Gunslinger 1: Engraved Ranger: +25% range, -30% recoil.
    - Gunslinger 2: Ivory-Handled Quickshooter: +30% damage, +25% aim speed.
    - Trapper 1: Silver Shotgun: +35% range, +15% damage, +15% spread.
    - Trapper 2: Ornate Sawed-Off: +30% damage, +10% range, -30% recoil.
    - Ranger 1: Inlaid Six-Shooter: +30% rate of fire, +15% aim speed.
    - Ranger 2: Golden Rifle: -25% recoil, +30% aim speed, +2 ammo capacity.
    ===== 9.0 ACHIEVEMENTS ========================================================
    Story Achievements
    - That's How it Was
      Complete the Story on any difficulty.
    - Grows In The Telling
      Complete the Story on Hard difficulty.
    - Last Man Standing
      Complete the Story on True West difficulty.
    - True Story
      Find all Nuggets of Truth in a single mission.
    - Unvarnished Truth
      Collect all Nuggets of Truth. Total of 54.
    - Keep At It
      Unlock a skill.
    - Perseverance
      Unlock both exclusive weapons in a single category of skills in Story Mode.
    - For a Few Skills More
      Unlock all skills in Story Mode.
    Skill Achievements
    - Death From Above
      Kill 5 enemies when falling down through the air. (Level 5).
    - Ungrateful
      Shoot a flying stick of dynamite and the one who threw it on a single
    - Full Blast
      Kill a shotgunner with a close-range shotgun blast.
    Arcade Achievements
    - The Tally
      Complete all Arcade missions. Total of 10.
    - Magnificent Three
      Score the maximum of 3 stars in any Arcade mission.
    - Turkey Shoot
      Reach combo level of 20.
    - Legend Among Legends
      Get all Arcade Mode stars. Total of 30.
    - Quality Time
      Fight in Concentration for 15 minutes.
    Duel Achievements
    - Honor Intact
      Complete the duel challenge, winning all duels honorably.
    - Swift Justice
      Win a duel honorably in under 0.6s.
    - Trick Shot
      Kill a bird during a winning duel. Easiest to get in the third duel challenge
      against Old Man Clanton. There's a buzzard sitting just to the left of his
    Secret Achievements
    - For Massive Damage
      Shoot through a hole to kill an enemy that hides behind a shield.
    - This Time for Real
      Give it to them straight about your meeting with Pat Garrett. 
    - There's More to It
      Find and kill Johnny Ringo.
    - Righteous
      Find and kill Jim Reed.
    - Staying Afloat
      Discover a shipwreck in the Missouri swamps.
    - Into the Sunset
      Forgive your lifetime nemesis.
    - Violence Begets Violence
      Kill your lifetime nemesis honorably in a duel.
    ===== 10.0 LEGAL / MISC. ======================================================
                                 10.01  Version History
    2013.05.27 - Version 1.0: The guide is complete.
    2013.05.24 - Version 0.4: Completed up to level 5 of story mode.
                                  10.02  Guide Credits
    Thanks to...
    1. Techland and Ubisoft for bring the CoJ series back to its Western roots.
    2. Wilson Lau for his excellent guide to Bart vs. the Space Mutants. It
    inspired the over 60 guides I've written to date.
    3. You for reading.
                               10.03  Contact Information
    subsane at gmail dot com
                                  10.04  Legal Stuff
    1. Call of Juarez Gunslinger (C) 2013 Ubisoft Entertainment and Techland Sp.
    z o.o. All Rights Reserved. Call of Juarez marks are trademarks of Ubisoft
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