• Steam Achievements

    A Friendly EarMaxed out the Listen skill
    Acknowledged ExpertMaxed out the Knowledge suite
    Adventured in New YorkCompleted every New York Adventure
    Adventured with the MachinistCompleted Felix's Adventure line
    Adventured with the MummyCompleted Ahmose's Adventure line
    Adventured with the ProfessorCompleted Nigel's Adventure line
    Adventured with the RogueCompleted Sterling's Adventure line
    Adventured with the SpyCompleted Roland's Adventure line
    All Adventures!Completed every Adventure in a single playthrough
    All-SeeingMaxed out the Perception skill
    An Academic AffairLived the Dream of Nigel
    An Understanding SoulMaxed out the Empathy skill
    Artful DodgerMaxed out the Deception skill
    AthleticistMaxed out everything Athletic
    Australia ExpertCompleted every Adventure in Australia
    Australia ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in Australia
    BabysitterCompleted every Adventure with Johnny
    Big BasherMaxed out the Fisticuffs skill
    Bonded with AhmoseMaxed out the Relationship with Ahmose
    Bonded with AnnaMaxed out the Relationship with Anna
    Bonded with Aunt EvelynMaxed out the Relationship with Evelyn
    Bonded with FelixMaxed out the Relationship with Felix
    Bonded with NigelMaxed out the Relationship with Nigel
    Bonded with RolandMaxed out the Relationship with Roland
    Bonded with SterlingMaxed out the Relationship with Sterling
    Bonded with the BanditCompleted every Adventure with Zul
    Book SmartMaxed out the Knowledge attribute
    Brick-WielderUsed a brick as a weapon
    CannyMaxed out the Wits attribute
    Charm School GraduateMaxed out the Charm attribute
    Childhood SweetheartsLived the Dream of Felix
    Code-BreakerMaxed out the Cryptography skill
    DeterminedMaxed out the Resolve skill
    Donut SadieA scrumptious achievement
    DrivenPlayed the Main Adventure line and no others
    Easy-GoingCompleted the game on Easy
    Egypt ExpertCompleted every Adventure in Egypt
    Egypt ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in Egypt
    Eternal OptimistMaxed out the Hope skill
    EthicistMaxed out the Conscience skill
    Every Archaeologist Does ItUsed a bullwhip
    Everybody's Best FriendMaxed out all Relationships
    FirecrackerMaxed out the Moxie skill
    FixerMaxed out the Problem Solving skill
    Flutterer of EyelashesMaxed out the Flirting skill
    Four AcesMaxed out the Poker skill
    GearsmithMaxed out the Repair skill
    GraduateSuccessfully completed the tutorial
    Hard BargainerMaxed out the Negotiation skill
    Hard-DrivingCompleted the game on Hard
    Heard the Whispers in the DarkMaxed out the Occult Lore skill
    Heavy LifterMaxed out the Strength skill
    In Tune with YourselfMaxed out the Self-Knowledge skill
    India ExpertCompleted every Adventure in India
    India ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in India
    Last of the KeatingsLived the Dream of Family
    Like a Bird in FlightMaxed out the Leaping skill
    Like a LionMaxed out the Courage skill
    Like a ShadowMaxed out the Stealth skill
    Love for the AgesLived the Dream of Ahmose
    Love in the ShadowsLived the Dream of Roland
    Loved by All, Romanced by NoneMaxed out all Relationships, kept Dream of Family
    Magically MindedMaxed out the Magic Tricks skill
    Master DetectiveMaxed out the Deduction skill
    Master of FitnessMaxed out the Athletics attribute
    Maximally WilyMaxed out the Wits suite
    Natural AmbassadorMaxed out the Diplomacy skill
    New Orleans ExpertCompleted every Adventure in Louisiana
    New Orleans ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in Louisiana
    Open-MindedMaxed out the Tolerance skill
    Peru ExpertCompleted every Adventure in Peru
    Peru ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in Peru
    PolyglotMaxed out the Language skill
    Quick on Your FeetMaxed out the Dodge skill
    Quick to AscendMaxed out the Climbing skill
    Smooth MoverMaxed out the Grace skill
    Social ButterflyMaxed out the Charm suite
    Sparring PartnerCompleted every Adventure with Lorelei
    Strange CirclesCompleted every Adventure with Lorelei, Zul and Johnny
    Stressed OutAchieved perfect Stress scores
    Tall in the SaddleMaxed out the Riding skill
    The BaselineCompleted the game on Normal
    Totally AlertMaxed out the Awareness skill
    Trickster's EmbraceLived the Dream of Sterling
    Turkey ExpertCompleted every Adventure in Turkey
    Turkey ExplorerCompleted 5 Adventures in Turkey
    TwitchyMaxed out the Stress attribute
    UnboundMaxed out the Escape Artistry skill
    UnshakableMaxed out the Poise skill
    Winner of the Waiting GameMaxed out the Patience skill
    Zoo QueenMaxed out the Animal Handling skill

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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