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    Walkthrough by McFriend

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    Primordia Walkthrough
    Written by Buddymcfriend AKA Johnathan Flannagan
    Version History: 
    12/14/2012 (Started)
    12/15/2012 (Finished)
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    +++NOT A SPOILER FREE GUIDE!+++ Though, I will explain why the answers 
    and choices are what they are.
    This is going to be a very simple, one-two jab combo type of guide to knock 
    out the MAIN POINTS of this frequently frustrating game. 
    I suggest saving often in this game since everything is pretty much 
    Please use CTRL+F on your keyboard (press them both at the same time) 
    if you are looking for a specific word or term such as 'copper wiring'.
    Table of Contents:
    Part 1: THE UNIIC
    A01) Outside the Ship
    A02) Inside the Ship
    A03) Junk Yard
    A04) Fixing the Emergency Generator
    A05) Building a New Power Source
    A06) The Telescope
    A07) GOLIATH
    A08) Ever-faithful
    A09) Blown Out of Proportion
    Part 2: Metropol
    B01) Making Friends
    B02) The Courthouse
    B03) The Underworks
    Part 3: The Council Code
    C01) Arbiter Code
    C02) Steeplebuilt Code
    C03) Memorious Code
    C04) Factorbuilt Code
    Part 4: The Tower
    D01) Infiltrating the Tower
    D02) Subway Secrets
    D03) The End...
    You are Horatio Nullbuilt and you have a buddy named Crispin that you 
    built yourself.
    Very simple! After the long cinematic/intro sequence of getting robbed 
    and shot, we find ourselves at the bottom of the UNIIC 
    (the ship that we live in).
    	=-=-=-= Part 1: The UNIIC =-=-=-=
    A01) Outside the Ship:
    + Grab the data pouch and exit off to the right hand side of the screen.
    + Collect the conduit from the ground (
      cylindrical object next to the oil spill)
    + Grab the cable hanging from the metal plate on the right side of the screen
    + Access the Emergency Generator, collect the Spark plug and Putty.
    + Examine the socket, we will need to access it again later.
    + Go up the ladder and on that screen with the lamps, hover to the top of your
      window and left click on the Crispin icon which will replace your cursor 
      with Crispin's face. Now use Crispin on the Halogen Lantern.
    + Grab that conduit off the ground that's right under the lanterns.
    + Exit off the left hand side of the screen and use your new Halogen Lantern 
      on the Hatch which will allow you to go into it (now it's not dark!)
    A02) Inside the Ship:
    + Grab the Gospel off the desk
    + Left click on the bed to collect Horatio's Plasma Torch.
    + Use the console to get back onto the deck of the UNIIC.
    + Open up the MAP interface and click on "Junk"
    A03) Junk Yard:
    + Collect the Gordium conduits near the silver box to the bottom right 
      of the train and to the right of the furthest red lamp from you.
    + Left click on the 'tube'
    + Use Crispin (again, by clicking on his face by hovering over his icon 
    in the top menu)
      on the tube to get him to collect the Gordium that's too far out of reach.
    + Use the plasma torch on the 'lockbox' to collect the spark plug within.
    + Head back to the UNIIC using the MAP again.
    A04) Fixing the Emergency Generator:
    + Weld the conduits together by using the plasma torch on the '5 conduits'
    + Use the 'fused conduit' on the socket
    + Use the 'spark plug' on the 'gap'
    + Flip the switch to turn the generator on, and prepare for a 
      little bit of talking.
    A05) Building a New Power Source:
    + From the recharging room, head north and go into the generator room.
    + Shut the radio up by collecting the 'plug' from within its interface.
    + To the right of the radio is a little blue item named 'LCD', 
      collect that as well.
    + Examine the 'plans' to the right of the blueprints on the floor.
    + Use the rag on the grease puddle back near the Emergency Generator to 
      create a new item named 'sticky rag'
    + Go back to Horatio's room and to the left of his door is a 
      tiny flashing light, 
      that is our 'crystal' (it's located in a 
      peanut shaped pod looking thing,it flashes every few seconds 
      so give it time if you can't see it)
    + Use the torch to cut off a bit of the 'cable' that we still have, which is 
      too long for use right now.
    + Use the 'putty' on the 'short cable', or vice versa, it doesn't matter.
    + Use the 'crystal' on the 'putty/cable' item to create 
    + Use the 'plug' on the 'putty/crystal/cable' to create a 'crystal/cable/plug'
    + Go back to the generator room and access the 'interface' 
      on the north wall and 
      use the 'crystal/cable/plug' on the socket.
    + Now that we have coordinates we can use the 
      'telescope' at the top of the ship.
    A06) The Telescope:
    We have these new coordinates now to plug into the 'telescope'
    The coordinates are as listed:
    + 652
    + 817
    + 608
    + 671
    + 212
    + 159
    Press the red button to turn the 'telescope' on. Type all of these coordinates
    into the telescope and we will get the following new areas added to our MAP:
    + ROBOT
    + new item at junk pile! (We can't get it just yet, so don't worry about it)
    + DEVICE
    +++ Lets now use our MAP to travel to the new point "robot"
    A07) Giant Robot (Goliath):
    + Use the plasma torch on the giant's 'finger'
    + Click on the 'vents', now open up the inventory again and click on either 
      the 'finger' or the 'sticky rag' and use one of them on Crispin who is now  
      floating in front of the giant's nostrils. After jamming one of them into 
      its nose, do the same thing with the other item you haven't used yet on 
      the other nostril/vent
    + Walk into the giant's 'mouth'
    + Talk to Alpha and Beta, MAKE SURE to use every topic available.
    + Go into the inventory and select/ready the 'cable'. Now use said cable on 
      Crispin, he will float up through the hatch in the giant's head.
    + Click on the 'cable' that is now hanging from the roof of this area 
      to climb upwards.
    + Click on the 'panel' in the middle of the 'processing unit'.
    This can be tricky. The floating bot says this: 
    Now, left click on the 'panel' which will open up an interface with a 
    bunch of gray buttons and a big red one as well.
    To the left of the long blue light are a bunch of black dots. To light the 
    dots up We have to click on the gray buttons, but we need to select 
    the right combination of buttons/lights to power the processing unit.
    +++ Empty space represents a 'zero' (not lit up)
    +++ Filled space represents a 'one' (lit up)
    This is what the panel must look like to turn on the processing unit 
    with the red button.
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    [ ]
    If you've gotten this right (and I'm sure you're smart 
    enough to push some buttons) 
    then pressing the red button will boot up the processing unit and 
    the brain will stop sparking.
    + Head back down the hatch and tell Alpha you fixed the brain.
    + Talk to him again and ask him how to use the elevator, 
      he'll give you a prefix "6" and a code "9876"
    + Click on the 'pad' on the floor and type in '9876' and press 
      ENTER on your keyboard 
      (it's easier than finding the in-game button). You'll now head down 
      into the belly of the beast.
    + Access 'Monitor 3' to speak to Gamma, who is clearly insane and 
      challenges you to catch him..
    Killing Gamma and Trapping him are your two options, both 
    paths have achievements.
    + You need to use your plasma torch on the monitors to destroy 
      them one by one and trap Gamma.
    + The only sure-fire way of catching him is guessing, so save 
      after each attempt unless you really want to do the whole 
      'well I'll take what I get' thing, which is fine too.
    + Go back up the lift and tell Alpha you trapped Gamma, they will 
      then take the lift down to him.
    + Use Crispin on the 'elevator shaft' and he will fly down to see 
      what happened.
    + Now that there's no reason for us to be here anymore, exit the 
      giant's head.. but wait..
    + After exiting the giant's head, have a nice chat with him and 
      learn more about the story. Goliath will then give you a 
      'Decryption Module', which we will use later on.
    A08) 'Device' and "Ever-faithful":
    + Use the MAP to travel to the point named "device"
    + Speak to the 'Robot' and talk to him about everything. 
      Selecting option #4 will give you a new point on your MAP 
      named: "DOME".
    + Select option 5 to begin "Ever-faithful's Quiz". If you 
      get them all right on the first try you get 
      an achievement, so do it right!
    	Here's the cheat sheet ;)
    	|+ Question 1: "Why are we here?"
      	|	  Answer: Because Man created us.
    	|+ Question 2: "What is Man?"
    	|	  Answer: A perfect machine.
    	|+ Question 3: "With what duty did Man charge us?"
    	|	  Answer: To maintain the world.
    	|+ Question 4: "...Who art *thou*?"
    	|	  Answer: Horus
    + Ever-faithful will now let you take one bomb (B-325) from the pod.
    + Now we must head back to the UNIIC and attempt to power it 
      with the bomb.. Sounds.. Safe..
    A09) 'Dome' "Blown out of Proportion":
    First thing's first, we NEED to recollect something.
    + Head back to the generator room in the UNIIC and look at that
      interface where we got the coordinates for the telescope. 
      Take the old plug that is now named 'sensor parts'
    + Use the 'bomblet' on the 'cradle'
    + After that failed attempt.. Let's use the 'bomblet' on the grease 
      puddle outside near the emergency generator. This will create an
      item named 'sticky   bomb'
    + Click on the 'endoskeleton' body slumped on the 'dome' and 
      open his pocket to retrieve a 'signal transmitter' from him. 
      This is a crucial item in this game.
    + Click on the big AA Gun on the right side of this screen to retrieve
       a 'CPU' from it.
    + Attach the new 'CPU' to the 'sensor parts' to create 'sensor + CPU'
    + Combine the 'sensor + CPU' to the 'LCD' to create a 'Mobile Sensor'
    + Head back to the junk yard and use the 'mobile sensor' on the 
      tube-like junk object at the top-middleish area of the screen 
      and Crispin will say you found something.
    + Use Crispin to retrieve a 'battery' from the spot that now says
      'power source'
    + Put the 'battery' into the 'signal transmitter' (guess what we're 
      going to do next..)
    + Go back to the dome and attach the 'sticky bomb' to the door to the  
      right of the endoskeleton and below the 'm' sign.
    + Use the 'signal transmitter' on the bomb
       and enter in this code: "6325"
         The code is that number because of the prefix Alpha gave us and 
           the last three digits of the bomb's I.D. number (remember? 
    	This will cause an energy reading which is......
    		The hidden tapedeck!!
    		This unlocks the "Keeping it reel" Achievement.
    + Enter now through the mysteeeerious doorway...
    + Talk to the machine on the wall and get a ticket to then use on the
      control panel on the wall which opens up the 'entrance'.
    + Step onto the train and we'll be off!
    	=-=-=-= Part 2: Metropol =-=-=-=
    B01) Making Friends
    This is where the game goes beyond frustrating and confusing onto a 
    whole new level. I loved it though, a game hasn't challenged me 
    intellectually like this in a long time. 
    Anyways, onto the guide.
    + Take the only exits you can at this point and then get 
      jumped by security who disposes of our favorite book :(
    + Enter the area with all the bots and speak to the one that keeps 
      callin' ya 'tyro'. 
      He can tell you a lot, so pay attention. Inspect all of the items he's
      'bartering'. We'll be coming back to him often to make trades.
    + Access the 'computer terminal' and type in 'LAWS', the computer will 
      dispense a new item called 'printout'. You can also learn a lot 
      about Metropol here at this point, so go and do that at your leisure.
    + Exit to the west of the terminal and ask Crispin to move the 
      'zappy-cable'out of the way, which he will do even though he 
      doesn't like it.
    + Talk to the 'repair bot' and talk about every option available.
    + Ask Crispin to talk to the female 'Floater' bot.
    + Go back to the 'street' area we were at before and use the lantern in our 
      inventory on Crispin. This is so he can get some.. 'practice' talking a lamp  
      which will help him talk to the femme fatale bot.
    + Go back to the area with the 'Floater' bot and now tell Crispin to go 
      talk to her, which he will. She will give us 'copper wiring'.
    + Exit north out of this area to a new area where you will see some bots 
      waiting in a line. Continue on to that spot to move into a new 
      sub-area named 'waiting area'.
    B02) The Courthouse
    + Question the bots in line and go through all the topics. 
      When you ask them about 
      what they're fighting about you'll start a new little quest.
     Ownership of Rex
    	You will be the judge of who gets the bot named Rex.
    	First, the two bots will test you to see if you are even
    	smart enough to be the judge of their case.
    	After hearing all the info you need to answer the questions..
    	These are the answers to said questions
    	|+ Question 1: "Which of the following statements
    	|		 about the Probabilitists' Circle
    	|		 cannot possibly be true?"
      	|	  Answer: Four robots were built by Sturnweiler.
    	|+ Question 2: "If exactly two Factorbuilt robots have the
    	|		same type of processor architecture, then
    	|		which of the following must be true?"
    	|	  Answer: Three of the seven robots were
    	|		  built by Sturnweiler.
    	|+ Question 3: "Which of the following types of processor
    	|		architecture might you find in a Probabilitist
    	|		built by Sturnweiler?"
    	|	  Answer: Only multiplex.
    	|==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==  ==
    	|+ Question 4: The answer to who gets the bot is..
    	|	  Answer: Factor. Both parties are Factorbuilt.
    + Cornelius tosses us a new item called 'disc'
    + We can use the 'signal transmitter' on the bot still in line with all the
      pipes attached to it. The bot Gimbal gives us a 'record' and 
      asks us to get its motor back from Leopold.
    + Go back to Leopold and trade him the 'disc' for 'memory access device'
    + Right click on the 'burnt sensor' that we have in our inventory and Horatio 
      will take it apart, giving us the 'plug' and 'crystal' back.
    + Also, trade Leopold the old 'crystal' for the 'crowbar'
    + Attach the 'plug' to the 'memory access device' to get 
      'memory reader + plug'
    + Combine that item with the 'data pouch'
    + Use the 'crowbar' on the metal plate on the 'street' district, 
    this leads down to the under city.
    B03) The Underworks
    + There will be cars stacked to your left once you get down the ladder,
      walk to the front of the bottom left car and access the 'large hatch' 
      with the 'crowbar'.
    + Take the 'fan belt' and 'car engine'
    + Walk to the far right of this area to find a poetic robot named 'Primer'
    + Access all options available when talking to him and he'll give 
      a lot of info, but the most important piece of info is that Primer is #137.
    + Go back to Leopold at the street area and trade him the 'car engine' for 
     'Gimbal's Motor'.
    + Use the 'copper wiring' we had from earlier on the 'motor', the puzzle is 
      easy enough to solve, it shouldn't need a diagram or anything.
    + Go back to the waiting area in front of the court and give the 
      'motor' back to Gimbal
    + Talk to 187th at the front of the line (he's the only one left at this point) 
      and tell him that you met Primer. Now, right click the 'printout' in your 
      inventory if you haven't examined it yet so you now know what it says. 
      NOW you can use the 'printout' on 187th to convince him that what he did was 
      technically 'legal'. Go to the Tower and examine the blasted door if you 
      haven't already, but if you have then he'll remove himself from the line.
    + Now go back to the undercity area and take the south west exit 
      out of this area to reach the 'bridge'. Use the 'signal transmitter' 
      on the keypad that is out of reach and dial in the number "0137" 
      (which is Primer's #).
    	Now cross the bridge and get your but saved by Clarity Arbiterbuilt. 
    	Exhaust all possible speaking options and she
    	will then give us the 'keycard' to open the door to the
    + Fast travel back to the 'court' spot on your MAP and use the 
      keycard on the scanner which will open the door. 
      Proceed through all the dialogue and then  
      click on Arbiter which will initiate more dialogue.
    + Use the 'lantern' on the robot that's hidden in the darkness behind Arbiter 
      and discover that it is Charity, Clarity's sister.
    + Use the 'data pouch' with the new memory attachment on the 'HOLE' in 
      Charity's head to download memory files from her. This will initiate 
      a sequence of events which leaves you hiding in the darkness from Scraper.
    + Use the 'signal transmitter' on the reporter to fool Scraper (what an ijit) 
      into letting us pass behind him and out the door. But.. 
      he's not as dumb as we thought..
    	+ Right click the shiny blue light on Scraper's lower body and
    	  find out that it's... THE OTHER BOMBLET!! Now our old bomblet's
    	  code was B-325 and we used the prefix 6 to blow it up..
    	  Scraper was the one that took the other bomb. Use
    	  the 'signal-transmitter' on the bomblet on his waist and type 
    	  in the code: "6734"
    	Enjoy the fireworks ;)
    + Time to head back to Clarity and tell her what happened, this will be 
      another long conversation with video clips in between. In the end, 
      Charity screws Arbiter up and shoots herself in the head. 
      We also get a new companion!
    	=-=-=-= Part 3: The Council Code =-=-=-=
    	To open the door of the Tower, 
    	we need to complete a 16 digit code.
    	All of the information needed will be 
    	gotten through differentevents listed below.
    C01) Arbiter Code
    + After the sequence we watched with Charity, we were able to get the code 
      that she knew.
    	Charity: - 03067
    		 - 440
    		 - 26
    C02) Steeplebuilt Code
    	I consider this the quickest code to nab once you know how.
    + Head back to the streets with our new companion and question Leopold
      about being a 'Steeplebuilt' bot. He will deny, so we have to show him 	
      some a little agression..
    + We need our 'Gospel' back, so head down to the 'cars' spot on your MAP
    + Exit this area to the south-east of Primer and Clarity will do the honors
      of disposing of the shell that is in the way.
    + In the water there is a pile of 'floating junk', click on it and sift  
      through the debris to retrieve your 'Gospel of Man' and a 'gold chain'  
      which will come in handy in a minute.
    + Go back to Leopold and use the 'Gospel of Man' on him to confront him and  
      question his motives. He will eventually give you all of the code that 
      he can remember.
    	Leopold: - 0248
    		 - 102
    C03) Memorious Code
    + First thing's first, access the bar and wait for a few seconds, the  
      bartender will slip you a note asking you to stop Oswald from drinking.
    + The way to do this is by using the 'signal transmitter' on Rex, who is   
      near Oswald. When this is done, Oswald will chase after Rex and you can   
      grab his 'oil' off the table (this will be used very soon).
    + Exit the area and come back, but you have to go far enough away;Try the  
      Courthouse. Once Oswald is back in his spot, talk to him and exhaust all  
      possible chat options.
    + Use the 'golden chain' on Oswald and he will trade you his 'monocle'.
    + Access the information terminal and use the monocle on its screen, which
      will turn it red. This information is the truth, what was behind
      Metromind's lies. 
    	To get the code, follow/type these topics/instructions:
    		2) OBLIQUE
    		3) REDLIEN
    		4) ART
    		5) CREATED
    		6) ORACLE
    + Speak to Memento Moribuilt about everything and he will have no choice   
      but to sacrifice himself to give you the code:
    	Memorious: - 675
    		   - 4024
    		   - 02
    At this point in time, stupid, hated (by us) Metromind won't Metromind her
    own business and she intervenes. She slays the poor hologram bot, but he 
    did the best he could with what he had.
    C04) Factorbuilt Code
    + Go back to the spot labeled 'Factor' on your map and enter the building.
      Use the plasma torch on the 'panel' down the ladder.
    + Remove the two gears and the belt from the interface and use the oil that 
      we took from Oswald on ONE (I REPEAT ONE) of the gears. THEN go back to 
      where Primer was and near him you'll see some fish looking things swimming 
      in the water. You can use the other rusty gear on those fish
      who will then eat the oxidized iron off the gear 
      (basically removing the rust)
    		Now, if you followed the instructions and used two 		
    		different methods of cleaning the rust off the gears,
    		you should get the achievement "Gear Head".
    + Go back to the place where you got the gears from and replace them, also
      you will have to use the 'fan belt' we got from the car earlier. Exit the
      interface and press the green button above the panel which will open the
      blast doors. Collect the 'medal' that flew off of the door as well.
    + Now fast travel back to the 'crane' area and talk to Clarity, this will
      bring up the conversation about the skulls she has (if you haven't spoken
      to her about it yet). Now examine the skulls and there will be one that 
      looks like Oswald, this is his brother Laurence. If you examine it then
      left click it, Horatio will ask Clarity if he could take it. 
    + Used the data pouch/reader on Laurence's skull to get the message
      "518" which is a distress call for Factorbuilts. Guess what?
    + Go back to the open blast doors in the Factor area and used the 'signal  
      transmitter' on the radio tower in the distance with the code '518' and a   
      flying bot will approach you from the distance.
    + Exhaust all chat options and say goodbye. Crispin will stop you from
    + Use Laurence's skull on the flying bot Factotum and he will understand
      more or less what's going on with Metromind and her nasty plots.
    	Factor: - 7510
    		- 4803
    Now we can go back to Primer and ask him for his help in deciphering the
    code since all we have are a bunch of random numbers, but he won't help us 
    immediately. Give him the 'medal' that we found that belongs to him.
    	In the end, Primer gives you the drawn out code for the door
    	to the Tower.
    		Full Council Code: 4402-4803-0675-1026
    	Now we can get into that tower and finally confront Metromind..
    	=-=-=-= Part 4: The Tower =-=-=-=
    D01) Infiltrating the Tower
    	(again) Full Council Code: 4402-4803-0675-1026
    + Go back to the tower and type in the code listed above and the door will
      pop open. Go up the elevator and confront Metromind
    + After a long sequence of events we find ourselves back in front of the
      tower with some information about 'Calliope Station', so head back to the
      train station where we first entered Metropol.
    D02) Subway Secrets
    + Examine the 'subway map' on the wall and press the white button next to
      the word 'Calliope" which will open up a passage to our left. Walk  
      through it and head straight down the hallway ignoring the bot (it's
      basically just a camera, so don't get your panties in a knot).
    + Use the plasma torch on the cable that's lying on the ground.
    + NOW go back to where Scraper first got blown up in front of the Court.
      His arm will now by lying on the ground, very visible amongst the rest
      of the wooden planks and rubble. To grab it, use the 'crowbar' on it, NOT 
      THE RUBBLE. Again, use the 'crowbar' on the 'arm'. Misconceptions like 
      this drive people mad (like me).
    + Go back to the room with the cut cable and attach 'Scraper's arm' to it.  
      This will automatically blast the door down, so go ahead and walk through
      once you gain control again.
    + After the long sequence of events, make sure to pick up Crispin's 
      'matrix' out of his lifeless body (yeah I know he was never alive,
      but you know exactly what I mean).
    + Also make sure to pick up the golden 'datachip' that's on the ground.
    	+++ This isn't necessary but for my guide.. It is! +++
    	    This is going to open up different endings for the game.
    		+ Use the 'decryption module' on the 'datachip'
    		+ Use the cracked 'datachip' on the data pouch to learn
    		  some coded history about Horatio.. Err.. "Horus", and
    		  the 'Thanatos' virus.
    D03) The End..
    + Back on track, walk your can back to the Tower and climb it once more.
    + Talk to Metromind and this will be the start of many, many paths to take.
      There are many ways to end this game, and I suggest trying them all!
    + Tell Metromind you "need to think about it" and save your game.
    + Insert the 'virus' datachip into the signal transmitter.
     ==--==--==These are all the paths I was able to discover..==--==--==
    	|1) Use the virus transmitter on Scraper
    	|2) Walk out the eastern door and climb up the girdirs.
    	|   Use the virus transmitter on the 'radio' at the tower top.
    	|3) Use plasma torch on 'power core' (Very well)
    	|4) Use plasma torch on 'power core' (No, you must be destroyed)
    	|5) Tell Metromind you will join her.		
    	|6) Tell Metromind you will never join her.
    	|7) Jump off the ledge on the roof.  
    	|8) ??? Are there more? I don't think so.
    	=-=-=-= Concluding Remarks =-=-=-=
    I hope you guys and girls found this guide helpful in getting you unstuck.
    This was my first guide and I felt happy that I might be of some assistance 
    to the lost souls of this world.
    I loved this game and haven't been challenged intellectually by a game in a 
    long time, so that made the experience much greater.
    Thanks again!
    Check out my Youtube channel if you want to see more about me:
    Thank you Wadjet for making this game.

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