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    FAQ by dark_scourge

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    	Game: Divinity II - Ego Draconis
    Welcome to this FAQ where I will point out and explain some 
    aspects of the game Divinity II - Ego Draconis.
    This FAQ is not a "Go there, then there, then there to complete the main 
    quest. Take these skills for uber pwnage." or a "There is the phat loot!"
    It merely is representing some helpful tips to the beginners 
    because the game is quite complex the first time you play it.
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    =================================The FAQ=====================================
    This FAQ is based on the 1.00 version of the german game, the skill names 
    and locations are entirely -MY OWN TRANSLATION- and may and will differ from
    the non-german versions.
    I will try to translate them as best as I can, and as exact as I can, but 
    there will be mistakes of course. English is not my native language, 
    so please be patient. Thank you very much.
    Table of Contents:
    1. Game Introduction
    2. Character Generation
    	2.a The Classes
    	2.b The Stats
    3. The Skills
    	The Dragon Slayer Skills
    	The Ranger Skills
    	The Warrior Skills
    	The Mage Skills
    	The Priest Skills
    4. The Dragontower
    	4a The Alchemist
    	4b The smith
    	4c The Skill trainer
    	4d The Necromancer
    	4e The Necromantic Minion
    5. Tips
    6. Contact
    7. Version History
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Evaluation of the game
    10. Final Words
    To find a specific Section just enter the whole name of it.
    Like, '1. Game Introduction' to find the Introduction section.
    ========================1. Game Introduction=================================
    Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis is a third person roleplaying game with action 
    elements, lots of random generated loot like in Diablo 2, a base for 
    yourself where you can upgrade your equipment and last but not least, 
    the ability to transform into a dragon.
    This all combined with the intriguing storyline, and the very strange humor
    it sometimes displays makes it a good game.
    And so the story starts...
    You recently finished training on the Dragonslayer Academy and now you are 
    ready to have the knowledge of the dragons imprented into your mind.
    Unfortunately has this the side effect that you forget everything you 
    learned so far, but hey, you at least get nice blue glowing eyes and you 
    are now a Dragon slayer.
    But then reports come in of a Dragon being sighted in a nearby village.
    After some investigation you meet that Dragon.. and from there it goes 
    even further down the drain and in the end you have to save the world.
    ========================2. Character Generation==============================
    Character generation is rather easy.
    The name: Its rather unimportant, and the default 'Slayer' is 
    not my first choice to be honest.
    You then select between a 'Male' character, or a 'Female' one.
    You get three hairsets, with two colors each.
    Then you can chose between five different faces, or rather beardstyles.
    You then get to chose between 4 voicesets
    You get to choose between five different hairstyles, and three 
    different hair colors for those styles.
    Not that this influences a lot, because most of the time you will be 
    wearing a helmet that covers your hair.
    After this you can chose one out of 4 different voicesets, which will 
    only be used for combat cries at best, and mostly for deathcries.
    To round it off you got 7 different faces, plus another 3 who are 
    just the same as before but are now with a scar over the eye.
    There are no classes at first, but once you have the Dragon memories 
    imprinted you can chose between three teachers, to get some of your 
    abilities back. However you can always learn whatever you want to make 
    the character just how you like it.
    ========================2.a The Classes======================================
    Warrior - He gets rough with the enemies and feels at home at the frontlines.
    Starting Equipment: 	Gawaines 'My first sword', Damage: 2 - 4
    Starting Skil: 		Whirlwind.
    Stats:			+3 Strength.
    Ranger - He takes the enemie apart from a distance with his trusty bow.
    Starting Equipment: 	Aravirs 'My First Bow', Damage: 1 - 3
    Starting Skil: 		Poison Arrows.
    Stats:			+3 Dexterity.
    Mage - Frail, weak, yet devastating with his magic.
    Starting Equipment: 	Alberiks 'My First Mace'
    Starting Skil: 		Fireball.
    Stats:			+3 Intelligence.
    ========================2.b The Stats========================================
    Not everyone might be used to the RPG system, so, here I shall explain the
    5 different stats and their effects.
    Lifeforce:    Each point Raises your HP.
    Willpower:    Each point Raies your MP.
    Strength:     It not only governs the damage you cause in melee, but also 
    	      your HP regeneration and your Resistance to melee attacks. 
    	      It further increases the 'Strong Body'.
    Dexterity     It governs your Ranged Damaged and your Enhanced Reflexes.
    	      It also increases the Ranged Resistance.
    Intelligence: It governs the Magic damage you cause with your attack.
    	      Your MP regeneration and your Indominable Will and 
    	      your Magic Resistance.
    Melee Resistance:	Its in percentile and all the Melee damage is reduced 
    			by this.
    Ranged Resistance:	The same as Melee Resistance, just for ranged Attacks.
    Magic Resistance:	The same as Melee Resistance, just for magic.
    Strong Body:		Its reduces the damage from skills like 
    			Bleeding Cut, Fireball, Firewall, 
    			Poison Arrows and Polymorph.
    Enhanced Reflexes:	It governs the additional damage you cause when 
    			you score a critical hit.
    Indominable Will:	It governs your resistance to Curse, Fear, Polymorph,
    			Surprise Attack and Stunning Arrows.
    ========================3. The Skills========================================
    What would an RPG without skills? Not so much of an RPG.
    There are several Skill Trees, Dragon Slayer, Ranger, Warrior, Mage, Priest.
    However, you don't need to buy lower level skills to unlock better skills, 
    you can happily go through them as you please, all that you need is to meet 
    the level requirements for a skill to be able to learn it.
    ========================The Dragon Slayer Skills=============================
    			Expert Unarmed [Passive]
    Description: 	The unarmed skill enhances the damage you cause with your 
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		+5%/15%/29%/... More damage with unarmed attacks.
    			Expert One handed Weapons[Passive]
    Description: 	You cause more damage when wielding only a single hand 
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		+2%/5%/9%/... more damaged when wielding a one handed 
    			Expert Dual Wield [Passive]
    Description: 	This skill allows you to use two one handed weapons at the 
    		same time more efficiently.
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		Main hand gets a +5%/7%/... damage bonus while the offhand 
    		gets a -50%/-35%/... damage malus, which later turns into 
    		positive numbers.
    			Expert Sword and Shield [Passive]
    Description: 	This skill makes you more profficient when fighting with 
    		a sword and a shield at the same time.
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		+0% damage, 5% Defense/7%damage, 8% Defense/...
    			Expert Two hands [Passive]
    Description: 	This skill allows the use of Two handed weapons more 
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		+5%/15%/... More damage when using a two handed weapon.
    			Mind Reading [Passive]
    Description: 	With this ability you can read the mind of your foes or other 
    		people, getting an extra advantage, knowing things they do, or 
    		even learning more from it.
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		Mindreading costs 0%/15%/20%/25%/... less XP.
    			Wisdom [Passive]
    Description: 	With this you learn quicker.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		+5%/7%/... more XP
    			Open Locks [Passive]
    Description: 	You can pick locked Chests.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You can pick the locks of level 1/2/3/.. Chests.
    Description: 	The more ranks you have in it the more items you can have in 
    		your inventory at the same time.
    Initial Rank: 	1
    Effect:		You can have 100/120/140/... Items in your inventory.
    ========================The Ranger Skills====================================
    			Poison Arrows
    Description: 	You shoot a Poisoned Arrow.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		For 10/10/... seconds you poison the enemy and cause 1/2/... 
    		damage per second.
    			Evil Surprise
    Description: 	You shoot an arrow that causes no damage but instead decrease 
    		the enemies defenses.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		-30/-35/... Melee, -5/-10/... Ranged and Magic Defense.
    			Strength of the Ranger [Passive]
    Description: 	Your arrows hurt more.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		+5%/10%/... more damage with your ranged attacks.
    			Stunning Arrows
    Description: 	You shoot an arrow that stuns your enemy.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		2/3/.. seconds stun.
    			Sneakyness [Passive]
    Description: 	You are able to get closer to the enemy with your bow out.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You can get 14%/22%/.. closer to the enemy without being 
    			Potion Use [Passive]
    Description: 	Your potions are more effective.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		Your potions are 10%/20/%... more effective.
    			Splitting Arrows
    Description: 	You are able to shoot several arrows at once to hurt multiple
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You are able to shoot and hit 2/3/... enemies at the same 
    			Dodge [Passive]
    Description: 	You are able to dodge melee attacks more effectively.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		10%/12%/14%/... chance to completely avoid a melee attack.
    			Way of the Ranger
    Description: 	Those who were born to use Bow and Arrow get the best out of 
    		this skill.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		For 90/90/... seconds your ranged attacks cause 40%/44%/... 
    		more damage, furthermore your Ranged Defense rises by 
    		50/53/... and a bonus of 50/53/... to enhanced reflexes. 
    		However your melee attacks suffer a -20%/-22%/... penalty, 
    		and your Melee Defense is lowered by 50/47/...
    ========================The Warrior Skills====================================
    Description: 	You spin around and hit every enemy around you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You cause 1/4/... extra damage and knock everyone back with 
    		a chance of 10%/13%/...
    			Charge Attack
    Description: 	You charge at the enemy.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You cause 1/1.2/1.4 times more damage and stun the enemy with 
    		30%/35%/40% probability.
    			Jump Attack [Passive]
    Description: 	Your jump attacks are more devastating.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You cause 6/18/... More damage and the enemy is knocked back 
    		with a10%/20% chance.
    			Death Attack
    Description: 	You are able to kill an enemy with one hit.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You can instantly slay your enemy when he is below 
    		20%/24%/... HP.
    Description: 	You are better at shielding yourself from harm.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You get bonus of 4/8/... to Melee and Ranged Defense, 
    		but -20%/-15%/... to Melee and Ranged damage. This lasts for 
    		30/60/... Seconds.
    			Battle Rage
    Description: 	You start Raging recklessly.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You get a bonus of 20%/30%/... to Melee attacks but suffer
    		 a -4/-12/.. to Melee Defense
    			Life Drain [Passive]
    Description: 	You are able to leech the life from your enemies.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		With a 10%/12%/... chance you add 10%/13%/... of the 
    		damage you cause to your HP.
    			Bleeding Cut [Passive]
    Description: 	Your hits have a chance to cause serious injuries.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		With a 10%/13%/15%/... chance you cause your enemy to 
    		bleed for 10/9/8/... seconds for additional 
    		10%/13%/15%/... damage.
    			Regenerate [Passive]
    Description: 	You heal your wounds much more quickly.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You heal 0.3%/0.35%/0.4%/... of your maximum health 
    		each second.
    			Thousand cuts
    Description: 	You rapidly slash at a foe, causing massive damage.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You cause 1.1/1.2/... more damage and knock him over 
    		with a 20%/25%/... chance.
    			Devastating Critical
    Description: 	You are better at striking that one vital spot.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		Your chance for a critical rises by 4%/8%/...
    		Reflect Damage [Passive]
    Description: 	Whenever you are struck you retiliate.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You reflect 20%/24%/28%/36%/... of the damage you receive.
    ========================The Mage Skills======================================
    			Magic Missile
    Description: 	You shoot magic missiles at your enemy.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You shoot 1/2/... magic missiles that each cause 
    		6/14/... damage
    Description: 	You shoot a fireball for massive damage.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		In a range of 5/5/5/... meters you cause 8/23/47/... damage
    		and the enemy starts to burn with a chance of 1%/2%/3%/...
    			Mana usage [Passive]
    Description: 	You are better at using your magic than others.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		Every ability or spell you use costs 90%/80%/70%/... 
    		less mana
    			Confusion [Passive]	
    Description: 	Enemies that are hit with your magic might get confused.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		5%/7%/... chance to stun the enemy for 1/2/... seconds when 
    		they are hit by your spells.
    			Rapid Magic Fire
    Description: 	You shoot magic rapidly at the enemy.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You shoot 3/3/... bolts of magic at an enemy, each one 
    		causes 12/16/... damage
    			Mana Drain [Passive]
    Description: 	Your attacks drain the mana of your foes.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		With an 80%/81%/82%/... chance you drain 10%/12%14% of 
    		the caused damage as Mana.
    			Destruction [Passive]
    Description: 	Your Magic attacks cause more damage.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		Your magic attacks cause 10%/20%/... more damage.
    		Ring of Fire
    Description: 	You create a ring of searing heat around you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You create a ring of fire for 5/5/.. seconds that causes 
    		26/32/.. damage per second to everyone touching the flames.
    Description: 	You channel the mana to heal your wounds.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		For 8/8/... seconds you heal yourself for 15/18/... damage 
    		per second.
    			Way of the Battlemage
    Description: 	You boost your magic tremendously.
    Initial Rank: 	0%
    Effect:		You get a 20/30%/... Boni to your magic attacks but 
    		-20/-15/... to your Magic Resistance and Indominable Will. 
    		It lasts for 90/90/.. seconds.
    ========================The Priest Skills======================================
    			Raise Zombie
    Description: 	You raise a zombie to fight for you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You raise a 1/4/7/11/14/... zombie to fight for you for 
    		160/180/200/220/240/... seconds.
    			Raise Ghost
    Description: 	You raise a zombie to fight and heal you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You raise a 1/4/7/11/14/... Ghost to fight for you for 
    		160/180/200/220/240/... seconds.
    Description: 	You inspire fear in nearby foes.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You cause fear in creatures up to level 9/15/... in a 
    		range of 4/5/... meters for 10/12/.. seconds
    		Embrace of the Shadows
    Description: 	You hide yourself with the shadows.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You turn yourself invisible for 10/15/... seconds, 
    		draining 9/9/... mana per second.
    Description: 	You charm an enemy to make him fight for you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		For 20/... seconds you charm 1/... foe up to level 13/...
    			Master Summoner [Passive]
    Description: 	Your summoned creatures are stronger.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		Your sommoned creatures are 10%/15%/... stronger
    Description: 	You curse your enemies.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		In 10/10/... Meters you curse all foes up to level 
    		13/16/...  who get a damage malus of -20%/-23%/... Their 
    		enhanced reflexes and indominable will are reduced by 
    		-20%/-23%/... for 20/25/... seconds.
    			Inflict Blindness
    Description: 	You blind an enemy with your magic.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		For 60/80/... seconds you cause a foe up to 
    		level 20/23/... to be blind.
    			Life Sacrifice
    Description: 	You sacrifice Health for Mana.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You sacrifice up to 10% of your maxmimum HP and get 
    		2/2.5/3/... MP for each pont of life sacrificed.
    			Master of the Herbs
    Description: 	You need less herbs to mix potions.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You need 15%/30%/... less herbs for potions.
    			Summon Demon
    Description: 	You summon a demon to fight for you.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		You summon a demon of level 20/23/ for up to 200/220/... 
    		seconds to fight for you.
    			Way of the Wise Wizard
    Description: 	You boost your arcane defenses, at the cost of the offense.
    Initial Rank: 	0
    Effect:		15/18/... to Magic Resistance and Indominatable Will, 
    		but -40/30/... to magic damage. It lasts 90/90/... seconds.
    ========================4. The Dragontower===================================
    Eventually you will receive your very own Dragon Tower, complete with an 
    Alchemist, a smith, a skill trainer and a Necromancer.
    Each of them can be upgraded twice for cheaper potions, better 
    enchantments, better skills, or a better Minion.
    It also comes with your own Bard, your own Dancer, three scavengers 
    who will get you everything you want, with more or less success depending 
    on their equipment, and your very own corpse trader.
    You can send the scavengers out to find stuff for you, like jewels or 
    herbs, that you then can use to create Potions or enchant equipment. 
    However you need to equip them with gear so that they success is more 
    guarenteed. They can't die however, but if they are hurt to badly they 
    refuse to go out until you send them to the alchemist to let them be healed.
    ========================4a The Alchemist=====================================
    How to: To upgrade the Alchemist just talk to him and he will give you a 
    	quest, fulfill that and you can perfom the upgrade.
    Level 1: The basic Alchemist. Nothing special about it.
    Level 2: Now you can ask your alchemist to brew yourself Superior 
    	 potions of Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence without having to pay 
    	 ingredients for them.
    Level 3: The Ingredient cost is reduced, all potions are much cheaper.
    ========================4b The Smith=========================================
    Level 1: The basic Smith, nothing special about him.
    Level 2: You have three choices:
    	 Depending on what you chose it will be cheaper to enchant these items.
    Level 3: Same as level 2.
    ========================4c The skill Trainer=================================
    Here you can pay to enhance your skill past the original limit of 5 points.
    Level 1: You can raise your skill to 7
    Level 2: You can raise your skill to 10
    Level 3: You can raise your skill to 13
    Note: I'm not to sure about these stats, but it does sound quite good.
    ========================4d The Necromancer===================================
    Level 1: Your average Necromancer.
    Level 2: Depending on your Necromancer has your creature increased Magical 
    	 Resistance or Physical Resistance.
    Level 3: The effects of Level 2 increase.
    You can also buy corpse parts which you can use to assamble your very own 
    necromantic minion and shape it to your liking.
    ========================4e The Necromantic Minion============================
    THe necromantic Minion, by collecting body parts of your slain enemies, 
    which is sort of misleading since they are not really collected from 
    your slain enemies but you can find them rather on corpses, in chests, or
    special enemies after killing them. 
    You already have access to it far earlier than he Dragontower,
    but the true potential comes out with the Tower and the specialized 
    Necromancer you choose. 
    That doesn't means its bad at first, in fact is it quite vital.
    However the Corpse Part Trader that comes with the Tower makes 
    creating your minion far more easier.
    When making your minion you have four options to chose from.
    			The Head
    The head can either be purely cosmetic, or something you want, like a head 
    of a goblin so the minion will at first throw fireballs at the enemy. 
    Or a head that allos them to use devastating warrior abilities. Generally 
    is the head useful for skills and save for that has no other use.
    My choice: Fresh Disgusting Head.
     Class:	   Fighter
     Skills:   Charge Attack 9, Death Attack 9
    			The Torso
    The torso is mostly important for the Close Combat Resistance, 
    Ranged Resistance and Magic resistance. Save for that no further use.
    My Choice: Perfect Goblin Torso
     Features: +100% Melee Resistance
    	   +100% Magic Resistance
    	   +130% Ranged Resistance
    			The Arms
    THey not only govern the damage your creature causes with a hit, but also 
    the additional HP it has. Some of the arms just give melee damage, others 
    give purely health. So it is to your own choice to decide what you prefer 
    and what is appropiate, a creature that will primarily attack with magic 
    will most probably not need any melee damage.
    My Choice: Seamlessly cut of arm pieces.
     Features: +100% Melee Damage
    	   +100% Health
    			The Legs
    They govern the Strong Body, Enhanced Reflexes, and the Indominable will 
    of your creature. Again are there some legs that are more specialized in 
    one aspect, but so lack other aspects.
    My Choice: Seamlessly cut of leg pieces.
     Features: +90% Strong Body
    	   +90% Enhanced Reflexes
    	   +90% Indominable Will
    Also note that the Minion will always be the same level as you, and 
    level with you and so increase in power. The body parts are only 
    there to enhance his abilities.
    			My Level 34 Minion:
    Damage:			54-54+(27-27)
    Melee Resistance:	66%
    Ranged Resistance:	66%
    Magic Resistance:	66%
    Strong Body:		34%
    Enhanced Reflexes:	34%
    Indominable Will:	34%
    HP:			2736
    At first using Mindread is quite expansive, some people need more than 
    3000 Xp to read their mind. Often is it worth though because you can get 
    Skillpoints from them this way. Or alternatively, quests, which in turn are 
    worth XP too.
    Later on its not this important anymore since many enemies are worth 
    1000 XP, and so you easily get it in again.
    But at the start is it quite heavy.
    No matter what skills you opt to use, take Mana drain, especially when you
    are a melee oriented warrior. That way you never run out of mana.
    Summoning your Minion takes 50% if your maximum mana.
    You can't have more than one summon (Ghost/Zombie/Demon) out at a time.
    Charming your enemies works wonders, they have one less combatant and you 
    have one more. The higher levels of it allow you to charm more enemies at 
    the same time.
    Equipment plays an important role, always aim to have the best gear 
    Since the items are generated randomly can you save and reload for maximum
    efficiency in getting the item you want. It does however take time.
    Always keep seperate saves, you may never know what lurks around the next 
    The Dragon Skill 'Summon Ally' doesn't work as described. At the highest 
    level (5) should you be able to summon 3 level 32 Wyverns, but you are
    only to summon 1. Each further use of the ability will make the old Wyvern
    Confused on how to reach the other platforms in the Dragontower?
    Press 'U' and you get a choice between the different platforms.
    If you press Q will you automatically transform into a dragon, if there is 
    enough space.
    Once you leave the first level, the dale, will you not be able to come back.
    So do everything you can.
    The Dragonvoice is not always correct, with the right tactics you can beat 
    even stronger foes than you should. If they are alone that is.
    ===========================6. Contact=======================================
    If you want to contact me then please send an Email to the following Address
    	jannis1001 (AT) hotmail (dot) com
    Please put Divinity II - Ego Draconis into the subject line so it 
    doesn't gets Marked as Spam or so that I don't overread it.
    ===========================7. Version History================================
    1.00 -  First release of this FAQ. There is no other FAQ up at this point.
    	So I made one.
    1.01 - Added Neoseeker to the sites allowed to host the FAQ.
           Added cheats.de to the sites allowed to host the FAQ.
           Corrected some minor typos.
           Added another section for the Necromantic Minion.
           Added some more Q&A in the FAQ section.
           Added some more tips.
    1.02 - Fixed more typos.
           Changed some Formatting.
           Allowed supercheats to host this FAQ.
           Added some more Q&A in the FAQ section.
           Added some more tips.
    1.03 - Allowed MyFrag.com.au to host this FAQ.
    1.04 - Corrected a little typo I made in the update section.
           Allowed gamershell.com to host this FAQ.
    1.05 - At long last an update, even if it is very very small.
           Many people have reported problems with Keara's Flying Fortress 
           so I add it too. Also, happy new Year everyone!
    ===========================8. Frequently Asked Questions=====================
    Q: Help! I can't find that tree in the south in the quest 
       'You sow what you seed'
    A: Its a bug to be honest. The map pointer should be further in the north, 
       near the island in the middle of the sea.
    Q: What does that "15/18/..." mean you type in the skill effect section?
    A: It shows the varios effects of it of the skills, the first one is the 
       first level, second level, third level, etc. As far as I could test it 
       with my character. So "15/18.../ seconds" would mean that it lasts 15 
       seconds on the first level, 18 on the second level, and more then on 
       the third.
    Q: You typed Damage 54-54+(27-27) when describing your encromantic minion, 
       what does that mean?
    A: Weapons, and damage, can also cause magical damage which is displayed 
       in extra blue numbers behind the normal physical damage. This only means 
       my minion causes 54 physical damage with each hit, and 27 magical.
    Q: Will you write all the skill damages and effects up to maximum level?
    A: Doubtful, considering you can train your skills up to level 13, and you 
       need Level 35 to be able to invest the 13th skillpoint into the skill 
       then. Not only that but it will be a lot of work to write it all down, 
       and if it should be changed in a future patch would it all be good for 
    Q: I heard that there are Dragon abilities too? Why are they not in the 
       skill list.
    A: There are overall 7 Dragon abilities and you get enough skillpoints 
       to max 4 of them, and boost the rest to reasonable levels with equipment. 
       I also didn't want to start a new game to find out what the first level 
       of those skills does and then wait until I get my first point to see the 
       second level of them, and so on.
    Q: Where can I find X?
    A: I don't know, this is not the reason for this FAQ. I just give a general 
       layout of the game and offer some tips, not an exact guide of where to 
       get what.
    Q: I can't get past the Statues in Keara's Flying Fortress.
    A: The trick is that they are all lying. Not that that helped me much to 
       begin with, I also had my problems with them. Anycase, here is the
        The Loen statue is Devastation
        In the Plant room is the left one Waste , the right one is Chaos
        In the Lava room is the left one Havoc, the right one is Mayhem
    ===========================9. Evaluation of the game=========================
    Graphics: The Graphics are quite nice and fluidly looking with a love for
    	  detail. Sometimes they are off though. Chasms of a castle that has 
    	  been subject to rain for decades and there are edges that look 
    	  razor sharp and ready to impale someone if they should fall onto 
    	  it? Not really.
    	  The landscape is great though, and the sun glaring too.
    Difficulty: Tricky that. Often are battles either to easy or to hard. Very 
    	    rarely is there anything inbetween. Fortunately you can always 
    	    go to another place and level there slowly, until you feel ready.
    Gameplay: Turning into a dragon? Awesome!
    	  Flying around as a dragon. Double awesome.
    	  Not able to spit fire at ground enemies.
    	  Not so awesome.
    	  Ground anemies that become invisible when turning into a dragon?
    	  Having an undead pet that urinates everywhere, even in cutscenes?
    	  The best of all.
    	  Safe for that is the battle system quite stable, sometimes aiming 
    	  is a bit tricky but you get the hang of it quickly.
    Bugs:	  In the time I played it I barely encountered any groundbreaking 
    	  bugs. Occasionally will random baskets and scenery items, 
    	  which you can destroy, move around over the floor as if moved 
    	  by a ghost hand. Once I had to end the game via the task manager
    	  because the quest NPC who was supposed to open a door, got stuck 
    	  behind me and couln't open it. The cutscene never ended because 
    	  of that, but that was the only time I ever encountered something 
    	  like this.
    	  Another time allowed a bug me to proceed further ahead, without 
    	  displaying any enemies nor buildings, which caused me to kill a 
    	  boss. After leaving and returning were the buildings and enemies 
    	  all of a sudden there. But after I destroyed some of the 
    	  buildings were the effects they displyed still there, and 
    	  unfortunatley that meant that the barrier ahead would not 
    	  disapear. Sadly did reloading the game did not fix it. But 
    	  fortunately I could still pass using a teleporter.
    	  There is one massive gamebreaking bug at the end of the game 
    	  though, after the end scene rolled and the credits played will 
    	  the game simply freeze and lockup. Only via the task manager can
    	  the game be shut down. Fortunately is that the only gamebreaking 
    	  bug, however if there is a new game+ then its quite severe.
    Overall:  It is a good game with lots of fun, interesting quests, 
    	  interesting characters and lots of possibilities for your 
    	  character to be developed. Not to forget that there are various 
    	  things throghout the game that are very amusing, like a book 
    	  called 'The universe, life itself, and simply everything' 
    	  (Hitchikers guide through Galaxy), or a feracious devastating 
    	  Killer Rabbit (Monthy Pythons - The holy Grail).
    	  I am sure there are more eastereggs like these, that will 
    	  make you laugh quite a lot.
    	  Only problem is that eventually you killed every foe, explored 
    	  every cave, and there is just nothing to do anymore. 
    	  Respawning enemies would've been fun.
    	  Another thing, the ending... I won't spoil anything, but it 
    	  is quite a surprising ending.
    	  My guess is that there will be an expansion, or perhaps a 
    	  third part of the series. But who knows.
    ===========================10. Final Words===================================
    So here is my second FAQ. Sure been some time since I last wrote one. In 
    either case, I did my best and might or might not update it. Depending on 
    the feedback, demand, and what else.
    So long, dark_scourge

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