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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dgnslyr90

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/20/13 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse
                              For Xbox 360 Version 1.1
                              Written By: David Harris
                              Gamertag: ForeverMidnight
     Hello, I am ForeverMidnight and this is my guide for "Family Guy: Back to the
    Multiverse." This guide was created by me to help gamers proceed through the 
    levels, find all of the collectibles, and earn the achievements. When writing 
    guides I leave out all of the juicy reveals in a game because there are some
    experiences you should see for yourself. When I write, I try and be relaxed 
    and throw in a joke every now and again because reading a guide can be a little
    stale after a while. I am open to any suggestion or alternate ways of doing 
    things in this game and if someone emails me a suggestion or recommendation, I
    will add it and give you a shout out. Well enough about me, lets get this game 
    Welcome to the Family Guy universe, full of flashbacks and enough vial jokes to
    quench your thirst of dirty potty humor for months. 
    "Whats a Knob-gobbler?"
    The game starts as a normal day in the Griffin home until Stewies nemeses 
    Bertram shows up from another dimension to claim revenge for the death of the 
    Bertram of this dimension by building an army through the multiverse to destroy
     this universe...It seems he could have achieved his goal better by NOT telling
     our heroes what he was up to before he began but you cant expect much from 
    villains. Its now up to Stewie and Brian to follow Bertram through the 
    Multiverse and stop his heinous plans...
    By shooting people in the face, LOTS of times.
    The gameplay is simple for a 3rd person shooter. You start out with a pistol 
    for Brian and a laser gun for Stewie and as you go through the levels you 
    receive new weapons that only one of the two characters can use, which forces 
    you to swap out in order to use the best ones such as Brians rifle or Stewies 
    rocket launcher. There are plenty of ammo cans in levels so you never have to 
    worry about running low. As for health, well there are plenty of band-aid pack
    s in a level as well plus portable first aid kits that you can use if you are 
    low and not near band aids. The great thing about the ammo cans and first aid 
    kits is that they respawn in the same place after a while so there really is 
    never any worry about running to low. Death isn’t a problem either because if 
    you die, you will respawn three seconds later at the last checkpoint with up 
    to a $1000 penalty. Each character gets one recharging item that gives them 
    boosted weapon speed or strength; other items can be found in the levels or 
    bought at the store and can be used to slow down or kill enemies.
    ================================Table of Content===============================
    1. Gameplay
         - Controls [CONT]
         - Characters [CHAR]
    2. Main Guide
         - Its All Greek To Me [G1]
           - Secondary Objective [G1.2]
         - Something’s Amish [G2]     
           - Secondary Objectives [G2.2]
         - Handicapable [G3]
           - Secondary Objectives [G3.2]
         - Pussy Whipped [G4]
           - Secondary Objective [G4.2]
         - No Cheese, Please [G5]
           - Secondary Objective [G5.2]
         - Long John Peter [G6]
           - Secondary objectives [G6.2]
         - Santas Sweatshop [G7]
           - Secondary Objectives [G7.2]
         - Chicken's in Space [G8]
           - Secondary Objective [G8.2]
         - Chicken Fight [G9]
         - No Place Like Home [G10]
           - Secondary Objectives [G10.2]
    4. Multiplayer
         - Modes [MM]
    5. Challenges
         - Money Shots- Gather [C1]
         - Amish Amuck-Elimination [C2]
         - The Crips and Ables- Rescue [C3]
         - Town Hall Beating- Wave Defense [C4]
         - Sea Men Attack- Wave Defense [C5]
         - Last Minute Shoppers- Escape [C6]
         - Someone to Overwatch Me- Overwatch [C7]
    6. Store
         - Costumes [S1]
         - Weapons [S2]
         - Items [S3]
         - Attributes [S4]
         - Characters [S5]
         - Maps [S6]
         - Costumes [S7]
    7. Achievements
         - It's All Greek to Me [A01]
         - Something's Amish    [A02]
         - Handicapable [A03]
         - Pussy Whipped [A04]
         - No Cheese, Please [A05]
         - Long John Peter [A06]
         - Santas Sweatshop [A07]
         - Chickens in Space [A08]
         - Chicken Fight! [A09]
         - No Place Like Home [A10]
         - Day Labor [A11]
         - Scorched Earth [A12]
         - Pervert [A13]
         - Employee of the Month [A14]
         - Wrecking Ball [A15]
         - Ugly Tastes Terrible [A16]
         - Obsessed [A17]
         - Penny Pincher [A18]
         - Help From My Friends [A19]
         - Mort Will Now Lend You Credit [A20]
         - Bipolar [A21]
         - We Be Clubbing [A22]
         - Multi-Kill [A23]
         - IEDead [A24]
         - Multi-Kill with a Grenade [A25]
         - Stewie-nator [A26]
         - Justified [A27]
         - How Do I Jump? [A28]
         - Head Shot [A29]
         - One Shot Kills [A30]
         - Boom, Head Shot [A31]
         - Little Dipper [A32]
         - Big Dipper [A33]
         - Mr. Unpopular [A34]
         - Shut Up Meg [A35]
         - First Kill [A36]
         - Roadhouse: [A37]
         - The Cleaner: [A38]
         - Kings of Quahog: [A39]
         - Bestest Infiltrator: [A40]
         - Grease Can't Save You Now: [A41]
         - Teabaggin': [A42]
         - Teabag a D-Bag: [A43]
         - Bird is the Word: [A44]
         - Lockdown: [A45]
         - Bunch of Chumps: [A46]
         - Cartoon Apocalypse: [A47]
         - There is no Cake [A48]
    8. Legal
    ==Controls==                                                             [CONT]
    Y-change weapons/Characters
    LB-Use Item
    RB-Use Grenades
    RT- Fire Weapon
    Right stick- Move camera
    Left Stick- Move character
    Click Left Stick- Sprint
    Start- Brings up the Pause menu
    Back-Brings up your objective menu
    Dpad Up- Switch characters
    Dpad Down- Taunt
    Dpad Left/Right- Change Items
    ==Characters==                                                           [CHAR]
    	 -Alcohol: Drinking this makes your attacks stronger
    	 -Molotov Cocktail: Shatters and lights all surrounding enemies and any
    enemy stupid enough to run through it on fire causing constant burn damage and
    stunning them while lit
    	 +Pistol: Basic handgun with good accuracy.
    	 +Sniper Rifle: Unlocked during "Something’s Amish." Great Accuracy and 
    power. Aiming allows you to zoom down the scope.
    	 +Automatic Shotgun: Unlocked during "Handicapable." Accuracy is good 
    the closer the target is, very powerful and fires rapidly but is not good for 
    	 +Energy Drink: Drinking this makes Stewies fire rate and reload speed 
    very fast allowing him to unload over twice as many rounds in half the time.
    	 +Dirty Diaper: Exploded on contact causing explosive damage and leaves
    a temporary radius of nauseating smells causing the player to gag and take 
    minimal damage
    	 +"Stewie" gun: A laser pistol that fires a three round burst with good
    	 +Flamethrower: Earned during "Something’s Amish." Short range but 
    large spread. Deals massive damage the longer the target is on fire.
    	 +Satchel Charge: A thrown explosive that deals large damage in a small
    radius. Best used against turrets or if you know where a large group of enemies
    will come.
    Other weapons can be bought at the store for specific characters when the 
    prerequisites are met, I cover those in the store section.
    ==================================Main Guide==================================
    The guide is broken up into two parts. The level guide and the secondary 
    objectives at the end. The guide tells you where to get the collectibles as you
    play, but if your just missing one or two you can skip to the end and there 
    will be a list of where to find everything, convenient. Let us begin!!!
    ****It's All Greek To Me****                                               [G1]
    "Lets get those gaybos!"
    Well we are back in the Multiverse chasing after another deranged toddler
    with a multiverse remote. Our first stop is a world controlled by the greeks, 
    and not the fun kind...the Frat Boys!
    First things first, take this opportunity to get used to your controls, this is
    your standard 3rd person shooter so its very basic. Notice that little diamond 
    with the numbers on your screen? That’s your objective marker, follow it to 
    Mort. He knows how to repair our remote but wants our help throwing a sick 
    party, he gives us some ammo to pop some balloons around the yard.
    Just follow your objective markers around the yard shooting and popping. Hold 
    LT to aim the pistol and RT to fire. Now is a good time to destroy the piñatas
    you see in the yard to earn the "Day Labor" achievement. When your done, talk 
    to Mort again.
    Seems Lisa needs some compromising Polaroid’s returned to her. With the gate 
    open, follow the house around to your first conflict...two frat boys throwing 
    garbage at you. Well this seems like an okay reason to shoot someone in the 
    face, littering is a serious offense. Shoot them in the head to earn the "Head 
    shot" and "One Shot Kills" achievement, then proceed through the fence. There 
    is ammo and health on the porch to your right if you need it.
    We are introduced to Stewies version of a grenade, his poopie diaper. Press RB
    to throw it and gold RB to "cook" the diaper allowing it to blow up faster 
    after its thrown, but don’t hold on to long or it will explode in your hand. 
    When the guys run down the right side of the pool, they will bottle neck and 
    be in a nice group for you to get the "Multi-kill with a Grenade" achievement. 
    Otherwise you can shoot the propane tanks for a nice explosion. There is a 
    health pack in the pool if you need it, collect the photo then continue around 
    the yard and talk to Mort again.
    Now he needs a tap for a keg and the sorority girls are mad at us. As soon as
    the gate opens, beat them with your melee weapon to earn "Multi-Kill" 
    Before you continue, lets go on a scavenger hunt for some photos. Go onto the 
    front porch of this yard to collect Photo 1.
    Around the "Peace" van in the yard is money and a grenade. On the Porch 
    next to it is Photo 2.
    Going clockwise from this yard to the trashed house, Photo 3 is on this porch.
    Continue clockwise into the backyard to fight off three Frat boys and you can
    get the stack of cash on the back porch plus Photo 4 on the table. In the front
    yard are three more guys and Photo 5 on the table.
    Across the street, Photo 6 is on the picnic table in the yard and Photo 7 is 
    on the front porch. In the backyard between the skateboard ramps is photo 8 
    and Photo 9 is hidden on the far side behind the destructible fence, just 
    shoot the propane tank.
    In the middle of the circular driveway is a large group of Frats and Sisters, 
    kill them and Photo 10 is on this table. Now we can continue the quest.
    Follow your marker to the Military house and go around the left side to get to
    the back, say hi to Death on your way. Back here are a bunch of frat guys, take
    them out and go up to the back porch to collect your tap. Jump across the gap 
    to find Photo 11. Jump the next gap to detonate some explosives and destroy the 
    fence to the front yard.
    Now we have to steal 3 jackets to lure some babes to the party. The gate to the
    jock house in front of you is open now, go ahead and shoot the guys here, 
    otherwise they will run to you when you get in the backyard. Photo 12 on the 
    porch next to poor Meg.
    Around the right side is almost easily missable Photo 13 in the grass next to 
    some bushes.
    Photo 14 in the back corner of this yard, causing a commotion will get the 
    Jocks out of the house to give you their jacket after you kill them in the 
    He wants you to frame the jock frat by burning the sororities float, you know
    the one that Peter has been singing "Milkshake" off of. Well he is now happily
    passed out in their yard and Lois is...well just listen to her, she will never
    be the same again.
    Plant the 3 jackets in the yard, minding the naked Cleveland, then chuck a 
    Molotov as Brian at the float. It takes 4 Molotov's and there are extra 
    grenade's on the ground. Kill all the Sisters that attack you then proceed back
    to Mort when your done.
    He wants you to tap the keg so do this trivial task then return to him. Now he 
    wants speakers for the party, this guy is never satisfied. The next house has 
    Frats in the windows so watch out for them as their boys rush you from the 
    front. Waste all of the guys here and in the back then grab the speakers and 
    Photo 15. 
    BOSS: Giant Frat
    Take care of the smaller guys first, then just strafe around the big guy while 
    shooting him in the face and chucking grenades/Molotov’s at him. There is a 
    respawning supply in the grass in the middle along with some propane tanks that
    do damage. His primary attacks are basic melee and throwing a keg at you. If 
    you get hit with the keg it does a bit of damage but also slows you down for a 
    few seconds. When you do enough damage, more smaller frats show up and he will 
    drink the keg and try to tackle you, its just a straight line so simply side 
    step and you will be fine.
    Once he is defeated, you join Mort at the party and have the option of 
    finishing the party or running around the level collecting things you may have 
    missed. This is the only opportunity after a boss to do that, so if you reach a
    boss next time and have missed a collectible objective, you can restart the 
    level and everything you have already found will still be marked off and you 
    just have to grab the one you missed. Finish the party to continue your hunt 
    for Bertram.
    Secondary Objectives==                                                   [G1.2]
    Find all of the Photos
     Photo 1- On front porch two houses left of geek house.
     Photo 2- On front porch one house left of the geek house.
     Photo 3- On front porch of trashed house, three houses left of geek house.
     Photo 4- Picnic table in back yard of 4th house left of geek house .
     Photo 5- Picnic table in front yard of the same house.
     Photo 6- Across the Street on a picnic table out front.
     Photo 7- On the front porch in the same yard.
     Photo 8- Back yard of same house between skateboard ramps.
     Photo 9- Blow up the propane tank in the same backyard to get this.
     Photo 10- In the middle of the cul-de-sac is a picnic table with a pic.
     Photo 11- Backyard of military house across first gap you must jump.
     Photo 12- Across the street there is a photo on front porch next to Meg.
     Photo 13- Same house in the grass along the right side of the house next to a 
     Photo 14- Backyard of same house on a picnic table in back corner.
     Photo 15- Backyard of the speaker house, on the back porch next to speakers.
    ***Something’s Amish***                                                    [G2]
    "I’m only doing this because of the sex I never have."
    Now we are in a world where everything is run by the...you guessed it, Amish. 
    Since they cut down all of the forests, Bertrams offer of fast growing seeds 
    easily puts these bearded fellows on his side with us in their crosshairs...get
    it? Beard and crosshairs? Its funny I swear...
    Turn around and jump up the hay and around the stacks to the roof to earn the 
    first new weapon, Brians Sniper Rifle, fun fun fun. Hold down LT to aim 
    through the scope and hold down Right Stick to steady your aim. Take some head 
    shots or use the environment to kill the Amish like shooting beehives or lamps.
    Once your done return downstairs and head out of the now open door.
    Immediately to your left is Wanted Poster 1. There is a portal on the side of 
    the house next to the barn that gives you access to the store so you can buy 
    items to use in the world. Wanted Poster 2 is on the phone stand two houses 
    down from poster 1 where you saw in the sniping scene.
    As you proceed, there will be archers busting windows and standing on roofs so
    keep an eye out for them. Keep heading forward, take out the archers around the
    left corner, then continue straight to kill 4 chickens, they are either grouped
    in the back or a few have scattered but are in the general area.
    Continue down the path and duck behind some hay, a bunch of Amish come out and 
    unload on you. Aim your shots with the rifle to take them out from a safe 
    distance, giving you plenty of time to dodge arrows. If you need health, the 
    containers of apples hold health packs. 
    As you continue there is a gap in the fence right before the path turns left, 
    head in there to collect Poster 3. Back on the path, take a right before you 
    head to the objective and grab Poster 4 on the red barn past Herbert.
    Continue down and hide behind more hay, there are two sniper tower firing 
    flaming arrows at you, hit them first before you take out the guys on the 
    ground. At the far end on the left is a chicken behind a fence, hop on the 
    boxes to get a clear shot. Behind the house under construction is chicken six. 
    Shoot the lock off of the horse carriage to free the Greased up Deaf Guy and 
    some of Peters exploding barrels to take down the sniper tower and destroy the 
    gate. Around the building next to the sniper tower you destroyed, near some 
    pumpkins, is poster 5.
    As you proceed, the big Amish guys will jump out at you, but they are slow 
    targets allowing easy headshots. Zip to the left on the path and grab Poster 6.
    Continue to the objective...why on earth would someone give Stewie a 
    flamethrower? Sigh... Kill the Amish on the end and grab Poster 6 next to him. 
    Chicken number 7 is next to it and numbers 8 and 9 are in the pumpkin patch 
    behind the fence behind you.
    Burn the hay in the stable to lead to the barn, a group of Amish will try and 
    take you out so keep moving and shooting, now is a good time to use some items
    you have stocked up like the Giant Chicken. Poster 8 is on the red barn. 
    Head through the gate on the right and keep an eye out for the bear traps on 
    the ground, they can be shot or you can use them to cause minor inconvenience 
    to the Amish that attack you. 
    Found out where they are getting the wood for Bertrams weapon. Ammo and first 
    aid are on your left, use them and take out all of the Amish. When the guys are
    dead, shoot down the three lanterns to burn the tree to ash.
    At the next tree, stay behind the fallen log to keep a barrier between you and 
    the enemies. You can shoot the lanterns and burn the tree early if you want to 
    kill a group quickly. After everyone is dead, collect Poster 9 on the rock 
    next to the tree on the left. 
    Continue up the path and do what you do best to destroy the third tree. Now 
    that the wood is destroyed we must go destroy their metal supply. Go through 
    the newly opened gate to reach the objective.
    Well not everything they grow can be legal, can it? Why don’t we just take 
    care of it and burn it all down with Stewies flamethrower for the "Scorched 
    Earth" achievement. Continue down the path, take a left for some money if you 
    wish. The path takes you to the road next to the stables. Take a right and 
    continue past the bridge and either wait for the guys in barrels to pass, run 
    past the arrows, or kill them; your choice.
    From the quarry entrance, go right and you will find the 10th Poster. Use your 
    rifle and take some shots at the Amish to thin the herd a bit. Across the path
    on the back porch of the refinery is chicken 10, use your rifle to take it out.
    Jump to the bottom, it wont hurt. Start turning the cranks, after the first 
    crank a group of Amish come from the cave, take them out before you turn crank 
    two. Poster 11 is on the ramp leading to the second floor. Upstairs, turn the 
    third crank and collect Poster 12 on the tower next to the ramp.
    Back on the top floor, two waves of Amish come out of the caves on the far end,
     take care of them with your rifle then pull the lever to release the river. 
    Now that the quarry is flooded you can hop along the floating parts to get back
     to the entrance. You can ignore the Amish if you wish but the ones in the 
    house tend to respawn.
    Megs in trouble!!!...Who cares? Run around the barrels and straight for the 
    end, taking care of the Amish in the tower when you feel safe, or just run past
    them into the stable to face...
    BOSS: Wooden Robo Amish Bertram!!!
    Well this is mildly impressive for the amount of time it took. This robot 
    monstrosity has two forms of attack. It shoots rockets out of its mouth and 
    does a little bit of damage, and second is that it will drop down and spin a 
    circle of flames around its base for continuous damage if you get to close.
    First things first, take out those eyes. None of your weapons have any other 
    affect on it. Do it with the rifle to destroy them in one shot, the pistol 
    will take a few shots. When both eyes are damaged, the head pops open and you 
    can shoot the driver. Kill the second Amish guy that pops out and repeat this 
    process twice to defeat the Amish and finish this world.
    Secondary Objective==                                                    [G2.2]
    1.Kill all of the Chickens
     1-4. Go down the road from the barn and this group is either grouped behind 
    the boxes or scattered in this small area.
     5. Behind a fence on the left facing the two sniper towers, jump on a box to 
    get a clear shot.
     6. Behind the construction house near #5.
     7. Next to Poster 6.
     8-9. Behind the fence in the pumpkin field next to the horse stable.
     10. On the back porch of the refinery at the quarry.
    2.Collect all the Wanted Posters
     1. Immediately to your left as you exit the barn.
     2. Where you saw them hanging it when you started sniping.
     3. After you round the corner, on the left behind a store portal. 
     4. Continue down the path and its on the red barn to the right after you pass 
     5. Behind the Sniper tower you destroy, on a building.
     6. Left on the path in the corn field.
     7. On the far end of the horse stables.
     8. On the Red Barn.
     9. To the left of the second tree you must burn down.
     10. From the quarry entrance take a right and its on the far wall.
     11. Bottom of quarry, on ramp leading to second story.
     12. Second floor of quarry on tower next to ramp leading up.
    ***Handicapable***                                                         [G3]
    "I like farting on nubgirl cause nubgirl never fights back."
    A world where the handicapped are in control of everything? I wonder if they 
    have a vampire crazed culture and one movie is called "Meals on Wheels." 
    Hehehe oh im going to hell.
    Go forward and you are introduced to the enemy, paraplegics with machine gun 
    crutches...that’s kinda cool. As machine guns do, they fire bullets which will
    hit you faster than arrows or thrown trash so staying behind cover here is 
    highly recommended. The first Placard is on the ground next to the "slightly 
    wobbly wheelchair" store. Toss a grenade at the short bus the enemies came in 
    on and go behind the store to receive an automatic shotgun for Brian. 
    Around the corner are more enemies and a portal to the store if you need it. 
    Change to Stewie and have your grenades ready as you walk forward triggering 
    your next bus, toss the grenade when it stops to destroy it and prevent some 
    enemies from popping out. At the far end in front of you is Placard number 2 
    next to a bus. As you near the entrance of the hospital, 2 more short busses 
    crash into the entrance preventing you from going in. Toss a couple of 
    grenades to destroy them and deal with all of the enemies.
    Go down the road shown and you are introduced to the guy in charge, were you 
    surprised? Well now you have to steal the codes from the head security guard 
    and he is a bit tougher than the others. Grab your shot gun and lead him to 
    one of the "Clam Back Soon" signs and keep him rolling in circles unable to 
    wack you with his electro stick. Start blasting him with your shotgun till he 
    dies and steal his code. Alternatively start shooting and strafing with the 
    shotgun, he gets stumbled long enough for you to keep firing and once your at 
    his back you can make his fuel tank go boom. Down where he came rolling out 
    of is bus 5 with Placard 3 behind it.
    Enter in the security code to go into the car garage, deal with the enemies 
    and destroy the short bus on the left. On the opposite end of the bus is a 
    little nook with Placard 4. Head to the roof and the final bus is here with a 
    few wheelchair enemies. On the far left is a blue truck and in its bed is 
    Placard 5.
    After you enter the hospital you must deactivate 3 alarms, and the enemies 
    will constantly pour out till they are off. To your left is the path to the 
    third floor, head up there to deactivate alarm one, before you head back 
    downstairs continue on the path to collect Placard 6. Return to the second 
    floor and make your way around to alarm 2, oh that Quagmire. Downstairs is 
    alarm 3 and another security officer. After he is dealt with, open the door 
    and proceed to the next area.
    Yay, more alarms. Continue the process of running around and shutting them 
    off. On the second floor is Placard 7 next to the glass doors where we saw 
    Quagmire from the previous area. Inside the same room as alarm two is 
    Placard 8. Upstairs is alarm three and if you continue on the path you will 
    find Placard 9 in the room next to a ledge. Get the code from the security 
    guard again and proceed to the last part of the level.
    BOSS: Cripple-tron
    This Giant handicapped robot is a hell of a pest, and the only way to take him
    down is with the artillery guns. His main mode of attack is launching 
    wheelchair bound suicide bombers and using a laser targeting system to drop a 
    short bus on you. As soon as you see the red circles light the ground up, run
    for it and you will be fine. Short busses drop off more wheelchair goons on 
    the left and right of the map to hinder your efforts at using the big guns.
    Placard number 10 in on the bottom of this area in the middle next to the 
    Now use the artillery and blast that giant crippled menace. It will stagger 
    him and the gun has to reload. The boss fires bombers at all three guns and 
    moves around the area which means you have to switch guns when he moves. As 
    you attack him he will destroy the guns which means you have to repair them 
    before you fire them, not a big problem but something you should be mindful 
    Secondary Objectives==                                                   [G3.2]
    Collect all of the Handicapped Placards
     1. Next to the Wheelchair store on the right side of where you start.
     2. Placard number 2 is to the right of the hospital, at the far end next to a 
     3. Behind short bus 5 next to the hospital on the left side.
     4. In a nook on the wall inside the parking garage 1st floor.
     5. The second story of the parking garage, in a blue truck bed on the left 
     6. On the third floor of the first alarm room at the end of the path.
     7. On the second floor of the second alarm room in front of the glass door.
     8. In the same room as alarm two.
     9. At the end of the path for alarm three next to the window.
     10. Next to the fence in the BOSS fight.
    Destroy all the Short Busses
     1. The bus in the beginning.
     2. After you receive the shotgun, another bus comes around the corner.
     3-4. These two crash into the entrance of the hospital.
     5. On the side of the hospital where the security guard comes out.
     6. First floor of car garage on the left side.
     7. Roof of the parking garage
    ***Pussy Whipped***                                                        [G4]
    "It smells funny over here and we don’t know what it is."
    Holy meowing nuclear strike! Brian and Stewie travel to the Evil Universe 
    which is run by Evil Adam West who is about to give Bertram his own supply of 
    nuclear missiles with pretty kitty attachments.
    Well speaking of kitties, to your right is the first kitty Figurine, yay! Now 
    move forward and collect your new weapon, Stewies satchel charge. You can use 
    them to destroy things from afar, the only problem is you can't aim it very
    well. By this time I bought the rocket launcher and it helped me achieve better 
    The truck in the back left will spawn enemies so blow it up before you get 
    close. There are also turrets to your right that will try to kill you so blow 
    those as well, this is where the launcher comes in real handy. Continue past 
    the barricade to see what Evil Stewie is up to.
    There are 4 Radar tanks that must be destroyed now so hop to it before you get
    Kitty nuked! There is a turret in front of you plus a truck on the other side 
    of the barricade, blow them both up then look right. There is another truck in
    the distance that I would recommended you blow up as well. As you move to the 
    radar you will see two more turrets on either side activate, destroy them and 
    the soldiers. After everyone is dead, turn around and behind the sand 
    barricade next to the broken plane is the second Figurine. Move up and enter 
    the code into the Radar, then you may wanna take a few steps back.
    Continue forward and take care of the soldiers with your preferred gun of 
    choice. Be careful of those shotgunners, even at a medium range they will take 
    a lot of health so kill them fast. Take out the guys in the building and in 
    the nest on the roof of a building on the far right, they have better vantage 
    points than you. In a corner behind one of the destroyed trucks is the third 
    figurine. Take care of the second Radar and move on.
    Now we have three trucks spawning baddies...awesome right? Luckily they are no
    match for our boom booms, blow the first two on your left up quick and take 
    care of the straggling soldiers. There is first aid box to the left of the left
    truck if you need it. Destroy the turrets and the truck to the right before 
    you get close, once you get in range some soldiers start spawning around and 
    above you, kill them before destroying Radar 3.
    Before moving to the next radar, take a detour behind the truck you destroyed 
    here to pick up the next cat Figurine.
    Snipe the soldiers as you move closer and blow up the turrets. Once everything
    is dead, run around the Radar to pick up the last figurine. There is a store 
    portal with lots of money, if you need something get it now because we got 
    some bosses comin up. When your ready, blow the Radar to hell.
    BOSS: Evil Stewie and Evil Mayor West
    First part of this fight is dealing with Stewie in a tank. Its easy enough but 
    if you don’t pay attention you can die quick. Kill the respawned soldiers and 
    avoid the red radar as you see them on the ground, that’s a tank missile. When
    he pops out of the tank to use the turret, shoot him in his giant head with 
    the sniper rifle. After taking enough damage he returns to the tank making you 
    repeat the process a few times. I jumped in the middle of the grass area which 
    gave me plenty of room to side step missiles and keep an eye out for when that 
    football head popped out of the tank. Once the tank is destroyed its time to 
    fight Batm...er Evil Adam West.
    He is just a typical person, just with a Jetpack. When he is on the ground, 
    popping him in the face causes him to zoom around. Take this time to shoot the 
    snipers that popped up in the roofs until West lands and you can shoot him 
    again, about four shots will do it. 
    Secondary Objectives                                                     [G4.2]
    Collect Evil Mayor West's Kitty Figurines
     1. Immediately next to you as you begin the map.
     2. Behind the sand barricade on the road next to the broken plane in front 
    of the first Radar.
     3. In a corner behind a truck before Radar 2.
     4. After destroying radar 3 it is behind the truck to your right.
     5. Behind the final Radar.
    ***No Cheese, Please***                                                    [G5]
    "Now which one of you haven’t I given my herpes too?"
    Poor poor Hamburgler, this level is made specifically for this flashback on 
    Family Guy... I hope its not too soon for an extended Kennedy joke.
    To the right is a store portal and a limo with a favorite president. Behind 
    the armored truck is the first VHS. Climb up the limo to the truck to get on 
    the scaffold.
    You can avoid the guards on the roof, or you can head shot them with the 
    silenced pistol for $120 dollars each...your choice. If you are spotted, a 
    large group of agents come pouring through the door that you must kill. The 
    second VHS is on top of the vent to the left as you arrive on the roof, hop 
    on top of the barrels to get to it. When you make it to the other end, jump on
     the vents to the third roof
    Again they recommend stealth but there is no consequence if you are caught 
    except more guards which means a fatter wallet. When everyone is dead make 
    your way to the back right of the roof. Jump over some boxes to find a VHS on 
    top of a barrel. Destroy the boxes behind the plank to lower it so you can 
    jump to the next roof.
    God Consuela is a snitch, no stealth here, just kill the agents on the 
    opposite end. Move forward, there is a VHS and some money at the back to the 
    left. Jump across to the construction building.
    Yay another scavenger hunt. In the back is a store portal if you need some 
    items. Destroy the boxes to your left to get to the roof, ignore the open 
    window and just aim right at the group of agents. There are snipers on the 
    roof so be careful when you take them out. Make your way around the roof 
    shooting agents as you can, stop when you get to the stairs. Across the way is
    a VHS you must jump to from the ledge leading down. When you get it then head
    downstairs, killing agents and finishing your objective. Once you have the 
    gear, make your way back upstairs and stop at the ledge to kill the agents, 
    when you see no more then you can jump down. Look behind you for any that might
    have wondered back there then go fix the crane.
    Now were going back upstairs and into the building next door, passing the 
    gargoyle from Ghostbusters, yay random pop culture reference! Once inside the 
    building, make your way down the halls killing the agents when they are not 
    looking. The third room on the left has the next VHS and a compromised 
    Quagmire, chill here for 30 seconds to grab the "Pervert" achievement. 
    Continue sneakin and sniping till you get to the scaffold and ride it down.
    I hate you Consuela...Kill the agents and make your way around the building 
    watching out for the sniper across the way. Continue killing all of the agents
    and snipers to trigger a cut scene. 
    The helicopter will strafe around trying to hit you with the machine gun, you 
    stay in the open for to long you will die fast. Use Stewies energy drink item 
    you have infinite of so you can move, fire, and reload faster than normal to 
    cause serious damage in short time. When it is destroyed, check the trash can 
    next to the bridge for another tape.
    On the roof of this building there is a skylight that will take you inside, 
    however there is a laser security system that will fry you if you touch it. 
    Conveniently there are two panels up here you can disable to turn the security 
    system off. There are four doors up here that guards will poor out of each 
    time you disable a system, keep an eye on them and eliminate the guards when 
    they show. Once the second one is disabled you can ignore the guards and jump 
    through the skylight if you want.
    Make your way around slowly, killing all of the agents. In the center of the 
    warehouse behind some boxes on the right is the last VHS. Follow the objective 
    to the rifle and take out the delicious politician.
    Secondary Objectives                                                     [G5.2]
    Find all of Mayor West's VHS Tapes
    1. Behind the armored truck as you start the level.
    2. Its on top of a vent to the left as you get on the first roof.
    3. On the floor of the second roof on the back right. Smash some boxes to get 
    to it.
    4. On the third roof there is a tape surrounded by buffet stations in the back.
    5. Upstairs of the construction building, it is across from the top of the 
    stairs going down. 
    6. Inside the hotel, the third room on the left with Quagmire has the tape.
    7. In the trash can at the end of the helicopter hall.
    8. In the center of the sniping warehouses, behind some boxes on the right.
    ***Long John Peter***                                                      [G6]
    Well what a scurvy predicament we find ourselves in, bested by a fat pirate 
    with swords when we only have guns and explosives. After we are captured, our 
    weapons are taken away and we are thrown into the brig of a ship.
    Pick up the bottle on the floor and bash the cell repeatedly till the guard 
    opens it to hit you. Drink your power up to make you stronger then pound the 
    guards, picking up health as needed. The last guard drops the cell key which 
    you use to free Seamous who will unlock the rest of the cells. Fight the 
    guards that arrive while Seamous does his thing, he isn’t the smartest AI and 
    he can get stuck on the boxes in the middle if you don’t destroy them. 
    When they are all dead, the first Piece of Eight is in the cell with Consuela. 
    Across from her is a cell with a skeleton and a barrel to his left, smash the 
    barrel and under it is the next Piece of Eight. As you head to the next brig, 
    smash the stuff next to the exit to reveal the third Piece.
    Upstairs are a few more guards. Retrieve your weapons and show those pirates 
    what gunpowder can really do. After a few groups of small pirates attack, a 
    larger pirate comes for you. Blast the big pirate repeatedly with the shotgun 
    and he will drop the key to the brig in the next room. Before you leave, 
    destroy the stack of boxes in front of the treasure chest to reveal another 
    Piece of Eight.
    In the next room, make good use of your explosives because the bad guys are 
    usually grouped pretty tightly. Once everyone is dead, two of the giant Pirates
    will attack, use a powerup if you wish or keep tossing grenades and filling up 
    at the ammo box to kill these guys. Before you leave, the cell with the Evil 
    Monkey has a crate with a Piece under it, and the cell with Mayor West has the 
    next Piece.
    On deck, this ship is sinking and you have to jump to the next ship. There is 
    another Piece of Eight behind you under the stairs and a store portal in the 
    back. Kill the pirates and run to the other end of the ship, next to the stairs
    on the right side is the next Piece.
    Jump to the next ship and prepare for some sea warfare. Before you attack the 
    armada, turn towards the front of the ship and destroy the boxes next to the 
    stairs on the right side for the 9th and final Piece. Man a cannon and use 
    them to bring the fleet down, left analog stick aims the trajectory and right 
    stick gives the shot power. Like the handicap guns, when the cannons get 
    damaged you have to repair them. As you are fighting, small boarding parties 
    will try to board your ship, you can kill them before they get to you, 
    otherwise you have to kill a handful of guys with your pistol. Keep an eye out
    for buoys in the water, destroy three to fulfill the second objective. Don’t 
    worry if you miss because they keep coming back to the same spots until you 
    destroy them, I imagine we are sailing in a small circle. The final wave of 
    ships is when two ships approach from both sides to blast you. Once that’s 
    over, the fight with Long John begins.
    BOSS: Long John Peter
    Peters size gives him the advantage of being able to bring a canon to a gun 
    fight, he uses it to fire at you from the front or back of the ship. You can 
    avoid it between reloads if you stay behind the mast in the middle of the ship. 
    His second attack is that he jumps and smashes into the ground like the Hulk a 
    few times, then jumps to the front or back of the boat to continue shooting 
    you. After a third of his health is gone he retreats and sends some normal 
    pirates after you, kill them and he will stay a distance firing the canons from 
    his ship at you which rarely hit. Afterwards he boards again and you have to 
    repeat the process twice.
    Secondary Objectives                                                     [G6.2]
    Collect All of the Pieces of Eight
    1. In the first brig with Consuela.
    2. In the cell in the first brig across from Consuela. Its under a barrel next 
    to a skeleton.
    3. In the first brig under some stuff next to the exit.
    4. In the treasure room, under the large stack of boxes in front of the 
    weapons chest.
    5. In the second brig, its under the crate in the cell with the Evil Monkey.
    6. In the second brig, on the floor of the cell with Mayor West.
    7. On deck, under the stairs leading to the back of the ship.
    8. On deck, next to the right set of stairs leading to the front of the ship
    9. On deck of your boat, next to the stairs leading to the front.
    Feed the Sharks
    Once the sea fight begins, there will be three buoys in the water with a 
    shark swimming around it, two on one side and one on the other. Shoot them 
    down with your canon and you get the points. If you miss or are unable to hit
    because of the pirates, the buoy eventually comes back for you to keep trying.
    If you destroy to many pirate ships before you destroy the buoys and trigger 
    the boss fight, you have to start the level over.
    +++++Player Tip+++++
    Redmarauder pointed out that it is even easier to shoot the buoys with Brians
    sniper rifle. I thank you, the people thank you, and the world thanks you.
    ***Santa's Sweatshop***                                                    [G7]
    After that moist encounter we are sent to a very frozen universe, im surprised
    were not Family Guy-sicles...ba-dum pish!
    On a side note, can there be more collectibles? Sheesh...
    So the giant elves take a really long time to die without a headshot and they 
    pack a wallop, the little elves take a while to die as well if you don’t aim 
    for the head. Your best bet is to use Brians rifle, its powerful and takes the 
    big guys down in one hit to the head.
    On the left side of the factory in front of you is the first Calendar. Head to 
    the right and jump over the snow mound next to the gate. An elf shuts down the
    sludge lowering the way across but raising it on the other side. Use the planks
    and rocks in the sludge in front of you to get back to the beginning. Run 
    across to the newly raised area and hop across the planks. Slaughter the 
    little elves and turn the valve to change the sludge back.
    Well Santa is not to pleased in whatever your doing so he sent you a Christmas 
    greeting in the form of suicide bombing elves. This next part you just have to 
    be careful not to be to close and just run for the other end, Santa replaces 
    all of the elves you kill so save your ammo. Once you make it to the factory, 
    kill all of the elves that run at you, using powerups when needed. There is a 
    colorful box to the left before you go inside the factory, destroy it to 
    receive your first Rupert in it.
    Inside of the factory there is a Calendar on the far wall behind some boxes 
    and Vernon, the employee of the month, around the hall. Kill him to earn the 
    "Employee of the Month" achievement, which will give you more satisfaction 
    than any Dane Cook movie.
    Inside the factory are looooooots of elves. Keep moving to avoid the suicide 
    ones and shoot the big guys in the head as soon as you can so you don’t get 
    ganged up on. There are first aid and ammo boxes inside the gifts around the 
    floor but be warned that the dark red boxes have the suicide elves. Once 
    everyone id dead, you can run around and nab some collectibles. There is a 
    Calendar on the wall to your left as you enter and on the wall under a ramp 
    if you go straight to the back. To the right of the ramp are stacks of barrels
    with the second Rupert and if you go around the furnace burning the mail 
    behind you to the left, you will find another Rupert doll. Now you can 
    reactivate the power to the conveyor belts and elevator.
    The conveyers constantly spawn the suicide elves, so don’t waste time killing 
    them. Make a run to the transport line on the far side and run across the 
    conveyer belt watching out for the powerful blowing fan. Ride the lift up and 
    hop on the next belt. Run down, get on the stairs and hop on the next belt.
    Since the elves have to stop to ignite, you can just hop past them without a 
    real problem, try to avoid getting hung up on the gifts on the belt. Once you 
    make it to the far side, there is a Rupert in front of you and a Calendar on 
    top of the barrels.
    Kill the elves in front of you and the one on the catwalk near the roof as you
    walk up to the next ledge. There is another calendar between the two fans you 
    have to run past, if you put your crosshair in the middle of the rail and walk
    forward you will be fine. Before you hop on the gears, snipe the elves on the 
    next ledge your heading to, then look right. There is a Rupert on the rails 
    way out there.
    Return to the gears and run across them to get to the next ledge. A calendar 
    is on the wall here, grab it then take the lift up. Time your run with the 
    fans to make it across the gears. As you jump off the gears grab the Calendar 
    to your left. Run across the belt to the other side, hoping away from the 
    suicide elves like last time. 
    When you make it across, grab the Calendar here and hang in the back and snipe 
    the elves as they come to you, watching out for the guys upstairs across the 
    way. As you make it to the door, Santa drops some explosive spewing 
    Jack-in-the-Box's, they go down quickly with explosives. Destroy the boxes on 
    your right as you go up the ramp to reveal a Rupert and destroy the presents 
    to the left of the door to reveal a hidden Calendar.
    From here you can see three gears to the left that have some money on it, on 
    the far gear is the second to last Rupert. To get to it you must hop on the 
    ledge with the lamp then jump to the gear as it makes its way around. The best 
    way to not fall is no matter how it looks, jump as late as possible and keep 
    the character straight. To early and you wont make it, turn the character in 
    air and it takes away from the jump and you will hit the edge. On the gear just
     work your way around to the bear, then jump up and collect your reward.
    In Santas office there is a Calendar behind the fountain in the lobby. Go 
    upstairs to confront St. Nick, and after he leaves you can grab the final 
    Calendar to the left of his desk and the final Rupert in a chair to the right 
    of his desk.
    BOSS: Santa
    He rides around on his feral reindeer tossing elves in gifts at you. Use 
    whatever weapon and aim for the reindeer to bring him down. Use Stewies energy
     drink to belt out the pistol shots to bring him down faster, then Brians 
    Shotgun to deal with the elves. Santas second attack is doing drivebys with a 
    machine gun, so watch out for that because it packs a good amount of damage. A
     good strategy to distract the elves is to use a character item like the 
    Chicken or Joe
    Secondary Objectives                                                     [G7.2]
    Collect all the Advent Calendars
     1. Across from where you start, on the left side of the factory.
     2. Behind some boxes as you enter the factory.
     3. On the left wall as you enter the assembly room.
     4. Under the ramp on the back wall of the same room.
     5. On the upper area right when you get off the conveyor belts, hop on some 
    barrels next to the wall to get to it.
     6. When you are walking on the ledges upstairs near the two giant fans, its 
    between them on the railing.
     7. On the ledge after the first set of gears, the calendar is on the far wall.
     8. To your left after you jump off the second set of gears.
     9. After you make it across the next conveyor belt, its on the wall as you 
    hop off.
     10. Behind the store portal hiding behind some gifts next to the door to 
    Santas office.
     11. Behind the fountain in Santas office lobby.
     12. To the left of Santas desk.
    Find all the Rupert’s
     1. In a present to the left of the entrance to the factory.
     2. There are stacks of barrels on the far back wall to the right of calendar 
    4 you can jump on.
     3. There is a furnace in the assembly room, go around it to find the doll in 
    front of a fence.
     4. After you get off the conveyor belts there is a Rupert in front of you.
     5. On the railing of the third story, to the right of the two fans upstairs.
     6. As you approach Santas office there are some crates to your right hiding a
     7. On top of the far gears to the left of Santas office.
     8. On the far right chair in Santas office.
    ***Chicken's in Space***                                                   [G8]
    "I hate Robot Chicken."
    Oh where is a KFC when we need one? Brian and Stewie beam aboard an alien 
    chicken mothership to stop them from being used to destroy his universe.
    Head to the right to see a pretty intimidating sight. So strong, so powerful, 
    so ZAP...crispy. Chickens go down easy. Head through this door and around to 
    activate the first crane. This sends a flock of chickens after you but they 
    bunch up and are easy for a grenade kill. Go back to the first area and around
    the crates to find the next room that has your first Captured civilian you 
    can free. Activate the crane so you can go outside and through the next hall.
    Go to the right and left to free two more prisoners and activate the cranes. 
    Outside the door you can activate another crane that gives you access to some 
    money, a giant chicken egg, and frees more chickens. Up to you if you want it 
    or not, make your decision then head through the next door. In here is 
    possibly the best joke in the game, poor Seth Green.
    You can shoot the robot chicken in the head to reveal the fowl creature 
    underneath that you can finish off. If you bought the Rail Gun that you earned 
    for finishing the last level, one shot in the robot head will put them down. 
    Walk past the Alien reference and down the next hallway where more of these 
    aliens drop from the ceiling. In the next room, two robot chickens appear from 
    the opposite door, pop them from afar and run to the next room killing the 
    hatching chickens along the way.
    Release the next Captive and move along. In this room are a bunch of sleep 
    chambers you can open for either money or an alien chicken. Head to the right, 
    killing the robot chickens so you can free your fifth and sixth captive. If 
    you take the door on the left side of the room, it leads to a store portal. 
    Continue to the airlock to hear some more recycled lines from the show as you 
    go outside.
    Move forward once you get outside and down. If you shoot the targets on the 
    wall, they reveal platforms you can jump to. The ones to the right as you jump
    down lead to a few hundred dollars, to the left will continue the path. Hop on
    to the platform and navigate around the barricades and barriers to the other 
    side. Shoot the chicken to shatter the glass and send it flying. The next 
    platform is on a timer, when you shoot it, the platform will raise up for a 
    few seconds giving you a brief window to jump to the upwards moving platform 
    before it lowers into the electricity again.
    Up top there are a few turrets you have to take out before a lower platform is 
    raised and you are swarmed with..."ships." Shoot them with the rifle to kill 
    them instantly, otherwise they scatter around and you have to chase them. 
    Downstairs, shoot the target to release the platform to take you to a switch 
    that releases more platforms you must timely jump across, around, and back 
    across to make it to the other side. When you get there, shoot the moving 
    target to release an elevator to your left.
    Up here you have to briefly fight a bird in a suit reminiscent of Robocop. 
    Shoot through the cock-pit to destroy the thing and kill the driver. Take the 
    elevator down to the inside of the ship and press on.
    To your right is another Captive to free. In the next room is a giant maze 
    with three gas tubes underneath a glass roof. Up top you have to activate the 
    lever which lowers the protective shell around the tubes for 30 seconds, 
    giving you enough time to ride the elevator down and destroy one tube before 
    the shields raise. When you return upstairs there will be chickens and 
    another Robo suit chicken you have to deal with each time. After you destroy 
    the third container, a door is unlocked and the maze walls lower turning it 
    to a wide open room.
    Go down this creepy hallway minding the chestbursters and robot chickens. In 
    the next room, Bertram has locked the door and we must find a way around it.
     Go around the room, releasing the eighth Civilian in the back corner and the 
    final Civilian in the middle of the room. When your done, head to the final 
    chamber... Shut up Meg.
    BOSS: Alien Chicken Queen
    Yay more pop culture references. You have to kill this giant fowl thing... 
    Alright enough puns. We have to rescue Peter before he gets inserted with a 
    Like the Alien Queen, this spawns eggs out of the tube to constantly badger 
    you with the tiny chickens throughout the fight, they are infinite so don’t 
    expect peace for long. When the Queen rears up, it will start violently 
    flapping its wings, sending large items through the air to hurt you. Stand 
    behind a pillar to avoid this damage and use this opportunity to deal with 
    the smaller chickens.
    Shoot the giant chicken enough and you will daze it, now is when you must run 
    in front of it and activate the heat vents to cook the chicken. If you don’t 
    get to it in time, the Queen will regain all the health you took from it and 
    you have to start over from the last time you pulled the vent. Do this a total
     of three times to but this bird to rest and save your Dad.
    Secondary Objective                                                      [G8.2]
    Rescue the Captured Quahogians
     1. In the second room with the crane controls.
     2. In the third room with the crane controls.
     3. In the fourth room with the crane controls.
     4. Before the sleep chamber room
     5-6. To the right in the sleep chamber room.
     7. To your right after you make it back inside the ship
     8-9. In the large chestburster room before the boss fight.
    ***Chicken Fight!***                                                       [G9]
    "He doesn’t need help, this is his thing."
    We are now Peter and we are...wait for it...Fighting the Giant Chicken! The 
    controls have changed a bit for fighting styles so lemme lay it out.
    LT or X: Block                                               
    RT or B: Melee
    RB or Y: Blockbreaker
    A+B: Butt Stomp Attack
    LB: Dash
    A: Jump
    So you can use the triggers or the buttons depending on your comfort level.
    As the Chicken approaches, hold block to let him finish his three hit combo, 
    then hit him three times. Your last hit will send him flying, and if you aim 
    it right the Chicken will fly into objects causing massive damage. Do it 20 
    times and you will earn the "Wrecking Ball" achievement which you should get 
    around round 3. Once you deplete his health, the Chicken runs upstairs for 
    round 2 with replenished health.
    This rounds a bit tougher, the chicken has learned to block as well. Charge up 
    the block breaker to break through and hit him again. When the Chicken yells 
    and flaps, he’s about to start a long combo which you can either let happen 
    while your blocked or interrupt it with a punch causing the Chicken to go back
    to his combo/block strategy. It takes longer, but deplete his health to knock 
    him downstairs for round 3.
    In this round he learned to break your block as well, so hit him before he 
    finishes the breaker or else you will be stunned. To break a stun just wiggle 
    the left stick back and forth. Continue your strategy to throw him outside for
    round 4.
    The difference this round is that he doesn’t block, his combos are longer, 
    and at the end of a combo he charges up to bounce you away which also stuns 
    him. When you see the charge, start comboing him to stop it and cause some of
    your own damage. Once you deplete his health bar, the fight is over...
    Or is it???
    Secondary Objectives
    ***No Place Like Home***                                                  [G10]
    A T-Rex...with armor...and laser beams attached to its head... Dr. Evil would 
    be jealous.
    Side note, remember when I was complaining about collectibles earlier? I take 
    it back, this one sucks. 20 in all, lets go.
    Another side note. If you get killed by the T-rex, you will earn the "Ugly 
    Tastes Terrible" achievement, but it has to be by the T-Rex. Doesn’t count if 
    the clones do it.
    Yikes! Run! There is a Cutout in the back of the garage behind you and its a 
    good place to shoot the lasers. Run upstairs to the roof and aim for the 
    lasers on the dinosaurs head. Shoot them when you have a shot then run when it
     charges up, those lasers do massive damage and it gives you time to shoot all
     of the little clones that swarm you. I used Brian mostly for his rifle 
    against the lasers and shotgun against the clone. After you damage it enough 
    the dinosaur will flee and the clones stop spawning allowing you to go get 
    some collectibles.
    From the front of the garage, go right and up the truck to the roof with the 
    store on it. Down the stairs  and to the left in an alley is a Cutout of a pig
     you can destroy. Further in the alley is the first Blueprint. Across the 
    street is another alley with another Blueprint on the wall. Go up the stairs 
    leading into the warehouse and in front of you is Blueprint three. Around the 
    corner on the right is your third Cutout, its next to the store portal.
    Walk down the street towards the next objective and turn left as soon as the 
    garage ends and in the grass behind it is the next Blueprint. A little further
    down inside of the front door of a light blue house next to a white truck is 
    another Blueprint.
    Rocket launchers...Lovely. Well take your shots at them, if you shoot them 
    while they are open before the rockets fire, it causes a little extra damage 
    plus prevents them from firing at you, it takes a bit but its much easier than
    the laser. It goes without saying, watch for the clones.
    Time for more collectibles. First house on the left has a Cutout in the garage 
    plus an ammo box. Across the street behind the wreckage has the next Cutout in
    front of the garage and Blueprints on the fence to the left.
    Down the street next to the light blue house on the left has the next 
    Blueprint. Continue into the yard towards the objective and after the fence 
    look right to see a shed. The next Blueprint is in here and the Cutout is to 
    the left. Move through the garage to the next objective.
    Now it is picking up cars and throwing them at you. Your job is to shoot the 
    gas tank while its in the dinosaurs mouth. Just shoot in the general direction
    of the car and you will hit it causing damage. It will walk up and down the 
    street to try and sideswipe/step on you. Stick to the yards and you will be 
    fine. Before you kill it, this is your last chance to find the rest of the 
    collectibles. Next to the pink house on the right is a cutout, across the 
    street to the left of Herberts house is a blueprint against a tree, on the 
    other side of Herberts house is a cutout, the final Blueprint is next to 
    Clevelands house, and the final Cutout is next to the Griffen house...Phew. 
    Once you destroy the final car you defeat the dinosaur, stop Bertram, and beat
    the game.
    Secondary Objective                                                     [G10.2]
    Collect all 10 Multiverse Remote Blueprints
     1. Alley behind buildings to the right of the garage front.
     2. Across the street from 1 is another alley with the second blueprint.
     3. In the warehouse from the alley.
     4. Behind the garage towards the second objective.
     5. A few feet from 4 on a door of a light blue house next to a white truck.
     6. Between the first and second house on the right after you destroy the 
    rocket launcher.
     7. Behind a tree in the yard of the light blue house on the left of the path.
     8. Past the back patio next to a shed next to the store portal.
     9. Next to a tree to the left of Herberts house on the left side of the 
    final fight.
     10. On the side of Clevelands house on the left side of the final fight.
    Destroy all the Plywood Cutout Folk-art
     1. In the car garage behind the start point.
     2. Alley behind buildings to the right of the garage front.
     3. Next to the store portal in the same warehouse.
     4. Garage of the first house on the left after you destroy the rocket 
     5. Across the street in front of the garage of the first house on the right.
     6. Next to the shed near the store portal. Next to Blueprint 7.
     7. In one of the yards during the final fight.
     8. Next to pink house on the right during the final fight.
     9. To the right of Herberts house in the final fight.
     10. To the left of the Griffen house in the final fight.
    The multiplayer here is all in game except for Multiverse Madness. That means
    you need someone next to you with a controller, time to be social.
    Maps for levels can be bought in the store after you meet the secondary 
    objectives for some levels.
    *****Modes*****                                                            [MM]
    Death Match
    Kill your opponents in a Free for all or Team death match. The match ends when 
    the time limit or kill count is reached, the winner is the team or player with 
    the most kills.
    Multiverse Madness
    The point here is survival. You or your team must survive wave after wave of 
    random enemy attackers. Earn money by killing enemies, then use that money to 
    buy weapon upgrades. Unlike the other modes, you can play this one by yourself. 
    A guide to beating this can be found under the "Cartoon Apocalypse" 
    Capture the Greased-up Deaf Guy
    The Greased-up Deaf Guy (GDG) has the flag and is running around. Hit him with 
    your melee attack to knock him down and take the flag back to your base.
    The objective changes up between all of the game types. Be on the look out for 
    ===============================Challenge Levels===============================
    These Call of Duty esq. challenges are extra fun things you can do during or a
    fter you beat the game. You earn stars by playing the difficulty levels of the
    se Challenges by yourself or with a friend. You get one star for easy, two for 
    medium, and three for hard. There is no specific strategy for these, but I will 
    tell you how I did it and you can use it to make your own experience.
    1. Money Shots- Gather                                                     [C1]
         *: Take 6 photos of girls before time is up
         **:Take 8 photos of girls before time is up
         ***: Take 10 photos of girls before time is up
         [Recommended playthrough] Headshots, headshots, headshots. Its easy to get
    swarmed here. Use your items to distract your enemies as you take photos. Its
    real easy if you have a friend play with you to draw the fire and collect other
     photos. If your trying a solo run, make sure you collect items, use grenades 
    on groups, and shoot all the ranged characters you can because they are the 
    worst when your about to collect that photo and at the last second, BAM your 
    hit. Make good use of your sprint button so you can have extra time towards 
    the end.
    I used Quagmire because I found his rapid fire machine gun easier to deal with 
    the groups than Megs dart gun, and abuse the sprint button to get to each
    picture. Start with the house on the right on the porch, go clock wise around, 
    then to the military house across the street. Use an item in the alley on the 
    left to bottleneck the enemies and keep them away as you take the next pic. 
    Continue to the next door through the fence and go clockwise around this yard 
    but ignoring the one on the roof. Continue using items to bottleneck enemies, 
    and use the fact that the melee characters cant hit you if your up high to 
    thin the herd a bit. When you get to the second to last photo, use all of your
    items and grenades to distract while you snap it and run to the roof across 
    the street. Up here only the ranged can bother you and that’s maybe three 
    guys, plus there is usually an item up here. Snap the photo and book it back to
    the gate. I did it with .48 seconds to spare.
    2. Amish Amuck-Elimination                                                 [C2]
         *: Kill 30 Amish with less than six tourists killed
         **: Kill 40 Amish with less the five tourists killed
         ***: Kill 50 Amish with less than four tourists killed
         [Recommended playthrough] If you are good at headshots then this level 
    is very easy by yourself. There is no time limit and these guys just come 
    running to you in the beginning. Put yourself next to the building to your 
    right as you start and it gives you a vantage point that allows you to see 
    the Amish as they come around to get you, it limits civilian casualties 
    because they rarely run there, and the Amish cant get behind you. Like I said 
    these guys come gunning for you heavily in the beginning so just stay there 
    and pop them off, occasionally going out for health and ammo as needed. Around 
    the 15-10 mark you have to go out to get the rest, just go slowly and melee if
    you have to.
    3. The Crips and Ables- Rescue                                             [C3]
         *: Rescue 4 people before time runs out
         **: Rescue 5 people before time runs out
         ***: Rescue 6 people before time runs out
         [Recommended playthrough] Again I use Quagmire because of his triple 
    shot machine gun. When it starts, sprint forward and to the right is the first
    pod. Turn around, pick up the item in front of you and come back to the ledge. 
    Jump off the balcony and head shot the Crips so you have less distractions free
    ing the next hostage. Make it back to the upstairs to free the next few hostage
    s. Sprint forward and jump off the balcony, take care of who you can and free 
    the hostage here using the trees as some cover. On your way up to the last host
    age, use your items and grenades to slow the Crips down so you free the last 
    hostage without a distraction.
    4. Town Hall Beating- Wave Defense                                         [C4]
         *Survive many enemies per wave
         **Survive many more enemies per wave
         *** Survive a (bleep) ton of enemies per wave
         [Recommended playthrough] Your character selection is pretty slim between 
    Adam West and Evil Adam West, oddly this the only time you get to play as Evil 
    even though they use the same weapons. In order to survive all three on your 
    own, you must plant yourself at the top of the stairs on the roof of the damage
    d building. When they spawn, try and pick a few off with your rifle to ease the
     load later. After they move to the building, they all funneled to the bottom 
    of the stairs and they pause as soon as they see you giving you plenty of time 
    to head shot them. There is a Rupert next to you so if you run out of ammo 
    before the end, toss him down there, wait a sec, then go for the ammo box on 
    the second floor. When you get the money, buy the flame thrower for when a 
    large mass appear at the bottom of the stairs. The robot outside is really no 
    match for rapid rifle fire so that’s no problem, and it rarely ever hits you.
    Just avoid the rockets and this is yours.
    5. Sea Men Attack- Wave Defense                                            [C5]
         ***Earn stars the longer you survive the pirate hordes. Don’t get sunk 
    and be sure to repair your cannons so you can fight back.
         [Recommended Playthrough] If you weren’t any good at this part of the 
    main game, then your going to hate this. The trick is to start at one end of 
    the canons, then fire each cannon at them and at the boarding boats if they get
     to close. If you stay at one to long, you will get hit a lot and not be able 
    to fire. Keep an eye out for those damaged guns and fix them when the enemy 
    fleet is in the front or back of the boat so you don’t get hit. Keep this in 
    mind and survive the time limit to reach 3 stars.
    6. Last Minute Shoppers- Escape                                            [C6]
         *-Collect all of the bombs with a 30 second time bonus per bomb
         **-Collect all of the bombs with a 20 second time bonus per bomb
         ***-Collect all of the bombs with a 15 second time bonus per bomb
         [Recommended Playthrough] Run...plain and simple. Doesn’t matter who you 
    are, just sprint as best you can. Some tricks I did...
    1. Don’t fire your gun past the first gear, you never really need to and it was
    tes time.
    2. If your running the opposite way of a transport line, don’t worry about the
    exploding guys, they will be way behind you when they detonate.
    3. On the assembly line, stay in the middle. Sprint down and jump right before 
    it meets the connecting line then continue sprinting till you have to jump 
    4. Take your time when jumping onto a gear, don’t be hasty and then fall to 
    your death.
    5. You have plenty of health, I didn’t even use a med pack.
    Follow this and you will get it easy.
    7. Someone to Overwatch Me- Overwatch                                      [C7]
         *- Set 4 charges without either character dying
         **- Set 6 charges without either character dying
         ***- Set 8 charges without either character dying
         [Recommended Playthrough] This is a multiplayer challenge so you need two
     players. Player 1 is Peter and player 2 is Lois, Lois must run around and 
    plant the bombs while Peter sits in a moving helicopter and protects her with 
    a Beer Launcher and Minigun. Lois only has the Syringe Shooter and a Plasma 
    Launcher, neither of which are very good for the mass of enemies coming at you.
    I used the Syringe launcher to keep the enemies hopping around while I planted 
    the bombs.
           If you get hit while planting the bomb, you have to start the plant 
    over, while your holding the button down to plant the bomb you can still look 
    around and fire your gun to prevent the agents from shooting at you. Also 
    while you are planting the bomb, you can sidestep just a little so if your 
    about to get sniped it will take them longer to lock on. If you aim in the 
    direction of the snipers Lois will auto target them and a few shots will take 
    them down easy.
           As Lois, immediately jump forward and down to the bottom floor for the 
    first bomb. Turn around and start planting, an agent will be moving on you so 
    get your target ready to fire if he gets there to soon. After you plant that 
    bomb, run to the next bomb on this floor, turn around and start planting. From 
    here you can see the agents that run at you, so slow them down with your gun 
    until you finished with the bomb. There is a health pack to your left and to 
    the left of the stairs to the next floor if you need it. Go upstairs, turn 
    around and run to the third bomb, killing agents and snipers as you go. If you
    took some hits, use a health pack now because there is another one on your 
    right as you make your way to the fourth bomb. Once its planted, hit the 
    switch and wait for the crane to give you a bridge. You have to jump from this
    thing at the last possible moment otherwise you will fall short and have to 
    start all over. There is no real strategy for this roof because there are fewer
    agents, plenty of cover, plus Peter in the chopper. After the fourth bomb is 
    planted, find some cover and wait for the chopper to land giving you safe 
    passage out of there.
    Here you can spend your hard earned cash on bonuses you have earned after 
    meeting certain requirements.
    ****Costumes****                                                           [S1]
    Brian Sings and Swings- $1000
     Collecting all of the Advent Calendars in "Santa's Sweatshop"
    Coked Out- $1500
     Earn 3 challenge stars in "Amish Amuck" 
    Beagle- $2000
     You must find all Rupert’s in "Santa's Sweatshop"
    SWAT- $500
     Beat story mode.
    Stewie Sings and Swings- 1000$
     Collect all wanted posters in "Something's Amish"
    Sexy Party- $2000
     This sailor is yours when you find all the Pieces of Eight in "Legend of 
    Long John Peter."
    Stewie Kills Lois- $1500
     Complete "No Cheese Please"  
    SWAT- $500
     Complete Story Mode
    *******Weapons*******                                                      [S2]
    Unlock the ability to buy these weapons and use them in the story by 
    completing certain story quests.
       +LF Ray Gun- $2000
          Fires one dual round plasma shot that, when charged, homes in on any 
    target in the radius of it being fired. So if someone is hiding around a 
    corner, charge it, fire at the opening and the round will curve to hit the 
       +Rocket Launcher- $2000
          Fires a three round burst of rockets that scatter the farther they fly, 
    so not very accurate for distant targets.
       +Magma Gun- $2000
          Fires a blob of magma and is like the flamethrower but causes more 
    damage for less range.
       +Freeze Ray- $2000
          Hold down the fire to charge and fire a small constant beam at an enemy 
    for a few seconds to cause them to freeze.
       +"Stun" Gun- $2000
          I put quotes around the name because it is very misleading, its much 
    better than a stun gun. Can be fired normally but for maximum results, charge 
    this bad boy up and it fires a beam of electricity that electrocutes the 
    target and jumps to surrounding objects and enemies to electrocute them as well
    , great for multiple enemies that are scattered. 
       +Rail Gun- $2000
          This advanced sniper rifle holds fewer rounds in a clip but does twice 
    the damage and fires through targets, giving you the ability to kill multiple 
    enemies with one shot.
    *******Items*******                                                        [S3]
    These items can be found throughout the maps and used on the enemies to draw 
    attention and cause damage to the groups. Your allowed up to two of each item.
       Make your enemy puke their guts out. Causes enemies to puke for a few 
    seconds but causes no damage.
    Giant Chicken
       Unleash the Giant Chicken on your foes. The Giant Chicken pops out of his 
    egg and gets into a fist fight with any surrounding enemies to the sound of 
    "Bird is the Word"
       It's the Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man! When you throw it, 
    the balloon pops out and draws enemies to it causing them to get into a fight 
    with it, causes no damage to the enemies unfortunately.
    Boom Bear
       He just wants to find a friend and boom. This robot teddy walks over to the 
    closest enemy, and hugs him till it explodes in a raid of cotton and blood.
    Joe Swanson
       Officer Joe Swanson on the scene. This doll turns to the real Swanson who 
    wheels around blasting enemies with his machine gun.
       Pop-pop-pop goes Rupert! Throw the jack-in-the box and out pops Rupert with 
    an SMG and a lotta bullets to kill some bewildered enemies.
    Health Pack
       Need health? Use a health pack! These litter the levels and respawn if the 
    character wanders far enough away and comes back. Using one of these will 
    cause all of the characters health to return.
    *******Attributes*******                                                   [S4]
    Buying these will upgrade your characters in the main game, making you 
    stronger and able to hold more munitions.
    Health Pool
    Upgrade 1-$500
    Upgrade 2-$1500 
    Upgrade 3-$3000
    Number of Grenades
    Total Ammo Rounds
    Upgrade 1-$500
    Upgrade 2-$1500
    Upgrade 3-$3000
    Increase Clip Size
    Upgrade 1-$500
    Upgrade 2-$1500
    Upgrade 3-$3000
    *******Characters*******                                                   [S5]
    For multiplayer, all characters cost $3000
    1. Mayor West- and collect all the Scandalous Tapes in "No Cheese Please"
    2. Quagmire- Find all the sorority girls photos in "Its all Greek to Me."
    3. Cleveland- Destroy all the short busses in "Handicapable"
    4. Death- Earn 9 challenge stars
    *******Maps(Multiplayer)*******                                            [S6]
    All maps are $500
    1. Frat Row: Collect all photos in "It's all Greek To Me."
    2. Amish Village: Shoot all chickens in "Something’s Amish"
    3. Hospital: Collect all handicap placards in "Handicapable"
    4. Evil City Hall: Earn 3 stars in "Town Hall Beating"
    *******Costumes(Multiplayer)*******                                        [S7]
    1. Peter
    	Long John Peter-$2000
    	A Mustache Morning-$1000
    	Flossing Walrus- $1500
    2. Lois
    	Lois Kills Stewie-$1000
    	Barely Legal-$2000
    3. Meg
    	Prison Meg-$1000
    	Slumber Party-$1500
    	Sexy Kitty?-$2000
    3. Chris
    	Splash Log-$1000
    	Jungle Love-$1500
    4. Mayor West
    	Beddy-Bye Time-$1000
    	Pizza Night-$1500
    	Prom Night-$2000
    5. Quagmire
    	Waaah!- $1000
    	Wild and Crazy Quagmire- $1500
    	SWAT- $500
    	Capt. Glen Quagmire- $2000
    	Super Freaky- $1500
    	Wild and Crazy Cleveland- $2000
    	SWAT- $500
    	Owww!- $1000
    7. Death
    	Boned- $1000
    	Dude, I think I’m dying-$2000
    	Pale Stallion- $0
    	SWAT- $500
    Here is a list of all achievements, most are explained in the description and 
    are easy enough to figure out if you read them before playing. There are no 
    spoilers in the names or descriptions so there is nothing to worry about. I 
    will do my best at describing the more difficult achievements.
    ***It's All Greek To Me: 20g                                              [A01]
       Complete the "Its All Greek To Me" level
    ***Something's Amish: 20g                                                 [A02]
       Complete the "Something's Amish" level
    ***Handicapable: 20g                                                      [A03]
       Complete the "Handicapable level
    ***Pussy Whipped: 20g                                                     [A04]
       Complete the "Pussy Whipped" level
    ***No cheese, Please: 20g                                                 [A05]
       Complete the "No cheese, please" level
    ***Long John Peter: 20g                                                   [A06]
       Complete the "Long John Peter" Level
    ***Santa's Sweatshop: 20g                                                 [A07]
       Complete the "Santa's Sweatshop" level
    ***Chickens In Space: 20g                                                 [A08]
       Complete the "Chickens In Space" level
    ***Chicken Fight!: 20g                                                    [A09]
       Complete the "Chicken Fight!" level
    ***No Place Like Home: 20g                                                [A10]
       Complete the "No Place Like Home" level
    ***Day Labor: 15g                                                         [A11]
       You've Destroyed all the piñatas!
          During the "Its all Greek to Me" stage at the Jewish frat house there 
    are piñatas scattered around the yard, destroy them with your ranged weapon to
    earn the achievement, there are six in total.
     1. Hanging from a tree by the front gate
     2. By the corner you start at
     3. Along the fence towards the back yard
     4. On the deck next to the Sam Tucket machine
     5. In the backyard next to the ammo box
     6. Around the back on a patio with no people
    ***Scorched Earth: 10g                                                    [A12]
       Burn the pot fields in the "Something's Amish" level
    	After you destroy the three trees, take the newly opened path and you 
    will walk into the pot field. Use Stewies flamethrower to burn them to the 
    ***Pervert: 10g                                                           [A13]
       Hang around the room with Quagmire in a baby costume for 30 seconds
          In "No Cheese, Please" when you make it into the hotel, the third room 
    on the left has quagmire. Just sit there as either character to get the 
    achievement, try not to catch anything.
    ***Employee of the Month: 20g                                             [A14]
       Kill Vernon
          In "Santa's Sweatshop", Vernon is the large elf in a Santa suit as you 
    enter the factory for the first time. Kill him dead.
    ***Wrecking Ball: 20g                                                     [A15]
       Smash your opponent into something 20 times in the "Chicken Fight!" level
    	When you are fighting the chicken, get him close to any of the 
    environmental objects like screens, luggage, carts, or fuel canisters and 
    combo him into it. There are four rounds of fighting with his health lasting 
    longer each time so you have plenty of opportunities
    ***Ugly Tastes Terrible: 5g                                               [A16]
       Play poorly during the final showdown
    	During the "No place like home" level, you must be killed by the T-rex, 
    the clones don’t count apparently.
    ***Obsessed: 50g                                                          [A17]
       Complete all Secondary Objectives
          Every level has either one or two secondary objectives, complete them all
     by the end to earn this bad boy. If you missed it your first time through, you
    ry again. If you make it to the boss fight and you don’t have all of the 
    collectibles, you can restart the level and you will have all of the items that
    you have already collected. The achievement will pop once you finish the level 
    you had to collect it in
          Side note: if you have a second player with you when you earn the 
    achievement, they will also earn the achievement regardless if they have played
    the game before or not.
    ***Penny Pincher: 40g                                                     [A18]
       Collect $50,000 in Story Mode
          Scattered throughout the levels are random bags of money, usually behind 
    bushes or other scenery objects. You can also destroy some stuff for money but 
    that also takes time. The best way to score dough is to kill enemies, but not 
    just kill them, kill them in the face. A headshot is worth double the value of
    a normal killed enemy, so in the later levels when killing someone is worth 
    $60, headshots will give you $120 each. The achievement is accumulative so you 
    can buy whatever, whenever and it still tracks how much you have earned since 
    you started playing.
    ***Help From My Friends: 15g                                              [A19]
       Acquire any collectible special inventory items and use it 25 times in 
    Story Mode. 
            These are the items you throw to such as the Giant Chicken, WWIAFTM, 
    Joe and all the others. You find them in levels or you can buy them in the 
    ***Mort Will Now Lend You Credit: 30g                                     [A20]
       Buy everything available in the Store
    	After you meet the prerequisites to unlock the item, then you can buy 
    it. More multiplayer costumes unlock as you buy the extra multiplayer character
    s. If you are short on cash, play the "No Cheese, Please" level. Headshots are 
    worth $120 and you can generally make it out with over $15,000.
    ***Bipolar: 10g                                                           [A21]
       You've switched between Brian and Stewie 10 times
          Hold Y or press up on the d-pad to switch between characters.
    ***We Be Clubbing: 15g                                                    [A22]
       You defeated 10 enemies with a melee weapon
    	Press your melee button to wack enemies with your golf club/broken 
    whiskey bottle. Usually takes about 3 hits per person, impossible to miss after
    the "Long John Peter" level.
    ***Multi-Kill: 15g                                                        [A23]
       You successfully performed a multi-kill with a melee weapon
          Just kill more than one in rapid succession to earn this. Almost 
    impossible not to get on the "Long John Peter" level
    ***IEDead: 15g                                                            [A24]
       Kill 60 enemies with grenades/explosives
          Considering your going to be killing groups of enemies, this should pop 
    ***Multi-Kill with a grenade: 15g                                         [A25]
       You successfully performed a multi-kill with a grenade
          Bottleneck your enemies and let fly with an explosive to kill a group of 
    2 or more within a few seconds.
    ***Stewie-nator: 40g                                                      [A26]
       Kill 500 enemies using Stewie
    ***Justified: 40g                                                         [A27]
       Kill 500 enemies using Brian
    ***How Do I Jump?: 5g                                                     [A28]
       Kill yourself with a grenade or satchel charge
          Toss one of the grenades or thrown explosives with a timer, run over it 
    before it explodes and boom goes the dynamite. Holding a grenade for too long 
    works also.
    ***Head Shot: 5g                                                          [A29]
       You got your first head shot
          Aim at the face, pull the trigger. Earning this will also earn you...
    ***One Shot Kills: 5g                                                     [A30]
       You've killed an enemy with one shot
          And caked the wall behind them with brain matter, moving on.
    ***Boom Headshot: 15g                                                     [A31]
       You've killed 75 enemies with headshots
          Aim at the face, pull the trigger 75 times.
    ***Little Dipper: 15g                                                     [A32]
       Earn 10 Stars in Challenge mode
          See "Big Dipper"
    ***Big Dipper: 40g                                                        [A33]
       Earn 21 stars in Challenge mode
          Challenge mode has three levels: easy, medium, and hard earning you one, 
    two, or three stars respectively. Some levels are easy enough by yourself but 
    it is recommended to do some with a partner especially since the last level is 
    co-op anyways. The modes are covered in the Challenge Mode guide.
    ***Mr. Unpopular: 5g                                                      [A34]
       Choose Meg for a Multiplayer match
    ***Shut Up Meg: 5g                                                        [A35]
       Kill Meg during any Multiplayer Match
          Now we can be like Peter and fart in her face... except instead of an 
    ass its a gun and instead of farts its bullets.
    ***First Kill: 10g                                                        [A36]
       Successfully complete your first kill of an opposing team member in 
    ***Roadhouse: 15g                                                         [A37]
       Kill 3 members of the opposing team with a melee attack before you die in 
    ***The Cleaner: 30g                                                       [A38]
       Get a 10 kill streak in Deathmatch
    ***Kings of Quahog: 20g                                                   [A39]
       Win a Deathmatch mode (free-for-all or as a team)
    ***Bestest Infiltrator: 20g                                               [A40]
       Win an Infiltration map
    ***Grease Can't Save You Now: 20g                                         [A41]
       Win a Capture the "Greased-Up Deaf Guy" match
    ***Teabaggin': 15g                                                        [A42]
       Taunt 25 times in any Multiplayer match
          Can be done in any match, but it has to be one match. It doesn’t collect 
    over to different matches
    ***Teabag a D-Bag: 5g                                                     [A43]
       Taunt a dead opponent with Quagmire in Multiplayer
          Once you kill someone, stand near them and press down on your d-pad
    ***Bird is the Word: 10g                                                  [A44]
       Taunt 5 times in a row with Peter
          Peter cannot attack while doing his dance, otherwise you have to start 
    ***Lockdown: 20g                                                          [A45]
       Shut out the other team from scoring in Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy
          Just don’t let the other team score any points
    ***Bunch of Chumps: 15g                                                   [A46]
       Survive 15 waves in Multiverse Madness
          See "Cartoon Apocalypse
    ***Cartoon Apocalypse: 30g                                                [A47]
       Survive 30 Waves in Multiverse Madness
          Can be earned alone or in multiplayer...I highly recommend multiplayer 
    but if you feel like beasting it on your own you are more than welcome. The 
    idea is to survive all 30 waves without dying once, you have your choice of 
    any character on any map. What makes this hard is as the levels reach higher 
    to every 10th level, the enemies get progressively more difficult and at every 
    1st level after ten, the enemies take less damage while you take more. However 
    the types of enemies reset and get progressively harder all over again, giving 
    you a few levels of breathing room.
       The biggest thing is that it comes down to luck. The maps randomly choose 
    which items they want to spawn on the map each time you restart the game. So 
    one time you can have WWIAFTM and Ipecac, others you can have a Rupert and J
    oe; its just luck of the draw. Here are some tips for alone and group gameplay.
    MAP: Evil City Hall- gives you the buildings you can nest in as a group and 
    the square is a good place to run in circles collecting the respawning health,
    ammo, and item drops.
    Alone- In my opinion the character you should choose is Brian because of his 
    automatic shotgun and his stun gun. The stun gun is great because it can take 
    out groups of people in one shot while your running and the shotgun can 
    quickly take out the Roid-Bertrams and the Robot Chickens. For the level, run 
    to the top left tower and plant yourself at the top of the stairs like in 
    "Town Hall Beating" and headshot all of the enemies that come for you. Its a 
    mix of Small Bertrams, Amish, Handicapped, Frats, and Sisters who can all be 
    taken easily with a head shot. They will primarily come from downstairs but 
    keep an eye on that ledge to your left for stragglers. Use items to distract 
    enemies while you reload and thin the herds a bit. At the end of a level, Joe 
    will highlight the last few enemies. Now is a great time to run out and restock
    on health and items, if you wait long enough the items will respawn. The first 
    weapon I recommend is the shotgun because next round is when the Roid-Bertrams 
    show up and they do not go down with a headshot. Kill the last enemy when you 
    are ready and you get 30 seconds till the next match to do everything you just 
    took your time doing. You can stick with the previous strategy or you can try 
    running around the square now, constantly moving to prevent the Amish arrows 
    from hitting you. Buy the Stun Gun when you have enough and continue the 
    strategy, using the Shotgun on the big Bertrams and the Robot Chickens when 
    they appear and the Stun Guns on the other targets to take down the larger 
    numbers. At the higher levels it is not recommended staying in one spot long 
    because there are more enemies that will swarm you and stay from a distance 
    shooting at you.
    As a group- It all comes down to player specifics, who does the play feel the 
    most comfortable with? I still recommend Brian and one other strong weapon 
    character running out on the street causing havoc for two players. Meg is good 
    in the aspect because her Syringe gun is good at killing a Robot Chicken if you
    aim for the head and her Grenade launcher is good for taking out groups that 
    swarm items like the Giant Chicken or the WWIAFTM. In groups of three or more, 
    Death is great because of his special ability to place a tombstone that acts as 
    a turret, giving you a fourth or fifth player that takes out targets at one 
    spot while you can recover or continue to take out enemies. As a group, the 
    game only ends when all of the characters die. Everyone who is dead will 
    respawn at the beginning of the next match.
    ***There is no Cake: 100g                                                 [A48]
       Unlock all other achievements found in the game.
          There has been some trouble with this achievement activating for some
    players who have obtained all achievements (myself included, cue rage quit).
    So far there really hasnt been a specific reason as to why this is happening.
    The only things I can offer that have helped others is to check the store again
    and make sure you have bought all outfits for multiplayer characters and to
    fool around in multiplayer. Others have cleared their memory on the xbox and
    played through the entire game again which seemed to help.
    To write this guide I used the Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse game disk 
    Credit goes to xSouthParkFTWx for verifying that jumping is how to get to one 
    of the Rupert bears, and Redmarauder for the "Feed The Sharks" objective hint.
    This guide was written exclusively for the website http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
    of this guide on any other web site such or as a part of any public display 
    is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. 
    All documentation concerning the publication of this guide or any other guide
    posted by "ForeverMidnight" will be saved for any legal reference
    Version History
    V1: Posted the guide with all objectives
    V1.1: Added tip for secondary objective, spelling changes, and "There is no
    Cake" tips.
    V1.2: Added an updated copywright due to websites posting guide without

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