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    Collectable Guide by darthmarsden

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    Family Guy - Back to the Multiverse
    Collectable Thingamajigs Guide
    1) Intro
    2) Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
    3) The Actual Guide
    	3A) It's All Greek to Me
    	3B) Something's Amish
    	3C) Handicapable
    	3D) Pussy Whipped
    	3E) No Cheese, Please
    	3F) Legend of Long John Peter
    	3G) Santa's Sweatshop
    	3H) Chickens in Space
    	3I) Chicken Fight!
    	3J) There's No Place Like Home
    4) Conclusion
    1) INTRO
    Please don't automatically skip this section, there's some important
    information here that'll come in very handy.
    Anyway - hi there! I'm Darth Marsden, and welcome to my guide for
    Family Guy - Back to the Multiverse. If, like me, you suffer from a
    form of OCD which makes you unable to stop playing a game until
    you've finished it 100% with every single collectable thingamajig
    game developers absolutely positively have to hide in the most
    frustrating places imaginable, then you've come to the right place.
    A lot of the games I play are guilty of hiding their collectables in
    the most ludicrous places, and the latest Family Guy game is no
    exception. Although the vast majority of the findables aren't too
    well hidden, there's usually one or two that are a pain in the ass.
    Which is where I come in!
    Anyway, there wasn't a guide for FG:BttM, so I decided to write one
    myself. I hope you appreciate it - it was extremely tricky in places,
    and I had to pause the game constantly to write it, meaning I got to
    hear the Family Guy theme over and over again. Grr.
    For the record, I played through the PC version of the game (which
    suffers from a really quite bad port, for what it's worth), though
    this guide is equally applicable to the other versions of the game
    on the PS3 and XBox360. This shouldn't make a massive difference if
    you're just trying to find the odd collectable or two, but I still
    feel it's worth mentioning.
       ===== =====-=====
    I replayed the game, writing this guide as I went along, on the
    Sun 25th and Mon 26th  of November '12, and I worked pretty hard
    on it, so don't nick it and try to pass it off as your own. Finally,
    I'm only submitting this to GameFAQs, so don't upload it to your
    website if you are not GameFAQs.
    So... This file is copyright 2012-Present Chris 'Darth' Marsden.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    ...and that's it. That wasn't so hard, was it?
       === ====== =====
    Ok, brief explanation of how this works. First is the name of the
    level, then the list of all the pick-upables. There's either one
    or two depending on the level, and I'll be describing each.
    You'll pick it up pretty quickly. Unless you're stupid.
        ---- --- ----- -- --
    Unlike most of the following levels, this one's quite open, and
    as the pictures are all named (though it's a bit hard to see
    that) I'll be going by those rather than numbering them.
    Lucy - After Mort tells you that you should pick up the extra
    	pictures and the side-mission actually appears on your
    	objectives screen, head to the house directly behind where
    	you're now standing and check the porch.
    Apple - From Lucy, head past the van with the guy getting high
    	and check the porch of the other house.
    Coco - This one's on the porch of the 'NOT' house (the one to
    	the left of the police car parked on the grass).
    Diana - In the front yard of the house to the right of the
    	police car parked on the grass, on one of the tables.
    Alana - In the back yard of the house to the right of the
    	police car packed on the grass, on one of the tables.
    Paris - On a table in the middle of the roundabout.
    Lauren - On a table in the front yard of the house to the right
    	of the heavily armed house (where you grab the tap).
    Christy - On the porch of the house to the right of the heavily
    	armed house.
    Mona - Around the back of the house to the right of the heavily
    	armed house is a bunch of skate stuff. Check in the
    	middle of this stuff to see the picture.
    Kimmy K - From the skate stuff mentioned above, look to the right
    	to see a gas canister next to a fence. Shoot the canister
    	to blow up a section of the fence, revealing the picture.
    MaryKate - After stealing the tap, you'll jump across the gap
    	directly opposite the house. Check the table here.
    Chelsea - After being told to steal the frat boy's jackets,
    	head for the manor opposite the heavily armed house.
    	You should see Meg on the porch - the picture's by her.
    Moonunit (?) - From Meg, look to the right and you'll see a
    	corner with some bushes. The picture's by those.
    Stacie - In the back garden of the house Meg's at, the picture's
    	on a table in the corner.
    Jessica S - When you're told to steal the speakers, you'll head
    	round the back of the 'NOT' house. Check the porch behind
    	the actual speakers to find the final picture.
        ----------- -----
    Two sets of things to get. The first is Wanted posters, which are
    standard collectables and I'll say no more about them.
    The second, though, are chickens, which you need to shoot.
    These are... well, trickier. I found that, in my two playthroughs,
    some of these things moved, which leads me to believe there are
    several different possible locations the chickens appear at.
    I've listed the ones I'm aware of, so bear in mind that they
    may not actually be in every location.
    As for how to deal with them... I recommend you shoot them from
    a distance with the sniper rifle or just throw a grenade
    at them, since if you get too close they start to run around,
    which is a massive pain to deal with.
    Poster #1 - Once you leave the initial barn, look to your left.
    Poster #2 - In the beginning of the level, to the left of the
    	path. You should have had to shoot an Amish man who was
    	putting this up during the sniper section.
    Chicken Location - Around the 1st WOAH sign.
    Chicken Location - To the right of the 'Going Out of Business'
    	store, by the fence.
    Poster #3 - Opposite the 'Mile Saloon' is a path leading to a
    	store - the poster's behind that.
    Poster #4 - To the right of the second WOAH sign, on the side
    	of a red barn.
    Chicken Location - Around the unfinished barn.
    Chicken Location - To the left of the unfinished barn, behind
    	a fence. Use a grenade to get them (if they're there).
    Poster #5 - Once you knock doen the lookout tower, check the
    	building it falls next to. The poster's on the side.
    Poster #6 - Opposite the Adam West scarecrow is a path leading
    	to a gate. The poster's on that gate.
    Chicken Location - Opposite the horse stables behind the fence
    	is a pumpkin patch. The chickens like to hide there.
    	Try climbing onto the crashed cart to snipe them.
    Chicken Location - Towards the end of the horse stables.
    Poster #7 - On the very end of the horse stables, next to the
    	gate. Someone should be hammering it in.
    Poster #8 - On the barn where Betram's weapon is being made.
    Poster #9 - Next to the second tree you need to burn down,
    	pasted onto a rock.
    Chicken Location - As you enter the quarry, look up and to the
    	left to see a platform in front of the house. If there,
    	you should see the chicken(s) on that platform.
    Poster #10 - As you enter the quarry, follow the path to the
    	right and you should see the poster on the wall just
    	before the tracks start.
    Poster #11 - As you head down the first ramp in the quarry,
    	there should be a man hammering a poster onto one of
    	the support structures.
    Poster #12 - The final poster is on the side of the ramp on
    	the very bottom of the quarry.
    One collectable, one destructable.
    The collectables are handicapped placards, which are oddly
    large, but whatever, cartoon physics and all that.
    The destructables are the yellow short buses, and I'm not going
    to list them because they're painfully easy to find. There's
    usually a cutscene showing them off as they arrive, and the
    enemies tend to spawn from them, so you should want to destroy
    them anyway. There's seven of them, for the record, and if
    you've gotten then all, the last should be the one on the top
    floor of the parking lot.
    Placard #1 - In the opening area, to the far right of the first
    	short bus, next to Al Harrington's wheelchair store.
    Placard #2 - Near the hospital entrance, on the far right of the
    	barricade blocking off the road.
    Placard #3 - Behind the short bus next to Peter & Meg.
    Placard #4 - On the bottom level of the parking lot, in the room
    	underneath the ramp.
    Placard #5 - On the top level of the parking lot, in the rear of
    	the blue car on the far left side.
    Placard #6 - In the first hospital area, head to the top floor
    	and follow the path all the way round to the end.
    Placard #7 - In the second hospital area, head to the middle
    	level and in between the ramps, underneath the bridge
    	across, there's a glass door with the placard by it.
    Placard #8 - In the second hospital area, after disabling the
    	alarm on the middle level, check the path to the right.
    Placard #9 - In the second hospital area, after disabling the
    	alarm on the top level, keep following the path around
    	the edge of the area to reach the placard.
    Placard #10 - In the boss area, check the benches that are in
    	front of the middle cannon.
        ----- -------
    Just the one collectable - some kitty figurines.
    Figure #1 - In the doorway to the right of where you start.
    Figure #2 - After you're told to reprogram the radar tanks, look
    	around you to see a broken plane above the number 97.
    	Check behind the sandbags in front of the number.
    Figure #3 - Look all the way to the left of the first radar tank
    	to see a van that spawns enemies. Look behind this.
    Figure #4 - To the right of the third radar tank is another van,
    	this one in an alley. Again, look behind the van.
    Figure #5 - Nice and easy - it's behind the fourth radar tank.
        -- ------  ------
    Again, just the one collectable - videotapes this time.
    Tape #1 - This is behind the van you're supposed to jump on to
    	from Fromer President Clinton's limo.
    Tape #2 - After you ride up to the rooftops, make your way to
    	the top of the closest air unit.
    Tape #3 - In the second rooftop area (with the three guards you
    	WILL fail to sneak past), behind the exit door in the
    	corner are some crates. Smash them to see the tape on
    	top of some barrels.
    Tape #4 - On the restaurant roof, before jumping to the half-
    	finished building, look to the left to see some cash.
    	The tape's on the table there.
    Tape #5 - Above the stairs leading down to the room with the
    	gear, there are some wooden platforms. Tape's there.
    Tape #6 - In Quagmire's hotel room, on a table in the corner.
    Tape #7 - After destroying the helicopter, you'll end up next to
    	the newly formed ramp. Turn around and look at the bin,
    	because the tape's in there.
    Tape #8 - Once you enter the book depository, you'll notice the
    	path basically circles around a large area in the
    	middle. Inside this area, near the boxes used for cover
    	by the enemies, is the final tape.
        ------ -- ---- ---- -----
    One collectable, one destructable.
    The collectables are pieces of eight, of which there are nine.
    Pirates of the Caribbean flashback. Most of these are hidden
    under crates or barrels, so you'll have to smash them to get at
    the piece of eight.
    The destructables are bouys that float past when you have to
    shoot the ships. At first, you may think you need to use the
    cannons to hit them - which is an absolute pain the the rear
    end, by the way - but you can actually just shoot them with your
    normal weapons, provided your aim's good enough. I suggest using
    one of Brian's weapons with a scope - the standard sniper rifle
    or,  if you've purchased it, the Rail Gun. 
    The bouys loop, so you can take your time and wait for the next
    one if you happen to miss it. I recommend you either shoot them
    before they reach the enemy pirate ships, but you can also shoot
    them once they've gone past them. You only need to hit three, so
    there's no real rush. Just make sure you shoot them before
    triggering Long John Peter's boss battle, because after that
    it'll be too late.
    Piece o' Eight #1 - In the very first room, under the crates to
    	the left of the exit.
    Piece o' Eight #2 - Inside the cleaning lady's cell. Shamus
    	will open it once you let him out.
    Piece o' Eight #3 - Under the crate inside the cell with the
    	skeleton (opposite the cleaning lady).
    Piece o' Eight '4 - Under the barrels that are directly
    	opposite the crate that contains your weapons.
    Piece o' Eight #5 - Under the crate in the Evil Monkey's cell.
    Piece o' Eight #6 - Almost under the hay in Adam West's cell.
    Piece o' Eight #7 - On deck, this is under the crates under the
    	steps leading to the upper deck.
    Piece o' Eight #8 - Opposite #7 are some smaller steps. This is
    	under the crates next to the steps on the right.
    Piece o' Eight #9 - Once you jump to the second ship, this is
    	in exactly the same place #8 was.
        ------- ---------
    Two collectables here. One's a calender (so I'll refer to them
    by month rather than number) and the other's teddy bears. Or
    Ruperts, as Stewie refers to them. Either or.
    It's worth noting that you collect all the calenders in order,
    except for September, which is first, for some bizarre reason.
    After that though, it's the same as an actual calender. This
    should make it easier to keep track of where you are with them.
    Just remember that you skip over September and go straight from
    August to October. Seriously, no idea why it does this.
    September - In the far left corner of the starting area, next
    	to an ammo crate.
    Rupert #1 - After crossing the bridge over the sludge, look to
    	the left of the factory entrance to see a sole present
    	mixed in with some crates. The bear's in said present.
    January - Just inside the factory entrance, atop some pallets.
    February - In the main room of the factory, it's on the wall to
    	the left of where you entered.
    March - In the main room of the factory, it's on the wall under
    	the ramp on the opposite side of the room you entered.
    Rupert #2 - On some barrels to the right of the March calender.
    Rupert #3 - As you go up the ramp towards the power switch, go
    	up the first section and keep going. You'll find a path
    	through some mailbags. Go up the stairs and follow the
    	money to the left to find the bear.
    Rupert #4 - After making your way across the conveyer belts
    	with presents, shoot the sole present on the platform to
    	uncover the bear.
    April - From Rupert #4, it's on the barrels in the corner.
    May - As you cross the walkway with the two fans trying to blow
    	you off, you can see the calender on the wall right
    	between the two fans. Carefully walk across the girder
    	to reach it.
    June - After crossing the first set of moving gears, it's on
    	the wall at the far side of the walkway.
    Rupert #5 - From the June calender, raise the lift up but don't
    	ride it to the upper level. Instead, use it to get onto
    	the girders and walk out to the bear.
    July - After crossing the second set of moving gears, it's on
    	the wall to the left.
    August - After crossing the conveyer belt with the suicide
    	elves, this is on the wall to the right.
    Rupert #6 - Atop the ramp with the Jack-in-the-Box is a present
    	on the right beind some crates. The bear's in there.
    October - Before entering Santa's house, this is on the wall to
    	the left of the door, behind the presents.
    Rupert #7 - To the left of the door to Santa's house are some
    	moving gears. Carefully jump to one of the spokes -
    	you won't reach otherwise - and make your way across
    	to the end, where the bear is.
    November - As you enter Santa's house, this is on the wall
    	behind the statue.
    December - In Santa's office, to the left of the fireplace.
    Rupert #8 - In Santa's office, in one of the chairs to the
    	right of the fireplace.
        -------- -- -----
    Only one collectable here, if you can call it that. You need to
    rescue people captured in tubes. To free them, just use the
    console on the front of the tube. All of these are fairly
    obvious, but it wouldn't be a complete guide if I didn't point
    them out anyway.
    Bruce - In the same room as the switch you need to pull to move
    	the second crate.
    Cleaning Lady - In the same room as the switch you need to pull
    	to move the third crate.
    Herbert - In the same room as the switch you need to pull to
    	move the fourth crate.
    Mort - In the corner of the room where you can see Peter
    	through the window. And hear him, somehow.
    Joe & Carter Pewterschmitt - These guys are in the locker room
    	after Mort / Peter. They're in the elevated section in
    	the middle of the room, so be careful not to miss them.
    Tom Tucker - Right after you return inside after your trip in
    	space, make a hard right after the first door.
    Quagmire & Cleveland - These guys are in the room where Bertram
    	locks the door to the control room. Quagmire's in a
    	corner of the room and you'll walk right past him -
    	Brian even says a line about him - while Cleveland's
    	to the right of him on the elevated section.
        ------- -----
    There's no collectables in this level. If you're hard up for
    some cash, you can punch the Evil Chicken into some of the
    scenery (or let yourself get shoved into it), but that's the
    only thing worth picking up in these fights... besides health,
    of course. You'll probably need health.
        ------- -- ----- ---- ----
    One collectable, one destructable.
    The colletables are plans for Bertram's multiverse remote, and
    quite what he's doing leaving them all over Quahog I've no idea.
    These'll be on walls throughout the level.
    The destructables are some tacky lawn cutouts. You just shoot
    these and then get a warm, fuzzy feeling. Ahh.
    There's three seperate areas in this level, and I'll divide the
    guide by these sections. Once you've opened the second you can
    still head back to the first, but once you enter the third and
    final area you're stuck there, so make sure you get all the
    thingamajigs in the first two areas before you enter the third.
    AREA 1)
    Cutout #1 - As soon as the level starts, head backwards into the
    	parking lot. On the ground floor is a store. Look behind
    	that to see the first cutout underneath the car ramp.
    Cutout #2 - Opposite the parking lot's car ramp is a makeshift
    	ramp leading to the top of Das Gym. Go Up it and then
    	down the other side. The second cutout's underneath the
    	metal walkway you cross, behind some crates.
    Blueprint #1 - In the other side of the alley from Cutout #2 is
    	the blueprint, on the back wall of Mort's Pharmacy next
    	to the fence.
    Blueprint #2 - From Blueprint #1, head out aross the road. On
    	the back wall of 'Quahog Boxing Gym', underneath the
    	metal stairs up to the roof is the blueprint
    Blueprint #3 - From Blueprint #2, head up the smaller metal
    	stairs behind you into the building and head straight
    	towards the wall in front of you to see this blueprint.
    Cutout #3 - In the same room as Blueprint #3, look behind the
    	store to see the cutout in the corner of the room.
    Blueprint #4 - This is on the grass just to the right of the
    	parking lot, opposite Ed's Motel. It's on the ground.
    Blueprint #5 - From Blueprint #4, head to the right. Inside the
    	doorway next to the white car is the blueprint.
    AREA 2)
    Cutout #4 - On the left side of the street is a garage with an
    	ammo crate in it. The cutout's just to the left of this.
    Blueprint #6 - On the right side of the street is an open
    	garage. The blueprint's to the left of this.
    Cutout #5 - Just to the right of the garage on the right side of
    	the street.
    Blueprint #7 - Once you defeat the T-Rex in this area, head to
    	the left of where he was standing to find this one.
    Blueprint #8 - On the path leading to the third area is a store.
    	Check inside the doorway of the building just to the
    	right of this for the blueprint.
    Cutout #6 - Just to the left of the building with Blueprint #8.
    AREA 3)
    Cutout #7 & 8 - You start this area at one end of the street. On
    	one side of this end are some burning weed plants. There
    	should be a cutout on the left side of the house to the
    	left of this. This seems to count as two, oddly.
    Blueprint #9 - This is on the left side of Herbert's house,
    	behind a tree.
    Cutout #9 - This is to the right of the ice cream truck next to
    	Herbert's house.
    Blueprint #10 - This is on the side of the house opposite the
    	Griffins at the end of the road.
    Cutout #10 - This is between Joe's House and the Griffin's.
    Well, that's it. Just a few little bits of miscellany left.
    Revision History
    -------- -------
    0.696 - Second version. Added collectables fot the final level.
    	Did NOT appreciate having to start the game from scratch
    	to verify these. Stupid game.
    	Otherwise, this guide is now considered finished, unless
    	there's any further clarifications required (or new
    	chicken locations for Something's Amish are brought to my
    	attention by anyone).
    0.616 - First version. I typed up the guide from notes made as I
    	played the game, so I know it's all accurate. Ish.
    	I still need to list the collectables for the last level,
    	which the game is being a pain about - I have to start a
    	whole new game, becuase the last level appears to be the
    	only one that doesn't respawn its collectables when you
    	replay a level. I'm NOT pleased about this.
    	And as for the version number... it's the REAL number of
    	the beast. Seriously, watch Qi. It's an awesome show.
    Contact Information
    ------- -----------
    If you find any mistakes with this guide, you want to contribute
    towards it or you just plain want to send me praise, then the
    e-mail address to do so to is:
    darth marsden @ gmail . com
    (Remember to remove the spaces from that)
    The GMail spam filter works pretty well, so make sure you put
    something I'll notice in the Subject Bar. Something like
    'Family Guy FAQ' or something. I do check the Spam section,
    so chances are I'll spot it.
    End of Line!

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