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    FAQ/Walkthrough by The Lost Gamer

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    Version 1.2 1/30/13
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    Mystery Case Files: Shadow Lake
    A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
    AKA The Lost Gamer (ilovecartoonssomuch@yahoo.com)
    Copyright 2013
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    Table of Contents:
    001.  General information
    002.  Video Walkthrough
    003.  Characters
    004.  Walkthrough
      004a. Drive Motel
      004b. Shadow Lake Penitentiary
      004c. Grimes Quarry (Collector's Edition)
      004d. The Warden's House
      004e. The School
      004f. The Teacher's House
      004g. The Library
      004h. The Coroner's Office
      004i. Trestle Road
      004j. Lake Community Church
      004k. Destroying the Relic
    005.  Credits
    001.  General Information
    This is a walkthrough for the game called Mystery Case 
    Files: Shadow Lake. The game was released in 2012, and it 
    is the ninth game in the series. There is also a 
    collector's edition of the game available for a higher 
    price; this guide covers both versions of the game.
    To contact me about this guide, use my email address, 
    002.  Video Walkthrough
    Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
    it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can see it 
    Sometimes, it's more helpful to see the puzzles solved than 
    to read about them. Plus, you get to hear the comments I 
    say while playing the game! 
    003.  Characters
    Cassandra Williams: The psychic consultant for the TV show 
    "Ghost Patrol". She wants your help in solving the mystery.
    Jack Talon: Host of "Ghost Patrol". He is a gruff person 
    who doesn't give autographs.
    Kelli: The co-host of "Ghost Patrol". 
    Jaime Monihan: A prisoner at the local penitentiary. 
    Cassandra makes you look up his records.
    Melvin M. Denney: The warden at the penitentiary. You visit 
    his office and his house, over the course of this game.
    Ellen Denney: The wife of Melvin. She committed suicide, by 
    means of drowning.
    Billy Denny: The warden's son had poor grades and liked the 
    song "How Much is That Doggie in the Window?".
    Sam: A student at the local elementary school, whose ghost 
    still haunts the area.
    Theodore Hanson: Teacher at the local elementary school. He 
    was 32 years old.
    Janet Fleming: The local coroner, who performed the 
    autopsies on most of the victims of the evil relic.
    Sheriff Dale O'Connor: The man who discovered the warden's 
    dead body. He was on speaking terms with Janet.
    Pastor Douglas Roberts: A priest who worked at the Lake 
    Community Church. He unsuccessfully attempts to exorcise 
    the evil out of the evil relic.
    Joe Brooks: Writes the letter leading to Grimes Quarry. He 
    has the key because he worked night security there.
    Dale: Cousin of Joe. Owner of Grimes Quarry. He inherited 
    it from his dad. He found something and fired everyone.
    Bobby Marshal: Foreman at Grimes Quarry.
    004.  Walkthrough
    To start with, you can pick casual mode or expert mode. In 
    casual mode, the hint button recharges more quickly, and 
    you have an optional tutorial.
    004a.  Drive Motel
    The game starts with our character, a detective, arriving 
    at Drive Motel. Cassandra Williams, a psychic consultant 
    for the TV show "Ghost Patrol". They're at a ghost town in 
    Bitterford, Maine.
    Go through the tutorial if you want; it's helpful if you've 
    never played an adventure game like this before. Move 
    forward to the Ghost Patrol van, and click on the back 
    doors of the van to meet Jack Talon.
    The Ghost Patrol leaves shortly after this. There appear to 
    be two rooms to the hotel here. Room #1 is locked, and if 
    you listen, you can hear a scratching noise coming from 
    inside. Room #2 is open, and you can go inside it.
    Check out the notebook on top of the bed. Open it, to learn 
    that the spare key to Room #1 is inside the safe here. You 
    need three things in order to open the safe, though.
    1. The letters on the van's license plate
    2. Kelli's birthday
    3. Cassandra's apartment number
    Each one of these things is hidden by a puzzle.
    To learn what the letters on the van's license plate are, 
    go inside the bathroom of Room #2. It is actually a dark 
    room, for developing photos. Instructions on how to do this 
    are on the wall. Take a piece of photo paper, then expose 
    it to the light machine for seven seconds. Use the photo 
    paper on the developing solutions.
    If you do this correctly, you get a photo of the Ghost 
    Patrol, which shows their license plate number. There are 
    three letters on the license plate.
    To learn what Kelli's birthday is, zoom in on the TV in 
    Room #2. Open the drawer in the lower/right. Kelli's cell 
    phone number is written here, and there is a quarter you 
    can pick up.
    Leave the room and go back to the first screen (with the 
    motel sign). Go into the dumpster on the right and pick up 
    the phone, as well as the phone receiver. Return to Room 
    Use the quarter on the bed oscillator on the wall here. Set 
    it to the maximum setting, in order to move the bed. This 
    reveals a phone jack. Put the phone, then the receiver, on 
    the dresser, and plug the phone into the jack. Call Kelli's 
    cell phone number.
    Kelli's phone rings. It is underneath the desk here, inside 
    the shoes. Pick it up and look through the phone to see 
    that Kelli's birthday is on the 7th.
    To learn what Cassandra's apartment number is, zoom in on 
    the TV in Room #2. Adjust the antenna twice, and it falls 
    off. Then, go back to the motel sign screen, and zoom in on 
    the office window. Use the antenna on the guest ledger and 
    read it to see Cassandra's apartment number.
    Once you have all three pieces of information (which are 
    automatically recorded in your notebook in the lower/left), 
    use them on the safe. For example, if the three things are 
    "CAB", "7" and "215", press "CAB7215". That opens the safe, 
    getting you the key.
    Go to the door of Room #1 and use the key to open it. Go 
    inside the room, and click on the area in the upper/right 
    to meet Cassandra. She gives you some drawings and tells 
    you to visit the penitentiary. Go to that area, by using 
    the map in the lower/right.
    004b.  Shadow Lake Penitentiary
    Cassandra gave you six pictures, and there are six screens 
    in this area. Your challenge is to match the pictures to 
    the screens. For example, on the first screen, you have 
    broken windows on the stone wall. One of your pictures is 
    of the upper/right window. Use the picture on this area to 
    match it.
    Simple enough, right? You need to do that on every screen.
    Go to the front of the jail. Match the picture to this 
    screen; it is a picture of the pillar left of the door. The 
    stone ball and the wheel are contained in the picture.
    Zoom in on the left window to find a tape player. Click it 
    to hear the Ghost Patrol talking. They left a key under the 
    right stone ball here. Click on the right stone ball to 
    make it fall off. Pick it up, then pick up the key that it 
    was hiding. Use the key on the lock to enter the prison.
    Cassandra is getting a psychic message about a prisoner 
    here. She wants you to find items, filled with psychic 
    energy. That will make the message clear.
    First, let's match the picture in this room. It's of the 
    stairs here; you can clearly see the stairway railing.
    Zoom in on the shelf against the wall here. Click the jug 
    to move it and get a sailboat.
    Zoom in on the photograph on the floor (left of the wrecked 
    stairs). Click on the man with glasses to get him.
    Click on the door to the left to go to the next room. The 
    picture you have to match in this room is of the chair, 
    which is lying sideways on the floor. You can clearly see 
    its legs.
    Zoom in on the area, behind the desk in the lower/left. You 
    can find a lucky coin, a postage stamp, and a rejection 
    stamp in the lower/right quarter of this area. In the 
    upper/left corner you have a silver box. Click to open it 
    and find a bullet.
    Finally, a key is inside the upper drawer here. Pick it up, 
    then go back a screen. Use the key on the glass display 
    case (in the lower/right) to open it. Inside, you find a 
    Go back to the administration room. You can zoom in near 
    the cabinets in the corner. Here, you can find handcuffs, a 
    license plate, a cross and a letter. Open the left cabinet 
    to find a love letter.
    Once you find all the items, Cassandra can get a reading. 
    She learns that there was a prisoner here named Jaime 
    Monihan. More information can be found in the records room.
    Click on the gate leading to the records room. This leads 
    to a puzzle. You want to put the five puzzle pieces (which 
    are on the bottom of the screen) into the five areas, on 
    the left side of the middle division. The trick is that 
    each line of green must be of equal length.
    Pull the ring, in order to try the lock. The pieces will 
    come together, and you can see if any particular piece is 
    too long or too short. Match them all to open the door.
    Go into the records room. The middle file cabinet has a 
    drawer labeled "M". Zoom in on it to see Jaime Monihan's 
    file. Match a picture with the picture of Jaime Monihan.
    One of the cabinets here has a wide open drawer. Place the 
    stone ball in this drawer. The cabinet falls over, and now 
    the cabinets sort of look like steps which lead upstairs. 
    Go upstairs to the Warden's Office.
    Click on the shelf in the upper/left; the picture for this 
    room is supposed to match here. Unfortunately, everything 
    is out of place.
    Zoom in on the Warden's desk to get a lighter. Zoom in on 
    the typewriter on the floor. In this area, you can get a 
    fan, three pipes, a lid and a radio.
    Now that you have all the items, put them on the shelf in 
    the upper/left, according to the drawing you have. Put each 
    item in the right spot, and you can match the drawing with 
    the shelf.
    That's the last drawing you have to match, so use the map 
    to return to Cassandra. She takes the drawing and has a 
    psychic vision.
    In this puzzle, you have four small screens, which you can 
    rotate and move around. You want to put all four screens 
    together, to make one big screen. When two screens are 
    placed next to each other correctly, they stick together.
    A scene then plays. A prisoner escaped from the jail, and 
    he was pursued by the warden. The warden shot the prisoner 
    and found an evil relic that the prisoner was carrying. The 
    warden put this inside his desk drawer.
    Go back to the penitentiary and go to the Warden's Office. 
    Open the desk drawer to find a newspaper article about the 
    death of the warden's wife. Underneath this is a letter, 
    containing the warden's address.
    This address is added to your map, so you can now go to The 
    Warden's House.
    004c.  Grimes Quarry (Collector's Edition)
    The Collector's Edition of this game has a bonus area, 
    called Grimes Quarry. You can access it at this point in 
    the game. They way to open up this area is to click on the 
    letter, on the right side of the screen, when you are 
    behind the warden's desk at the penitentiary.
    Visit this area on the map to go there. Use the key on the 
    gate to get inside.
    Go inside the crane on the left to get a wrench. Use the 
    wrench on the air conditioning unit which is hanging on the 
    side of the office. You can now enter the office.
    The file cabinet here is locked with a puzzle. There are 
    sixteen tiles, and you can flip them around. The four-point 
    stars flip around tiles in all four directions. The two-
    point squares flip around the two tiles in the directions 
    it is pointing towards. The circle squares flip around 
    themselves only.
    Play around with the tiles a bit, to learn how they work. 
    Your goal is to flip all the tiles around, so they are lit 
    up. When all tiles are lit, the drawer opens and you get 
    access to the crane control.
    Go outside and into the crane. Use the crane control on the 
    empty spot in the control panel. This lowers a safe. 
    Examine the safe to see that there are three numbers you 
    must find:
    Five of Hearts
    Three of Spades
    Nine of Diamonds
    Go back inside the office. On the desk is a book with 
    accounting information. There are three different pages you 
    can flip to. On the hearts page, you want to find the 
    number of the fifth account. On the spades page, you want 
    to find the number of the third account. On the diamonds 
    page, you want to find the number of the ninth account.
    The first account number is in the upper/left, from there, 
    count downwards.
    Once you have the three account numbers, go to the safe and 
    set the three locks to those numbers. You can now spin the 
    handle of the safe to open it. Inside, you have a mask.
    There are fifty morphing objects, hidden in this game. Find 
    and click on all fifty to get something. Here are the 
    locations of those fifty morphing objects. In general, 
    there is a morphing object on every screen.
    Grimes Quarry:
    1. At the entrance, the letter Q on the sign changes.
    2. In the quarry, the word "office" on the sign changes.
    3. In the office, the oil can on the file cabinet morphs 
    into a bucket.
    4. Outside the rooms, the word "ICE" on the ice box
    5. Cassandra's room, the box decal
    6. Room 2, the vent above the bathroom door
    7. Room 2, zoom in on the TV area, the drawer handle
    8. Room 2 bathroom, jar on the shelf
    9. Outside, the bottom floor window
    10. Entrance, plant to the left of the door
    11. Foyer, box at the service window
    12. Office, tape roll on desk
    13. Registration, label letters on left file cabinet
    14. Warden's office, pyramid on top of safe to the right of 
    the desk
    15. Zoom in on Warden's Desk, playing card
    16. Cell (after crawling through vent), handprint print 
    below sink
    Warden's Home:
    17. Living room, box on floor
    18. Kitchen, whisk in skillet
    19. Basement, bottle on shelf
    20. Upper hall, painting on the wall
    21. Boy's room, sock hanging out of the drawer
    22. Master bedroom, clock on bed headboard
    23. Front yard, fence pole
    24. Playground, fence pole
    25. Classroom, writing on the bottom/right part of the 
    26. Shed, mirror on wall
    27. Bell tower, paintbrush
    Teacher's House:
    28. Outside, stick leaning on fence
    29. Inside, board in shelving
    30. Garage, star on the box on the floor
    Downtown Street:
    31. First screen, chimney on a house to the right
    32. Second screen, fencing on the library roof
    33. Entrance, statue to the left
    34. Foyer, gear on floor
    35. Library, panel on wall to the left of the office door
    36. Office, book on shelf
    Pharmacy and Coroner's Office:
    37. Pharmacy, RX sign
    38. Roof, roof to the far right
    39. Bedroom, earrings on table 
    40. Hallway, light switch 
    41. Living room, ashtray on table
    42. Office, glasses on desk
    43. Exam room, wall tiles to the right of the test tube 
    Sheriff's office:
    44. Main room, clock on the wall
    45. Evidence room, record on right shelf
    Trestle Road:
    46. On the road, flower
    47. Outside, bush
    48. Bell tower, bird droppings
    49. Main hall, painting on wall
    50. Crypt, pipe on the ground
    Find all fifty morphing objects, and you get a ticket that 
    references the Madam Fate game in this series.
    004d.  The Warden's House
    Pick up the axe from the pile of firewood here. You can 
    zoom in on the electrical box, but it's locked.
    Go in through the front door. Cassandra has a list of items 
    for you to find, so she can get another psychic message. 
    The poker is inside the fireplace, the cassette is under 
    the chair, and the cat is on a shelf on the right.
    Go through the door directly ahead of you. Someone is in 
    the kitchen! Examine the door to the basement, then look 
    into the keyhole so the door will be opened.
    Let's find the rest of the items on the list. Zoom in on 
    the junk drawer, right of the stove. All the objects are on 
    this screen. The list of objects you have to find here is 
    randomized, so each time you play the game, you'll likely 
    have a different list of things to find.
    Once you get all the objects, Cassandra gets the psychic 
    message, which says something is behind the drawer. Pull 
    the drawer out and you find a fuse.
    Return to Cassandra's area. In the upper/left here, on top 
    of a box, are night vision goggles. Take them, then return 
    to the kitchen of the Warden's house. Use the goggles on 
    the basement door to go to the basement.
    There are two things to do here. First, open up the fusebox 
    in the upper/left. Put the fuse from the junk drawer on the 
    spot for the basement fuse (the upper/left spot).
    Second, on the left half of the room, you find bolt cutters 
    lying against a food shelf. Zoom in on the shelf and take 
    the bolt cutters.
    Leave the basement and go to the main room. Go up the 
    stairs and into the room on the left. Inside the tent, you 
    will find wires. Pick them up, then leave the Warden's 
    Zoom in on the electrical box on the outside of the house. 
    Use the bolt cutters from the basement to get rid of the 
    lock. Then, use the wires on the panel.
    This is a puzzle. You want to connect all of the numbered 
    boxes, with wires of the appropriate length. How long 
    should a wire be? A wire is the same length as the number 
    on the boxes it connects. For example, the wire that 
    connects two 3 boxes is 3 boxes long, while a wire that 
    connects two 7 boxes is 7 boxes long.
    This board is symmetrical, in that the left side of the 
    board is a mirror image of the right side. Every square of 
    the board is used. Once you solve the puzzle, power is 
    restored to the house and Cassandra has more drawings.
    Return to Cassandra and get the drawings. The first drawing 
    is of the gutter outside the house. The next drawing is of 
    the fireplace in the living room. One drawing is of the 
    stove in the kitchen. In the basement, a drawing is of the 
    "FREE THEM" writing on the wall.
    Go upstairs. In the son's room on the left, you have many 
    objects to find, while listening to "How Much is That 
    Doggie in the Window?". Some items are in the tent, and 
    some are on the bed, while all the rest can be found in the 
    Find the objects, and Cassandra gets a psychic message, 
    saying the son hid something in the floorboards here. Zoom 
    in on the boards in front of the bed. Underneath them is a 
    report card, which matches one of your pictures.
    Go to the hallway. A tree blocks your access to the room on 
    the right. Go to the basement. Sharpen the axe (from the 
    log pile outside) on the axe grinder on the left. If you 
    haven't put the fuse in the fusebox in the upper/left part 
    of the basement, the axe grinder doesn't work.
    Once your axe is sharp, use it on the tree in the upstairs 
    hallway. Three chops of the axe should cut the branch which 
    prevents you from going right.
    In this room, look under the bed to see Ellen, the warden's 
    wife. She points at a picture left of the TV. Zoom in on 
    the picture and click on it. We want to remove the picture, 
    so click on the clips to move them out of the way. Click on 
    the backing to remove it.
    You find Ellen's suicide note. It matches one of your 
    pictures. That is the last one, so return to Cassandra. 
    Give her the drawings for a puzzle.
    This time, you have nine pieces to match up, and the piece 
    in the middle cannot be moved. Get all the pieces in place; 
    the video that is playing is of the child opening a drawer.
    When you solve the puzzle, the vision shows the boy 
    stealing the relic from his father. The boy then goes to 
    school. The school is our next destination.
    004e.  The School
    The school has a few things for you to do. First off, zoom 
    in on the shed on the left and pick up the crowbar. You 
    can't enter the shed yet, because it's locked.
    Go inside the school entrance, and Cassandra gives you a 
    list of items to find. Some of them are here. Zoom in on 
    the student's cubbies (to the left). Some objects you're 
    looking for can be found here.
    Open Mr. Hanson's cubby (the one in the upper/right) to get 
    the key to Mr. Hanson's desk.
    The doorway leading inside the school is covered in shadow. 
    Use the night vision goggles on the doorway to look inside. 
    A ghost is standing in the corner of the room. Click on it.
    The goggles stop working, but at least the room now has 
    some light. Use the crowbar on the planks which have 
    boarded up the window. The room is now filled with light, 
    so you can keep looking for hidden objects. Most are on a 
    desk on the left.
    When you're done, go to the teacher's desk. Open the locked 
    drawer with a key to find the final hidden object: a book 
    of horror stories. You also find a lighter and a knife.
    When you get all the hidden objects, Cassandra gets a 
    psychic message, saying the warden's son was named Billy. 
    Go back to the cubbies and open Billy's cubby. Inside is a 
    baseball card.
    Cassandra finishes with her drawings at this point, so you 
    can return to her and pick them up. If you haven't done so 
    already, take the infrared camera in her room.
    Return to the school. On the right side of this area, 
    you'll see an equipment box. Zoom in on it to find notes 
    that say an infrared camera can see ghosts. Also inside 
    this box is a secret tape (you can watch it on the camera 
    in Room #2 of the motel) and an extension cord.
    There is a tripod in front of the playground. Use the 
    infrared camera on it. When you look in the camera, though, 
    there are no ghosts. That's odd, because we saw one 
    Go back in the school. You can find chalk on the desk on 
    the left. Pick it up, if you haven't already, then zoom in 
    on the board. Use the chalk to play a game of Hangman. The 
    solution is "you are too late".
    Winning the game upsets the ghost. It leaves the school and 
    goes to the playground. Look into the infrared camera to 
    see the ghost on the swing. Go to the playground and look 
    at the swing to see the ghost is named Sam.
    Go to the cubbies and open Sam's to find some dynamite. Go 
    to the shed (left of the school) and put the dynamite in 
    the lock. Light it with the lighter from the teacher's desk 
    to open it.
    Inside the shed, you have more hidden objects. The two 
    buckets are on the main screen (one hidden by a coat in the 
    upper/left corner), and the shovel is by the tennis 
    rackets. Zoom in on the toy box to find the rest of the 
    Return to the playground. Use the items to build the sand 
    castle. Use the castle bucket on the sand and build three 
    of them. Use the round bucket on the sand, and use it on 
    the middle castle. Put a shell on each castle, and put the 
    army man and flag on the middle castle. If you make a 
    mistake, use the shovel to reset the puzzle.
    Once the castle is done, you can match it with a picture. 
    Go back to the schoolhouse. Match a picture with the front 
    of the shed. In the shed, match a picture with the tennis 
    rackets. In the cubby area, match a picture with the poster 
    on the wall, and inside the school, match a picture with 
    the books on the teacher's desk.
    The final picture is of baseball cards. We found one inside 
    Billy's cubby. Go to the warden's house, then go upstairs 
    to Billy's room. His baseball card collection is on his 
    bed. Put the card in the collection and match the photo.
    Return to Cassandra. She will get a psychic vision, as 
    usual. This time, you have twelve screens to match. They 
    are in this pattern:
    The vision shows Billy being killed by a bully. Could this 
    bully be Sam? The teacher recovers the evil artifact from 
    Billy's corpse, then leaves.
    Return to the school. Go to the cubbies and click on the 
    wood pile left of the poster. This reveals the ladder 
    mechanism. Zoom in on it and pull the lever. It breaks, but 
    you can still use the pulley by using the knife (from the 
    teacher's desk) on the wires in the small hole.
    The ladder falls. Climb up it and look inside the bag on 
    the ground. It has a drawing which shows that the teacher 
    lives next door to the school. That's our next destination. 
    004f.  The Teacher's House
    This is a pretty short segment. Step into the house, which 
    has been partially burnt. Cassandra has a list of objects 
    for you to find.
    You can zoom in on the bookshelf here, as well as the pile 
    of debris against the far wall. The final place where you 
    can zoom in is the mirror to the bathroom area. Open up the 
    mirror to find more objects.
    Once you find everything, Cassandra tells you to look at 
    the leather bound book, on the bookshelf. This is the book 
    which is a different color than the others. It deals with 
    the Amaseconti Tribe. Flip through it to get the address of 
    the town library.
    That's it!
    004g.  The Library
    Head forward twice to reach the library. Zoom in on the 
    door and use the crowbar on the broken glass to open it. 
    Zoom in on the broken glass and click on the lock to undo 
    When you step into the library, you get a list of objects 
    to find. Zoom in on the right side of the desk here and 
    find all the objects there. Then, go through the doors to 
    the main part of the library.
    There are two items on this screen for you to find: a brush 
    in the lower/right and tape on the cart to the left. 
    Examine the bookshelves on the right to learn that they are 
    wobbly. Use the crowbar on the shelves twice.
    This opens the door to the records room. Go inside, which 
    causes Cassandra to finish another set of drawings.
    In the records room, find the soda in the upper/left and 
    the slingshot next to the computer. On the far shelf is a 
    red book. Take it and read it. Click on the catalog card to 
    read it; it has a clover, which is the last item you need.
    Finding all the items gives Cassandra a vision of Ellen 
    (the librarian and the warden's wife) putting something in 
    her trunk in her room.
    You can flip through the book to learn more about the 
    Amaseconti Tribe, but one of the pages has been ripped out.
    Go to Cassandra and get the drawings. One is of the doctor 
    sign in the street, one is of the library's front doors, 
    one is of the brick wall in the front desk area, one is of 
    a ceiling light in the library proper, and one is of debris 
    on the floor of the reference room.
    Go to the Warden's House. Inside Ellen's room (which is the 
    room on the right, on the second floor), there is a trunk 
    next to a chair. Zoom in on it to find a library notice. 
    This matches one of your pictures.
    When you have all the pictures, return to Cassandra. This 
    time, you have nine screens to connect, but the piece in 
    the middle (and all pieces connected to it) constantly 
    spins in a clockwise circle. Finish the picture to see a 
    scene of the teacher's autopsy.
    The autopsy took place in the coroner's office, just 
    outside the library. That's our next destination.
    004h.  The Coroner's Office
    The Coroner's Office is on the screen before the library's 
    front doors. Zoom in on it, and you can pick up a sandbag. 
    The office itself is locked, and we want to open it by 
    crashing a car into the front door.
    That seems unnecessarily destructive, but it's the plan 
    that the Master Detective has chosen.
    To learn a bit about car driving, there is an optional 
    puzzle, where you find a book about cars. Go to the library 
    and check the debris on the left. Move the note to learn 
    that books about cars are in the 600's. Check the card 
    catalog to find a suitable book.
    Go inside the library. Click the ladder to move it, then 
    click on the red book entitled "My Life Under the Steel 
    Hood". It says that isopropyl alcohol can be used as a 
    substitute for gasoline. You can now take the ladder out of 
    the library, if you want.
    Before you can solve the car puzzle, you must get items 
    from the teacher's house. Go there and go to the garage on 
    the left. Open the locker to get a lug wrench. On the top 
    shelf of the locker is isopropyl alcohol, which you can 
    pick up.
    The car here is supported by a jack. Pick up the two gray 
    cinderblocks, then use them on the (missing) car wheel. Now 
    that the cinderblocks are holding the car up, you can take 
    the car jack.
    Another car part you need is a wheel. Go to the library. On 
    the first screen, which houses the sheriff's office, you 
    can find a car on the left. Zoom in on it to get the tire.
    The final car part you need is the key to the car. This is 
    on the front desk of the library.
    Once you have everything, go to the blue car outside the 
    coroner's office. Zoom in on the back tire. Use the jack on 
    the car, then click on the hubcap to remove it. Use the lug 
    wrench on the lug nuts here, and the bad tire is removed. 
    Use the good tire on the car to attach it, then use the lug 
    nuts to secure the tire.
    Zoom in on the gas tank. Open it and remove the cap. Use 
    the isopropyl alcohol here to fuel the car.
    Zoom in on the car's window. Use the TV antenna on the open 
    part of the window to open the car. Use the car key on the 
    key slot, and click on the key to start the car. Put the 
    sand bag (from in front of the coroner's office) on the gas 
    When you've solved all the car puzzles correctly, the car 
    surges to life and drives directly into...the wrong 
    Oh well. Go into the building, through the hole the car 
    made. Examine the shelf on the left and pick up a 
    screwdriver, as well as plaster of Paris. Examine the shelf 
    on the right for a quarter.
    The door to the roof is locked, and the key is nowhere in 
    sight. Examine the pachinko machine, in the corner of the 
    store. Put in your quarter, then click the red button to 
    shoot out a ball. Shoot out a bunch of pachinko balls, and 
    try to get a score of over 100,000. This happens fastest, 
    when you get a lot of bonus multipliers (the 4X and 2X 
    Once you get a score over 100,000, the light on that spot 
    turns on. Hey, the key is there! Use the screwdriver on the 
    four screws to loosen them. Grab the key and use it to open 
    the door to the ceiling.
    You're on the roof now, but you can't reach the other 
    building. If you haven't already, get the ladder from the 
    library. Use it here to make a bridge between the 
    buildings. When you're at the other building, use the 
    extension cord (from the box in front of the school house) 
    on the pipe here.
    Now you're at a window. Zoom in on the latch and use the 
    knife from the teacher's desk to open it. You end up inside 
    the upper floor of the coroner's office. The coroner, 
    Janet, lived here.
    You get a list of objects to find. Some are inside the 
    closet on the right. Go through the left door to the hall, 
    where all the other objects are. Find all the objects to 
    learn that Janet like "The Entertainer".
    Go back to Janet's closet and pick up her copy of "The 
    Entertainer". Then go to the hall and downstairs. Open up 
    the player piano and put "The Entertainer" inside. Some 
    notes are marked.
    There is tape on the table, in the upstairs hall. Grab it, 
    if you haven't done so already. Use the tape on the player 
    piano to cover up the non-marked notes. Pull the lever on 
    the side of the piano to see which keys correspond to which 
    The office lock resembles a piano. The keys are like this:
     1 2 3
    4 5 6 7
    Press keys 7, 6, 7, 2, 5, 5 (the ones from "The 
    Entertainer" to open the door. You are now in the Coroner's 
    Office. Zoom in on the board on the wall to see that all 
    the people who possessed the evil relic died.
    Get a bobby pin from yellowed letter in the upper/right. 
    Zoom in on the envelope in the lower/left. Look inside to 
    see the scene of the warden's death.
    Cassandra now has drawings for you. Return to her and pick 
    them up. Now go back to the Coroner's Office. Along the 
    way, make sure to match the photo of the pachinko machine.
    You can go inside the autopsy room to activate a hidden 
    objects scene. Find the books, weights and test tubes. Some 
    are inside the previous room.
    Also in the autopsy room, you can find a stethoscope and a 
    torn page.
    Once you have everything, go to the autopsy room. Put the 
    books on the bookshelf, so you can match a picture of them. 
    Put the weights on the scale, so you can match a picture of 
    it. Put the test tubes on the holder, in the proper order, 
    so you can match a picture of it.
    In the previous room, zoom in on the cork board. Open the 
    envelope with the picture of the car, then match the 
    The final picture you must match is inside the Sheriff's 
    Office. If you haven't already, get the bobby pin from the 
    cork board here. Then, go to the Sheriff's Office, which is 
    two screens before the library, on the right.
    Put the screwdriver in the lock here, then use the bobby 
    pin on the lock. This starts a puzzle. You want to click on 
    all five weights and make it so they are all above the 
    white line. The easiest way to do this is to click the 
    weights, in order of slowest to fastest.
    Go through the door and zoom in on the shelf of red books. 
    The second-from-right book has a picture of the Warden. 
    Match it to Cassandra's picture.
    You should have all the drawings matched now. Return to 
    Cassandra and give them to her. You now have a challenge to 
    put the puzzle pieces together. This time, there are some 
    invisible barriers on the board that you have to maneuver 
    When you finish, you see the policeman who first examined 
    the car crash that took the warden's life. This seems like 
    the best place to continue the investigation.
    004i.  Trestle Road
    Cassandra gives you a list of items to find. Look inside 
    the ruined truck and find all those items. Cassandra will 
    get a vision of something under the truck. Back away from 
    the truck and look under it to find the Warden's wallet.
    A note on the wallet says the combination is the day he 
    lost her. According to the newspaper article in the drawer 
    of the Warden's desk, the day he lost his wife was August 
    Go to the Sheriff's Office, and Cassandra will have more 
    drawings for you. Visit her and get the drawings. Then, 
    return to the Warden's Office.
    Go through the door to the evidence room, where you have 
    more objects to find. Some of them are located inside the 
    safe. Zoom in on the safe and use the stethoscope (from the 
    exam room at the coroner's office) on it. By spinning the 
    safe dial around, you can determine there are tumblers at 
    B, C, E and S.
    The post-it note says "a good place to fish". If you go 
    back to the main office, you can zoom in on the map. Sebec 
    Lake is highlighted. "SEBEC" is the combination to the 
    Enter SEBEC by spinning the dial clockwise to S, counter-
    clockwise to E, clockwise to B, counter-clockwise to E, and 
    clockwise to C.
    Once you find all the items inside the evidence room, 
    Cassandra gets a message about 1142.
    Go to the main room and look on the shelf of red books. 
    Record 1142 is on the left. Open it to find the file on 
    Ellen Denney. It matches one of the pictures Cassandra 
    Another picture Cassandra wants is of the map of Sebec 
    Lake, in the main room of the Sheriff's office. Go to the 
    evidence room. One picture is of the bottom of the right 
    shelf here.
    The Warden's lockbox is on the safe in the evidence room. 
    Open it up with 815, the date of his wife's death. Take his 
    keys from here, and match one of Cassandra's pictures with 
    the paper in the Warden's lockbox.
    Leave the Sheriff's Office and go to Trestle Road. The last 
    two pictures Cassandra wants match up to the scenery here. 
    One is of a bush, while the other is of the truck.
    Go back to Cassandra, when you have all the drawings. You 
    have the challenge to put pieces together again, but this 
    time, there is heavy gravity that makes it hard to move the 
    pieces around. It's easiest to start with the pieces of the 
    relic, then the blanket and the hands folding the blanket.
    Once you finish the puzzle (or when you skip it), you see a 
    scene of the coroner showing the evil relic to the sheriff. 
    They unsuccessfully attempt to have it destroyed at Lake 
    Community Church, but the only thing which gets destroyed 
    is the church itself.
    004i.  Lake Community Church
    Time to visit the church, which is a new location on the 
    map. The church has sunken into the ground, and you can't 
    reach it.
    Go back to the roof of the coroner's office and take the 
    ladder. Return to the church and use the ladder on the rock 
    here. The ladder forms a bridge between the rock and the 
    bell tower.
    Go to the bell tower and pull the trap door open. The ring 
    falls off. Use your knife on the door, and pull that to 
    open the trap door.
    Climb down into the church to get a list of items to find. 
    There are three locations where items are, in the church. 
    The first is in the pews to the left, the second is in pews 
    to the right, and the third is in the right corner of the 
    Find all the items to learn that there is something special 
    about Pastor Robert's red Bible. It's on the floor here. 
    Zoom in on it and open it to find a door handle.
    Open the curtains against the far wall. There's a picture 
    of a cross. Zoom in on it, and use the handle on the cross. 
    This starts a puzzle. What you want to do is go over every 
    line in the picture, without crossing over the same line 
    There are multiple solutions. One solution is to go 
    down/left, left, down, right, up, right, down, left, 
    down/right, down, right, up, left, up, right, down, 
    up/right, right, up, left, down, left, up, right, up/left, 
    down, right, left, up, right, up, left and down. It's not 
    TOO difficult to follow through the puzzle, because you 
    never have more than two or three possible lines to trace.
    The puzzle resets itself, if you get trapped somewhere.
    Solving the puzzle will result in Cassandra getting 
    drawings. Before getting them, go forward through the now-
    open doorway. It leads to the destroyed room, where Pastor 
    Roberts, the Sheriff and the Coroner died.
    In this room, there is a hand sticking out the ground. It 
    contains a piece of paper. Pick it up.
    Also in this room, on the right, you have a black handbag. 
    Pick it up. Zoom in on the pile of rocks under the bricks 
    to the right. Click on the rocks to move them and find the 
    evil relic. Use the black handbag to pick it up.
    Return to Cassandra and get the pictures. One is of the 
    church sign, one is by the ladder leading down into the 
    church, one is of the left painting on the wall of the 
    church, and one is of the rocks on the ground, where you 
    found the evil relic.
    The last two pictures are hard to place. One is of the rock 
    wall at Trestle Road. Another is of the guard station, 
    outside the Penitentiary. These two places will soon become 
    Return to Cassandra and give her the drawings. This is the 
    final puzzle, where you put video pieces together. This 
    time, there are pieces of different sizes. It's easiest to 
    start with the prisoner's face.
    This gives a scene of the prisoner who originally found the 
    relic. He ponders how to get the relic back from the 
    Warden, and he draws a picture on the wall of the train 
    While Cassandra watches over the relic here, you should 
    find the drawing.
    004j.  Destroying the Relic
    Go to Trestle Road. The train tunnel entrance has been 
    partially covered by rocks; you matched a picture of the 
    opening in the previous section.
    Zoom in on the tunnel entrance and move the rocks out of 
    the way. Once four rocks are moved, you can slip inside the 
    tunnel. Zoom in on the wall to see the picture. It 
    indicates that there is a tunnel behind the vent in the 
    Weird noises come from your radio. If you go to see 
    Cassandra, it is revealed that she touched the relic and is 
    now under its spell. Oh no!
    Before you go there, you should do a few things first. You 
    could have done things earlier, and you can do them later 
    on, but it's probably best to do them now, to prevent 
    unnecessary backtracking.
    Go to the Teacher's House and zoom in on the book on his 
    bookshelf. Remember how it had a torn page? Use the torn 
    page from the autopsy room in the coroner's office on the 
    book. It matches perfectly, and gives you an Amaseconti 
    protection prayer.
    Now go to the library. Inside the research room is a book 
    that's missing a page. This is the same page that was found 
    in the church, near Pastor Roberts' corpse. Use the page on 
    the library book to see the Amaseconti symbols.
    There are two more things you need. First, you need the 
    ladder, which is used to get into the church or the 
    coroner's office. Use the ladder to get into the coroner's 
    office. Zoom in on the sink of the autopsy room to see a 
    mold of the evil relic.
    Use the plaster of Paris (from the shelf of the pharmacy) 
    on the mold. Close the lid, then turn the water knob to 
    fill it up with water. Open the mold to get a fake relic.
    That's all you need, for the final challenge here. You need 
    the fake relic, the ladder, and you need to have fixed both 
    books with torn pages.
    Go to the penitentiary's administration office. Use the 
    ladder on the vent, so you can climb up to it. Zoom in on 
    the vent and use the screwdriver on the four screws here to 
    loosen the cover. Then, remove the vent cover.
    Use the night-vision goggles to go through the vent. This 
    leads to a room with a door (and a hidden tape that you can 
    play on the camera in Room #2 of the motel). Open the door 
    with the Warden's keys (from his lockbox in the evidence 
    room of the Sheriff's office).
    Go through the door to the prisoner's room. Zoom in on the 
    calendar on the wall. Click on it to move it aside and find 
    a hidden passage. Take the spoon here and go through the 
    Go forward to see Cassandra, who is trying to use the evil 
    relic to resurrect a demon. That is obviously a bad thing, 
    considering that the relic has already destroyed a town and 
    killed many people.
    Use the spoon on the candle to Cassandra's left. She will 
    turn to relight the candle. When her back is turned, zoom 
    in on the relic and swap it with the fake relic.
    Go forward, past Cassandra. There is an altar here. Put the 
    relic on the slot here. This starts a complex puzzle.
    Inside your notebook, you have the Amaseconti phrase for 
    protection, as well as pictures of Amaseconti symbols. You 
    want to spell out the five-word phrase here, using the 
    correct symbols. The trick here is that there are six 
      2 3 4 x
    1         5
    The space marked "X" is irrelevant. Put the sixth symbol, 
    which is NOT part of the phrase, in that spot. Put the 
    other symbols in order, from one to five.
    You're not done yet. There are little circles next to some 
    of the symbols in your book. There are also circles here on 
    the altar. Put the circles next to the proper symbols.
    Once you're finally done with the puzzle--it will involve a 
    lot of going back and forth between the altar and your 
    journal--the spirits will be freed from the relic.
    Ellen Denney, the Warden's wife, has a special message, 
    just for you. Go to Shadow Lake (a new location on your 
    map) and zoom in on it. Use the relic on the lake, and 
    Ellen will ensure it is never found again, doomed to spend 
    the rest of eternity at the bottom of the lake.
    Return to Cassandra one last time to end the game. If you 
    resume the game after this, you start from right before the 
    point where you talk to Cassandra. 
    005.  Credits
    This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2013.  If you want 
    to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
    under general information).

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