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    FAQ/Walkthrough by kold_of_caelin

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/12 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: José 'KoldPT' Maia < koldpt2 at <hot>'mail' dot com
    Date Started: 4/07/2012
    Version: 1.00
    First of all, thank you for checking this FAQ and I hope you like it. I tried 
    to include all the alternative paths, but if I missed something, please say 
    something. You can email me or something.
    The Walking Dead is an episodic adventure video game with action and 
    role-playing elements based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comic book 
    series for iOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. 
    The game was developed by Telltale Games. It's something like a point and click
    Some characters from the original comic book series have been confirmed to make
    appearances in-game, including Hershel Greene and Glenn.
    The group manages to survive the walkers in the Motor Inn hotel, but they begin
    to get hungry, and they soon realize that food and water are in short supply. 
    Sometime afterwards, a man named Andrew St. John allows Lee and the other 
    survivors to rest at his dairy farm, but all is not well as Lee, Clementine, 
    and the rest of the group must escape the oncoming wrath of the walkers and 
    another unexpected enemy: bandits. 
    --------------------------------[HAVEN'T PLAYED EPISODE 1?]--------------------
    If you haven't played episode one, you really should do it before going for 
    the second. It only takes around 2 hours and a half. But in case you really 
    want to play the second, to keep up with a friend, for example, here's some 
    info on the older characters. 
    Lee Everett: Born and raised in Macon, Georgia, Lee Everett is a man with 
    regrets. A college professor whose life took a turn when he was convicted of 
    killing a man who was sleeping with his wife, he claims self-defense; the state
    thought differently. He’s a strong, thoughtful man who can fight hard when 
    Clementine: Clementine is a quiet and imaginative girl with two attentive, 
    loving parents. She’s incredibly resourceful, choosing to spend time building
    elaborate fantasies in her tree-house instead of watching cartoons or playing 
    with dolls. She doesn’t get scared but will clam up if nervous. Reserved and 
    shy, her actions speak louder than her words.
    Doug: Doug is a likable, unthreatening IT guy. He is incredibly resourceful 
    and painfully logical, in a way that only IT guys can be. When he gets mad 
    he is more likely to do something passive-aggressive than to get in anyone’s 
    Carley: A regional news reporter from Atlanta, Carley is a quick-thinker. 
    She knows she’s attractive but she won’t take crap from anyone. Having 
    spent time as a correspondent in various warzones, she feels that she can 
    take care of herself and isn’t afraid to use firepower as a solution to the 
    problems that face her.
    Kenny: A likable, but nevertheless flawed man, Kenny is a fishing boat 
    captain from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is a sharp, hard-working guy who likes 
    to take action and make things happen. Kenny’s family is his top priority.
    Katjaa: Katjaa is Kenny’s wife and mother to Duck (Kenny Jr.). 
    A veterinarian by trade, her family is from Belgium, moving with her to south 
    Florida in her teens where she met Kenny. Katjaa is blunt and says what’s on
    her mind.
    Duck: Duck is the 10 year old son of Kenny and Katjaa. What he lacks in smarts 
    he makes up for with enthusiasm. Loud and boisterous, he is the opposite of 
    the quiet and thoughtful Clementine.
    Larry: Larry is a retired Army commander and the father of Lilly. Generally 
    quiet but often judgmental, Larry can quickly go from reserved to raging within
    Lilly:Stationed at Robins Air Force Base, Lilly is the daughter of an Army man.
    She is used to dealing with pushy military men and immediately takes charge in 
    tough situations. While incredibly strong-willed, she will always submit to 
    her dad (Larry), a grizzled old man with a history of heart problems.
    Episode 2 starts with a rewind of the most important scenes in episode one. 
    If you don't have episode 1 installed, you can random some of the choices 
    like saving Duck or Shawn and Doug or Carley. 
    You start with a conversation between Lee and Mark about food rations. 
    Suddenly, you see a bird, you can either choose to attack him or not to risk 
    the noise. It won't matter what option you pick, because you'll hear a noise 
    and see a teacher wsith 2 of his students. 
    To save the teacher, you have to chop his leg of with your axe. First, try 
    to open the bear trap with a branch, since it won't work, you can also 
    try to get the chain, but it won't work. That path will lead to one of 
    the students (with the black hair) dying because he tripped on a rock...ironic.
    If you want to leave him to die, you need to keep chopping the chain and the
    tree. Here's the first choice of the game... But, to be honest, it won't 
    really matter because he will die anyway and you'll have one more mouth 
    to feed.  
    Everyone will panick when they see new people there. After the conversation, 
    and it doesn't matter which side you pick, or if you are neutral, you'll 
    have to feed 10 people and you only have 4 food pieces. I picked the kids 
    first, then, you'll need to choose between Larry or Kenny, depending on 
    the relation you want to have in the future. 
    Talk to Katjaa (in the car) and ask her if she needs help. 
    After taking a look around and giving food to everyone, ask 
    Mark/Larry if they need any help with the wall. Give them the axe.
    You can either give the axe to Larry or Mark, but it won't 
    really matter, only  in the scene after. 
    When the zombie teacher tries to attack you, the guy you gave the axe 
    to will save you. First, the walker will attack Kat first. To save her, 
    keep pressing Q, then E to push the zombie away from her. When you're 
    fighting with the zombie in the car, click right or left of the trunk 
    (just one of the directions) to smash the zombie's head. 
    When Larry, Mark, Carley or Doug come, you need to shove the zombie by 
    clicking on the screen to Kick him away. After he stops to rest for 
    a while, press S key and don't let it go to run away. When he jumps 
    to you, keep clicking Q to make his eyes bleed. Literally. 
    You discover that everyone has the disease, even who wasn't 
    bitten, and they turn into zombies when they die after talking 
    with Ben. (The other student) 
    Afterwards, you see two people looking for gasoline. They 
    say they have food... and it looks suspicious. 
    *****TO GO OR NOT TO GO*****
    If you pick the option "No deal, we'll just stay here", your people will 
    disagree with you and still go. If you pick the other option, of course, 
    you'll go. 
    It looks like a beautiful and secure place. After chatting, take a look
    around the place. Walk right and you'll see a broken swing: you need rope 
    and wood to fix it. Walk left now, and when you see a wooden board, 
    pick it up, and pick a hacksaw just left to it on the top of a box. 
    After you cut it, talk to Andy to get started with the next objective, 
    clearing the fence. 
    After talking with Mark, you see an electrocuted zombie. How cute. 
    Remove the arrow from his head, and push him away. After walking a little more, 
    there's another zombie. This one looks easy to push...  
    But no, you have to cut his hands off because they got stuck. 
    Just click them after you choose the axe option with the mousewheel button. 
    There's a third zombie, and the fence is down. 
    Click on "push the fencepost" on the right, and keep clicking Q to get it up. 
    The fences are on now, and Mark will take an arrow to the... shoulder. Yes. 
    Hide behind the tractor. Look left, remove the brick in front of the tractor. 
    Look right, and lift up the handle of the plow, behind the tractor's seat. 
    The tractor will start moving, and you need to follow it (using WASD keys). 
    You need to remove the zombies you pushed down earlier by peeking left 
    and clicking the "use" button. The first one is easy, but the second one 
    will be alive. 
    You need to kick it by clicking on the screen, then, mash your Q button to 
    get him off you.
    His half body will chase you but then he'll get shot in the head. 
    The action is over, for now. 
    The swing was fixed by one of the brothers now, probably using the materials 
    you found earlier. Take a look around and talk to everyone if you'd like, 
    it's a beautiful place. You can play with Clem a bit on the swing after 
    talking to Kenny. 
    When you're ready to move on and go outside to look for the bandits, 
    open the gate and talk to the brothers. 
    When you find the camp, sneak slowly onto it. Nobody will be there 
    for now, so don't worry too much. Search around for everything, but the 
    most important things are Clemetine's hat, and the video camera. 
    When you enter, there's a  table with a box close to the kettle. 
    Move it away and you'll find the video camera there. In the tent, 
    there's a Bloody Bunny... Creepy. 
    Search behind the bed and you'll find Clem's hat. What... how did it 
    even get there? Guess you'll have to keep playing the game to know it. 
    After that, you'll trigger a scene with a woman who has a crossbow. Talk to 
    *****KILL JOLENE OR DON'T*****
    In this scene, you can either decide to kill her (option: SHOOT HER) or 
    keep talking until Danny shoots her. It won't really be important, 
    it will change a small thing in the end, just a dialogue, but nothing 
    important, really. Go back to the dairy. 
    The kids, Kat and Andy will be next to a cow, petting her. Give Clementine 
    her hat and talk to Andy. Go to the end of the barn and try to open the 
    locked door. Afterwards, talk with Kenny and leave the barn to distract Andy.
    Use the gate and look in the toolbox for the "Multitool" and grab it.
    Next, go to the generator and turn it off: first, or second, it 
    doesn't matter, unscrew the bolts in the Panel with the Multitool 
    and turn the engine off in the red button. Remove the belt with the
    Multitool too. 
    Andy will try to fix it. Run back to the barn while he's busy and it 
    will be dinner time... Sigh. Kenny will try to make up an excuse for you. 
    Use the Multitool on the four screws and open the door. 
    To be honest, I was expecting pet-zombies... I was disappointed. 
    Andy will find you looking for it saying "Didn't you hear? It's dinner time." 
    That was creepy... He'll say him and Danny still have to do a lot of hunting.
    Seems legit, nothing to worry about. 
    Before eating, go upstairs to have a look on Mark. 
    Open the closet door first, look for every item if you'd like to hear 
    Lee's personal description, and connect the power cords to turn the 
    lights on, by using the second option. 
    Go to the second door, if you want, explore everything, otherwise, 
    just move the bookshelf by using the second option again. 
    Open the door... Mark's in there, legless... What?! He tells you 
    they're serving him as dinner... Yummy, a cannibal family. 
    Run down the stairs to tell Clementine not to eat that. 
    Choose one of the three options, meanwhile, they'll react faster, 
    and legless Mark will ask for help. You'll get knocked out now, 
    and moved to a room inside the bloody room in the barn. 
    Examine the Air conditioner, and Larry will keep shouting and 
    getting mad. Meanwhile, he'll have an heart attack. Remember 
    that everyone has the disease and turn into zombies when they pass away? Yeah.
    *****HELP KILL LARRY OR DON'T*****
    Kenny will want to kill him and you need to pick a side: 
    try to save him or help Lilly. Both options will result on Larry dying, 
    but in the Lilly one, you'll be trying to help him breathe when 
    his head blows up because Kenny threw a Salt Licker. And that's heavy. 
    Analyse the air conditioner again, and you'll need something 
    to remove the screws... Maybe your multi tool?  Nah, they 
    took it. What about a coin? If you talked to Larry behind, 
    you'll notice he had 60 cents or something like that. 
    Talk to Lily and tell her you want to check it. Search Larry's left
     pocket for two quarters and a dime. Examine the air conditioner for 
    the last time and remove both screws using the coin. 
    At last, take it off and Clem will go through the vent and open the door. 
    You find yourself in that bloody room. 
    Now, you have to pick one out of three weapons: a Hay hook, a Sickle or 
    a Mini Cattle Prod. That choice won't be that important. 
    Pick whatever you want. When you're ready to leave, talk to Kenny and go 
    ninja mode.
    Take a peek (move left) and you'll see one of the St. John brothers. 
    When he leaves, hide. Take a peek again and he'll be putting a bear trap. 
    Hide. He saw you now. After you talk to Kenny, take another look and he'll 
    point a gun at you. You have to click his weapon some times (or you can do 
    it once) to grab it and stop him from shooting you. Then, click on him again 
    to hit him with your weapon. Carly will save you now and Danny will step on a 
    Clementine will be watching your decision right now, you can either kill 
    him or leave him alive. 
    If you want to kill him, click on him with the pitchfork. If not, click the 
    Leave the barn. If you saved Doug, you'll see him with a laser sniper. If not,
    you will see Carly and the boy, Ben.  
    Sneak up to the house. You can die a lot in this part, but there's a 
    trick... Open the door and keep walking (W) until Brenda says she'll 
    shoot you/don't take another step, or when she points a gun at you. You can 
    move when she has a gun pointed at Kat. Then, stop pressing any key. 
    When you stop moving, you'll be able to talk with her. Tell her nice things 
    (You don't have to do this, Don't make this any worse) and keep doing what 
    you were doing before. 
    After a couple times, she'll be eaten by a zombie you'll see upstairs. 
    I don't even know how he got there, the house was safe. Maybe it's because 
    the generator was off... 
    Run away from the house to pick Ducky. The game is almost over now. 
    It's the final fight with Andy now... When you get close to him, 
    keep pressing Q to take his gun off. Then, hit E. 
    He'll turn the generator on and try to burn you! 
    Punch him by clicking on his character. When he's putting your head against 
    the fence, smash your Q button for like 10 seconds until he gets shot by Lily 
    or Carly. 
    Punch him in the face. He deserves it. 
    Now, you can either kill Andy or leave him to die by the walkers. 
    It's optional, of course. 
    You see an abandoned car. Approach it slowly and search it on the inside. 
    Lee will automatically grab the keys. There's a lot of food and supplies 
    in the trunk. 
    As the last decision of the game, you can either grab the supplies or 
    leave them there, because you don't know if the people there are dead. 
    How would that make you any different from the St. John brothers, killing 
    people for food?! 
    But remember you didn't eat dinner... A tough decision. If you're gonna take it
    open it with the key you got in front. 
    If you choose not to take it, in the trailer, you won't see Clementine with 
    the red hoodie. 
    Finally, you see the tape inside your video camera. 
    Joleen was stalking Clem and she was hoping to kidnap her and keep her as 
    a new daughter, since the bandits did the same to her daughter... 
    Give a sack to each one. Afterwards, the game ends an you see a trailer of 
    episode three.. coming soon (tm) ~
    GAMEFAQs for hosting my FAQ
    Telltale Games for making such a great and fun game
    http://www.youtube.com/user/NukemDukem for his walkthrough 

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